Hotel in Kyoto, accommodation in rooms with hot spring bath. Delivered in detail / Japan.

Hotel in Kyoto, accommodation in rooms with hot spring bath. Delivered in detail / Japan.

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Thank you for watching. And thank you for watching this video out of many videos. This time we came to Arashiyama, Kyoto.

'Suiran Luxury Collection Hotel Kyoto', I have stayed at the hotel and would like to report on my stay there. We hope that this video will help you on your next trip and that you will find it useful. And we hope that you feel a little bit like you are on a journey.

We have arrived. I am very much looking forward to it. Very nice. We have a very nice garden here. It was the beginning of September when the photo was taken, so the trees are very green. This is 'Saryo Hachisui', where you can have lunch and tea sweets.

If the weather is good, you can relax and enjoy the view of the Hozu River from here. Now let's head to the reception. This is the Suiran Luxury Collection Hotel Kyoto, Condé Nast Traveller magazine Readers' Poll In 'The 2022 Readers' Choice Awards' They were awarded first place in the 'Top Hotel in Japan' category for the fifth year in a row. That's great. I'm really looking forward to it now. We will check in here with a cup of tea.

We had cold sencha tea. Very tasty. They can show you to your room. I am very much looking forward to it.

This hotel offers two types of free one-way transportation for guests only. One is a free rickshaw pick-up service from Arashiyama stations. The other is a free pick-up service by taxi from JR Kyoto Station. This time we came by car and did not use either. The hotel kindly offered us a free 12-minute rickshaw ride around the city. This is the first rickshaw in my life.

I'm very much looking forward to it. It's raining a little bit, but they say it's OK. The greenery is very beautiful in the rain. I think the autumn leaves are the most beautiful, but I personally love the green scenery. The rain is getting a little heavier, but thanks to the canopy we are totally safe.

It is raining, but the scenery is very beautiful. A commemorative photo was taken with the Wataratsuki Bridge in the background. He explained a lot of things to us and it was very easy to understand. Thank you very much. I saw this restaurant in a magazine and wanted to go there. [Bread, espresso, and the Arashiyama garden "Espresso and...

Former Kobayashi residence, designated as a cultural asset by Kyoto Prefecture, renovated as a café. The building has high historical value and is very atmospheric. I will go there tomorrow. They were given a tour around the hotel. They ran while explaining various things to us. It was very good.

Thank you very much. When you can come by train when the weather is nice, Free one-way rickshaw ride from Arashiyama stations is recommended. We are back. Thank you for talking with us a lot while running in the rain.

Thank you very much. So let's go back to your room. I reserved the cheapest room this time, I was upgraded to a Marriott Platinum member or higher and the hotel was kind enough to upgrade me.

It was also upgraded to the Executive Corner Suite "Akitotsuyu". Thank you very much. Thank you. It is indeed very wide. The "Japanese" feeling that is typical of Kyoto and the "modern" feeling are very well blended together. And it is a very elegant and relaxing space with a sense of luxury.

From the terrace you can see the greenery of the garden very beautifully. This terrace has a hot spring. I'm very happy! Let's take a look at the bathroom.

The shower stall is very spacious and relaxing. You can also go out to the terrace from this side. We had welcome sweets. This box contained dried fruit and chocolate.

Looks very tasty. Very tasty looking grapes. I would like to have some later. It will be rubbing alcohol and masks. Thank you very much, I will use it.

Let's look at the minibar. We have been provided with a coffee machine and 4 capsules. On the left are two complimentary bottles of water and a chic set of Japanese tea utensils, all in black.

I think it is very nice. There is a refrigerator downstairs with paid drinks inside. Here you can find glasses, cups, red wine, etc. On the lower level was the security box. Let's look at the bedrooms. The bedrooms alone are large enough.

By closing the door, it becomes a completely private room, so you can sleep calmly. The closet is also spacious enough. And there was also free water at the bedside. Thank God for that.

This hotel seems to offer a free-flowing champagne service (free of charge) 'Arashiyama Delight' every evening. It seems to be held at 'Saryo Hachisui' from 5pm to 7pm for all guests. In addition to champagne, there seems to be wine (red and white), sake and soft drinks. The time and content may be subject to change due to the corona. Please confirm with the hotel before use.

This is the Saryo Hachisui. They also offer drinks and little appetisers. There are small bowls in wooden containers, very Kyoto-like and elegant. A window seat became available, so we were moved.

It's a lovely, soothing view. The atmosphere inside is very nice. I would like to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature. There was also local alcohol, so I asked for some and got it. I would like to go to Arashiyama station, which is about a 10-minute walk from the hotel.

[Arashiyama Station on the Keifuku Electric Railway Arashiyama Line]. About 600 pillars decorated with Kyo-yuzen I came to see the "Kimono Forest," which is made to look like a forest. Maybe this is the place. 'Kimono Forest'.

20-2 Saga Tenryuji Zoujicho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, 616-8384, Japan Very beautiful. ❗️ It's fantastic, it's a beautiful space. There is no ticket gate at this station and you can come and go freely on the site.

It was very beautiful. I would like to go back to my room and take a bath in the hot spring. We had a turndown. It's a very nice hot water and it feels good. If you close this door, it becomes a private room. When the door is opened, the room becomes semi-private and enjoys a feeling of openness.

Now, I would like to relax and heal. It seems that yukatas have been provided for your pyjamas. Now I would like to put on this one and have a rest. Good morning.

I had a good night's sleep last night. Yesterday, it rained all day, but this morning is very pleasant. Today we get up early and go to the 'Bamboo Forest Path'.

It is a popular tourist attraction, so there are usually lots of people there. It seems to be a 10-minute walk from the hotel, so I will go there before breakfast. Walking along the river.

It's a bit of a climb from here. It's nice to be surrounded by nature. 'Arashiyama, bamboo grove path.' Saga Tenryu-ji Temple, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, 616-8385, Japan Now we will have breakfast. This is the breakfast room 'Kyo Suiran'. It was just after it opened, so no one was here yet.

It's a lovely shop with an elegant, Kyoto-like interior. The food has arrived. They all look delicious.

I've decided on Western food. The omelette looks very good. The Japanese breakfast also looks delicious. I would like to have it while looking at the beautiful garden.

It was very tasty. Now I would like to go back to my room and relax. I relaxed in my room for about two hours. The weather is nice, so I want to go outside for a bit.

I think I will go to the café that the rickshaw driver told me about yesterday. [Bread, espresso and Arashiyama Garden, 'Espresso and...' 45-15, Saga-Tenryuji Kura-no-Baba-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, 616-8385, Japan A building of great historical value, very atmospheric and lovely. I had a green tea tiramisu and an espresso. It looks very tasty. It was very tasty.

I am happy to be able to have it in a nice space. The garden here is lovely. Across the garden, you can buy bread in this shop next door. There are delicious-looking breads here.

I bought this for tomorrow's breakfast. I will spend the rest of the day relaxing until check-out. This time, using the 'Late Checkout' benefit for Platinum members and above at Marriott, Check-out was made at 1pm.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it, thank you very much. The open-air baths are nice and open. I would like to stay here and relax until it's time to go. I had received a sweets ticket and will use it. They said we could use it after check-out, so we did. You can have it at Hassui here.

It is an original sweet made from matcha and kudzu. It looks very tasty. It comes with soybean flour and molasses syrup, right? Okay, I'll have some.

It's very tasty. If you like, you can see the menu of "Hassui" here. Now, I'm going to go and get my luggage. Thank you very much for your help.

Thank you very much. It was a very memorable stay. Excellent and heart-warming hospitality from everyone in charge, And the kindness and pleasant service we received. Thank you very much, we appreciate it. Thank you very much.

I would definitely like to visit again. That's it for this video. Thank you for watching until the end. We hope this video will be useful to someone.

2023-04-29 22:57

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