Shogara Valley | Tourism Tips In Pakistan | بالاکوٹ کی سیر | Eid Vocations Enjoyment Vlog | Kaghan..

Shogara Valley | Tourism Tips In Pakistan | بالاکوٹ کی سیر | Eid Vocations Enjoyment Vlog | Kaghan..

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Allam welcome my youtube0, you must have had a great time and wish you a very, very happy four day five day old Eid Mubarak. We are late in saying Eid Mubarak because I was a little busy and hence I also had the logo ready but it was not edited. Due to the busyness of Eid, I could not upload it and today I got time, so I said, let me immediately share with you all what I did on Eid and what I did before that, I did not do anything special, before that we had gone. Na Raan's song Shagra Ba Code Na Raan, we could not reach at all, where did we come back from, you will go ahead and tell you why we could not reach, we were going and sister-in-law was going with us, brother Wasim was going with us. They were waiting for us at the petrol pump, then we reached here, this black car is theirs and you will see it all the way ahead of us in our video and you will see us behind them. The plan was made on the fly, suddenly

during Ramzan, it was just Ramzan, there were three-four days left for Eid, we had come back a day before, so there was a lot of tiredness and the nashad we had put in. We had gone to the house as if we were not going to come back. We had gone in the same bus, packing, so that we could leave immediately and then come and work and also go to Dardar on Eid, so we were in the same preoccupation. Keep going and see whether we have reached Kagan or not. If I had posted a video of the journey, it would have become too long for me because the video was 100 minutes long in which I had edited it. By the way, I have left a 35 minute video, you will be a little worried that yes, it is such a long video, still bear with me and watch it, it has been made with a lot of hard work, it has been two days since I started editing it.

Where did we reach? Where are we here? We will stop at the restaurant for a while. Look, the hills came. By the time we reached the snowy mountains, we got tired. We did not find snow. Dirty recession. We found snow. Now I will go ahead and tell you why we are dirty. Rain got snow, see this, it was very nice weather here and here in Pindi, it was cold, it was hot, there it was cold, here it was very hot, there was very nice weather, very cool weather, I enjoyed it a lot, thanks sister-in-law and Brother , the children were very happy for such a good trip. Do we also have children? Our trip without children is called Kamal. Look, the children's hair and clothes are in disarray after traveling on the way. It was just that somehow we were not able to reach because it was a five-hour journey and even the children were fed up of sitting continuously in the car.

This Asaya restaurant came on the way, its water was so cold that on top of that The snow was melting from the mountains and this water was coming down. This was very cold water and I could not keep my paw in it. I understood that children are not like that. When I placed my paw, then I really came to know that this is very cold water. And it was so clear,

so clear that now anyone can see that what is here is not there, there is no rush, you can go comfortably, go before Eid or after Eid, when the amount reduces a little, then go. You will enjoy, there is no fun at all in the rush because the rush is so much, there are also children because those for whom we go should enjoy it, then they cannot enjoy in the rush and we ourselves are just this. What is the benefit of going out of the city if we go to the area and there is so much rush there like it is in the city etc. then there is no benefit, so whatever it is, you guys go earlier or you guys go a little later in the season. Whatever is there, there is a lot of it, so go a little out of the season or like this earlier, in this way you will be completely relaxed and roam around, no matter what is happening, they have their own beauty, a little bit of their beauty is that of birds. Chachara Hut, that and the whole place, you will get a peaceful atmosphere. When there are more people,

they keep busy, then a little bit of banna jona gets disturbed. We also have such areas, we go there, but the crowd there is so much. It is not that fun, it was so much fun going here, it was so relaxing, this was Shagra which was this, it was with Kagan before Naran, this is so exact, I don't know, this was Shagra in Kagan, so it was a very nice place. Very beautiful, I really enjoyed going here, Naran also. If I could have reached, I would have told you how that place is. If we were not allowed to reach Naran because it

was closed for a month, then there is a video of that place. I could not make it, I will definitely put the picture in thumbnail, please see that it is closed for a month. If anyone wants to go, then it is mandatory for you to check and go because after going so far, there will be no benefit in coming back. Like us,

when we reached there after traveling for one and a half hour, we came to know that further work is going on and it is closed. No one had a bonfire, go ahead, we were looking for our hotel, we were looking for it on the side of the hotel, then we went to the side where our hotel was, I was talking about you guys checking. It is mandatory to go, check and go when it opens. Right now it is definitely closed for a month, so don't hesitate to go. If you want to go to Shagra, then you all can go and enjoy like we have enjoyed. You people from Kagan of Balakot , Shagra can also go and enjoy, but you can't reach Naran, that's a different matter, have seen the beauty of such lovely mountains, we left at 12:30 and reached at 5:30 in the morning. Yes, it had been 6 hours exactly. By the time we reached here, it

had taken so much time. Yes, we were looking at our room and I was making a video with pleasure. My son was saying that I was wearing clothes. I said no to change, it is very cold here, go and change your clothes today, he said no, yes, I wanted to play, he was not in my hands, I was unable to hold on to him and I ran after him, he was in my hands. He was not coming and the two children who came in my hands, I had changed their clothes, the child was held properly later, then I said, come, straighten your penis a little, don't make it sick, don't rub it with each other, then I have killed it. Look, it was evening time, the sun was out but still it was very cold. I was thinking that it would not be that cold but it was very cold.

Thank God that I had brought warm clothes, sister-in-law had told me. Keep your clothes warm lest you come here just like that and it will be very cold because this is their own village Bhabhi, it is people's village, they know more and it is very beautiful, their village is very lovely Mashallah and you guys should also go. Check and if Shagra goes here, I would say it is natural for Narayan to go, even if Narayan doesn't want to go Shagra, it is natural for you guys to go to Balakot, it is natural, it is very beautiful. These children were taking swings, so they got these swings, they are not getting tired of taking them. And we were following the children, listening to what the children are doing, this is not possible, after this I came to see our room, this was our room, one on the other side, sister-in-law and brother. The room of the people was

very good, very neat, their washrooms were so good, so neat, that everything was perfect, there are some hotels, they are not at all clean, but this one was very good, very neat, very lovely. Watch this video and you will get an idea of ​​how well built it is and how neat it is. It was a very nice environment at Byer Bean and along with it there were snowy mountains, but we failed to reach these mountains. They kept trying but it could not be accomplished and there was snow lying here. Two days ago there was snow lying here but they

had melted it by pouring chemicals etc. on one side and the little that was left was on this side. I had said, look, my child has not changed his clothes yet and then when I saw here, he was stuck with the snow, he did not take the stone inside, please straighten it, what kind of clothes did you bring, then I asked him what clothes to wear. Got the changes done and then I said, burn your cow quickly, give up your life, the snake is not of any fun, isn't it, there is no point in moving back, we are tired from so far, on top of that we have hunger and thirst and then our fast. Look at what happened here, I had ordered chips, there were pakoras, there was chicken kadhai and what else there was, there was nothing else, there was tea, it came later and their roti was very delicious, they had prepared maash ki dal so much fun. That was also a lot of fun, it was

very tasty and the food they had was absolutely delicious, it was very tasty, wasn't it, it was tasty, and see the atmosphere of the night, so much peace, so much peace, so much peace, the children were sitting on the swing for so long. We sat and had fun, kept relaxing, there was a real fun atmosphere, then we ordered tea and drank tea. It was very cold in the cold. Here, anyway after Afta, it is very cold and it starts to feel cold. There it was

cold. Then we had done Sehri and see what kind of weather it was in the morning. It was a very nice weather. There was snow which was visible on the mountains and it was so much fun. You also go and enjoy and let me know as well. Raj has been shaking at night and I have been feeling scared. Out of fear I said, what is this, it is being shaken by the wind, I have been scared,

what has happened, what sound is coming, I was scared of cold cold winds. Was saving and there was Sukan Mahal here, there was a family, we were three families, they and they had come here, this is their store, if you want something, you can get it here, this is what is there now, it has not started yet. Because this was supposed to happen on Eid, after Eid, we had gone before Eid, so this had just started, take it, mix it with this, mix it with this, we were doing something, we were not doing something, we are making. We are making Mix this water Mix this water We were doing nothing We will sing today We will go to the hills In the hills too I will make a snowman First I will make a snowman out of the hills What will you do I will make a spider man I will make a world I will make it. I will make it. I will not make it. I will not make it. Baby,

come play with us . And then we were going. We had gone towards Naran. From here, we had packed our bags and bags and then we had to move ahead. After passing through Balakot Nara , we left here, now we will stay here for a while and then we will leave. It was a very beautiful place. Look at the glory of Allah, my nature, what things have been created and how lovely. What a beautiful person to see and keep looking at. There was still some snow here, look at how many sides there was snow, there was still snow and because of this it was very cold, we came to another hotel. We had gone and from here, there was a little path along this path. We had to go up towards the forest. We had wandered through the forest for a little bit

because later we came to know that there are lions and leopards also here. They also come, then we all ran, beat a beat, go back in the veins, we roamed around a bit here in this hotel, it was also very cutely built and very beautiful and from here there was a path going from here along with it from above. We came here and then we went a little further, not a little, we went a lot further. I could only put it in the video because the video had already become so long that I could not add anything else. I had deleted too many things and missed them because then I would have had to make two parts and both the parts would have been so big, that's why I said no, one part is too much, so I deleted a lot of those things. Whatever was better, I have skipped it and I have skipped the rest. Wherever you go, you guys should take everything with you, medicine

should be taken with you because there is a slight change in the climate, so this is what we have. My health gets bad, my throat got very bad here, I was already allergic and because of that, we were exploring a lot about what Shagra is, I said, let me show you also this Shagra, it was very cute. Mashallah and Balakot was also very lovely, I have not seen Naran as it is, so when I see it then I will tell you, there was snow here too, see this hotel was a hotel here in Show Gra and It was such a lovely weather with it, such lovely beauty, greenery, it seemed like we had come to some other world, now I can't even say it, the video has become so long that even my son has come and is disturbing me. He was also coming and saying, "Go away brother, let me do it" so after so many days I started working and when I start working then you all remember your 100 issues that yes Amma ji it is there, do it too. She said, "You go

out, first I will do the work, then I will do the work." And the children had an open space, they enjoyed it a lot, we did not, and they did a lot, so I started making videos in all the time I had and I kept enjoying along with us, we were going towards the forest, see this, I have a little video, I told you to put this view, see what is inside it too, go high enough and build a hotel here too. This was such a lovely little hotel. It had a very lovely view. Whoever comes here will stay here and will enjoy it. Brother, he did not go out at night. Brother, he is scared. Well, Nana, lions also come here, leopards also come here . Look at this, my son was saying, Mama, give me the stick from here, if I can't catch it, or if any lion or leopard comes, I will kill it. I said yes son, you are the biggest loser, don't work, go straight to the yard, take the stick. Yes, we had come back again, we were scared, no, what would we do if the real one comes here? Bujiya was also there, monkey bujiya means monkey, sometimes he was in this form, sometimes he was in that form. and they were so big that even I was scared of them.

Brother, these children should not come and take them by mistake, let us see that this is a very small path, along with it, these trees have fallen, the trees have also fallen, we have come down from here to return. We had gone a long distance and then came back and then we sat in our car and set out. There was work going on in Naran, hence the road was closed. We went there and then came back. We were half way there. Then on our return, we met a family who had done the stage with us here in the show village and they asked us, we said no brother, don't go further because the road ahead is closed, you guys should go back because we all went ahead, just a little further. There was a journey, then we came back from there, had to go a long distance and did not get any benefit, did not achieve anything because we could not see anything, they were also refused that you guys should also not go, it is closed for a month now. I told you earlier also in the video that

for one month, Shug Shubhra, I am saying sorry, Narayan, whatever is there is closed, you people cannot go there, hence there is no need to go, we had reached there, there was a lot of water there too. It was a very lovely place and the slogan was also very lovely because I couldn't see, I could see a little bit, okay like we had gone from this place, see Kagan, we couldn't reach there and we couldn't give If possible, it will also be beautiful like this. Next time Inshallah, if I go, I will definitely make a video of that too.

I was here, they had stopped me, I could not make a video of it, nor did they let me make it. The soldier said, you guys are making a video. So then whatever, I had lowered my mobile, I was able to make a picture, I will definitely share it with you and we got this dirty downpour, we got snow, look, the children said, whatever we got, we got snow, isn't it? There is so much snow, let's climb on it, let's jump, see this was the condition of our children, there was no place for their happiness, this snow neither came down from the top of the mountain nor did it melt when it rained and came down and I was sitting on a stone on one side, I was checking that it was very hard, it was not like the other one and there was no water flowing from below it, water was flowing, this pig was crying and water was flowing from the mountain above it. It had come down due to rain, it was spread over a large area, we found happiness in this, we said come on children, at least be happy, it had snowed, we need a lot of snow, okay, we have to go there, that's why We were going to Naran again and this is what they got and they were happy too. Our aim has been fulfilled, so okay brother, somehow our children have become happy, right? I was sitting here and watching from here and there. Snow was sitting there, I said, I am not going up, these people were saying come, I said no brother, I am not coming, you guys go, I am very tired and it was also Ramzan, neither drink water nor eat anything. Then whatever energy level is there, it is done, so then I said, no, my first one is here, now I am enjoying, whatever is here is not going up, you guys go, everyone had gone up and kept having fun, I was sitting on the side. Below is its back side. Look

at the sunlight which was there, it had come out really bright. It had water coming out under the snow pitcher, that too was looking very nice. All the shops and hotels that are there are still making preparations. That it is the season after Eid and all the people will come to visit, so they were busy in weapons, we had already gone, we had to go first, it was very peaceful for us, there was no hassle for us, there was no irritation of any kind. There was no such thing as a person being fed up,

getting irritated with someone or something like that. It was very good. If you too wanted to go then it was natural for you to go like this before going or whatever it is, go after the season or a little before the season. So you people, you people roam around comfortably, you people will say that just like we in some other world, whatever your heart desires, you will do it with your buttocks straight, then we, the people who had left from there and we had reached Balakot via I could not show you the video because I had cut it. This

was a hotel in Balakot where we had Iftar and we stayed in the adjacent hotel because the rooms here were booked and Iftar was done. We had visited here, this was also very beautiful, it is just above the road in Balakot and I am telling you that this is also a very beautiful place. You guys should go if you go to Nara Kan, go to Shagra, go via Balakot or go to Balakot on the return trip. It is mandatory for you guys to visit Balakot also, you will enjoy it a lot, everything created by Allah Taala is very beautiful, you guys should see this beauty, there is no test for it, there is so much beauty, okay, it is fun to see this. The eyes get relief. Someone says that I am refreshed and I

should go out like this. Look at the action of my children. They were so tired that on Eid we did not even move. We thought that we should try to go to some other place also, we were so tired that we came back a day before, we arrived on the moonlit night and there was so much dirt in the house, he collected the clothes and ironed them in the morning and then it was Eid here. Going there was a different thing and I was in a bad condition due to tiredness, due to this I could not post my log of Eid also. I could not post the log of Eid also. I cut off the log of Eid and

added a little bit to it. I couldn't draw the flower at all because I had no space at all and it had become old because many days had passed, then I said there was no use in it because I was not able to move due to tiredness. And there were children also, to see them and also to see the guests and to go here and there together was different. We were going up

the stairs for the gaftar and this is the view of it, let me check it for you a bit. Yes, this was a very amazing hotel. We did not get a room in it at all and their food was so tasty that it was so balanced that I am praising it myself. If you guys go then you must try it. Look at this, there is a canal right next to it, it is like a lake, we will go there, after Iftar, we will stay here for the night and on the next day, we will go there and then we will return to our home. We will go somewhere else, we had made a sound in two days, Oye ho ho ho ho, we had done wonders, it was Ramzan now, people will say that we went out like crazy in Ramzan, no one is there, see this, we were the only people, everyone else was their own. There was no one in the room, all of us were in our rooms,

because we did not get a room, we came upstairs to break the fast, these are our children, they are busy here and there, it is the children's Eid. The children had gone and said that Eid was later, so we celebrated Eid first. It was a lot of fun. I too enjoyed it and saw the children playing together and if they have friends with them and they go for a walk, then they will go to sleep. It was good luck, no, it was not good to sleep, it was good to sleep, yes, it was fun, my son, it was hello, I said brother, you are with the fox, hello, if you said no, then keep it, this was their rice, we had ordered pakodas, their taste was very pleasant, Raita Chutney. Her embroidery was a lot of fun. Dal was a lot of fun. It is my husband's favorite. Wherever he goes, he asks for it. Then we had a good time

and I will let you check the night view also. How is it, now I started moving towards that side, then I don't know why I started moving towards this side, I said, I will make you rotate from this side, see how much fun it was, brother, we had gone to another hotel because we had booked there. Here, the booking we had was closed, the rooms were full and there too, we got only two rooms, the rest were full, people had come from Karachi, there are about 300 rooms which were full. In the hotel also, we got only two rooms, we got them thankfully that we had to stay for the night and then after having Iftar from this hotel, we went to another hotel, its name was Hotel Pa Track . We were accompanying that auto on foot, so we came on foot and my husband who came in the car told us to go on foot, this was also very beautiful, their room was a little small, I did not like it, but it was fine, but it was in Shagra. They were very cute. Whatever it was, it was not low. I am telling you clearly. Whatever it is, I will get it checked by you right now. It

is not something you want. Its rent was also high. The one from Show Village probably had low rent. Yes, now I know the exact amount, how much was his, how much was his, I don't know, look at it, but whatever they were, they were very cute, I told you that there were two beds in it, there was a bed in it, and Safa's bed was in it. How do

they take it, how do they take it, tell me how, how do they take the slides, look at them, tell them, don't clean their floor, get up, I am here , aunty, we have now gone towards the jail and towards the water, which is there and we are leaving. We are right next to it, we just have to go a little further and turn, cross the bridge and you will see a very beautiful water, you will see a lake, you will see a water lake, whatever it is, you will see whether it is a lake or a water lake. There is a canal, yes there is water, there is a lake or a canal, whatever it is, it is very beautiful, okay look at this, we had turned here, we were facing downwards, at the same time we have to cross the bridge, we have to cross it. people straight Will reach him, I had started my logging after seeing one or two people, then I also felt that I should do this too, so Palvsha ji, you must be aware of it, maybe you have seen it and the second one is Rajab Bhai. There is Raj family, whose name is there, we will find out that yes, how are they, they are very good, I have not met both of them, but from their logs, from their talks, from everything about them, I feel that Raj Bhai is very good, they are also very good. The family is fine, especially his mother, she is very nice and if my semen reaches her, then how are you, Hasan Kumar ji. Okay, if you ever

get a chance, I will definitely meet you guys. Inshallah and Palvsha ji , she is outside. If I ever get a chance in Pakistan, I will definitely meet him, I will try to contact him, right now I don't have their contact numbers, if I meet them, then I will definitely meet both the families, both families are my ideal, okay. Inshallah, I will definitely meet. We had reached here and then we had gone mad, Majid. Even after seeing the beautiful place, Majid had gone mad. Although earlier we

were a little boy, you were a complete boy. Nana, it is fun to be at a place like this. Go and the guy is so relaxed that I can't tell you, you guys can feel it yourself that when the guy sits and is in such a lovely place and then the guy doesn't enjoy and doesn't enjoy, nothing like this can happen. That's why what happens more to us is that those who have children say that our children should enjoy, they should be happy as much as possible and then our happiness also doubles. When those people are happy, they enjoy, so those who do not have children. He himself is there, right, he will remain double and triple happy.

Yes, those with family will also enjoy. They will also enjoy. The place is so beautiful that it is impossible not to enjoy. We will stay here for a while and will make our videos etc. pictures. We will make etc. Then we will go back home. This is Balakot, Bhabhi's village is also here, her mother 's house is also here. She was telling that whenever any Eid comes here, anything happens here. There is so much water that the people who live here cannot go out of their houses. There is so much water here, it was a hot day, wasn't it, and a day before, two days before this, it was a day with moon and night, wasn't it? We had just set out and reached in the evening, it was moon night, it was the day and hence there was no rain, well whoever tells you, she says there was a lot of rain. I have told you last twice that you have gone on these occasions only.

Then you will enjoy in Rush. If you like to go then you like there. There was a small well built on the side, it had dirty dirty water in it but the one next to it had very good water, it was very clean and see this. There was clean water and the survivors were happy in this water. Then we went towards the lake and also towards the canal. We made the children sit in that too, but you have to be careful

not to push the child too far. The water was coming from behind very fast or if even a little current came here, you people would not be able to control anything at all, so be prepared, keep the children who were on your side also on the side, we were pouring it ourselves. Said to remove the children from here quickly, make pictures of them, whatever fashion show they are doing, get them done and get them out of here anyway, we are water, who knows what it is and if one foot slips here and there, then they will look like this to get the guy. Here, see how fast the water was coming. It is said here that one or two people, whenever there is a season, get washed away in such water. May Allah forgive you. You all have to

take necessary precautions. You have to remember this thing that we have to leave whatever we are, we have not gone ahead, nor has anything else happened in it for the sake of pictures, we have just reached here as children, see this, my son sir. From here they started jumping into the water, they were saying move, I jumped inside the water, Naugaon, it was raining, snow and then it was sunny, the snow was melting, so water was coming and water was flowing very fast. And this was very cold water, it was so cold

that I couldn't keep my foot on it, brother, we were making each child sit on this side with his red eye and our children were scared, so we made him sit here brother. Said, do this quickly and remove it from here, this hello hi fashion show was happening here, my throat became happy after speaking, okay, it was such a long video, you must watch my video, if you liked it. Like, subscribe and share my channel as much as possible. Also share with your friends and also subscribe and like. Do it, comment also. It takes a lot of hard work. It doesn't seem like it is any

work but it is a lot of work. You have to keep the mobile in your hand 11 times, you have to capture each and every thing and then edit it and upload it. I had a video of 100 minutes, out of which I have edited the video of 35 minutes and extracted it. Editing like this from so many videos and then doing voice over,

writing description etc. becomes a very long task. They must be doing this, they would know how hard work it is and you must not let our hard work go waste. Subscribe, those who are new watching, and those who are old should also like, comment and share. We have uploaded Haniya below. Hania was saying no, I didn't

go down that far, I told her to check how the water is, she was saying no, keep me away, we said ok, keep me away and we just started leaving from here. We had spent a lot of time here, we had also made a video, then we were on the way to our house, they were busy and we had left, now we had to go straight home and stay and we were just tired and I was in such a bad condition due to tiredness and after roaming around continuously for two days, I was not even aware of Eid that yes it is Eid too, I have to go home and make preparations and we had created a lot of noise in the house and that too. It has to be set because guests etc. also come, it is Eid, the man of the house says that if there is proper cleaning then it has to be done separately. Okay yes, we have to do the cleaning separately, we have to do this, we have to do that. What tension do the men have? We have to wear clothes,

we have to study for Eid, we have to come back and then we have to sleep, the tension is that we have to do all the work and we don't even have to sleep, we don't even have to take rest, everything is in our control, I believe, work is also in our control, so this is Husband is also our follower, we have to do all his work ourselves, he has to do everything himself, children also have to do it ourselves, okay, we have to look after the house ourselves, these are the work which we have got separately as extra. We did the same but you would have helped me a lot. I would have said that whatever my work was, please make it a little easier for me by helping me. This mosque was built here and we stayed here for a while because it was the house of Babi people.

He had to meet his mother etc. and we also left after meeting him from home. Here we reached near the tunnel. This was a one minute long video of the tunnel. Neither was it a tunnel or a masera and the children were here screaming like this. If I had told you then your ears would have been cleared. All the clogged droplets

would have been cleared. This was the next day of Eid. I immediately went for Eid. I posted a video of this and I said, you guys watch it, we had reached because I did not add any video in it. I said, let's go directly to Eid, let me show you what was on this. My child said, "Who should wear the pants?" I brought these clothes and she said no, Mama, I have to wear this. The first one, I said ok son, wear whatever you feel like

wearing. The children were getting the photo shoot done with me, here I was getting it done, see, this is what I am, I was engaged. I said, I too should show off my action a little bit. I too wore such a nice pair. This was my white suit and it was very lovely. Their

stitching, their embroidery, everything was very perfect. You too must visit their page. Or go to any of their shops and buy it from them. It was very beautiful. I liked it very much. Inshallah, I will buy it from them only on Eid. Next time, see this. At first I thought it was a little loose, not big, but no,

it was absolutely perfect. I liked wearing too much of it and she was my niece. I asked her, 'Sir, how many Eidis do you have? Give me some.' She told me, 'It's all mine, right? My Amma has taken it first. My bag is empty. I said, 'Your Amma is very big.' You are clever, see, I have taken some pain, I didn't say that I should leave a little sister Kelly too, and when my children were throwing flower petals and whatever is here, then we were going towards my mother's house along with my mother's sister. First we said, don't stand in Gulbarga, get photo shoots

done, make videos, then whatever is there, you will go there, then you will not get time, then whatever happens in Gappu, all the time goes by, you don't know where the time has gone, if you like my video. If you liked it, like, subscribe and share my channel. We were just leaving in the car and you all must remember us in your prayers. Thank you very much for watching the longer video. Allah Hafiz bye bye.

2024-04-26 00:43

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