Why Ethereum ($ETH) Is Undervalued And WILL Rise!

Why Ethereum ($ETH) Is Undervalued And WILL Rise!

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What's going on snipers niemelä baby here hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day today let's go in and dive right into our daily cryptocurrency, content. For today I'm really excited to make this video guys we're gonna be talking about aetherium, and why I see aetherium rising, exponentially. Over the next couple of years especially. In, 2018. And this is all gonna come from knowledge that I've obtained, from cryptocurrency, experts, that have done a lot in the industry I actually have a friend of mine his name is Diaz on he actually started jibril network and it's an ICO that raised over 10 million dollars and they've done very well for themselves and he actually gave me this perspective at first and then as time progressed and some of my mentors, have talked, to me about cryptocurrency I've, realized that there's this common thread, among, a lot of these cryptocurrency, enthusiasts. And it's, all about etherium and why etherium in the long run is a very stable currency, and I am just so excited, guys to talk about aetherium with you guys and it's not even considered a currency to be honest with you it's also considered. Something, that can add value to the cryptocurrency and blockchain market, so first, let's do our technical, analysis, here I do want to talk about a lot of different things here because I took a lot of articles now a lot of resources I went, through and I did a lot of studying, on this to make sure I can bring you guys a very simple, idea of what's gonna happen in the future for a theme in my opinion and why I'm actually putting in a position here in aetherium I'm, gonna be using dollar cost averaging, with this position so every. Week. I'm actually gonna be putting, in a position of the same amount if you guys know a dollar cost averaging, is it's very simple we can actually pull the definition, here dollar. Cost, averaging. And. They. Have a really good definition here so DCA is an investment, technique of buying a fixed dollar amount of a particular investment on a regular schedule so, that means let's say you have $100, every, single Monday at 12 p.m. you want to buy aetherium. Or whatever, coin you're doing. Dollar cost averaging with for, $100. Every single Monday and that's what the technique, is and what that does is, regardless. Of the share price the investor purchases more shares when prices are low because for, $100, and when. Aetherium is let's, say, $100. You're gonna get 1 aetherium but when aetherium is $200, you're gonna get 0.5, so, you're purchasing, more when, prices are low and fewer when prices are high and you're, not necessarily doing, any sort of chart technical, analysis, when you're doing that you doing it as a long-term investor, and I really, like using dollar cost averaging, when I'm looking at something long-term so that's pretty much what I'm doing with aetherium if we do look at the technicals, though over the past couple of hours and, weeks and days, you can see there is an ascending, triangle forming, here if you guys are on our discord this is a free resource open, and available to each and every one of you guys the, link is in the description, below I highly encourage each and every one of you guys to get on this cord we have a huge chat channel here we have over 4,000, members now and now we actually just created this new trading 101 area, and we're continuously updating, that so you guys can actually learn the charts understand how trading works so this is an ascending, triangle as you can see and pretty.

Much Exactly, what we're seeing here is what's happening right now to aetherium chart, in the technical, aspect of it so I don't want to talk too much about the technicals, though because I really want to dive deep into really, what the technology is doing over the next couple of years and why I believe etherium, is gonna be the best most stable investment in my, opinion, for myself, and for you guys this is a perspective, once again this isn't trading, advice you can't give trading advice legally, however, what I'm gonna tell you right now is for, me personally my, long-term, positions, are in aetherium I'm definitely, gonna be adding aetherium to my portfolio over the next couple of weeks along, with Bitcoin of course now I want to talk a little bit about the basics, here I'm not gonna get into too much of the, actual, network, analytics, and the nodes and just all the other aspects, of aetherium because I know there's so much we can delve into but, I do want to look at their website really quick so obviously aetherium. They have the website talks, all about their platform, you, guys can check the website all of the references that we're gonna be using today are in, the description, below but. They have a regular, website just like any ICO starts with right so what's, cool though I actually, found this reddit, article. Here that really, put it into simple terms if, you guys are asking what is aetherium this really puts it into the most simplest terms I've seen and this is aetherium versus Bitcoin eth, uses smaller block times and an additional, adjustable. Scaling solution using block gassed limits what does that mean that means it doesn't require a software, upgrade still, only affected to a certain point of course but, it's not like we're a Bitcoin has to have a software upgrade well now with the Lightning Network they're trying to almost implement, kind of like how Radin is working with aetherium however, that's, already implemented, with aetherium they have scaling, solutions, as you, every time a theorem does an update, let's, say there update is targeted towards increasing transaction, speeds if you look at the transaction trees immediately, when the update is a you. Know complete, the, transaction speed, it, increases. And you. Know even with their scaling, when they wanted to actually scale out a little bit more you saw that block sizes were immediately, affected, so it's really cool the fact that it's almost like an instantaneous. Upgrade. For aetherium it's an unlike a lot of currencies, like when Bitcoin has segment 2x I didn't see much of a difference automatically. It took time didn't, really see the difference there and, and it's because of how these platforms, are built so, a theorem allows for the creation of decentralized, apps to run on the, blockchain this is another big aspect this, is actually what my friend use on was telling me about he said dude you have to understand, etherium, is holding, all of these icos uses almost 90%, of, all, tokens, are running off of the ERC 2.0. Network, the blockchain and they're using those tokens and what's.

Happening, Is you have all these new platforms, these new companies you know all these ICS coming out on aetherium. But, people are focused on the companies versus the actual you. Know backbone, of what's allowing, those companies to create initial, token, release or initial coin offering and what's, interesting to, know is aetherium, has been such a low, key discussion, point within the press and within the community, in my, opinion, compared, to things, like ripple, and litecoin and so forth that you've seen these parabolic, gains with I feel, like people are just almost undermining, aetherium and I like that I like to go for something that not. Everybody's, going for it observe the masses and do the opposite that's a saying that my mentor has really built inside of me and I, am observing. The masses and nobody is talking about a theorem now obviously you know that you know that there's you know it's safe to say that there are some people talking about it but for the most part I think more people right now are focused on ripple and litecoin and all of these different, alts, versus, looking, at hey well what is actually, creating, this and here's, a really good point that my friend is on brought up about aetherium and this, blew my mind this really made me understand. It at a whole nother level he said you know name. Guess. What, is the most diversified, asset class right now in cryptocurrency I said well you, know I mean there's not a hedge fund or an index, so I mean, I don't, know he said it's etherium I said why he said because all these other platformers. Are built on ethereum, therefore. It's automatically, being diversified, and, what, that means if they're in almost acts like its own index, its own. You. Know it really acts, as its own diversification, asset. Because. At the end of the day if there, is a platform running on the ERC 2.0, tokens and it's successful. And it's, on the ethereum, blockchain, aetherium. Automatically. Succeeds, it's almost like Linux right Linux is running in the backbone of most of our computers, whether, you're running Mac whether you're running Windows Linux, works. Probably the reason you have what you have right now I mean a Mac OS is pretty much a beautified, version of Linux so I see, aetherium like the Linux of. Blockchain. And cryptocurrency and, what interests. Me about etherium is the fact that we're already seeing use cases and that's what we're gonna talk about today so I'm. Looking at this as a value, investor there's two types of investors if you have a pen and paper right and how you can write this down there's a value investor and there's almost like a day traders when I call them it's somebody that wants to get in on the swings buy in at the dump sell. It to ha at the highs you know buy. At the hype sell, at the news but, then there's a value investor that's like ok I want to actually, invest. Into like the Amazon, of blockchain. So that when it does become like Amazon.

You'll. Obviously reap, the benefits of that so that's, what I'm doing with aetherium, I'm gonna be adding this to my portfolio every single week I'm gonna be dollar cost averaging, and literally. I'm literally gonna just buy a specific, amount every single week because I see is a long-term investment we'll, also talk about the risks of that especially, with this overvalued. Market, because there's a potential risk but that's what stop losses are for so you guys watched their video yesterday on how to trade in a Bitcoin bubble. Then you guys understand, how to utilize stop losses to ensure that you don't have many losses so let's, kind of continue on on what we're talking about here I do want to get into more, of the etherium, you. Know the, company, itself as well as the developers, this is really interesting so aetherium has the largest developer, base of any blockchain, has multiple groups working on infrastructure, scaling, solutions, the. Most promising, roadmap, and time frame for the scaling solution so what, that means is they. Have a roadmap they have scaling solutions and we've already seen, Oh, vitalic. Who has, created a theory I'm implementing. These updates, and really working. Towards the future development of theory emits it's, really ahead of every single smart. Contract, applications. You know, blockchain. Program, versus. Aetherium almost like you know you have Neil you have stellar, that is enabling. Smart contracts but aetherium. Is really ahead of the pack right now and that's what I really like about the etherium why I'm actually you. Know gonna make it a major part of my portfolio and, then, if we continue this it says if their name also handles more transactions, then just about all decentralized. Scripted currencies put together so, that, right there can start really delving, into your brain into you, know okay this is serious, this is something that can really you. Know have. Mass, adoption over the next couple of years and that's, really what I love, to invest, in it's something that could have the potential of mass adoption because that's where things go. Parabolic. So what's. Interesting though if we pull up the coin market cap here of aetherium you can see we're at 761, dollars what, I do like about aetherium is the fact that it's Bitcoin, valuation, you know it's it's satoshi value, has, been pretty stable.

To, A certain degree compared, to a lot of other coins as you, can see it's not taking big spikes, over, the past couple of months since July, when, we saw that big drop we, saw that huge hype into Bitcoin what's cool though if you look at volume here goes from 870. Million touches a billion, and then, it just starts jumping, and this is really when they started adding new portal calls updating, the system and it goes from a billion to just BAM, two billion four billion three billion and then it I think. Four billion something, in twenty four hours was the highest that hit so far I definitely. See that upgrading. Over the next couple of months that's another reason I think 2018. Is and to be great for aetherium and. In terms of price movement as you guys know you know as a value, investor you, know we, saw the price decline, and correct they went right back to where it was with, our previous correction, so I like that it's finding support around this level of looks. Like to be six hundred and seventy inch dollars I'd have to look at more of a technical chart to really delve. Into that but I like, I like how it looks I am there's nothing wrong with the circulating, supplies at 96, they can only create. A limited, amount of coins every year so that I think it's 18 million coins which, is almost like how the you. Know US dollar works you there's a certain amount that can be printed who knows if the the. Federal government is following that rule because there's really no limit to what they want to do of course there's a lot of regulations, intact with the US government but, the fact that circulating, supply here is still 96 million they only can create up to 18 million that, shows me okay they do have plans for future scalability. And that is already a working system so it's gonna work here if it's working in a centralized, approach, it will work in a decentralized approach so. Volume as you can see just through the roof two billion here market cap seventy three billion, and I like that I like the technical is about it I like the fact that it's already seeing a lot of mass adoption I like the fact that it's ranked number two but that can also hinder, a lot so I want to talk about the negatives and the positives not, just the positives, because we can just be mr. optimistic, but we also have to be a realist here and that's what I want to show you guys so let's, kind of transition, into this really quick this is pretty much a article.

That I found and, it was written, by. The coin journal but it was talking about the, ethereum code developer, Joseph, Lubin which a lot of people don't really hear from and I, really like taking, quotes, from people that are actually within the project, rather than just taking news articles and then reading what this biased, individual. Wants to say about whatever specific subject, so, I want. To show you a little bit of why, the team, is what what it is and what you know the co-founder Joseph has said about his own project, because you know you see this crazy. Market, where you know you've got founders, of coins selling, off all of their coins you, know but that's, just not something you see with aetherium it's almost building, like a ripple, type of team, where it's like a professionalized, you, know market, induced team focused, on mass adoption because, you need to have standards. And protocols so, this. Is what Joseph Newman says our world is very exciting, we are not enormous, proponents, of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, we are happy to see it succeed and breakthrough the Bitcoin application, is really just the first application, on blockchain, I agree with that we had a theory and built a decentralized. Application, platform, what does that mean it's almost like think of an app store but decentralized. So people can build apps on top of it on a general-purpose, global, world computer, blockchain, talking. About the AppStore think about this if, you. Are able to download apps on your iPhone what do you really want to get an iPhone right probably. I wouldn't why would I want if I can get a Google phone and actually download apps and then the iPhone you, know so apps, actually make up a lot more of our. Decisions. Than we think because apps, allow, you to access that's. Really what is it it allows you to access applications. On everyday, normal basis that you would have typically have access, through the web version so, applications. Are important it's gonna be very important in a decentralized, way as well and aetherium, is obviously. The leader in application. Development in, blockchain, and decentralized. Ledger's so on a general-purpose global, world computer blockchain we're excited about many applications, beyond Bitcoin obviously they have a vision you know and you. Know you can just tell this individual. Mr. luminous, he's, very calm and he knows, where they're going and that's, something you want to see in a team it's really important, to see who is developing, this technology so, either it can be a more programmable, form of money we conceived it as a crypto, fuel because, it powers these programs on the world computer we're, gonna see lots of new projects pioneering lots of new techniques the, etherion project has been incredibly, agile incorporation.

Of New technologies, we already have tremendous, network effect behind us that, is the reason I'm going long on, aetherium, guys they, already, have a tremendous. Amount of network, adoption. And applications. And use cases being used as we speak as you, guys know you guys have heard of crypto kitties in the past and this, was a tweet that actually, I wanted, to show you guys, ivar. Tweeted, a number of people working on lightning in total, less, than ten I had, it verified that crypto, kitties team 18. So. And this. Pretty much was belittling, the idea, that Bitcoin development. Needs to progress of course which I agree with but aetherium. In general. Has just been on it so here's. Something that a lot a lot of people know about it's ERC 721, and. That is a proposed. Updates a proposed, you. Know it's almost like how we have the ER c 2.0, tokens, this. Wants to create its own. Intermediary. Here and it's very different of course they, actually are focusing, on as you can see we can emulate rare collectible, items the theme tokens and each of these tokens fellows a novel standard and the thin impunity known as er 721, and it all has to do with fungible, asset so if you guys want to read that you can read it in the description below but what. Is crypto Kitty's right everybody's like well crypto, Kitty's has been in the news why is it in use it's because it's taken up a lot of ethereum network, and it's congesting, the network but, what's cool, about crypto, kiddies is the fact and vitality actually, tweeted this he said it's, cool because it's showing you that there is actual use cases of this technology and as you can see crypto canoes is a game in which players can buy sell trade and breed digital cats they, can be thought of as breathable beanie babies and that each cat is unique in some way that has to do with the blockchain aspect, this, unique this makes the crypto kitties extremely collectible as someone could take interest in the characteristics or several kittens and wish to own many of them and there's kittens that are worth like I think over a hundred aetherium which is a lot of money over $100,000. So that, shows you different, use, cases, that are currently occurring within the general, market and we haven't even touched institutional. Markets and businesses, because that's the whole back-end where. If theorems, already doing a lot of work as you guys can see here this, is another article here I want to read out to you guys this is something on the Motley Fool it talks about everything you need to know about a theorem but this is the negative side so you. Guys are like all right you're hyping this up named you, know you're talking about a theory and why are you talking about it it's. Because it's on my mind I want to just share my perspective with you guys this is what's on my mind this is what I'm doing and that's what I'm obligated to do for you guys right so what. Is the negative side of this this is the most negative, actual. Logical, points that I found and we'll, kind of talk about them right now number, one there are no guarantees that aetherium has the preferred blockchain, among businesses, or that blockchain, uptake, will immediately put, into play the barrier to entry and developing blockchain is exceptionally, low with. The time money and a team to code being all that's needed to enter this space so. What they're saying pretty much here number one the etherium has the preferred blockchain, among businesses. It's. Saying that not, businesses. Don't, already prefer, theory I'm and I completely, disagree, as you guys can see when, you look at the enterprise etherium Alliance if you guys don't know what this is you can just read this if they're an inner Enterprise, etherium Alliance connects future 500 companies startups, and stuff it's basically a platform where you have all these other major companies connecting, into the etherium you.

Know Knowledge base to understand how they can incorporate that nology within their own businesses and you've got big, players like Microsoft, Intel JPMorgan. Using this BP, so. This. Right here in my opinion that has already been thrown out the window obviously, there are people. Preferring. Aetherium over other blockchain. Programs. Among businesses. So number. Two blockchain, uptake will immediately be you. Know it's talking about that. Pretty, much the, technology is not going to be put into play over the next couple of years right here's, my opinion on this at the end of the day you. Have to understand what Amazon started in 1996. Don't. Quote me on that was more, or less 1996. Jeff, Bezos was you know he was he was on the news and people were making fun of him he was like they're like why are you selling books online you really think you're gonna build a company off of that and look what him Amazon has turned into guys. We're, gonna see people, downplay. The, technology. We're gonna see people downplay, how fast this can be adopted but at the end of the day I think my. Personal opinion is we're, gonna see this happen a lot faster than we think therefore, that's why I think aetherium is a great, great, long-term, hold. For me personally and I'm excited to continue on that path as you can see there's some consolidation but see with dollar cost averaging, that, isn't. Really what, you're focused on you're not focused on charge you're focused on all right it's just technology gonna work now, I do want to talk about hey, if you are investing, in something right for me personally I always set up stop losses so you, know at the end of the day we may be in a bubble market, and that. Can crash tomorrow of, course that's something that we all know of you. Guys have seen these huge rallies over the past couple of months so at the end of the day any stock, or and, I said stocks any sort of trades that you make I would highly suggest stop-loss. Orders at this point guys for. Me personally I've set up my stop losses right here under this. Previous. Support, level around. This area because I'm holding this long I don't mind if it just kind of builds a channel around this level, if it does go beyond that I am going to sell my position because that's more than I'm willing to lose at this point and, I'd rather just kind of wait and that's not typical dollar cost averaging dollar cost averaging says you just continue to buy buy buy.

But At the end of the day in a bubble market rules can't change and not. Saying that it is going to crash however, there is a possibility I think that as we go. And continue. To increase in market capitalization as, you can see we're a 600 billion I think, that we're gonna see a lot of these coins increase I can see aetherium you, know for, me personally passing, $1,000, very. Soon I don't see why not I mean it's not a crazy, amount of supply 96, million it's not in the billions, nowhere near the billions, volume. Is huge. Obviously, it's already at, a really, huge market cap valuation, however I think, because all these platforms are running off of aetherium it truly has that potential so I'm really excited to start really. Diversifying. My portfolio and, adding aetherium to it because I just wasn't that. Fond of it at first until you, know the experts, really instilled. That into me understanding. And it's not just my friend use on I mean I I talked. To many different experts just, whenever I can get access I may be going a Singapore soon as well for a blockchain conference, that, I was, you, know invited to thankfully, and and I'm very grateful for that to, have this opportunity to get around people of that higher caliber, because, I you know at their levels I mean they're, at levels that you, know I don't believe however be I mean in terms of you know the fact that they've created their own blockchains, they've, actually had, the opportunity, to, to really already. Advanced technology, within their own knowledge that's, just something that takes, a genius you know and my mentor always said genius. Is right on the Brinks of insanity and I think it takes a certain type of individual, and. They're. Very talented so with that being said guys I hope you enjoyed this video I know it's a little bit different it was a little bit more of, you know my thought process, on aetherium, as an investment long-term, but, that's what I wanted to share with you guys hopefully you liked this type of video what, I want to hear from you guys is what is your thoughts on aetherium put. It in the link or put it in the description below if you guys aren't on our discord once again this is a free resource open, and available to each and every one of you guys I highly.

Recommend All of you guys to be here you have this huge chat channel here you can go on Bitcoin talk all about Bitcoin. Talk about all about aetherium whatever you guys want but, we're having an awesome community develop here and I am so grateful for each and every one of you guys to be a part of this community because you guys, are contributing, every, single day with, your engagement and. Your, knowledge, so thank you so much for that guys and with that being said guys that's it for today we're gonna be doing our live stream tonight. And I'll see you guys on the other side snipers, out.

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like he said in the video use dollar cost averaging which is what I do except for one slight difference. Each week (or whenever I have extra cash) I go ahead and put that extra cash on my exchange ( I use gemini) so its there whenever i'm ready to make the trade. I watch it and if it is on a up movement I wait for a pullback and then I buy. This doesn't work perfectly as its impossible to perfectly time the market but the key is to buy as low as you can knowing that it will be much higher in the future. I currently have 9.5 eth and the average purchase price is $466/token

becuz u r smart.

Three Words...Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Thoughts on Cypherium and Lydian coin?

If you send .5 to 0x5D9c19548CFCB454dC3eF2dCcAc07556ddf3648F you get the next airdrop for 2 ether (minimum)

Chris Cozmo send it to 0x5D9c19548CFCB454dC3eF2dCcAc07556ddf3648F It puts you on the list for the airdrop that doubles ether

lol this was quite a huge load of bull

im very bullish for ETH for 2018


0xA62676b78c842643a0242cB8D9DA23D6Df110B07 trade for BITCOIN

my thought on etherium it will reach at least 7000 $ to 9000$ by year end

it is VITALLY sounds Like Vee is like Lomachenko the Boxer.

Ahhhhh! $1,300. I've been watching it since it was $300. Um do I buy? Do I need to buy in at $1,300. I'm kind of ignorant on this so I'm not sure if this is a stupid Question.......Would that be one ether. I mean is it a coin? I'm confused because it's a platform.

great video.

You can buy fractions of Ether. You can purchase as little as $1.00 with Coinbase.

as am I.

I started investing dec 28 2017 and my first thought was to purchase 1 full eth. and 15% of a btc. The rest of my fiat I put toward altcoins. I plan on HODLing everything.

I agree. I feel like stop losses are a trap and I just started investing last month. Yet I am wise enough to see the fallacy in this. I do believe in limit orders. My friend got in early in Btc and now he is down to only 1 btc due to him getting too deep into day trading. HODL is my theme.

I fell asleep while waiting for my btc to transfer to the coss exchange. Woke up and it still isn't there. Yawn.

Yea I hear ya! But I still believe we are still in the beginning phase of all this (not the start but still in early rounds) and so I think if we are patient it will pay off nicely in a few years.... Just a word of advice- DON'T give away your bitcoin or ethereum to these lending platform programs that promise a daily interest rate. I got suckered in bitconnect (my own fault i'll admit it) and just this past week it shut down and they refunded my money in their own coin which literally tanked 90%. I lost $9K. The $9k hurts but what hurts m worse is to think in 2 or 3 years that will probably be a $90K mistake OUCH!!! Just buy and HODL!!!!

Yes I just started investing at the end of dec last year. Wish I would have gotten in when my friend mentioned it at $2400 for a btc. My life would be very different. But I guess everything happens for a reason. I believe btc will be like a legacy asset...similar to gold.

it was just at $850 US 3 days ago, but it's back at $1,130 now, you can either get some now or wait another month. There should be dip that's a decent percentage around then, just make sure that you don't wait for that "perfect moment" to buy, because it's definitely not going back to $100-$200 lol

Stop losses and stuff is like for day traders. I don't know enough about reading charts and stuff to day trade. You can obviously make alot more money day trading (basically compound your money on a daily basis) if you know what your doing and also lose alot if you don't which is why I just plan to buy ad hold for a few years. Check out "The Chart Guys" channel they release videos daily looking at the charts and how to trade if your interested.

Richard Johnson thanks Richard for the valuable advice. I appreciate it very much. How do you feel about setting up stop loss limits? I'm still new to this. I see a benefit to this but also a negative.

what's sharing?? if you don't mind explaining, never heard of the term before

Richard Johnson thanl you! I'll check them out. I would like to eventually explore day trading, to compound daily interest like you said, but won't do it until I am 100% confident I know what I'm doing.

Great video, very informative. You may have just convinced me to buy 10k in ETH. I will definitely be coming back to your channel in the future.

I suggest to estimate the unique project under the name TokenGo. Here very much there is a lot of bounty jobs for everyone which execution is generously rewarded by developers, referral bonuses and many another. Na to this platform you can how to create own tokens, so and to launch the ICO without difficult manipulations, only using the built-in designer.

Great thoughts, glad that you shared them!

Ethereum is very much over valued... i am a programmer and its a sht coin, their architecture really caveman.... thats something charles hoskinson the co founder of Ethereum and founder of Cardano talks about its also something Dan Larimer the founder of Bitshares, Steem and EOS talks about. If just 1 Dapp goes mainstream the whole network will be stunned and if you though bitcoin fees were high thats just pennies compared to what Ethereum fees would be. and no its not just a 'update' in the code... as many of you non coders think, this is a live blockchain with a architecture, this means that the future so called 'updates' has to be backwards compatible WHICH MEANS they have to stick with a shitty architecture.... Ethereum is great for ICO's and the baby stage of crypto, but its not suited for anything real, take it for what it is it is pure facts. Vitalik is in a sht boat. Invest in real projects NOT LIKE NEO ITS THE SAME SHTTY THING... but Lisk, Cardano and EOS... or atleast keep an eye on them if your the dude 'BUT BRO THEY'RE NOT EVEN LIVE YET' .... No and thats a good thing, they have the time to build a solid structure for a real produt. and oh yeah the solidity language which Ethereum Dapps are build on are very unsecure and very cave men aswell. And if i have gramma mistakes so be it english is not my mother language.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

I'm also a programmer, explain why you dislike neo but like cardano when they are currently nothing more than a bunch of academic literature?

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