WGU 2018 Las Vegas Commencement - Master's Ceremony

WGU 2018 Las Vegas Commencement - Master's Ceremony

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Renewable energy information. Technology, and other dynamic, areas but. At the same time because. Of our rapid growth we, are in desperate, need of more professionals, in education. Business, and healthcare, so, all of you from other states. Stay. In Nevada all right we need you here so. And I know what is occurring here is happening, all over the nation in your, respective States and your communities. WGU. Has anticipated, these developments, and is work to make sure that, you have the skills you need to take advantage of the opportunities, available to, you in the, 21st, century. WGU. Is the, right University at. The right time and the, right place, which. Brings me to my message, that I wanted to share with all of you today. Now. I've already said this word several times and. I. Want to share a few more thoughts about that word. Opportunity. Opportunity. Because. It's a word that we use all, the time and, sometimes. I, admit it and it can become a little bit routine. But. I want you to take a moment and really, think about what. That word means to you, because. It means something really special, and personal. To me. Now. You don't probably a lot of you don't know about my background I come from a pretty humble background, in small beginnings, I, wasn't. Raised by a family of lawyers or, judges or, there were no politicians. In my family, my. Dad was one of 10 kids my. Mom and her sister lived in a little two-bedroom, house in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My. Parents moved to Nevada looking. For, opportunity. So. What did that mean to me my. First job cleaning. Sheep pens a, second. Job bussing. Tables a third. Job scrubbing. Pots. Fourth. Job loading, and unloading trucks, and after, that I was a casino, tour bus greeter. True. Story. You, know it wasn't glamorous and in fact it was a lot of really, hard work but it taught me a lot, in, fact, everything, that I've come up or, that I have done, up until this, day has really prepared me for what I've done what I do now, especially. Cleaning, the sheep pen part. Now. I've learned the value of hard work the importance, of not giving up the. Lesson of sacrificing. For the things that matter to, you and. I. Learned that the opportunity, to succeed is all the more fulfilling, and rewarding when. It's earned through. Struggle, and difficulty. Now. Wise man once said that satisfaction. Is in.

Direct Proportion to. The sacrifice, and hard, work that. You put in and that, anything. Easily accomplished. Probably. Isn't worth the darn I. Never. Imagined, that from. My small beginnings, that. I would have the opportunity I have now let's. Give back to my community to, give back to my state and have. The ability to make a difference in the lives of my fellow citizens. So. Today there. Are more than 1500, WG. WGU. Graduates, celebrating, their decision, to. Pursue your. Own opportunities. In. Education. Health, professions. Business. Information. Technology, you've. All made, the decision, to, be the best that, you can be to. Be successful, in your careers, no, doubt but. Also and just as importantly, to make the world around you a better, place. So. To. All of our graduates who are taking the next step. In your journey as. Educators. Raise, your hands let's see you all yes. You. Have the opportunity, to. Shape the future. Your. Role in society cannot, be, overstated as, you. Invest in the lives of your students, and empower. Them to be leaders innovators. Inventors. Entrepreneurs. And. The creators, of tomorrow. You. Have. The extraordinary opportunity. To, change the world one. Student at a time. Seize. That opportunity now. To. Our graduates, from the College of Health Professions, taking. The next step as health care providers, let's. See all of you. Back. There. You've. Been given a remarkable. Gift. Not. Everyone can provide the, compassion, skill and expertise, under pressure that. You're able to offer to. The most vulnerable among. Us. Having. Reached this new point in your careers, you. Have acquired a special, set of tools that will enable you to save lives. And, to, give hope for. Those most in need. You. Have the opportunity, to change the, world one. Patient, at. A time. Seize. That opportunity. To, our graduates, from the college of business let's see all of you yeah. You. Are on the front lines of this emerging, economy, what I mentioned the, fourth Industrial, Revolution.

Your. Optimism, and creativity, will, drive the innovations, that, continue. To. Redefine, our communities. You. Have the extraordinary, opportunity. To ensure that these advances, and commerce and technology and the, innovations, behind the 21st, century, economy are not, only profitable. But, elevate, our quality, of life as well. Seize. That opportunity. And. Try, graduates, from the College of Information Technology, let's, see you, I'm. Going back there. You. Play an invaluable role, that will continue, to expand, as we further integrate, technology, into more and more aspects, of our, daily lives. Cyberspace. Is the, new frontier, and whether. You're working to keep our cyber infrastructures, safe and secure or, protecting, personal, and private data for consumers, or helping, design the software and information solutions, that sustain, our. Digitally, connected global, community. You, have the extraordinary. Opportunity, to apply new technologies. In ways the. Rest of us haven't, even imagined. Seize. That opportunity, now. A, very very close friend of mine told me that anything. Is, possible. Anything. Is. Possible and she's, right, no. Matter what program you've completed, or. Where you're headed in your next professional, career, each. One, of you represents. Why opportunity. Is more. Than just a word. You're. Proof positive it's. Real. Your. Hard work and your belief in yourself is, why no matter who, you are where. You came from all, of you can. Pursue your dreams. Because. As I stand here before you today I'm. Living. Proof that opportunity. Is not defined. What your last name is your. Income bracket, how old you are and by the way eighty seven-year-old graduate, is that person here with us today. Well. If they're watching online well, done. Your. Zip code doesn't, matter. Or. The color of your skin. Rather. Opportunity. Is defined, by your willingness to believe, that you can reach your, full potential, that. You can achieve great. Things and, that, you can make a difference, in the world. That. Idea is the very essence, of what we're talking about when we refer to the, American Dream and I believe the Chancellor talked about that, now. I had the research where American. Dream came, from and I was really surprised. That, it was a phrase that was made popular by a writer named James Truslow Adams. In, 1931. He. Wrote. That the American dream is that. Dream of a land in which, life should be better and richer, and fuller, for. Everyone. With. Opportunity. For, each according, to ability or, achievement, a dream. Of a society in which everyone, can. Attain their fullest potential and be, recognized, for who they are regardless. Of, the. Circumstances. Of birth, or, position. WGU. Has. Offered, you the opportunity, to. Pursue your. Own American. Dream and you. Have seized, that. Opportunity. For. That I congratulate. Each one of you and I, encourage, you to all, embrace. That. Next, great opportunity. That. Comes your way so. Again thank. You for, the privilege and, the, honor. For. Being able to participate in, the ceremony today and again from. The bottom of my heart on behalf of the people of the great state of Nevada. Congratulations. WGU, class of 2018. God. Bless all you and God bless the United States of America, the, greatest nation. On earth thank. You. Thank. You governor and on. A personal note thank you for your last eight years of, service, your leadership your, courage it has meant all the difference, here, in Nevada. And. Now we have the privilege of hearing from two. Graduates, they. Are Blanca Martinez, Master. Of Arts and teaching elementary, education. Greg. Moretti, Master, of Science and cyber security and, information.

Assurance. Following. Their speeches provost. And chief academic, officer, dr., Marnie Baker Stein, will. Confer your degrees please. Join me in welcoming first. To the lectern Blanca. Wow, there's a lot of you up there okay. Good, morning everyone well. I don't know any of you personally, I know that you all have your own stories to tell about how you got to graduation, day and I just want to take a second to thank you for listening to mine I. Don't. Know if you can tell but I am naturally a really shy person, I knew. That speaking in front of many of you was going to be a challenge, for me yet. I decided, to go through with the application, process anyway, I wanted. To overcome this challenge and, I think that pretty much sums up the essence of me I overcome. Challenges. The. Burden the first big challenge i explicitly remember, occurred when I was six years old my parents, moved my sister and I from Mexico, to Las Vegas for better job and educational, opportunities. This. Was a huge culture shock for us I remember. Crying every day my first grade classroom because, I didn't understand, what everyone was saying I. Tried. To speak to the other kids but, nobody understood, me it, was like they were speaking another language but. My young mind couldn't comprehend, that they actually were. My. Teachers made an effort to label everything, around the room with a picture of the English and Spanish word for each item they. Were so patient with me and they took the time to really help me learn the language as you. Can see their efforts were successful and, within a few months I remember receiving an award for learning to speak read and write English. They. Completely changed the path of my life and I truly believe that without them I wouldn't be here today, now. Let's fast forward a few years to, challenge number two I, had. Acclimated, well to American, culture I finished. Elementary school, moved on to junior high and somehow. Survived, the chaos of high school. This. Is when all of my friends began applying for colleges and talking about moving away for. Me this was not a possibility. Now. My, second challenge was not about money although, that was certainly a struggle. My.

Challenge Was one that I had dealt with every single day behind closed doors because. I knew that if people were to find out my secret I would never be looked at the same way, to. This day many. Of my friends, do not know what I'm about to share with you today I. Have. Finally mustered up the courage to admit to everyone here that for many years I was an undocumented, immigrant, why. Don't you have your license, why, can't you go to Europe for our senior trip why. Are you suddenly changing, your edge. Major. From education, to English when you're so close to graduating. These. Are just some of the questions that can now be answered, now. That you know my secret, because. Of this and for too long, I believe, that my dream of becoming a teacher would, have to be forgotten as an. Update to that story I stand in front of you today a proud US citizen, in, a teacher. Thank. You. In. 2009, I received my bachelor's degree from Nevada State College I remember. My mom sitting in the audience her eyes filled with tears, of joy as I walked across the stage. It. Was such an incredible feat for us as a family and I remember thinking that one day I hope to make my mom this proud of me again if, I. Would have known that only three years later I wouldn't. Have her anymore I would, have enrolled in this program much, sooner. Challenge. Number three was, finding the motivation to enroll in a non-traditional teacher, program, after, the grief that came with losing my mom as you. Can see I was able to do it and even, though she may not be physically, here I know right now I am making her that proud again. My, story does, have a happy ending, a year. After her death I stumbled across a program that, reignited, my hope of becoming a teacher the. Alternative, route to licensure program with, the Clark County School District gave, me the opportunity, to be in the classroom sooner, rather than later I currently. Teach second, grade and because, of the structure of our grade level I am, the teacher of fifty five rambunctious, students. We. Are considered, a low income school where 100%, of our students, receive free breakfast, lunch, and supper. Many. Of our children come from broken homes and, do not have good role models in their lives. Even. As young as seven and eight years old I have heard them make comments, about not being sure they could graduate high school because. They want to go to work to help their parents make more money now I. Know that the speech is being tape recorded so, I'd like to take this opportunity to send a message directly to our students at Pitman Elementary, I, am. Up here today, facing, my fear of public speaking in, front of thousands of people and, I became extremely vulnerable, by, sharing my secrets not, just for myself but to be an example for you I want. To show you that you absolutely can, and should graduate, nobody. In my family had gone to college before, me and we didn't have a lot of money but, when I. When. I was your age but what I did have was a very supportive family and teachers, who cared about me and taught me the value of education and, we care about you we, believe in you we know you can do it and we will be there every step of the way to cheer you on now. To everyone, here that is graduating, today I may, not know you personally, but, I know that you have surpass your own set of challenges to, achieve this goal and I want to congratulate you to. All of the new and current teachers here I want, to close to with a special message just for you when. You find yourself struggling to, get to a child because of their challenging, behaviors, or, because they aren't understanding, a concept or because, they don't understand, the language I want, to leave you with the following quote from, the ever wise Magic, Johnson, all. Kids, need is a little help a little hope and somebody, who believes in them be. That somebody for them just, like somebody's worth for you congratulations.

Class Of 2018. Donate. Early. In my tech career I worked for Apple computers and. Although I never got, to meet Steve, Jobs I did, get to be in the same room with him once in. The department, I was in several the software, engineers, were gonna demonstrate a new product and. Jobs. Came in to the presentation. With his little entourage came, in sat down never. Said a word the. Software developers, proceeded, to give their presentation, and when it was over Jobs got up. Started. Walking. Out of the room stopped. Turned. Around and said that's, the cheesiest thing I've ever seen and walked. Out of the room it. Was pretty much stunned silence in the room but. A few days later I ran into one of the software developers, and I asked him I said geez, what. Are you gonna do and he. Had a brilliant and incredible, answer, he. Just said start, over and. That's like wow what an amazing answer, there. Was no animosity, there was no ill-will, he. Just simply stated, start, over and that, was something I thought I've kept with me for almost 20 years I'm. Now the chief information officer. For an electrical cooperative, and I. Provide, cybersecurity. Services. For. Our portion, of the US electrical, grid however. Getting. Here hasn't been easy it wasn't near, as difficult, as Blancas but it wasn't easy, I started. And quit college multiple. Times, to. Get here then a colleague of mine started at WGU and I started looking into programs, and I. Decided. It was time to start over I. Can. Remember I was sitting in the San Diego Airport when. I got the text from taskstream, and, let's. Face it at one point or another we, are all in an unhealthy. Online. Relationship. With taskstream. But. I can remember sitting there and I got the text and that said congratulations you. Have successfully completed. The capstone for your bachelor's, degree at. At. That moment. There. Was something changed, something was different there, was this tremendous emotional. And psychological lift. That happened and from. There I never even slowed down I went straight on to get my master's, degree and, Here I am speaking to you and as, a matter of fact I applied, to speak at my bachelor's commencement, in Salt Lake City but I wasn't chosen, so. I finished my master's, degree I started over, on my speech and I succeeded. You, know as humans, we. Are designed, to, learn we, are built, to, learn but. We're going to fail the, difference is successful. People fail, get. Up and start. Over what. One. Of my favorite sayings, is, a. Mashed up version of something Einstein, supposedly, said he, said some long lines of education. Is not about the learning, of facts it's, about teaching the mind to, think and. Also the, history or the author of this is dubious at best it's. Extremely, accurate learning. To think is like, any other skill riding. A mountain bike doing, yoga using. Money and I. Think I like that statement so well because it fit me I needed, to train my mind to think I needed, to evolve, past. Bias. Thinking, think, about how much better the world would be if, we. Could all, objectively. And that's the key word here if we, could all objectively. Analyze. And. Evaluate a. Given statement. Event. Or idea and not, allow our own emotions, or. Worse. The. Emotions, of other people, to influence, our thinking. Critical. Thinking is crucial. In our world for success. And critical, thinking is a skill that has to be learned as well if. A person, is to climb out of the quagmire of, mediocrity. Rise. Above the noise of screaming, emotions, personal. Agendas, and bias thinking. Higher. Education. And advanced. Learning is an, excellent, place to start or start. Over. Through. Our accomplishments. We have made we, have begun our journey above. The, rising. Above the emotional, masses, of the discontent, now, let us move forward using common, sense and, critical. Thinking, in an attempt to make life better based on fact, reasoning. And higher, cognitive. Skills. Never. Be, afraid to fail, and, never. Be, afraid to start, over, congratulations. Thank. You so much speakers. That was wonderful, so inspiring. It's. Now time to recognize. Each. Of our master's degree graduates. With. The candidate, for master's, degrees please rise, including. Those of you watching this by webcast, wherever. You may be so, please rise off.

Okay. This. Is the big moment. Upon. The favorable, recommendation of, our faculty, and the. Authority, vested in, me by the Board of Trustees and. Member governors, of Western, Governors University I. Hereby. Confer, upon you. The. Master's degree. You have earned, to. Include, the. Master, of Arts. The. Master, of Arts in teaching. The. Master, of Business Administration, the. Master, of Education or. Master, of Science, with. All the rights and privileges thereto. Appertaining. Congratulations. And, welcome. To the community, of learned. Professionals. Our. Masters graduates, were a hood. Bearing. The color of their discipline. So. All please just be seated for a moment. That's. Right. The. Following are the leaders from each of our colleges who, will now present the diplomas to our graduates. Deb. Eldridge, academic. Vice president, Teachers College. Dr.. Rashmi, Prasad. Academic. Vice president, College of Business. Darrin, album, vice. President, academic operations. College. Of Health Professions and. Dr.. Elke Leeds academic. Vice president, College, of Information Technology. Thank. You Marnie. Will. The graduates, from. The Teachers, College, starting. With the first row please. Come forward at the direction of the marshals, to, be recognized. Individually. Jil, Quiroga. Nicholae. INL. Yeah. Brittney's. Mq. Janette Cullen. Heather. Bagnall. Margaret. Fred. Stormy. McCarthy. Suzanne. Allen. Carol. Sunderland. Heidi. Levine. Tasha. Sanchez. Allen. Alden. Tereus. No. Sharleen. Eman. Jennifer. Tucket. Matthew. Grant. Christopher. Nielson. Jessica. Estes. Allen. Garmendia. Alison. Dorsal. Blanca. Martinez. Jamie. Duddy. Anna. Nieves. Megan. Felson. Melinda. Sayers. Oscar. Gonzales. Alison. Diaz. Sherry. Legler. Joanne. Grumpus. Kevin. Gerard. Lisa, ann dream. Nonnie. IRRI mummy. Rose. Marine, cutting, air. Moorea. Green, a. Tina. Wilson. Kristin. Holland. Jamie. Litvinov. Olivia. Lee D. Maliki. Muli, tallow. Tifany. Whirlen. How. They're bright. Ashley. Brown. Megan's. Now. Sarah. Bingum. Lola. Ross. Dale. Hutchins. Tamara. Rizzo. Ginger. Is standing. Brandon. Terrazas. Crystal. Fordham. Derice. Ashley, williams. Jasmine. Louise Franklin. Portia. Sanders. Lori. Boyer. Christina. Mickey. Ellen, Furby. Jennifer. Kendal. Elizabeth. Lore. Kayla. Sorensen. Megan. Daniel. Kelly. Rainy. Crystalline. Beragon. Anthony. Williams. Laura. Canfield. Barber. Nest Allah. Brook. Baruman. Joseanne. Lucas. Wesley. Gold. Amy. Fanning. Raven. McCloud. Shelley. Welch. Brittany. James. Brandon. Wait. Lula. Graham. Yeah. Be yang. Susan. Marsh. Ashley. SingTel, a. Oh. Gillespie. Cindy, Wagstaff. Claire. McGartland. JC. Rogers. Teresa. Brough. Christine. Erickson. Taylor. Bowles. Eric. Denman. Shirley. Toboggan. Loquacious. Met. Tina. Mason. Stephanie. Here I. Kelsey. Clayton. Tracy. Abe. Halle. Armor. Naomi. Chen. Autumn. Gerdes. May. See Nolan. Kristen. Else would. Jani, Koli. Gabrielle. Matheson. Joanne. Hansen. Sara. Strahan. Miranda. Hope. Ginny. Lee burns. Lia, Tanner. Katrina. Mitchell. And. Wilson. Piper. Bessinger, West. Sarina. Minovsky. Robin. Tashard. Keisha. Barnes. Angela. Heck. Ashley. Brown. Kimberly. Mom. Brenda. Forrester. Allen, chambers. Shushanna. LAN te. David. Bracks. Stephanie. Pre cop. Carla. Gotham. Anna. Mendes. Alicia. Campbell. Noel. Maori. Chelsea. Gusterson. We, Beckstead. Melanie. Del Toro. Ashley. Caching. Tracy. Bowlby. They. Add averies. Paige. Belden. Cameron. Fox. Whitney. Hinkley. Kenneth. Rossi, jr.. Jamie. Hawkins. John. Schaefer. Aaron. Coil. Crystal. Mathis. Raymond. Rubinstein. Nancy. L Johnson. Karen. Johnson. Fidelis. Table, a. Brenda. Heil. Jorge. Martinez. Aaron. Thompson. Jocelyn. Serrano. Kimberly. Johnson. Bhavna. Della. Sera. Winters. Sharon's. Ours on Oh. Chelsea. Martin Wilson. Jesse. Kincaid. Ken. De segura Ken aha. Kimberly. Brown. Amanda. Ryder. Louisa. To, power. Loreena, O'Shaughnessy. Amanda. Kraft. Jocelyn. Velasco. Kirsten. Potts. Emily. Curry. Amanda. Jago. Darlene. Up 'im. Stacy. J, Reynold's. Jonathan. Jacobs. Will, the graduates from the College of Business, starting. With the first row please. Come forward at the direction of the marshals to be recognized, individually. Jeannette. Theater, Oh. Christopher. Robinson. Pina. Ohio. Stacy, Philippe. Tammini. Rogers. Benjamin. Davidson. Jesslyn. Christiansen. Gordon. Woods. Carolyn. Ago. De. Diamante. Walker. Adrianna. Morales. Anthony. Right. Samantha. Stout. Adam. Anderson. Verna. Chan. Nisa. Farley.

Kobali. Kimmel, a. Montana. Miles. Nicole. Maddox. Clipton. Smith. Mylene. Letting. Gentry. Jensen. Sarah, Langley. Emmalin. Thatcher. Michelle. Werner. Shane. Inman. Makyla. Crockett, Junie. Michelle. Sour. Nicole. Lystra. Erin. Andrews. -. Lisa Marcus, Morris. Maxine. Jacobs. Kasha. For, now. Shannon. Cooper. Jane. May. Megan. Marlar. Her. Xuxa blades. Remington. Marler. Brenda. White. Melissa. Lynn. Patrick. Carney. Trina. Riley. Carson. Morgan. Katy, sellers. Gordon-reed. Adam. Dean. Hunter. Smith. Melody. Mcglennan karela, cars ILA's. Alisa, Jaden. Harry. And Andrea, Hanson. Tiffany. Golden. Heather. Juliet. William. At our Langer. Natalie. Lynne Brewster. Cole. Oregon. Toria. Rasmussen. Garret. Glassine. Maryland. Segi. Todd. Erikson. Stephen. Trousdale. West. Champions. Susan. Gayle Williams. Shesh. Shetty. Sago, heart. Dustin. Shelton. Laura. Thompson. Michael. Carter. Tara. Dorsey. David. Moore. Giorgia. Would. Aracely. Saldivar. Steve. My Tejano. Patrick. McBride. Frank. Tell Ava's. Regina. Driessen. While. Our kallu. Daniel. Hedrick. Abigail. Wilson. Britney's. Shill. Angela. Adams. Timothy. Make hard. And naida gonzalez. Gloria. Career Matthews. Charles. Nelson. Hey. Lean back. Samuel. Des pain. Linda. Galloway, watts. Victor. Saunders. Daniel. Lindsey. Maisel. Benson. Lucey, Silva. Erma, Australia. Sedan, sadhana. Vinoth. Jiva, Rodham. Brandon. Kressel. Edward. Reilly. David. Burnett, sir. Nicole. Engel. Brenda. Spearman. Jennifer. All-suite. Richard. Burton. Cynthia. Velika. Heather. McPherson. Jason. Faber. Carrie. Haney. Derek. Martin. Joshua. Nichols. Jeffrey. Despain. Todd. Hess. Mia. Navarro. Deanna. Borg. Alton, Welliver. Jeffrey. Henson. Kyle. Hawkins. Wayne. Stark, Junior. Chad. Hawkins. Jennifer. Men. Kimberly. Branch. Karina. Zeidler. Sheila. May. Knish. Iggy. Jeremiah. Flores. Virginia. Fortier. Ravi. Boy, uppity. Jonathan. David, Durham. Srinivasan. Chaka, Chaka, Verratti. Cavalry. Arnold. Home. Trista. Lawson. Ashley. Smith. Patricia. Muschamp. Aaron. Heyman. And Jenna. Kumar. Armando. Ramos. Stephanie.

Hilliard. Scott. Morris. Shelly, yours. Brian. Lindsey. Connie, Williams. Nasia. LaVon. Ari. Halter. Cano. Gregory. Velez. William. Mack. Elizabeth. McCord, Tucker. Drew. Jackson. Glenn. Eldridge. James. Bello. Christopher. Hildreth. John. Ellen. Rebecca. Kemal. Amber. Shibuya. Jonathan. Dickey. Darrell. Barnes. John. Our. McClellan. Dameron. Brett. Singleton. Richard. England. Joe. Veronica. Travis. McKee. Matthew. Wise. Peter. Rolly. Tanya. Fields, Bedford. Justine. Noose. Kerry. Lancaster. Michelle. Jared. Betty. Rudik, Patterson. Melinda. Unit. Jag. Oregon. T. Sheila. Lecter. Leslie. Moss. Chad. Nicholson. Well. Newsom. Alvin. Cunningham. Kelly. Van, Weller. Abigail. Burton. Routine. She been she do. Denise. Williams. Erika. Mendoza. Jamesha. Farrell. Nancy. Spence. Richard. Horne. Mary. Newton. Jennifer. Bora. Jeffrey. Combs. Anita. Imitates. Lara. Salazar. Tamra. Flores, Sahagun. Alan. Davis. Ginnis. Evan felt. Michelle. Teresita. Hoffman. Kathleen. Neilson. Brandon. Peterson. 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Brunetti. Justine. Torres. Jennifer. Baker. Francisca. Akko. Steven. Bird Raza. Ryan. Brass, bells. Kelly, cram. Jonathan. Cruz. Amanda. Rodman. Scott. Booth. Jerem. Ona. Michael. And Marie jr.. Grace. Holdren. Linen. Day. Tina. When. Lucas. Mijares. Pearson. Brian. Long. Ryan. Salazar. David. Ball ring. Miriam. Keita. Jared. Burial. Lisa. Ludwig. Bryan, berry. Anna. Faris. Casey. Overton. Mark, carpenter. Sally. Dandridge. Mark. Deal. Angela. Gardner. Kalin. Noel. Jessica. Bobber. Michelle. Beck. Todd. Cole. Mary. Fredette. Jacob. Kun. Mohab. Irani. Carrie, rug. Matthew. Vinod, Ken. Angela. Baker. Lindsay. Stat, ermine. Natacha. Miller. Ivan. Venegas. Devlin. Metoyer. Kevin. Madan dough. Raymond. Mitchell. Braaap, Stokes. Gail, Freund. That's great will. The graduates, from the College of Health Professions starting. With the first row please. Come forward at the direction of the marshals to be recognized, individually. Robyn. Mitchell. Katie, King. Surrender. Dolla. Aundrea. Hi you soon. Michelle. Hastings. Elizabeth. Faria. Angela. Atwood. Debra. Jago. An. Idea severa. Roberto. Castillo. Harry. Malaika. Portia. Sing. Gloria. Santa Maria. Malika, Robinson. Vacate, Greenland. Larita. Ortiz. Carrie. Bianchi. Megan. Elizabeth agony. Timmy. Romines. Baker. Elizabeth. In Gomez, man's. Katherine. Ingersoll. Lisa. Ibrahim. Esther. Lopez. Jamika. Scott. Freda. Shush. Carla. Christina boy Sun. Crystal. Adair. Diane. Lucia. Nicole. Schneider. Nellie. Massey Olo. Denis. Nesmith. Lisa. Delaunay. Shara. Blackmon. Bad, at Bertus. Lindsay. Carberry. Jolly. Could be lead to God. Wendy. Schuster. Michelle. Morel. Lawrence. Rojas. Sheila. Hakuna. Vivian. Rollins. Donna. Brotman. Erica. Berg. Miguel. Almond. Madeline. Lawson. Michaela. Mills. Patricia. Blosser. Mary. Rose juicing. Gift. And new cha. Hazel. - Rona. Brandi. Macintosh. Charlotte. Guevara. Samantha. Matt. Eva. Is smiley. Marguerite's. Down. Todd. Yeomans. Kayla. Sure. Lauri. Christiani. Male. Am I am. Stormy. 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2018-06-09 22:11

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