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Virtual Fair  With МГУПП

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good morning good afternoon evening uh defense on from where you are watching us today um we are pleasant to uh to have you with us during this fifth webinar session and glad also to have with us mr pavel who will represented today moscow state university or for production how are you mr pavel uh hello thank you for invitation to the uh this event so let me introduce myself my name is pablo uh i'm vice director of the international department of the moscow state university food production and i'd like to present the university to the audience and to the college uh so mario start yes yes sure yeah uh well uh as you can see on the uh main slide in the corner uh the university celebrates its 90th anniversary uh it was founded on in nineteen as a small institute which had only education programs on food production but year by year it has been growing uh new programs appeared that now the university trained specialists not only in food production but also in computer science in management in customs and veterinary uh and other other problems well uh i'd like uh to make a small tour uh when you if you enter the university before you see the full panorama of assad uh it's it has been renewed also see contained also uh actually there is uh such a story that the content used to stay in this place before in middle of the 20th century then it was replaced and now it came back to this historical place so i think it's i think it's a good situation for the university as well well uh inside the university there are many uh kite with classrooms for example and every classroom uh has its has its own name for example this one is the kitchen studio uh it's not a studio for uh maybe for some film shooting it's like a classroom as well you see the opens stoves uh fridges and other high quality stuff to make dishes to cook for food uh to conduct some master classes and also to educate students another uh classroom uh see swiss technologies we call it shuttle land it is designed for studying how to cook sweets cakes bars candy bars and protein bars uh this way uh this is our gym it's a brand new gym for reduced uh and free time also our international students also have passes to play games after classes here is a recreation zone here it's a place where students can [Music] spend their free time uh to prepare their homework to you know read boobs or to chill on the left side you see green ball it is a natural moss and there is contain on their rights uh wall there are boobs there are tables with lamps to study to homework and also comfortable chairs and cryptic chill etc this one is a sensometric laboratory or sensometric lab uh it is designed to check quality of food products or use computers or you can you can use your nose on your mouth mouth to taste the product and there's nothing to distract your attention from this activity this hot represents our veterinary group our university train specialists in veterinary uh for which are we can able to cure pets and dogs and cats and also who and also brand specialists who can care and cure uh cows goats and also bigger animals uh this photo represent not you see the group but i want to pay your attention on the classroom it is not a restaurant it's not room it's a definitely a classroom where students can uh study cooking and we see there are high quality and they are cozy and think it's very necessary it's very important when students study with their pleasure in the surroundings as i mentioned about computer sciences uh this room was designed for vr technologies it's also it's named to be our brittle reality uh where you can develop new programs or check what is already made here are our part of our international students we have about more than six confidential students study here in the university from different countries all traditional students are involved in uh student activity for example this photo from the cultural event devoted to african culture uh people's songs their songs dances also they present their dishes of their cuisine continuing uh our discussion of international studies here the map that represents geography of our potential students many students came from asia tajikistan kazakhstan as you can see but also we have numerous people from arabic countries unlike syria uh iraq egypt algeria also we have cities from iran uh students from africa and and also students from south america here are standing here well i uh talked about uh our university our international students uh now like continue the allocation of the moscow state university production you see the map uh the star here it is kremlin the kremlin and there are two dots uh the university has two campuses uh the northern campus and the eastern campus all campuses are located in moscow and there are about 30 minutes to the red square to the crumbling by bus so it's quite close if you if you like the moscow you know it's very close and for campuses campus is the main building where students get their education and dormitories we have five dormitories uh which are about five minutes walk to the main building and as for price uh the room in the dormitory costs about 150 rubles it is about 20 dollars per month dollars per month and there are three people in the room so it's standard conditions for dormitories in uh russia in moscow uh well uh as i speak in english it means that maybe you're interested in preparation faculty and to study russian and this slide also presents information on our preparatory faculty uh there are two programs one program is plus one year uh and another program was uh six months first program costs more it's about to see price 100 uh 148 and 800 dribbles it is about two thousand dollars uh in this program you study russian language and then you choose one profile to enter you know the interference there are the profiles are medical and biological profile to study medicine in the future engineering technique and technical profile to study physics engineering's educational programs etc economic profile humanitarian and natural sciences after graduation you'll get a certificate that allows you to enter any russian university uh and to successfully study a higher educational program bachelor master postgraduate studies or medical leadership for example and six months course includes only uh indication on of study of russian language only without profiles and you get confirming document that you started rushing how many hours you spend for it and what is your level of corruption language on the right side you see documents that you need to provide so obviously passport translation educational document and translation or the content information email and phone number but better to contact by email for your potential students as for higher education if you finish preparing faculty you can also choose bachelor degree master degree postgraduate studies i would like to show all i just not tell i'm gonna tell you in a nutshell uh what programs can you study here food production products includes products from animal origin for example meat meal cheese cottage etc and products from plant materials like bread pastry sweets alcoholic drinks also we studied people how to prepare cosmetics it's also important in this program uh we have a program biotechnology uh another uh part of education programs is veterinary as i said there are two directions one is for pets another for other bigger animals the third part is computer science which includes mechatronics robot techniques artificial intelligence programming computer science as well another part is management but uh this management is directed to management of restaurant business management of hotel service manage quality management also also customs you know the people who walk in uh on the borders between states and check the staff their that trespasses so customs and customs peace also taught in our university and well this is the main information in nashville uh thank you for attention here is our uh contacts you see website you see we have our email feel free to write your questions uh if you interested in it we'll reply in our request well if you have questions uh yeah thank you so much mr pavel for all this crucial and pertinent information accurate informations you gave to us so uh students or parents i think this kind of information can help you to know more about the university and to decide if you are interested to medicine to food production to management is like a nice i think a nice studies and specialty we have here one question mr pavel for new attendance they still have time to uh to up to apply to in the university or what what is the deadline i mean for the subscription uh i would like the faculty of our higher educational programs for higher education programs and for the preparation to the university too for higher education programs we accepts requests for till the 1st of december but still to her because as you know in russia you be sunny here has been started from the first of september so you have to write on the email or go to the website there is a application form and apply the the form as soon as possible to study more because if you you will be late so you need to study by yourself okay yeah yeah and um another question we have is about the tuition fees for upcoming intake uh what fees sorry tuition fees for uh upcoming intake connection yeah i think the attendance fees for the university when we talk about the higher graduation yes well it depends on the program but approximate price uh for full-time education it's about two thousand thousand rupees per year it is about twenty seven hundred dollars for approximately uh yes also if you enrolled into the these programs we make invitations later well for you to get these and to come here in moscow to study in university and to live in dormitory also it's all provided yeah uh one more question mr pavel regarding the african students or the french let's say the french speakers countries um you know the french is their second is their main language after arabic so we have any programs to study english or only is related to russian language for them as for higher education programs unfortunately we they are studying only in russian that we have preparatory faculty uh our teachers all know english that's so they teach russian using english language okay but for french speakers we well in our north there are many people from french speaker african states from cameroon yeah from ghana from nia so i think you will find new mates here who speak french as well yeah yeah and it's nice also to learn a new language the russian language i think is a passionate language so it will be fine for our our students from africans also countries algeria tunisia morocco so if you are following us i think this is a good opportunity to to join the university a nice building a nice infrastructure you have and also interesting programs um so let's see if we still have more question or um if you have something to add also mr pavel to or to say to our students and the parents are following us now so i want to say that we are glad to see you among our students in the future well if you're interested in our university please write in email and we will yeah we receive another another question is about the hostel for international students uh yes uh see for international students we have special hostel which located five minutes by walk to the university uh the price that i told you the same about uh yes it's with the electricity it's water supply it's including price uh three people in the room uh no more and we try to accommodate people from these with the same culture in one room to get better social and cultural adaptation here in russia because you see during the day they study in a group with their people from russia mostly from other countries and maybe when they go in evening to to prepare their homework or to elect is better with a company it's a familiar company so yeah yeah i think uh that's all that's all questions you have and if yeah great if you allow me pavel are we collecting here some questions from the youtube that we're receiving uh from the audience so uh some questions here i'm highlighting about that yeah about the deadlines of the upcoming intake is there any deadlines bible for this intake or the upcoming intake what you can tell us about that please about this lens of uh application is my understand right yeah yeah for for new students here for new zealand to apply to us we uh accept applications still first of december so uh go you you visit our website there is application for all writing to this email international at and uh also apply and make your application form until first december you can apply it's no problem till first of december so guys you have almost a month to apply yeah you have time until the first of december uh dear friends who asking the question you still have the opportunity to apply um but i would like to highlight an important uh info here that the available programs are in russian language right also you can tell us a little bit about this college uh you know the for example for uh medicine students uh medicine universities in russia they prepare the students in the foundation year the russian language plus biology and some some related uh programs or related subjects let's say with uh with their degree so at moscow state university of food production uh beside the russian language itself what kind of subjects you teach the international students uh i show the slide of preparatory faculty and profiles especially medical biological profile is included in a one year course and the first uh semester uh is devoted to russian language another semester for a special programs such as biology uh also russian uh also there is math uh and what else about medicine no also i mean that you study special board of words and special phrases to enter uh medical specialities in the medical biological profile ah also chemistry yes yeah history also is he's taught here in the peace of mind yeah yeah so guys this subject here this profiles that you you will pass during the foundation year so this is the answer for the question that we received from ashok ashok from india so uh ashok uh here you can find it it is for one year and the cost will be one thousand one hundred forty eight thousand rupees so we're talking about somewhere around uh one thousand seven hundred years dollars i believe by the about two thousand dollars yeah uh so so this is uh the fees uh about the deadlines as mr pavel told us you have a time to end uh uh or by december by december you must submit your application the borders is open for students from india if enforcing is from sri lanka bangladesh the borders is open officially the russian government announced that all international students who have officially admission letter i mean they accept they have been accepted officially at any of russian universities they can apply for the student visa uh and come to study in russia on campus so uh dear pablo uh really um with you also to have this webinar session we're coming to the end of the fifth or fifth weekend session with moscow state universal food production maybe pavel you would like to add something to the audience that watching us right now from india bangladesh i'm pretty sure that there is uh students from these nationalities at uh at the the university what you can recommend them is there any something special maybe you would like to tell the audience uh especially uh there was more connections so i didn't hear you well but as far as i understand you asked about what can recommend to visit our university in order to visit our university or what yes yes yes [Music] well just write to our email and if you have any questions if you have some uh special situations so we can discuss we can solve some problems and if you have uh intention to enter the university we also go forward to your intentions yeah great so dear friends i would like to remind you again about uh the official website of the university it's mgupp dot r u m g u p p d dot r u you can access uh to the website of the university and find the information about all your fishing hello hello yes yes yeah i believe i believe yes pablo so so uh really thank you very much for being with us today for this webinar session and for sure we will forward all the uh contact information of the students that contact us and they uh visit uh the moscow state university food production virtual stand in order to follow up with them so we are very glad uh and thankful to for you for your time for this present presentation and hopefully we will see you again in the nearest future with the new uh virtual affairs so pablo thank you very much for your time and dear friends we're finishing the fifth weapon of

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