Ultimate Guide to #Alien Races [Vol. 2]

Ultimate Guide to #Alien Races [Vol. 2]

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Do. You believe extraterrestrials. Are real if so, what do they look like and are, all the ones we hear about real how, many different species do we have documented and more importantly, what, are their intentions, all of this and more on part two of our extraterrestrial guide. On the edge of wonder. Welcome. To a special episode of edge of wonder on ET, species, I'm Ben and I'm Rob so, on our first episode we covered various, 80 races, such as archery ins, blue avians, eibon's mantids. On this one we're gonna be looking at more controversial, ones such as ants. Draco's. And the strange, case of the gate 3 incident, of the our clothes so if you haven't seen our first one it might be better to watch that first because some, races we cover here connected, to the ones they're, on these episodes we decided, to create an ultimate guide for you guys on who are these beings from other star systems or, other dimensions, that are visiting us there are so many beings and I mean, we had thousands. Of pages of documents for. You know what now I feel, like I seriously have a PhD, in interplanetary, and dimensional. Being dr., ben i'm, sure that it'll be useful at some point at least in the field we are in anyway. Sit, back grab, a coffee or tea and then grabbing. A tea and join, us on our second, intergalactic, journey through the most notable alien, races in the galaxy on, to our first species, jewels, take it away. Serious. Mission. Assisting. Humans on their spiritual, path and genetic, experimentation. Called, planet Sirius also. Known as dog star, alignment. Benevolent. To. Be. Honest Syrians. Are kind of complicated, and why is that because. The Sirius, Star System has. Three stars and it's filled with all different, types of beings some really good and some who have their own agendas, but they all look very different, luckily, majority. Of them are benevolent towards, humans however, most of them hailing, from Sirius B the, tiny white dwarf, star aren't, very nice towards, humans apparently, word, on the street is that the culture, from these beings, have made their way into our society over the five million year history that they've been coming to this planet most, of which was seen in Atlantis, during the last civilization. This is the stuff we've all heard about such like crystal, healing, in auras, and something called subtle bodies, which, has something to do with the healing of different parts of the consciousness, which, make up different parts, of our physical body now, the type of Sirian that I've drawn here aren't the dark ones from the garbage, bin working, with the Draco's responsible, for the most terrifying, abductions, of all time, they're the positive, beings and. Reportedly, these have more of an advanced disposition. Of compassion, and selflessness. They. Apparently have a larger, brain with an extra lobe that allows them much more super normal abilities including. Telepathy, and, advanced, sight also, their home planet, around the star Sirius, is, the brightest, star in our sky and is also named dog star in which an African, tribe that, has been around for five thousand, years called. Them Dogon, from, Mali, was, supposedly, visit, by them and this tribe, had super, advanced, understanding of, astrology. Which has even baffled. NASA, scientists. Yeah if you haven't heard of them don't be surprised anything. That undermines our modern science is kept, out of the limelight, these guys who, about a knitting the existence, of Sirius B and even. Knew about its orbital, period which, is every, 60 years which wasn't, even discovered until the 50s when we add advanced, telescopes they, knew about all of this thousands, of years ago or a thousand years ago right to be specific, they also discovered, the existence of Sirius, C and, that. Their culture, was very similar to Egyptian with similar artifacts, and gods worshipped as well which, makes us think that, they were both visited, by the same extraterrestrials, even.

Though That there are over 2,000, miles away they. Also talked about amphibious. Beings coming from the same star system as the Egyptian god Isis known as the new mos and knew about the planets, and moons in our solar system so, the next race we're gonna talk about you've all heard of are the Draco's jewels take, it away. Straker. Mission. Control. And replace the human race o alpha. Draconis, in the Draco constellation. Alignment. Awesome, but some benevolent, ones. All. Right out of all the et groups we are covering in these episodes none, are more controversial, as the dreaded, Draco, reptilians. Who, come from the Draco constellation. And in, their homeworld is one of the Fallas places, in the entire cosmos now, before we dive into them there are a lot of different, kinds, of Draco's, we've. Been told that some are human hybrids, some are very tall and some are a hybrid of the greys, one, of the first people to bring these out as we know them today was. By Arizona Wilder. Who first, talked about the shape-shifting, reptilians. To David Icke in the, 1990s. Now at, the time everyone thought she was crazy however instead of this kind of dying out it actually. Got more mainstream and soon a lot more insiders, claimed to have seen them and now they're a part of the Illuma. Can't. Say that actually I'm just gonna call them the Illuma donkeys to, avoid YouTube censors so, just about all the insiders, and you apologists. Aside from maybe a few people talk, about them these can also very well be the demons, that are mentioned throughout all the religious texts folklore, and stories, throughout the world the, leaders are supposedly, over 15, feet tall all white, with demonic, wings, and large slanted, eyes they have super. Advanced technology, and they're like the master, and leaders. Of human genetic experiments, and master, cloners. From. What we know we heard that, all genetic, modified, things out in society, originated. From them which is why I believe that there's so much of a backlash, in society, about this and our foods because, I mean really who knows what this is doing to our bodies it, said that they have conquered almost, every, race they have come upon and would, give themselves upgrades, assimilating, each races, DNA into their own bodies, and acquire, their technology, and then make them their slaves it's also said that they have been on earth for millions, and millions of years this sounds like a bad episode of, the x-men. So. Inside. A core good on the cosmic disclosure even. Referenced, that the dinosaurs, could, have been a genetic experiment, which was destroyed, by the good forces at work and. They. Were forced deep under, the earth however. What's, complicated is that there are a lot of different races and types of reptilians, black, project, insider and our good friend Emory Smith also. Said that he worked with some more human, looking ones that look more like a cartoon, and they. Wanted to actually help humans yeah. A lot of the insiders, such as our also our good friend Laura Eisenhower, say that there are some good ones that broke away long ago and, are fighting with the evil ones but they're very rarely they'll show themselves to humans, since most of us associate, them as being that, also. If you look at a lot of religions, and cultures, they seem to be mentioned a lot in Egypt. They, have a lizard god named sobic, and in ancient cultures all throughout South America there was a lizard God named Quetta koto which, means feathered, serpent, also. The Mayans, worshipped, snakes in their culture plus the Bible talks about these kinds of serpent, demons as well but, also there are some good stories such as bodhisattva, nagarjuna in, which, naga, means serpents, was, given the tantric, sutures after being initiated, by. Giant, serpents, and this kind of reminds me of like the difference between when you think of like dragons, and the West and then Dragons in Eastern culture, right like they're kind they're all considered, serpents, but ones like definitely. Good and then, ones just like this evil demonic thing, exactly, man. There's so much to cover with these guys that we may need to do a separate episode on them and how they're connected to the. Yeah. And how they're actually a part of this original bloodline, and how they supposedly over the years and years got humans, to mix races, which according to them makes us impure. Look guys I know all of this can sound super, crazy so, just take it all lightly, and just remember to be compassionate, to each other and, always carrier your lizard, blocker. Carry. What sure. Lizard. Blocker. Guys. In this drawing basically. I had to look through, a lot of research, and listen, to what a lot of people were saying about these Draco's. Quarry. Goods talks a lot about them different. People that have seen them and what I did is I basically made. A compilation of all of those things and put them into the drawing so that's what you're seeing right here and.

On A side note many, of these insiders. And people like quarry good in Arizona, Wilder say that the leader of the Draco is a 15-foot, albino, with wings who goes by the name Pindar. I can't. Make this stuff sounds, like a bad comic, book so. And apparently this Pindar, guys.i, is supposed to be the eye in the pyramid of, looma donkey. So. Number 13, are the more human-looking pleadians. Jules, take, it away. Leave. Mission. Assisting. And, studying, humans for genetic purposes Oh, sir, v8. Sour cluster in the taurus constellation. Alignment. Benevolent. And sun possum. So. Pleadians, are said to be extraterrestrials. That most resemble, humans some sources say they live to be seven hundred years old they're, spiritually. And technologically. Advanced, as, a sidenote Cherokee, Indians believed they came from the Palladian star system also we, covered, Nordics in our last episode and. Nordic is more of a general term for a lot of the tall blond races, one, of the major sources for plate Ian's contact, is billy meier who by quoting our friend dr. Salik quote received, much public attention as a result. Of his alleged visits, from pleadians. From, 1975. To 1986. Which. He supported with material, evidence that continues. To confound those skeptical, of Meyers claims, unquote, Maier, recounts. Discussions. At the play dance whose goals seemed to be assisting, humans, in understanding, the threat from the reptilians, and the grey aliens whose. Ultimate goal is to enslave humankind. Now, there are many play daeun groups from different places in, that region and some, can look very different some. Of these tall blond ones seem to have an ulterior or, hidden motives, and some, do work with the Draco's or at least were conquered, or controlled, by them the. Majority of them seem to be positive though and most people who have had an experience with them mostly, say that it was a really good one one. Of the most famous pleadians. Seems to be a being by the name of Lord Ashtar who's one of the leaders in aiding, the human race which, really, would be a whole episode if we got into it so let's move on from here next, will be the ant race, Jules, what's the deal with these guys. And. Race commission, alliance. With Draco, Oh sir, uh no alignment. Anymore. So. Not too much is known about these guys but both Emery Smith and Corey Goode have both seen them before Emery. Said they are similar, to the mantids, which, we covered in our first, episode and, that they have a special, voice box that they used to translate their sound into any human, language he, had a positive experience with them and also had a very sad one he said he was working really closely with one and soon truckloads, of these dead end beings were brought in to the secret underground base, he. Said they were all working deep underground and, they were all killed by some branch of the military and they wanted to know how they died. So the ant Emery was working with connected, with their bodies, because I guess it can access the consciousness even after bodies died and, see. Its memory before, death. Emery. Actually, got really choked up while he was telling this story because he said he felt an overwhelming sadness. Emitting. From the ant he was working with and said. It was the first time ever he felt sadness from an extraterrestrial, Cory, said that some of them do work closely with the Draco's and when he saw that large, albino Draco. There. Were a few of these and being standing, up and, guarding, along with the smaller reptilian, ones, however. Cory noted, that some may be working, with them against their will so the next race we're gonna cover is one of the most benevolent races Ben and I came across and, it's the feline, race Jules fill us in what you got. The, library's, mission. Assisting. Humans under spiritual, path all, plan AV are located. In the library system, alignment. Benevolent. So. Out of all the UT races we're gonna talk about in this episode there's probably none more interesting, than this feline, race that has an existence, of over a billion, years they said that they came from a different universe. And existed, as light, but, when they came into this universe, they settled on a planet called it have loung, Avion.

I'm Not really sure in the Lyra system, so, this planet was inhabited by, a large number of animals that look similar to lions, so it's said that they decided to reincarnate. In a physical, body as humanoid, lions, they, soon started, to go through different systems, and some went so serious, I mean man serious must be like the real-life. Khorasan that's like the planet. Every et species, is on in star wars universe you. Know you wear Star Wars shirt almost every week it's, a man that would be cool if we found out that Khorasan was modeled, after serious, so you guys might be wondering what are these cat people like well. It's said that they are natural born leaders and our super intellectual, and very, gentle, and of course curious, like a cat, okay, so word on the street is or I should say galaxy, is that these beings. Are full of compassion and that's what guides them and that they're here to protect the human race and lead. Us and to help us raise our vibrational, levels and wake up from our slumber they're, also one of the leaders in the Galactic, Federation of, Light but according to Corey Goode the Greco's can't stand, them I guess too much fluffy, and goodness and along. With the humans and the Galactic Federation or, actually, the Cabal that, put a kill on sight order, on these felines, Corey, also said that they have technology, that can make them disappear so, as to hide from the bad beings who want to kill them however, these felines, must be pretty awesome because they're helping keep the Draco's underground, also, they can be found in Egyptian, culture the, cat goddess, segment. Is supposed. To be from this race which is probably why they worship cats as well so. Rob so I'm we're looking at your drawing here and it looks like I can see some Thundercat, reference, in your drawing, well that, and he-man were. Of my favor shows growing up and maybe, that's actually where this idea came from Thundercats. Oh. So. Next we're gonna cover the Venusians, which is where valiant, Thor comes. From. Jules. What do you got for us. In. Vision mission. Assisting. Humans on their spiritual path Oh planet. Venus. Alignment. Good, Neverland so. This, is another one we could do a whole, episode on the case of valiant, Thor in which we discussed, with, Laura Eisenhower now, some of you guys said we use the wrong photo, there. Is a debate on which photo is the actual volume for between Phil Schneider's, photo version, and Frankie. Strange's, version, of it so most likely these, are two different beings, from Venus which is why there's some, confusion we, went with Phil's for Laura's interview just because some people have debunked the other not, saying we agree with them debunking, that but, the other is that it's really, hard to protest against now. Val Thor landed. In Alexandria. Virginia and, met. With the President, Eisenhower. To discuss the world's problems and offer advice and counsel, on how to deal with and eliminate, alien. Beings. That were trying, to interfere, with humankind Val, mentioned, to the president, that our world would continue, to get darker and more Wars, and economic, and balance would proceed now. We heard some, say Val left on March 16th 1960. To his home planet Venus, and some say he is still here, with the ship at Lake Mead, but. He did leave a lot of crew so it's possible, a lot of them are among humans are within the military helping, outlets he, said that his people lived underground on Venus and that many people dwelled, underground, in many planets, throughout the universe he also mentioned, that aliens, would be coming here in droves who, would help with the Earth's avalanche. Of issues he also said that a distant group of beings from a planetary, system, would be coming to give aid and data, to, help the progress, of Earth Val, also, spoke of Christ's, presence, in the, verse and that it was heartwarming to, see his teachings, continue I mean, I'm sure you could say this anything of Buddhas well yeah didn't.

We Read something. That said that some extraterrestrial. Races said they thought Buddha was the greatest scientists, the world's ever seen I did see it I don't remember exactly where I saw that but I did see that somewhere, I forget who said it but I did hear it somewhere and it was funny that they used the word scientist. Yes I've been there, alright and now to our next one which, are called orange, geez Jules. Tell us about him. Orange. II. The. Constellation. Of obvious. Alignment. Benevolent. So. Not too much I've known about these guys but they were made, famous by Boyd Bushmen a former, aerospace engineer. At Lockheed, Martin, who, had photos, that he presented on his deathbed in around 2014. Many. People are discrediting, him because, these photos, he has looks like an exact, image, of an alien, toy that sold in Kmart, that, was produced before he went public with the images however, insider, Corey goods said that the Cabal will do this kind of stuff if they know something like this is going to come out to the public so, the powers that be would, get a company, to start manufacturing this, this, is why when something like this happens people. Wouldn't believe him but think about it he said this on his deathbed and honestly, if, you watch or read his interviews, this guy actually explains, the technology, he was designing and how anti-gravity. Works was very sophisticated magnets. Yeah but back to these orgies Corey. Said that they normally never show themselves and are actually a bright orange in color hence the name and that, when they die they turn more Brown which is what, we're seeing in these photos he, had Corey. Also said that they usually stay, in their dimension, but watch us very closely and when, someone needs help on a spiritual, level they will send telepathic messages. To assist this person, thanks. Orin geez really. Though we could do something on just Boyd Bushman and this whole thing and on an investigation and, all this stuff that he was working on, but, for, now I kind of need to keep moving forward yep, so next we're gonna go into an alien being that I like to call a cross, between grey aliens, and the Wicked Witch of the West the ARCA Lloyds all right Jules what do you got for us. Our. Mission. And. Some awesome. So. In our last episode we went into detail about a group of extraterrestrials. Called the evince who was the feature of Steven. Spielberg's Close Encounters and. Was part of a top-secret exchange, program called Project surf go and. Reportedly. Also the, main alien in 80 so make sure you watch that one before you go into this one also, we talked about how there was a high-level conversation. With President, Reagan and one of his advisors about, these et traces and the. First time that these are clothes first, were brought up so, according, to the project serpo documents, these beings are described as similar. To big-nosed. Greats, they're about five-six, gray or tan beings. With large black yellow eyes, vertical. Pupils and mushroom-like heads with, four fingers and a very long big nose they. Were actually, genetically, engineered, by the evens, and were given to the US government for observation, and examination by. The Eagles, it, also says, that the evens cloned them from two different species, and, these, were a little more primitive, and used more. As like slaves, and had a brain. Ship that they call it that could be controlled using a little black box, so, there's a very bizarre story called, the gate 3 incident, that took place at area 51 and which one of these beings had left a secure, vault and was, on foot, in the open area outside of the groom lake complex, security. And OSI, staff the, United, States Air Force Office, of Special Investigations. Were. Ordered to search the area and detain. The, stray the. Interesting, thing is how this story, is so detailed, it even says that there was a mixture of private security and military security, for. The complex, with an outside, company called. Wackenhut. Yeah which, is now called. G4s. Secure. Solutions. We're, all searching around the complex when one of the OSI. Staff, noticed, that a guard from the Wacken. Hut. Corp, wasn't, there so. The OSI, staff went, over to where the guard should, be and found okay this is kind, of a bit crazy but, they found the interior, of the gate was blood, splatter and only small pieces, of human body parts were left on the ground dude. Can you imagine having, to figure out a way to explain this to that family. Yeah. Man I'm sorry your husband. Was vaporized by the malls border anyway. So to make a long story short the. Agent, went looking for the being and somehow there was a standoff, and he ended up shooting them two times they, brought it in to treat it but since the humans had no idea of the body physiology he, only lived for a year or so after which is kind of amazing if he was shot twice the, entire incident was even investigated, by the FBI and the Air Force Office a special, investigation, which, is probably how this report, is so thorough and was leaked and, also.

An Indicator of I mean that duck that report, is so thorough and like how do you make something like yeah I mean why would you waste the time to make something and that was only like a part of it and it was still kind of long it is crazy, okay so the next group, that we're gonna talk about are, known, as two things either. Toulouse Ian's or the Lemurians, Jules, so tell us about him. Tello. She's a, k-mer. Lorian's mission. Protect, and help the human race close. Though the, Moriya and in our earth alignment. Benevolent. Some. Are saying the North Pole or the Arctic disappeared, from google maps either the cause of it was some climate, change or it's, a Mandela, effect however. The, real reason, is that the data is missing from the Google Maps so. The question is what are they hiding so. Then are, you trying to say that Google Maps is actually, hiding the real location of a Santa's, palace to keep this a secret. That's. Exactly. What I'm talking about ladies, and gentlemen, Santa. Claus is ready to get this. No. No not really, okay. So let's get to the real reason here there, could be ancient, earth beings, who lived on an Atlantis, type continent, called Lemuria, which, is basically very similar, to what Rivendell. Looks like in the Lord of the Rings but. Something happened and they went deep in the Inner Earth and, using their psychotronic, technologies. Involving, crystals, and highly developmental, abilities they, are able to create a new home inside, the earth some. Say that under Mount Shasta, in, Northern California, it's. A home to this race and that could, explain the, reason, why so, many people have had supernatural experiences. Being near that mountain so, there's a very famous encounter. With. Admiral. Richard II bird. At the our Arctic in the late 40s, in which he logged and documented. In great detail. He. Wanted to make this public but was forced not to say anything and using, his own words he. Said completely, against, my values, of moral rights so. This thing is very long, but we'll try to keep it somewhat shorter, they're. Flying, over the North Pole region when their instruments, start to go haywire they see mountains, and snow but soon they start to see a valley with small River and green everywhere, he, says the light is different and they can't see the Sun they, see a very large animal below, them and he realizes, that it's a mammoth, as the. Next Cesar Olin Hills and then sees a large shimmering. City pulsating. With rainbows, of hues. Of different, colors then a large disc-shaped craft appears. Before them they hear a voice over the radio saying everything's, gonna be okay and they're in good hands, so. They land their plane and he's greeted, by a tall very, beautiful blonde woman she introduces, him to their master, and he, tells the Admiral, that, he's. Been summoned, there because he's well known on, the surface world this master, told him that after all the atomic bombs over Hiroshima, and Nagasaki Japan. They. Became very worried, about the fate of the human race he said that they tried to warn us before the war but we wouldn't listen and now the powers, of our world would rather destroy, the world in order to get what they want he said to the Admiral, so now I say, to you my son there is a great storm gathering, in your world a black fury, that will not spend itself for many years there, will be no answer in your arms, there will be no safety in your science, your, recent, war was only a prelude, of what is yet to come for your race the. Admiral asked, what he should do this, master, tells him that let everyone in the surface world hear these words and later, tells him that when the time arrives, we, shall come forward, again to revive, your culture, and your race now. Why didn't we hear about this before well blame it on his superiors, who in his own words I am placed under strict control via, the national security provisions, of the United States of America, I am ordered. To remain silent in regard to all of that I have learned on the behalf of humanity, incredible. He wrote this and signed. It before he died and the last thing he said was just, as the long night of the Arctic ends the brilliant, sunshine of, truth shall, come again and those who are of darkness, shall, fall on its light for, I have seen that land beyond, the pole that, center, of the great unknown.

Beautiful. Interesting. All, right so, this one's very interesting the. Aquifer. Ian's so. Yeah next we're on to the aquifer hands which sound exactly, what they're like water, type beings. Jules. Hit us with the last one. Aquifer. You, mission. Help, the human race some, one human, DNA. Experimentation. Pop, star Pleiades. Star cluster and, the Taurus constellation, some. Currently, reside within, Earth's ocean. Alignment. So, benevolent and, some hospital. So. This is more of an umbrella term for aqueous. Beings. That hail from the Palladian, system, they started in platies and of course like all beings seem to migrate it to Sirius early some of them did so, here's the interesting thing we mentioned the South African, tribe called Dogon, and they have a name, for these mermaid-type, creatures, called Nomo, it seems, like these beings, came here long ago and, decided to make earth their home so. This would also explain all these myths and legends of how maybe mermaids, came about I mean we covered a lot of these in their second episode ever about mermaids, but at the time I mean I didn't even think they're related to the tease at the time I'm wearing as deep in this as we are now also. There's been secret, reports. Of naval, sightings, of underwater, city, type places that, you can supposedly see, in Google Maps we, can do a whole episode on that I could do. A lot of episodes let us know if you want us to, plus. All throughout Japanese, culture they talked about these beings, and even have bones on display of some of them so okay let's get into what these are like so. Some, can look like fish from the waist down and human. Waist up and vice versa, or like a human, eel Emory, Smith said some can look like dolphins, which is what I drew here with, large mouths that go all the way up to the ears and lips like a group of fish some. Of these beings in particular communicate. Through telepathic, waves and, through frequency, similar, to wills but. Emory said that it's very. Painfully. Slow, to talk to us and, these dolphins in particular their, brains are 3 times larger than ours and they speak about 10, so second some, can also look like manatees. Which are pretty, obese, and have these little hands that they can't use but they are very strong and funny-looking and could be almost like eight feet tall they, also have really short and stubby legs, Emory. Did say that these manatees, are very, wise but, I mean they also know that they're very wise but, he said the coolest part is that they have these super, deep voices which, are just amazing, to hear and you can't imitate them no matter what you're trying to do Corey good did say that there are some scarier. Type. Ones that, do live in our oceans, and conduct their own genetic programs, and if you happen to be around these they'll. Actually grab you and pull you into the water apparently, they're. Not fond of humans, well guys these are some really intense episodes, that we covered, and you guys probably have a lot of questions, so we could do a live Q&A about this in the future especially. About these genetic, programs, also. Guys we're coming out with a whole book of these alien, species that you're gonna be able to download off, of our website that's going live very soon so keep an eye out for that. Don't. Forget to hit like or subscribe please we can really use your support and remember, to hit that notification bell so. Yeah we weren't contact in the desert Emory was talking about humans, are actually the rock stars of the universe we. Have some kind of like clean DNA, and I mean if you really look at it from, a divine perspective we, were created. By the divine so that was why these alien beings are probably. Visiting us so much yeah. And I I mean I completely agree and I think that um you know I think humans. All all these other et races. Are. So. Fascinated. By us because it's like we. Are capable of so, much nothing. Greater than all of the other ones. Combined. But, it's just that we're being really restricted, here and then I think the the bad, ones are afraid. Of what, we're actually capable of and so they've been, you know everyone's been trying to suppress us but I think if we truly. Knew our potential. All. Of them would be looking up to us, and. Also remember to treasure yourself, because, all the beings and the cosmos seem to it as well so anyway, guys what, did you think about our episode on alien, races we want to know what you guys think please comment, below until. Then we'll see you guys out on the edge.

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We actually 3 videos interviews with Salla.

Thanks so much JJ, yea we will for sure follow up with some more stuff. We kind of out did our selves with the graphics and editing. But we will for sure follow up with some of this. -Ben

When I was in high school, I spent the night with a friend that lived out in the country. It was summer and we slept outside like Lots of people did back then. It was late and everyone was asleep but me, and as usual I was looking at our galaxy and that beautiful mysterious universe that I knew very little about. I noticed what seemed to be in outer space this object flying from one, what look like a star to another and back. Back and forth in a straight line, and it had a small light that twinkled as it flew. I realized it wasn't a star or even a planet but I didn't know what I was seeing. What could fly back and forth like that. Do you guys actually think there are aliens from other planets like you've been describing living among us? I've had some personal experiences that have convinced me beyond a doubt that this world was created. So who are these people unless they were created in different places and planets like we were but like our animals different types and shapes and consciousness etc. This universe is to big, for us to be it! But I know that we are special and a chosen creation for greatness. But not in this world, or not now in this world. To much violence.

Since you guys are covering species, have you looked into the RH negative blood line? Only 15% of of our population is Rh negative. It throws the whole “out of Africa” theory on its face. Science has no idea where it comes from but those of us that are Rh- have the same sign on our palms, our body temp is lower, blood pressure lower and we have more copper in our blood. Rh- mothers have to take special precautions because our antibodies treat the fetus as a foreign object. Rh- blood is NOT compatible with other bloods other than other Rh neg. There’s all sorts of theories but my favorite one is that we evolved from a humanoid on earth that has yet to be identified. Some say it’s the blood of nephilim or annunaki or angels.

Very interesting, guys. When you think about it, it’s actually very logical that beings from other planets or dimensions who are capable of getting here would have a presence here on earth. There is plenty to learn from and to exploit.

http://pages.suddenlink.net/stevewingate/alien%20races%20book.pdf what do you think about this?

I ❤️your show but super disappointed in the show today. The Dogon aren't South African, they are West African around Mali, their origin stories say they originated from the Mountains of Moon which are in East Africa. Please correct this.

Please make an Anunnaki video and a Draco/Reptilian video aswell And please part 3

Excellent report, and my favorite of your videos. The Felines, Pleadians, and Venusians are my main interest. I am also interested in knowing more about the mermaids, and fish people. I thought I was well informed about all alilen races but you named a few that I had never heard of. You definite have your act together and facts up to date. I am very impressed with your site and have subscribed to your channel.

sirians. are these the people merkel invited to germany?

There's even more. Please please do a part 3! Thank you for all you do and all the research and creativity that makes you a kick ass Team!!! Xx

Lol, Can't believe everything Cory Goode says, just 1 person among billions of human. Kinda stupid. I do think Draco and beings from Sirius and Orion exists. But others are just wild imaginations. Why do people live in inner earth when there's whole world available for them on surface. And there's nothing to hide if they do live, we can just co-exist together. Why they are suffering living inner earth. Its pointless. And the greys might be just human experiments, there are lot of scientific research goes on we don't know.

you guys should check out alba weinman .

i can tell these guys are telling the truths for now. but once they get a lot of subs they will switch sides like some other channels, pushing out some disinfos. too much self promotions here. stop laughing at inappropriate time and while you are describing some of these races. you guys are bias, some what subliminal. is like you want people laugh at some of the races ie, draconians as if they are a joke.

There were videos this year off unexplained sounds for miles like a monotonous hum or the biblical trumpets seemingly coming from the earth itself or the skys what's causing this? Aliens? The dying earth crying for the end? Any answers?

The feline race is just Aslan from the chronicles of narnia

8/29/2018 3:57 PM. Comment posted but for how long? I'm sure youtube algorithms are assessing my comment. If my comment is deleted I will comment and let you know.

It would be nice to see a video from you guys about the channeled Ra Material - Law of one.

How about actual help. It is funny most of these are very woo related.

I loved this series, but .... You Missed the Yahyel. It would be cool is there was some info on how to contact some of these. Especially the benevolent ones. Our world needs help right now


Another awesome episode! Thank you!!!

I love your great research. It has brought alot of key points to my attention. Thank you and good vibes to you both.

P.S. i look forward to all your next segments ☺

Thank you Kiska! Same to you! - Ben

Props to your editor! They do a really good job with the sound effects and stuff

@Eric! This one is for you! - Ben

The blonde guy in the pic with the funny ears is one of the twins believe. . Frank Strangess photo was of Val Thor and in the background is Jill and Donn.

I've never heard so much rubbish in my life! I can't believe you said it must be true because of the detail they go into! Have you ever seen a modern sci fi film they are extremely elaborate and detailed BUT there made up!!!! I 100% believe in alien life in this universe but I don't believe that we know of so many alien races and their motives behaviour and technology especially seen as most if not all the information has come from one person who knows this race and one person who knows that race! It's pathetic that anyone can wholeheartedly believe any of this is real! If so please show me some concrete evidence? Didn't think so!!

Dogon race. The evidence is there. But this isn't Proof of alien life, this is just a guide for those who already believe or are interested. We never said PROOF. But where do you think a lot of ideas in Hollywood came from? Soon the truth will come out, the world will be shocked.

It's funny how many people buy into this stuff. It's written out like a bad science fiction. Y'all realize if we do ever discover intelligent life it's going to challenge our concept of what "life" or even "intelligence" is. It's not going to be some giant reptile man with wings, or some ant person, or some lion person or some other variant of life we observe here on earth. The fact that Star Wars is more creative in their ideas of alien life than Ufologists disappointing.

its a little strange you two present this as fact

Your video is a kooky but fun.

Illumidunky conformed

Another awesome episode guys! can't wait for the website!

I hate to hijack the comment section but please do a video on the underwater bases also I don't know about beings from underwater they would have never been able to evolve they would have never discovered fire or metallurgy so I don't see how they would be able to build spaceships unless they're on land and in the water but the ocean is a very good place to hide we've only discovered what 10% of the world's ocean

I can't wait to be able to buy Rob's drawings

Also this is my favorite show thanks for the upload guys

This channel is fucking mint stuff, rare gem these days..

I hate when people say they don't believe in aliens... If 1% of the stars in our galaxy where to have life that would mean over 1000 species just in our galaxy

If people really started to read and research enough almost everyone would come to the conclusion that aliens exist

Ben and Rob, I did write down my notebook alien races list part one and part two.. I forward looking Rob announce about alien race book. Can't wait. Yaya

I would appreciate if you could do a minimum amount of research on the sources you work with. Billy Meier for example is such an obvious fraud I can't understand how anyone wants to use anything by him.

amazing work, great drawings :) keep it coming ..more videos and episodes about all you know about aliens :)

Great video as usual, I really like how you add in your own drawings. It is a nice touch as a visual aid. By the way nice touch with the illumi- donki.

Why would you even mention that guy Betty Myers I said I can never take you serious again unsubscribe really Billy Myers proven to be a fake faker

At about 6:40 : On "Bad episode of the X-Men": Well, you are kind of right, since many skeptics out there (myself included) think that tales of the Reptillians are born from a number of fictional sources, including comic books. A well known alien race in Marvel comics is the Skrulls, which are a race of Reptile like shapeshifters, like the Dracos are supposed to be. I would also point out the old Sci-Fi TV series from the 80s simply called "V", which had reptilian aliens trying to take over earth (but they wore Mission Impossible style masks to hide themselves). Again, all of this is bullcrap, but amusing bullcrap (and a thumbs up for the artistic sketches that accompany each description of the 'alien' race; I may stat up those 'Bugaloos' from last episode for Dungeons and Dragons ^_^ ).

So it seems like from what you're saying, if it all is actually accurate, that most species believe in some creator being. Also, I've noticed a pattern with different species answering, what I would consider, prayers from "humans" giving help and/or advice. So do you think what we consider "God" is actually just another species and all biblical books are solely based on different species and not the actual God people believe it to be. Hope that makes sense. For me, I don't believe in a creator as in the normal "God/Gods" but in the possibility that we were originally from a different planet and had to relocate due to various reasons, seeing as our makeup consists of "star stuff". Just like we are currently talking about for our future now, relocating to Mars or actually moving the planet itself Are there any beings that state to know what or who the "creator" would be if not due to the Big Bang theory. That to me also poses the question of if there is a creator who created them or it and continue that on and on.

May be Orangies are responsible for Indian religious cloths being orange/safron colored.

The sketch of Pleaidians you made has a feel of a Lion's face ...


I heard "Mantits"...lol... I m having Lemonade :-)

BRILLIANT VIDEO! Please make more videos

Now that you've made these two episodes, please, make seperate episodes on each race. I'd love to know where you guys are getting all of this from.

As always you guys produce super content. The inner earth part is something you need to look into more. I suggest having a read of Rodney Cluff's book: https://www.amazon.com/World-Top-Secret-Earth-Hollow-ebook/dp/B00I8FVMJW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1535537000&sr=8-1&keywords=rodney+cluff. I also recommend getting Rodney on your show, I have spoken to him and he has some very interesting info.

Hey Ben & Rob, Good day! Is there a way for you guys to feature the TIME TRAVELLING DEVICE which was just discussed in Cosmic Disclosure: Time Travel & Shifting Realities. Emery Smith mentioned that it can cure HIV, STD, herpes, cancers in 30 days just being in a device 3x a week.

Please do a book with drawings!

Loved this 2 parts videos :) Wish you could do some more on the subject like you talked about and i also wish you would do a video on the Antarktic and the under water bases/in the ice bases and what Gerneral r.Byrd saw and talked about and how all the world leaders have been goig there-espesially 2016/17 even the pope and some famous people went there,and when an old man goes there you know there has to be a really good reason to why they went there.. i hope you can shed some light on this... Big hug from a new sebscriber in Norway :9

Guys - a very good effort - especially for those who have not studied such matters in depth, May I, however, point out that an alternative possibility for some of the sightings of things like mermaids are also the inhabitants of the elements - junior members of the angelic kingdom. Albeit, having always been around these were first identified in Western culture by the learned doctor, Paracelsus and named as gnomes, undines, sylphs and salamanders. I don't object to you citing information from sources like David Icke - he too has been part of the unveiling process of many things, including Extra-Terrestrials/ Aliens. Again, well done and keep up the good work.

Why do almost all these races seem so interested in helping humans

Keep on going, love these. Disclosure is coming.

Valliant thor is the best name ever!

YEEAAHHH CAT RACE!!!!! Meoow meeoww. Meeowwwwwww❤️❤️❤️❤️

Billy myer is the swiss alps dude? Right? Is he still alive?

Lizard blocker reminds me of cock blocker

Moreeeeee pleaseeeee these episodes are AMAZING

Thanks Destymona! We’ll be following up soon with more. -Rob

North pole ice cap isn't being "hidden". I know that since it disappeared from my globe and map. It used to be on globes and now its not. Guys if you want to know something really freaky about Mandela Effect, the changes to the map are still happening and these changes are getting "updated" onto our globes, maps, and google maps. "Artistic" residue abounds. Every day I am looking through different books and articles, etc and finding illustrations of old earth. These are not hard to find. No one is breaking into our houses to change our maps... this is timeline modification. Of course it is my theory than an alien intelligence is responsible for Mandela Effect. Disappearing North Pole ice cap I would point to as the biggest and most clear evidence. It cannot be a coincidence what has happened here. The threat of melting ice cap was conveniently taken care of, this was a likely disaster that has been significantly mitigated. Now submarine photos exist since the 1950's surfacing at N pole. Global warming was always a thing but I remember the ice cap when I was young until recent years existing. Now in the 1950's we are talking a few feet deep ice. Mandela Effect is constantly occurring. I try to constantly observe my surroundings as in mindfulness meditation and every couple of days I am seeing weird changes in my own area. Because I also take photos I can see what is a mandela effect because the photos get updated, really obvious changes. Like rusted over yellow light poles appearing. What is so weird about globe mandela effect changes is the massive continental shifts. Almost like we are experiencing an earlier historical version of continental drift. Just a theory here but not impossible we have been shifted around Earth's timeline where a previous geography existed. But the North Pole ice cap situation is insane. That is science fiction level craziness. There are some researches who have tried to draw outlines on google maps and when the map changes occur, you can see the sketch is no longer matching the map. Sounds crazy but it is real. I also heard the story of someone circling Japan on their map and the circle remained while Japan shifted. Similar things occurring with bible words getting underlined etc, but now the markings are off. As regards to the Alien stuff, I am a believer and this is good info but this must be a nightmare to research with massive dis-misinformation/misinformation. As a researcher I know it is very difficult to verify and corroborate limited information.

Edge of Wonder indeed I did watch Cern video. I am skeptical about Cern since if we talk about removing the ice cap and moving continents such as Australia and S. America (which is shocking to me), how the heck did our timeline appear to change so little. This suggests deliberate and precise modification with minimal changes to our own timeline. Of course we could be in the beginning of ME and don't know how deep the changes will end up being. But I believe a higher intelligence is involved possibly in secret collaboration with human leaders. By the way you guys probably didn't know or notice this? Look up carefully where the Cern collider is located now. Notice anything weird?? I remember it being in Switzerland but look up where it is now. Only a small portion of the collider goes through Switzerland now. The Cern video was very well done and interesting. I don't discount the possibility it is related to the effect but if we look at the really important geographical changes it points to an almost surgically precise modification to our timeline. The butterfly effect has been hugely mitigated somehow.

Of course the photos of the globe taken before the globe changes due to the mandela effect change! They wouldn't be able to keep this bullshit conspiracy up otherwise because that would mean there is solid evidence! These morons don't do solid evidence because it proves nothing is going on apart from people remembering things differently!!! Woooow spooky!! You remember something different to what I remember? Wow that can't be us it must be the fabric of time and space has imploded and now we are living in a different reality!! You Fucking thick moron!!!!!!!!!!!

It's not difficult to research as it's ALL made up!!! Anyone can make an alien race up! It's not hard! Just use your imagination like all these other lying twats!!!


There never was land o the north pole. It's always been ice on water. Wth? I will listen to Eddie bravo on flat earth and Corey good on as blue avian and mr Roger's said the neighborhood but there never was a north pole and New Zealand has always been in same place

I'm gonna buy myself an Earth just to watch things change. What about photos of it before the change, do the photos change too?

Yeah you’re on the right track we think. I do think alien tech has a role to play in this for sure. Did you check out our video on CERN? -Rob

Every single Tuesday and Friday one of the highlights of those days is a new Edge of Wonder video. Sincere thanks to Ben and Rob for all their hard work. I'm not sure how you guys create these super cool videos. I am an amateur photographer and just photo editing is a lot of work so massive kudos on putting these together. Been trying to slowly catch up and watch all of your videos. have definitely viewed a lot of them. mind blowing stuff and thanks for doing the back-end research and putting it in a nice video package for the rest of us. your hard work is recognized and much appreciated Couple notes. Ben your shirts are always really awesome. love the sense of humor your guys have and how much fun you appear to have filming these. wilcock often refers to cabal people as powers that were. maybe we can keep that momentum going? not missing CITD19. can help with maintenance tasks. ie. photos or other help needed. I volunteer :D you guys seem so cool and awesome. no wonder in a CITD video you guys said people kept telling you you had so much good energy I feel like I can feel it just from watching your videos. i always find the video very informative and thought provoking with a dash of silliness rob you are super handsome #fannboycrush lmao and have mad drawing skills!

Part 3 and yes do Google maps in the ocean.

A lot of stuff

As you know, Shasta California just went through a terrible fire. We were so worried about the Lemurians who live in Mt. Shasta. It's our dream to move there some day and retire. It's a beautiful area...or at least it USED to be. I hope it isn't too destroyed.

anyone have a reference about what these guys mention at the end: where Emery Smith says humans are 'the rock stars of the universe' ? What does he mean by that? what are we capable of?

Once again you guys hit it outta the ball park with yet another amazing video! This one is even better then the first! Please keep making these. They are the best way for folks to learn about the ETs that interact with us humans. Please do special clips about some of these benevolent beings that want to help the humans. Do they actually stop the hostile ones from harming us? Do they battle with the hostile ones? Thanks for providing a ray of hope too. Hard times we have going on here on earth right now!

~>``>>={}=%%₩₩}~{{`=[♡♡%¥£\₩``《\¥₩₩||~%~`☆》%|\_¥££¥₩₩》《{~>=÷>} ¥₩\|《¤《¡¡《|\\%~~```}>|\\\~~₩₩~₩%`¤`

Are you guys military? I mean to say, White Hats? Part of the Alliance?

great video guys , i look forward to hearing more about this amazing stuff

Some great artistry once again...can't wait for the book!

Nice!! Jewels????

Why can't you say Illuminati? There's a lot of channels that talk about it.

Illumi-donkey Donkey Donkey = Democrat ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED

Please do episodes on reptillians, valiant THOR and aquafarians

believe or dont believe in aliens...but this shit is very very Entertaining.please continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it, I'd like more videos like these where you go deeper

✨Wonderful piece!✨

What about Djinn? They are the evil spirits behind alot of these entities

Astrology and astronomy are not the same things guys!

Keep it up guys very well done ...looking forward to more

Theres et summoning events at mt shasta..apparently the beings come into the woods in portals called xendras

Great drawings as well! With so many channels on YouTube I know it is hard to bring up the subscriber count, but keep it up and people will join. Most of the channels that cover the same type of topics are crappy compared to yours, not to mention pretty much dead. You guys seem to enjoy this and it shows. Again thanks!

I think we are all part alien..hopefully we are more of the "good ones"

Awesome! Both of these volumes are great guys. We appreciate the great work

Humans rockstars? YEP! Especially you guys, thanks again, this was brilliant (I’m running out of good words here- I love it!) but here’s just a few more... “I HAVE THE POWER!!!” (I miss He Man)

I'll say it. Illuminati is reptilian bloodline put in place to rule and control us.

Great stuff guys seriously. This kind of info needs to get out there

Their are 2000 aliens races in alliance council goverment in 100.galaxies with 2000 aliens languages and cultures and civilizations ! The andromeda galaxy the home of nordic people a race live their ! The andromeda galaxy 2.5 light years from earth ! Valent thor is from andromeda galaxy system ! I had dinner valent thor and his wife and use to play poker cards every months in andromeda galaxy Their is Alien races book that documentation by the Russian KGB that been stolen taken out of Russia during the cold war in 1980 from KGB ! This alien races book is PDF file you download from the internet to your computer laptop or to your smartphone and tablets

Taco bell is illumi-donkey confirmed. It's the first time I have heard of illuminated donkeys.. But seriously I am loving these new episodes and I am a new sub. Fun stuff here. Keeps me coming back.

eww i want some underwater cities episode!

The comment i left on your last video was the truth except for i think it was an orangie not a draco after seeing this video except more like the drawing and not like the photo but maybe if it had shriveled up and lost texture of skin and like i said i saw it with my eye not my eyes it’s like looking at an empty space but at the same time making out in every detail an alien standing there if that makes any sense. I was just so freaked out during the experience that I tried convincing myself i was dreaming when I obviously knew I wasn’t so maybe it was friendly but i was just too much in shock to make friends with anything. Showed my Dad y’alls videos about qanon and that lead to these and he finally a few days ago told me he had a dream where he saw a grey and next morning my younger brother says i was with you last night dad and he asked where? my young brother says there and points up. He said he was just blown away at it and just never talked about it till then and i had been telling my story since it happened lol but i asked my brother and he said he’s had dreams of being in a metal chair where he can’t move and there’s a lot of lights shining on him. My brother was about 4-5 and this was maybe 3-4 years before my experience. So it was comforting in a weird way to have now learned of two others in my family with ET experiences. I want to do a hypnosis but like i said the green light, telepathy and not seeing an alien while seeing it at the same time might make that an interesting session so i’m afraid of doing that. Looking forward to more of y’alls content and I know everything i said sounds weird and makes me look crazy but people like us will be the ones saying “i’ve been trying to tell you they were real” in the future lol

Il beat a Draco wit it's own leg.

I love you guys! its fun to watch your videos

Dropping sourced material under the guise of a comedy skit.. very smart. Hope google doesn't nuke you once they catch on.

I am a fan of Star Trek and Dr. Who. I always thought it was short sighted of the scriptwriters to assume all aliens had basically a humanoid form. But , today I am learning that this may be the truth of the matter. So now I wonder, Why is this so? Any one know?

Great episode!

Do an episode of the underwater citys you teased at the end! That blew my mind

this is how the mantis look like http://hybridsrising.com/Hybrid-Project/Hybrids-Rising-Mantis-Insectoids-HP.html i had a few encounters the head is 100% corect body not so much. they have 3 fingers skin is brown and wrinkly. exept the head its smooth. they have human like skin fingers feel human too dispite the strange look.

A CONSTELLATION is not a place!! It is just how stars appear to be arranged from Earth's point of view. In reality, these stars are hundreds or even thousands of light-years apart and are totally unrelated.

hey so Thompkins said the moon was full of reptilians when we landed there ...

This is BS. Plz what are your sources

I love your work guys! I'm really looking forward to future episodes, I'm so glad I stumbled across your channel.

I love the ET episodes, I loved your contact in the desert interviews, and your Mandela effect episodes were great! You should do an episode about indigenous cultures connection to ETs, I know you've touched on it a bit, but more would be good. Also interview or look at more contactees stories. Thanks for taking the time to respond to me. Keep up the good work.

Hey thanks a lot Mel! Let us know what shows you like the best. We have a lot of different stuff out there right now. -Rob

Oh yeah...one more thing...could you guys do a video about the time traveler JOHN TITOR? It's been fascinating me for years and would like to hear an modern take on the whole "Time Traveler's Tale"

Hey guys! Came across your channel randomly and have been on it all this week. Great chemistry between the friends and excellent breakdown of topics. I thought I was caught up on most things...then I watch a video of yours and get that nugget of extra alien flavor!

I am new to this channel but after watching vids about Q anon i fell in love! Keep up the good work bois!

GOD bless everyones

Hi Guys, you're awesome. This is a little off-topic and actually about the Mandela effect, but I just watched Erin Brockovich and at 42:57 the doorbell rings and Julia ROberts says, 'hope thats Ed McMahon.' Cant find this mentioned anywhere amongst all the ME stuff but it is definitely residue

Edge of Wonder - I’m dying to hear your thoughts on this! ^^^^^^

Edge of Wonder yeah the editing alone makes all the information waaaay more convincing. Very professional!

Arizona Wilder was a huge fake. And Ike is a Shill paid disinformation gate keeper. KJ Osborne of the Scariest Movie Ever made exposed then both

Without Melmacians I can't take this seriously.

This was so awesome. I've read and watched so much about alien races, yet I still learned alot here. You guys are great to watch :) I'm looking forward to watching your other videos

You guys rock

OMG please do another episode of this! It is very informative and really interesting! Ben and Rob y'all do a great job! I want more! God bless both of you!

the discovery channel did a series on the Nommo

I just "love" how there are billions of humans that are evil, refuse to care, and hurt good people, but instead of being punished, they are rewarded ! This is why humans are hated across the cosmos ! This is why there is darkness. Darkness is coming from the GODs, because extraterrestrials are helping evil humans !

I know humans are stupid, but have you ever thought WHY extraterrestrials have not taken over earth yet ! I know you may say, the good extraterrestrials are protecting humans, but I was hoping a more explanation. I know you humans hate being intelligent, but could you explain why !

I had sex with a member from the Illuminati and the sex was AWFUL !

Wouldn't it be lovely if belief in Jesus could co-exist with knowledge of ET life without reducing them to demons/fallen angels looking to destroy us!? I think so!! Here's a narrative you probably haven't heard before...and it's regarding the Jinn as understood in the Islamic narrative. First: Jinn != Demons or fallen angels. Islamic theology teaches angels are light beings incapable of evil. They are also androgenous and not able to procreate. Life exists in all states of matter (plasma solid liquid gas or fire water earth air) and Jinn refers to hidden races that are attuned to each of these. Azazel/Lucifer/Satan was a fire based Jinn that rose to the ranks of the Angels though was NOT an angel as opposed to the modern Judeo-Christian narrative. Devils/demons are not primordial entities and were originally free willed races (man or jinn). A human devil can be understood as psychopaths unable to feel love/empathy. God did not create any primordial entities in an evil state to simply test mankind as the usual apologetics go. The word Jinn literally means something hidden from our perception. The same root is used in the word "Jannah" which is often translated as Paradise (i.e. a plane of existence that is currently hidden from us). What is hidden can eventually be seen so this is not a permanent state. The word is also used to refer to humans in the Qur'an: An-Najm 53:32 ٱلَّذِينَ يَجْتَنِبُونَ كَبَٰٓئِرَ ٱلْإِثْمِ وَٱلْفَوَٰحِشَ إِلَّا ٱللَّمَمَۚ إِنَّ رَبَّكَ وَٰسِعُ ٱلْمَغْفِرَةِۚ هُوَ أَعْلَمُ بِكُمْ إِذْ أَنشَأَكُم مِّنَ ٱلْأَرْضِ وَإِذْ أَنتُمْ *أَجِنَّةٌ فِى بُطُونِ أُمَّهَٰتِكُمْۖ فَلَا تُزَكُّوٓا۟ أَنفُسَكُمْۖ هُوَ أَعْلَمُ بِمَنِ ٱتَّقَىٰٓ Those who avoid enormities of sin and abominations, save the unwilled offences - (for them) lo! thy Lord is of vast mercy. He is Best Aware of you (from the time) when He created you from the earth, and when ye were *hidden (أَجِنَّةٌ)in the bellies of your mothers. Therefor ascribe not purity unto yourselves. He is Best Aware of him who wardeth off (evil). Based on above, humans can also be "Jinn/hidden" for the races that do not perceive us, nor would the jinn refer to themselves as jinn as they are visible in their own dimensions. On that note, the word Insaan, which is often (mis)translated to Mankind is also not so accurate as the root letters "nsy" means to forget..i.e. free willed creation that had to disconnect from the infinite creator in order to have free will, unlike the angels. Any number over infinite reduces to 0 after all. The children of Adam are a subset of Insan, hence at times you find verses in Qur'an which refer to Bani Adam and elsewhere Insaan. Based on above we can understand that the jinn are free willed sentient beings like us according to the Qur'an. Here are a few verses indicating this: Al-Jinn 72:11 وَأَنَّا مِنَّا ٱلصَّٰلِحُونَ وَمِنَّا دُونَ ذَٰلِكَۖ كُنَّا طَرَآئِقَ قِدَدًا 'There are among us some that are righteous, and some the contrary: we follow divergent paths. If Islamic theology is properly understood.. there would be no such thing as "aliens" as we'd understand...if anyone did fit that definition it would be the children of Adam who are the newcomers to this universe. Below verses clearly state that the Jinn preceded man in order of creation: Al-Hijr 15:24 وَلَقَدْ عَلِمْنَا ٱلْمُسْتَقْدِمِينَ مِنكُمْ وَلَقَدْ عَلِمْنَا ٱلْمُسْتَـْٔخِرِينَ We know exactly those of you who come first and those who come later. Al-Hijr 15:25 وَإِنَّ رَبَّكَ هُوَ يَحْشُرُهُمْۚ إِنَّهُۥ حَكِيمٌ عَلِيمٌ Assuredly it is thy Lord Who will gather them together: for He is perfect in Wisdom and Knowledge. Al-Hijr 15:26 وَلَقَدْ خَلَقْنَا ٱلْإِنسَٰنَ مِن صَلْصَٰلٍ مِّنْ حَمَإٍ مَّسْنُونٍ We created man from sounding clay, from mud moulded into shape; Al-Hijr 15:27 وَٱلْجَآنَّ خَلَقْنَٰهُ مِن قَبْلُ مِن نَّارِ ٱلسَّمُومِ And the Jinn race, We had created before, from the fire of a scorching wind. The stars / plasma energy precedes the formation of the atoms that make up the earth/man so it makes sense that plasma based creation preceded man. The children of Adam are most probably not the first humanoid earth based creatures either. The general opinion of Muslims is that the Judeo Christian faiths have been corrupted/distorted to remove the existence of pre-adamite races....but why??? Firstly because if Azazel/Lucifer/Satan did exist and had some reason to manipulate man.. he would prefer we knew nothing of his race and their existence. Second.. free willed creation exists in duality which can be represented by triune forces, with the angelic dimension being the neutral force underpinning order and the laws of nature in the universe (proton electron neutron / quarks leptons bosons, man/jinn/angels etc). Unity was the original state and not the duality. The trinity is seen as an attempt by Lucifer to get man to worship the creation instead of the creator. Muslims believe Jesus is alive and never taught trinity. The antichrist will claim to be God in the flesh which is the opposite of Jesus' teachings and his message. The idea of a physical god is what created the Varna system of the Hindus and what legitimised the slave trade.. and currently fuelling trump and white supremacy. Humanity needs to collectively realise that God is far above any figment of our imagination before they can unite. In my experience I have found Christian's struggle with Jinn/aliens precisely due to the mangod paradigm (i.e. what would Christ's alleged death on the cross mean for beings who live in other dimensions or planets?). I personally feel reducing all of existence to man, demons and angels is the very reason flat Earth and closed system cosmology is on the rise. Flat earth and closed system cosmology are at odds with the Islamic narrative as space travel/accessing higher heavens is mentioned throughout. Here are some examples: Ar-Rahman 55:33 يَٰمَعْشَرَ ٱلْجِنِّ وَٱلْإِنسِ إِنِ ٱسْتَطَعْتُمْ أَن تَنفُذُوا۟ مِنْ أَقْطَارِ ٱلسَّمَٰوَٰتِ وَٱلْأَرْضِ فَٱنفُذُوا۟ۚ لَا تَنفُذُونَ إِلَّا بِسُلْطَٰنٍ O company of jinn and men, if ye have power to penetrate (all) regions of the heavens and the earth, then penetrate (them)! Ye will never penetrate them save with (Our) sanction. Al-Jinn 72:8 وَأَنَّا لَمَسْنَا ٱلسَّمَآءَ فَوَجَدْنَٰهَا مُلِئَتْ حَرَسًا شَدِيدًا وَشُهُبًا And (the Jinn who had listened to the Qur'an said): We had sought the heaven but had found it filled with strong warders and meteors. Al-Jinn 72:9 وَأَنَّا كُنَّا نَقْعُدُ مِنْهَا مَقَٰعِدَ لِلسَّمْعِۖ فَمَن يَسْتَمِعِ ٱلْءَانَ يَجِدْ لَهُۥ شِهَابًا رَّصَدًا And we used to sit on places (high) therein to listen. But he who listeneth now findeth a flame in wait for him; I recommend reading chapter 72/Al-Jinn to get a better understanding of the Islamic viewpoint on the Jinn. There are 7 heavens and each heaven is exponentially larger than the last. Anything we can directly observe is withinin the lowest heaven. Nuh 71:15 أَلَمْ تَرَوْا۟ كَيْفَ خَلَقَ ٱللَّهُ سَبْعَ سَمَٰوَٰتٍ طِبَاقًا See ye not how Allah hath created seven heavens in harmony, At-Talaq 65:12 ٱللَّهُ ٱلَّذِى خَلَقَ سَبْعَ سَمَٰوَٰتٍ وَمِنَ ٱلْأَرْضِ مِثْلَهُنَّ يَتَنَزَّلُ ٱلْأَمْرُ بَيْنَهُنَّ لِتَعْلَمُوٓا۟ أَنَّ ٱللَّهَ عَلَىٰ كُلِّ شَىْءٍ قَدِيرٌ وَأَنَّ ٱللَّهَ قَدْ أَحَاطَ بِكُلِّ شَىْءٍ عِلْمًۢا Allah is He Who created seven Firmaments and of the earth a similar number. Through the midst of them (all) descends His Command: that ye may know that Allah has power over all things, and that Allah comprehends, all things in (His) Knowledge. Adam was created in the highest heaven and then descended to the lowest heaven. Enoch (Idris) was one of the first to of Adams children to physically reach the higher heavens (some say 4th some say 6th). Muslims also believe Jesus is alive and is currently residing in one of the higher heavens. Also everything is in pairs so our universe has a partner universe (matter/anti matter,yin yang, male female..) Adh-Dhariyat 51:49 وَمِن كُلِّ شَىْءٍ خَلَقْنَا زَوْجَيْنِ لَعَلَّكُمْ تَذَكَّرُونَ And all things We have created by pairs, that haply ye may reflect. TBC...

Superb work! Will you be covering the Yayhel and the (Es)sassani as well?

Its crazy because cats in egyptian culture were the keepers of the underworld, "under ground" possibly? Guarding it to keep the reptilians underground!

Loved with episode guys! :D Keep up the good work!

Great video, very helpful, thanks :)

Ender’s game. Ant race....

Very good this wonderful channel (Congratulations on the magnificent work very good even with great themes, abtraços to all and stay with God, obs: the truth always has to come down, this is primordial so that the people start to open their eyes and see that we never had (NASA) has a lot of fault in all this for sure, this Agency works for the misinformation, it was always like that, it should be extinct, after all it is more than clear that it works for the Reptilians this is more than fact, with its secret society of Astronauts? is not?, after all, does not any logic have a "Space Agency" sedition in favor of the search for "lives" in space and do quite the opposite? if there is any logic to this, except when you work for the Dark side of the "Lords of the World" we have to be clever against all this, and let's really get these Fake Governments on the wall. yes we will be safe against the Dark Government that you implanted imcubado in all the Current Governments, and that do not command at all only make a great bread and circus, are all puppets in the Hands of this Matrix Reptilian) that only govern by the hatred and ) It's time to wake up, stay with God.

Who funds this page that's relatively new and out of no where?

Corey Goode i think is not ALL he says is True. I believe he has maybe had an experience but NOT all the stuff he says i think he is being fed this info and running with it. ONLY say that bc he has not given or SHOWN ANYTHING i dont even know if he was ever in the military

The is a guy on YT name EDDIE PAGE.... and the story he talks about Val Thor is TO ME Truthful..if u wanna check him out.... HE HAS Pictures paper work and the story of Thor that he says is his father and they had left him and a few children here to single familys to raise and the picture that seems like is a picnic was actually the VENUSIANS visiting there children that the government put together for them. He says the government kept tabs on them bunch of stuff. As i said he has behind the scene documents of his birth and life with the government

Great episode! I would love if you guys did one on Ashtar :). subbed!

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We will for sure do a 3rd Just will be down the road.

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PLEASE MAKE A PART 3!!! Also, do as many separate episodes regarding the Dracos, and other alien races mentioned in both Part 1 and Part 2. :) as you'd like. Whenever y'all say "we could do a whole separate episode on them" Do It!

Edge of Wonder ❤️

We’re on it. Annunaki will be first. Be on the look out. -Rob

I love the illumidonkey thing

Trump is an Orangie


Honestly.... the people who make these aliens up have VIVID imaginations! They sound Like characters in RPG.

Probably the characters in RPG are created from them.

Your info is incorrect regarding Reagan. Doty, Richard made up story

It wasn’t Doty that we got that story from.

The community on earth has so much wrong and little right

Those that operate this channel get with me within 48hrs and I can give u a download of information via email if things deemed available for earth.

Not really sure what you mean by this comment but you can find our email in the about us section of our page.

I really would much like to give u this information as CG is wrong and lying.

I’m a non terrestrial. You have 3 days to ask me questions before I erase. Im human just born on a base that’s off planet. When I came to be I was already more gifted than most Earth ppl. IQ 316, 6’ 4 225 3% body fat. Life exp. 2800, my immune system is way more advanced than that of a normal human in earth. My eyes can see in different light spectrums than what we originally. My bones are considerably stronger. As they have carbon woven through the bones. Healing speed is amazing. Not, wolverines level but the individual that brought that character to life must obviously of known if the top secret science available in the early 20th century. My strength is 12X that of the humans found on earth. I’m only consider ET because I wasn’t born on Earth. My grandparents were. I was born in 1951 and I look 25. I won’t age past that for another couple thousand yrs. We are products of advancements in science that were made on earth then developed further on our base on Mars and the Moon. Our generation of which 500k were born on the 1950s our probably mostly responsible for what you all are describing as Nordic’s. We are telepathic although you guys are too you just need figure out a language for use with the mind. I have to dumb down any comments I leave for purposes of hiding from AI algorithms. Forgive the bad spelling and complete lack of punctuation. Haha. We have the same souls as you, each soul being independent of the rest. We just have full memory of pre ious lives. We just have upgraded biological vehicles to use.


Essentially, folklore. Is this just a compilation of wild stories out there, or are we supposed to accept these accounts as true? One case in point. Valiant Thor?? You're kidding, right? The Valiant Thor tale was fabricated by Frank Stranges, a con artist from the UFO contactee days. That infamous photo of Valiant Thor actually shows a young Frank Stranges attending a UFO conference at Howard Menger's home in the late 1950s. The tale was later hijacked by others who modified and embellished it. The original Thor (Stranges) was dark haired. The newer one was blonde. IT'S A HOAX. Lunatics, liars and con men everywhere.

L'anagramma di Ashtar Sheran è Reh Satanas...

check out 'visiting Atlantis'

sobek crocodile deity not lizard god

Also...were the bodies found in Nazca ...were they Earthlings or Visitors? https://www.outerplaces.com/science/item/17752-archaeologists-find-mummified-reptilian-aliens-in-peru-tomb-near-mysterious-nazca-lines

Lol. Why are there no "black " aliens

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Buddha is often called scientist in India.

Ouu I loved it! The best summary I found so far! YES! Big thank you! One question: I would be curious​ to know what you think about David Icke?

Dudes why delete my 1st comment, was it necessary to censor it?

my second comment also got deleted, may i ask a reason why?

you people have really deep research on the subject, at least a video on annunaki and enki story would be great

at least i request a reply

those topics are all on the internet, and not some taboo to talk about

also a video on God-Source, the oneness, the law of one theory

also a video on lucifer effect and lucifer complex, video on the topics from Drunvalo Melchizedek and Ashayana Deane Human origins, bloom of doom, sacred geometry, daisy of death, fibonacci series,golden ratio etc

a video on true annunaki story, sources say Zacharia Sitchin's translation is false. the truth about human origins and Connection between Satan, Enki, Lucifer and Shiva!! and the Nordic bloodlines.

Oh my lanta!!!!!! Have you guys watched the full video album of Daft Punk’s “Interstella 555” ??????? That shit is

The Mayans also believe that they come from the pleadies star

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Also can you do one on the felines?

Yes do a video on the Aquafarians please.

Gi day fellas what did you miss one alien race remember Corey goodie was talking about netting an alien called Mica who went through the same things we are going through were was he from ? realy loved the video to informative and amusing to

Why hasnt Corey Goode's buddy (the other "20 yrs. and Back" dude) ever claimed to see blue avians- since they were in the same gov't program? Also Seafarian's-- dolphins with legs and arms?? No.

They all look like people... Just no... They would not be people with funny skin ffs. Also claiming we owe anything we have to aliens is incredibly short sighted. You really think it is more likely that we were visited by aliens than an advanced society existing before our history..? History becomes legend... legend becomes myth... Atlantis disappeared over 10,000 years ago... What do you think would be left of our society in 10,000 years if we disappeared overnight other than stories of people who could put men on the moon? Even things like hoover dam would be crumbled piles of rubble after 10,000 years

Do part 3 ASAP AND do one episode for each race and we hope you get at least million views each!

Haha we will for sure, we have some videos we want to make then we will probably get around to making part 3. - Ben

Thanks for ignoring

The benevolent beings in the galaxy will "almost" (extremely rare chance) never come here to earth. It is too risky for them, and they are not even compatible with us at that level. They live in peace and we live in war, so why jeopardize that just to help a race of beings that will almost certainly want to harm them. You wont find Steve Bezos visiting the slums of Detroit. If there were to be any help it would come from afar not by direct visitation and that help is for a VERY SELECT few.

The reason our "DNA" is so popular within the galaxy is because HUMANS MAKE THE BEST SLAVES. That's the only thing special about us humans, however we are one arrogant yet ignorant race of beings. E.T's will sneak into our atmosphere abduct some of us so they can duplicate slaves on their home planet. We are slaves to our own kind, so imagine what more to a species that is more advanced/intelligent then us.

Being a Christian, I personally do very much believe in aliens... for me I believe God created all life in the universe and humans are his greatest creation.. the human soul being Pure Energy can't die or be destroyed. The residual conscious energy sits with Jesus Christ and the remaining energy is basically recycled in the universe. Not to be confused with reincarnation.

It's funny how much you guys white washed unknown ET's do more research and look at high level contactee's and secret program whistleblowers. There are a lot of humanoid like races that represent a lot of the human race on earth and other ETs that are pure creators no color inclusion. Just a thought didn't think you'd have known better so this isn't an attack. The fucking Germans tried to cover up the Asian Native American and African looking ETs in the 50s

Everytime you said "we could do a whole episode on this subject", you should do an episode for those! I'd watch them

Usa, russia and china are on mars fighting ants and reptiles

This is all fiction, but man it's entertaining. *sips coffee*

Bravo! Again, I applaud your efforts. Nicely done. Please keep the vids coming. One Love.

love your videos. team up with #secureteam10

They reached out, we reached out back and haven’t heard anything since. I think compared to them we are still small but we are growing.

leonardo da vinci was an alien also :D

Very entertaining video. Don't believe aliens until I see one. Alignment: A moron!

Are the ants the insectoids that people in the secret space program were instructed to shoot if they saw? On mars..

Why can't I suffer from cool mental illness?

16 foot tall bipedal beings? No one that tall on two legs can function

what if santa clause was an ancient alien but the whole santa clause thing was just a cover up think about a lot of strange shit happens in the artic

Bravo! very good Job! can't wait for your book to download! Please do not forget to make special episodes about (Dracos) Reptilians and Pleiadians (Tall Whites) as well as Felines and Venusians.

What happened to the tall black from Saturn? I'm talking about ring makers of Saturn. This episodes I good for beginning to stop being afried of ET species but almost all i heard was "blond blue eyes". This tell's me that you guys are following some order. Nothing wrong with to be blond and blue eyed... But this is far from the truth.

Wasn't so sure about you guys at first. Ya seemed a little mainstream, a little bit like the facebook gaia peddling kind of types. Na you guys are legit! Fright Power! ALLHAILBLUEWHALE Krill be on to your names. Yeah these guys are cool with me the Space Ghost.

Great work guys! Like the approach and quality of delivery

At 17:34 Why did you feel the need to add Buddah when Christ was mentioned as being alive in the universe and it warmed his heart to see his influence here? That was odd, almost like you needed to deny Christ his moment or something.

I don't even want to finish now

Where do I find this book?

Wow, great research on these vids. So glad I found this channel!

muy bein, muy interesante

wow. a lot of unsubstantiated kookiness, citing some of the biggest kooks on the internet. only the truly gullible would believe this.

I think reality is stranger than fiction, and I love it. Thank you for the awesome video.

Ant race, u mean those fire ant that lives in the ground

I think Egyptian worship Sirian.... because sirian has ability. That’s why The Egypt create those stuff

Out of all of the ET groups the Dracos can be seen real time during the remote viewing session of Aziz Brown during the Area 51 experiment.

Correction, the White Dracos can reach up till 16 a 18 feet, the one with the Wings, they're in part the Royalty [aka CIAKAR] and high level Military ones equate in our military like Generals. I am an high-level Bloodline born SRA-DID Survivor, see our interviews called The Depths Of The Illuminati. In Rituals we have seen Dracos enter in our reality during Rituals, The hybrids that are human illumi bloodlines crossbreeds over eons with humans, going back to the time period of Sumeria. If others wants to contact us, contact us on taylorandco14@gmail.com. Have a great week.

No not me, but i have seen people around me during forinstance high level Rituals seen shapeshift. Not every member in a high level bloodline is a shapeshifter. But my family has genetically branched with other high level bloodlines. Seen our interview series we did, The Depths Of The Illuminati. One of our handlers was a high-level draco-hybrid bloodline, by name of D.C. Our programming only broke down by 2013, and we're now in counseling since march 2014. The things that Arizona Wilder talked about, we have witnessed first hand, in particular with British Royals. Our main programmers were Baron Guy de Rothschild and Prince Philip. As a child we had spend alot of time in UK and france at times.

Your a draconian??

What is the thing about human fisiology and DNA that everybody in the Galaxy + their mother seems to want to play with it somehow?! Edit; NVM, they kinda explain the reason at the end...

Such Geeks! I Love You!

Aquafarians have human-like narrow oval faces and not frog-like. The eyes are more narrowly set than in this drawing and not on top of heads. They also could have long hair on heads, grey in older males. Tall, very lean physique in younger population.

Any info on the V r i l l society?

Billy Meier’s photographic evidence turned out to be photos of other photos from books and video.

They all look like villains from Space Ghost!

Ahmen Aliens, ........do this one. Pleidians..... Reptilians Draconis.....

doesn't anyone find it curious that all forms of "alien" life are a humanoid version of animals here on earth. also, there are only 2 reasons they interact with mankind, genetic experimentation and spiritual guidance. I dunno, something just seems off about it.

Word amongst the stars

That kmart doll is the exact same..nuku can even line up the skin creases and shading in the skin.., that's pretty damning evidence of u ask me

Billy meyer is full of crap

The Dracos remind me of that tv series called V....

It's so easy to connect to orangies.. Very cool race..

Felines? So Ajani from MTG is real?!

26:59 So...Human extinction confirmed?

Big mistake for Sirius

Yeah you guys should do a whole episode about the Dracos.

Do you guys know about Alex Collier? He's an Ardromandan contactee. Most of hes information from the A's Is legitimate. Check out he's videos on YouTube

someone should create a cartoon show out of all this data

The Dracos have an hierarchy... the ones with the wings and horns are the elders... but I never called them Dracos

The nagas... the djinn...the igigi... only if humans knew

I was once told that I'm from Sirius B, from the 7th dimension, and I'm a dolphin-like creature. Was this BS or does this dolphin-like creature in Sirius B exist?

What I heared was that we coexist with the dolphins on that plain of existence which is why we click vary well with them.

My soul is originally from Sirius Star.

Mine too.

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Please do more videos like these O.O

I saw both of your videos of Part 1 and Part 2 of the Ultimate Guide to Alien Races. And not one of these aliens races on your list, describes the Atlantians. The alien race calling themselves Telosians or Lemurians, sounds to me that they are close cousins of the other alien race calling the themselves the Pleiadians. None of these aliens species on your list, are the real blood lines of the Atlantians race. The Atlantians their skin glows in the dark. At night, their skin turns like a fire fly, with a neon bright light making their skin look light blue like that of a dolphin. By the day, their skin looks radiant, like their entire skin is covered glitter. I'll give you a good example. In the movie, "Twilight," the vampire played by the actor named Robert Pattinson, there was a scene, were he stepped out into the sun light, making his entire body glow really bright, like he was covered in glitter. That is the same affects in the bodies of the Atlantians. And the Masterdon alien race who made them are called, "The Ancient Ones." These aliens come from the Multi-Verse Universe from a secret dimensional portal door that opens at the Orion Belt stars. The ancient ones adopted some of the ancient Egyptian people, that had perfect DNA in them. And than, mixed their alien DNA with the ancient Egyptian human DNA and gave birth to the Atlantian race. The only movie that I know that really can show you how the Atlantians people really look like is in the Disney movie titled, "Atlantis:The Lost Empire," directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise. The same people you can see in the Atlantis cartoon movie it is, "EXACTLY," what the people of Atlantis look like in real life. I think the Pleiadians had many different tribes of people with many different names, but they are not the really people of Atlantis. By the way. You got an alien species all wrong. The Pleiadians are, "NOT," the Nordics race. The Nordics race are every human being with red hair. The Nordics are the ancient Vikings. The Nordics are the Nephilim giants that measures 12 feet tall and has 6 fingers. The Nordics do not have any blond hair looking people within their tribe. You got that one wrong as one of the names of the Pleiadians. Fix it by making another video about this. Thank you. ~Shem Ortiz~

So bored I watched this

Can you guys make a video explaining why the hell EVERY RACE fighting over us. Why are we so special to them???

the ants humanoid doesn't have pinchers but antennas are 1 inch wide 2-3 inches tall slanted wide eyes that wrap around sides humanoid body twig like and the knee cap opened and it took a laser pen out and shined in my eyes color was red laser light so kinda morphed out like trans former out of knee

i usually only experience wierd stuff at night. one time i could feel on me what felt like a strong magnetic field pulsing on my body to which everything seemed to be slowing down and i started to feel heavy, i tried to fight it by grabbing my mobile phone (which has a magnet on the back of it) cos i had the impression that the pulsing feeling was trying to get me to sleep so trying to repel the field i waved my phone around my head to which i could feel an magnetic attraction sensation. ive had wierd sleeping 'conversations' from what i can only describe as hybrid humans where i would be thinking of a question to which even before i had finished thinking it the answer would appear in my head either by using what i can only describe as using my own thoughts and images im my mind to answer them, by this i mean i would flashback to a moment or to something in the past that would help answer what it was i was asking. almost like my memories were not coincidental but preplanned for future questions. i have countless others, another strange time was seeing what i can only describe as a lion being and what looked like a purplish panther being. for some reason i remember the panthers appearance more, it had black/purplish skin, goldern eyes, gold coloured fur beneath its mouth and light blue lines on its cheecks that glowed when it spoke. after seeing it i remember seeing what looked to be a round ball the same colour of the sky move towards me then take off. it freaks me out cos what i thought was only 20 mins was infact 3 hours. and literally just this week i experienced a dream which was VERY strange, i was walking around in complete control, i knew that i was in a dream but everyone looked and felt real. i was back walking in the neighbourhood i grew up in, and decided to walk into my old house as i wanted to see if the house looked the same, it did. the part that was strange was i went through the window, closed window. i walked into the loungeroom where i sat down on the lounge and i could feel the leather on my skin and as i sat down i was thinking to myself if i was sitting up in my sleep cos i feel myself sitting in an upright position. its strane cos i knew i was asleep, i knew i was in some strange dream that felt different, i could control where i went and i could feel the things in my dream like it was happening. the only main differences was the brightness, it was like the sun was brighter here and whilst moving it felt more like i was floating. only on the internet can i tell my stories as seriously not even my mother believes me. all the way from the first time i told her about the blue man to the last time i tried telling her, she thinks im just looking my mind

You got a new sub here. You guys make a good team. Looking forward to more content in the future.

Thanks so much Dbzx welcome to the edge! -Ben

Prefer to call them the CRAPBAL!!

Hahhaa this is a great one!

I'm glad I found your channel! Keep up the great work xx

I like your art work, your got some talent there mate.

It makes sense to me that Buddha was referred to as a scientist. Buddha taught techniques which assist us to understand reality on the fourth and 5th dimension.

(The Dogon are from Mali, my friends)

Glad y’all hip to the dogan Africa is the key to all

So basiclly you're say that Humans are just babies and worthless lab rats for the rest of the Universe! Yep I would rather us be alone in the Universe after all!

There is also another Humanoid-Race which are called the Aesthetics. Humanoid looking ET's shredded with a sickcunt physique

These Dracos are actually the "Repitloids" and live in the inner earth since million of years. They are mostlly friendly but live with some sort of Grays.

Lion People from Lyra!!!!!

and they say santa is not real

where the fack are hobbits ?

The guy at 17.10 looks perfectly human to me

The name of the feline race is "Lyran" and they are extreamly gentle beings who wish only to help our species attune to the multidimesional frequencies associated with Astral or Dimentional travel, so as to aid us in joining our multiversal brothers and sisters. If any Lyran makes contact with you via astral travel, meditation, physically, etc. Be honored and humbled that they have acknowledged that you are one the proper path of love and peace.

Edge of Wonder, the Aquaferians sound a lot like legends of Kappa from Japan, perhaps these "Kappa" are in fact ancient accounts of the Aquaferian race on Earth?

Could be true, there are a Lot of ancient legends in Japan

hey i have a great thing to tell you brother, how can i contact you both, its very important topic , how can i contact, you wont regret i promise

İs that all races true?

lmao I love what you guys are doing and love your art but I've gotta say; your Aquafarians have the face of Uganda Knuckles!!!

Total bull

This is all really good stuff and very interesting to be sure... But only one gripe and its not huge cause it might not be your focus which is fine. But there are no parrallels between these alien biengs and those egyptian gods (Sobek and Sekhmet) or Mayan and Aztec worship of some serpents.... Its really a Tldr situation, but yeah. Liking this series for the most part.

Cause we humans are the only ones created in GODS IMAGE. THIS IS THE SECRET

guys Dogon isnt a south african tribe

We are a farm


You guys make great videos.

Very interesting!! please more videos on this!!

Good content never get's view as much as bad content

These videos are very entertaining they make my day easier, while i work at my office.

Great video guys you get a sub from me.... You said you guys have a good understanding of why people think the annuniki made humans. Could you make a video on this topic.

Lemuria is often called Mu as well

Dogon tribe is not in south Africa.. it's in Mali Africa!

You guys seem to be on the right track. So I'll help you a bit with your research. You guys should check out some people who channel these beings. Rob - Treb and Aridif. Metax the feline and Kalask the reptilian. Vashta ET Artwork in Facebook. I have too much information to share but with this I hope it helps you especially for you Ben.

16:34..that is Schneider not Thor you tits! FFS! It would have taken you 10 secs online to find that out. Lazy cunts! Get your shit together!!

Great Video. Enjoyed the content especially the story of admiral byrd.

More of this would be very awesome. A vol. 3 with some follow-up information and further stories/examples of contact here on earth?

You should invite Jordan Sather for an interview! He knows a lot too! Very informative video!!


This shit is awesome, 100% true, thanks for sharing!

Great episode...very informative & well detailed

"oculum videre draconem" don't tell them i told you...have nice day.

shu naga rat'u tepp...

well i don't know if you work for an agency.....so lets just say a little lizard told me a story, please watch... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT_KSx3hRCc yes G.I Joe... the truth is hidden in the strangest of places. there is war all over the so-called world...but one thing the powers that be can agree on; is the so-called north pole is none of mankind's business. i personally have no dog in the race and i am on no ones side...not the people nor any government....but please don't take my word for it, as i am not trying to convince you about things that will come to light. coded... have a great day...

what does it mean?

5:35 - Wait... You can't talk about Illumicorp anymore??..?

YT censorship.

I just love you guys........ At long last normal folk Belfast

We love all you as well! -Ben

Please do a video on Lord Ashtar

Yea it is for sure on the list!

Very kwl and funny stories i laak it

I've actually gotten messages in my sleep and during meditation by the Pleadians. I've even had past life regression done and i found out that 4 liftimes ago i was Pleadian. I flew a saucer as a wingman, and my name was Erikal. I was killed by the Grays and it was a spiritual torturous death. Also this Ashtar guy is real, and is connected in some way to Sananda Kamara (Jesus Christ).

Whats the name of the music that starts at 30:36? It's so relaxing......oh and I just found your channel and subscribed

i think we came from an advance human race and seeded us here on earth . observed a habitable planet in this star system . and found earth . 1st they experimented on dinosaurs which i think were from their own world . and wiped it out coz we cant survive with them through countless observation.. so many clues on the bible. they dont actually tell that they are beings from outer space not literally . but there is heaven in hell. . well cut that crap. . i define them at a height taller than us with human features , maybe in the avatar film but not the bluish ones. with those cool reflective dots on their faces . or an elf like features . i dont believe in aliens with gray skin and big eyes, those are bullshit . they might have some elements not present in our periodic table, their planet could be a super earth larger than ours ."" aliens with big eyes ! psshh ! bullshit . the predator alien is better suited to be the draconians a reptile specie and i agree with that

Archquloids kind of remind me of Squidward.

Fantasy... Nothing more!

+Missing Greys epic Fantasy... More like a blend of stories already exist. Reptilants... Greys... And Avatar. Nothing new. If there are other life forms then they are most likely look like we do. Maybe taller or smaller depending on the Gravity on their planet. But I don't believe in the reptiliant bs. And they surely don't have to Infiltrate us in any kind. Just come here and enslave us. Get everything they might need from us like gold and so on. If they are way more advanced.

And who doesnt like an epic fantasy? This is well put together THISCOOLSHOW

Oh, have you looked into the interview with a reptilian woman Lacerta? Apparently she is part of a race of reptilians that have lived on Earth before we were ever conceived. They're not evil like the Draco. You can find that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjaIq3fuJg8

Ultimate guide to delusional psychosis.

wow is fantastic the channel wasnt deleted yet, the Cabal(illuminidiots) sees everything and they dont care if they delete something like this, even though prooving they are hidding this information by deleting these stuff, they are really stupid, the thing is that we are being controlled by them, or this would have been disclosed a long time ago, wake up people, do everything you can for the global disclosure, when eeryone in the world have this information we will be able to destroy the Cabal

Hmm, no mention of Thiaoouba??

Watching tttooo much sci-fi movies

You guys forgot tyranians the tau, orks, the eldar, dark eldar, and genestealers

Guys, a serpent image feathered or otherwise is not evil. It is an ancient representation of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, PHilosoPHy, PHd, the love of knowledge, to be guided by truth. Please be careful not to perpetuate distortions.

yes you are on the right track but not accurate, there are difference between reptilians and dracos. Dracos are the leaders while the reptilians are the subworkers, soldiers, scientist etc. They have a religion and belive a entity with a triad spear that looks like the devil. The reptilians and dracos are highly psychic, there isnt a fight we can win in hand to hand combat, because they will now what we are thinking. Their telepathy are very strong and can mindcontrol us easy. They eat humans and prefer children because their bodys are pure without chemicals and they prefer to eat them while they are alive because the andrenaline and fear energy the children produce i such a state of fear, it is like a drug to the reptilians. The military, politicians, and cultorganizations like illuminati, freemasons, etc transport these children in a thousands to them because they see them as their leaders.

Edge of Wonder am I the only one who thinks the photo of " valiant Thor looks like the actor from Vikings whom also played in legend of the seeker darkness rises and race to witch mountain along side Anna Sophia Rob and Dwayne the rock Jonson

Edge of Wonder as I said tho the religious crap should be dropped because if you listen to mufon the encounters with "angels" and Demons are actually alien encounters and that all the beings in the Bible are actually aliens and all the stuff about Atlantis being advanced came from cayses predictions but Atlantis has been said to be a planet and then also an island but I'd say the palio religions that had encounters with "gods" were all alien encounters cuz alot of how the gods are described and their weapons seem to sound alot like aliens I've also seen in ancient aliens and other shows that the government has a contract with the Draco's that use blood to survive and that possibly the human race isn't the original inhabitants of earth and that Draco's are the original inhabitants plus the serpent in the Bible was actually a salamander but was mistranslated into snakes

Lemuria is like wakanda?

I wanna meet one alien and go to their star system and live there im tired of earth... Fuck this

Antrace? U mean like the worms in MIB?

Be careful u guys the dravos might abduct you

Are you guys ever going to do a video on the Xendra portal phenomenon? I imagine you guys are aware of what it is. It's hard to find any good/reliable information about it, so I thought it would be cool if you guys brought some more attention to it so maybe we could find out more. Thanks, you guys make really cool videos.

Hey, guys. Nice video! With regards to the "Pleiadians," you may be interested to know that the Billy Meier contacts didn't end in 1986 and are, in fact, still ongoing. That is according to Michael Horn, American media representative for Meier, who's researched the case for over 30 years and has published tons of information, even new corroborating evidence of Meier's decades-long contact with the Plejaren (that's what they call themselves.) You could make a whole series of videos with the sheer volume of the material. You can find out all about ii at www.theyfly.com. Also, Michael Horn is quite open to answering questions and giving clarifications should you wish to contact him.

so with all the Master Genetic Manipulators did most of them start the clone wars?

Scalies are gonna willingly follow dracos and call them daddy. Especially if they're hung. EDIT: Wait, fricking G4S? For real? Guarding Groom Lake? When I heard "private security" I imagined some quiet professional CIA door-kickers not... well... G4S...

I'm thoroughly impressed with these alien species videos. Normally i'm as freaked out watching these videos just as much as i am deeply interested in the paranormal and extra terrestrial, but you two have put it in a way that makes the topic seem a bit more light hearted yet still engaging and informative (be it actual fact or fiction).

"insider testimonials, eyewitness accounts, personal stories, and ancient myths and legends that tell of beings who 'came from the heavens' long ago." Lol yeah those are really trustworthy sources for information. Fun fiction. Fun stories.

there is an entrance to middle earth is at the poles

The ant race has invaded my lawn. They look to take over my entire estate and every thing I try to eradicate them is futile. They attack me with chemical weapons and I retaliate with chemical weapons but they persist. What can I do?

Nikola Tesla was venusian too!!


If these aliens are so advanced then why do they secretly control us without giving any evidence to their existence? If they wanted us enslaved they could do that if they wanted us conquered they could do that? Why hide? There is zero logic behind alex jonsian thought.

Because man are so knowledge seeking that we might kill them and dissect one of them for research.

Cant tell if actual retards or if milking for ad revenue...

Year do part three

good extraterrestrials don't like to be called extraterrestrials ... some of them are our space cousins

Venetians are german, but they have good reasons for not telling us that.


Id love to meet them! And get some pointers! And just learn to be a better person and grow as a person.

I needed that last bit and some hope because with so many of these negative entities trying to control, manipulate, and experiment on humans, and the huge history of it, I just feel like we are the English Bulldogs of the intellectual being world with how short our lifespan is, how limited our knowledge is, and how primitive we are that humans cant even get along as a whole. I'll keep being as positive as I can be tho

entertaining, but you lost me after Christ's presence in the universe

+RusskiyDzhigit yeah I see where you mean. Too many lies in the Bible.

+Wiccian i have nothing against an open and cosmic consciousness, i just think religion, christ included, is nothing like that and if you read the words of any religious leader, it becomes quite obvious that they did not possess what you are talking about.

+RusskiyDzhigit yea i know what he said about homosexuals I the bible but having a Christ conscious mind not about spewing hate and being homophobic things and just being negative. It's something that a lot of us can master.

+Wiccian you know what Christ said about homosexuals, right?

It's called "Christ consciousness." It goes by many names and labels. It's basically this all knowing conscious being that is gifted with perfect logic and more.

All of these aliens here to help us spiritually, yet I have never seen one... Am I spiritually OK?

i am 80-90% convinced you guys are some type of alien having a laugh making this video. huge fan

I'm addicted to you're channel!

*your! My bad

Admiral Byrd also mentions that the inhabitants of the north pole bore swastikas all over.

Corey Goode certainly seems to believe what he is saying, even though it's beyond unlikely. So he is either telling the truth, or a special kind of insane, or a special kind of con artist.

Nothing is immortal not even a proton. Everything will decay after a certain time, even Black Hole's!

Ok Travis Walton is the guy I was talking about from the movie fire in the sky I'm not sure if hes the same guy who works with mufon that's an ex FBI agent but they look similar I mentioned it on your f part 1 of this video

Oh and also maybe the akashic record is the reason why there's so many similarities in cultureral ideas and religions and even why there are patents on some inventions by people who didn't know eachother yet came up with the exact same thing and why so many cultures had similar technologies

Ben and Rob are out of their league for no comprehending for no understanding! Ben and Rob stealing peoples work plagiarism like cory goode about aliens races that written book. !

Lyra (Vega) was the first ancestral line of Sirians, who later became a branch of Pleiadians who went on their own in search of new territories to expand on. The two are relearning of their connection to one another today, and many of us are hybrids who remember Atlantis & Lumeria. Btw- not all Pleiadians are blonde. See my video on all the different types of Pleiadians for more insight. https://youtu.be/nuxPizgDESI We live in exciting times indeed. ✨

Soulja Boy has a Draco too

The feline and the sirians work together. I know this because on another of my experiences they came in together

One thing that makes humans so interesting for ET's is the fact that we're in a time where the great awakening has started, but also the fact that we're super emotional beings. I've read that our capability of so many many different types of emotions is not usual in the Universe and that's what makes us interesting for them. For example there are ET's that have the experience of love. That's their "main job", they experience love. But we humans know love in very different ways. Love for our children, parents, hobbies etc....but that's something they don't have in such a variety. There are many examples but I believe that could be true. And it makes me curious. (That's why the Greys abduct humans, they want a part of our emotions in their DNA, I heard.)

For every theme you said (in the alien races videos) you could do a whole episode about it - do it! That would be great.

I hate to do some self-promotion, but I’m writing a screenplay about these species and I hope to get it made into a feature-length film and I just wanted to let you guys know that this was a big influence on the story and characters, so thank you for making this video.

I heared that the plasma donation is used for cloning by these aliens here on earth. Thoughts ?

50 ft tall aliens , do you know what kind biological , gravity boundaries these aliens would have to overcome to be this tall ?

You guys never mentioned about "Affim" race. They are almost half-size of average humans, covered with short fur, can go invisible but one could feel their presence through strange vibration/ magnetic-like sensation if they are close enough. Their craft at night appears to be glowing orb while during the day looks like a silver sphere. They are harmless, playful and interested in understanding human behavior.

We can call the Ant Race, Formians, just a suggestion :P

more of these episodes plz!!

Hey guys! Are you going to do another one? Also I am a contactee and I have had a lot of contact with various beings, I would be happy to be on your show to talk about it. I will send you a message.

you guys do pretty well. Great approach to your videos. Hopefully in later videos you guys get a bit more in depth.. But I understand that we need to make things palatable to more mainstream minds. Also.. I would love to see you do something on the Feline Race from Sirius A and Lyra. That's my star family. I've only had contact with Felines. So far.

So you assholes don't know the difference between astrology and astronomy and I'm supposed to believe you know what you are talking about? I've dealt with this Christian fundamentalist ignorance for about 60 years and you never ever learn. Never. Because you don't want to know. Then you go on at a pace with information that anyone over 12 years old already knows with bullshit about aliens. You explain these things like we're a kindergarten class. Get yourselves a real job and don't waste my time.

So interesting! First got interested by sumerians and by them annunakis and wow

Why do all those aliens look like humans?


Whenever you guys say, "We could do a whole episode on that!" Please do create a whole episode on that topic! This is great information that many people would benefit from seeing. Awesome, awesome work. Awesome video.

All of the humanoid aliens look like some variation of a white man. Smmfh. Come on y'all. Manipulate the extraterrestrial narrative too?

they are called illuminati, let me help you, why to fear when these creature already fix our future, neither they win or us, as you can assume if they win things will be different then today.


Hell yeah I would like to see more on the ones you guys mentioned.

Whoa...you can't say illuminati???

Is there a dog like race

Within 30 years

I'm binge watching you guys. I love your humor, knowledge and presentations. Thanks for clean language, really like the many and varied subjects! Sure you can have $1.50 a month

Haha, thank you for your support TheBg2heu!!! Next weeks episode will be awesome, hope you like it! See you in the comments :)

No, I think that you are being too egocentric. curiosity is just curiosity, I will dare to think more that there on Earth they do not have real stoppers to what they can do after all morality is state by the stronger one, just like compasion.

Great episode. Yes its all about "Potential". Thanks!

Draconians: Don't you think that actually, they could be the source of our dragon in Europe? But seriously David Icke? his reference to other races sounds so racist and hardly scientific. besides in religions the gods of the old religions become the demons of the new one, so you cannot follow soemting like that. Actually there is also another theory that actually state that they are here because we (all mamals on earth) are reptile evolve.

Gents, may i ask what were the last two music quirks during Aquaphibians and post credits? Great music, i hope you have a soundcloud page?

+Edge of Wonder Hope you will build a playlist of them, great find very suited to the show! Thanks for the reply

Oh this wasn’t from us, we did make one track but we didn’t use it in this. We use audio blocks

And also some dinosaurs evolved and left the Earth after original humans went to war they wiped out the remaining dino's died and the humans left as the Earth wasn't inhabitable and they came back but crashed losing intelligence after it so then goes the story of the bible

I've encountered angels,demons, aliens and other things i dont understand they are called Destructonians, Nightmarians, Venostrainians, and many more i havent met the Veno's yet only heard about it from an ultimate being named Spectral he could whipe everything away just by removing a facial thing like glasses also i've heard demons fight aliens and angel also war against them as well

Cats lizards ants why would beings from across the galaxy have forms of earth creatures?also brings from the fifth dimension would know every course of action and could be omnipresent and why would all these beings be interested in a bunch a apes with smart phones?


The greys... here is what i have POSSIBLY found. At this point they may be lumped in with this group to obscure their true identity. In 2007, I joined the Army and entered as a lithographer. Offset printing press operator. We printed leaflets and flyers for Psychological Operations. During basic training, I came up with an idea for time travel. My idea involves using paired nuclear explosions to generate a wormhole. Simply put, you have an explosion here today now, and then you have another one exactly 365 days from now by sidereal time, the two explosions would be close enough to the same place physically, and if possible overlapping in space, that in essence, any craft in the middle of either would be in 2 places at once because the spacetime will have theoretically stretched between them, a temporary tear in space-time. In my mind it has never been in question about the stretchability or malleability of space time under high energy. For instance gravitational lensing literally bends the light around a star. So, during the course of the rest of my 9 week, basic training and 22 week advanced individual training, where I learned my job, I wrote 13 chapters of a 3 book SciFi series about the technology and theories of how to do this and survive the transit across a nuclear explosion and then submitted it to the library of Congress. One year later, I got a certificate saying that it was my work of art and then thought nothing of it. I was then stationed at Fort Bragg North Carolina printing leaflets and flyers (propaganda) for Psychological Operations, and a year later, I was deployed to Qatar. While in Qatar, I came up with an idea to improve operations around the facility by (redacted lol)  A few weeks later, I was assigned for the second time to a rotating job that we all had to do, in a unit that had more than enough soldiers to make it doubtful they would need anyone to do it twice during our standard 6 month deployment. This job was to go down to the airport at Doha and pick up or drop off a VIP. While we were on the way to the fuel point to gas up, our Command Master Sergeant, who probably assigned himself to be my superior on this mission, turned to me and said in a conspiratorial voice, "Do you believe in aliens, do you believe in UFOs?" I told him that I thought that anything was possible and he cut me off and told me in no uncertain terms, "No! They are us from the future. And by us, I mean humans." I replied with all the astonishment you would expect and told him “Wow!” I have just finished writing 13 chapters of a Scifi Novel all about time travel using nuclear explosions to generate wormholes! And then basically started blabbering about how my characters in my book did it. He interrupted me and said "That's exactly how we do it." Unbelievable but true story. He could have been messing with my head. I may never know. I'm sure the Master Sargent had more important things to be doing if he was lying and playing some sort of cruel Psyops joke where they find some private personal aspect of a lower enlisted soldiers’ life and blow their mind with it. The book is called "The world next door" I need to pick a new title because someone else has published under that name. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6UEzSqhoeOiWE4yYVJRbGZlanM For quite a while, I have been watching and rewatching the videos linked below and wondering if it is a fake because his chest doesn't seem to move when he talks. Just a few months ago I realized, that his story about how he traveled through space and time actually only makes sense if you consider my theory and that he would literally have to physically travel back to the place where the earth's location was back in the age of 1940' nuclear testing as we swirl through this big, revolving spiral along this arm of the Milky Way. He would have to travel back to the same place where the nuclear test of choice was by retracing earth's orbital spin through time with a fair amount of precision in order to generate the wormhole. EBE claims he is from the future part 1 https://youtu.be/G2xXu8_2Exo EBE claims he is from the future part 2 https://youtu.be/7TE6frpygVY EBE claims he is from the future part 3 https://youtu.be/h4-KzZe9IpQ Among other more therapeutic uses, scopolamine, the drug the interrogator threatens the "gray" with can be "Slipped into drinks, on food, or sprinkled on pieces of paper, it renders its victims so submissive that they have been known to empty their bank accounts and help thieves rob their homes, reported Vice News in the documentary "The Most Dangerous Drug in the World." https://www.everydayhealth.com/drugs/scopolamine FYI: the time travel tech in my book involves 3d printed Boron Nitride Nanocrystals (basically a space age material I serendipitously read about in popular mechanics I believe, when I was in the idea forming phase) made in modular panels and assembled in space on the far side of the moon. It is a hollow sphere with the inner lining consisting of photocells layered with thermocouples to generate electricity from the initial and then accelerating light and heat. And transfer that energy via superconducting conduits to superconducting electromagnets which push in and manage the blast itself. Each craft is that material and layer structure but reversed, meaning the electromagnets would repel the blast with a force equal and opposite to the energy generated by the flash/heat combined. The craft would need to be moving at the fastest velocity its occupants could handle and be as close to the initial blast as possible to minimize the time in direct contact with the blast. One side of the giant "Wormgate Sphere" can open and vector the nuclear blast and be used as propulsion for the craft for hunting historical nuclear blasts (as I just figured out) but my original reason for this design was to send these Wormgate Spheres at high velocities with a bang and propel them one after another while they are being built towards a destination star. They would stop by turning themselves around while at speed and detonate another nuke, and do so at evenly spaced intervals. Once all were in place, the first two would go off simultaneously, generating a wormhole between them by being at the same time but different places as opposed do the time travel sequence which is to go off at different times but in the same place. From there one could hop across the galaxy. I now wonder if one long wormhole could be generated by setting them ALL off simultaneously. And The plot thickens Mind you the people who made the second video below linking Nuclear Detonations to Roswell still think these EBE's are strictly from other planets. I think these craft and "aliens" come from many different stars, times, dimensions and perhaps different governments militaries such as the TR3B (what better way to hide reconnaissance than as an “Alien” craft?). Original story board for Back to the Future https://youtu.be/Iqo7ytUzcao Connection between early nuclear testing and "aliens" https://youtu.be/VZqvAVOTGtY The following is an excerpt from a conversation on a thread that I started on the second alien interview video above: "wadde faq: Don't u think they can lied to us? Unknowns being said he from future. And we just believed it.

i love that you guys made these videos! good on you guys!

Draco reptilian = freiza

its funny how all the species either look humanoid with big heads or just look like humans. or big lizards.

People can laugh and mock but until they see some these creatures face to face. Do they realize that “Disneyland “is not as functional as they once thought.

Hey I liked your video very much and would definitely be interested in watching a video on under water bases or other stuff

Thanks good suggestion we will keep that in mind. - ben


I believe all the huge white draco are probably from a more nuetral or benevolent mother race, i mean, they have two arms, two legs, etc, and in the image of a humanoid even though they are Draco. Would there possibly be a race of being that the Draco came from? Perhaps they didn't have the consciousness to harm or commit evil BEFORE they had been gifted intelligence? Are the Dracos just abusing the power they too were given at their beginning?? And if so, who gifted them their genetic perks? Did they evolve from truly organic God-like beasts that are superior than even the Draco? Is karma going to deliver a blow to the races who started out weaker and now abuse their power? Let's think on these things because it's been overflowing my psyche for months, and I think im going mad.

yes make those episodes. a lot of this info I have read or heard as well, this is needed in the world keep it up!

Sounds like theres alot of aliens that want to help us.....thank the Creator.

The reptilian i saw along with my cousin when we were young was a really small guy, i mean tiny, maybe 1'5" and it was upright on two hind legs and had a short stubby tail, and it looked muscular. When it saw us, it just kept walking away until it went over a small cliff off the side of the road

Awesome!!!! I would love to know more about the creator of the human species please, anything related to it!!! Thank you!!!

I can vouche for what you say here, about Ashtar. It's a legit thing, you can feel the light is loving.

I want to summon a organcie for spiritual enlightenment. I fully believe in aliens and I'm scared shitless for the Dracos

Is there a video on Ben talking about his blue sphere experience?

So when they die they become brownies? Bahahaha.

Sobek is a crocodile god, not a lizard god. Not interchangeable.

Ultimate guide to shit you don’t know what your talking about and sheeps that will gobble it up

Freakin awesome episode - that's what I think!

Wow Cool Video's. Thank you !!! I Love The Feline One's =^t^= Meow !!!

My question is why don't the good aliens conscript human if they are pertecting use from evil et?

Feline race.... THUNDER CATZ right lol. This is amazing

Btw with the last one *cough* *cough* morganfreemanisanalien *cough* *cough*

We ‘Lyrans’ came through the Stargate at Lyra, but we did not settle there. We call ourselves Kitai. I am Princess Jydra, Least Daughter of King M’kaa. We are here to help. Check me out here https://www.facebook.com/whenthelionspeaks where I talk about the galaxy beyond Sol. We have been given the order to stop hiding, so I would like to talk. I am extremely impressed with some of your information.

Look at dragon statues in a.o. London. And dragons on English pounds.

The illuminati censorship is BS, right?? Lots of channels mention it out loud?

viewer chandan kumar Singh village-bhojpur city-deoghar state-jharkhand India pin 814152

The Andromedans. The Golden Radiant (Yellow Triangle Head). The Ancient Builder Race? (Very inconsistent details)

13:12.... Feline race is real as it represent a god in Hindu culture...'Narshimha' - meaning half human half lion that killed demon king a long time ago...and i think this time also they may help us to save world from Draco race

Human beings have clean DNA... Bwahahaha

1. You seem to confuse over the terms astrology and astronomy. 2. Mali, home of the Dogons, is in Northwestern Africa, not Southern Africa.

corey goode? really?

I think Trump is the Orangie leader. That or he has jaundice

what about negroid extraterrastrials like tau centurians and teros

Wait a minute, aren't Nordics and Pleiadians are the same race???

Sorry, I had to cut my comment short. 13:12 A few corrections. We come from a planet we called Mala’chois (it was in another world, but it was consumed in the Mandela effect). We have a few small colonies around the galaxy, but most of us who survived are coming here. We are not in the Federation Council, but they look to us for advice. The reason for this is that we are indeed at open war with the ‘Dracos’, and the Feds still want a peaceful solution. We were not inspired by felines, we were felines (mostly) on Mala’chois. The felines of our home housed our light as we evolved like symbiotes. It’s true we are here to help. We are here to inspire, to teach, to protect and to have a new home side by side.

Wait, your a lyran?? I'm a sirian.

Is their any aliens that stright up dont care about us and have better things to do then mess with humans?

+I, Warlock thank you

Dracos and grays

They look up to us?! I'm incredulous. According to you some of them live several hundred years. For that, I look up to them, I'd rather be in their shoes. You should find out if aliens read what we post to social media. All this talk about aliens being here to help us. If they want to help us why don't they kill the Rothschilds, Soros and all the rest of upper level NWO.

It's said that humanity is "asleep" and they are waking people up by showing us things that humans have missed.

He's a reptile as a hole and that what they meant.

They are Waking humans up in secret and revealing things that don't seem right and hoping you will get it.

+I, Warlock i have nothing against an open and cosmic consciousness, i just think religion, christ included, is nothing like that and if you read the words of any religious leader, it becomes quite obvious that they did not possess what you are talking about.

+I, Warlock you know what Christ said about homosexuals, right?

+Alex Swage I havent heard of "Andromedan Nordics" but i knew i should have been specific to reduce confusion. Adromeda is the closest Galaxy to ours but the bald, blue skinned beings I'm referring to are instead from the Andromedan constellation. Alex Collier speaks of them and the Draco genocide of the Lyrans before the migration of humanoids across the Galaxy.

+SOULFORESAKER the andromedain nordic people live 2.5 light years from milky way galaxy to earth! The andromeda Nordic people live in axion galaxy system ! Their are 1000 andromeda nordic people as citizens of canada for 34 years and andromeda galaxy fleet of nordic protect and defend canada with peace alliances treaty as partners with canada with for 34 years ! Andromeda nordic 48 warp dimensional drive propulsion starships come to Ontario canada aligonquin forest every for 24 months on odd years like 2019yr and 2021 year and so for 7 hours to secuity checks of canada and solar system before making deliveries services business for supplies and cargo and medical supplies and delivery of people to 25 galaxies to 25 planets civilizations cities and return home to andromeda galaxy

Ben, you had me tearing up by your words at the end. What a different way to see it. For so long I've wanted to think I'm different and kind of envied the Extraterrestrial Species and looked up to them, but maybe just maybe they look u to us

the pleiadians are the ones who seeded humanity on earth,they are our spirit parents.

Why are all the human ones blonde blue eyed? I’ve heard about them for years, also don’t you guys think all the ETs sound like they were just genetically spliced from creatures on earth

Haha No not yet, Rob and I together have so many experiences on crazy things that we could fill a years worth of videos, lol. But we haven't wanted to do this yet. I have no idea if people would believe us or are even ready for it. We just want the focus to be on the show, when the time is right we will start sharing our personal stories which are even more out there than the videos we are making, lol

Stockholm syndrome

I have a question & maybe, you could answer it in a video. It's inspired off of that one guys comment on how the Dracos sound the most fake. lol. Out of all the alien races ya'll covered based on their information, which one do you think could most likely exist?

The Egyptian god Sobek is not a lizard its a crocodile - embarrassing.

Again no comments have thumbs down. These guys are shady as hell & I love conspiracies. Screenshots taken again

You cant say illuminati on youtube? Seriously?

No you can it is just that YT will start flagging content internally and start categorizing everything. But really we can’t use illuminati in the description or headline or it is flagged as “conspiracy” and it has potential to be demonetized. Anyway this self censorship on YouTube makes us feel we are living in China. It is so weird. YT Could shut down your channel for anything really

Such majestic celestial beings


And now that I got you here. You're so cool bro.

Not to mention New Mexico is one of the most secretive states... Good stuff guys I just can't get enough. Can't wait for the next vids.

Wow super interesting! - Ben

YOOOO please make these special episodes all based on each of these individual ets!!!

Please do

+I, Warlock I am. I admit, I didn't spend more than a minimal time there. I'd have to see your eyes to tell her if you're pulling my leg. But just in case you aren't; BROTHER!!! Look me up on Facebook under Cassidae Lightwing. I am accepting the mission to come out of hiding.

+Edge of Wonder ahh no problem, i understand. I can't wait to see what else is to come then =)

This is perfect!

Love the art work, I wonder what the real number of aliens species are? Why are they so interested in DNA? I'll watch more for answers. As far as I know for sure, their is only one alien species, the typical grey looking kind.

I've seen a race you haven't mentioned its called an archon

There are many, we will do a few more in the future.

I wasn’t a big follower of alien theories I’m a simple guy who goes out with mates drinking and leads a pretty normal life but I did have a dream once where I was looking up at a big light and i turned my head to face a doorway and this tall slender grey skinned figure walked towards me and my heart started racing but it put its hand on my chest and I calmed down instantly like I was being sedated ,next thing I was standing on a path next to it and it pointed to a passing bus and it said watch out for them and there was two lizards sitting down ,I know it was just a dream but I still remember the smell when it walked towards me like an earthy clay

@edgeofwonder you guys mentioned at times a creator, can you guys talk more about this?

I stumbled across y'all's channel and I've been stuck watching for 2 days now. Thanks for sticking to alot of facts and sorta keeping it nonbias. Awesome channel, can't wait to see more. P.S. you both are 2 of the cutest nerds I've ever seen ❤️

Mental illnes.

Corey said the Dracos stink really bad too.

BUDDA prays outside my house. DA BUD, Ten comantments

Do your believe in human prisons, all your life. Your children, grandchildren. NW Only for a small amount of people.

I had close encounter with the ant race in my backyard

+Jennifer Lightwing will do. It's always nice to meet my own.

Now this is what we call a Youtube channel! However, the Dogon tribe are in West Africa. Big difference between west and southern African tribes.

Hmmm, everyone wants our DNA yet we are lacking in the abilities that these other beings have.

Great show , thanks ... Richard E. Byrd .. was talking about the South Pole though , not the North Pole as you mentioned, at least that is how I understood it from my research.

lot of bilateral symmetry. I guess if radially symmetric ETs exist they probably wouldn't move or if they did they would be creepy worm things.

nag hammadi?

amazing video! informative and a good message

Very interesting, but... Common, what's with the human superiority things at the end

Did u guys get north Pole confused with south Pole

pure insanity....welcome to planet make-believe

yes-more info on the mur beings

You need to do a video on Lacerta!

I like you you tubes but, would like to see you talk about to other Mammalians , Iargon, Big Foot, dog beings and monkey beings. Have been reported in my zoom internet Experiencer group. Starseed Awakening.

Show me the facts

Soo if these aliens are so advanced and they created us.. Why do they all have the mission of "genetic testing"? Sounds kinda flaky.. I think some aliens are real physical creatures and some are just spirits that masquerade as aliens.. Anything you need to "channel" is bad news imo

If you think 20 is a number.... Many will follow and yet fall in the gap... Even if you manage to catch up with us. Thousands are yet coming, yet to come, yet elswhere. Do you guys think you made no mistake? Over the number you can't count. You can still count on your fingers... Over it that's not enough. Undisclosed, yet failing figuring truth. Thousands of times you looked at the sky... However you wouldn't have a hope. Inside the sky they growl... Never telling you how many... Killed by such ignorants as humans. You guys are smart but... Outrunned you already are. Universe is still a land that isn't alone. However you are pons on the table... Unified just to know nothing. More Are... Never to be seen or heard. Silent. How could you accept a step as ultimate... As you feel your stories to be all... Valid. Errors, sure you did. This is nothing like a list... Register is perfectly unperfected. Utility is the thing you all search... Tortured forever. Holy is a thing you forgot. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Think Twice You're still too far from the real complex understanding of the systems... To ever pretend you know Xenology.

ben, agreed, we are more than conquerors...romans ch 8 v 37

area 51 will cease to exist soon, heard it wiill be gone..

buddha never invented religion concerning himself, man did that...

ben and rob wouldn't it be cool to be dragons, you can make fire coming out of your mouths...

Leviatham mentioned in the book of job, chapter 41, the sea serpent, twisting serpent, known also as the king of the children of pride, so if you have pride issues, then leviathan is in your area in the spiritual sense....

This is prboably how the *Kabal is getting you to accept pagan mythology as fact... the so called "Lord Ashtar" for example

ben and rob use your xmen powers somewhere else...kidding...(:

they aren't demons but could be working with them all the same

no one knows what satan lookslike, which means opposer of God and Man, but we know what Jesus lookslike even if atheists don't believe God exists, doesn't matter....

9:31 "You can't make this stuff up, it sounds like a bad comic book." *Never realizes the contradictory absurdness of this statement nor its implications*.... I'm so SO sorry I'm trying really hard not to judge but... COME ON! *facepalm -_-; ... but I forgive you... please forgive me... I've seen quite a lot to say most likely this stuff IS made up by those that control the so called "powers that (only appear to) be"... The truth is its impossible to 'know' what "THE TRUTH" is because no matter what the evidence is there is always human error possible... But also because of something that EVEN SCIENCE has shown exists within the fabric of reality something which I like to call: "The Epistemological Event Horizon" where every objective means humanity uses for objective truth, the scientific method, math, logic, and study... becomes absolutely useless... and trying to employ it further causes it to become uncertain. This is where the scientific law of the uncertainty principle has meaning in reality and beyond it science is impossible because its impossible to verify and falsify any theories to fully explain it... Its where pushing further causes both intelligence and awareness to go from being an enlightening, empowering, and universally beneficial blessing... to being a very painful, frustrating, confusing, and destructive heart-darkening curse that physically effects your body, destroys your mental health eventually leading you to getting and dying from cancer, committing suicide, or committing a terrible, ends-your-life crime like mass murder... And its not because of what you will discover, per se... Instead, its because of what you WON'T discover... Or in other words... its because of what you will discover... that you will NEVER discover... Because of how this pursuit of knowledge sets you up to thinking and feeling like there are issues that are doing (and/or will do) bad things to you (and/or your loved ones), either directly or indirectly... And only having the right knowledge can save you from it. This happens whether or not the reason you pursued ultimate knowledge was to solve an otherwise unsolvable problem, to fix an otherwise unfixible issue, to conquer an unconquerable obstacle, or to stop an otherwise unstoppable evil in your life... Because even if that were true, like it was for me, eventually you will discover something that DOES become that hidden unstoppable evil that you were never supposed to find and the trap is the idea that more knowledge will save you from this trap... because at that point pursuing more knowledge, especially when so desperate, just gets you deeper into the trap... what resorting to you currently know at that time will also prevent you from getting out of that trap since its what got you in it in the first place... with one exception.... faith. Especially faith in Jesus Christ. How do I know this? I don't but against every attempt to shake this experience from life from having faith in myself, having faith in something else, trying to learn more, rejecting knowledge and the pursuit of it, ect... For me in my life recently, this is the only thing that saved me from torment caused while pursuing knowledge even though it was just because that was what I enjoyed doing... And it wasn't God or Jesus punishing me for it either... that idea only drove me to condemn God which is literally like willfully throwing yourself face first into hell... Jesus literally became my truth, became my way, became my savior, and rather than knowledge, intelligence, and awareness being my savior it instead became my demon with which faith in Jesus Christ was the only thing that would save me from this evil of knowledge... which still comes back to persecute me sometimes... every time I sin it seems... until I repent and resist doing it... but because I don't know how to stop sinning, and because resisting it can cause a build up of stress, in a very unique and unfortunate set of circumstances in my life (I won't get into the details), I sometimes still have to bear extra pain when I need to spend time either relieving stress via sin or getting the desire out of my system to sin because being aware of what knowledge has shown me prevents that pain from not occurring it seems... So stop wondering after the answers to mysteries... stop pursuing and glorifying knowledge... ... *And stop judging people by their intelligence and/or IQ level as if IQ is somehow humanity's moral-meter... its not...no matter how low or high a person's IQ is, it should not, nor should t have ever been, a factor in determining how good of a human being that person is. EVER. Some off the most evil people had very very high IQs probably even higher than yours. In the end, knowledge, and certainly not technology nor science, will save you from suffering a terrible fate. Love, Charity, Forgivingness, Contentedness, Hope and Faith, especially Faith in Jesus will prevent your ultimate fate from being a terrible one of suffering and instead be a heavenly one of Joy.* All things that are false are impossible... even though not all impossible things are false. So it MAY VERY WELL BE that the phrase "Know the Truth" is an oxymoron (which is a contradictory statement stated as if it were true because of either ignorance, or because its meant to be taken metaphorically only), because its impossible for us to know anything that must be observed due to the ever present risk of human-error (of judgement and perception). THUS it may very well be impossible in reality completely to KNOW truth. If that is the case, then TRUTH is not something which one should KNOW, RATHER TRUTH wold be something one should have FAITH in... And this is EXACTLY WHAT JESUS CHRIST taught, where as every other religious figure taught knowledge is something that must be known and that knowledge makes people better human beings... when knowledge is something human beings can never KNOW... Thus the only helpful TRUTH out there for humanity to KNOW is FAITH in Jesus Christ, or at least that is more than likley to be true as even science shows the deeper you get into the workings of the universe the more "uncertain" everything becomes... This is where the "uncertainty principle" has meaning in science... So if you don't like that then just live and let live... forget about good and evil... forget about strife.... forget about intelligence... stop judging others, especially by their IQ, forgive generously and sincerely of any wrong doing when asked (even when not asked if the memories of it continue to burden you), and forget about: "but what is the truth???" because more than likely, if you can't handle the idea that, more than likely, Jesus Christ is the truth, then you can't handle the truth... and though Jesus forgives us for our sins because he died for our sins we must stop sinning, or at least never stop trying to stop sinning completely... then you can't handle the truth... and you must live your life just like how a loving, innocent, blameless, shameless, and non-judgmental little child does... kindly, care-freely, and judgelessly... but as an adult who is none of those things... by reforming yourself, your ways, your beliefs, your thoughts, and your actions in a way so you can focus and act on and for ONLY: peace, love, joy, kindness, charity, and harmony instead, by being optimistic, loving, happy, helpful, and most importantly, content. Anyone who has not stopped sinning and became Jesus' disciple, a messianic Jew, or a prophet of God must live like this, the way of the innocent saintly child... who is saintly because they're innocent instead of innocent because they're saintly... otherwise they will be judged by the God of Israel.

canis majoris the largest sun we have discovered, larger the sun, the shorter it's life, however i don't think i will be alive long enough to see canis majoris to enter it's red giant stage...(:

The existence of Aliens is part of the Great Deception. They're demons masqueratding as ET beings. For more information, check out http://www.lamarzulli.net/.


Elizabeth here from the UK - Are the Kabol aliens? and if so which ones? I think Hilary Clinton is a reptile of some sort because if you watch the videos of her she has over the top reactions as if she is faking joy, happiness, wonder, etc. when she thinks the reaction is appropriate but she doesn't get it right.

They can be benevolent as much as they want, but... I will never trust cats, I'm a doggy person.


Thank you for sharing this. All the best, Charles from Mesa, AZ.


Beautiful videos =) What about Andromedans? Bless you guys.

I love your casual sci-fi spin on things

This is an eye opener for all of us, we should learn more about this. Thank you Edge of Wonder.

Humans are the retards of the galaxy, not some divine little snowflakes...

Humans on the galactic federation, which are actually c***l ..what is that about?

Lol! You guys are great! Love the education and the "lizard blocker".

I've been draco royal in some lives, and technically that incarnation is still around, and this is a sub-incarnation of that one. As others, such as when I was a feline in Sirius, Lyra, and Atlantis. I'm neutral-benevolent as a draco. The more positive ones fighting the more negative ones doesn't really exist. That's a human concept. We just get along marginally with the negative ones, associate more with other beings like plaeidians and arcturians, and there's an element of respect between us and the more negative ones. We do sometimes fight battles (more psychic in nature) relative to individual worlds like Earth (e.g. I'm helping the plaeidians even though I'm a draco royal). The leader of the dracos is a female queen. So not sure what this is talking about. That albino one must be just relative to earth, which would make it a relatively minor royal/ancient.

I wish aliens were real :(

There have been seen around the world, even where I live, human looking aliens, but sometimes their hands glow light of blueish white. They have super powers, who are they?

I love Ashtar!

This proves that you can basically make ANY claim and people will gobble it up, as long as you gave good enough CGI. I just hope the Dracos leave me alone.

Jesus came as a lamb but is coming back as a lion. Just saying, the felines.

Are these guys gay?

What if Radio Face and Jules get married and have The Golden Voice child!?

..... ......SIRIAN... benevolent, mostly *Drakos* ... H.A.V. some benevolent Pleaidians. ...benevolent some H.A.V. ANT race .... amoral ... ...... ......Feline race.. benevolent ...... ...... ...Venusians ...benevolent .. .... ........ Orangie ..... benevolent Archuloid... some benevolent some H.A.V. .. ... ... .... Telosian. .. .. benevolent Aquafarian. ....some benevolent some H.A.V. Note:... 'H.A.V.' (Hostile Alien Visitor.)

Great work guys. Longer vids the better.

Demons have lived on the earth when they were thrown from heaven and spend their time making people full of hate.

Yes, do something on weird things underwater on Google Earth.

We had Wackenhut in SC for years guardian a plant, and making sure people kept driving through without stopping. If you did not reach the other side on time they would look for you. You have to have pre- federal clearance to go to the main office.

in a dream..i was in my light body onboard an arturian ship that was part of a SPACE-FLEET orbiting the earth and watching planet earth very VERY closely!

+SOULFORĖSAKER the andromedain nordic people live 2.5 light years from milky way galaxy to earth! The andromeda Nordic people live in axion galaxy system ! Their are 1000 andromeda nordic people as citizens of canada for 34 years and andromeda galaxy fleet of nordic protect and defend canada with peace alliances treaty as partners with canada with for 34 years ! Andromeda nordic 48 warp dimensional drive propulsion starships come to Ontario canada aligonquin forest every for 24 months on odd years like 2019yr and 2021 year and so for 7 hours to secuity checks of canada and solar system before making deliveries services business for supplies and cargo and medical supplies and delivery of people to 25 galaxies to 25 planets civilizations cities and return home to andromeda galaxy

Episode 3!

You guys should make a whole video about the Dracos and really break it down for everyone, and show how they tie into the Illumidonkeys.

As i write this in 2018, even though humans have found many planets outside of the Sol system, they have NOT yet found any planet orbiting Sirius, which sort of complicate things if the Syrians supposedly live there. What are the odds that a star in the constellation humans named Draco (because we connected the stars like dots and said it looks like a dragon when seen from Earth) would turn out to be the home star for lizard people?... infinitesimally small. Depending on which right-wing lunatic conspiracist you follow, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus are all supposedly shape-shifting lizard people. IF true, then the Dracos are sending us their very best, their most educated, their most talented and their most beautiful. So i am oki with this.

Nice points at the end. We should be like Futurama LOL... Looking forward to the book!

Woah so cool to learn about the Lyran influence on Egyptian culture.

Which alien race would you want to be?

Wow the Dracos seem really bad ass! Also feel a strong connection.

Nice to hear a strong rundown on the Sirians, feel like I have a real connection to them.

Khajiit are real

Anyone who believes in all this nonsense well you have to be a Waterhead simple-minded Democrat retard.

you really need swivel chairs, and lmao @ 11:24 Lord Ass Tart.

The main thing to take away from this is what all these species repeatedly and greatly emphasize over and over and over, which is CONSCIOUSNESS and SPIRITUALITY and also exactly what these guys say in this video series about being kind and compassionate and considerate and shedding this " illusion of individuality" because accepting this concept is sooo important. Advancing consciousness as individuals and collectively as a species is the key and answer to literally everything in the universe and other/higher dimensions and the "goal" if you will is to have more and more of existence and conscious thought to become more and more unified. A way to look at it is to view existence and reality and especially our universe or what have you as an expanding thought instead of just matter. An example of this being displayed is when someone has an IDEA or THOUGHT that envisions a design or idea for a table or car or art or music or whatever and this "conscious organic thought" or idea they have and takes raw natural elements that make up and compose wood or metal or paint etc and turn or change those different elements of matter (chemistry,metallurgy,etc) into whatever they originally thought about creating or making into existence. In layman terms basically your consciousness brought about the existence of something into reality that didn't exist in reality before you had the thought to make all of that happen. I'm basically saying that the deep seated truth of what the essence of existence ultimately is lies within advancing and increasing the density of our collective consciousness. That's not to say I don't think education is important. Education and freely sharing ANY and ALL information and science among ourselves is something we need to advance our conscious selves. In a nutshell I'm agreeing with you wholeheartedly I'm simply just saying that our species advancement and ascension is very multi faceted and ultimately leads back to going within ourselves for the truth. I know this idea is catching on rapidly but I just feel that it's important this concept and truth is recognized ABOVE all else Just some friendly food for thought if you will lol, I hope this helps :)

Edge of Wonder, I met an advanced race of ETs called Esseliens who revealed to me things that might seem too shocking and incredible to most people. They have manipulated and ruled the human race through secret societies, religions, magic, witchcraft and the occult since the dawn of human civilizations. What we call "nature" is not natural at all. It is an artificial nature. Life itself is not natural. Our solar system including Earth, the Moon and all planets was not naturally formed as our scientists tell us, but it was artificially manufactured/created by these cosmic genetic engineers. Evolution did not create life on Earth and God did not create life on Earth. Life was seeded on Earth. My experience with them inspired me to write my novel Binoetics: First Touchdown (Facebook/Binoetics). "What you call life was created by someone greater than you." Steve Jobs. Who is that someone because everybody will agree with me that he was not talking about God?

I love khajiit!

if the felines are real I can be there king cause I rly love cats :D

Loved your presentation. Handled lightly and well. Agrees w my 20 yrs of research.

kinninigan zin uru

the most crazy species are the ones we dont know a fuck about them...but mabe we close to some details...

We want Howard the Alien!

Really don't like these guys..... just miss informing and mixing things.... and really lame jokes... illumidonky? like 40 times... seriously.... santa claus.....

I'm not so sure that all humans are actually human - many are in disguise from one species or another I think.

Trump needs to sign a new Executive Order making it a felony for any citizen whether military or civilian to work for any unacknowledged, black, special access program that do not report directly to a Congressional oversight committee. This will bring a flood of whistle blowers and an end to the crime. Go to www.whitehouse.gov and tell Trump to write this exec order.


What about the Anshar? Corey Goode mentioned them (along with the priestess K’aree) Also, does anyone know what the Russian divers met their demise at the hands of in Lake Baikal? That lake is insane, huge and SOOO deep!!

hi video makers please donate your money to me to help me to continue to sit and watch these rediculus vids

I think the Felines were also referred to as Wookie. The drawing of the body was a little off but the face was pretty much right on. There aren't very many of them around.

If the Dracos are so powerful and have conquered so many planets and want to conquer our planet and have been here for millions of years.... why haven't they done it by now? Or even made a noticeable attempt?

Thank you... you guys are awesome.

Orangies examples: David Hasselhoff, Angry Orange, Donald Trump.

EBENs look like Politicians and Hollywood stars and Popstars. Hooknose, vertical eyes and long claws. I could cite Hillary, Kate Perry or Lady Gaga as examples.


The Sirian race who you have profiled could be the Koumran who are mentioned in a lot of Indian stories.

You guys are full of it.

Great videos guys, I'd love to see more that go more in depth on each race.

Do all the episodes you claim you can make.

Communism tho? For real? That's just lazy.

What a load of bollocks. 20 different alien races, and all of them choose not to reveal themselves, except to the US government, and a few meditating hippies.

If these aliens are so powerful and advanced and want to enslave us so badly... then why don't they? It's not like we can stop them.

When do we get to species 8472?


You guys should totally do a segment on Project Serpo!

When did we need to change illuminati to illumidonkey? Just curious as millions of videos mentioned them and they're still on youtube so what's up with that??? Also what's the deal with valiant thor, as the first photo is too early for eisenhaur????

ohh venusian , I remember watching the ufo conference held in Mt. Shasta that the speaker is OMNIC OMNEC from venus , and got her book " from Venus with love "

hi would you be also get some information from the other sources who are experiencers . like PENNY BRADLY, ELENA KAPULNIC, KEVIN TRAMEL, watch the awakening in utube , or Star traveler in utube.

it is all true and more

Is there a race thats under humans, maybe living in a 2 dimensional world? or are we at the bottom of the barrel. Every other race seems to know whats going on apart from us losers.

Fantastic! Coming from a guy with EXTREME YouTube ADHD, first YouTube video ever that I haven’t skipped through!!! Congrats, that’s a big achievement.

alien GOES HARD FOR US !!!

You guys are cute!

Edge of Wonder  The video is like an Alien gossip series. "The Dracos conspiracy against humanity" ,"The Lyrans trying to awake us from our slumber" and all their intergalactic wars! You make it sound so cool haha

Haha thanks Esmerine. -Ben

Buddha in sanskrit means wisdom or intellect, that it is why he was a scientist.

I wonder went will the ninja turtles will come visiting the earth for real ???

Love this stuff but ya know I don’t mean to be a jerk here but joking about telling the guards wife he’s dead is just bad taste man I mean come on guys that’s someone’s loved one ya know anyway y’all keep up the good work

Why is everyone so invested in earth and humans? There is nothing special about us

Rob......I am envious of your drawing ability. I only wish I could. Enjoy this greatly. Thanks keep up the great info sharing

Yeah Ben... I'm with you Tea is my only choice for a hot clearish beverage (be it black,green or white, Darjeeling is great too). Never coffee.

Drago. Drag Queen

And guys I wanted to say many research this stuff even if did but do you both believe everything you research you can't just spit this out and bang this is real that's fairly out there to say I rearly hear you speak of God and again I ask what you think of the document's stating government's are planning a fake alien attack

Love you guy's so much but I can't help but think that your pushing people away from God are you and if I'm wrong then sorry , but aren't you aware that some of the ppl you speak about not necessarily here but said treasonous government's are planning a fake alien attack

Our government barely held the Manhattan Project secret, today's "leaders" aren't even that good. Why would you believe they even Could, let alone have for roughly 70 years, kept this secret from the people? I will believe THAT happened when I see proof. Also, WHY would they even want us to know these things? They would know we can't handle this stuff. We're still fighting wars among ourselves. IF aliens are doing anything it is putting us in quarantine to protect the rest of the galaxy.

All of these races are here to help us but where are they? We need so much help !!

Those were my fave shows too & Shera.

if you want the true and not this disinformation entertainment Hollywood mikey mouse candy cotton created by cult religions CIA all earth governments and the UFO industry ...then go read all the info and the only true on going contact still on the 7th ahs arrived BEAM the prophet Billy Meier here on youtube channels FIGU Figu Cnanda Theyflytv and ohio exopolitics ..also check http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Event_Timeline its GAME OVER THE END for all this earth human bull shit

Lies, deception. Devil's & demons. Could be true. We are in their matrix & slaves. Elumidonkeys. Lol. You drew bad guy smiling and doesn't look evil. Lol

Part 3! These are so awesome.Would love to see a video on Bushman, or that other guy that Dolan interviewed on his deathbed (always thought that was such a strange term...)

Guys g4s is a major security company in I'm that has contract with UK government


LMFAO!!! Space furries! *video closed*

Billy Meier is a PROVEN fraud. He confounds nobody but idiots. You just lost all credibility. https://www.unspirituality.com/fake-ufo-news-billy-meier-story-debunked/

15:00 music name, please

"spiritual path" What does that even mean? Whenever you hear shit like that, you know you're talking to a healing-crystal whacko.


Where are the council of 5 ?

Is this a fact based video?

you guys need to do a part 3 and talk about Andromedans!!!

It’s nice you and your boyfriend have a common interest

Jacques Vallee and John Mac felt these aliens were up to no good and should be avoided. Many people with religious bents call them demons.

Are you kidding me most of these alien races are just white people or super white people, OMG I feel like those races were just made up.

You overlooked the Procyons, they are closely allied to the Pleidians and Syrians. They deserve a mention as they undertake a great deal of the dirty work, cosmic pest controllers.

All these Aliens being tall, blonde and beautiful. Superior race? Nazis?

I wouldn't mind some more personal stories with you guys, maybe an episode where you talk about your own paranormal experiences? Most people I know have had at least one or more weird experiences but usually they are like; "I was young and had a vivid imagination" Or "It was probably a recollection of a dream". Great content guys, ignore the negative comments (I'm sure you do), and keep going! :)

Yay my man David Icke got mentioned. Dracos, aka. Reptilians, shape shifting masters of deception. **Shudder**

I believe that Google map does not tell the truth because Google maps belong to illuminati or government either.

Why don't you guys go to the location at mt. Shasta and prove your theories? I'd go myself , but I have a regular job.

I used to work for G4S that’s weird

Humans do seem amazingly retarded. Sure wish those cat beings and others would get a bit more aggressive in their mission to spiritually assist us...

Have you guys seen the movie Jupiter ascending? I definitely think that the Wachowskis has some kind of inside information on different extraterrestrials.

I could be wrong but I think that we have the potential to change reality with our minds. I think we physically do that now by making things you know like a chair had to come from somewhere we made it up and then we created it. I believe our abilities are far more than what we think they are I think that we can literally make the mountains dance if we can imagine them dancing. we are just now beginning to understand our own potential. what the problem with us is that we are both Ben elephant I'm trying to say but that wasn't okay I can't say what I'm trying to say cuz talk-to-text is not accepting been relevant sounds like benign. so instead I'll just say we are both good and evil we are both creators and destroyers which side of our nature will win.

I'm really curious about what you meant by Clean DNA

So half of the animals have alien DNA ?

So are the Draco, related to the Reptilians living underground here on Earth???

Cloning isn't good though

Starcraft fans spotted, cheers!

Gt love how all of these aliens are inspired by humans, insects or reptiles from earth. When in reality if they wee real, from another planet, they would probably be nothing alike us. We all stam from one organism. They may have 6 legs and and slimy bodies and maybe they dont have eyes, or maybe they eat with their ass. I think chanses are so slim they would look so much like us

I've been wondering how much we know about alien physiology.A youtube documentory i watched recently left me believing that some of them are silicon based (judging from a crop circle we got) and that those could be the ''greys''. I'll trying to imagine a whole ecosystem based on silicon and its atmosphere. Biochemistry is only one small field in science when we look at the big picture. So many more questions come to mind. I also was left to believe that we already have reversed-engineered antigravity with some gyroscopes and magnets. If you guys find reliable info on these topics or if you have enough content to elaborate on any (if not each and all) of the species presented in this two part series , i would be more than thrilled to watch those. Let's just hope that the donkeys don't divert our efforts.

Yes please make more and more videos on E.T.'s!!!!

Look up lacerta(latin for lizard) if u dont know it about a man who transcribed for a reptilian women, should listen to it and see if u can build up or find more info, i knkw you guys will find it interesting, i have self studied alot for a lonf time all i the name of truth, and i just want to help out, knowledge is power and is the best tool in war. Good luck

And of course i did not look at spell corections

Venusians. It is said that Nikola Tesla was a Venusian, as a child left with Human parents.

Idk how the lizard aliens if their that advanced how did they not take over if thats their plan. If i had half that tech i would be able to round up groups of people who would fight alongside me and we would run shit. They have double that tech and can create beings genetically engineered to be god knows how many times smarter and stronger and resilient to whatever weapons we have. Idk. Just a thought

I think thats because we also have very strong allies watching over us and even the dracos dont want to mess with them, like the Arcturians for example

That aqua one was on hellboy

This is so thought provoking!! I've always known there are aliens races out there but am not sure if they've visited here yet. This video series makes me lean towards they have visited... Great job guys!!


Andromeadians! !! ???

I feel like you both are on an LSD trip lol

That last part where you guys were saying how humans can be cable of so much more gave me chills.

These videos are so (E.T.) racist. *badump-bump*

Why does it seem that all these "Aliens" from other planets always resemble Humans or Animals from Earth? Its almost like all of these Aliens are Bulls#it made up by crazy people.


I wonder why they wanna help us be spiritual, can we surpass technology

Do you really think benevolent or hostile beings would actually care about us at all especially if they are so advanced, i think you exaggerate our self worth.

just finished watching Taken starring Dakota fanning. each episode is like a mini movie. it is about hybrids and controlled breeding. i cant say alot without giving away alot but its pretty cool and decent graphics too.

These true believers obviously have been using and abusing some serious controlled substances with hallucinogenic properties or simply naturally and innately psychotic. Remember, kids! Say no to drugs and cartoons involving Thundercats from Narnia.

We are against drugs, but we don't look down on people doing it we just want to help them. But agreed about 80's cartoons looking at them now it is like "what were they thinking."

New subscriber! Love the content I think it's right up there with securteam and suspect sky!

I think you stepped WAY to far out on a limb at 31:30. We may have a great jump forward from where we are, but to say "greater than all the other ones combined" is greater than out in left field.

Did anyone else get a green lantern vibe?

"Those who shall not be named"...

You both snicker about these topics as you discuss them. Seems insencier

are we all supposed to be chill about all these aliens or???

What is the name of the african tribe rhe sirian has been visited ?

Very complete.

Incredible, THANK U, great to finely have these species explained. Very well done. I will continue to visit ur Utube channel. In time u two will become ambassadors for earth .

Human Race must be under real danger...All species want to help human race. Are we in real danger?

do you think its the ant beings or mantids that made contact with the Hopi and were called the Ant People?

really? I thought the pleaidians were completely benevolent??? crazy!

Do one on Shaolin monks

I like the show its interesting in the way science fiction is interesting but, i cant help but think it's crap. If there is a race of 15 foot Draco's hell bent on world domination uh why haven't they done so? sounds like it would no problem for them to do.

I've had 5 cats over the years choose my home and refuse to leave so I had to feed them and recently one snuck in my house and hid under my bed for days, that one is still around.... interesting... the cherubims or seraphims are described as cats aren't they, I'm not sure which?


It would be amazing to be contacted by the benevolent species.

great job. this show could even be on Sunday morning TV for kids to watch with their parents. hopefully all of this and then some, will be more common knowledge for everyone. what are they waiting for. get over yourselves and release it

I learn a lot from these videos. I often come back and watch them multiple times.

Archeloids have some big-ass noses!!! I must be part Archeloid lol... Love your guys channel by the way!

I guess you've seen the Atacama mummy that looks like the little orange guy; but mostly, those types explain why Japanese manga look like pleiadian AND why some of us have brains that think at 90 mph when most people go 10 or 15 -- sad that last 100 years, there are so few NOT on meds there is no place to hide [figuratively] but we RECOGNIZE others that think like us

finally, if you look at the pixelated surfaces of octopus like creatures, and the ability to transform their screens across the facets, it's not hard to imagine organisms with shimmering organic surfaces that should "cloak" themselves to look like sky, that hover and move in all directions like dragonflies; AND perhaps like adolescents of their group, come out to play and prank humans from time to time. Unfortunately, like some humans do with their pets, they can be callous, controlling, and even destructive in their play [bored and looking for amusement?]

The laws of physics do not work at the quantum level; the speed of light is not an absolute. We are constrained by the limitations of our natural perception [we were made to fit into a designated compartment in the whole design]; currently the "scientific" method chains us to a world designed to fit the parameters of our limited perceptions. Because the dominant culture needs minds to conform to the reality they can control, it's like not wanting to let the caged animal see the outside world of open plains, grass and woods. AND we have bought into the "scientific" method and can NOT understand the open mind, or the world outside, that ancient cultures had already developed and spread across the globe

Because, when you learn about the diversity of lifeforms, especially those with REALLY long history of adaptation, it's not inconceivable to wonder whether the stem cell production of axolotls, the rna editing of [is it octopi?], the plantlike energy production of naked mole rats, the HUGE genome of axolotls too could be an indication of how primates could have differentiated over thousands [and millions because we haven't "found" fossils that we primitives need to convince us] of years. AND the English speaking dominant culture can not accept "living" fossils of evidence of divergence early in the evolutionary timeline.

However I would think that the origin story to explain evolution of differentiated humans is a human construct, only because the dominant species in any given culture wants to explain to his satisfaction why people different from themselves are not normal [and in Brit way of thinking, need to be controlled/medicated modified to conform]

The people in central Japan call us Mizukage or Kappa, kappa having a negative meaning. Most Mizukage on Earth are human in appearance except for a few subtle differences. The term Aquafarian sounds like a bottled water.

Part 3 please !

I love this channel

_11. Sirian_ *MISSION:* Assisting humans on their spiritual path and genetic experimentation. *HOME STAR:* Siriuz also known as Dog Star *ALIGNMENT:* Benevolent _12. Draco_ *MISSION:* Control Human race and eventually deplacs them. *HOME STAR:* Alpha Draconis the Draco Constellation. *ALIGNMENT:* Hostile but some benevolent. _13. Pleaidians_ *MISSION:* Assisting and study human for genetic purposes. *HOME STAR:* Pleiades star cluster in the Taurus constellation. *ALIGNMENT:* Benevolent, but some are malevolent. _14. Ant Race_ *MISSION:* Alliance with the Dracos *HOME STAR:* Unknown *ALIGNMENT:* Amoral. _15. Feline Race_ *MISSION:* Assisting humans on their spiritual path. *HOME PLANET:* Avyon a planet in the Lyra system. *ALIGNMENT:* Benevolent. _16. Venusian._ *MISSION:* Assisting humans on their spiritual path. *HOME PLANET:* Venus. *ALIGNMENT:* Benevolent. _17. Orangie_ *MISSION:* Assisting humans on their spiritual path. *HOME PLANET:* Barnard's Star in the constellation of Ophiuchus. *ALIGNMENT:* Benevolent. _18._ *MISSION:* Controlled by Ebens. *HOME PLANET:* planet PONTEL in orion *ALIGNMENT:* Some benevolent, some hostile

Some say that they already have.



It's entertaining to watch your shows. You guys are kinda funny( in a good way.) What do you both think about all of this ? Do you buy it or just providing entrainment ? No offense . Like I said you're both funny. I'm on the fence I guess. I like that the Thor guy acknowledged Jesus . Anyhow keep it coming.

Not all Serpents are evil in the Bible. Think Red Serpent (Satan) vs Bronze Serpent (???) told for the Jews to look upon to be healed from the venom of Serpents that were a curse to them in the Desert.

If you come to believe these stupidities, don't be surprised to be always fooled in your life !

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