Volvo 544 Sport Championship Winning Race

Volvo 544 Sport Championship Winning Race

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Going to heat the tires well enough before racestart, to gain the advantage over my competitors the first few laps before their tires are up to temperature. I'm starting right behind this Lotus Elan, and I need to get a perfect jump from the starting line to get a good run on him down to the first corner. Notice behind me, I'm surrounded by Elans.

Final race of this season... LET'S GO!!! Jumpstart from the Elan, won't get a run at him now :-) Now I must focus on the Cortina instead. Got a Mini coming up alongside me into turn one - must leave some space for it. Nice battle through the esses. The wide line is just to slow to make a pass around the outside. A good entry to the straight will surely give me a run on the Mini down to turn one.

The Mini is cleared. Onwards to catch the Cortina. Very Gentlemen Driver-like of the Cortina to leave me the space. And with this driver I'm able to race hard and extremely fair through the next few corners. With the Cortina cleared it's full focus on the Elan ahead.

The Elan is impossible to catch on the straights - no wonder. Oddly enough I catch up with him on the twisty bits - especially through "Tändstiften" It gives me great confidence that I can close the gap completely in the 2nd and 3rd sector of the track. I'm locked in and sure that I'll have a chance at passing the Elan. If I can just avoid losing to much distance to the Elan on the straight, I'll get my chance! Not to forget that I've got the Mini right on my tail, and it's very keen on passing me. Very challenging to juggle with both the offense and defence at the same time - but it's also what I love the most about racing!!! This part of the track seems to be the place with the best chances to make a move for the pass. ... also because I constantly gain a comfortable amount of distance to the Mini behind me. A bit too exciting with the way the Elan cleared the other Volvo. But now I might get a chance to pass!

Unfortunately I'm not fast enough around the outside - again no wonder. I'm trying everywhere I can to pass the Elan, because my pace now is at least 2 sec. off my normal. And I wan't to get the Elan between me and the Mini and Cortina who are my closest competitors! Still my best chances are in the next few corners.

Unlucky for me, a car has retired just outside the track bringing out the yellow flag. Nut until I reach the green flag can I make a move for the overtake. However this eliminates my best chances of passing the Elan, since I don't have the excess speed to go around the outside on the other parts of the track. Therefore I'm a bit stuck in this position. I can only hope for a drivers error from the Elan or the yellow flag to cease.

Still, having made my "Racing Driver Excuses" it's time to focus and do my absolute best! That was a bit exciting. I'm trying with an alternative strategy at this corner - going wide. Still I'm not fast enough as you can see. Left myself a bit too vulnerable here for my comfort in regards to the Mini. It's really challenging trying to pass this Elan. Still I soldier on. I must pass it.

This will be a personal feat if I ever manage to pass the Elan! A sight for the Gods! The yellow flag has ceased. Finally I can make a move. Oh dear... Alongside the Elan. I suppose it hasn't seen me since we make contact and I'm on the edge of the track. This also left me open for the Mini to try and make a pass down the straight No matter what, I'm going to fully SEND IT this time! YEAH!!! Last lap! WUHUUU! On the final lap driving my own pace I manage a 1:15,1 time. Half a sec. slower than my PR but still 2 sec. faster than any other lap throughout this race.

Huge thanks to all officials and volounteers for the amazing work they've done at all events this season! WOW... first time ever this Volvo has won the Group 3 STC championship!

2022-12-04 03:01

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