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We'd like to do a test of courage in today's special. A forest. It's an uninhabited island. Really? Uninhabited? Getting the okay here is a first. Beware of wild dogs. Wow, there's a sign for this.

Are we really going down there? Isn't it bad if we get bitten? But it's famous in Okinawa for its terror. It feels so intense. I feel overwhelmed.

Are you still here? This is so scary. This is terrifying. -From the other side? -Yeah. An abandoned hotel said to be the most terrifying in Okinawa. Brutal.

That's huge. That's enormous. Huh? This is incredible.

I'm terrified, what was that? Nagao. 1991, August 24. What was that just now? I heard a voice from upstairs. Is something there? You're not a person right? Hello? Maybe it's connected to the rumors. It's here. Here? The room numbers are completely different.

Whoa, this is scary. Wait, this is freaking me out. Hold on. Hold on, I'll go up halfway. It's a voice, right? Yeah, they were talking.

Summer Special: Okinawa Welcome to Zozozo. We're in Okinawa. For our summer special this year, we're doing our first Okinawa video. Thanks, I've always wanted to visit. By the way, look. I bought a shirt. Oh, Orion Breweries.

I brought a swim suit, so let's go in. Ochiai, you can't. There's pumice drifting onto shore. We can't here? As a horror show, we can't forget about Okinawa, so we've come with our staff and 2,000mg of Taurine and motivation. I have a question.

Yes? Aren't we missing staff? Uchida came down with food poisoning, so he's sitting out this time. Food poisoning? Hello? <i>Hello.</i> Uchida, why aren't you here? <i>I'm not feeling well. Are you in Okinawa now?</i> Well, you have food poisoning, so... It's not food poisoning, but it's true that my stomach hurts.

We're raring to go on our Okinawa shoot. Any words for us? Well, do your best, but don't get hurt. And with that, we'll work hard this time for Uchida too. Ochiai, about your clothes... It screams Okinawa.

There are a lot of holy places in Okinawa. Yeah. We want to be serious when we tour around in Okinawa, so Orion Breweries is a bit... Yeah, it's like you're goofing off. [Worry] Isn't it too cheerful? Is it? Our summer special this year will be in Okinawa. Okinawa has many haunted, sacred, and holy spots.

We'll have a summer test of courage today at Japan's beautiful Okinawa. As you see here, Okinawa is beautiful, so let's go while it's still light and finish at night with Orion Breweries. Our first visit will be a park. A park. The Summer Special: Okinawa We've arrived at Sueyoshi Park. So dark.

It was a bit far, so night has fallen. Why though? At first glance, the park is peaceful. And dark. But it's famous in Okinawa for its terror.

The park? Yes. We would like to do a test of courage in today's special, but it's tough, so we have a special guest who wanted to come to Okinawa. Give him a big applause. It's Nagao. Welcome.

Hi there. Nagao, it's Okinawa. It's my first time in Okinawa, you know. -First time. -Yes. Have you ever been to Okinawa? Yes, on a school drip.

I'm sure Nagao has heard of Sueyoshi Park before. Yes, when you look up Okinawa, this place always comes up. This park? There are many mini Shinto shrines here, plus Japan's historic Sueyoshi Shrine. Its tranquil, green vibe flips at night, scaring locals and keeping them at bay. Scary rumors of unnatural phenomena make it a famous horror spot in Okinawa. Some phenomenon reported here are people without a sixth sense see ghosts, talismans can be seen on trees, and spirits without legs chase after you.

There's a tunnel that's particularly scary. A tunnel? It's more like an underground path. We'll head there, and have Mr. Ghost Photography Nagao take a photo for us.

Whoa, this is intense. Wait, it's so deep. So, so deep. This is really scary. Hey, this goes down really far. Hold on, this path is crazy.

Its slippery and muddy, so make sure you don't slip. That'd be bad. -Seriously. -Hold the railing. Oh, it's slippery. Be careful. This is terrifying. No way.

Is it past here? Are we going there? This is no park. It's a jungle. It's nature. This is terrifying. Does it go further? There is a path that goes in further. Does this go to that tunnel? A tunnel, or an underground path.

In the park? Oh, there it is. -Found it? -Here it is. Whoa, there it is. What the heck? Wow, what is this? This looks really scary. There's a building on top.

Isn't that Sueyoshi Shrine? There's a lot of rustling here. Sounds. We may get good ghost photos here, as many ghosts are seen here at night.

Here? But stopping here is a bit weak, so how about we go inside? What? -On my own? -Yes. Shall we get going? This structure really stands out. Do I just go through? The air here is no joke. I'm not getting a good feeling about going under a shrine like this.

This is scary. I'm heading in, excuse me. Coming through. A terrifying solo cam This is incredible. It's like you're closed in.

Yeah. It's probably about two meters high, so it's pretty cramped. -It looks like a cave. -Three, two meters.

It's getting chilly. Sound doesn't travel in here. The shrine above us, Sueyoshi Shrine, is one of the Eight Shrines of Ryukyu from the Ryukyu Kingdom. One of the eight shrines.

Of Ryukyu. These eight shrines received special treatment from the royal government. Shinto shrines. One of which was the Sueyoshi Shrine. I see, so it was very holy. Yes.

Whoa, this is scary. Looks like it was made by piling rocks together. Oh, there's the exit. It was about 10 meters long. I'm exiting now. I've left the tunnel.

I found it. What, a ghost? No, the exit. I think we can climb up from here. There are stairs, so I think we can go up. Writing. There's a sign.

The old Sueyoshi Shrine. I guess it was recreated. "A beloved shrine to locals, it was restored in 1972." "Any changes or obstruction to its current state are forbidden by law." Wow, so this is on park property, right? It's hard to imagine. It's a park with a natural environment full of greenery.

The size of four Tokyo Domes. It's that big? It's tranquil in the day, but scary and abandoned at night. Coming at this hour and visiting the shrine would be scary. Of course it'd be scary at night without any street lights.

It'd be too scary to walk without a flashlight. Wait, I heard something. Cracking sounds. I feel like I heard tap-tap-tap sounds from over there, too. Huh? Like someone's running here. So...

Whoa. Let's take some photos here. Let's take some.

Ochiai will stand at the tunnel entrance and Nagao will take the shot. Wait, me? Okay, um... Magnification? Try 0.5.

How about 1? Wait, hold on. What's the matter? I just felt a cold draft. -From the other side? -Yeah. Let's use 1. Wait, hold on. That scared me.

The sound of wind was on camera. Wait, hold on. That scared me. Wait, hold on. That scared me. Wait, hold on. That scared me. A woman's voice? We'll take about five photos. Here goes.

Two. Three. I'm terrified of what's behind me.

Five. I have goosebumps. Thank you. Let's take a look. There's nothing out of the ordinary. Yeah... Whoa.

Huh? No. This is bad. Whoa.

I hear cracking sounds. Nearby sounds. This was number two. That really bothers me. Nothing really stands out to me.

Yeah, you're right. The air around here changed while we took the photos. Yeah.

I'm hearing more sounds. Since we intruded, let's go pay our respects. Sure. Sueyoshi Shrine. Here it is.

Since we intruded. Sorry for intruding. Thank you.

So, Ochiai, please share this spot's Zozozo Score. Sueyoshi Park's Zozozo Score is... 3.5. Zo-zo-zo-so. Rumors have it that a lot of spirits appear here, and the vibe around this whole park at night is really scary. It's scary how it feels like you're lost in nature.

A place where you feel the history through the trees and stone walls. Everything feels like it's a part of nature. That gives it a very holy ambience. So, Ochiai has given a Zozozo score of 3.5. It'd be scary alone at night. Yeah, since we also heard what sounded like footsteps the entire time.

That feeling that we're not alone was stronger than anywhere else. After Ochiai said 3.5, the air has felt tense. Are they mad? Our next stop on our Okinawa Special is somewhere people usually don't visit.

Another? Can we even go drinking today? Summer Special: Okinawa We are now in Uruma City. Look. A forest. We are currently on Yabuchi Island.

Yabuchi Island. It's an uninhabited island. Really? Uninhabited? Past here, there's a holy place called Janeh Cave. A cave? They say people lived here thousands of years ago, and the holy cave was a religious symbol.

In the back of the island? We have to go quite far in. It's on the edge. Okinawa is not only famous for haunted spots, but holy spots of power, and we can't forget about those. Apparently, Janeh Cave has an elevated area. They say locals long ago would pray on this area in the back of the cave.

Today, we'll enter Janeh Cave, and pray that Zozozo will successfully finish its haunted spot national tour. Since we're a horror program, we looked for scary stories about the cave and apparently, a strange old man is in the cave all year round. Huh? That old man seems to treasure this cave, but he bothers the management here by hanging decorations without asking. He probably won't harm us, but it'll be troublesome if he finds us.

Someone's in there? It's possible. Seriously? A strange old man might be in the cave. No way, that's crazy. Local residents have seen him half-naked, eating bread in a car that obviously hasn't passed inspection. He's a troublesome guy. Is he real? It's time to go into the cave, but our coordinator has rejected your outfits.

Snakes live here. We've prepared long boots, long-sleeved shirts, and long pants. Although we have enough for everyone, Ochiai and Yamamoto fit this role best. Yamamoto, we'd like you to join Ochiai.

But Ochiai freaked out back in the Chosen Tunnel. It was scary. Preparations are complete, boots and all, since snakes may appear.

Isn't it bad if we get bitten? It said you die without a serum in half an hour. And the hospital is far. About 30 minutes from here.

That's cutting it close. Safety comes first, so we brought this. Bug repellent spray. That's weak. And the coordinator gave us this to block the snakes. Move the snakes with this.

Really? Getting the okay here for a test of courage is a first. So come on, what's one or two snakes? Huh? Just to recap here, there's an elevated area at the front. Pray for Zozozo's haunted spot national tour to finish successfully. And it'd be scary if that guy comes out mid-prayer, so check to see if he's there before you pray. That old man's scary too. If you don't come back in 30 minutes, we'll assume the old man found you.

Then the coordinator and I will figure something out. Just come get us. A strange group apparently abandons sterilized wild cats here. A strange group. As an added note, a mysterious group may abandon wild cats here.

That's so dark. There are wild dogs, too. It's an uninhabited island. There's a path that goes down from that sign.

Go down, walk left, and the cave is there. Okay. We'll wait here, so call us if something happens. There's no service. Just yell, and maybe we'll hear you.

-Can we yell? -It's uninhabited. No one lives here, so yelling is okay. Even when I see a snake? Please go pray for Zozozo's success.

Let's go. Wow, it's dark. Are we really going down there? Beware of wild dogs. Wow, there's a sign for this. They're down there, so we'll have to watch as we descend. Can't step on one.

Are we really going? It's really dark. Whoa. This is scary. So scary. It's so dark. I'm kind of scared. Me too.

Sorry, the wild is really scaring me right now. Go down, walk left, and the cave is there. Okay, we've descended. The path is cleared. Yes, so... Whoa, that scared me. He said to go left. But...

Can you shine your light? Is this really a cave? I think it's this. Whoa. This is so intense. Incredible. This is amazing, isn't it? It really is. This is really intense.

It's no joke. Look up. It's like a limestone cave. -Yeah. -Looks like it. Based on the shape, it's dripping from above. But it's not as humid as a limestone cave.

Pray for Zozozo's success on the elevated area. But there's some kind of bowl in the back. I guess we'll give a greeting here. Excuse us.

We're coming in. Honestly, I'm sure this was all formed naturally, but it feels so intense. I feel overwhelmed. How was this formed?

So this is Janeh Cave. Apparently "cave" is called "gama" in Okinawa. It's a very holy gama. This is the elevated area Minaguchi mentioned.

And this is where we pray. Should we look deeper? It'd be crazy if someone were here. That'd be really scary.

This... The depth won't even show up on camera. -So scary. -No way. We also got filming permission from the local government head and are having a coordinator assist us this time. I asked them if praying at Janeh Cave for our program's success would be considered rude.

They said it's fine. But they were serious about the snakes, wild dogs, and the old man. Yeah, they're warning us of nature. Whoa, is this for real? It goes deeper? Yeah, and isn't this space gigantic? It's enormous.

What? Wanna see how far we can go? If you get there, you can probably see down below. Oh, I see. Wait, hold on. Oh, I see. Wait, hold on. Did something move? A movement? Did you feel something? What? As if something passed by? No.

Did I imagine it? Was it this? I thought I saw something white pass by. Something in the back. An animal? Is it a wild animal, snake, or the old man? Any one of these would put them in danger. Let's take a look. Wait.

What is it? Stop, what is it? I think it's fine. Is something there? Can you feel something? Kind of. This is terrifying, I need to step back.

Should we go in? Just for a bit. Death. Let's hurry this up.

Whoa, this is crazy. When we first came into the cave, there were bugs flying everywhere. Yeah. But there's not a single one here. Can you get a shot of the ground? This path looks manmade. Apparently, a strange old man is in the cave all year round.

-The way it was opened up. -That has to be it. Should we go? I don't want to. Let's go. We're on standby here, but they left the coordinator these shoes.

Why'd they leave them out? Let's put these into the car. If Ochiai gets bitten by a snake, this program is over, so... -Safety first is Zozozo's motto. -Yes. Centipedes might crawl in.

We're at the very bottom. -Huh? -Is it that? Aren't those stairs to the left? Yeah, it does look like stairs. Is it stairs? Nothing's there, right? Wow, isn't this incredible? It's not a fun attraction, okay? -This is amazing. -Wow, this looks incredible. This will look great on camera. Are you still here? Yes.

This is so scary. Wait a second. Some kind of stone monument? Whoa, this is scary. This is terrifying.

This is scary. What is going on? How is it? Well... Well, um... It looks like there's 50 meters left. And it gets narrower.

Have you had snake wine? Several times. The good stuff is about 50,000 yen. So snakes can sell for a lot? If you catch a snake and sell it to the local government... Whoa. How does the wine taste? Whoa. Ugh. Hmph.

Oh, they're back. Welcome back. Good work. Hey. You choose the craziest places. Did you find the old man? He wasn't there.

Well, we didn't go all the way in. What? I can't anymore. Let's pray and leave. It's here, right? Please watch over us so that Zozozo's haunted spot national tour goes well. Okay? Let's leave now, seriously. I'm at my limit. Zo.

And that was Janeh Cave. But we didn't go to the end of the cave? It's more like I just couldn't. It was bigger, greater, and longer than you said. No.

Conclusion: No. Did you pray for our success at the elevated area? Yes, I made sure to do that. Thank you. Yes, I did it. We've dropped by Janeh Cave, where we got special permission and got to enjoy Okinawa's mysterious side.

Ochiai, please share this spot's Zozozo Score. Janeh Cave's Zozozo Score is... Four. -It's... -Is someone here?

I keep hearing a cracking sound. Oh, crap. It started when you said "four."

-You're right. -Not happy? -I heard the sound. -Yeah, it's there. You heard something? Well, it could be a wild animal.

Our next and final place for today is a giant abandoned hotel. Summer Special: Okinawa This is the third and final spot today. Behind here is an abandoned hotel said to be the most terrifying in Okinawa. Let's go take a look. Okay.

Oh, there's a sign. Yeah, I can't really see it though. Leq... Leq-something resort. It's a bit dark.

It's just dark. But the road is paved. It is.

And there's a guard rail, so it must've been prepared as part of the hotel. It's past here? Yes, the entrance is down there. Seriously, I don't see it.

Oh, I see a shadow. There it is. I kind of see a building. Wow, that's...

Amazing. It's close. So is there only a hotel here? Oh, I see it now.

What? Whoa. Hold on. What? The graffiti. This is insane. Huh? Brutal. Whoa, it's completely vandalized.

This is the entrance to the Lequio Resort Hotel. Seriously? It's on the ground, too. This is crazy. Did you hear that? I heard a crack.

But is it okay... to enter? How do we enter? But it says "We'll call the police." We received permission to film here today, and told the local residents, the police, and even the fire department. Even with all this graffiti? It was a difficult negotiation. We begged, saying we love Okinawa and that this had to be our last spot and we somehow got permission. -They were very reluctant. -Well, of course.

We've gotten permission, so we'll boldly dive in. There's so much litter already. This already gives me the creeps. Yes, that way. We're going this way? Wait, so scary. Watch your step.

Whoa. Whoa, there it is. Look, we saw the other side earlier. The graffiti on this side is crazy.

This side is crazy too. What? The abandoned hotel is just past here. Wow.

I kind of see it. Oh, it says "Resort." It says "Lequio Resort." It's hidden in the trees, but yes.

It's a resort hotel, so it must be quite big. Whoa. Do you see the five-story building? -That’s huge. -That's enormous. Lequio Resort Hotel is a giant abandoned hotel in Okinawa. This five-story lavish resort hotel, with a pool, closed in the late 1990s. Many ghosts are said to roam the hotel, and some visitors get sick or haunted.

The top floor is famous for its phenomena, especially room 55. There are many witnesses who claim to have seen suic***s committed by jumping. They also say ghosts appear at the pool. In January 2017, there were rumors that someone discovered a rotting corp**. Later, though called false, some people suggest it was the one who jumped.

This supposedly terrifying hotel is where we'll have our test of courage. It's a big building, so we'll form two teams to see terrifying spots in the hotel and find the truth. Ochiai and I get the first floor, Nagao and Yamamoto get the second. -Second floor. -We'll go one floor at a time. The scary areas are the 5th floor, Room 55, and the ghost pool. Okay.

Did you hear a voice? I can't tell if that's just an echo. That was not an echo. Seriously? To the entrance we go. It's incredible up close.

The graffiti is crazy. Yeah. It's not like the graffiti that we've seen in other places. They're not like the ones by delinquents.

They were designed well. Lots of graffiti left on-site will lead the party to the truth of these rumors. The walls... They're gone. You can see outside. Was this a counter? Yeah, looks like it. Oh.

-I found the stairs. -Stairs. Nagao's team will go to the second floor. Second floor. A cracking sound.

Huh? If you run into trouble, give us a call. I have no service. Then yell and we'll come to you. -Okay, let's go. -Let's go. Ochiai, with high spirits.

First floor. Let's go. Wow, they've vandalized every wall.

Amazing. The floor is concrete, so there's probably no danger of falling. Yeah. Second floor. Well, look at that.

The building structure is confusing, so let's walk the perimeter. We entered from here. Yes, the entrance. When was this abandoned? In the '90s. The '90s, huh? That's probably when it got famous with the locals. This is the first floor, right? It's spacious, so it must've been a lobby of sorts, but nothing's left.

This is incredible. Looks like it was smashed. They removed the metal, so they did some preparation for demolition. Yeah, you're right.

By the way, it's not a ghost story, but... Regarding these ruins, there's one more rumor. When we were getting permission for this shoot, a local said that, for a time, someone who seemed homeless lived here. In here. Then he vanished at some point. Hm, I see.

There were no incidents when the hotel was running, so some may have thought the homeless person was a ghost. So after the hotel closed, they moved in and were mistaken as a ghost here. But it looks like they removed everything from the place. Yeah, nothing's here anymore. Is this carpet? These look like rooms.

They're segmented off. This graffiti is incredible. This is so eerie. I saw it when I walked in. Wow, this is intense. It's on every wall and on the floor, too.

It's even on the ceiling. There's something written everywhere. This is unusual, right? But other than concrete, there's nothing left. It looks burnt here. -You're right. -It was this.

There used to be wood here. This was burned. There's so much graffiti here. Can a homeless person even live in a place like this? I mean, so many people probably came here. Wasn't it scary? This is... Maybe it's a restroom. -Oh, there's ceramic. -Looks like it.

This looks like it might've been a restroom and shower. Oh, you're right. Bathtub. This must've been a guest room. Yeah, since they're all segmented. This is more of the same.

Yeah, it is. Not much different. But this shape looks pretty dated. Yeah. The color, too.

Whoa, this is creepy. What is this? Smiley faces? What? Yes, I see. Oh. There's the pool.

The pool. Does it show on camera? Were all the rooms connected? Along with the veranda? Well, that's common... I'm not sure. We'll probably die if we go that way. -That scared me. -Whoa. Huh? This is incredible.

Ochiai, look outside. The pool? Watch your step. This is seriously terrifying. Here it is.

Whoa, there's water in there. It's filled to the brim. What? It collected rainwater this whole time. Whoa, this is incredible. They say that ghosts come out at this pool.

Ghosts appear. Isn't something floating over there? What? Doesn't that look like a bathtub? No wetsuit, but want to go in? No, I won't. People say a ghost appears at the pool and someone jumped to commit suic***. Maybe this story comes from someone dying by jumping in the pool. They can't, distance-wise.

They'd hit the ground if they jumped from anywhere. They'd miss the pool. Huh? Hold on a second.

What? Do you smell that? Smells sweet. What is this? This is definitely a monument. What? Maybe someone held an event here. What is this? What's this? A piece of art? Art? Management looks over this building, but it smells fresh, like yesterday. Wow.

What is this strange room? Did they hold an exhibit? This is crazy. Okay, I see. The smell gets stronger here. This is...

Are the other guys upstairs? Aren't they downstairs? Yeah, but I heard a voice from upstairs. Want to see how deep it goes? Can I set this here? This is scary. Careful. I'm kind of scared. This stick is long, okay? Whoa, I just touched something soft.

May I? It kind of felt squishy. You're right, it's brushing up against something. It's filled with stuff. And there are bubbles coming up. Bubbles come up when you stab them.

Oh crap, what is this? And something unknown sank next to it. What is that? So they brought a tub all the way here? And it's not broken. Hotel guest rooms usually aren't on the first floor.

So it's from upstairs. They carried it here. Hello? We're almost done here. Should we go to the fourth floor? Go to the third floor. Third? Got it.

It's kind of like... Team Nagao to the Third Floor The stairs are here. Outside. -For emergencies? -I see.

This is intense. -There's a building next door. -I see it. -An annex? -Yeah. Shall we go up here? So basically, rumors say a ghost appears at the pool? Yes, it's a pretty famous rumor. It gives off that vibe. There was also the rumor about the corp**, right? Yeah, they didn't know if it was true.

They said it was fake, since they never found the corp**. But when you imagine a rotting corp**, doesn't a pool come to mind? Yeah. But the corp** uproar happened in 2017 and the pool ghost rumor was around earlier. Oh, so it's older. Yes, so are the two connected? -We don't know. -That's the thing.

Did we film here? Over here? Hm... What's over here? This area is... Whoa, the wall is all tattered. It's totally destroyed.

I can't tell what this room was. It's really hard to tell. But since it was a resort hotel, the first floor was big. Yeah. There are so many rooms. What about here? This area was vandalized, and nothing's left from the old days.

If you look here, they plastered something white under the graffiti. Yeah, there's white paint on the graffiti, followed by new graffiti on top. Even with management around. Furthermore...

What's this? Huh? Something's written here. "Lequio," right? Yeah, it says "Lequio" right here. "Lequio Resort Okinawa." It's from back then. Oh, a door.

Yeah, isn't this the first? Nothing's different over here. Third Floor Guest Rooms Shall we leave? Yeah... The building is in a U shape, huh? It is. "35."

Oh, "35." Oh, I just noticed. It's written down? That's 35, and that's 36. You're right. 37. About the suic*** by jumping...

Oh, right. This kind of place would make you want to commit suic*** by jumping. An incident was bound to happen here.

I hate to think this way, but there might've been a death that wasn't "an accident." Hm... Oh. Ah.

This is the evacuation map from back then. And it says 307 here, saying this is Room 307. Right, it says 37.

Here, it's 37. Okay, I see. This is the room number.

We've seen this floor for the most part, and Nagao is on the third, so shall we go to the fourth? Right to the fourth? Oh, this is an elevator. That's when... Wow, this does make it look like a homeless person lived here. Yeah, this is the only sign of it.

Do you hear all that noise? What? It's not Nagao. What is this sound? I'm getting really scared. I have goosebumps.

It's not Nagao? Was it from above? Yeah. It's like audio on fast forward. Are the other guys upstairs? Aren't they downstairs? I heard a voice from upstairs. Nagao? Wait, I'm terrified, what was that? Nagao? Nagao? That's scary.

What was that sound? It's a voice, right? Yeah, they were talking. They were speaking really fast. Wait, are you serious? They probably didn't jump here, right? The suic*** here was a really famous rumor, but I couldn't find any news on where.

Or this might just be an elevator. You scared the crap out of me. It's incredible how much graffiti they put up.

It's not normal. I don't get it. Oh, Nagao and Yamamoto. All those rumors started after the hotel closed, right? Since there are no railings now... An accident could happen.

It's possible, but... -Nagao? -Oh, that scared me. -Nagao? -Oh, that scared me. -We're on their floor. -Here. Did you notice the room numbers? No, we just got up the stairs.

"34." Yeah, we noticed this and found some proof too. There was a flyer with evacuation routes. So we can find Room 55 on the fifth floor too then.

Yes. Two floors left. We talked about the homeless person a bit. It's all vandalized, right? It's too dangerous to live here, since so many people came in here to vandalize it. But I noticed the third floor still had doors.

A lot of people probably went to the first and second floor, but the third still had some doors left. So if we go up, we might find areas that weren't vandalized. Take a look. The fourth floor. But there's still a bunch of graffiti. A whole lot.

Oh, but it's pretty spacious. It's just as vandalized up here. But what about that suic*** rumor? Right.

You can see that car, right? If someone snuck in here, I think you can see it from that road. So you might see a light or some kind of dark shadow. If you saw them drop from here, you might think it's someone committing suic*** by falling. Even if you didn't see anyone? Yeah, exactly.

A local person said a homeless person lived here for a while. Maybe it's connected to the ghost and suic*** rumors. It wouldn't be weird if a local saw a light and reported it.

I could see how people could see that as a ghost. But the fact that the homeless person vanished made the locals pretty curious. It'd make sense if management chased the person out.

Right, since they vanished pretty suddenly. Then is the suic*** that person? It's a stretch, but you could say that. If so, where did the person jump from? But then, there's the uproar from the 2017 corp** that was found.

Maybe the homeless person found it, since that person was here. And that person also vanished. That's right. This is probably "45." "408," "47." "47."

Ochiai? It's not him. Where was it? -From here. -From here? Wait, that’s scary. Not an animal? No. Oh wow, hand prints. Yeah. What was that just now? I'll make some sound.

I thought that clanking sound was from over there. Huh? See? You're not a person, right? Hello? No, it's not. -That'd be bad. -Really bad. I was thinking that this room smelled like wild animal.

There's a cup. Huh? Isn't that a pink cup in the back? -Oh, it's Nagao and Yamamoto. -There they are. Does that mean we've finished the fourth floor? Yes. Did you find anything? We heard rattling from behind the ceiling.

Maybe it's a rat. As for the rooms numbers, this is 45. From what I saw below, these corner rooms are a higher class. Right, they have glass on two walls and a five-sided bathroom. If this is 45, isn't 55 right above it? Yes, if it's the same layout. Well, the most terrifying room is Room 55 on the fifth floor.

Let's go up these stairs... Or I guess this is an elevator. By the way, we heard voices from above in the elevator shaft. This is the first time we've gone near the elevator.

Really? We heard someone speaking really fast. These two don't. It was so fast. Do you hear all that noise? Are the other guys upstairs? Aren't they downstairs? I heard a voice from upstairs.

What if it's from the fifth floor? Right. But right in front of the elevator is Room 55. Room 55. I just heard a voice. Huh? It was totally a woman's voice. I didn't hear it.

It was like an, "ah" sound. Really? Hold on. After saying "Room 55."

It went, "ah." So was the homeless man living in Room 55? And why? I still can't find the connection between the rumors. The story. but the third still had some doors left. So if we go up, we might find areas that weren't vandalized. This is the fifth floor. Rumors say it has the most phenomena.

Whoa. It's pretty beat up. Wait... It's vandalized.

Or more like, there's nothing here. It's worse than the fourth floor. Yeah, it's in really bad shape. Ah.

What? "54." Here? But we just came up the stairs. Over there, it's 57 and 56. Oh, then the room numbers are completely different. The room number layout is different from the lower floors? The room above 45 is 58. You're right.

-There's no 55. -Hold on. 58. 57 probably. 56. 54. There's no 55.

This one is 54. That's what it says. Right, it says "54." Hey, this room is really big. Some hotels have different level rooms on each floor.

So the rules are different. If this is 54, shouldn't 55 be next to it? No, looking here, this is 51 and 52. -Wait, this says "look." -What? -It says "look." -Oh, you're right. Which room is this? Isn't this Room 53? Next to Room 52.

It doesn't say anything, but it has "G" written on it. The letter G? Then isn't it 50? It goes 51, 52, 53, and 54. Then 56 is next to it.

What's going on? 51, 52, 53... But next to 54 is 56. It's weird that 55 isn't here. Should we circle around? Maybe the doorways have a hint. 511, 510, 59.

This one's blank but it's 58. 57. Oh, this one is 58. Huh? It's off by one.

It shifted. That's 59, right? 59. -It skipped one. -Wait, let's switch. Shall we go? -Recording now. -Okay. I noticed a number is missing. It starts at 51 and ends at 511.

511, 510, 519, 58. This should be 57, 56, and 55. It has to be here? Position-wise, there's no other possibility.

From the other end, it's 54, 53, 52, and 51. It matches. It's here? This is Room 55. So what is Room 55? The fifth floor has the most phenomena, and Room 55 is the worst of all other rooms. I see.

This is where Room 55 should be. I'm going in. Whoa, the room structure is different. Did you hear footsteps just now? Behind us.

I keep feeling a presence. Huh? I have a headache. Wow, this is spacious. The roof is so high up.

The ceiling is all peeled off, along with the walls in this strange room. This closet is weird for a hotel room. This is a separate tatami dining area, so it must be a luxury suite. Then there's the suic*** rumor. Maybe it was from here. Honestly, considering the height, anywhere would work.

Yeah. We talked earlier about how it might not be a suic***. It'd be scary if it wasn't by accident. Maybe the one who died was the homeless person who vanished. Maybe when they lived here, delinquents came and pushed him off.

What a horrible thought. But it's so vandalized, I can't imagine a homeless person living here. Yeah, after seeing all five floors, there's graffiti everywhere you look. It's not somewhere you can rest comfortably. A Homeless Person's "Dwelling."

Simply put, you wouldn't come here even to escape the rain. -What about the rooms? -None of them were good. Well, I found one place, but it was a space, rather than a room. By the way, the hom... A clattering sound.

The hom... A clattering sound. I heard it. Yeah.

Whoa. Furthermore... The camcorder is in the car, right? It's in the car. Huh? The wind? I hope it's steel creaking from wind. Since we think it's Room 55, we'd like to do an experiment. Is this Room 55? Was there anywhere else? Is it here? We don't know for sure why the fifth floor is terrifying, so maybe we'll learn after being here for 30 minutes.

I see. What? You think that makes sense? Let's go get the tripod. Keep filming. Ochiai, you haven't seen the second floor, right? I haven't.

There's a place without much graffiti where people might not come in. Is there? In such a vandalized building? I'll go get the tripod. Should I turn this off? Keep it rolling. Wait, 51? 1, 2, 3, 4...

Huh? Is this really right? You can see the rooms from here, but you can't see how many. If you look closely, there's graffiti outside, too. You're right, even on the entrance. How did they draw them? They're too far to reach Nagao's mapping the room. He doubts whether that Room 55 or not.

Room 55? All right. What's wrong? We're not done, but I came to get something I forgot. Wait, hold on. Did you hear a man screaming just now? No, I didn't. 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58.

59, 60. 511, 510, 511. 511.

Wait, I just heard a loud scream. It was like, "Ah." I heard it.

It was clearly a man. It was from that building. What is that building? Hold on a second. Did you hear a man screaming just now? No, I didn't. I heard it. -It came from here. -Yeah.

What is this? We saw it when we came in. Yeah, I remember. What is that building? I think we can get in.

Can we? So much graffiti. So dark. What is this? Be careful. So dangerous.

That goes deep. There's water. Oh, I see some papers. Find anything? See this? Lequio Resort development representative. -Can't film his name. -Right. It's CEO ****.

Signed in 1991, August 24. "Trash disposal" something. Isn't this a sock? Yeah, I think it is. -That's... -Isn't that a bath mat? What is this space? Watch your step. And in here...

Oh. -Maybe it's that. -It's not a hotel. But there's no sign of anything. There's a pillow, and a sleeping mat you can lay out to sleep on.

But wait, um... There's a yakisoba... There's a lot here. The fact that there's a mat... Right, it's a bit strange. Even though it's not a building.

It goes further in. Watch your step. Don't get stuck. It's really deep. This is no joke, be careful. Wow, this is really scary.

Wait, the water level in here and there are different. -So they're not connected. -They're different. Wow, what is this place? Remember the rotting corp** rumor? -The corp** uproar? -Yes, the corp** uproar. In January 2017, there were rumors that someone discovered a rotting corp**.

Yeah, they didn't know if it was true. When you imagine a rotting corp**, doesn't a pool come to mind? It wouldn't be strange to find one here. Wait, is there a shoe? Yeah, looks like it.

The water's really deep here. Yeah, definitely. Normally, people would go to the hotel building, right? If it's a separate place, you could live there and find shelter. But if you were found, you could be thrown in here to die and never be found. Right, being pushed off the fifth floor doesn't seem realistic, but a push here as prank sounds possible.

Yeah, exactly. Hey, you can go up. You're right, and there's graffiti up there. Are there stairs? There are no stairs here. So is this the only way up? Shall we take a look? Huh? Ochiai, it's really deep, so be careful not to slip and fall.

We're going? Put this in your chest pocket and use both hands. Wait, I thought it was one floor, but it keeps going up. It goes really far. It's not two floors. I definitely heard an "ah" just now.

-Seriously? -Shall we go? Let's go for now. I really don't like this. Whoa, this is scary.

It's too dark to see. Wait, this is freaking me out. The others follow Ochiai. Okay.

All right. It's right above your head. Grab that. Could you hold this? Whoa. A tent? Hold on, what's with this tent? There's a tent.

There's an Aquarius and other drinks. This isn't somewhere you can just come in easily. This is a bit... Yeah. Someone was obviously here.

Even if it wasn't to live here. Someone was here. I... If I were going to hide... A sound from above? I hear something above us. If I were to hide, I'd find where I wouldn't be found or disturbed.

If there's a tent here, wouldn't it be worse upstairs? However... Wait, the third floor... If you slip here, you'd fall all the way to the basement. I'll just take a peek at the third floor. Seriously? I'll go take a look.

Can you hold this? My camcorder too. Wait, my camera. Want me to hand it to you? Want a bag? No, I'm fine. Going up. Taking my time. Wait.

Huh? Anything there? A person? Huh? I see something white. Can you give me a light? A light. Hold on, I'll go up halfway.

Go very slowly. Okay. It kind of smells. It was just the wall.

Wait, hold on. There's no graffiti. Wait, I can't set up the camera. I see cigarettes. Can you stay there? This is dangerous. Wait. Whoa.

It smells. Hold on... There's a jacket. It really smells.

I can't do this. This could be bad. A bad smell.

This is making me feel sick. The next floor is outside, right? Yeah, it's pitch black, so it must be the rooftop. Any sign of living here? I didn’t really find many signs of anyone living up there, but there were cigarettes and a jacket, though that might be a stretch. Yeah, they all seem logical. Not sure if they sought shelter and caused those incidents. But it feels like the pieces are starting to come together.

Yeah, this feels like where it all started. Let's get out. Here's each item one by one. Be careful.

-Letting go. -Okay. Got everything? Yes. Let's film the ending and wrap up. This situation would make sense for a rotting corp**. You can't tell what fell in there. Yeah, there's too much to see anything.

There's tatami and a sleeping mat. There's soap, too. And body wash. You can see remnants of someone's life.

Shall we go? That concludes our summer Okinawa special. Our final spot was full of rumors, the creepy Lequio Resort Hotel. We'll need Ochiai's Zozozo Score to end the show. Lequio Resort Hotel's Zozozo Score is... 4.5.

Zo-zo-zo-zo-so. Well, it was physically really scary. There's graffiti all over, and you feel the height the higher you go. With no windows and walls, I was scared of actually falling. So many rumors surround this hotel, but when I walked through it I didn't understand why the fifth floor was terrifying. And there was no Room 55.

Where was it? The homeless person who suddenly vanished. The corp** uproar from 2017. Maybe the homeless person made up all those rumors. To keep people away? Then maybe he left because the place became too famous.

That might be true, or maybe an incident... Maybe it actually happened. Well, locals have said, maybe delinquents came and the homeless person chased them away. Maybe the story was exaggerated when the homeless person disappeared, and local residents spread that maybe the person died. I think they might've exaggerated it with jokes.

Well, we don't know if he vanished. He might've just moved. We don't know, but in the end, I was glad that I didn't have to go up. I felt relieved. That's why it's minus 0.5?

Yes. I might watch the final cut later and want to add the last 0.5. Oh, that's not how this works. Anyway, this marks the end of Summer Special: Okinawa.

Our staff member Uchida couldn't come due to food poisoning, but we had enough scares for him as well. But we were able to conduct our various tests of courage with the help of many locals. How was your first Okinawa visit? Honestly, I haven't done anything that says Okinawa to me. I'm hoping we do things tomorrow. Right?

I don't think we have time. We're leaving? We'll wake up, go to the airport, and go home. Why'd I come here then? It'd be nice to come again for vacation. It would be. No way, let's just stay one more night. Sure, if you pay for it yourself.

Well, okay. With this, Summer Special: Okinawa comes to a satisfying end. Let's leave.

I'll go to the car and get the supplies. There's graffiti everywhere you look. Can a homeless person even live in a place like this? I mean, so many people probably came here. Wasn't it scary? But it looks like they removed everything from the place.

There’s nothing here. You wouldn't come here even to escape the rain. There's a building next door. We saw it when we came in. And in here... Oh.

Maybe it's that. I didn’t really find many signs of anyone living up there. There's a pillow and a sleeping mat you can lay out to sleep on.

You can see remnants of someone's life. They removed the metal, so they did some preparation for demolition. "Trash disposal" something. From here. A place to live, huh? It wouldn't be strange to find someone living here. That's true.

These weren't taken from the hotel, were they? Huh? This futon and this desk. For living? -Were these inside? -And removed? -So it's not litter? -This can't be litter. Yeah, it's not just trash. There's a rice cooker. This thing I just stepped on isn't a table. -Isn't it a dresser? -It's not a table.

Oh, it's a dresser. Whoa, you're right. The pool ghost and jump suic*** The 2017 corp** uproar The fifth floor Room 55 The homeless person that vanished The credibility and connection between these is unknown, but... Huh? Anything there? A person? Huh? I see something white. Can you give me a light? A light. Hold on.

Here's each item one by one. Be careful. Let's go. Here's each item one by one.

Be careful. Let's go. Got everything? Yes. Something may still be living there. Oh, it's a dresser. Whoa, you're right.

What a shock. Come on, we're already done with the show. Well then, see you next time on Zozozo. Let's hurry back now. This might be no good, seriously. Thank you for watching.

Until next time.

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