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Hi! Hello! We are currently in Kiel which is  at the Baltic Sea in the north of Germany.   Yes! So we are in Schleswig-Holstein which is  actually the area where my mother grew up and   we never really shared that. No, we didn't.  We we came here for a family gathering and we   thought we would take this opportunity to show  you the beautiful area. I spent a lot of time   I'm here as a child and I really love it. It's  such a gorgeous part - yeah - in Germany. Yes,  

it's a wonderful part of Germany.  Yes. We have a lot of family and well,   we're walking in the footsteps of my  beloved mom so we hope you will enjoy it. Now this afternoon we came to a very small and  very idyllic village called Holzbunge which only   has about 340 people and this is where my mom  used to live when she was a child so she lived   here with her parents and eight brothers and  sisters. She used to to go to school here and   she worked at a very lovely restaurant as a  young girl. She worked there in the kitchen.  

I miss my mother so much so I really wish I could  show her this again. I came here with my parents   decades ago. I only remember that it's absolutely  beautiful. It somehow reminds me a little bit of   England because you find thatched roof cottages  here and we will go to the house where my mom   used to live and maybe I can film it for you. It's  so nice to be here. It just brings me even closer   to my mom if that makes sense. There's a little  stand and they sell fresh fish and potato salad   and of course we have to try something. I love  the potato salad here in the north of Germany.  

It's how my mom used to make it. Fish bun which  is a bun with ah, and it's salmon - yeah but   this is - it's smoked salmon - smoked salmon  in the - Stremellachs. Stremellachs. And this   is potato salmon. It looks amazing. This is so  tasty. Now in in the north of Germany potato  

salad is made with mayonnaise and this one also  contains eggs, I think onion, cucumber. It's   really fresh. Now this is is where my mother  used to live with her parents and brothers and   sisters. We just walked past it and said look at  the gorgeous blooms. I can't believe that I'm back here. It's such a wonderful village. It's so  peaceful. And this is the house opposite the   house where my mom lived. We just said it's  beautiful especially with the gorgeous tree. Okay, we came to the Keramik-Café  in Alt Duvenstedt next to Holzbunge.

Jörg has an 'Ostfriesentee'. Cheese/poppy seed cake. Cheese/tangerine cake.  This is a, yea,h banana bread - or banana cake and   café and look they make their own pottery. You can  buy it here in the shop. And another cheese/poppy   seed cake. Okay, my sister and my brother-in-law  ordered 'Dead Aunt'. Yeah, a dead aunt. A dead  

aunt. This is basically hot chocolate, cream  and rum so a little bit of a twist and yeah,   it has a little candle. I don't know if you can  see this. Looks interesting. So this is what   we just enjoyed cake and coffee. Keramic-Café.  It's also a thatched roof cottage. It's so

beautiful. And you know what? I said  to Jörg somehow I think that I have   it in my genes that I really really  love small and picturesque and very   idyllic villages. This is very similar  to some of the villages in the UK so if   you want to want to visit Germany put that  on your list. It's such a stunning place. This is the so-called Töpferhaus which  is next to the Keramik-Café and it's   the place where my mom used to work in  the kitchen so it's still a restaurant   but nowadays it's also a hotel. And  the Töpferhaus is next to Bistensee. It's Jörg's first time in this area as  well - but - we yeah - I love it. Yeah.   It's so peaceful. Didn't my mom live in a  gorgeous place in Germany like the just the  

the area? I mean back in the day - it wasn't  that nice. It wasn't - because they had to   work very hard to make a living. Exactly.  It wasn't romantic but the place itself,   it's a gorgeous part of Germany, isn't it? And we  will eat here. Yes. We will have dinner. Yes and   we will celebrate your mother. Yes. I think  she would be so proud. You can just feel her   presence. We we are walking in her footsteps and  I'm glad that we came. Yeah. Honestly, I'm so glad

This   is 'Labskaus'. Beetroot - fish - herring  fillet. Of course. This is herring fillet,   apple cream sauce, wedges. Cucumber salad,  fish & chips. Is this remoulade? Another   herring fillet but this one is, what's the  sauce called? You also have remoulade. And  

wedges. Enjoy! We came to Schönberger Strand  and the moment we arrived I   had childhood memories because we visited  this area very often with our relatives,   had fish so like a a fish  roll. It's a wonderful place. We are in Oma's Kaffeestuuv - yes, Granny's  tea house. This is gluten free cake which   looks yummy. Look how greedy Jörg  is! He has waffles, cherries, ice

cream and another waffle  with strawberries and cream. Yummy. Now this place is so lovely. Oma's  Kaffeestuv. Very quirky, a huge selection   of cakes. Unfortunately I couldn't film it  because there were many people but if you're  

in the area I mean just look at the house it's  so beautiful. We can honestly highly recommend   it so yeah, see you can find amazing cafes  in Germany as well with gluten free cakes. We have just arrived at the most wonderful hotel  here in Malente. It's called Hofgut Immenhof and   yeah, we're on our last leg of this Germany trip  so we will be returning to England tomorrow. And  

my sister booked this hotel months ago so they're  staying at the big house actually. We're staying   here at the. this is the coach house where we  booked a room. I will give you a little room to   in a minute but what I wanted to share is that  Immenhof was a very popular almost like a series   on TV. It consists of five films. It was shot in  the 50s, mid-50s and 70s and we watched all of   the films. It was very popular with children and  teenagers. This here is basically like a bigger   country house and yeah, we'll have dinner here  tonight and it's absolutely wonderful. We will  

try to film outside. There will be rain. No, it  is actually raining so we might be able to film   a little bit tomorrow morning but now I will give  you a little room tour. So this here is actually   one of the simpler rooms but I find it absolutely  stunning. So you come in here and then walk into   the bedroom. By the way Jörg is parking the car.  That's why he's not here. I sat on the bed, that's   why it's looking like this. This is the entire,  well, estate and yeah, it's raining unfortunately   so there are horses. I hope it stops raining  tonight. Then we can just have a little wander

around. So here is a little seating area  which I really like. The rooms are very   bright and airy. A little bit scandi style I would say. Big wardrobe. Mirror. Look here! I wonder if that's whether that   is actually from the series. I don't  know. Yeah, here to the left is the bathroom which is great so a think I haven't  even checked so yeah, this is the shower   and here you can see the big house actually  so my sister and my brother-in-law are   actually staying in the big house and  we are here in the coach house. And you  

can see it's absolutely gorgeous.  I can't wait to have a look around so if you're having a shower you can of course  close everything but I just wanted to show you   the the big house. I was just talking to my sister  and she said before she unpacks I should film the   room because, um, it's supposed to be so nice. So  ours is just as I said like a regular smaller room   and she obviously has a very big room so, yeah,  I just go over there and share it. I haven't seen   it either. Now this is where we are staying  which I also find very charming. And this is  

where my sister Claudia and my brother-in-law  Christoph are staying in the big house and see   she's there. They have the huge balcony. It's like  they own the place. That's not fair, is it? Okay,   I'm in my sister's room and she said she had  no idea that they would get this room. They   just booked a room in the big house and they are  so surprised and it's so gorgeous. She said 'you   should share it on YouTube' because the hotel is  amazing. This is where you come into the room. My   sister is on the balcony. She doesn't really  want to be filmed which I always respect so this here is the gorgeous room and I absolutely  love the deep shade of green. It looks amazing.  

Gorgeous bed. I said to my sister we don't have  a desk and I said 'Okay, I'm envious' because we   don't have a desk and I actually wanted to work  tonight but, well, maybe I have to come to this room. You know what? I go onto the  balcony in a second so look how big it is. I also love the artwork in  here. And in here is the the mini bar. It's beautiful. And then here is the gorgeous bathroom. Of course they have a  tub. We don't but that's totally fine. So in here is the the

toilet. The shower. I hope you  like it. I'm glad that my sister   suggested that we should stay here  as well. And the entire area, it's gorgeous. Look at the artwork. I just want  to grab it and take it back to the UK. And this is the balcony. Isn't this a wonderful place? And in case you don't know because  so many of you know Luca of course,   Jörg's godson. And Claudia  and Christoph are his parents.

When in Germany you have to eat asparagus  - because it's asparagus season. Yes. We   don't really get white asparagus in  the UK - no - potatoes, veal. Sauce   Hollandaise. Oh yes. Sauce Hollandaise.  You have ox cheek. Veal. Sauce Béarnaise. Good   orning! Good morning! We simply want to tell you  once more how beautiful this place is. Yes, I  

love it. Me too. And the food yesterday was so  good. It really was. You know when my sister,   when we were thinking of, well, if we will come  to Germany for the family festivity, we we didn't   really know and she said, well, I booked a  couple of nights here at this place. Won't   you join us? And I had a look at the website and  thought okay it looks nice but the reality of it,   it's gorgeous! Yes! It's really beautiful. Yeah,  the entire area and we we can really recommend   it. What my sister did because she knew she was  coming much earlier, she got such a great deal.   Yeah. She actually pays the same amount for  her room - as we do - as we do but we booked   too late so if you book early you can get an  amazing deal. And the area - you know - yes,  

it's it's really beautiful. Holsteinische Schweiz.  Yes yes. You know actually we we we need to share   that. This area was the place where we spent our  very first holiday together. Yes, in Malente. But   back then it wasn't that nice because we chose the  wrong place. Yeah yeah. We were just very young  

and naive. As you can see Jörg has the umbrella.  Yeah. The weather isn't too nice but we can't   complain. No, I don't and I don't care because  it's our last day. Yes. And we were so lucky.   Yes. You know what? So this here is the boat  house house and as you can see it has a thatched   roof. I said to Jörg last night that would be a  great office. The size of it. Yes. But an office   with a boat. Well, yeah. It's such a wonderful  area and here so the hotel is right next to the   lake. This is Keller Lake, right? Yeah. Kellersee.  Kellersee yeah. Well. Lake is 'See'. Keller Lake.  

I also think this video contains a lot of food  snippets - yeah - so you must think okay they're   eating all the time. Well, we are eating all the  time. No not really but, well, we of course we   make use of it. Yeah? Yeah, we're making the best  of it because because of German cakes and German   schnitzel -asparagus - asparagus yes. There's also  a shop here. Hofladen. And I spotted something  

sheep related so we're going to have a look later.  So this is the big house from the other side and   last night Claudia and I said wouldn't this place  be absolutely perfect for a wedding reception? And   we also said should Luca decide to get married one  day, you never know, he could choose this gorgeous   place. Jörg and I would definitely come and,  well, yeah just I don't know stay another week. We need to show you what we bought here.  Now these are actually coasters and with   animals so tiles. We fell so in love with  them and actually thought maybe we could  

use them for tiles in the kitchen. We don't  really know so. And this is a candle holder   that we saw in the in the in the window.  Look, a sheep candle holder. Jörg! It's   lovely. Isn't it gorgeous? This is  a wonderful memory. Perfect for us.

So you can probably see where we are. We  are at the airport. It's Hamburg airport   actually. We have to go back to England and  we are both quite sad. And this is actually   our very first time at Hamburg airport so  we came here we arrived last Thursday here   and the airport feels a bit more quiet and relaxed  compared to Frankfurt. Yeah but it's probably just   because it's an evening - weekday - and Tuesday  - weekday. Yes. My only worry is that we have   a layover in Frankfurt so we're going from  Hamburg to Frankfurt, have a layover. Only  

50 minutes so a stop of 50 minutes and then I'm a  bit worried that we might miss our flight. I don't   know. I actually have a second name. I think we  shared it two years ago. It's - Kirsten Worrybe.   Jemima Worrybe. No. Yeah. Kirsten Jemima  Worrybe. Yeah but Jörg always so positive  

so I trust in you - but because you spoke about  us missing the plane in Frankfurt - yeah - that   it's now 95% sure that we're gonna miss. No  because you are so positive we will be fine.

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