Solo Trip in Switzerland Day 9, from Lungern to Luzern, city tour around the lake

Solo Trip in Switzerland Day 9, from Lungern to Luzern, city tour around the lake

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I’m about to leave Longjiang Lake to go to the next city. I’m a bit sad. I hope to have a chance to see this blue again in the future . I think Longjiang Lake is really beautiful. This is really a place that I don’t want to leave even though I don’t Go to the city of Longjiang and let me see if I have time tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, because the next city I want to go to, Lucerne, is only 47 minutes away from here , so let ’s see before I leave. I didn’t have a chance to come here and take another walk . I met this father and son fishing by the lake. I brought a drink, opened up the chatterbox, and went to social . Iced Coke is nice (ENG) Rainbow Trout (CN) Rainbow Trout (DE) Regenbogenforelle thought he wanted to swim, but it turned out It was because it rained heavily last night, and there were too many branches in the lake, so it was not convenient to spin the fishing line. This big brother has another one. It’s amazing.

He has already caught 5. Now it’s started to rain. I have to go back to the hotel first. After a while, just look at the next train , go to the train station and take the car directly. It’s raining a lot, oh my god , hee hee, yes, I’m just looking at the train. I ’ll wait here for my car.

It will be here in about 20 minutes . Now I am at the train station in Lucerne , but there is a heavy rain outside , and I can’t even leave. Although it takes about five minutes to walk from the train station where I live , but the rain really doesn’t want to go. Stay here

for a while, walk for 6 minutes, take a car for 4 minutes, and you have to walk across the bridge by yourself. There is no way to get here. Now that the rain is a little lighter, let’s go.

The urban landscape of Switzerland is very beautiful on rainy days. I will live On the opposite side of this flower bridge , I have already arrived at the place where I live . Let me simply show you. It’s true , that’s how Switzerland lives. After entering the door , there is a mirror here , and there is a mirror behind me, and then go here There is a large corridor along the way , and here is the cloakroom, this and the safe , and then there is a toilet, which is not too small, because I booked a single room , so there is only one bed , and then go this way The window, the opposite side of the window is Huaqiao. It

looks like this. Anyway, it is a very ordinary room . But anyway , I have no other choice, so I can only live here . Pack up and go out for a meal . The five-star red flag is fluttering in the wind . My motherland. Find a store for a stroll first , then take a look later, find a coffee shop and sit down. If

you can find it , come and pick a gift for your friends. In the outdoor store , bring a small purse. I bought a small one for my schoolbag. Raincoat Mainly because this is more practical. Let’s go. I bought some Swiss cards

for my family. Compared with the Swiss Army Knife, this is very practical. It seems that it can be used for airplanes and trains . I just bought a cheesecake at their house. Let ’s see if it’s okay Eating is my favorite taste . There are so many tourist buses in front of me. I guess we are about to reach a scenic spot. I looked at it and guessed that we are going to a scenic spot. Its name is Dying Lion , Dying Lion, that is a Danish sculptor It was carved to commemorate the more than 1,000 soldiers who died in the war that seemed to be defending Paris, so I carved this dying lion . I guess it should be right to follow the group of people in front. It feels like they all went to see it. The stone statue of the lion is 100 meters long.

Is it 100 meters long? It is 10 meters long and 8 meters high . I read it on the Internet, but is it 10 meters long? Every time I look at its photos, I feel like this lion So tired, so painful, so uncomfortable , but every time I look at him, I feel very uncomfortable , but I didn't expect him to be so big , really big , and there is a line written on it in Latin, which means to the loyalty and bravery of the Every city in swiss has its own characteristics. Lucerne is very beautiful . I said that if there are no travel arrangements, there will be many surprises. There are activities ahead . I just asked what kind of activities they are . It is for the carnival. Yu wants to succeed and hand it over to the chairman of next year's carnival

, so this is just a handover ceremony ##### I can't understand Swiss German ##### Hand over the four-piece set! I’ve been watching the show for an hour. Let’s go find something to eat now . See what else to eat . Hee hee, this duck is not bad. Where do you want to go wait a minute no no no no thanks no no no me this is the very famous water tower flower bridge I just found a restaurant on the shore to eat at random. When

traveling , you must remember to add fiber. It ’s too salty. I meet now. One problem is that I will be in Lucerne for two days tomorrow and the day after tomorrow . I don’t know what I’m going to do because I just visited Lucerne today . I think it’s just that I ’m not the kind of person who likes to stay in the city because I think the city Maybe it’s just to look at the buildings and eat and feel the humanities , but I personally prefer to be close to nature. If this is the case, I have two choices tomorrow. One is to go back to Longjiang Lake because I really like it. I like it , and I haven’t walked around the lake yet , and there are a few small stops on the side of Lake Brienz.

I can go down and climb up and have a look . Another option is to go to Pilatus Snow Mountain tomorrow , that snow mountain. If so, it’s probably a little bit next to Lucerne , but I’ve seen a lot of people recommend it. For example, you take a boat and then take a small train up and then take the cable car down. If it’s like

this , I think maybe half a day is enough. In fact, I can arrange until Sunday is no problem , so I want to send a vote in this place, let everyone choose one , help me choose which place I should go tomorrow, I hope everyone will choose Longjiang Lake, okay ? I really want to go back and play there tomorrow because the weather in Longjiang Lake was not that good at the time, and the weather will be better tomorrow . Why don’t you vote or go by yourself ? If you vote for Mount Pilatus It’s so embarrassing. If you voted for Mount Pilatus, I’ll get stuck on the back one , and then I won’t talk about voting. I’ll get up tomorrow morning and see what the place you voted for me is . Tomorrow’s itinerary I listen to you. I hope you choose Longjiang Lake . How about Longjiang Lake? Why do n’t you ask , or ask. Okay , good night.

2023-04-11 15:00

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