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it's the palro cast now with Daren Bel  let's get ready to listen to your favorite artist outro if we do this are you ready I was  ready Ross as a person okay who whoa he's here he   Darren is here all day ready thank you for slating  that now aside from talking to Media a good day   for you so far Ross it's a great day in fact you  know uh how you been it's been so long Darren well   what's also been so long is you coming out with a  solo album so all the above is this is true this   is true and I I must say that not being familiar  with your work I took the time briefly said here   to to go to your podcast and check out your video  on YouTube and I seled about five or six artists   that are somewhat in the ballpark like Chicago  de purple Judas Priest and Kenny Loggins and the   majority of these clips happened to started with  your question which is shall I call you rich or   Richie or Richard or dick Kenny Ken or Kenneth Etc  so we can settle this immediately my name is Ross   you could call me raw and I will call you dare  okay that that works for me so I'm going to keep   giving you compliments because you checked out  my work and you did your homework and there you   there you go you know when I think of the bands  that made me want to play bass and guitar in the   first place that was your work with journey that  was pretty topof the- line Right There For Better   or For Worse that Separate Ways video made a big  impact on me still decades later holds it holds   up but yeah it it was one of the first in this  time I guess wasn't it and incidentally have you   seen the parodies of that oh yeah Cruiserweight  had a good one um that shred Shredder Shredder   oh it's just fantastic speaking of which uh of  Al other alternate songs did you hear you heard   Glee's version of Don't Stop Believing right  did do we ever hear Alvin and the Chipmunks   do it very few no check it out people check it  out it's the Glee Arrangement and it's done very   well but yet I digress here we are I I must say  naren that this is one of the first solo artist   interviews so here we are yes and I'm very glad to  be here and thanks for taking the time with me in   all seriess well your discography Beyond Journey  beyond the solar record the storm which I could   talk to you for a long long time about the Todd  runger Etc but let's talk about the solo record   how long did you actually spend recording it well  it was done in stages in and about joury tours and   journey activity which was always very thick and  and involved I began about 11 years ago uh cutting   the first song uh you you've got the album right  yes and you listen to it yes um Absolut thank you   so much that wasn't clear to me and don't be  confused people but you know I just got here   but thank you Darren yeah I began about 12 years  ago cutting the first song chronologically which   was Wild Kingdom oh okay yeah well and and  and that began with my musical cohort Eric   levy on on roads and I played the cayia P patch  on actually on a DX7 of all things but the song   was written with that sound and so uh that's how  it developed and then I brought in Carl parazo and   walfredo Reyes Jr who did all the percussion on  that and I actually did and then brought in Mark   Russo of the yellow jackets and duy brothers yeah  and I did the base last actually so that's how it   began um and uh subsequently I cut tomland uh  in 2016 uh tomland if I may say is actually a a   a base solo idea that I began developing in the  70s and I finished writing it per se in the mid   80s in my off time and in 2016 I figured the right  musicians for that song would be prie Prince and   my Shawn and of course Eric Le who was on every  song on my album so the theme Here is uh in having   picked the right musics for the right songs while  Kingdom having this Caribbean possibly AFR Cuban   Latin feel to it having Carl perzo and walfredo  on that was perfect Carl is also on many of the   songs because it suits his Mastery or percussion  but tomland was the second recording done here   at at the sandbox and so um uh quite a few songs  got actually recorded before the lockdown and that   includes Low Rider with yet another combination of  musicians and the combination of incident and Nish   shabor and seor blue with yet another Different  Twist in terms of personnel um there are things   that I cut afterwards uh but for the most part  most of it was done before the lockdown so   everybody has this two and a half year hius what  happened there so uh in the meantime during the uh   the downtime there did a lot of post- production  work uh we actually took uh all of the material   uh with our close associate and co-producer  Steve Jarvis and we went to 25th Street 25th   Street Studios in Oakland and actually reamped and  reprocessed all the inputs all all the tracks uh   not that we used them all in that way but we went  in and basically reprocessed all the tracks on on   all the songs and came back out of there with  the 25th Street uh sophisticated sounds uh we   we used uh processors and devices that we didn't  have on our own including Fairchild and uh GMO uh   we used the big room with its fully tuned full  range speakers and microphones to reamp sounds   and uh then we came back and mixed here with Jacob  Stow also co-producing with h Eric Levy and then   we did our mastering uh with Mr Romanowski at  Coast mastering in Berkeley just over the hill   so it's been about 12 12 years in total U hit  and miss according to who was available uh in   terms of musicians and whether we could uh uh  agreeably work with the lockdown mandates so   it's been a long time it's been a long time in  the process and worth the wait and you called   out the tomland track as the second one you did  great music music video for very atmospheric but   it's interesting to me to hear that it started  off as a Bas solo of sorts because I hear vocals   being added to that it sounds like a real song of  sorts yes addressing your last statement there are   so many people who have said exactly the same  thing Darren um it it began as an idea uh that   that I have and can continue to play All By Myself  self and it makes sense but as an arrangement and   the way it was orchestrated many people have said  where are the vocals well in this modern new world   of remix that may happen at some point yet I am  happy with it the way it is so there can always   be another version and another tracking number  fingers crossed for that there you there you   go yeah any I'm very happy with Tom land is the  first release and another track of note no one   wins a war what a powerful title for a song is  that about any one particular part of your life   or is that just being a veteran of 50 plus years  in the music industry you now know that all of the   above the answer is yes yeah it was a time in my  life in which there were decisions to make and not   being sure uh and the song reflects questioning  life and and what to do and and and it's it's a   conversation there's you could Envision it as a  conversation between two people one questioning   life and the other giving the answer and uh like  another song in the album it is tentative it is   plaintiff it is is delicate it's like what am I  supposed to do and it's reflecting in the way it's   played so to me it's very emotive and and uh uh  it's one of the few songs that that happen very   quickly and there's not much to it instrumentally  uh what happened quickly was the five string base   part that is the foundational part and the result  Melody uh many of my songs have taken a while to   brew and be reshaped and and reformed but no one  wins the war is one that happened very quickly   got it so one thing that I'm curious about anytime  I'm speaking to a legend I I called you the legend   you did not say hey uh Darren as a parameter of  this interview you must refer to me as a legend   no the these words when I say to somebody who's  been on the road for as many years as you there's   two categories they either have everything that  they've ever done or touched like your Rick neel's   of the world or they have absolutely nothing and  you'd have no idea that a Rock and Roll Hall of   Famer lives in that house like Paul Stanley which  one of the two are you because I can't tell uh I   live quietly in a typical uh neighborhood and  and I've lived in several homes throughout my   career and there have been occasions in which  next door neighbors didn't find out that I was   a rock star until years later um it we live  quietly and and privately if you were to walk   into my home uh you wouldn't necessarily see that  it's a Rockstar's home except for one room that's   that's it's a like an entertainment music room  that is pretty well filled up with record Awards   and if few instruments but it's not like I'm on  display uh here at my studio where I am free to   decorate as I please thank you dear I've taken  all the other all the other record record albums   and and related memorabilia and pasted them up  everywhere in the building except for where they   might interfere with Acoustics got it so yeah  um I guess I wouldn't say I'm not conspicuous   or ostentatious but uh you know I'll be at the  Safeway store and somebody will go hey you look   familiar you know so I have the ability to have  enjoyed celebrity and being known but I have   the ability to sort of turn it off well no I have  better yet I have the ability to go through life   without being crowded by well-wishing admirers you  know I it's it's somewhere in the middle between   the two that you described if you come into the  aridium in New York you'll be mobbed but then if   you go next door will that's a compliment well  depends on who's playing right uh if it's you   or one of your cohorts they'll go oh yeah there's  Ross Valerie and then you go to the star Stardust   Diner tutors down they go I don't know who that  is it's this what do you want on your burger   exactly so so is there a touring planned in the  works in support of this record not yet not yet   I've been happy enough and most of my energy has  been spent uh in off time and and available time   on recording uh all of the above represents uh all  this material that's been sitting for years if not   decades and there's a whole bunch more and one  would say well you know you got all this stuff   that's been sitting what about new stuff well as  the old material has been brought forth new ideas   and new songs are developing and that's where  my energy has been at I would love to play I   would love to perform but when I do so there are  certain requirements practical requirements this   is about choosing a venue and having promotion  having a full sophisticated but simple production   lights and sound in repertoire what will I play  for what audience but next in importance is how   do I get those musics that I would want that could  play all of the material in one place at the same   time a lot of these guys are a l lot busier than  I am you got Carl parazo who's on the road with   Carlos Santana sure a lot you've got Mark Russo  that's out there with the dues as he has been for   years he's busy so um uh there there's just a lot  of players that I would love to have to cover the   bases and be able to play all the material or  most of it so that that's a practical problem   but then there's the the uh uh the reasonable  question regarding putting together a staff and   a production team and having a budget um I it'd  be nice if I could just slip into a festival or   be added to uh the bill on the venue and have a  core group of people that could simply just play   what we do well rather than um having the the  need to cover the album uh ultimately I would   like to cover the album or most of it and have  some of those key players in place or at least   to have um their choice of a substitute player I  have I have a core group of people that are local   and not quite as busy that I've been working on  with this my new material which includes Vernon   black Vern and Ice black he also appears on  incident mishor Senor blue and uh low riter   and uh there's a fine drummer Paul Spina who's  also local up here on incident in Sor blue and   there's a fine player also on saxophone Bobby  Strickland who I've worked with in the past   he played in Cyclops with me and uh he and I were  part of the Todd rren Orchestra for the second win   project so there there's a possibility of taking  just this Core Group including of course Eric Le   uh and doing something but it's just not on the  books yet I'm I'm in between promoting what I'm   doing with you and others as I will in the near  future I'm working on all the other material and   uh what I could say about that is as people will  hear the album uh they might be surprised that   a lot of the material is disparate and varied  there's a lot of variety as you well know Darren   uh songs are completely different from each other  and there's different musicians suiting different   songs um it's a really broad Horizon and it it's  kind of it's kind it's kind of it's kind of bold   all I can tell you is the next batch which is on  the table there are five or six being arranged and   and recorded it's even broader than what you  hear now and the overall effect and as we put   together our our are uh submissions for genre and  categories and subcategories the best that we uh   can come up with is world world music okay because  I mean there's obvious influences on my songs in   terms of jazz or Latin or Latin jazz or even Latin  Rock but there's a diff completely different style   for tomland and yet another style for one wins  the war and then there's what is low rider you   gotta be kidding me that that was a complete  um fluke I've always had songs that I'd liked   I thought yeah I'd like to record that sometime  and I just threw out the idea and quickly we came   up with the proper people to record that but um  so what I'm describing is a pretty broad mix it's   almost like a bouffet but you listen to the album  I think the sequencing from the top to the bottom   it's it's it's an adventure um uh in terms of uh  Tempo and key and Dynamics I think all the songs   thread together pretty well uh as an adventure  even they're just they're quite different so uh   the point is as I'm continuing to record more  material that Horizon's gotten broader so you   can't you can't go okay this is jazz so put it on  the Jazz playlist or this is Latin jazz you can't   quite do that but my My Hope and it's it's not  with this big incentive of carving my way into   the music business for another career I simply  want to share the music and so we'll just see   what happens uh as these songs filter separately  on the different playlists it it's it's it's kind   of a wacky bull thing but the point is I'm not  concerned about whether it will be successful   or not well isn't just finishing it and having  it out the success ex exactly even before the   lockdown when we finished incident in Sor blue I  was looking at the other uh three players there's   only five players on I was looking at the other  three as we completed the me the basics and I said   that's it I done this is it and they're going  what do you mean I'm going this is Success the   rest is in sharing it and frankly Darren there  were two two ways I could have gone about this   my initial idea which is not Unthinkable was give  the music away give back what I've been given by   all the journey fans the people that supported me  and all the other people in that organization I   could just give it away hey but I would have  to be in business to do that I would have to   yet anyhow form an intellectual property company  copyright all the material uh trademark my name   and likeness and logos and word marks Etc and and  I would have to do that much in order to protect   it from being abused by other people okay yeah IP  the the chice of Ip the the second more practical   thing was for would would be for me to consider  just going Grassroots simply do the work what I've   done and setting up the copywriting and all that  and present music to YouTube and you know uh to   Spotify Apple music Etc and just see what happens  and let it grow but U I came to the conclusion   about a year ago that with the corroborated  advice of some professionals with experience   in the modern music scene hey that would be nice  Ross but if you really want to get noticed you you   need to make a a little noise no problem you're  making noise now I engaged a very fine manager   Lil Gary and she and I and other people on the  team uh vetted and researched uh publicists and   social media strategist for a time period that  revolves around the release of of tracks and the   album release and so we have all that engaged well  dealing with it and and so here I am I did my hair   you know well well I have one quick question for  you and then I'll let you go because the world   wants to speak to Ross Valerie today can I can  I throw this one more at you and it's a positive   clickbait question sure okay so in writing a book  about David Lee Roth uh over the past few years I   interviewed your old buddy Ron wixo from the  storm and Ron me that when he was playing in   the storm towards the end he was playing with  David Lee Roth all day in rehearsals and then flying do your last fulfilled kind of  gigs now right in speaking around with   David Lee Roth fans and people over the years  I know that Dave kind of begged to be on some   Journey dates and that did not pan out I'm  curious if you were ever asked to play bass   for Dave because it seems like all of your  friends have played bass for Dave certain   point between Matt Binet and so I don't  recall him trying his I don't recall him   uh wait a minute we're losing uh I hear you delay  video and yeah okay yeah I I don't remember Dave uhing journey to get on the tour um no he never  asked me to play with him uh uh but you you're   WR a lot of people I know including Dave Amato  I think he was on in that group with Ron but   Ron has the funniest stories about rehearsing  at Dave's dad's house or something like that   it's just the way Dave went about organizing  things you know hey any no I I did I did get   asked by Ron I mean by by Dave but Ron is  just he's a fine player and you know that   about a year ago on a moment's notice he landed  the spot playing with Steve Miller yeah yeah he   that is a prime gig it's kind of like a Wall-E  from Chicago when from being percussionist to   drummer and Ron didn't he go from percussionist  to drummer with Steve Miller Ron wixo I thought   he did or at least it was no he uh uh the uh  veteran drummer uh had to make a decision to   just stop being a traveling musician and it was a  very short notice and uh Ron was given a call by   Scott breay our former manager of the storm and  boom he stepped right in there and he's rocking   he's rocking him he is steady and it sounds  really good hi Ron that'll be 20 bucks well   Ross thank you as I thanks for taking the time  with me thank you for the Decades of great music   looking forward to Future solo music future gigs  Etc and just keep up all the greatness out there   I'll let you know when it's time to play and I'll  see you at the idium oh oh wow I'm impressed brast

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