Outback Motorcycle Adventure - 4000 km test 2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer

Outback Motorcycle Adventure - 4000 km test  2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer

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thank you the 2022 Triumph rally Explorer has hit  Australian Shores and we want to know   does this bike have what it takes to be  classed as a dirt oriented super tourer   and if we want to know that we've got to head  into the Australian Outback Big Sky big brown   land and thousands of kilometers of dirt roads and  tracks that very quickly reveal the strengths and   weaknesses of Machinery not designed for purpose  our goal is to punch out around 4 000 kilometers   with a substantial proportion of those miles  on the dirt the plan is to ride from Triumph   HQ in Melbourne into the Flinders ranges onto  Cameron corner and then head Southeast back to   Sydney through some of the most interesting back  roads we can find but there's one challenge that   will keep us on our toes a wet weather system  called La Nina that dominates our continent   for the third consecutive year and turns the  Outback tracks into sticky impassable mush we arrive at Triumph HQ and wonder how  in the hell are we going to fit all our   stuff in a dry bag in a tank bag we  blast out of the city and spend the   first two days mile munching on  the tar to get to the good stuff it's about ready to go this is day  two we haven't recorded much of day   one because all we were doing in  transport miles what's going on   Clubby? somber start this morning Dave don't  normally do that on our rides little Memorial   just around the corner here that we're going to  go and see at Sunrise mate pay attribute yeah so I always wanted to start this ride by coming  straight to a little town called Keith in South   Australia it's just across the border from  Victoria but it's uh we're all known for   two things the hometown of Andy Caldecott who's a  champion Aussie motorcycle racer uh he started out   in junior Motocross won the local State's level  Junior Motocross titles competed nationally top   performer in National Motocross for Mr Motocross  one vintage Motocross titles transferred his   career into Safari and rally racing won the  Australian Safari got all the way to Dhaka   did so well over there impressed the KDM team  that you got a factory ride and as life happens   sometimes and we're just going to wait for this  big truck to roll past because we're right on the   highway here where you can't whistle Memorial the  poor guy crashed and and tragically lost his life   while racing the Dakar in 2006 um so what's that  like 16 years ago and I can still remember the guy   clear as mud he was just big tall lanky dude long  hair but just the most nice cool down to earth guy   who just always had two feet on the ground and  just had the best time riding a motorcycle and   if there's anything about his passing past while  he was doing what he absolutely loved to the most   and so they've had a memorial here for Andy here  in Keith in his hometown and it's just cool for   anyone guys like me that just know the guy from  Forever it's just a fabulous tribute to him his   family is still hearing Keith he had businesses  here in Keith and South Australia and it's just   a cool place to stop and just remember the guy  for just one of he was just one of motorcycling's   gentlemen and just a just a fabulous  fabulous guy who was just taken way too early   I wasn't supposed to film today  but Clubby had his eye on canola   but have a look we've just gone down this  road honestly it doesn't look much does it   and this is the problem look at that mud  oops I think my bike's gonna fall over have a go at the mud oh not possible  to turn around without Clubby's help   then to make it worse I've got a cramp oh God look at that back wheel guys just it's  just like there's one mil of crust on top that   looks like it's dry yeah and the rest of us  just bloody slop in it do you think this is a   premonition of what's to come or we're good no no  no no we're going north from here mate okay I know   we're going closer to the Equator it'll be good  up there right just remember what he said foreign look at that life on the road with Clubby  endless cafes pies pasties   milkshakes where are we opposite some whopping  great big piece of artwork over there we're in   and look we're at The Silo Cafe at um Coonalpyne  that's right we call Clubby the human GPS it's an   earned reputation and he's not disappointing  today our goal for the night is a small town   at the southern end of the Flinders ranges  he's wending his way North and where he can   he's picking up interesting dirt road and twin  Trail to get us to our destination and his first   selection of twin Trail is a cracker we're  skirting along the banks of the Murray River   Australia's longest river stretching over  two and a half thousand kilometers foreign including five of the six longest rivers  in Australia form a water catchment that is   about a seventh of the area of our continent  it's bloody huge and at the moment with La   Nina the water is Flowing fast and it's not  the only thing moving fast we've been heavy   on the throttle over the past couple of hours  and Club is appreciating that has consequences   cubby you got some fuel anxiety I  don't know what's going on Dave yeah   like we've done 400 kilometers yeah and the bike's  tire is flashing at me yeah getting my stress   levels up saying I've only got 40 kilometers to  go yeah after 400 kilometers on a 30 liter tank   so I wonder is this Triumph's way of promoting  ride responsibly oh right we have been a little   animated for the last hour or so we have been  giving it a bit of stick and this morning we were   making rapid Pace across the paddocks yeah I will  admit to that but yeah I think it's just having a   little hernia what after those last little playing  up there with a bit of throttle action mate well   after all it is a Australian Adventure it is an  adventure but he's the mess all right he's telling   me 40 kilometers yeah and we've got 31 kilometers  to Blanche town okay I'm just gonna see ya and if   that how the plan works or you've got the tow  ropes I've got the tow rope so I wouldn't like   you to wingman me all right just in case all right  I but I think we're safe mate I'm safe okay mate   all right now let's get this [ __ ] on the right  all right so upright I want to go to off-road Pro traction control off ABS off that's  what I want all right let's go gungadin yeah for some reason I thought you  could do that on the Fly you can't the country's changing so dramatically as we head  north you know we're in the Murray River Basin now back on the tar I wonder how Clubby's going with his fuel anxiety I would have thought that time after he  stopped giving it a hammering there it'd   be a recalculation he'd actually be gaining fuel do ya I think he thought this place had fuel  I think it would though on freeway Maybe yes he found it he's found it he'll be happy   we're pumping out about 5.8 liters for 100k and um so the warning if you're wanting  what the Clubby came on at 420. now so that's it's dropped and the reason for that  drop is near the Murray River there we're giving   the bikes a bit of stick there's one section  that we do on this ride and it's quite a long   stop between drinks and I think what we're  going to be is very cautious on the throttle so   it seems if you hold it around a hundred kph  100 kilometers an hour you're gonna get around   yeah mid fours High 4.7 liters per 100K  so I'm going to guess and the second you   get up around 120 it's uh the fuel economy  goes up disproportionately so exponentially which I mean isn't a drama I mean it's got a  30 liter tank don't make too much of it but you   know we've got to be smart about this too in the  coming days when we've got that big long stretch   and I think I mean I'll have to pull Clubby up  but I think it's something like 440 kilometers   which if we ride like we did  today we would be coming in empty so those Hills are coming out of the Horizon now   have a go at this road just the black  ribbon disappearing into the horizon so that's a pleasant change  isn't it there's Rolling Hills we're there we're at the getting close to the base  of the Flinders ranges starting to see those Folds you know we're driving along here and I'm just  thinking to myself this reminds me of Mongolia   you see the name of that station mongolata  mongolata this is what Mongolia looks like I've   never seen South Australia so green actually parts  of Kyrgyzstan as well that's what we're heading   well club before I go on that my friend  I'm going off-road off-road Pro for me on screen oh wow Clubby you've done it Adventureland huh how good is that come gotta go and have a  look we have got the piece this guy's on and on yeah that's what I love you know there's  spontaneous decisions where you go oh let's just I love the spontaneity of motorcycle Adventure   Clubby had spotted this stunning track  and we went with our hearts and explored cost it would mean riding  in the town well after Dark   the southern end of the Flinders ranges is  jam-packed with Kangaroos and spending a   few hours in the dark on the roads is  potentially not good for your health   well through our accommodation Mill Rose   one of those places you'd like to  come back to um spend a few days there probably day planned out let's  go and see him up at the pub here heated seat on heated grips on high basically in the Flinders ranges   and that's where we ate last night again lovely  Pub and great food Mount remarkable Hotel   excellent food stunning this is gorgeous isn't  it hey yeah anyway come over here I think it's   time to get serious now all right we're gonna  go off the Beaten Track right okay and uh head   right into the Flinders I'll get the maps out  come on over and let's just make a plan we'll   start at the bottom today this morning we're  going to finish at the top tonight and then   basically the whole run is our it's the day is  our oyster like you've got all the Gorges of   the Flinders national parks proper yeah but  then you've got awesome country either side   of all the ranges that run north and south so  for our International Friends these are planes   out here that's just straight into the Outback to  the left and and this is all plains on this other   side and how this was formed Australia kind of got  crunched like that yeah like from left and right   and crunched and this is the kind of how ranges  were created from that geological pressure yeah there's clubby's canola have a go at that it's funny you know these rides  they look isolated if you don't   look it's going to get taken out by  a big truck oh there's some sheep.

it's great to be out on the  bikes in this big space you know I think tiger territories the the best way to  describe this it's it's great for 1200s you know you got the capability to do the dirt but you've   also got to do tire you've got  to do gravel gotta do everything we're doing this right you can stay on this bit  or you can thread the needle get up your speed   you've got a really slippery gravel edge off  to the side and you've got ruts on the right Clubby and I are heading to  the old ghost town of Hammond and Ever After with the dream Hammond was founded  on past releases in the 1840s and officially   surveyed in 1879 it was a thriving little town  a place for raising families and having the odd   drink check out the size of the hotel it also had  a railway station bank and a range of other stores   but Hammond's time in the sun was short-lived by  the early 1900s unpredictable ferocious droughts   a depression and a relocation of the Railhead  saw to the relative quick demise of the town   I couldn't help but think when a drought struck  how difficult it would be to raise a family let   alone to survive the history of the Flinders  ranges is Rich a fabric of Hope and despair as   Farmers attempted to harness mother nature  and she wasn't having a bar of it foreign for riding we're in the Flinders ranges  right down the southern end of it but the   air is cool and crisp and so clear and  look at the colors they're so vibrant you know those acres and Olive greens  that we come to know that represent the   Flinders and of course these beautifully  manicured travel roads it's just brilliant look there's some kangaroos oh some  little Joey and his mum come on don't   come across just come on come  on come on let's get past them interesting new power sliding around  those corners my range is 80 kilometers what's yours I think I'm gonna have to be very so how far we've got to go 54 kilometers 80.1 let's just say the computer  Gremlins are still thinking I'm riding like a Hoon   all right let's wait and see   I'm gonna be very gentle now oh come  on I'll just push it to get started John Berg population of two God all right it has gone down to 79.5 see I'm seeing on 73 I'll  gradually get it up to about 90.   but um if your economy is coming good for  me again see 4.2 4.3 lires per hundred ks   I'm just gonna hover along that um I'll just  gradually build to 90ks and that'll do me I think I've been driving very conservatively 72.6 what I  can't believe it could it have been 71 points this  

is a big country and if you stuff up out here it  could cost you your life calculating fuel range is   critical and what I've discovered if you're light  on a throttle these big triumphs will reward you   with long fuel range but if you get heavy-handed  fuel range plummets now while it looks dry we bump   into Cam at Hawker and he tells Tales of being up  to his armpits in mud in the Simpson desert and   there's rumours another rain front is coming that  could compromise our trip into the Outback so the   Hawker fuel Saga ends with success 19.7 kilometers  rain so just ease off the gas it's a good lesson   for Cameron Corner probably isn't it oh absolutely  and it makes a massive difference isn't it for   those 15 kilometers an hour yeah between 100K and  115 kilometers an hour look at this discovered   Camis tried to get the Simpson doesn't mean  flogged by rain and mud and crap never made   it no it was a bit soft yeah okay so we had a few  guys up there have a really hard time and a couple   of guys have uh turned around and come out and a  lot of cars caked in some very red mud so yeah we   decided to turn around and head back over to the  east coast instead yeah so this is the thing I   mean you've just got a you know Australian weather  conditions can change in a second so yeah just be   careful too because there's another front coming  through the center as well yes over from Western   Australia so yeah we're going to try to knowing  Clubby's weather watching we're going to try to   weasel our way between both fronts Good Luck Good  Luck yes I think we'll need it a magical place getting in just opposite the  small village of Parachilna   this is a lovely way into the Flinders and we're  heading over to Blinman and then on to ARCA ruler it's dirt roads like this that really get  you appreciating the effort that's gone   into designing this bike you know the  gear ratios just match with the engine   those Brembo brakes are so strong  I mean it's a one finger job there suspension it's going great  for a super tourer you know and wind our way down I think if I owned this bike I wouldn't  use a tank bag the bike kind of demands   of you to be over the tank more in the  tank bag just gets in the road a bit the other thing I would do if I had this  bike and I was touring as I'd have soft   paniers a little bit lower to um take care of the  center of gravity and keep it as low as possible Australian Adventure motorcycle riders Blinman  is the epicenter of some brilliant trials   there's a pub to stay at and there's a bit of  accommodation around here they're bike friendly   well worth well worth coming  through even now New South Welshman   and even Queenslanders need to come out  here it's that good it's brilliant writing okay so we're leaving heading to Arkaroola it's  about 160 K's away most of our days on this ride   are around 500 K's 500 plus three our mated Hawker  was saying the weather conditions in the Simpson   and that are atrocious a wet weather front had  come in and it was mud and mayhem and everyone   was being turned around the roads were closed and  they were heading either South around Broken Hill   now at this point in time limarkaroola our  Akaroola's own finakarula to Innaminka four-wheel   drive Arkaroola to Copley open now that's  interesting because there's two weather fronts one   has passed there's another following through we've  you know today tonight is decision time in terms   of Arkaroola from there we're hopefully heading  to Cameron corner but you know if that weather   front's too close I nor Clubby want to get stuck  in that sort of mud I've been there it put me in   hospital and I do not want to return so let's see  what happens at ARCA ruler it might be an easy day   in Arkaroola or we'll try to get to the top or you  know with our hands of our our destiny is in the   life of the Gods and we might very well end up  in Cameron Corner sleeping in a little dog box well that covers all the options well  mate there's a few options after all   it is an adventure yeah yeah this  starts to get fluid now with that   looks good at the moment but they  can go red red red in the flesh we have wandered through the desert chasing  after what's behind but you're doing a new thing what yeah so we're well over another 500k day heading into Arkaroola probably about I don't know  close to 60 K's out and we're making good speed   good conditions just got to watch these um flood channels and it can be  a little bit asleep sometimes I've bottomed out on a couple of  the day with the bash plate and uh   yeah just a couple of times I've got  in the rear shock gorilla so this is takes us to Innaminka good morning welcome to Arkaroola Australia's  ultimate Rock Farm have a look out there Dave   it's not red is it just is brilliant Arkaroola is a Wilderness Sanctuary situated on  620 square kilometers of Freehold and past your   lease land its stunning geological formations  offer a range of environments for the local   Wildlife to thrive the weather is generally  fine and with little air pollution it's also   a great place for astronomy Clubby and I do  some climbing to take in the view but the   weather is on our mind and by the looks of those  charts we won't be riding the camera and Corner   our destiny has been set by the imminent  rain we're going to have to be riding well   over a thousand K's of blacktop to get home  Cameron corner is just gonna have to wait   heading to Copley the nearest Hard Road and from  there a couple of shortcuts across to Yunta and   onto broken Hill and finally home our dirt road  experience on these bikes for the most part   is coming to an end time to reflect on their  performance and what they bring to the super   tourer class that is jam-packed with well-equipped  highly competent dirt oriented mounts you went on a bus mate look 1200 it's a broken Hill right God what a day so we're going to have a  quandong tart yeah real soon yeah uh and then   we're going to have to loop around South to still  get to Broken Hill tonight is the mission yeah   yeah and I think the emphasis is on the word night  oh mate it's going to be scary a Long Afternoon   mates yeah but that's the cool part  adventure riding it's just a rich   tapestry of good bad and indifferent  yes I've broken Hill next yeah and uh   uh maybe some time to talk about the bikes what do  you reckon we're going to be jumping through big   yeah let's get it while it's fresh now mine was  we've got what 100 meters to go before we get   get onto blacktop and slab it for what 1500  kilometers oh yes we'll make some deviation   deviations along the way yeah but um yeah  tell us about your tiger experience well   I think the overriding factor with me all these  big leader plus bikes they are just awesome for   bashing through big miles tarmac gravel dirt and  they'll go off-road when required but that's the   thing that always comes back to me when you get  right the way down here to the off-road scale everything gets tempered and to me the reason  for that is you're dealing with a bike that on   the spec sheet is what 250 to 260 KS yeah okay  Triumph they've taken 20 odd kilos out of the   weight of the existing 1200 Explorer model into  with this new model yep but the rod we made for   our backs is it's it's it's a 30 liter tank which  is awesome for range awesome for mileage but it's   still positioned up at and above your knee levels  yeah okay for the location of them when it's full   you're noticing it we're both running tank bags  which then impedes on getting the body weight   forward plus we've then just got the good old  giant Lube dealer milk bag strapped up on the   seat yeah high and weighty as well and from  the moment we've dropped off to the gravel   that's been the overriding determining factor in  my mind in terms of the way you ride the bike if   you want to make Pace on the gravel yeah you  know is my call and and this is such a bike   and I thought every time I write it out of big  1200 I always say get up over the front end get   your weight here your head here above the hit the  screen the bars and get all your weight on that   front wheel to push down on that front suspension  to give you traction and drive into Corners when   you're trying to get into it the minute I put my  and you would have seen it this morning I put my   thumb back down when I start getting tired weight  comes back I'm coming in the corners hot okay the   weight my weight and there's another 95 kilos of  weight there in working into all the inertia it's   in the wrong spot and it's pushing the front yeah  and that's why I'm backing off hard but I'm still   running why I say it's a bike that responds to  being ridden aggressively for sure but it's Forte   I just say Dave is is in dead set touring mileage  mate yeah and Big Range mate if you keep your you   know what have we seen on six days of riding I've  calculated between a vest of 20 kilometers a liter   yeah so potentially there's 600 kilometers of  range out of the fuel tank down to a low of 15.7   which brings it back down to the low 400s yeah and  you and I both had sessions of fuel anxiety yeah   on this ride on a bike with a 30 liter a tank but  the trade-off is we were motoring when it starts   sucking that juice you get up to 115 120 130 it  starts sucking the fuel and that becomes a factor   um comfort wise I reckon it's awesome that  you know for the big tank it's just so much   protection the screen is just awesome with that  easy adjustability it's an awesome cocoon up here   on front the bars and they've got big high raised  mounts and lifted well up love the bend love the   shape all of that in terms of ergonomics the  screen is big clear awesome easy to read yeah um   all the other backlit switch gear oh yeah yeah the  other night you know and tonight we're going to be   riding the dark again yeah it's only a little  thing but it counts my when you yeah exactly   um suspension I'm gonna make the call that it  could still do with more particularly in the rear   end when we're plowing into those floodway dips  out on these gravel roads at over a dollar I'm you   know the back end's going through the stroke and  again I've got all that weight on the back there   yes it's semi-adjustable semi-active suspension  boosting it right up there in the in the the   off-road settings but I'm still getting the G  out effect on the back end particularly and I   do out the front end once today yeah in those dips  this morning but again motoring hitting them hard   um otherwise Comfort I can say the seat is  a ripper haven't even thought about my butt   cheeks in six days at all um brakes super super  strong I said to you probably was a day two yeah   no the third day when we got onto long dirt I'm  just this front Brake's so so strong and I'm   finding that those really modulating and being  course careful of my action on the brake lever   is just that strong rear brake yep definitely  strong as well I'm going to make a call that I   love all the protection that comes on the bike  with the crash bars Etc kegs could be a little   bit bigger like they're actually a good length  Peg but you'd love a bit more whipped on them   for a big bike where you need to be  standing up so much Center stand is included   um jury is out on all this technology  of the rear swing arm set up now yeah   triangulated swing arm to me it just seems  to bring so many more components I mean   the rear end action is fine and good and dandy and  all of that but it to me it just seems like a lot   more componentary in Parts bearings bushes Etc  compared to a standard single swing arm or the   previous model which had a single swing arm with  the shaft drive but there's a performance increase   there that's absolutely agree with that yeah for  the technology yeah um shaft drive mate we haven't   even had to think about lube and chains any of  that palava and I don't think it's from a riding   experience what's the difference what there's  what's the negative about having a shaft when   it comes to like it's a positive for maintenance  no negative with regards to the right experience   thirty four thousand dollars ish I mean that's  all competitive with bikes in the class um and   there's a lot of competition now big BMW 1250 the  Cato 1290 um we rode the Africa twins yeah I still   reckon that's an underrated bike that Africa twin  isn't it yeah I I thought about that bike a lot   on this particular ride it would lap it up as well  mate but listen it's just been awesome to be able   like how good you know we've had what now  I think the best part of four days in and   around the Flinders and how good do you feel  mate we've been cleansed oh well it is that's   exactly right isn't it you know exactly so yeah  it's it's right there it's right there in the   ballpark in amongst all those big you know  leader plus capacity Adventure bikes it'll   just do everything you know we've got another 600  K's ahead of us it's 2 30 in the afternoon going   to be riding in the dark it's going to get cold  it's going to start raining tomorrow and it's the   type of bike that you know you can just climb  on and just Chomp through those miles and come   out the other end with minimum aggravation I've  loved it yeah it's been a great trip great trip so we've had four days in the dirt with these  bikes and it's been fantastic the the 1200 triple   it's an engine that's very flexible is it up  there in terms of the power no it's not it's about   mid-range in terms of 1200 cc bikes out there at  the moment but it does the job well it's a a very   um Dependable uh responsive engine that just gives  you the you know when you feed on the power it   just comes on really smoothly but strongly and you  know in this last section you know I've been power   sliding around corners and you can just feed it on  gently and or if you want to get more aggressive   you can you can do that and the bike responds to  that well but like Clubby said you've got to ride   this like a dirt bike when when you're on the dirt  and you want to get motoring um body weight right   over the tank now that was something if I had this  bike I don't necessarily think I'd have a tank bag   if I was doing the sorts of dirt that we did last  couple of days I think it gets in the roadway I'd   prefer my body you know to be forward like this  and I don't think a tank bag or if you're going   to get one I'd just consider something smaller if  you like riding the dirt if you don't if you like   sitting it's not a problem um but it likes being  up and aggressive with those uh handlebars hanging   onto the handlebars good positioning forward and  and everything sweet the second in the dirt the   second you get a little bit lazy you'll you'll  get this um squidgy feeling at the back and it   starts to move a little bit it's not it's not  disconcerting but you know you're a little bit   top heavy and the reason you're top heavy is the  fuel range and and this is the compromise you know   if you want big fuel range on this bike you've got  all that fuel range but it's way up high and the   bike feels a little bit top heavy not too much but  it's noticeable when the tank is full and the way   we had the bike set up with the our giant lit bag  at the back here which is quite High if I own this   bike I'd have the panniers low and centralized  and I have plenty of racks I think that would be a   recommendation for me in terms of the positioning  you know in terms of your road gas are strong   um I could sit on this for weeks this seat it's so  comfortable uh it's got it's heated the reseed is   heated and you've got your heated grips as well  and when you combine that with this great screen   you know you're really protected very easy to  move up and down and it's very effective like   when you've got that up like that very protective  uh no uh buffeting with your helmet just really   smooth riding and you know when we're we're  getting up over those 100 kilometers an hour   it really it's such a comfortable bike yeah I can  sit on this all day sit on it all day the off-road   Pro mode where all tracks in control and abs is  disabled is my favorite go-to place in the dirt   for a big bike I'd consider its handling to be  nimble and reassuring in the dirt with the Proviso   you're up on the pegs with your body weight over  the tank there's a temptation to start playing   in off-road Pro but it means you're going to wear  out rear tires really quickly but more importantly   fuel range plummets I don't have any doubt you  can get 600 K's out of a tank but if you're   heavy fisted with a throttle fuel range can easily  drop into the 400s the Brembo brakes are amazingly   powerful with one finger action for me in the dirt  the activation of the front bikes is predictable   and they have good feel and reassuringly you  know the power behind them in a case of emergency   the rear brake wasn't grabby and I felt confident  using it to slide the rear out a little to set the   bike up for cornery in the dirt while standing  the rear brake foot pedal is adjustable and I   kept it raised in the dirt and that contributed  to my confidence in rear brake activation the   dirt orientation of this bike is right up there  with its 21 18 inch wheel combination the shower   suspension is a highlight for me for the types  of dirt we were covering it provided a balanced   performance that absorbed the unpredictable  unpleasant hits but was sufficiently subtle   to allow for a 500K plus stay on gravel and not  feel beaten up this bike looks after you and Rider   Comfort is a strong feature I didn't observe the  falling through the stroke at the rear that Clubby   did I did bottom it out occasionally in some dips  and it was definitely coming to the end of its   stroke but it felt controlled and it certainly  wasn't falling through the stroke maybe our   setup was different as we're still getting to know  the bikes and I certainly didn't get any jarring   in terms of dirt riding if I was buying this bike  there's not much I'd do to it in order of priority   I consider looking at a more robust bash plate a  broader rally style Peg is a must for this bike   as in the dirt it needs to be ridden standing with  the weight over the front wheel I'd either remove   the tank bag I had or have a much smaller one to  ensure I could comfortably get my weight over that   tank soft panty racks are a must to get the center  of gravity as low and as centralized as you can   the obvious question that I considered was would  I abandon the bigger tank for a lower center of   gravity and it's a resounding no from me the  bigger tank gives flexibility and range and   from my perspective is essential for a big mile  muncher that you want to take into the Outback   in summary the Triumph rally explorers dirt  manners and dirt comfort and capability have   been strong and a notable feature of the buy it's  true we didn't write anything too technical but   from what I've experienced I'd be willing to  go there but the journey isn't over yet we're   about to punch out a couple of 800k plus days  that will highlight other features of the bike   we were safely on the blacktop and the rain  front was on its way if we were lucky and   punched out two 800k days we would keep our Tails  relatively dry Chloe had one dirt shortcut up his   sleeve as we headed to yonta it was a track  that would be forever known as kangaroo Lane   the night would be filled with death and  destruction as the fast-moving trucks mowed   down the kangaroos with monotonous regularity the  name of the game for us was to hook him behind   a truck with good lights and use it to take  out the ruse that would otherwise take us out through the back roads and most of it  were done on blacktop coming down the   western side of the Flinders ranges this is  a shortcut that takes us to yunta and yunta   is only 200 kilometers from Broken Hill  because Clubby said this road is packed   with Kangaroos and we're coming right into  kangaroo time so I've shaved back our speed see how we go oh how gorgeous is it though hey sure isn't it  look at that view Oh Black Rock mate it's always   an impressive spot here it's a shame there's Cloud  on the horizon to mess the sunset yeah look at it   here we got some kilometers to do yet though   clubbing we're pretty experienced Adventure Riders  and you know we always talk about not doing what   we're doing now and uh I don't know how many near  misses you had but there were more kangaroos there   than in Adelaide Zoo that's an understatement  isn't it how can I just confirm that's you there   Dave I can't see you yeah I know I can't hear  you yeah yeah like did you get all the ghosts   I didn't see a goat mate I had two families of bug  goats the cutest little blokes and didn't we say   before goats never walk on tarmac but they did  in there on the gravel weren't they yeah bloody   things in kangaroos how many ruse made yes anyway  we still got 200 K's to go in the dark uh the last   100ks has just been death and destruction ruse  dead everywhere I um introduced Clubby to a new   strategy for dodging ruse I I'm I'm looking  forward to seeing how he thought it went Now Dave okay our next comment will be in  the form of a question yes okay all right   and I want a straight answer yeah hang on  and we have to keep fueling while we talk   yeah to multitask all right because time is of  the essence tonight yeah yeah those last hundred   kilometers as you mentioned yeah I noticed an  interesting Dynamic taking place to borrow one   of your Expressions yes I'm going to examine  that Dynamic with you yeah now I understand   the dynamic of tucking in behind a big b triple  yeah all right and I could see you sitting out   to the right yeah to gain maximum advantage of  your light throw and his and his of course yeah   I sit there in another 50 to 100 back yeah  and I get the maximum benefit of everybody's   light throw yes now my question to you is when  the leader of the troop the Big B triple yeah   and he takes all 38 axles that he's got there  yeah all packed with Mighty Goodyear Tires yeah   and he runs straight over the top of poor old skip  get right my question to you is you get to where   to eat the kangaroo steak dinner and I score  the free fur coat or is it vice versa I want a   straight answer though my theory on that is that  mace kangaroos end up on the left or the right   so that's what I'm going to say to you I  don't know how that theory goes not many   end up in the middle of the road they really  get flooded so that's my theory okay but then   my other extension of the question is yeah  how fast do you come up on the Dead Black   roadkill in the middle of the night I know you  know like it's just off it's another Dead one you know what every time I come to yonta I I  swear that I'm never gonna ride in the dark   to Broken Hill ever again like imagine  if you had the golden chain franchise every adventure bike rider will  book in they would they would anyway he's turning around you noticed I picked the big fast truck all right let's go and get some food we arrived at  Broken Hill around 10 p.m it was a huge day in the  

saddle with another to follow in the morning the  weather was on our tails and that motivated us to   push ourselves all the way to Forbes to keep our  backsides dry two huge days in the saddle on the   blacktop was a blessing in terms of assessing  this bike's potential as a dual purpose smile   muncher we were satisfied its dirt manners were  good but these two days cemented its position as   a capable dual Sporter that looked after the Rider  by providing a cocoon of comfort so necessary for   punching out big miles the dirt oriented super  tourer class has some stiff competition in the   form of the KTM and BMW and to a lesser degree  the slightly more road-oriented Ducati they   all leave the showroom floor jam-packed  with a strong range of standard features   but for me those features are just a distraction  as is the relative power outputs of these bikes at   the end of the day if a 1200 cc buy can't give  me a power slide on the dirt there's something   pretty wrong Joy comes to me from feeling as one  with a bite that strikes at the heart of handling   and feel and how the bike responds to my instincts  and that is a personal thing it's got nothing to   do with reviewing and comparing specifications  it's got to do with how you feel on the bike and   the only way to do that is to ride it and feel  it through the seat of your pants so that's up   to you but what I can tell you from the experience  of extensively writing all the competition is the   Triumph Tiger 1200 rally Explorer stands amongst  its peers and the dirt oriented super tourer class   just became a little more competitive civilization  below you didn't quite get the Cameron corner   but that's we're not going to let that go are  we oh that'll just be the next trip Dave yeah   it's just another destination to look forward  to isn't it mate yeah oh look it's all good   this is what two hours from Sydney you've  got this yeah and then what two two days   ago two days from Sydney we had a whole nother  world didn't we out there in the Flinders yeah   just fabulous there's so much good country to  be had out here and for adventure Riders this   year with that uh La Nina we don't want to RAB it  on too much about it but you're really going to   have to plan your trips you're going to have to be  thinking flexibly and you've got to try to avoid   getting stuck in that dirt if you're in that dirt  and it pours rain you will be in it for four days   to a week so you've got to have your Alternatives  and you've got to have your tar exits okay but   it doesn't have to pour no no every time that we  ventured off those two times we ventured off onto   the dirt roads that look dry yeah yeah mate they  barely had millimeters of rain 10 mils they had 10   mils and it was just Babushka over Red Rover yeah  there's just no going anywhere in that weather   now we found some great little discoveries which  you know in terms of accommodation and that one   last night that was great I've grown to love  dongle life Dave you did I don't mind donga life   the one thing I did wonder about if we had been  in that dongma say for another two days and   then the rains came yeah my level of comfort of  being in that donga in pouring rain and Howling   Gale yeah better than a tent no no imagine  a tent you'd be walking in with mud on your   feet oh I love that rock Farm oh you can have  that donga life hashtag Donna life yeah I'll   follow that it's a bit Chardonnay but I don't  care I'm a pensioner all right let's get home thanks for watching Tiger Territory our motorcycle  Adventure into the Outback if you've liked   what you've seen please subscribe as Mad TV is  jam-packed with movie length motorcycle adventure   and reviews for those Mad TV die hards there's  some interesting outtakes including catching   up with the Honda Australia team in Arkaroola  to discuss the imminent arrival of The elusive   Transalp there's more commentary on the bike  and some fun until next time thanks for watching you need to get off the road come on come on I  can see you go that's it we found how good is this   look it's a straight line either to pleasure or  to pain I predict climb aboard Dave if you trust   me driving don't you oh Jesus hang on you want  the back there Dave are you on hang on just let   me get the all right hang on I'm on three three  one got holy cow there's a lot of lighting us yeah I gotta go backwards see mate foreign just inside there and have that beautiful  big yellow background right behind me for   a photo mate yeah here they are the Honda test  team they're in they're in look at this my God   what a broad range of Hondas we have here  from the 250 Africa twins a dominator   I went out when Abba started singing Waterloo  and we've got a trans out this bike's a brave   black doing sand on a transout probably needs  to probably needs a medal for that I'd reckon   he's right mate look at those boxes you could put  a library in them mate that it's got some serious   carrying capacity here's the truck where's the  new 750 no there's no news we've been sitting   here for four days and they freaking Mountain  waiting for you guys yeah spooning each other   oh did you eat that Chloe just just film  this guy's face he says there's no new 750   750. what is that then I don't know but it  should weigh under 200k oh you're a drink   and then you only want to play 16 grand for it  yeah at least 25 liters of fuel yeah I agree   and you're right on two points so far mad  TVs out knockarilla for a reason Chloe we   thought this was them Honda's let us down  but anyway yeah all right so how many how   many days you bought Stony what's going on I  know we're on here we're on our way to Alice then we spent the last couple of days zigzagging  in the fins be off to another major station today   and we camp up and have a tub there and uh do  a few laps around each place and then head up   there in the data track yeah so you've been  here before you boys or what I haven't been   here yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Flinders isn't  it yeah you could just be out there for a week   and just never cover all of it no no it's a good  camping we've got it where's the Dominator he's   got the Dominator where is he he's the brave boy  he kind of looks like Bjorn doesn't he remember   I saw Michael got I'd win the Australian Safari in  1985 or six or seven on one of them so how did he   do it I'm sure you could do it today couldn't you  hang on hang on let's just go through this come on   what's your name mate Harry Harry come on Harry  tell us tell us your setup tell us your setup   what do you got here a lot of shitloader fuel you  got a dominator yeah what are those camera cases   yeah yeah funny Bunnings Bunnings camera cases  that they work a bit of Rio Rod ladies framework   she's got aftermarket pipes so that means  everything is a real flat spot because you can't   go in through January so how are these um hang  on this is pretty important how are these that   you might have come across a discovery Harry how  are these panties going are they doing the job are   they dust proof yes easy they really are desperate  17 aren't they no no they're about 50 bucks   50 bucks each because I got similar ones for my  camera gear right mate that's that's uh Discovery   adventurous what's a normal set of panties worth  about a thousand bucks and you've done it for a   tenth oh you've got the the triple seat yes yeah  nugget used to lose his and I'd have to pick it up   all the time yeah and uh lamps will Harry how's  this going for you oh this I just touched where   your ball sacked there's no Skitty set no that's  good how's that what else you got you got your hat   clipped to the handlebars doesn't come off no she  stays there how many cars is this done too many   hang on 62 000 okay yeah mate so how long have  you had it for it's not even mine all right he's all man-made so this is Father's Day this is the Father's Day  ride these two boys hang on this is a Father's   Day ride these two boys between these two boys  they would have at least 25 or 30 Hondas oh my   God yeah all right and Harry how you going with  an open-faced helmet at speed all the time you're   being driven mad you still got your hearing yes  he's still there all right okay you're all right   that's good all right what's next what's coming  up next over here with the old African queen mate   what about it eh yeah Technic suspension so he's  been to Nick dial it was all done all right yeah   even come with three different windscreens though  that particular but these are the bargains you can   get aren't you the people have these aspirations  do one ride and then he sits in the shed and yeah   it's not bad it's just quite as a ton twice a ton  but it does the job doesn't it come to the oh it's   comfortable on the gravel in that yeah plenty  of hair so your panty is the panties came with   it everything everything came with fully set up  okay so how are you finding there's a couple of   things that interest me this petrol container  here when you hit sand you get this whack in   the back of your car you can't put your feet down  no you'll get run over you'll just get cleaned up   the second you put yourself down yeah so yeah if  it was then I'd turn them around put them on the   other side yeah when it's um you know like these  gravel roads not too bad no no they're all right   and and are you finding a bit top heavy what  you got up here yeah okay sleeping bag and um   so all your weights down low yeah go go we did  have a vapor Grog in there that's nearly gone oh that was sensible and we're nearly had a Tucker  I hoping someone needs to go the next couple this morning yeah so how many cases she done  she's dark she's got 42 000 42 000 Oxford   grips that's another one of my favorites I  don't like this you know this one is spins changing that get a bit of  wire or something all right engine bars and you oh you got water on one side  and fuel on the other they better not get those   mixed up no you're going to pull up next to fire  all right who's next he's got 250. he's this guy   here coming in here okay what's your name Jake  Jake all right Jake come and show us because we've   done oh I'm excited already what this Jake yep  aftermarket light no all right go through it for   us if you bought one of these yeah first thing you  need to do is delete the soap all right delete the   seat get the aftermarket straight up yeah okay got  the bars yeah you got the heated grips GPS system   up front yeah USB stickier hang on let's come  behind you Jake let's have a look you go there and   I'll just get this cockpit all right you got your  TomTom there all right got us Oxford heated grips   yeah put your phone in the Air charger up yep soft  seat beautiful got these you've got a real system oh oh they just pop off so when you get to Camp  you just do that so you can oh mate don't don't   buy people don't do another one but that's  amazing they're rum got the toolkit there oh   yeah yeah up under there I don't know if you  can see it but there's spare fuel up under   there and I'll just have a look up your rear  end all right yeah you can see it but yeah   yeah I got it I got it and this is pretty light  this stuff and you've got all your heavy [ __ ]   down like I got the clothes in there got the  camp gear in this one and the food and this   side so yeah so I keep saying that to our new  adventurers because you keep your heavy [ __ ]   low and forward and your lights [ __ ] up the  top yeah all righty I think that looks good I'm   very impressed but that light guy's got me what  else you got oh it's just an aftermarket engine   temp guy do you really need that do you really  need that that's this point those big balls yeah what's he done with the spring rates oh  yeah what have you done with the spring   rates here you've got it oh he's very quiet  very quiet he hasn't touched it no they are   soft but what do you do when you get to  a dip 120. you just lean back and hold on I'm just gonna yeah I'm concerned he goes  for this little bit of bling and yeah but   anyway it looks good it'll happen it's all in  a process it's a process development process   make those engine crash bars good they  would have been handy for me the other day   yeah would hurt with some Highway pigs Highway  pigs Easy Rider yeah going down the highway well   with the suspension like that you're probably like  a chopper anyway so mate yeah I only just got me   lost motorbike license about two weeks ago oh yeah  I'm on the Hills I'm on your else not displaying   them and dear old Dad's here no no that's not  my dad oh they told me that was your father he's my uncle all right this is your uncle is  he your brother from another mother family yeah   very close oh God we'll leave that alone  those kiwis will be jumping up and down oh God no sheep jokes all right who's next he's  got this African twin Big L all right all right   tell me about the I just bought it 15 000 K's on  it when I got it mate how much did this 15-man   tent cost oh that's me swag all right mate that  seems like a lot of luxury what's that pop out   and it's got a pool room in it crikey's holy Smoky  but it's not heavy bulky yeah okay what you got a   deck chair that looks like it's from the Titanic  yep mate that is huge and uh anything else so it's   some crash bars anything else or you're a standard  oh no look at this light Mark yeah that was   that one thing I've done was change the  seat on it all right okay to see what'd   you do with the seat what sort of seat did  you get to Bagster there's supposed to be a   gel seat all right pretty hard I won't touch  your nutsack that's all right that's good   right so you're another guy who's just looked  around the internet saw a bike that was all   set up and said I'll have that yeah well I  ride a Harley and I was coming with these   boys on the trip so I'll get myself a adventure  bike and yep mate now you got to tell me what's   better a Harley or an adventure bike now if you  answer this wrong I'll punch you in the face kill me kill me all right all right so  who's got the Prototype new Transit up   is it cool this is it the new bike it's  going to be in October this is where it   all begins remember we said that that's why  we're here all right sorry mate what's your   name Ian Ian so how long have you had this bike  uh three or four years all right did you do a   similar thing pick it up I just bought it off  a local bloke that had it yeah yeah yeah yeah   yeah looks like you've already crashed today  fell over in the Gateway all right was that   with a helmet on or without a helmet I wasn't  even on it all right that's a dangerous crap hang on Danny you're tripping on his mate's chair  and hit a gate all right well potentially rum was   it yeah so mate what's your uh so what's your gear  what what they're like packing cases what are they   I don't know they're actually Germans Jeremy he  made them and I only had toolboxes right soft   tool boxes yeah they suck up all the water yeah  so I made a frame and put them on and he uses his   so your frame's lasting your frame's  holding up seems to be oh it's good yeah Hondas you never have to tow you've got  to go with a few other brands to get the tablet   rope out yeah so how many are they going to sell  are these in the next five years as a new model no no it's a new adventure bike new Honda's  coming in October that's what it'll be it's   a new transaction that's why that's why that's  the same as that I don't reckon they will I think   I agree with you and what scares me is they're  going to make a new bloody Trends out the same   as the old Transit if they do that and like like  I said before grave man to attempt to go anywhere   near Sand or yes exactly just chops in straight  away yeah Ian how's it going there on these gravel   roads though the open Gravel Road it's pretty good  pretty good yeah as long as you don't hit a rut or   something the front wheel's got a tendency to to  move around a fair bit but on the on the seal and   that just really smooth and just go go yeah yeah  really but there's a fair few ruts in Australia   so mate you're on the toes a bit yeah yeah God  mate well done like loose scramble or anything   doesn't like that no but as long as you're in the  Smooth you're you're good as gold now again I've   just got one more concern did you get a wide  load permit before you you came on this bike   no permits all right no uh thanks  for talking to us gentlemen   early start after a big day yesterday Clubby never  forgets anything oh look at this oh dear oh dear   I wonder how long it'll take him to work that out  how's it going now you I have got one dirty great   big bone to pick yeah okay so last night it was  about what quarter to ten the middle of nowhere   between younger and broken Hill and you say push  on clappy come on son we can't just lie here in   the dirt we've got to get to Broken Hill yeah oh  yeah yeah probably not been there 17 times yet   right yeah I'm real Dave yeah if you wanted Dave  oh I'm your wingman Dave I'm the man for you Dave   and we get to Broken Hill last night he plonks us  into the Palace Hotel home of the golden stiletto   or whatever from that Mighty movie and why is he  busting he's just woken me up this morning says   copy we've got to get out and film now but we're  here for the next three days well it's three days   in broken Hill and you want to know why you know  I don't know why I reckon Darcy's got a secret   a deep dark inner secret if he wants to stay in  broken Hill for the next three days there's only   one reason and I'm going to show you what it is  come on come over here come on come on come on   come on come on come on look look look look oh  that's secret look and what is happening for the   next three days three days of drag disc on Divas  this is Darcy study I won't say dirty not that   there's anything wrong with that little secret  and that's why he wanted to be here and this   is why he's staying for the next three days so  Dave what are you wearing underneath the Klein   riding suit I think we should change the topic for  a minute after I die so I'll do that again I think   we should change the topic a bit you always pride  yourself in having your [ __ ] together so what's   missing it's just going to be about a specific  moment at about what two past midnight last   night no this is now this is completely out of  your memory what do you need to ride a motorbike what haven't you got to ride a motorbike what they yeah tell me the keys you've got the key out of  the door I didn't take the key out the door have I not got a helmet on me where's  behind I didn't set them but yeah   we're going in the front door oh  I didn't take the cake out at all your helmet is in the room where where in the room put in the room do you hope you're familiar  with picking locks I don't tell me we're   locked out I don't have to key in the door of  the room oh hang on no this will be open now oh dear oh dog are you sure last night coming back from yonta into broken  Hill 200ks sitting on about 95 to 100 K's   and the fuel economy just went right up so it was   excellent so we've now got 500ks range  on the tanks which is bloody excellent so anyway anyway let's see what to buy drinks  I'm gonna try to get out and wait High warning light came on for front tire  got an air pressure hose for you what we're   gonna do though I'm just going to put it  up on the center stand and we just have a   little polite look I reckon but we want the  attraction s a minute ago a bit more given   yeah being on the center stand let's have a  look at the fire anyway yeah let's see oh God   this trip just keeps giving Clubby it is isn't  it Dave it just never ends it's all about the   adventure Dave please God please God let this  be a false alarm come on little doggy please I'm walking I'll let you pass your Eagle  Eye over this Clubby eye could be prophetic Captain what have  you seen anything ah my thumb test is   mate that we're within one and a half PSI  of what you arrive with seven minutes ago   so it's going down you reckon no I don't  reckon it's going down there okay I think   it's with intolerance as well you may feel  yours sorry what was the question give me a   feel of yours Springwell County or I'm not getting  anything out for you to feel here mate come on   again it should have been broken him yeah you  give you a thumb test because I don't know   mine is harder is it always  but only marginally right nice it's that same softer to me you're talking on

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