Nos ENAMORAMOS De Este Lugar | Recorriendo Las Terrenas y Salto del Limón

Nos ENAMORAMOS De Este Lugar | Recorriendo Las Terrenas y Salto del Limón

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- So what we did today was rent a motorbike. - There he checked them if they were true, look. - Whoa! It's freezing! - It's magical, it's a dream. - Was... the beans. There's like a hole there.

- There are people who asked us why we are making so many beach videos. - Good morning, people, how are you? Good morning! Today we are doing an adventure through the Samaná peninsula. I don't think there was any person...

well, a bit exaggerated... Who didn't tell us to go to Samaná. - It's true. Because here on the peninsula

- there are many things to do. - It seems that the place is small, but no. - It has many attractions. - Beach, waterfalls. - There are countless things. - That's why we even extended the days - that we had in the accommodation.

- And we decided to stay longer. - To venture further. - So what we did today was rent a motorbike. It cost $20. That seemed like a very good price. Because it's usually 40/35 USD, something around there.

So, it was a good deal. - And the good thing is that they don't give you any kind of problem to rent it. - You simply pay - and leave any document and that's it. And now we are on our way to Salto del Limón.

What is a waterfall? - Clear. - Where you can bathe. And there are several ways to go. You can go on horseback, you can go with a guide. But you can also just walk. And down there you will pay 70 DOP per person.

- Clear. - Oh... I stepped all over the... horse... - Be careful, my love. Well... - All of this that we are doing here on our own - can also be done through a tour. - If you pay for a tour, for example, 80 USD, - you come with a guide, they bring you here. - With a transport.

- They lower you, they raise you, right? you have everything - But we always look for a bit more adventure - and do it on our own, because it's cheaper. - This place, where we are now, which is the Salto del Limón, - you can do it on foot, on your own. - You rent a motorbike like we did. - You will go through places that are not touristy.

- I mean, you'll be able to see a little more of the town as it is. - The images there, which Lisanna filmed. - And it's good, and it's more adventure. - Now you have to walk, more or less, 2 kilometers. - To get to the waterfall that is more or less 52 meters high. - Of fall.

- And the beauty of here too, my love, do you know what it is? - That we are entering the jungle. - This is all rain forest. - And... - It doesn't look like it. - Yes, it is tropical jungle. - And here there are also butterflies, there are birds.

- There are animals. - Look, here come the guides with the horses. What I liked is that the horse looks well cared for.

- Yes, the little horses are very cute. - Very pretty. - A little help. - Look how cute. - Hello. - Hello.

- Hi, friend. - Do you want a horse? - No thanks friend. Wow, how many are coming? - Several are coming. - Hello. - Hello.

- Hello. - Hello hello. - Hello. - A tourist just passed by, I think he was from the United States, - and I asked him how much he paid for the horse.

- And he told me 110 USD. - But I think that 110 USD cost him the whole tour. - For them to bring him, give him the horse, all payment, right? - But then one of those who rents you passed by. - And he said that it costs 700 DOP a round.

- That is, it would be 1400 DOP all. - Now, the only thing I would have worn is the slippers - and not come from Hawaiian again. And well...

- But what are you going to do? I can't take them off... - It's a vice. Then there is beach, so you will need them. - The guide gave me coconut. - He put it together from there, with a stone he opened it. - Look, I could never open it to the coconut.

- It's great. I don't know if my teeth... It's really hard. - It's hard, it's hard. I like this brown coconut better. - The dry. than the green - That green.

I was just wondering if Mateo brought snacks. - Here's the snack. We got to the entrance. As you can see, more pictures. I love them.

- These squares are beautiful. I kept thinking about the painting I saw in Santo Domingo that had my face. Because could it be that the artist saw a photo on the internet and said "ah, how nice, I'm going to draw it"? - It would be a great coincidence.

It would be a coincidence. - If that happened. - Because it had my face. - How much do I owe you, sir? - You? - Yes. - 100 DOP. - 200? - 100. - 100. - 50 DOP per person. - Oh, 100?

- Yes. - I'll pay you. - Very kind, God bless you. - Thank you. - Same to you, enjoy over there. Thank you. - Thank you.

beautiful things. - Hello, a little water. - How much do I owe you? - 50 DOP. - Well, we have the little water, the tickets. Oh the guard. There is.

- Here is the... - Here you are, sir. - Thank you. - There he checked them if they were true, look. - He let me in, Lisanna. - Dresses? - Look my love! A chick! - How nice.

Oh... it fell into the water. - You see? This is how I want to have the patio in our house, my love. Yes.

- Chickens... - My love. - There it is, look. do you see there? - Yes, they are chicks.

How little! wow. - Wow. - What a paradise, by God... It's like... - It's like it falls but resting on the stone.

It is very beautiful. - Wow. - What a fantastic place, huh. - Dominican Republic surpasses itself in each video - with its attractions. Is it hot? - Let's see, do you want to play? It's cool... - They say it's cold water because it's river water.

Yes. - From birth. No? - That beauty. - I mean, it's different because the water kind of falls - resting on the stone, it's not an ordinary waterfall. They are like band-aids.

- Yes. - Are we going to fuck, Lisanna, or not? Lets try. - We tried? - Look at this, my people. - What a paradise. - Is it very cold? Let's see. I haven't touched it yet.

- Let's see. - Oh the pepa! - It's cool. - The water is cool.

Ah... and I came with flip flops... - Of course, better, because that way you don't slip. - Look what the color of this water is.

- Holy God... - I'll go first, love, that's how I see the terrain. Well. - And there nothing happens to you.

No, it's just that... - I protect you, my love. If it's very cold, I'm happy just looking at it... - I mean, it's cold but you get used to it. - And then it gets good. - No, you won't get used to it. - Whoa! It's freezing! - How cold it is...

- Mommy... I think I'm happy here... - Yes? - Yes. - But this is once in a lifetime, my love. - Whoa! - Here is Ise.

- She is the person to whom we rent the accommodation. - That we ended up staying more. - Because she's too nice. - Too cool. - Hey guys! Oh! - She is from Chile, but she lives here, right, Ise? - So is my love.

- Nice to see you. - A delight, always. - She's always like that. - Always like that, nice and positive. - Guys, it's the secret. - This waterfall water is purified.

- So, it takes away all the bad vibes, it takes away everything. - And here everything is good vibes. - And if people want to stay in your accommodation here, - it's Watermelon, isn't it? - The Watermelon House, yes.

- And where do I find them? - In Samana. - You can follow us on Instagram. - We are about to publish the web page. - Which is going to be

- So there they will be able to follow us. - The idea, guys, here is that you come and leave with a pride of belonging - of everything that is the Samaná peninsula. - And we practice the slow tourist.

- Nothing massive, everything adapted to the people who come. - We rent in Watermelon through Booking. - This is not propagating, I just called Ise because he's cool. - And I think the place is worth recommending for them to stay. - So now we're going down the waterfall, Ise? - Let's go to the cave. - Let's go there first.

- Go ahead. - To the stone. - Ready, come on, Ise, I tell you. - Come on. - I'm going down the cave and then I'm going to throw myself up there. Well, I follow you with the camera. - Are you waiting for me there? - Yes.

- The water is delicious. - Oops, what place is this? - Literally, there is a cave here. - There is no footing here, is it true? - No. - Here, here, here.

- Here there is already a rock, you can sit. - There I go. - Che, here they could open a bar.

- Hello! - Hello! - More people came. - I'm going to throw myself, girls! - But let's go here first. - Oh, come on, let's go. - Whoa! Woohoo! - Woooohooo! - Whoa! - It's very good! - Wow, that's so cool. - Wow.

- Woohoo! The place is very beautiful. I am very cold, so I am very happy to be alone here and see it. The waterfall. I am with my feet in the water. To refresh a bit. But the whole body... I don't know...

I need a sauna first. - Now I'm going to throw myself up there. - And the experience, Lisanna, - and people, of being below - the waterfall looking up, with the sun beating down and the water falling, - I felt something like that in my chest. - In my heart, like... I don't know, something...

- too unbelievable. - And it only cost 50 DOP to enter this place. - It is an impressive paradise. Since Mateo has a lot of courage, subscribe to the channel.

A big like and a beautiful comment. Thanks a lot! Hmm... - Woohoo! - This is the maximum that Lisanna could enter the water. - And he couldn't take it anymore, poor thing. - Is it very cold, my love? - Yeah? - Know? It's cold to me, but when you go outside, it's warm.

- Poor, my love... But it's beautiful. - This place is magical. - It's magical, it's a dream. - Again we are in paradise, Lisanna. - For the second time.

We're going to upload everything back now. Beautiful place. Come, because it is good, beautiful and cheap. - I think this place is a paradise.

- The walk takes about 20-30 minutes one way. - And back... - Maybe a little more. - maybe a little more. - We came here to get bored. - So if perhaps an older person comes here - or a person with mobility problems - it's a little difficult.

- With boys, too. - There it would be worth renting the horses. - Same, in the last section there are stairs. - And there are no horses. - So, it's a medium difficulty trek, right? - Now the idea is to go back, walk all over again.

- Grab the motorcycle and go to Las Terrenas. - Because here, let's say that the peninsula is divided into various regions, right? - And one of them is Las Terrenas. - Which is a place... well, - quite well known.

- Because it has spectacular beaches. - And the fishing village. - Here we come to the initial entry. - And look at the number of tourists that have just arrived.

- We don't know why, but most of them come from Poland. And there they are all ready. - And look how all the guides are already waiting for the tourists - to take them on horseback. - Look how much. - There must be some... How many horses will there be here?

- There must be 80-100 horses, I think. - Yes, over there. - Not that way? - Yeah. - About 100 horses. - More or less. - It was. - Miscounted. - Look, there are all the horses.

- Eh... how many people came... - Of course, it happens that the tour already comes with the horse included. - And these trucks do a type of "safari" tour, - what they call it here. - They bring you here, I think the horse is already included, everything. - They then take you on a nature tour.

- It's safari but without animals. - Huh? The horse you have - Ah, the horse, it's true. Our horse. - This is our machine. - Look what this is.

Che, he doesn't even have a patent... Well... - He doesn't have a patent, nothing.

You can go to the water, look. - Ahh, look at you. Oh no, how nice... There are many resorts here. It is called "El Portillo". I think I recommend this if you want a virgin beach.

Paradisiacal, more silent. And just as pretty, blue. El Portillo and Samaná, to the north.

Because it shows that it is a calmer wave. For the 'relaxation'. Now Mateo takes money because we want to go eat. But they don't accept card.

We are in the town of Las Terrenas. It is very cute. It's like a tourist. But it shows that it is not so that it is full of tourists. It's very cute, really. We found a restaurant here.

"The Zapote". This is the most typical dish here. Also Costa Rican-Panamanian.

It is quite similar. Rice, beans, meat and salad. It costs 300 DOP. That's $6.

And it is rich, healthy and nutritious. Look look. wow. - Was... the beans. We wanted to order mofongo, because it's something we've only seen here.

- Yes. - But it's over now, so... - Which is mashed banana with bacon. - And I ordered the same but with beef. - I prefer to order chicken because, over there, the beef gives me I don't know what... - Let's see... - It's very good.

- I think they do it in the pressure cooker. - And they add cilantro. - Garlic onion. - It's very well seasoned. We arrived at the beach! There are many beaches, and one prettier than the other. But I wanted to come here.

I think it's called "El Portillo". Although the coast of Portillo is quite large. But, because before we passed by here, I saw that the sand is like out of water. So you can walk around there. - And Mateo drove the motorcycle to the beach.

Look. - And these beaches are great. - Because, apart from the fact that they're virgins, - there's nobody here wanting to sell you anything. - They do not deprive you of entering the beach as well. - Because there is no hotel behind.

- And so there are a lot here. - I think this is the beach style that we like the most with Lisanna. Yes. Natural good. - Natural good.

Let's see. Film me that I go. Running there. We better leave things. - Yes, better yes. - And I would even say that it is a sin to come to the Dominican Republic - and not leave the hotel.

- And not tour the island. Yes. - Because you can miss the best of this country. - I think that, up to now, the Samaná peninsula - is what I'm liking the most along with Saona. - And there the little town that we passed, that you saw, - is called "Las Terrenas". - That is a 'fishing' town, as they call it.

- We couldn't see many fishermen's things. - But they call it that. - And that little town is called Las Terrenas - because when the settlers arrived - they found fertile land. - Back then, the little town was called "Fertile Land". - And later with time, to shorten it, - they named it "Las Terrenas".

And, after quite some time, - there a group of fishermen formed. - That grew and became... well, very famous. - As national tourism, and international as well.

- And the beaches here have very, very soft sand. - Wow. - Good, Lisanna. Oh... - Oh, poor... - Are you okay? - Did you really fall? A little, yes.

- Oh, poor thing... - I did something wrong... Well... - But, my love, be careful... I didn't warm up, did you see? Already at that age...

- Do you know that I want to buy a snorkel? - Because it's full of reefs here. Ooh, how hot. So yes. - Ouch! The water is hot! No, the river for Mateo... Here, for Lisanna. - But, let's face it, - what is this place? For God's sake...

- I'm not exaggerating. - It's for them to look at the color of the water. - Look at the color of the sand. It's soft. - It's white.

Look at Lisanna. - Look at Lisanna, exactly. - Well, Lisanna and with this landscape - it couldn't be more perfect. - What are those? - They're reefs, aren't they? I don't know. It's like sargassum.

- I'm regretting not having a snorkel, Lisanna. Let's see. - The water is very hot. There are fish! - There are little fish, did you see? Fish. - Fish. - We have to buy a snorkel, - I swear I'd like to rent a place and come here.

- To stay here to sleep. - I don't know, a month. - I would stay a month... I came to see this. There's like a hole there. - Oh! Excellent! But you can't go...

What is it? Ah, isn't that that heel sponge? - Ah... - No. But it seems. - Listen. The water is so clear

- you don't even need a snorkel. - No... Look, you don't need the snorkel. - I'm not lying, but look what this is. - Look, you can see my foot. Yes look. That's like almost a meter, isn't it? And you can see everything. - Yeah.

Wow. - It looks like the natural pool that we jumped into in Saona. Sure, because, look. Over there it looks like this, bigger. And the wave breaks there.

- I remembered that we were going to eat. - We wanted to stop at a restaurant - the owner was sitting in a chair sleeping... - Literally, it was like this: - And I stopped like this to look at the menu. - And the guy who was sitting next to me says: - "Go away, the food is ugly here." - And we left. Poor... - And the guy was asleep, poor...

But how is he going to sleep? Not a customer will go... - Poor thing... I felt sorry... Look, there's the fish, don't move. - Where to? - There, don't move! Down here. - Oh look! But the water moves, I don't know.

- A yellow fish with black stripes. - Yes. - And Lisanna was given a 30-day visa. - They gave me 90. - Because Lisanna came in with her Estonian passport. - And I entered with my Italian passport. - And what happens? - Estonia only has 30 days here.

- There are places where the water is colder and others hotter, did you see? It was hotter there. - There is a stream of cold water there. Oh how nice.

Here I stay This is a bathtub. - Here the water is very hot. - Oh, how cute. - It looks like a natural jacuzzi. Look, Mateo and Lisanna's sand test.

- Eh... - Here it's more like a mixture. - Yes. - People have asked us why we are making so many beach videos. The beach is beautiful. - It's cute. And last year we did a lot of mountain. very much - I mean, and how is the Caribbean.

Lots of mountains and cold. And this year I said "for this round I am not going to take heavy things, warm clothes". So, we're just doing hot stuff, right? From the Caribbean. Another reason why I liked it here a lot is that I am much more introverted and shy. And I live more... I don't know, with the sound of nature. What do I know, something like that. No?

So, there is no one here who plays loud music. And you can really relax. Be in your thoughts. To be like this. Look. Enjoying the life.

In other words, everyone enjoys in their own way, right? I am a lot to disconnect. - Nature, peace. There are people who enjoy having the party.

Things like that, socializing. Since I don't socialize, I also like to rest... Without socializing... Ooh...

- What is that? It's like a coral but it has red dots. - Everything is perfect. Yes. The only thing that is not perfect is that in 20 minutes we have to come back. In a while we have to go back. It's like going easy, an hour.

For the people of Samana. There we return the motorcycle. And we're going back to the room, right? - Back home. Uh, there are fish... - Jumping. laugh close.

They are touching my feet. Don't bite me huh They are here, behind me. - Today something happened to me that never happened to me before in my life. - I was at the waterfall looking up when the water fell. - With the sunbeam.

- And what I saw was so beautiful that at one point I was moved. - It was like an emotion of joy, it made me want to cry. - From tearing. - Because what I saw was so beautiful - that I was moved.

- And that was the first time that happened to me in my life. - Get excited by a landscape. - So thank you for the support. - You can subscribe, give the video a like if you liked it.

Yeah! Thanks a lot. And look at the Dominican videos. They haven't seen yet. If you all watch, thank you very much and keep watching ;) - A big kiss and see you until the next video. - Bye!

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