Mysore and the Stunning Palace of Mysore EP.08 | Pakistani on Indian Tour

Mysore and the Stunning Palace of Mysore  EP.08 | Pakistani on Indian Tour

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Welcome to Mysore Palace. It was ruled by Wadiyar dynasty at first. Then came Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan near the end of 18th century.

This place is called marriage hall. Its shape, especially the columns suggest that. This section is probably the most beautiful. This makes you realize the importance of colors. Our biryani has been served. But Akram can't wait anymore.

Right now we are in Mandi Mohalla. It's mainly a Muslim area. Assalam Alekum. Good morning. Namaste. Sat Sri Akal. To all of you... from Tiruppur Tamil Nadu.

We came here last evening and it was just unplanned. We were headed towards Mysore. But there's a check post for animal crossing on the way to Mysore. Because the road goes through the national park. They close it in the evening so you can't use that road. And it is reopened in the morning.

So today we'll continue our ride towards Mysore. We have to cover almost 186 km. The navigation says that it's gonna take 4.5 to 4.75 hours. Hopefully we'll reach there around noon.

And we'll go straight to Mysore Palace and show it to you. We are ready to leave. You can see Karthikeyan behind me. I've setup everything on my motorcycle. We are standing in front of our hotel.

We had a South Indian breakfast this morning as well. I thought it'd be nice to try the breakfast in Tamil Nadu as well. Let's get going. It's really noisy out here. I still hope that you can hear me.

Bismillah... In the name of Allah.... *Prayer for the journey* May Allah make this day a trouble free and fun filled day for us. As per our plan, we'll go to Mysore first. But nothing has been planned for afterwards so far.

We don't want to spend a night there. Would be better if we could cover some distance. Looks like I have lost my partner right at the start of this ride. I think he is a little ahead of me.

The traffic is too much to figure that out. If we could just leave the city in time, we can find a better route. And if we have to ride through the national park, the scenery there will definitely be great. I'm simply using Google for navigation.

So far so good. There could be minor issues at times. But normally, if we put some address in it...

Be it some hotel or restaurant... It works smoothly. You can say that it works with 95 percent accuracy here. It does cause some problems in some countries.

But works fine here. Now... We need to get on the highway. We are finally out of the city now.

I always forget to mention it... If you guys are enjoying my videos... Please take a short break to Like and Subscribe. And if someone you know is interested in such content... You can share this video with them as well. Making our way through these small villages... All the way to Mysore.

I think the rest of our ride is gonna be like this; through these interesting looking small villages. You can say that this is the beauty of traveling through India. One moment you are stuck in traffic... But as soon as you leave the city, the traffic goes down.

For instance, all we can see on this road now are the coconut and palm trees. You get to see the beauty of nature and village life. All these things fascinate me a lot when I'm riding. Rather than a simple ride on the highway with nothing to look at.

No doubt that is a good option if you have to cover a lot of distance. That is when you have to cover a lot of distance is less time. There are many people on this road here. Doesn't look like a protest or a rally though.

I'm not sure about that. If it were a rally or a protest, there has to be a few signboards or banners. But we didn't see anything like that. Look at these beautiful little fields. There's a lot of coconut here.

All of today's ride so far... Except for passing through some city or town... Other than that, all of this ride has been along agricultural fields. It's purely a rural field. Since I'm a village myself, I really enjoy looking at such stuff.

Been a long time since I've been living in Germany. I can see a lot of similarities. We have now reached Bannari. I think that's where the check post is located. Over there is the Bannari Temple.

I think this is the check post that is closed at night. Had we reached here last evening... We would have been stopped here. We couldn't have gone beyond this point so we stayed back there. Also, we haven't seen any hotel in the way. 'Welcome to Sathyamangalam.'

It's a tiger reserve. We might run into some tigers here. I don't think so though. I don't think we can stop here.

We are supposed to keep moving through this park. It's not allowed to park here anywhere. I saw it written back there. So lets keep going. The ride must go on.

I feel great to see women riding motorcycles. It gives a sense of freedom that they can ride and go to any place that like. It's still not possible at many places. I also appreciate her because she is riding in such a traffic. Even I find it difficult at times. That's our tea.

Thank you. It's hot. It's a brown colored snack.

And... I think it's made from gram flour. There's another snack here. This one. They are making these here. We are having these snacks with tea. It's not spicy or anything... But just...

Just regular snacks. It's crispy though. We are now gonna descend. Let's see how much distance we need to cover through this national park. Park Rangers are also on duty here. What if we actually see a wild animal here..??

I don't think that they would even come near the road during day time. Mainly because of the noise. They must stay away. Here, you can see that fencing is quite tall. Some sections of the roads were fully covered.

Probably to stop the animals from getting in. This is a proper village though. The animals could come here if they want. I think we have reached the exit check post of the national park.

Time to say goodbye to Tamil Nadu as well. We welcome you to the state of Karnataka. Welcome Lets see how are ride through this state is going to be. We have reached the surroundings of Mysore. I have entered the address of the palace. Check out the lake.

There's so much greenery around... and trees... Our ride today has been great so far. It was all green throughout our ride.

Hopefully we'll be in Mysore city in a few minutes. Because the palace is 8 km away. The palace could be in the center as well. I didn't pay much attention to that.

I just entered the address and started going. The palace must have its own timings. It's almost 3 pm now.

It has been almost a 6 hour ride. We did take a couple of breaks in between. The navigation told us that it was 186 km in the morning. Almost there...

This is Mysore City Corporation. That's the city office of Mysore. So... Feels like we are in an actually old city. Look at that building on the right. That's the hotel.

One of my really nice subscribers is also here. From Bangalore. This is his motorcycle. G310.

Assalam Alekum Akram... How are you? Let me get rid of this helmet first. Karthikeyan is from Tamil Nadu and he is traveling with me. How are you doing bro? Welcome to Mysore Palace.

In this vlog, I'll not just show you the palace... But will also try to share some of its history. Mysore was once the capital of Kingdom of Mysore. For almost 600 years. It was once ruled by the Wadiyar dynasty. Then came Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan near the end of 18th century.

The palace used to be the seat of the ruler. And then, as you all know, came the British Raj. It's such a huge palace.

It has a wall around it. This could as well be the city wall in those times. I can see some temples alongside. So we'll try to see the must-watch things of the palace. And also share them with you. Let me tell you that this is the most visited place in India after Taj Mahal.

6 million people visit it every year. I really didn't know that before. Found that out through Google.

So we are gonna show you the second most visited place of India. Actually this is the first palace where I'll have to enter barefoot. There are lots of people at the entrance. Looks like a big crowd.

The weather is also okay. It's not too hot. Must be around 32 degrees. Lets remove the shoes and submit them here.

If you look at the palace from the outside... There are only a couple of domes that are red in color. The rest of them are a mixture of yellow and white.

I can see two more domes that are located right in the middle of the building. One of them looks like it has been golden in color for quite some time. It is rather dull now.

Let's give them our shoes and go inside. This is the entrance of Mysore Palace. It has been exceedingly beautifully built, with the use of these little columns.

If you look at the opposite side, they have put so many items on display. These are the items dating back to the time of the kingdom. Or they have been in the palace since ever. Now they have put them on display for general public.

Just look at that. It's a really impressive palace. Come with us and we'll give you a full view of this palace. This looks like the main area of ​​the palace. We may also be in for a surprise.

This place is called the marriage hall. Its shape and its columns suggest that... It could be a wedding ceremonial place. I'm not sure but that's my understanding. There's a chandelier, right in the middle. The visitors are not allowed to go in.

You can just watch it from the corridor. Really impressive. The columns are mostly decorated with green and gold color. Here you'll see two silver chairs... There's a very interesting thing placed in the middle. It's a beautiful painting placed between two elephant tusks.

Almost all the wood work of the palace has been done with teak wood. Very impressive and detailed work. Now, this is probably the most beautiful part of the palace. Such places remind you the importance of colors. This turquoise blue color gives life to these walls. This is the Darbar Hall.

There are a lot of columns here. It's construction style is similar to what we saw before. But there's more detailed work here. There are more colors over here.

And this is much more beautiful. We are standing outside the palace now. I hope you must have liked the tour. There were so many people there. I think Google is correct when it says that 6 million people visit this place. I forgot to mention one thing.

The construction of this palace looks rather new. Because it was completed in 1912. So it's just a little more than a hundred years old. And most of the castles before this one were made from wood. They had to be renovated whenever there was some fire or something.

However, this one was built a little different. Our biryani has been served. But Akram can't seem to wait.

He doesn't know that you have to show the food to everyone before you eat. Please go ahead and eat. This is the biryani. I have chicken biryani. O yes. I do see some chicken. So lets try the Mysore biryani.

And here is a special local dish. What's the name? Chatpatay. I haven't tried biryani in India before. I'm specially going to Hyderabad for this.

Anyways, lets try Mysore biryani for now. If you call this spicy... Hmm.. The one in Hyderabad is way more spicier. Right now, we are in the Mandi Mohalla.

This is mainly a Muslim area. As for where we are specifically standing at the moment, it's called Meena Bazaar. You must have guessed it from the name. You can get everything you need from this bazaar.

You can get all kinds of clothing from matrimonial to casual. There are so many shops here. It's rush hour as it's evening time. People are out here for shopping.

Personally this is a very different experience. Because I'm visiting a place like this for the first time in India.

2023-04-13 14:07

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