Most People DON'T BELIEVE This Is China Dreamy Rural Town In Yunnan Province

Most People DON'T BELIEVE This Is China  Dreamy Rural Town In Yunnan Province

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Is this where we're staying this is it  Miss May Hostel this place is so beautiful we can wait here she's going to come  down now wow look at how beautiful the   garden is she's going to help us check in we can  put our bags down first she's like it looks so   heavy where are you from because I called you  many times but your phone is unreachable oh   we're from Thailand from Thailand yeah I'm using  a Thai number you're welcome it's okay it's okay   it's okay have a seat have a seat first wow you  speak so many languages I'm so complicated so I   was born in Shanghai I can understand and  speak a little bit of Shanghainese but for   the Shanghainese when they listen to my tone  they say oh no you are not really Shanghainese   then I moved to Hong Kong and migration to  Hong Kong so I speak Cantonese what about English   also not good very good very good it's limited  band you know but her I guess your son-in-law   son-in-law is Italian yeah so you speak  a bit of Italian uh no not even a word only Mamma Mia yeah my whole family speaks Cantonese  cuz they're all in Hong Kong so I only   moved to Thailand after I got married yeah  okay oh hi what's your name come here oh I   love your place even more now he always  like to catch the birds   but is this your cat no it's our neighbour's he belongs to our neighbour so what do you think babe I love it  already so peaceful it's so nice and I   can speak Cantonese cause my Mandarin has  been better but it's still not very good okay thank you wow this place is so cozy  it feels like a real homestay like a real   guesthouse because of the hospitality and how  it's like decorated we have a little tea corner   here this is so lovely that's even a seating  area right here oh at the bottom here oh yeah   isn't this cute with a stuffed panda yeah with  a little panda nice not the softest bed but I   think it will be nice there's a mattress topper  on it too that one is a heater I believe cause   it can get quite cold but right now I think  it's perfect outside and a humidifier cause   it is a bit drier here we both feel it yeah  my face is peeling yeah I can feel it on my   skin too all the amenities we need in the  washroom nice and cozy oh and a separate shower that one is a look that's a heating lamp oh we  can do laundry I don't think it's for laundry   it doesn't dry I think it's just for  keeping you warm after the shower is this the kind of place you want to open one day  this type of bed and breakfast guesthouse it's a   perfect size I love that it doesn't have that  many rooms I think 1 2 3 4 5 maybe eight seven   yeah maybe about eight rooms good  job finding this place I'm glad   you like it I mean I've been taking  you to some places that are kind of   off the beaten path and not the easiest  to get to but you've been a good sport which way should we go I have no  idea all directions are so beautiful they're so kind so he told us to come  this way yeah he said if we keep going down   here on the left there will be more things  to see even this ancient bridge that's quite   famous in this area and then on the right  is going to be more food so we'll go left   and then we'll go right hey hey there hey  there you know this house we just walked by   mhm it says that this house is 100 years  old this is all part of the ancient town   it's actually one of the last surviving  market towns of the Ancient Tea Horse Road even though the architecture of this old  town is still very traditional and they   really well preserved it but the shops have  become a lot more modern like there's a lot   of the boutiques and cafes and tea shops the  content of what's inside is quite modern I   think because it has recently gotten so much  more popular because of some Chinese dramas   and people know of this place and want to come  and visit this place so naturally there are more   business opportunities here and I think they  did a great job blending the old architectures   with the new modern style cause you can't  really tell until you go really near that   it's a cozy cafe inside and a huge highlight is  this is the third cat we've seen hi hi you're   so fat that one's so fat look at this boutique  shop beautiful clothes did they dye their own   color yeah you want to come see oh so that's  the original color yeah so that's the original   and then they dye it in that so they dip it in  like I think it might be water or the liquid   and then they dip it into the dye and they do  it multiple times to get a different pattern oh wow look inside wow this would match me I would look  good in this color I don't know what   material they use to dye it she said it is a  natural material so maybe it's some sort of   flower or plants I don't quite understand  what it is the ingredients the husband was   saying it takes time for the color to develop  that's why after they dye it they have to hang   dry it and then they wash it and then finally  you'll see what the product looks like which is   so interesting because every single piece will  be different that's so kind of her to show us   that yeah and she said even though we aren't  buying anything cause we really don't have   space in our backpacks anymore she said it's  okay come back next time and take a look so this street here or this little square is  called Sideng Street and it's very famous in   this town because this used to be where all  the traders all the vendors come to sell goods   and trade goods so this is now kind of the iconic  place you don't see any like vendors here anymore   but there are some small shops around here and you  can kind of get that vibe when you walk through   cause everything else is so narrow right this is  the only open space where people would gather in   the town this dated back hundreds of years  ago oh I think more than a hundred I'm not sure   how many years ago probably thousands of years  ago my favorite part about some of these little   shops is that they have seating outside the shop  and they face outside so you can people watch   and they get a little bit of sunlight which is so  perfect it's so beautiful it's such a cozy place   should we get something refreshing and just people  watch I think we should choose a place this place   looks very nice too yeah let's go wow now this  place I feel like I could stay here for a few   weeks at least just grab a book grab our work go  hang out in a coffee shop go back to our lovely   homestay it would be wonderful if we could stay  here longer I feel so relaxed being here my mind   is so clear get to watch the mountain the town  itself is quite small mhm I think you can walk   the whole town in 2 hours it's definitely a place  that you come to escape and just enjoy and relax if it's not sweet enough you can add sugar  yeah wow look at this glass I ordered this   this is like a plum tea  plum juice and I got an iced vanilla latte oh it's sweet enough yeah mhm sweet and sour  do you like it yeah delicious so could you   live in this town too yeah I think instead of  just living in this town I would want to open   a guest house in this town let's buy her  place let's buy Joyce's place she runs it   so well that's probably their retirement she  moved to this town 5 years ago and bought the   home stay from the previous owner and now she  runs it with her husband what a dream place you see over there by the bridge the bridge is  already here but there's live music let's go see I could sit there all day listening  to her feeling the breeze of the wind this is one of my favorite places in all the  places we have traveled I just feel like I want   to live here I want to go to the cafes I want to  walk these streets I want to come here for live   music in the evenings it would be just perfect  there's not much to do other than just relax and   enjoy the nature I'm super low maintenance I  don't want a lot of things to do I just want to   chill you can ride horses though yeah I did see  some people on horses but I'm severely allergic   to horses so we'll skip that this is probably  the most popular spot in this village people   taking photos on the bridge and if you go further  and look at the bridge you can see the reflection   oh and it would form like a full circle a circle  cause from this point you can see the river on   this side part of the old town on that side the  mountains on that side and there's even the canola   flower fields oh yeah across the bridge you can  see it from here and you can only see them in I   think March and April that's the prime time to see  them so we're very lucky people here just enjoying   the slow life if I were to live here i'd get a  fishing rod and just come here and fish like these   guys but they're so fancy though is it why is it  fancy they have a monitor screen attached to their   fishing rod so they can see underwater oh what  is it called like the sonar no sonar you can just   see the like the icon of the fish but that's an  actual camera oh but then that means you need the   water to be quite clear in order to see anything  maybe it has a flashlight underneath it's so cool I've never seen that before how's  your ankle it's okay you tripped and fell yeah   again you're going to be okay yeah I didn't even  look back cuz I was like oh I'm so embarrassed   just kept going did anyone see you probably  it was in the square right outside the cafe this is so beautiful it's not our first time  seeing the yellow canola flower fields because   we saw them when we were in Jiangxi Province  but they were terraces so it's not open like   this this one is very beautiful as well and with  the mountains and the moon behind the mountains   I think in about a month or so they will harvest  these and um make canola oil out of it which is   actually one of the most popular oils in China is  they use canola oil for cooking can you eat the   flowers I don't know but I assume if you make  oil out of it you can consume it does it smell no oh what does it taste like exactly  like mustard greens it's part of the   same family it is yeah it's part of the  same I wonder if you can stir fry the   greens yeah it's quite delicious okay  you convinced me pick a piece for me oh exactly yeah tastes like mustard greens  interesting I wonder if they cook it then not just make oil you can probably eat the whole  plant I am very happy that we came to Yunnan   Province it's so different from where we  started like we started in Shanghai in such   a busy modern city but here I really feel like  this province vibes with us and I love the   countryside yeah and I hope one day I can bring  my parents here I think they would really like   it it's funny because we weren't going to film  this video no I was like okay I really really   want to enjoy this place for 2 days and maybe  no one's going to watch this video about this   ancient town that they never heard of yeah but  the moment we walked in through that first alley   yeah first gate and you saw it and you were like  I think we should film it yeah we need to show you   guys this place is just out of this world and  one day I think we will be able to watch that   and be like oh I missed that place we should  go back this is only our first day let's see   what else is there to explore tomorrow but first  I'm getting hungry me too let's go to that food   street that the guest house owner was telling us  about to get some yummy yummy Yunnan food [Music]   since we came to China I think I'm liking  tea now yeah we drink tea a lot almost everyday   and most hotels provide you with a little  teapot and some tea which is quite nice   that's an interesting looking dish I've never  had this before so first the broad beans are   stir fried with the cured ham that is hanging  above your head yes and we have rice and also   this pot is special this pot of soup has a lot  of vegetables inside and the lady just said you   take some of the vegetables and you dip it into  this sauce to eat it and it is a specialty of   the Bai people which is a minority group of  this area but they're one of the minorities   there's actually many many ethnic minority  groups in this area and I mentioned I think   in a previous video that Yunnan is one of the  most diverse provinces because you're really   close to Vietnam Myanmar Laos and not far from  Thailand too not far from Thailand that's why   there's been a lot of movement between the people  crossing borders and there's a lot of minority   groups living around this area which influences  the food I want to try this bean first me too   I've only had broad beans like dried ones as a  snack a lot I've never had cooked broad beans it's tasty the cured meat is very  tasty it has a distinct smell the cured meat is really good tastes  just like ham mhm lots of goodies   inside lots of vegetables and there's  ham in here and tofu oh lots of veggies   and glass noodles seaweed cauliflower  you have to dip it in the sauce or if   you don't want to dip it you don't have  to dip it too let me try the soup first just like vegetable soup nice and clean I like it maybe this one pot it was  already enough food for us another beautiful day it's actually a little bit chilly isn't it but I  think the sun will come out soon yeah we both had   a wonderful sleep yesterday they had that heated  mattress again so we've been really enjoying all   the heated beds in China and the humidifier was a  nice touch I feel like my skin is not so dry this   morning I would say that was the best sleep I had  so far in China really we're going to walk towards   this food market that the owner was telling  us about he said there is a lot of choices for   breakfast so let's go get breakfast and then find  another nice cafe to chill and enjoy the town okay   this is it cute little market yeah lots of little  vendors fried dough oh yeah this is like uh yeah Gurung bread like the Tibetan bread she makes it here fresh with all the  different fillings how much was it 2 Yuan for one yeah nice I got  the one with the meat filling oh it looks like this it's rose petals and inside   I think it's like some corn  and wheat flakes it's amazing what did I just eat this one one of the most delicious thing I had wouldbe so good with coffee so we  got eight pieces for 21 Yuan she said you look Chinese  you look like one of us but   she said oh you're from Thailand  wow that looks amazing dumplings oh what's inside it's dry mixed  wontons so they just boil them   and then they mix some chili sauce soy sauce  some vegetables in there it's this one here this is perfect I can even dip it in the soup I feel like there's so much to try here  but I don't know what the things are you   know what I mean that lady had photos  which is actually very smart because   right away you were like okay I want  this but some of them are just written   in Chinese it'll be so hard to guess  what they are is it really good dumpling is very nice that is really good and chase it with the  seaweed soup oh you're doing it Chinese style it's like a very comforting breakfast wow yeah  this is really really good there is one more food   I want to try there's this ancient food from this  area called rushan and I see it in a lot of places   and I didn't get to try it in the last place  we were at so I think I'm going to get it here but what is it though I think it's made of  milk and yogurt and then they even mix a   little bit of rose petals into it and then  they roll it up and eat it so it's like a   it's an ancient snack that looks delicious  yeah it's made with fresh milk she said wow look at the char on that yeah it's probably  from the milk sugar so it chars so quickly and   it took her like 15 seconds to make that was  not what I was expecting it's um very chewy   almost tastes like tofu curd it's like dry milk I  don't know how to explain it it's like cheese   it actually tastes like cheese you like it mm  it's not creamy right no I usually like anything   chewy and this is the texture I like it  tastes more like cheese than bread or dough and   always love that rose taste I didn't even know I  liked rose flavored things and this one was 7 Yuan   I think if you get the chance to come  to China and you have a few more days   definitely come to Shaxi this is a highlight  of my trip yeah yes I think it's definitely   worth coming as well because it's not  too difficult to get to I mean if you   were either going to Dali or Lijiang which  is most likely on your to go lists for Yunnan as I was saying if you are either going to be  in Dali or Lijiang then this is only about an   hour and a half ride from either of those cities  and the quickest way and easiest way is to just   order or hire a DiDi which is equivalent to  like a Uber or a Grab in China we're going to   enjoy our coffees enjoy the rest of the day in  this beautiful ancient town we will see you in   the next amazing city in Yunnan we'll be  going to Lijiang where the scenery the   food the culture will be slightly different  from Dali thanks again for watching and as   always have a wonderful day see you in the  next one byebye bye nice big cup of coffee good too

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