Mahdiar decides to go to the city with Hormoz and buy building materials

Mahdiar decides to go to the city with Hormoz and buy building materials

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Where do you want to go?? I want to go to the city to buy equipment, okay, let's go. Hello, sir, don't be tired. Thank you. Can you say hello ? How many cement do we want? With sand, how many do you want? 5 pieces of cement and a trailer of sand.

Well, 5 pieces of cement can be given a discount of four hundred tomans . Ok, I will give you a discount. Thank you. When can we pick them up? I will pay for it right now . Yes , give us a discount. Yes, for sand and cement, I don't mind one million two hundred. I do n't mind all this money.

God, I have a very difficult situation. I will pay you the rest later, no problem, thank you sir, what should we do now?? Bring a truck, load it, take it, is the truck here?? Yes, there is , please bring the truck, there are 5 pieces of cement and a trailer of sand, take them right here inside the workshop . It will be here in 10 minutes. Will you help us load the cement ? Yes, we will help you. I am alone. Thank you, sir. Do you know anyone who can introduce us to a bricklayer ? His name is Agha Mojtabi, who do you know? Yes, yes, I know, is he unemployed now? Yes, you are unemployed, can you do our work? Where is the address? His house is just below. Hormoz has his address, do you have Hormoz's address? Yes, let's go after him? Yes , let's go, I will follow him. Are you unemployed now?

Yes, Hormoz is unemployed, do you know where his address is? Yes, yes, let's go. Thank you very much. God bless you , Mr. Mojtabi. Hello, how are you? hello thank you Master, I have a job. Do you have time to do it for me?? No, I'm busy, my work is very important, I can't. I have a lot of work.

I have work one day . I have a small hut, I want you to make the construction for me, well, I have a lot of work, I'm busy, I promised people, you should come sooner, so you teach me, I'll fix it myself, well, you just teach me, I'll fix it myself, so how about me Let me teach you, you just give me a part of the construction work, I will do the rest myself. Where do you want to do your work? right here above the river, so if I come tomorrow, is there any problem?? Can't you come to work today? You just come and tell me what to do. The rest will be done by me. Okay, I'll come and train you. You can do the rest by yourself. Can you come with me now? Yes, this master bricklayer we saw will surely come now?? Yes, are you sure? Yes, don't worry, he will come sometime, if he doesn't make a bad promise, I'm waiting for the one who said I'm not unemployed. I promised people, I'm afraid he won't come, no, no. He is a good person, he will definitely come,

that means you are sure he will definitely come, yes. He will surely come, there is no reason why he didn't come, the way I talked to him, he didn't like to come, if he didn't come, don't worry about me, then I swear to you, talk to him, convince him to come, because he told me that I have work, I won't be able to come . . No, daddy is lying, he is unemployed, he will surely come, will you come back now, go and get him? Yes, I'm going to drop you off first, then I'm going to bring it with my motorcycle. I want the house to be next to the river. I 'm going now. I'm going to bring some people to help you.

I want the house to be next to the river. I want to be close to the water. Do we have to cross this bridge? Yes, how do we remove the materials from this water?? There is another way there, come and let me tell you, where is the way for the truck to cross ? Look, the truck is coming from this side, going straight to the river and crossing the water, going to the other side of the river, where the land is for others? Do you want to go higher? I want there to be a place where no one can see me, ok, let's go higher, where no one can see you, let's go, show me the top, let's go higher, there is a better place , a place with water, the same water that is here, there is also there, this water is drinkable. LT is? Yeah? For drinking or other things?? Yes, for drinking and cooking No, this water is not for drinking, so where can I get drinking water? I want the water source to be near here, where there is no water source. Where can I get you a spring of water? Now I will show you the location of the house, is the land not for someone else? No . Don't worry,

wait a minute, I'm tired, so shall we go? We're going now, I'm tired. Wow, how are you going to build a house? When will he bring the materials? We have to wait until the truck is idle. I want to start building a house. It's getting dark now, it's not getting dark, don't hurry, you're in a hurry, this is the place I said, I don't know. I'm confused, whatever you think, let's do it. I'm alone.

I promised you that I'll bring some of the children to help you. Don't worry. Okay, we 're building the house right here. What do you want here?? Do not empty these materials here..

What happened? what's your problem? what's your problem ? Wait a moment, wait a moment, let me see what is your problem, wait for me, let me see what happened, why are you attacking, give me the patience to talk, sir, this servant of God was kicked out by his parents, didn't I say to throw him out, it is ugly, sir, don't do this. Sir, give me a chance, give me two meters, I don't want, I don't accept, I want a place, just for a place to sleep, your parents kicked you out of the house, can I give you a place?? Sir, do you even know what my problem is ? I don't know how to explain it to you. I want a place to sleep, I don't want much, I was kicked out of the village, I have nowhere to go, should I give you a place? Sir, he will go to work, he will give you his money, I swear to God, I will work, I will give you the money for the land, I will do whatever you want, I promise you... I will represent you, sir, don't you have agricultural land? Yes, I work for you, no problem. Ok, sir, I guarantee it, there is no problem, build a 3 meter by 3 meter structure here, ok, because of Hormoz, I will accept it, so your hand won't hurt, thank you, sir, build 9 meters. 3 meters by 3 meters, don't build more than this, ok, thank you very much, sir , don't build more, otherwise I will destroy it, what should I do now, empty the materials, I have work? Empty it, sir. Thank you sir,

get up. Get up, go drink some water, you're not feeling well, do you want me to take you to the doctor? I'm not feeling well, Hormuz, you want to take me to the doctor, the earth and the sky are ruined, why? what has happened? I am not well, sir, who will calculate our fare? Sir, go now, I'll come by myself, we'll do the accounting together, I'll work for you, you don't have anything, you don't have money with you, can you give me? Sir, there's nothing. I'll come and calculate it myself. Give it two days. You guarantee it.

Yes, I guarantee it. I don't know you. Sir, does he live here in the village ? Is this in my village? Yes, thank you, sir, for your hard work, sir, I will send you a card number to receive my money, just a place to sleep? Yes, there is a place where I can bring my wife to live. Which side do you want the door to be on? Does it matter to me? I just want to sleep here with my wife, I will come to work tomorrow. Prepare here for work, no, be sure, I will prepare it by tomorrow, thank you, sir, you took the trouble, you don't have work with me, God forbid, I'll stay here tonight, no, you can't stay here, what should I do with the things, what should I do with the things? do i I'm going, I'm going to bring your wife and sister. Let's go inside the cave. I want to sleep inside the same cave.

Tonight , when I come back , we'll start here . What do you want to do ? I 'll work for a while. Lazar, we will come to work tomorrow

2023-11-28 04:18

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