LANCER EVO vs STOK NARCIARSKI! Wyścig z narciarzem | Nieudana próba Audi RS6 i wiele innych…

LANCER EVO vs STOK NARCIARSKI! Wyścig z narciarzem | Nieudana próba Audi RS6 i wiele innych…

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Hi! On 18.10.2016, which was over 6 years ago, I received the following SMS. I managed to scroll to it, it tells me about becoming mBank’s customer. One month later I received another one, telling me I got no money left. But these were some strange times, nevermind.

So, why am I telling you this? Am I a creator, who very carefully checks what he’s about to advertise through his channel? The answer is: Of course yes, and the best proof of it is, that I am a customer of mBank since 2016. And today I have the opportunity to cooperate with said bank. What this means is, I can recommend mBank to all of you, honestly and with a clear conscience.

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All it takes, is your friend ticking the “I got the recommendation identifier” checkbox and pasting it there. It’s all just a few clicks, you may recommend it to many people and it’s all very easy. The promo is quite interesting, as it’s both you and your friend who could get a bonus. You’re getting 150 PLN once your adult friend opens an e-account through the app.

The other person receives a bonus once he opens the account and fulfills the terms of promotion. In result, you’re in a WIN-WIN situation. You’ll find the link in the description, inside of it – more information regarding the mBank account. I’ve been the mBank’s customer for over 6 years, therefore wanted to emphasize that, I can honestly recommend it to you. Feel welcome and greeted. Let’s begin.

You know, what we’re recording here is gonna be f**ed up, once we leave it’s over. The thing is, the video production process doesn’t depend on us entirely. There are certain things that, are totally not up to us. One of these things is weather, for example.

It’s not a single case, when weather ruined a video so much that, the resulting picture wasn’t as dope as we wanted to deliver. Not a single case, when weather killed the video completely. Such event took place two years ago, during a failed attempt of driving up the ski slope with a car.

Does everything you record end up on the channel? Or are there productions that you never showed? No, no way everything ends up on the channel. That’s not possible. To put it into perspective, the best way… Our storage capacity of the old files from last two years, is about 30 TB. That is 30 000 GB of files, whereas the stuff we uploaded to YouTube is around 1000 GB? That’s incomparable, completely incomparable. So we end up cutting out a lot of things that prolong the videos.

We often give up whole recording days, just to keep the video interesting. There are also things that, we recorded and disregarded as a whole, they never made it to the channel. These are the things regarding the topics, which we found as simply bad ideas, as to be uploaded. There are also things that failed, simply speaking. So these never came out too. Do you think that, despite the failure of the project, any of these videos should be uploaded to the channel? Well, of course. That’s why we’re here today. Two weeks ago I’ve become a lucky owner of a Lancer Evo V.

A car that, has a legendary four-wheel drive system. I think everybody knows it. I think it needs some proper testing, because driving on the ordinary roads isn’t all.

We’d like to get this car in a place that, even the name suggests isn’t made for cars. We want to drive it up a ski slope. We tried that before. Two years ago we were just a group of enthusiasts, 21 year olds – some weren’t even that. Even back then, we wanted to push the boundary of what was possible on Polish YouTube. Back then, we wanted to build a super-powerful channel… By creating content from the domain of foreign, often transatlantic part of YouTube.

We wanted to drive up the ski slope in an Audi RS6. The whole project was enormous, considering the conditions of Polish YouTube from that time. A helicopter came by, we had Mubi for a partner, that I cooperated with a lot back then. We had a starting gate laid out, we had flags, we had lots of people, snowmobiles… Like I said, a helicopter back then, a Maverick to move around. These were huge things considering the times and it was the weather that killed us, to answer the first question. The weather was such a mean b**ch, so much of snow poured, snowcat was of no help… The Audi RS6 didn’t make it up the ski slope.

We now have to go back to the origin of the question, do I want to have such things published on this channel? I think it’s the best moment to do so, now that the viewers can see for the first time, what we recorded two years ago. We got some more of such content, but we got to move back in time to January 17th 2021. Which is two years and 22 days in the past, to explain what really happened there.

-What the f**k now? -What in the hell happened here? You gotta make it there on that quad, right? I know you people are gonna f**ing kill me, this shouldn't be done, because the paint will scratch. But it's either driving like this or like that, for me. -Wow... -Yo, there's so much snow here! What’s interesting is that, the channel was still in its infancy. Over two years ago, I don’t even remember how many subscribers it had, these weren’t shocking numbers for sure.

A project, where we recorded everything with a cinema camera from RED... Not the standard cameras usually in possession of YouTubers. The whole project, how there was 20 to 25 of us, I didn’t even have my own Maverick back then. It was a project, where we borrowed stuff from other people, to be able to record something of higher level… Than the standard level of YouTube back in 2021.

Just the fact that, a group of boys who want to drive a car up the ski slope manage to have the slope closed… To record it they get a helicopter, which is all completely abstract. Everything we record there is going to be new to us, it was meant to be a level-up. We had a dope cottage in the mountains, a cool squad, we had the complete plans to organize it all.

An awful lot was going on. I remember myself from two years ago, how I sat in front of the car and told my viewers that… The thing we want to do: Can’t be bought, it can only be organized and done. But, I doubted whether it would work.

It's generally pretty funny, even the chair I'm sitting on is slowly collapsing. Allow me to remind you, I weigh around 198 pounds. On my right, a car that weighs around 4453 pounds. You know, this project has been my life for the past few days.

As you know, or probably guess by the huge amount of work, it took lots of preparation, logistics... I now realize, after these days that, on Polish YouTube there are things that can't be bought. Popularity can be bought and so on... But it'd be hard to pay for driving up this ski slope, the one behind me.

I don't know if it's going to work yet. Well, there's high chance it's not going to. Because like I said, even the chair is collapsing under me. All that's left to do is bring the chair back, jump inside the RS6 and off we go, right? You know what? The saddest thing about it is that, despite us all really wanting it...

Despite our determination and not knowing what we’re getting into… The mean b**ch won. 1-0 for the mountain, and this video, if you’re watching it right now… That’s you. Is a video showing that, we’re up for a rematch.

We’re here today, to drive up a f**ing ski slope in a Lancer Evo V. Will it work or not? I don’t think I’m able to answer this question yet, but the video starting right now – will. I’m out to f**ing drive up a ski slope. I mean, we’ll see about that. If I don’t, s**t’s gonna suck, right? -We re-do it after two more years. -We’ll try it again, right? Alright, let’s pack things up and f**ing show ‘em how it’s done! Doing the project of codename “Ski Slope” is shrouded with a curse.

The Evo’s got a small battery and it ran out during the night. On top of that, what people call a “rally car”... Means an unworldly fuel dose, doesn’t help to start it up in this temperature. Cables, resuscitation, pushing and pulling.

Not a bad start, right? Comes to mind that, the doom of the ski slope reminds of itself. The machine is fixed. Ready to roll. Gotta enter the parking lot in proper style. But... There're always some buts. What’s interesting is, there’s more of bad luck. Today, as we’re recording this, is Wednesday.

And you know what? It was meant to be today, as we climb the ski slope. But the damned weather again, it didn’t let us climb it today, because of massive precipitation during the night. We’re therefore going to do it on Thursday. It is the last day to do so, because the weather after Friday won’t let us do it, again. Because of that, we got just a single recording day, which means a single try. We’re by the slope in Ustrzyki Dolne.

We’re at the place where it’s all going to happen tomorrow. Because of it being the preparation day, allow me to tell you about our plan. As what we do here, isn’t just driving up the slope. We prepared a bit more. You know, as I’m standing here, it seems really steep! Through the camera, you’re probably not seeing it at all. But from now on, we’ll try to make you understand and believe that, this is not just any place.

To you – in a few minutes. To me – frankly speaking tomorrow – a race is going to start. Right, I didn’t tell you about that, but we wish to complicate things, being pretty good at complicating. It’s not going to be an ordinary climb up the ski slope. Right here, tomorrow, we draw a start line. I’ll start from here, yet the same track is to be covered by a skier, all the way from the top.

Who’s to cross the finish line first? Me on the top, or him on the bottom? Exactly the same track of 0.6 mile. If that wasn’t enough, the right side here is going to be reorganized as a helicopter landing pad. I wish both to you and me that, the shots of red, contrasting Lancer climbing upwards with the helicopter, come out beautiful. If that all wasn’t enough, as we’re going to complicate things further, our skier is a pretty fired up. Won’t deny it, I like it.

I liked it a lot, as he said the following: “Let’s build a snow springboard in the middle, so that I can jump over the Lancer if it’s coordinated well.” “In the background, there’s gonna be a helicopter.” I was like: Damn, dude! No need to say that twice. Will it work or not? I hope it will, and wish that both to you and me. So that we push the boundary once again, on this channel. Today was meant to be the day of climbing, but like I said – the weather is a mean b**ch.

Sadly, it’s hard to fight it. As you can see behind my back, the skiers are continually sliding down the mountain. At 8:00 PM we close the slope down, the snowcats enter and we start building the snow springboard.

That’s also when I’ll introduce my competitor, the guy I’m going to race. Do I feel strong emotions about it? Of course I do, because I lost the battle two years ago, so for now, the score is 1-0 for the mountain. And I got to do all it takes, to make it a draw. Without unnecessary prolonging, I think we’re good to move on.

Some careful channel followers may think that, the recent GLC climb from Austria was a failed attempt. I don’t see it that way, it was just for fun. A spontaneous trip, GLC was packed with luggage and had three people on board. The slope wasn’t levelled and the temperature barely above 0 degrees C. Such a fun climb, nothing serious.

Let’s get back from the short trip to Austria, my competitor happens not to be a skiing amateur. We checked the sliding track and checked the speed. Oh f**k.

He’s also got balls, huge balls and refinement. He casually combined a parachute with skis and flies a dozen meters above the ground. He’s a worthy opponent, but I’m going to introduce him in a moment. It’s past 8:00 PM. We’re closing the slope down and the ski lift stops.

We’re free to enter and prepare the whole technical background – there’s plenty to do. We’re building the snow springboard that way, as I’m going to jump at a 45 degree angle, not straight. My name is Przemek Szukalski.

I’m 44 years old and during the winter I’m constantly at Gromadzenie. I’m an instructor here and run a ski school with the whole team. I’ve been skiing for 38 years, could be said I spent my life on skis, ever since 6 or 7 years of age. Ski flying, the speedriding came around from paragliding, the conditions for paragliding are perfect here in Bieszczady. During the winter however, the thermals don’t occur and it’s not possible to paraglide. Hence the idea to add in the skis, decrease the effective wing area a bit and keep on flying, never stop.

To fly all the year around. I’ve been ski-flying for 12 to 13 years. Been doing paragliding for 23 years. I was the Polish Champion of speedriding, I participated in World Championship in Arcalis, Andora.

I represented Poland with a friend, Jurek. I did jump such snow springboards, 30 years ago during FIS championships, when I did Alpine skiing. Back in high school, we participated in Super-G, they’d have such or even bigger jumps. That’s a challenge, a really big challenge. The slope isn't all that steep, to have a telemark type of landing. First of all, we got great weather, which is going to allow us to reach over 60 MPH on the skis.

I got a bit better friction on the skis, so I’ll be faster than you. It’s all going to be very close. The jump will decide the result, we’ll see what happens after it.

Will I hold it after the jump, or will it break me down in the middle. Robinson R44 Raven II 4 seats Cruising speed of 125 MPH Maximum gross weight of 2500 pounds Allow me to remove my hat and say just one sentence – it’s happening right now. Got a spray in my right hand.

Everything is done, see how levelled the whole slope is. The jump truly is far away, but keep in mind that, I got horsepower, while he’s got only his muscles. Sadly, he’s got gravity too. I think it’s truly cool matter in the history of Polish YouTube and Polish automotive YouTube.

I’d like to emphasize one thing that, people keep asking me here, since yesterday. How long is the spike? Yeah, exactly. It’s important that, both the Audi RS6 two years ago and Lancer Evo V today… Both have no spikes at all. Driving up here with the spikes would be extremely easy.

The spike would stick in the ice and allow me to drive like on asphalt. We’re rocking the usual winter tires. Everybody says, there’s no way it’s gonna work then. I say, I’m gonna win. Without unnecessary prolonging, I think we’re good to begin. Power: ca. 500HP

Mass: ca. 2650 lbs Constant 4WD We received a complaint that, you’re flying dangerously close to the chairlift. I always say that, we got a very involved community on the channel.

We’re in a small town, and behind me there’s probably half of the local high school. Should any of you be in class right now? -No! -No way. They’re all lying and fled from class.

Got anything to say? Dad is the man! Do it like real men! 3! 2! 1! Dad is the man!! That’s the universal truth, always up to date – dad is the man. Anyone need an excuse for school? Understand it now? This is my daily experience, my job. That’s probably the best time to sum up what really happened here. Quite a lot happened and the score is at least 1-1. That isn’t all, Lancer didn’t just climb up the slope once, yet the race only happened once. I’m truly proud of it, as the race was successful in first try.

What’s to be added – 3.5 seconds of difference in Lancer’s favor! So I guess the final result is 2-1, as both the mountain and skier were defeated. On a distance of 0.6 mile, Lancer has gotten exactly 3.5 seconds of advantage.

That’s a cool fun fact and another one for summary is that, we drove the Lancer up there many times, just like I said. The first attempt was the race, but after that, in order to record the best shots possible, to make it all work… To have it synchronized, to have multiple shots – we did it many times. You know what? I wish to show you something, as it’s probably gonna get very expensive. I don’t know how expensive exactly, will probably find out in a few days. On this channel however, I like to show you stuff related to, well, setbacks. These happen.

I wasn’t the one who built this engine. It’ll make you see that, such stuff happens in motorsports. Recordings sometimes simply don’t go as planned, check it out. Doesn’t look cheap, the whole engine is absolutely splattered in oil. All of the oil was thrown out through the oil dipstick. I wish it’s just the dipstick not withstanding the pressure, the oil came out and that’s that.

Hope it’s nothing more serious, but the whole engine covered in oil rarely means anything cheap. How much is it going to cost here? Quote the classic: I don’t know, but could guess. Would be cool, if it turned out to be just having to clean the engine bay...

Refill the oil and have Lancer keep busting grooves. I hope you liked the shots we managed to catch here. We really tried our best and it really wasn’t easy to do. I truly believe that, these things are sort of a level-up to it all. I hope you think the same. Find it the same way.

A Maverick is standing in front of me, a monkey behind the wheel. What am I to say about that? I don’t know. I’ll probably leave you with that, as I feel that psycho’s got an idea.

Wanna hit the jump with this Maverick? You look like so, too. Can he jump? The track is done. It's done and slushy. A snowcat has entered the track and the slope will re-open soon, so we can’t have Maverick drive on it. Especially with such tires, it’d dig through the snow all the way down to Mother Earth. Monkey… Who are you, after all? That’s my daily f**ing life.

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