Kalam to Kumrat Valley Road 2023 | New Travel Guide Utror Valley to Badgoi Pass | Pakistan Tourism

Kalam to Kumrat Valley Road 2023 | New Travel Guide Utror Valley to Badgoi Pass | Pakistan Tourism

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Bismillah-ur-Rehman-ur-Rahim AIslam Alaikum Dosto in that Hassan Sargana and you welcomed you on behalf of your laughter in Pakistan Tourism Chitral to Gilgit Series and we now have the location of this Utror. And we were going to Kalam to Kumrat Valley, so this road comes above the distance of twelve kilometers from Kalam, if you see my episode behind your image, then I have completed this Utror village, I have also eaten nature to you and that too out practitioner. Now he has come out of here in front of him, he has also targeted a decent man for Kumrat Valley and it is a lie, it is a side full of extreme adventure and what is going to happen next in it, you will know.

I am also going to this time and there is a lot of time, I don't have that eight fours now and we started doing breakfast and after breakfast here we will go out. I had to put tea and sleep regularly and there are three brothers and five people, so a double ride ahead cannot go to the brother's house. There are two rides of this thing and those who think that our illusions will be lost, I have to go, then my jigri yaar which we have chosen, in which forty say, will go, many friends write my blog that they do not channel base Pakistan. Make a little friendship with tourism, so that you can relate to them and then come out that Bismillah-ur-Rehman-ur-Rahim friends have left the contemporaries, i started my journey by reading bismillah of his police station road, but tell the truth.

So friends, I did not know that I was using the dangerous track of Pakistan on my bike, which is 11,558 percent higher than the sea level. There is a small village made of wooden boundary wall song, but there is a lot of love, man, see what was this peace route and the gas head is a footify kilometer from here ride and it will take three to three and a half hours. These friends will see the graveyard, Pakistan is also right next to it and their physical grave does not come inside, they accept it inside the earth that a part of the wood was made of the nation naat.

The weather looks much better, the sun is out, but the weather we are wearing on you, here girls and women are doing this work, eyes are being cast in the fields. I heard it is small, but it reached in the evening, nor did it come at night, walnut pear peaches are theirs, there are many incidents, so at the same time, I think it is necessary to tell you at night that you come by local jeep. You can pay up to Kumrat, whose fare is up to two thousand per rider and if you do this in a private jeep, then its fare will be about fifteen to twenty thousand and it is a full journey of one day. Special and informative for because we are going to show you how you can go to Kumrat Valley which is seen in a previous episode that we traveled to. Now it is a matter of talking beyond this road, if you eat and drink the minorities' pangs, hotel basic items, you will get it from the box pass and then the room, then keep in mind that the friend who is on his car. If you do not get petrol from anywhere other than Atwar Kalam, then it is better to go ahead of live or from Thar Bazar and Kumrat, you will get that I want Allah Nawala and the boy to do it, so please forgive.

She will be a traitor because of the rain, if she does for the problem, then the landslides go, it is also carpeted road, now this America has got us. What can I tell you, o their production, you are saying that this side which is made of small wooden wood has made them a wall by making small bursts of wood and what is inside it has also been sent. You are seeing that it has been raining a lot on one night, due to which you have bowed down that the decision is going to come, the weatherman is telling that it will rain every day.

If your own is adding this for you, then in this you have this support that you will definitely subscribe to the channel that nothing can be seen without wasting Allah. Now I will show you this dirty drain that is happening in the middle and here are the children who come. But I am the water of the glacier, brother Honda man, if a person like me puts a finger in it, then he will Listen, when these vehicles were alaikum and here and the road is crossing the villagers, these children also have courage in one of their street environments.

I am thinking about the name, what will be the month, how will it be, then the committee does not change, they started going by the name, here for a few months, the signals of light work, but i did not even recognize what is okay. Does he move around and this is the same dear friend, he is seeing such a stone, it is on top of it, you have to go on it, I had to show you this area, that is why I have come, but this part of it has seen you. Whatever is below they are of perfection, this is what I am not going on, it is being decorated on it, the green mountains for the Kumrat Valley, Qadiriyya Subhan Allah, they saw it and came out of this language. Honey is developing along the way And something or the other is put in this box, such as Shakargarh or something that I have kept on the phone, and Twenty juggers of the city start building the city, then they salute it that some herbs in the way from the word for friends, their special neighborhood girl, which gives great refreshment and good feeling, but now ten Above the speed of what you are coming, it can take it, there are beautiful types of forests, seeing that the forest is forest everywhere and this is the loot from here itself.

At one o'clock weather has not rained here Because if the rain comes, then see the situation first, if it started raining here, it will start from Rania side, it will be very difficult or fake is not impossible. It's been about an hour and a half since Jeetu friend left us and it still took me two hours to reach Kumrat Valley and this mountain is called Hindu Kush, but the local people do not call it time road. He sent the tree here to be cut down and these trees have been cut in a cruel way, I will show you or there used to be trees all over the part, then I will request the local people that this tree is also your livelihood. Bread is fine, if they remain green, then the weather here will also be good, then fasting will also come, this tree is your life, value your livelihood. This is the river with us and this is because of iftar, we are coming or roaming from below, here is our doctor who is bringing one to five and this second that is not believing brother, the first giri is amma.

Yes, it is very much because there are iftar and bikes, but this attack is getting our courage, while these forests, these mountains, rivers and streams are not giving Pashto in this post. It was better to understand the understated action, but as much as I have gone out of me, I will see in the whole CD, CD means politics I have seen, which is the best 229 here I see going. You are seeing that one-to-five is giving this news on its behalf, but check its box, how slow it is, it is somewhat better.

There is water and there is a stone from the pointed bottom here, you tell me how much we have to go for Hajj, our brother used to get tickets from here to top from here. What to do here, you are seeing this forest along with these mountain UP, whose back side has a submerged pass or death, then the shearing has to start. Those who came out of the word and beyond that, the focus is only after studying, then it has to start again, and if this second is finished, it will come forward or die.

Check your brother's return, see how it is that the crime doctor is like, brother has to cry that how much it is taking, they are seen in the forward and this bond is looking at what the VIP environment is. It will be fun and see the forests, these friends, these friends, tech is your wish, whether you have to come or not, these people are supporting the team to show you. The stone has gone into which I am going, the second it is planted or completely finished, sits down.

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