Inside a BEL AIR Modern Mansion with Open Air Atrium

Inside a BEL AIR Modern Mansion with Open Air Atrium

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- What's up, everybody? It's Enes Yilmazer, and welcome to Bel Air, Los Angeles! Today, we're checking out this newly constructed, modern estate right behind me, that features six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, 7,534 square feet of interior space built on a 15,725 square foot lot, and it is currently on the market for $11,595,000. As always, you can find more information about this property in the description of this video. So, make sure to check that out. And, before we start our tour, I wanna give a big thanks to the listing agents, Tatiana Derovanessian and Rayni Williams, for allowing us to tour their amazing listing.

And, now, let's begin! (upbeat music) So, we have Tatiana here, who's one of the listing agents of this property. Thank you so much for having us here! - Thank you for being here! - The house looks amazing! It's a beautiful day here in Los Angeles today, and tell us a little bit about the design elements of this property. I know there are a lot of neutral tones, fleet with sliding glass stores.

I see a lot of textures. Tell us a little bit about it. - Well, the property was designed very detailed to serve a purpose of having privacy and view. So, when you see the actual architecture, you see that it's centered by the atrium in the center here, and then it's winged out to both sides, and the sight lines are very clean. The materials are very natural and neutral with a lot of warmth.

So, that was the objective, to create an oasis in the middle of Bel Air. (upbeat music) - We're gonna start our tour here. A spacious driveway leads you to a three car garage. I like these modern garage doors, and the house has a beautiful, modern design, contemporary lines. That's actually the second floor bedroom right there. with the front-facing balcony, and coming this way, we have the steps taking you to the entry, where we have the pedestrian gate, and, on top of that, we have another gate here that leads straight to your backyard, which is perfect for parties.

People can access to your backyard straight from here. Now, let's go this way! I wanna talk about some of the exterior cladding of this property, smooth stucco complimented with stack stone design, and we're gonna see this stack stone finish throughout the property, also, in the backyard as well, and again, very nice, very clean modern design. You have this walkway here, off of the entry, water feature on each side. I really like this recessed in LED floor lighting, and then we have the front door here. Come on inside! As soon as you walk-in, you're greeted by this spacious foyer, double-height ceilings, a ton of natural light coming in, and you can see your backyard from here.

It looks incredible! We have an open-air atrium down below that we're gonna see in a bit. And, yeah, this is the entry of this incredible modern home. We have these oversized tile floors that we're gonna see throughout, which makes the space feel really light and airy, and first let's talk about the formal living room area. All open, flows straight to your backyard, fleet with sliding glass doors.

What's so cool about this room is the fact that your backyard pool is right here. You can literally jump into your pool from your formal living room area. It just makes the space feel a little bit more fun and exciting.

Staging looks great, and on this side, we have a walnut library that starts from the floor and goes all the way to the ceiling. TV is recessed in, fireplace down below. Just a great spot for you to sit down, relax and enjoy this amazing property, and it connects to the other side. In fact, let me show you guys that space real quick.

We have a small hallway here, your elevator access on this level, and, going in, we have a full bathroom here, vanity design, walk-in shower, and more importantly, there's an exterior door here, because this bathroom also serves as your pool bathroom. Now, this door opens up to the office, good size room. We have the desk on the left, built-in closet. sliding glass doors lead you to the backyard, it gets a lot of natural light, and conveniently located right next to the formal living room area. Now, let's go back to the entry! By the way, we have the staircase going down to the lower level, as well as the top floor.

I love the space here, because you get so much natural light. I feel like this is the center of the home, and it kind of feeds all the rooms with natural light. Great view to look at, and it really sets the tone as you walk-into this property.

Now, on this side, we have the formal dining area, but, first, let's talk about the two spaces here. The door at the end you to your three car garage. This door opens up to your powder room. I love this vanity with the chisel limestone countertop, and, on top of that, you have a marble vessel sink with brass fixtures. It looks great! And coming back here, formal dining room area, solid wood table, seating for 10, chandelier looks great with cove lighting, and more importantly, we also have sliding glass doors here, opening up to the side of the property where we have the retaining wall, and they dress that wall very nicely with this living wall detail, and we're gonna see these living walls throughout the property, including the primary bedroom, which is a very unique application. I guess we'll see that later, but, yeah, this opening also enables this room to get cross-breeze, connects to your backyard.

It's a nice addition to this dining room area. Now, on my right-hand side, we have the temperature- controlled wine cellar. Now, what I like about this space is the back wall design. They call this three-dimensional bombshell. Listing agent Tatiana, explained this space more in detail.

I hope I got the name right, and it's essentially a back wall design made out of oak birch walnut and a couple other types of wood, and it gives great dimension to the space. It smells awesome! It goes all the way to the ceiling. And yeah, we've never seen this before.

And then you have the ceiling to floor mount. steel wine racks. Pretty awesome! - [Man] Yeah, I really like it. It's almost like a uneven wood tile. It looks really cool! - Absolutely, and it's nice and chill here, so I like that.

I got a nice little break here. Now, let's continue our tour. Right next to the dining room, we have this hallway taking us to the kitchen and the family room. This space is awesome! Literally, all open. You can flow straight to your backyard, and, first, I want to cover the kitchen.

On this side, we have the pantry, and the center of the kitchen is actually really open. We have the island design here, dual-elevation, bar seating, and again, faces your backyard. Then you have canyon black marble countertop here with this matte finish. It looks great! A lot of texture, the sink fixtures look very contemporary, and we have two. I have to do this, Mike, here. (knocking) Ooh! They're on, like, a second and a half delay.

- [Man[ For some, for some reason I feel like houses rarely have two knocking dishwashers. It's always just one. - You're like they go a little bit cheaper on the other one? - Yeah. - No, I mean they did great, and I gotta say, I think having two dishwashers is such a good call. I mean, look, when you have a home like this, you're gonna entertain, you're gonna have a lot of people over.

You're gonna have a lot of dishes. So it's a nice touch. Again, it faces your family room. I love that it just opens up to the backyard, and coming this way, you have your main base cabinets, your cooktop, your pot filler, upper cabinets with LED lighting. It's all modern Italian cabinetry, and I love the contrast between the darker tones here on the island and the base cabinets, then you have the island extension here, and last part is on this side, paneled freezer and fridge, built-in appliances, prep sink around the corner with an exterior door.

That way your caterers can come in straight to your kitchen without having to go through the house. Just a nice open area, kitchen area. One more detail. Of course, you have your espresso machine, oven set up here, and it flows straight into your family room. L-shaped sectional couch facing the TV, fireplace down below, and that section is clad with travertine.

Then you have your oak open shelves on each side. It looks great! And coming back here, I love these two cognac tone chairs, which creates a great pop color for the space. They even picked up the same color with the pillow there. Very minimalist, very clean, and just like I said at the beginning, this section opens up to the outdoors, amazing California weather! It's an awesome spot! - [Man] Yeah, I really like it. We're gonna see that backyard in a second. Before we go out there though, you need to talk about this week's video sponsor.

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I mean, you can literally pull up every single information possible. On top of that, the app is for free and you can check out the link in the description to download the app, and big thanks to TopHap for sponsoring this video, and now let's continue our tour with this amazing home. Just like I mentioned earlier, sliding glass doors open up to the backyard, and this home is actually situated on a good size lot. It's 15,725 square feet, and the developer here made good use out of it with the design of the home, open atrium design that we're gonna see in a bit. Now on this side, we have the outdoor dining area, retaining wall on the back, you have the concrete and turf pattern on the floors, and coming to this side, you have your first outdoor seating area here with a fire pit in the center, and it flows straight to your backyard.

I mean, look at the space, cozy, warm, private, definitely inviting. I mean, I want to jump into the pool right now. We are in middle of the summer right now, and-- - It's a warm day today. - It's a warm day today, but we're out here working for you guys, you know? - [Man] For sure.

- We have the hot tub on the left. You have your simple white plaster, which gives you this crisp light-blue look, and we talked about it. The open atrium is actually located there, and you have a small infinity edge serving as a water feature down below, which is just a clever detail.

I mean, the architect here, in my opinion, did a phenomenal job utilizing the view corridors and really making the best out of this lot, and continuing our tour, we have the formal living room area here, sliding glass doors open up from the office. That way, your first floor connects from one wing to another, and the house looks great. Three levels, contemporary lines, walls of glass, beautiful home, modern wall sconces. It looks great, and that wraps our tour on the main floor! Now let's go back inside, so we can check out the lower level.

(upbeat music) What was the vision for the lower level? - Well, most of the time, in new construction, you'll see a basement level that's very, very dark. So this is day-lit. You've got the Zen garden area that brings in all the natural light into the lower level, and it was more of the swanky, sexier lower-level, where you have the aquarium window by the bar.

It's a gorgeous big bar. You've got your theater downstairs, gym, and then you've got the Zen garden with the live garden wall. - And I feel like that was such a clever design, because it utilizes that atrium to bring natural light, obviously. Then, you have the pool on the other side, which is your water feature, in a way, and then you have the live wall, which we see that pattern throughout the property.

So, I felt like it was really cohesively done. (upbeat music) All right, let's go check out the lower level! This space is all about entertainment. We have a seating area here, bar on this side, but, first, I gotta take you guys outside, because this open atrium design is so cool. You have an outdoor seating area here, water feature on the left-hand side, which is your infinity edge pool. Then you have this living wall here, giving life to this space, and on top of that, since this is such a good size opening, it brings a ton of natural light to the lower level.

Your gym opens up to this space, and also, Mikey, can we get a close up? Well, a little close up. Those rocks are actually your outdoor speakers. They're a little funky, a little fun. - [Man] I love that! - And, yeah, this is a great outdoor space, allowing natural light and fresh air to come to this lower level. Now, on my right-hand side, we have the bar. Definitely a good size, love the counter tops, mosaic back wall, open shelving with LED lighting, and we have an underwater window detail here.

I was gonna point it out from the backyard, but I'm like, I'm gonna leave it as a surprise. It adds to your natural light, and it just makes the bar a little bit more fun, and kind of energetic. - [Man] We've seen three or four of these in the history of the channel.

I always like the light that it casts on lower levels. It's just like this cool, blue light, you know? - Absolutely, absolutely, and you have your billiards table here, seating section, and off of the landing, we have a powder room, same finishes, just like the main floor powder room, but in here the sink is actually limestone, which is really unique, and coming back to the landing, another seating area right next to the atrium, underneath the staircase, we have a storage room and your elevator access next door, and, yeah, it's a great open space. Now, laundry room on my right-hand side, washer, dryer, sink, some cabinetry, and coming here, on the left-hand side, we have the gym. It has its own AC unit, built-in closet, full bathroom with Terraza style floors, and this space can be utilized as a bedroom, as well, since it has a closet and a bathroom, AC unit above, oak hardwood floors, and around the corner, we have the movie theater.

This is the last room we have on this level, and let me tell you, this piece is very vibrant and energetic. I think it's a lot of fun. I love the cognac tones that they have both on the floors, and on the walls, then you have these strip lights starting from the walls, going all the way to the ceiling, and the seating section, it actually contrasts nicely, because it's more on the lighter tones, and then you have your organic elements with these solid wood coffee tables, screens on this side projector, on the back.

It's a lot of fun. You know, it's not the biggest movie theater. Obviously, it's cozy, it's intimate. Personally, I think it gets the job done, and that's it for the lower level. Now, let's go back to the staircase, so we can check out the top floor. (upbeat music) So, looking at the design of this home, it's, like, shaped in a V, in a sense that it sets the right wing and left wing quite apart, and on top of that, I feel like, as you go up to the second floor, it really allows the bedrooms to have a lot of privacy, and it just creates a nice separation.

- Separation, privacy, as well as the views. The views are spectacular from the second level. The architect, who was Urban Design Specialists, specifically designed it in that fashion.

He also elevated the property. The original property that was here that was torn down, was a lot lower. They graded it up, elevated it, so that you could take advantage of the views from the second level, privacy from the main level, and then you have your day-lit basement level.

(upbeat music) - Now, let's go check out the top floor! Chandelier behind me, walls and glass bringing natural light to the top floor landing. On my left-hand side, we have elevator access, and, coming here, junior, primary bedroom suite, king size bed, love the furnishings, sliding glass doors open up to your amazing views. Very, quite high up here in Bel Air, and you have the canyon views all the way to Downtown Los Angeles, and you have the ocean views on the right-hand side. It is little hazy today, but, regardless, it's peaceful, it's chill and cool up here. We have sliding glass doors, opening up to a back-facing balcony, drop down screen above, projected on this side, and we have a walk-in closet here, full bathroom with a floating vanity design, good sized bedroom, and I wanna take you guys back to the landing.

We have the spacious foyer on our left-hand side, double-high ceilings, walls of glass, and we even have a glass section here facing the front. That's why this house just gets so much natural light. Everywhere we go is super bright. We don't even need to have the lights on right now, and, coming here, small laundry room for this level. We have another bedroom on this side, front-facing with another private balcony, walk-in closet, full bathroom, and I love that each one of these bedrooms gets a good sized balcony.

That way they can utilize the outdoors. We have another bedroom. This one is side-facing with a small balcony set up, spacious, same oak hardwood floors are also here, and around the corner, we have a full bathroom with a tub setup, walk-in closet, everything you need. Now, let's go back to the landing, so we can check out the primary bedroom suite, which starts right here. The double doors open up. We have some cabinetry on the left-hand side, the hallway takes you to the bedroom, but first I'm gonna take everybody to the primary bathroom suite.

We saw the living walls at the dining area on the main floor, and the lower level atrium. They have another one here. That's actually a live moss wall and it's so unique. - [Man] That's real? - That's actually real, and you don't need to water it or anything, because we're in the bathroom and you already have moisture.

That's all it takes to keep these things alive. I believe you have to maintain it once a year. - [Man] It smells kind of like fresh cut grass. It's an interesting smell.

- It gives you that organic touch, and that's what this house is all about. I mean, look at the cabinetry here, with the lines, and you saw all the wood textures throughout. This is definitely interesting. It actually goes all the way here, where we have the free-sitting tub, and, yet, definitely a pop of color. - [Man] Yeah, that's awesome.

- And floating vanity design, two sinks. They're actually concrete. Then you have the water closet here, and around the corner, you're walk-in shower with a massive rain head. These Terraza-look slabs, which gives this bathroom a very mid-century, modern look.

It's very timeless, it looks great, it contrasts nicely against these lighter floors. Rain head fixtures, black theme, pretty awesome! And that's it for the primary bathroom. Now, let's go back to the hallway, so we can check out the bedroom itself.

It is positioned on the right wing, facing the amazing views, literally walls of glass. We have the fixed glass section here, and then you have your sliding glass doors open up to the balcony, dedicated for the primary bedroom. By the way, these are all fleetwood. The views are absolutely gorgeous. Down below, you have your amazing backyard and your pool, another dropdown screen projector on this side, king sized bed, and even though this home is staged, the furniture selection here looks so great that I asked the listing agent if the furniture came with the house, because, a lot of times, I can actually call out staging furniture pretty easily, but this time, the staging company here did a phenomenal job working with the listing agents, and, yeah, the house looks great. We have two walk-in closets.

The first one on this side, second one on the other. It's all built out. The cabinetry goes all the way to the ceiling, open shelving, and, of course, we live in California. You wanna benefit from these amazing views and the outdoors, and that's why the primary bedroom gets its own balcony, outdoor seating, lounging chairs. Amazing views! And that wraps our tour on the top floor. But of course, we're gonna spend few more hours here.

We're gonna wait for the Sun to go down, so we can show you guys this home at dusk. (upbeat music) All right, everyone, that's it for the tour! I hope you all enjoy this video! I want to give big thanks to the listing agents, Tatiana and Rayni, for giving us the opportunity to tour their amazing listing, and share it with all of you, and, as always, you can find more information about this property in the description of this video. So, make sure to check that out. Lastly, if you enjoyed this video, make sure to give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys next week. (upbeat music)

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