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In this video, I will show you the village life, how the farmers live here, how the villagers live here. There are farms around, you will find such beautiful houses in the middle of the farms. They have made this lake, no matter how touristy the place is in China, you will not see any dirt. Good afternoon guys, how are you all? I hope everything will be fine. Welcome to another video from Dali Town, Yunnan Province, China.

Today is my third day in Dali Town. Now I am in Dali Downtown. Today I am going to visit some villages here. In this video, I will show you the village life, how the farmers live here, how the villagers live here.

Let's go out of the city. We will have to take a bus. Now we are in the city. We will reach the village in a while. Dali Town is a very old town. You can say that one of the oldest towns in China is Dali Town.

The image of China in your mind, the image of Chinese culture, you will see that Chinese culture in Yunnan Province. Dali is a small city in Yunnan Province. So if you want to explore Chinese culture, then you should come to Dali. You can go anywhere in Yunnan Province.

There you will get to see the real Chinese culture. Now I will show you the village, the farmers, the fields here. So we have reached the village. There are many cars parked in the village. There is also a paved road.

Corn is being cultivated here. There is a fence here. But I have to go further. There are many villages ahead. Look at the view of the mountains in front. There is another village in front.

People are working in the fields. We will meet them too. But China's villages are very advanced. They have made a great arrangement to go to the water. I don't know what it is. I think it is corn farming.

Look at this corn farm. Let's go ahead. There are many villages here. We have come to a very good place. Someone has made his farmhouse inside.

He has put a nice gate. You will find good cars parked outside the farmhouse. China has a different vibe.

It is fun to explore China. The culture here is very unique. A paved road is coming out of the middle of the fields. I think that is a pomegranate tree.

Comment and tell me whose tree is this. There are many farmers here. There are many women working in the fields.

But I have to go further. China's farming is very good. Hello.

Hello. People here are shy. They are shy to see outsiders. Hello.

Everyone is shy. They are taking leaves. These leaves are used for cooking vegetables. These leaves are used to make noodles. You know, Chinese people eat a lot of vegetables.

They eat a lot of vegetables and noodles. Chinese people eat a lot of healthy food. Let's go ahead. I will show you more. I have a lot to show you today.

Okay, bye. Dali city is located around Erahi Lake. I will take you to Erahi Lake and the village near Dali city. I have to cross that road and go to that side.

You can see many villages there. Many people do farming there. Erahi Lake is also there. I think Erahi Lake is very far.

I will see if I can reach Erahi Lake or not. I will see if I can reach Erahi Lake or not. But I want to explore Erahi Lake. But I want to explore Erahi Lake.

I will show you something. See if people allow me to go inside. They are preparing plants. Let's go inside.

I showed you big trees. They have prepared small plants. I will go inside.

They are preparing a pot. They might send it outside. I can't go further. All these crops are green vegetable. All these crops are green vegetable. They only use this in the noodles.

Many people do farming there. I came to the main road. I came to the main road. Now, I have to go across that road. Now, I have to go across that road.

I am thinking to explore Erahi Lake. I am thinking to explore Erahi Lake. In villages, they build road between the farms. Now, they are going to build road here. Here, small houses are built. The tools used in farming are kept in these houses.

You will find many houses. The houses you see are not for living. They come here to work. Like this house. They come here to work. That's why they live on the side.

See this. This is a small tractor. They use it to carry things. If they have to carry small things, or if they have to bring small things from outside, they use this small tractor. They can take many things from outside.

Like vegetables. They can take many things from outside. You will find a tank like this in every farm. They fill water in that tank. If water comes from outside, they fill water in that tank.

They built a small house in the middle of the farm. The girl got scared. There must be a small child here. They have made a swing for him. They have made a table and chairs. This is a small house.

They can use a scooter here. What is this used for? This one. What is this used for? I don't know. Hello.

So you live here? Yes. That's nice. Is that your daughter? Yes. She is your daughter? Yes.

Nice. Where are you from? I am from India. There is a family living in that house. The house I showed you earlier. The small girl I showed you. The mother comes out.

She asked me what I was doing here. I told her I was just roaming around. You will find a small house in every farm to put garbage in. Garbage is in the sense that they rest for some time. They also put the tools used for farming in this house.

Good. How are you? Good? Yes. They fill water in this tank. They take water from this to put it in the fields. Hello. We are in a different field. Many farmers are working here.

They are farming onions here. I showed you corn earlier. Now they are farming onions here. The onions are ready to be sold.

Now they are digging. They are tying the roots. They shift it to the vehicles and sell it in the market. This is the life of the farmers here. This is the life of the farmers here. Farmers work like this.

There is a car. They are digging and loading the garbage in the car. The maximum age of the farmers is above 60. I have 3-4 hours.

I will roam around here until the sun sets. Hello. They have burnt the trees. I think there will be no fields here. There will be big trees. They will cut the big trees and make a field here.

Good. I don't know what he is saying in Chinese. We have been roaming around the village for a long time. Now we are in the village.

The villagers have maintained the village properly. You will get AC and CCTV in the village. You will get AC and CCTV in the village. Let me show you something. He has brought vegetables from the fields. Hello.

I was telling you that the tuk-tuk comes to the village to bring vegetables. Now he is washing vegetables. You will find green vegetables everywhere. All the farming is of green vegetables. They have made a pond to wash vegetables.

Let him do his work. We will go to Hirai Lake. I will take you to Hirai Lake from this village. You will find beautiful houses in the fields. Life is perfect. You will find a house in the fields.

You will find a car in front of the house. We will go inside the village. The road is going towards the lake A new house construction is going on here These people build villages and farms in a very systematic way How systematic they do all the work This is a small bookstore and cafe of this village If someone wants to buy or read a book here Then they can come here There is a cafe as well There is a place for reading a book If you want to drink tea or read a book Then you can come here It's small I have come to Irahi Lake I didn't expect Irahi Lake to be so touristic I thought it will be a normal lake I will go there and explore But when I came here, I saw a huge crowd Let's explore and then we will go back We will go to the village side and see what happens Look at the mountains in front There are many villages next to the mountains Here as well They have maintained this lake very well It is touristic but still it is maintained very well One thing you will see No matter how touristic the place is in China You will not see any dirt Just next to the village, they have made a hotel and restaurant on the river bank They have made it very touristic But still there are so many people here You will not find any dirt It is good but I liked this place very much But I came here with the hope that I will be alone I will find someone by the lake I came here with this hope The place where we are now is not very far from India Myanmar or Burma is just next to it And the border of Arunachal Pradesh is not very far from here Arunachal border is very close from here Everyone is busy taking photos here They come with a cycle You may think this is wedding photography But it is not People here enjoy taking photos Look at this beautiful tree Let's go ahead It is very touristic here Today it is very less crowded Let's go around there as well What is this? Is he putting a light on it? He is standing in the same pose for a long time What is the connection with that photo? Is it a light or something? He is feeding the parrot and taking photos People come here with big cameras And all these people come from outside They are not from Dali Some people come from Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Kunming, Guangzhou They come from other cities Because Dali is a poor province And people here do not go out much Most of the people here live in agriculture They do agriculture and live happily Dali and other people from Yunnan province It is less crowded in front Let's go there It is not here They have made a hotel a little far They have made a 20-25 hotel And made it very touristic It's okay, whatever it is, but it's great Is there anything special here that so many people are taking photos? They will sit there and take photos People are standing there and taking photos You saw a lake in Kunming That was also a great lake This one is also good This is wedding photography Let's go a little further I was showing you the fields The village will come a little further It is forbidden to go inside this lake You will not see a single person going inside Everyone is taking photos on the bank They have put up a board to go inside It is completely forbidden to go inside You cannot swim in this lake I think I should leave now Because my hotel is 10-12 km away from here I came to the bus stop a little far Then I got down in the village and came here on foot This is Heineken beer The party system is taking the beer out You will find small bakery shops in the village Like this grandmother is sitting here She is selling a lot of things I will get water, so I will take water Nihao No Chinese I don't know what she is saying The road is very far, I will ask the driver I will take a taxi Dali Ancient Town Wait, wait Okay Okay I am going 20-22 km, I would have been in trouble Say bye to the village We have been roaming since 1-2 pm When I came to this village, I got off the bus here Then I went inside the village Then I reached the lake The lake is near the mountains I went to the lake on foot I have traveled a lot on foot Today my voice is also very heavy Because it is very cold It is natural that the voice will be heavy The road is very beautiful Mountains and sunset Hello guys, finally we have reached Dali City We will roam a little I will show you how Dali City looks in the evening I will show you a little and then come here Dali City has a different vibe Looking at the buildings and temples here It feels like you have gone to an old century If you leave the cars A lot of people are still photographing Don't leave the video now I think this city looks great at night I will come back at night and make a video I will tell you The voice is cold, ignore it The Chinese culture is here You will see the real Chinese culture here This road goes straight to my hotel How much time is left from here to my hotel? 3 minutes left 550 meters away It was very cheap In 23 yuan, my brother dropped me here In 23 yuan, my brother dropped me here 23 yuan 270 Indian Rupees He dropped me here I don't have water in the hotel I have to buy water from here My toothpaste is also over I will buy toothpaste from here I had to use my translator To confirm that this is toothpaste Toothpaste is 84 Indian Rupees Water is 60 Indian Rupees Water is very expensive here in China 2 liters of water is 60 Indian Rupees In India, 2 liters of water is 30 Indian Rupees The price of water here is almost double So guys, we went to visit the village in the day It is an Erahi Lake We are going to explore the market in the evening It is 7.30 pm Let's see how the city looks at night We know that we are exploring day and night There are different activities at night The city looks different You can see the village and Erahi Lake Erahi Lake is a tourist attraction But it is amazing Now I will show you the city at night I got my beard done yesterday How does this beard look In China, no one has a beard I am the only bearded person in China Let's go and explore the city at night It is completely dark We planned to explore the city at night There is a lot of crowd at night So guys, I have come to the market Now we will explore the market at night We won't do it for a long time First of all, I got to see a unique thing People put speakers to spend their time They start dancing It is not an activity to show off you have one and rice plate one okay yeah yeah 21 RMB means 18 yuan for the beans and 3 yuan for the rice total Indian currency is 21 RMB which is 250 Indian Rupees so it was not that expensive now I am going to the hostel it is getting cold slowly they have made so much lighting on this restaurant they have lit the fire if you are feeling cold you can warm your hands and you can watch your movie I hope you like this video if you like it please subscribe to my channel see you soon with a new video till then bye bye take care

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