Getting Wild In The Kampung! Bike Touring Indonesia Episode 7

Getting Wild In The Kampung!  Bike Touring Indonesia Episode 7

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some guy just came and threw a bunch of cash in the air yeah right that might be breakfast okay good morning from our campsite somewhere in between Cianjur and Bandung we came here last   night uh we found it on Google Maps looks like there was just a nice park here and it is you   got a nice little Pond over here some Hut set up got the river over there super super local place there's a few canteens what they call them over here a little few shops set up   you know selling all your local teas and coffees and uh nasi goreng and   simple simple foods like that your indomie Vanessa's over here by the river let me  go show you what the river looks like all the locals they come down here wash their clothes maybe even bathe in it sometimes but up here they have a few people selling stuff but we're obviously not the only ones out here so they're doing some sort of camp out   here there's a lot of students a lot of kids and uh they were up and doing stuff all night out here they were marching and singing and chanting and   exercising and just doing all kinds of stuff all night started at around 9 00 pm but then   it just felt like they'd ever slept and here's some of the kids right here   they're uh they're still awake I don't get it but uh good morning coffee uh no thank you no thank you but uh can't really tell what the camp is for how old they are I'm guessing High School   but let me go show you their setup over here too and like I said they were up doing stuff all night can I see that the shirt t-shirt what is it pimping on chabong Ginger uh what is it for um organization yes   yes are you in high school yes yes High School okay so all all night you're exercising and   chanting and singing yes are you tired sleepy sleepy sleepy little time little time uh how   long will you be out here in Friday five total days yes okay what day is today day when do you go home no oh today you go home today nice nice wolf good job you get to go home they   survived I guess but they have some military-style camping setup over here it looks like they're set up down there this is our setup right here we uh we're scoping out this place it might have been better to sleep down there   because they use this route right here to walk and uh yeah we didn't know and   last night when I got finished with their first round they all just walked all right next to   us and we decided to sleep with the tent open uh to keep it you know a little cooler inside   keep it a little more Airy and every single one of them just looks right down in on us what are you gonna do what are you gonna do for now we're gonna eat our   oatmeal get some breakfast in us and then figure out our plan for the day starting off with something a little different today doing a uh avocado egg toast sandwich   we got the bread from Holland Bakery fresh I have to wash the dishes I'm gonna do it down here in the river I see a lot of locals sifting through the sand over here   getting all the rocks out and there's just tons of piles like that all along the river I'm guessing a big truck will come later and haul it pick it up   and maybe pay the locals for uh getting all the rocks out of it doing some cleaning picking up the trash so the the boys and girls they   all sleep out here in separate Barracks huh yes if I see some trash too yeah okay okay uh   can you can I see what the boys Barracks look like yes can you show me yeah all right thank you is this the boys so how many boys in one room okay the boys in here they're smart they're all sleeping very hot now yeah yeah so every day at night you exercise all day all right packed and ready to go hot and sweaty yeah there needs   to be a breeze or something through the  through this valley but there's nothing absolutely nothing okay let's go all right this is kind of what we're looking at here we're here we   want to go to Bandung I don't think we'll make it all the way today we uh we got a climb 2100 feet   let's do it, Vanessa's already on our way   and it is Sunday so maybe a lot of people coming out here a lot of tourists and we're off hey hey what I need ah so good I think the dragon fruit in Indonesia are by far the best compared to Taiwan and Malaysia okay so good here all right I think we have found the fermented cassava Street every single shop has a bunch of   uh the fermented casava hanging up and well they gave us a couple of them so we'll try it later this road isn't too bad either uh shoulder on  the left we're actually kind of going downhill   now but it's a slight incline the entire way mostly so sorry not so bad today not so bad just spotted some fruit that we've never seen before it's kind of chalky in there creamy yeah oh interesting not juicy at all it's like really soft creamy kinda it's actually good uh-huh it's good I like it is too dry oh I dig it it's like avocado another avocado texture kind of is it messy so we're about to get back on the road we just stopped and had some   lunch actually went over to uh this little rest  stop right here gas station took a shower because   that was needed but uh about to pull off and check it off the sign here looks like uh you   can come to this place and they'll make you taller interesting but uh I'm gonna get back on the road   we've got about three more miles of uphill let's do it all right we got a party in the village so the uh merdeka celebrations continue ten days later it's already August 27th Vanessa is dancing I don't know who I am thank you you're playing some uh beautiful chairs down there all right we are back on the road   and it looks like these are the uh automobile of choice the feroza those are pretty sweet looking my first uh kampung party come home celebration I found the dustiest place I've ever been I mean it looks like the trees even have   some snow on them not snow though it is dust everything is just Gray and brown so uh we just had another pit stop got some food and we're just kind of checking out the   area not really sure what the name of this lake is but I'll put it up here somewhere   looks like you can take one of these boats and go over that Island over there and uh   I don't know enjoy yourself have a party it looks like there's people celebrating there's   a small compound over there hello but all along this little pathway right here are a bunch of   just different restaurants and Walden's kind of selling the same thing if you look up at the menu   we all have the same thing written on them  but we had some uh some basko I had some satay   kids over here look like they can play some  games do some fishing color uh the little   styrofoam pictures over here what is it it's  a cooking game look at it oh my stock practice oh he saw us okay oh really oh at the party yeah she saw us at the party earlier the festivities   like this thank you for business nice no we gotta go I know it looks nice thank you though thank you yeah it'd be nice to get on one of them   both and cruise the little Lake though not today not today wow hello oh yeah I wonder how hard that is to get off Monday yeah just a few minutes to like put it on but like we want one day to clean it off okay okay what is it good luck good luck man so I don't  know what else to say I don't know just good luck to that guy I hope we don't  clog his skin yeah can't be good for your skin hello mister it's a happening place tonight it is Sunday the weekend so this is kind of a sad moment earlier a couple days ago I dropped my   water bottle that I carried around for the past uh year and a half at least well it's time to throw it away doing great but now I got a new one from Eiger thank you

2023-09-17 01:09

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