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what's up everyone today we are here in istanbul  while we were in the middle east in greece we got   many comments from people saying that we had to  check out turkey and yeah just a few weeks ago   we decided to come here and we're going to be  spending a month here because turkey is a very   big country right now we're on the rooftop of  our apartment get some really awesome views from   up here so on google maps it says that that is  called the sea of marmara so loads of like boats   around here into some islands as well the prince's  islands are called but yeah just really nice views   and from up here as well you can see the many  mosques the minarets the little towers so   over here as well you can see some more loads of  noisy seagulls as well probably one of the better   views we've had in a city right yeah yeah  this place is very nice because you can see   like different areas of this park  i think this this area is called   sultan ahmed or something yeah something like  that it's like the main historic park yeah and   i think that's one of the main areas where the  tourists stay when they come to istanbul that's   why we're staying here too and this is the  spot that we're staying camelot apartments   number nine up there somewhere and  we really like this area because it's   pretty quiet isn't it yeah we needed to find a  quiet place to stay because we had some work to do   and in instable istanbul is very hard to  find a quiet place at least in this area   so yeah we find some sort of quiet because there's  still the seagulls yeah making the noise some   construction yeah but it's a very nice area and  like we said it's a touristic area so there are   many restaurants and all the things main things  to see here it's very close by you can walk to   all of them i think yeah so this place has loads  of other hotels and apartments around here but   there's just not many people walking around  here and you'll see in the rest of istanbul   there's going to be a lot of people already got  another mosque here loads of moths around istanbul   another thing about our area we really like the  architect style some really nice buildings around   here the little cobbled streets as well quite  colorful too as you can see so right next to   the place that we're staying we kept seeing this  big wall here and we've been wondering what it was   it's around here it kind of curves around goes  all the way around there and yeah you can just   tell by looking at it that it's super old looks  easily over a thousand years old so after checking   online that is actually a public arena from the  roman period so where they do like chariot racing   horse racing so this is like the outer walls  so it's around 2000 years old and it's still   standing and now you even have a building on top  of a modern building that always reminds me of the   film ben hur i'm sure some of you have seen that  i always remember the the chariot scene the main   scene oh gladiator right so that was in a like a  little stadium like that i was wrong to just say   little stadium because from what i read that would  hold a hundred thousand spectators which is kind   of the similar amount to modern day uh football  stadiums pretty insane ah that's cool here look i   wonder what this is here uh this looks like where  water would have come out i guess in the old times   so this area that we're in now is called sultan  ahmed square and this is where the races would   have happened where we're at right now and  you have these two obelisks here so you got   this one here and then the more impressive one  over there which we'll get to so this one looks   older but it's actually newer a lot newer  it's the 10th century column of constantine   no idea how you say that part there it says here  that it's one of the three ancient monuments which   has survived to the present day in the middle of  the hippodrome that's what they call the arena the   the hippodrome so some of you have probably heard  of constantinople which was the capital of the   roman empire and later on the eastern roman empire  during the byzantine period and that was here in   istanbul that's where we are right now so this is  the main obelisk that we were excited to see here   the obelisk of theodosius and the reason that we  wanted to see it is because that is from egypt   so that is from kanak temple which we visited  recently and i remember the tour guide telling us   that there was two obelisks i think she said one  was moved here which we're looking at right now   and the other one was where in paris did we see  that one in paris i don't know i don't think so   right sunny square specific square which we didn't  visit i didn't know it was from egypt but when i   saw the picture i knew it because of the hierarchy  the hieroglyphics yeah and it's very interesting   that we are here right now and a few months  ago we were in the original place of the   of the obelisk yeah so that was built in  kanak temple in the 1400s bc and when the   romans conquered egypt they transferred that  on the river nile to alexandria which is one of   the cities the egyptian cities on the coast the  mediterranean coast and i think it stayed there   for 30 years and then in the fourth century  they brought it here so you can get a pretty   good close-up view here it's so still super  detailed really impressed by how preserved it   is so all sides of the obelisk are depicting  moses iii victory in syria the egyptian king so there's another cool monument in the square  not as old this is from 1895 it's called the   german fountain see the locals getting water here  it seems like pure water people are drinking it   is it nice and cool yes it's very cold  actually very refreshing because it's really nice designs in there  so they built this because   the emperor of germany at the time came here we are now entering the most famous attraction in  istanbul which is the sultan ahmed grandmas also   known as the blue mosque there is a strict dress  code here i think we're good though so yeah if   you're a male you have to wear pants well female  as well i think you just have to cover until your   elbows i think you have to wear a headscarf  yeah i brought my scarf yeah carol brought it   so it is prayer time right now so visitors aren't  allowed we gotta wait about an hour before we can   go into the mosque around here so we're just  walking around this area this is sultan ahmed   park now and there's another mosque over there  really cool one um i think this is probably the   most impressive mosque we've ever seen right  yes i think so we haven't seen many really no   that one in oman was very nice too yeah this one  is different it looks bigger it looks bigger yeah   different colors and stuff yeah it's very  impressive that one too yeah that one too   can't wait to get inside this is definitely  the most beautiful area that we've seen so far   really nice green park got a really beautiful big  fountain there as well and then moss either side   on the fountain you have some  really nice mosaics as well   i think all around you got different  mosaics i guess that's the two mosques there   dolphins i don't know if  you get dolphins around here wow look at that though for a sight so you can hear the prayers now it  seems like they actually take turns   so that's the blue mosque right  now and then when that guy finishes   this one will do the prayer i don't know if it's  the same prayer and it's just a continuation   or if it's different they seem to  be repeating the same thing i think so we've decided to come to  the higher sofia mosque first   got a big big line all the way outside in the  park so it seems like it's for free right yeah   you don't have to pay anything and if you need  any spark or anything i think they can land you   at the entrance but i think it's for free  too yeah pretty epic looking entrance here   wow look at the size of the  doorway doorway for giants wow this looks amazing inside already this place is huge yeah yeah especially the the ceiling  man the ceiling is so high   so it's more like a golden and black it seems  golden and black haven't really seen that mixture   of colors before some blues over there this side's  really faded but also kind of golden good shots   yeah this is crying too it's got  these cool like chandeliers as well everywhere wow look at the size of that one in the  middle oh yeah i think that's the biggest one yeah   that's definitely the biggest one i'm gonna sit  down here on the floor after all that standing up   in the queue so this place was originally  constructed in 537 by a eastern roman emperor   called justinian the first it was the christian  cathedral of constantinople and at that time it   was the largest cathedral in the world for a  long time until the fall of the roman empire   so in 1453 there was the fall of constantinople  and that's when the romans or the byzantine   empire was defeated by the ottomans and then  this place was quickly converted into a mosque so this is interesting we were just about to  leave through this exit here and as you can   see that almost looks like uh christian images  there i think i think it is so i don't know if   that's from the past i think in mocks that we've  been to you never really see images of people do   you see patterns and designs like the mandalas  and the designs are geometric and yeah and   usually on like at catholic churches you see  the the saints and jesus it's just different   so we're going to grab some lunch now carol found  some places on google maps that have a rooftop   views so we're going to check those places out  probably be a bit more expensive so far the food   has been really affordable here i think we've  been paying like three to four dollars for for   some meals so it'll probably be more than that i  got some other angles of the blue mask ah so even   down here there's some nice restaurant areas and  this is one of the bizarre areas the market areas probably be checking out a market properly  in the next video oh it looks pretty cool   though doesn't it yeah turkish market so  we found a good spot nice breeze as well   nice and cool so you got sea views right there  you want to sit on the sea and got an amazing view   here of the blue mosque look at that now you can  see it completely as expected it is more expensive   i think it's almost like double right what we've  been paying the other days yes i think for the   vegetarian casaroli which i ate another day i paid  90 and here is 140. yeah so we always get these   cheese rolls that's going to be 80 liters  and i think i'm going to go for the chicken   150 i think that's it right there what are  you getting the same as usual the vegetarian   oh the one that you just mentioned the price so  i got this drink that's popular here it's called   iron it's like a salted milk tasted weird at  first but it's grown on me i actually like it now   and then the places here always bring the bread  it's almost like a naan bread right like an indian   naan red yeah yeah and then this is like a spicy  sauce and this is like some sort of yogurt right   yeah so these are the cheese rolls right here also  has a bit of herbs inside we've been getting this   with every single meal since we've been in  turkey so far every single meal i love that   they put the herbs it gives a different taste  than just the cheese roll so the portions are   always great here in turkey so far and this  has been one of my favorite meals the chicken   shish kebab i really like the red sauce and got  roasted potatoes together in the other place they   always have this little slice of bread as well and  then besides that just got some cabbage lettuce   some onions there and other herbs tomatoes pepper  they even brought some more bread so this is for   free it's always been for free in every place  that we've gone so that's good other places in   europe usually charge and yours looks better than  other places looks different yeah in other places   i think they put like a tomato sauce but here is  like a cheesy sauce so yeah totally different from   the other casseroles that i had but it's very good  too it's like potatoes mushrooms tomatoes i think   some other things on top here and cheese yeah  carol loves cheese so yeah that's a good thing   so just like in greece they've given us some free  things at the end so we got some free turkish tea   and this is called baklava looks similar to the  desserts that we had in like egypt and amman   yeah it's a bit summer i think they have  like lava over there too yeah i can't have   it because it has a pistachios nuts i'm  allergic go inside yeah that would kill me we're heading into the blue moss now as you can  see it's under construction here or reconstruction   so can't really see how it would look from  the outside from here well this part you can   so unfortunately we're not seeing this place  at its best so even on the inside they're   doing loads of maintenance so you can't really  see much to be honest just a bit there through   the middle the designs look nicer though since  it is a lot newer than the other one oh yeah   besides that if you look around on the ground  you can't see any of the walls or anything it's   come back another time i guess yeah it's a shame  like like i said the ceiling looks awesome yeah   so this one was built in 1616 much later  than the other one under the rule of ahmed   the first and his two may say ahmed the first  and it was built on top of a byzantine palace   the xanthine palace is beneath here and once  this was constructed this became the main mosque   of istanbul no longer higher sophia that we just  visited and i wish we could see it though without   all this construction so here we can see how it  is supposed to look on the inside so we couldn't   see this outside area here definitely couldn't  see that it looked like this from the inside   i can't really see anything right now to be honest  yeah it does look beautiful though look at that   so next to the mosque of higher sophia there are  some more attractions so we have the fountain here   another fountain really cool one and we're heading  into the palace here which is now a museum almost   looks like a castle walls are like a fort on the  outside what's this about the fountain fountain of   ahmed the third 1729 it's beautiful isn't it yeah  i really like the designs yeah almost looks like a   temple yeah and i really like that they have these  things here like uh we've seen many historical   places here they all have the same thing  explaining which is very good it's like a obelisk   yeah yeah and i think they have in other languages  too yeah i guess that's turkish isn't it yeah   and then this is arabic i guess yeah so as carol  was saying they have the obelisk of information   in front of everything so this palace is called  top cafe alice says that it was built after the   conquest of constantinople in 1453 so just  like the area outside got a really nice   green garden area here just a very nice place  overall i got some horses coming through so this is just the courtyard area we do have  to buy tickets to enter this place i have to see   how much it is i think the actual palace area is  behind there oh that's a cool wall cool entrance   the towers carol going for the illegal shortcut  long legs long legs so the ticket that we got was   420 per person and that's entrance to the paris  museum and something called the harem section   so our first stop is in haring and look at this  it's beautiful you got the the tiles everywhere ceramics it looks like the palaces that  we went to in india which were islamic too   and also the one that we visited   remember the big one which was islamic too  yeah yeah so you had all these cool tiles there   so this palace was the residence of the sultans  in the 15th and 16th centuries and then in   the 17th century they moved to another palace  around here and this one was kind of abandoned   this right here is definitely the best room so far  so this is called the imperial hall so important   ceremonies would happen here like weddings  birth ceremonies oh look at the ceiling as well yeah so we mentioned the palace is the indian  palaces it was like this as well i remember   there'd be a big area like this the seats were  very similar and there's so much artwork though one big piece of art the entire room so even in the courtyard area still looks amazing  they still have the tiled walls this side's more   plain but still really cool architecture i think  it reminds us the most of udaipur yeah i don't   remember the name of the place but it was like  a palace like this very similar it was beautiful   one of the most beautiful attractions in the area  yeah if you want to know what we're talking about   check out the udaipur vlog maybe i can link  it at the end of this video very similar the   palace style so inside the palace you also get  some awesome views here so this is the river that   splits the two continents so istanbul on that side  is in asia and we're in europe right now so there   is a bridge back there and you can cross from  europe into asia and there's also a tunnel here   what below yeah yeah like connecting the two  continents oh really yeah channel we got it   oh okay with the car yeah i thought you meant  like a walking tunnel i was like what the hell i   can walk over there there's the bridge and also  the tunnel yeah you have to pay at all right   to get across yeah we did that we went over there  because there's a big mall about two days ago ah so not only in greece you  have cats chilling everywhere   turkey also has loads of cat chill spots yeah we've seen loads of cats around turkey  as well they're always well fed yeah so we've   left the palace now but we're still going to do  some more exploring still got a bit of energy   it's really nice out here this neighborhood  loads of like little restaurants around   here and as you can see you can get around on  these trams if you want what is that a scooter   yeah with a logo oh with luggage that's why i  couldn't work out what it was that's a good way   to travel around we need to do that so we're gonna  go through these walls here i guess this is still   like the old walls of the historic city and  there's a park here so we're gonna walk through   the park yeah so so far literally everywhere  we go in istanbul it is absolutely beautiful   once again this park don't know how you pronounce  it i think it's called kulani park look at this um so we're going a different way back  home we're kind of circling around   so now we're walking along the river here got many  local fishermen around here loads of cats around   here as well maybe they're waiting for the  free fish from the fishermen these dudes are   swimming i didn't know you could swim around  here you have the original byzantine wall from   the byzantine era so yeah it's heavily damaged  but still standing for the most part looks like   they might have renovated it the part on the top  looks pretty new yeah this area looks new as well   looks like they're restoring it maybe now we've  got kitchen overload look at all these little   kittens here like three of them look the same  hey carol look at these guys just floating down   floating away wow that's dangerous i  wouldn't do it where are they going   um   so it's the next day now i almost forgot to close  this video so closing it out now and this is the   place that we're staying i didn't show you the  room so this is 40 euros a night so it's just   a small little room right now we only have this  view before we were in another apartment above   with a nice view but now we got this view so the  reason we changed is because we decided to stay   longer in istanbul extend our stay and that  room wasn't available that one was around   50 euros i think about 10 euros more but the view  was really awesome and besides that just as usual   got a nice modern bathroom and just a fridge  there is a place where we can cook outside   the other room for 10 euros more  also had a like a little kitchen   inside the apartment so it was a lot better but  this is a nice room anyway and the internet's   good and we're planning on making one more video  here in istanbul there's still a lot more to do   so that will be the next video if you like this  one just drop a like to support us subscribe   like see more videos like this follow us on  instagram and facebook and we'll see in the next

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