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Are we hopping in here? No, no. No. Dhanevaad [Thank you] No, keep that thing down bro. No problem. No problem. We're on a safari here. Aap ka naam kiya hai? [What’s your name?]

Yes sir. Here we go guys chalein chalo [Let’s go]. This is the start of our next video guys here in the beautiful country of India. We are just 80 kilometers away from the Pakistan border in the beautiful town of Jaisalmer, India guys in Rajasthan this state furthest west in India. So guys now we're

actually cruising over to the Jaisalmer fort right now we just hopped in a tuk-tuk here. I’m sitting in the back as you can see, wanted to change it up a little bit because I’ve never been on a tuk-tuk that has a trunk that you can just pop right open. So we're cruising, we're chilling and we are heading there right now we probably got a 10-minute tuk-tuk ride and then we are there, chalein chalo [Let’s go]. Here we go guys we are enroute. As you can see, it's a nice time and we're literally running from the sunset. The sun's that way, we're heading to the fort. It's

gonna be just in time. We’re living on the edge already because we're halfway outside in the tuk-tuk. This is our taxi yeah? Yeah. As you can see, guys we are making it into the town some good progress over here.

And it seems like the sun sets on this side of India a little bit later because for us to have a 7 p.m. sunset it gave us a lot of time to hang out and I even took a nap this afternoon so got caught up on the rest and now we are cruising. Hello Jaisalmer, it's been a while.

We have this guy coming up real quick right there in the- right on the motorcycle. Namaskar [Greetings]. Namaskar [Greetings].

Guys we're meeting some nice locals out here as we are cruising through the city probably not too often they see a foreigner hanging out with a tuk-tuk doing a little vlogging. Oh we've got a nice little park right over here too. Namaskar [Greetings].

As you can see, we're coming up to the fort there it is right up there. I wonder if people live in that fort because it looks like there's homes like people hanging out on patios and stuff up there. Well, we're about to find out real soon my friends, real soon but officially welcome to Jaisalmer.

Oh we got cows right there, they just popped up. Oh they're all inside the road. Hello. Oh another cow. I believe we have arrived my friend.

Kitnay [How much?] rupee bhai sahab [Bro]? You’re saying as you like we decided 100 rupees. Alright, give me back 300. Give me back 300. Oh guys we have made it. This is the beautiful, beautiful Jaisalmer Fort. Do I have dirt all over my pants bro? Little bit.

A little bit, alright. Guys that's what we call fresh laundry that we got freshly dirty. Namaskar [Greetings]. Where are you from? Having fun? Loving it second time in India, had to come back. Okay Jaisalamer. First time Jaisalmer. You wanna visit? Oh we're about to head in right now it's a big day. What about guide? Oh I am the guide actually say hello to the subscribers.

500. Alright, dhanevaad [Thank you]. I will see you in Udaipur Nando. You’ll be there? Alright, if I- if I see you in Jaipur or Udaipur. You got yourself a deal, you guys heard that if I see him we're gonna stop outside get a quick energy drink and then we'll chalein chalo [Let’s go]. I’ll see you Mac. And tell in Udaipur, hey remember me.

Then I’ll be like, hello. I’ll be like kaise ho dost? [How are you friend?] I like that. You can't go wrong with the kingfisher. Yeah, yeah. Kingfisher is the best of the best one.

When is summertime more best. Oh yeah, we are heading into the fort now guys that means this tour is officially beginning. The nice part is we still have maybe 30 minutes where we can toss the sunglasses on and head right on in here. Oh we've

got some delicious smelling incense in here maybe we stop on the way out and do a little hunt over there. Yes my friend. [Speaking in foreign language] Alright, and I’m just gonna our guy's pretty, pretty good guy here so can you hold that for a quick second? Oh yeah. Yeah.

Just in case I don't see you again. No my friend. Oh wow. I don't take money like this. I’m not a person who's just talking and getting money. When I work I deserve. I like the Spanish skills so I’d appreciate that. Thank you

very much, so nice of you to offer that but when I do work, I will get money when I don't work, I don't get money. Theek hai [Good]. It should be human nature. Theek hai [Good]. Rupees 200. 200 rupees, yeah. Yeah we're gonna switch back guys we just had to flex a little bit in Spanish there. I do actually speak Spanish.

Oh we got a little bit going on here then yeah. So first of all- ring central. We got ring central here. Yes. So first of all, I welcome you in my city. My name is Ganesh. Ganesh? Yes Ganesh guide French, Spanish, Italian, English and Hindi. Wow. So right now we

are standing in town called Jaisalmer and Golden city. Why does called golden city because yellow sandstone when his sun is so bright, it gives the color of gold that why that's called Golden city and why does called Jaisalmer because the founder sir his name is Maha Rawal Jaisal. And this fort built on the mountain then mountain is called Meru. Meru and Jaisal we put these two names together, it's called Jaisalmer.

This is the last-- So guys as you can see here, we are heading upstairs. We’ve got a tight little fit here barely get a tuk-tuk and a person right through there. It looks like there was large holy celebrations here based on the pink built into all the stone here. We've got motorcycles coming from every which way. We’ve got a lot going on guys but we're actually walking up the incline to get into the fort right now where we will be taking you for the sunset.

Guys this fort is a whopping 800 years old that means people have been coming and seeing this place for nearly eight- over 800 years at this point so it's pretty fascinating to imagine the amount of people that have walked up and down these exact streets that we are walking up into the castle right now, quite amazing if you ask me here. Namaskar [Greetings]. Namaste [Greetings] nice to meet you too.

We’re out on yeah it's out there in the desert as well. Yeah, we have some friends they've done this festival. That’s the one of the best in the US. Now they’re going to be in sunburn in Goa. Yeah.

I have yeah, yeah. That's good man and you are a YouTuber or? YouTuber yeah, yeah. This morning also some people was here and that's our gallery, we invite you to visit in there. It's like-- come in. We'll do on the way out because we gotta catch sunset.

Alright. We just made a huge adventure to get here just in time for sunset. Myself Yogi bear. Yogi bear and Bubu. Alright, guys we're in full speed ahead. We gotta- we gotta really go. We gotta go into second or third gear guys as we say full speed ahead.

Hello. What happened? Namaskar [Greetings] we gotta hurry to catch the sunset my friend. Hi ho, hi ho. After the sunset we go brother. Oh we're gonna die, we got- we got motorcycles coming. Oh yeah. Oh we got the non-stop traffic

guys when you're walking through these valleys, you gotta make sure you watch where you're going. Wow. That's why I’m so- because you will miss the sunset and then after we go slowly. Alright, we got lots and lots of markets up here, we're cruising through this way.

Alright. Yeah guys. Oh after the sunset my friend will be doing a little market hunt right in here. Guys it's really beautiful up here, I didn't know what to expect when walking into the fort but I can tell you this is incredible. It's very clean overall inside of here and there are a lot of markets, really friendly people. Everyone speaks many different languages too very impressive.

Alright. Hello Namaskar [Greetings]. Oh very good and you my friend? Everything’s theek hai [Good] over here. Alright, how are we doing on time, we're getting there? We’re gonna be there just in time for the sunset. This is how we do it guys, you get your workout in right after and you make it ready for sunset. Hello Namaskar [Greetings].

Alright. Oh is this a temple right here? Jain temple. The Jain temple. Oh there we go guys, so we've got a lot to see in here. Oh yeah here we go. Oh and we've got a biker coming through.

Namaskar [Greetings]. He’s telling us slow down, you guys are going way too quick, what type of sunset are you looking for? And we're looking for the best one, the best sunset around. So here we go, we're gonna be making it. How far are we my friend, what would you say like 10 minutes or so when we're there? 10 minutes. Alright, guys we're

gonna make it there just in time so here we go. Alright, we got the restaurant sunset palace here. Namaskar [Greetings]. Aap ka naam kiya hai? [What is your name?] Elias, that's a fantastic name it's nice to meet you. Mera naam hai [My name is] Mac. Mac? Yes. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. We arrived just in time for sunset, yes.

Yes. Oh perfect. Namaskar [Greetings] yes. Alright, guys the battery just expanded and broken my GoPro somehow but I’m not sure where we lost you guys but we just basically hustled to get here right in time for the sunset. So as you can see, you really feel like you're more in the Middle East right now than you do being you know you don't really feel like you're in India like this reminds me of so many different cities I’ve been all around the Middle East in the middle of the desert. And as you guys can see we have the sun going down over there and I wanna say in the distance there's some sort of stadium because I’m seeing kids running back and forth from there and this looks like it is the spot to come for sunset. So it's a really nice and comfortable area to see views of all the city over here very nice. I guess it's time to find

a seat somewhere. No, not now. Alright, and I’ll take an iced tea. You have iced tea? No, something lime soda. Yeah. three? No, you're probably thirsty from running over here. No, no, no. Alright, I guess just one then.

Sweet, salt? Sweet that's it yeah thank you. Oh alright, guys yeah the nice part is if you are hungry you got some- you got some chow you can eat up here as well. Let's see what we've got actually in the menu. We ate breakfast and not breakfast lunch a little bit ago. So we are just hanging out for the sunset getting something to sip on. Oh cold

beverages that's that we're there on the front, breakfast, top beverages, pancakes, snacks a little bit of everything in here Indian food, Rajasthani food, some some naans. Oh yeah, you can't go wrong with the cheese and the garlic naans that's for sure and even some booze if you're interested. So quite a few options here to enjoy the sunset, just looking out there into the views guys it doesn't get any better than that. Oh yeah, we've got ourselves a delicious lime soda.

Let’s try that thing out with the sunset views. Oh yes, that is very refreshing. Let me tell you this guys all the other lime sodas you've had me, you've watched me enjoy here in India, they were all definitely made of at least a little bit of local water because this is the first one I can taste where I don't even have any sort of taste of local water in it. Makes sense why I had Delhi belly earlier today, very lightly. Guys as you can see here, we have just moved to this beautiful table that is basically looking over the entire city all the way to the western side of India here.

One thing I really like about Jaisalmer is it's very like low-key. You know the populations aren't as big as some of the other cities here in India and so just like generally speaking like sitting outside right now, it's a bit calmer, really nice temperature here in the evening even though it's super, super-hot during the day since the desert it does cool down like right now I will say it is the perfect temperature in shorts and a t-shirt here. What do you think? Rahul’s in a sweatshirt though. Yeah, it's very I feel very cold today. Cold.

Because of water, I feel very like sick. Oh yeah, he's got the Delhi belly too. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I- I had a mini Delhi belly this morning. It wasn't great but we're cured, we're cured and life is good. As you can see,

we've even got a few colors left in the sky but that's pretty much it from this evening. You’re from Jaisalmer? Yes. Yeah very nice, beautiful city one of my favorites now in India. Yeah.

Loving it, we only got here this morning. How long will be here? Here until two days, two more. Two nights so three days, two nights yeah desert safari tomorrow. It should be an enjoyable time. This night have to be one night.

Yeah, yeah. It’s gonna be fantastic, thank you my friend. Sir, thank you. Dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro] 384 00:16:24,320 --> 00:16:28,079 Thank you very much. Good time you most

welcome. Thank you, I really appreciate it. We’ll be back again. Sunset palace guys this is the spot chill vibes here, make a stop down here.

Exactly, see the good men taking care of this place, it's an awesome time. Thank you guys. You're welcome. We'll see you next time. Sure. Chalein chalo [Let’s go] That was nice guys a nice like high energy to chill for a bit now we're back. So guys as we're walking out hotel Jaisal Castle that's one of 20 hotels that you can stay at. I actually before I

arrived here because it was very last minute I didn't do any research about this place and I did not realize that this fort you could actually stay and there's a full like city inside the village. So I find that to be very cool it's very like enjoyable to walk through these streets like right now even though we just started walking through at night guys it's just like it's a relaxing walk through here, pretty well lit and very safe place. So do we know how many people live inside the fort? Four thousand. Four thousand live inside the fort. Wow so four thousand people call inside this ford home guys. There’s so many shops lined everywhere you got clothing, you got jewelry.

Hostel right there. Oh hostel. Alright, so you have some hostel options in here as well guys. Namaskar [Greetings]. What’s the word again? [Speaking in Hindi].

We’ve got new subscribers, nice to meet you. Oh card yep we've got another one, new subscribers. This channel- channel name? Future vlogger right here, A little bit, a little bit.

As we say chalein chalo [Let’s go]. Oh we got one more one more. Alright, we're running low. Here we go. Two more, two more. Alright, there we go. Good thing I brought a bunch. Dhanevaad [Greetings] goodbye.

One more time. One more yeah. Here we go one more. Two more. Alright, that's my last one. That's my last one, they've got a bunch I have no more. Alright, guys as we say chalein chalo [Let’s go].

Really nice kids here in the village so my favorite interactions guys meeting the locals. Oh it's a great name. Mera naam hai [My name is] Mac. I had a friend Mac. Oh yeah, you did. See, it's a popular name. Yes. Yeah very

nice. What are you doing in Chicago? I am well I don't live in Chicago, I’m full-time traveling. Oh yeah, travelling. Yeah how do you like my city? I love it. It’s amazing, one of my favorite Indian cities. Oh if you love my city, I love you too. Yeah you're the man, thank you. For those

who are loving my city, I’m loving them. Yeah thank you. It means a lot to meet you. Glad to meet you too, God may bless you. And you as

well. Okay enjoy your trip. Thank you brother. Dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro]. Thank you very much my friend. Thank you very much, goodbye. Bye. Rahul, is it okay to say bhai sahab to older and younger? Yeah, yeah. Okay perfect.

Fine. Alright, sweet yeah we're getting better you know the accent we gotta work on a little bit still but though we're making progress. Hello, Namaste [Greetings]. 471 00:20:37,919 --> 00:20:40,720 I keep forgetting how to say it. Oh you gotta tell me how to say it one more time the response. for the greeting. Khamma ghani, ghani khamma [A lot of grettings].

It always takes me quite a few times to repeat in my head to get it done. There we go. We're gonna get it soon. This is family but we will go that this house will be better. From the houses,

yeah. Wow. Look. Wow beautifully made Ghani khamma [A lot of greetings]. Okay. Dhanevaad [Thank you] Oh yeah, we are on top of the city now. Hello.

Wow, beautiful views up here. So this is the second best viewpoint in the fort? Yeah third. Third, alright. The second one we'll

go tomorrow. Tomorrow and what is that a restaurant up there the panorama café? Free Wi-Fi. Oh the lake's over there yeah. Yes. And the light show starts in-- at eight? Yeah I think soon yes. Soon yeah. So we will go there after here. Huge cannon over here, one of the oldest cannons in the fort? Yes.

They have seven different materials. And this one's out of brass? Gold and brass seven different material in this. Built into this one alone? Yeah. Wow,

that is incredible. Alright, very nice chalo [Let’s go]. Alright, here we go, here we go. Hopefully, you guys are able to see what we're seeing right now it's a little dark in some of the areas but it's still beautiful to see it in the evening nonetheless. Right down there. I bet on a rainy day it's easy to slide right down there, on a rainy day to slide right down the ramp. And there's another

cannon as well. Another cannon this way. Yeah. Oh yeah, we got another slippery one. Oh you can tell this railings used a lot all the metal is perfectly smoothed out on top. Here we are, another beautiful viewpoint. Alright, guys we are now walking through more. Oh, oh yeah we

recognize some of these people we've gone through some of these alleyways, gone through some of these alleyways already. Oh we got some local kids barking over there. Guys we just hopped into the tuk-tuk here and we're cruising down. We're gonna try

and make it over to the lake just in time here. As you can see, it's a bit of a tight fit and we made it. Wow. Thank you brother, Welcome my friend. Thank you. Oh yeah, for you, for you

brother. Dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro]. Alright, guys we're hopping on the bike now, things are getting serious. Are you a safe driver brother? I don't know exactly but I try my best.

Alright, Rahul you're gonna be able to hold on bro. Yeah. You know him? Yeah, oh yeah, bhai sahab [Bro]. Okay. Alright, full speed ahead. Let's go. Guys we're cruising through the market here, Wow, holy- coming through.

Alright, and we're cruising through the fort how many minutes’ drive is it brother? Ten minutes. 10 minutes. Oh we got 10 minutes on the bike. Alright, well hopefully it's a smooth ride going there guys.

The good news is the traffic here knock on wood is not as crazy as some of the bigger cities in India so we'll be cruising here. None of us have helmets on but our man's a good driver so here we go. How are we doing back there Rahul? First time- first time on a motorbike. Yours? Oh no, no this is my like 50th time. Oh man remember you even edited the video when I was in Pakistan on the motorbike. Oh no in India.

Alright, in Pakistan. Oh in India, yeah first time on a motorbike. Yeah, yeah that's true guys.

Oh it's a cruise down the hill now. And one man's loss is another person's win. Alright, guys we're on the- the main highway now so things are getting intense. Full speed ahead. There we go. Now we're really challowing through here guys.

Chalo bhai sahab [Let’s go bro]. Oh yeah, here we go. Coming through my friends.

Wow, we're getting some serious speed here guys. Huzzah. Oh we got tractors coming this way, and we've got the secret passage this way. Namaskar [Greetings]. Alright, we gotta be getting close to the light show coming through brother. Namaste [Greetings] coming through, coming through.

Alright, we know the fast way through. Alright, we're going through the streets. We’re cruising through the markets here now guys, chalo [Let’s go].

Oh yeah, we're getting some serious speed wow. Alright, so this must be a whoa, we're gonna hit a bump hold on. I saw that I warned you just in time Rahul, you're almost gone bro. Whoa. Oh we missed the light show, just in time then. Oh wow, it looks beautiful.

It looks kinda like Dubai. Dubai’s got a huge light show like this. I wonder if this is where it was inspired from. And it happens every night? Yes, every evening will happen but we can just until then we go behind to see.

Yeah okay? Yeah. Guys we have made it but it is pitch black here so you probably cannot see a single thing. Guys it's 8:07 we missed it by seven minutes but that's okay if it was meant to be that, we were supposed to see it we would have saw it but it was still fun right over here on the motorcycle and a big thank you to our brother. Thank you so much for taking us around, you're the man and that's for you brother, thank you and we will see you. Are you leaving me here? We’re gonna go walk around the markets.

Yeah so I’m gonna show you the place where you can see the market. Oh no, that's okay brother. We're just gonna go on our own tour now. Okay. Yeah. Up to you, thank you. We will see you next time brother. Okay.

You got a card? No. No. Alright, well brother we will see you, thank you so much. Yeah if God want, yes why not. Perfect brother, see you. Guys when we're back up in that market we just walked past. It seems like we're close to kinda like a transformer looking camel here, you see that. We’ve got the photo spot going on here, Jaisalmer. Wow, look at these camels.

Look at what the boat options are. We don't necessarily have to hop on though. Alright, guys we're gonna take a look down here what's going on. We're kinda just getting an idea of what's going on here, we've got the boat window for ticketing here. We've got a nice gate leading into the various boats you can get.

Oh there we go, looks like they've got a good photo there. Now let's check out what they've got going on- on the boating platform. Alright, Namaste [Greetings].

We’re just taking a quick look to see what options we have for boats brother. No problem or- So looks like we've got fishing boats we've got swans, we've got paddle boats. Namaskar [Greetings] and quite a few different options there. Yeah very nice. Aap ka naam kiya hai? [What is your name?] Very nice guys, this is the the little harbor here so it seems like yeah these are the typical paddle boats right there. They've been used for quite some time as you can see, and there's a bunch of like little island structures out there, kinda look like temples from the distance but really a nice area. Hello. Kaise ho? [How are you?]

Alright. Alright, alright, so what do you think you’ve seen enough over here Rahul? Yeah. Yeah. Alright, well we can keep moving guys, really my first impressions of this place are so good. It's one of my favorite cities I’ve been in India there is such a good feeling here I would say like the golden city we arrived at sunrise, we were exploring in the evening.

I’d say I’m very happy with this type of like I guess you could say like vibe of the city. It's not too fast pace like as you can see it's like the evening time if we're in one of the bigger cities there'll be a lot of hustle and bustle and sometimes I love that but right now it's like perfect for like a chill atmosphere to walk around. Hello. Oh you make custom bracelets here brother we've got- Oh, oh these are custom made brother. Yeah. Very nice. Oh that's great.

And how much time to make one? Can you ask him kitnay [How much?] time? Two minutes. Two minutes perfect. Alright, let's- you're getting one too Rahul? No, no just you. Alright, let's write world nomac on one. And he can make this to go around my ankle? Okay world nomac. Oh yeah, there we go world nomac right there guys.

And kitnay [How much?] rupee bhai sahab [Bro]? Kitnay rupee [How much?] [Speaking in Hindi]. There we go. I think that's gonna be a good one, yeah. I think that's a good one brother. I’m fine. How are you? Theek hai, theek hai [Good].

You guys bought one? Yeah. You bought one? No. No. Yeah we're about to buy one right now. Black under red.

What about black on black? [Speaking in Hindi] Alright, perfect as you guys can see, there's a lot a lot there's gotta be geez hundreds of thousands of letters. So first of all, we're gonna have to find the letters of world nomac somewhere in here but I think he's got plenty of these. Ask him how many there are here? There we go, we're gonna sit down here and see what we got going on. W. Would you find someone you found “W”? Alright, guys we're doing a bit of a word hunt here. So goodbye my friends.

Goodbye. Alright, and for this one. Alright, guys we're searching here. Oh

did I find an “M”? I have “W” and “M”. Alright, we're still looking here guys. I got “R”.

Alright, there we go guys we're making good progress here. This is like we're playing a puzzle. Oh I got an “O”. Make sure it's a different color. World nomac. Alright, oh I got an “A”. Guys I’m not sure where

that cut out but we're back in business so far we've gotten “W,O,R” and then what else do we need we need “L” and “D” so it's definitely a mission to find these. Oh I have located a “D” there we go. Oh you've already got a “D”. Oh perfect, world nomac. Oh we need an “N”, got an “N”. We need an “O”. No, that's a “Q” that's an “O” there we go.

“O”. Oh no, “O”. is different. “M”, do we already have “M”? This one is different.

Oh, oh you already have “M”. “A”. No. Alright, we need a “C” here guys somewhere.

Oh this “C” literally was screaming at me. Sometimes the letter finds you, you don't find the letter and that was this case is that all of them are we missing an “L” still. Oh our man just lit a fire, there we go, sparked it up. What are we missing? “N”, an “N”. Alright, we're got one. “N” right there. Oh we're missing an “L”.

Alright, I’ve located two options for an “L”. That’s good or do we have a different one? This one. Oh yeah, we have “O”. World nomac, there we go guys as you can see, there's gonna be- see our man has now started our anklet, I guess you call it not a bracelet but an anklet so he's step one is beating the nomac or is he doing it which order? It's like alright, put world in first so now he's starting the nomac part and he's very quick at it. N-o-m

got it brother, there you go. As you can see there. Little spacer in there, so now we're tossing the nomac back in. Oh that's coming along nicely. So that's what it's gonna look like, yeah.

Alright, so it looks like he's basically using these three pieces of wood that are attached to basically tighten the line. He's knotting it up there and as you guys can see with those other bracelets, he's going to basically create a braid all the way around it and once the braids in place, he's going to keep that going all the way until it gets to the letters and that's gonna kinda tighten it right around it. You can see kinda an overhead view from up there, he's really quick with it. Can you ask him how many of these he makes per day? 10 or 20. 10 to 20 of them per day. Wow,

so our good man here is selling for 100 a pop 10 to 20 of them per day guys so that's between 1 000 and 2 000 rupees is his daily salary. And he comes here every day? Yeah every day every day and he's from Jaisalmer? Yes. And this is an incredible talent guys.

I mean look at how fast he's moving through there that production line is super quick. Very talented. Very talented and can you ask him how many years he's been doing this? 10 to 11 years. 10 to 11 years, yeah. Wow 10 to 11 years guys he's been making these. Yeah guys as you can see there, he is moving real quickly. The world, n-o-m-a-c is on there. It

looks like he's passing the “C” right over there and it's really moving quick. So at full capacity he could probably make 100 of these in a day if he was constantly busy just based on this because he said it was gonna take roughly two minutes to do this I’d say actual times probably three and a half minutes excluding the stops but still extremely fast there. That's with us finding the letters if you had to find the letters maybe that would take an extra yeah maybe 60 to 90 seconds. Oh yeah, it's coming. Oh is it the final

product done my friend? Oh yeah, we're about to get it on right now then. As you guys can see there, we've got it done. I think we might have it upside down though brother unless it can be flipped upside down. [Speaking in Hindi] There we go guys, the nice part the other way I was able to read it when I looked down at it but it's better if it's pointed up especially because this is one of those things but pretty much all the jewelry I have on I don't take off ever like I’m telling you like not even when I shower, I don't take it off like this stuff as soon as it's on me, it's on for years but maybe once in a while take it off to like clean it but that's at most like showering, sleeping and everything stays on that's why like any piece of jewelry I put on my body, it's very special to me.

It seems like the mosquitoes have located me though that's for sure. Oh yeah, we've gotta come along nicely. Take it Mac. Maybe it's a little, little tight. [Speaking in Hindi] A little tight. Oh no, no that was too tight. Too tight, loosen.

Check it out. There we go. Yeah, yeah. Oh that mosquito got me good. He's talking for so long the blood when I- when I smashed the bite the- the blood popped. Sorry, that's too much information. Oh and we are on fire, I repeat we are on fire.

There we go. Oh my man's got fingers of steel. He just grabbed that hot piece of burning plasticish nylon and there it is the final product right there guys. Oh dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro], there we go. That is fantastic guys, the latest piece right there the world nomac.

That right there, it is done, best purchase of the day for sure. My friend it's very theek hai [Good], thank you. This is for you my friend, thank you for your hard work. No change. Dhanevaad [Thank you].

Thank you very much. Goodbye my friend, thank you. Chalo [Let’s go] There we go, see you my friend.

Alright, guys you're looking at a proud new owner of an anklet that's right, that's what we call it. Oh we're getting honked at, we're getting a honked at but pretty fun night exploring this area guys. I’m really enjoying the locals here very, very friendly, very friendly and so that's been a lot of fun and of course our man's a hard-working guy. I realized the calculation I gave you guys, you know he charge- he initially quoted me 100 and I saw someone else pay for theirs and they paid maybe half of that and so you know like to think about how much he actually makes, you know it's a pretty small amount so you know to be able to help him out, make his day, tossed him the 500 for something that he normally price house for 50. You know I’m happy to do that so got a great, great souvenir and there's a few pieces of jewelry like I said that I wear 24/7 and this will be one. If you can survive through the showers and the swimming in the oceans that'll be on my ankle for a while so now we're cruising back this way you guys. Namaskar, [Greetings], kitnay rupee [How much?]?

Alright, guys so we're taking the back over to the hotel now so that's where I’m going to go ahead and end today's video my first impression. So once again I’m gonna tell you them all over again, this city is beautiful. We only just saw a little bit of it so far today but the people we've interacted with some of the stuff we've bought, it's all been such a good experience and I can't wait to explore more.

Jaisalmer is known for like the deserts with safari so we're gonna be doing some of that as well in a separate video so make sure that subscribe button so you don't miss out on that one but yeah guys, this is easily one of my favorite cities not that I’ve been in all of India so far just because of the the quiet relaxed vibes that's just a little bit of a smaller town feel and kinda almost like a taste of being in the Middle East with the desert style or certain parts of the Middle East obviously like the deserty parts of the Middle East. And so yeah guys, very awesome time here. Hope you guys have enjoyed it. For those of you that

have stayed this far into this video and we will see you guys in tomorrow's video.

2022-05-11 22:52

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