EP 126 Visiting a Village School in Bhutan | ഉൾഗ്രാമത്തിലുള്ള ഒരു വില്ലേജ് സ്‌കൂളിൽ പോയപ്പോൾ

EP 126 Visiting a Village School in Bhutan | ഉൾഗ്രാമത്തിലുള്ള ഒരു വില്ലേജ് സ്‌കൂളിൽ പോയപ്പോൾ

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Hello. We are at Bhumthang valley at Bhutan We havent showed you the hotel we stay last night in This is the hotel Swiss guest house on top of a mountain This was our room last night. We had lit these logs to get warmth That was a new experience for us It was nice to sleep in there too I thought we would be in trouble by morning But it isnt too cold in the morning Do you what trees these are? These are apple trees All apple trees Since its not season now, you dont get to see any apples Otherwise you can see apples here Welcome to a new video of Tech Travel Eat On top of this tree, you have a lot of fruits Those are pears Why are you hitting my head? Look at him hitting my head Finally you got a kiss without asking him Let us go and have breakfast All these are rooms We stayed down there A nice ambience filled resort. I liked it This is their restaurant. We are going behind the reception now

Could feel them frying something here They have a dining area behind the reception That is why you can feel the smell This is our breakfast today This is a special kind of fried rice what all Bhutanese eat in the morning at home This fried rice is one the main dishes in their breakfast menu You get poori and chapathi too. But we dont have to eat that from here When we go back to India, we will have to eat that only Abhi gets irritated hearing poori He says who wants. But when you dont get anything else, you eat that They dont have sauce with fried rice They have issy with it It is a mix of green chillies, onions and tomatoes. Something like a dry chutney We will get egg too They will make it anyhow for us.

Lot of logs are stacked up here I think they are doing it for the traditonal feel They are basically thinking of Swiss. There they use natural logs They might have done it like this for that We are staying here for 2 nights We have to go see lot of places in Bhumthang They have an airport too We are going to see the places now I think he may be someone who came from Switzerland, married and settled here Dont worry. I simply asked that doubt It is always better to think of a safer side I know you well too If you come during apple season, it will be awesome. There is a wind turbine here There wont be electricity. It is kept simply This is the view from our hotel You can see Chamkar town in Bhumthang province there This township is a valley between two mountains You can see a monastery of Chamkar there It is on top of a mountain.

You can hear water flow below Such a beautiful place You see different kind of beauties each time you come Last time we came in spring It was just before the start of monsoon It was full of fog at that time This time no fog but a different season They dont have daily flights. Next flight is tomorrow If we could see a flight land, it would have been awesome We are driving parallel to the runway This is Bhumthang airport You will take 7-8 hours to reach Bhumthang from Paro by road Though distance is less, you will take 7-8 hours by road Only then you can reach here To overcome that, they have small airports here in Bhutan There are 4 airports in Bhutan The main airport is Paro International Airport There is one in Gelephu, a domestic airport You have a domestic airport in Bhumthang There is an airport at Eastern Bhutan at Thrashigang Totally 4 airports with less flights Only Druke Air and another private airline operates from here A fence with wires. Some development is happening in there This is Bhumthang airport The airport began in 2011 The runway is just 1200m Only small flights come here Now only Druke Air is operated here You have just 2-3 flights a week You have one on saturday ie tomorrow. But we have to leave too That is sad Runway extension work is going on You can see the work going on This is a river on that side They have built the airport on the side of the airport. But this is nothing.

You can see the worlds most dangerous airport in Nepal This is more safe Aircrafts land here with flights coming from one side of these mountains Here taking a photo is not an issue at all. This is made for that They have made a view point here In our place all these are criminal cases Now there are lot of issues. Security issues Many foreign countries have plane spotting places They have places for that In UK, London airport, we saw many plane spotting places Many people were taking photos from there Rishi, did you see the airport Who asked you to come to the front? Do you want to be a driver, pilot? He is busy driving Look at him turning the steering Rishi called Thashi Akku He calls Akku for Uncle He learnt to say no There is a monastery there. A sign board is kept here Nice to see the sign board We are now going to a primary school here It is a government school with 60-65 students Thashis brother and wife were working there as teachers I said let us go and interact with kids and give them some sweets We said we shall do a small contribution to the school too We are off to that school now.

It is in some village We are taking this route Looks like Edamalakudi in our place But no forest officials will come here to irritate people We are into a remote village now You can see a school here too Lot of schools and houses here The road is mud road here This is Bhutan's Edamalakudi Some landslide rook place here They are now working on it. It is a typical village. You see a small village, then fields and again a village Even the work of the road is not over in this village We are going to that village. That got scared seeing our car A calf We are in the village now. There is internet here

You have range and electricity too How is it driving the Fortuner on these bad roads? Very good. Comfortable We are not knowing anything We are close to the school now The name of the school is Kursa primary school Look at the way to the school With how much difficulty would the kids be coming to school That is the school. You have a water prayer wheel here We are going to the school through these bad roads You have a broken wood bridge here Come straight This is a different experience for us A student is waiting for us Look at the school Nice location but very difficult to reach here Actually your car can go up there But majority of the students walk up to there You have houses in the school compound So easy for them. They can walk to the school Look at the school. Awesome Let us see the children, uniform etc We reached the school compound and parked here He is the principal of the school This is Thashis brother Let us go the school and see children? Rishi slept for a while and woke up.

He hit you because you woke him up The principal here studies at SRM University, Tamil Nadu There were lot of teachers in this country from Kerala and Tamil Nadu Most of them went back Many commented below our video saying They were here, family was there, some returned etc So people here are fond of Keralites Now let us go inside the school This is the staff room Even the principal sits here. You have the heating system here too They lit the logs here They have an electric heater too They have upto 6th std here A school upto 6th std Nearly 70 students and 8 teachers They are serving us with tea Rishi got a Japan flag He is playing with that now Rishi is coming to the 2nd school now When he grows up he will say, I went to Bhutan school, saw the staff room He went to a school at Kashmir too All these are classrooms here. They are all closed. Kids shouldnt feel cold Kids are listening to a speech of the King This is the kids play area Swing, see saw are all made of wood Lot of maintenance work is going on here It is a huge campus. Kids have a ground to play foot ball there Small kids can play here A nice beautiful location Nice colourful ambience and very good climate. The best ambience to study Like in our place, kids get lunch from here I think this is their kitchen Lunch is being prepared for the kids Nice. This reminds me of my school. What about you? Abhis and my school were close to our house.

Under special consideration, we used to go home and have lunch Many give me money to buy poppins when I come back Only we go out Both of studied in that school from 5th-12th std I never took lunch to school Me too We have breakfast from home, walk 2-3mts to home for lunch Even teachers give me money to buy things when we come. Class begins at 2pm and we come back by then Sometimes Achama teacher of Sruthi teacher takes extra class Then we are back at 1.30 It was a higher secondary school at Kozhenchery My father and we also studied at the same school Our dad also studied in that scholl Where did you study? Half of my education was at Bahrain 11th and 12th at Chinmaya Which Chinmaya? Kannamaly Chinmaya That is what I said. I forgot seeing a time table You studied in Bahrain and Chinmaya. So you havent seen a school kitchen

That is surely a different feel Days I couldnt go home, I have eaten at school Just once or twice Only those who have BPL card gets it But they will give us if we dont have anything to eat Even I have eaten from school 4-5 times Those having porridge would get pulses, egg and milk once a week I dont know how is it is now. Might be the same You didnt see all these. So no point saying Thats true. I really forgot those school days. I miss it now Let us go to their classroom. Kids are listening to the Kings speech All the kids keep their bags outside This is how their classroom is This is 4th std Nice classroom Looks like we sit to have buffet Nice green table. Do you have a chalk to throw?

We used to throw dusters Those days we throw chalk and duster There is a cane there Rishi, do you want a hit with this? Achamma teacher hit us those days She used to hit us and we scored well in Physics just because of her I got 49/50 She walks and hits all sitting when needed She beats and applies medicine on the wound She used to hit with force And then applies medicine for us All of us were scared of her class Many used to sit on the floor in her class She will take one class for all the students But she was amazing. She retired as a head mistress Her way of teaching was helpful for us in future We may get angry with teachers when studying. But you will love her later on Rishi is walking with the cane. Where are you going? Take the cane and give him one. He is looking at their books All the schools may not follow the same seating system. Here it is like this You can see their projects here.

English, Maths, their language Projects are stuck on the wall He wants to sit in the class 3rd std door looks so cute. This is another class This is 5th std You can see the seating arrangements, books and things here. You can see their projects too Very few students The King is giving a speech at the Parliament now Kids are listening to that speech now. They respect their King and his royal family a lot.

Each and every person respects him. They respect their note too The King is on the note too. They give and take the note with both their hands They do it with lot of love and sincerity We saw the same at Ladakh too It is something we see in people following Buddhism They respect their money All of them respect everything and everybody A place for kids to sit You have classrroom and IT room here You can see the national flag hoisted here It is an old building The school began in 2002 I think this is 6th std. Look at the instrument box Camelin's instrument box Different kinds of boxes 42 boys and 44 girls in the school. Total 86 students

I liked the system of hanging your bag outside. Without putting it here and there, they have hung it well Look at the kids. They are so cute Their faces are red Rishi, look at them Akki means sister and Annu means brother He is selecting some and shaking hands with them He is not going to boys at all He goes only to girls Kids watch Hindi movies. Some of them know Hindi They are taught in Bhutanese and English languages All of them are red like tomatoes.

I feel like holding their cheeks Rishi is very busy here A small communication gap between us. Or else we could talk a lot Gone.. Our son is out of our hands.. He is a Krishna He will go only to Gopikas All naughty kids Those kids are so small. They did so much for us Rishi cannot stand. He is running around Once he gets a place to play, then he changes He is lifting him and going All naughty children They will give the rest. We bought sweets for the children

They will distribute the rest Swetha, you also give. Give him too Where is Rishi? Give him one or he will take from them Poor kids. All kids love chocolates Kids are exchanging what they want Now more children have come. The ones inside are coming out. You can see a Spiderman amongst them Give the big children chocolates We shall give it to the Sir. He is tired playing I am Rishis father He is asking who is Rishi's father Egg roast cannot live without his father New name appamaa He learn to wear all these That is becaue he is feeling cold Good frame wherever we hold the camera What happened? That childs tooth fell down How? It was shaking They bow down when they speak It is the way they respect people It is their style Let it be the principal or anybody We are not used to that We shake hands. They shake hands when both their hands

It is a great gesture When we gave children chocolates, they took it like this All of them are like that Kids are saying bye For them, we are foreigners So they are happy seeing us too It is an experience for us. We came to interact with the children We wouldnt have come here without your help Now let us go to the next place to see new places I will drive for some time. I shall go down and drive smooth

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