Dominican Republic Semana Santa. WARNING! This is Crazy 2024 Easter in Cabarete Puerto Plata

Dominican Republic Semana Santa. WARNING! This is Crazy  2024 Easter in Cabarete Puerto Plata

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Welcome to our first ever Semana Santa here in  the Dominican Republic this is going to be an   interesting video it is people have literally been  warning us about this weekend starting like 2.5   years ago when we first arrived here we've been  getting so many warnings about it people telling   us we should probably leave for it but we've  never experienced it before so this is going to   be interesting for those of you that don't know  s Santa literally translates to Holy Week it's   definitely the most important holiday here in all  of the year that's including Christmas here in the   Dominican Republic it's very very exciting we hear  that people flock from the cities to the beaches   that they get super crowded there's crazy parties  but right now it's actually the one holiday over   the course of the weekend which is Good Friday  supposedly there's no drinking and no music but   I definitely see a lot of people so we're actually  filming this over the course of 2 days and uh yeah   this is 2 days before videos come out on a Sunday  so hopefully we can get the edit done in time the   edit might be a bit different but right away you  can see in the background here there's a lot of   security around there is this is something that's  not overly usual here on this beach like you do   see police every day but there's usually just a  couple of them now they have like a lot of police   officers there's military we saw a helicopter  earlier that was literally scoping the beach   back and forth and then there's all these people  in these uh orange vests and I think they might be   lifeguards this is a lot different so far again I  think this is really tame for what we're going to   see tomorrow but it's so interesting this is not  what the beach is normally like and I'm excited   to see what tomorrow is going to be like cuz it's  really what people have warned us about like today   is the more chill laidback restrictive day whereas  tomorrow is supposed to be like go go go parties I   don't know we'll see you guys will know before  we do because uh right now we're filming a day   before but you're just about to watch it right now  also for those of you that follow along from week   to week you might be a little bit confused as to  how we're possibly in cabarete right now what we   basically did is we traveled as you know to a few  different Islands then we went to Santo Domingo   and to panas and those videos are not out yet  but they're already filmed and we figured since   we were back in cabarete for Easter weekend we  have to film so you guys can see there's lots   of people in loungers I mean it's really not  that crazy yet there's more people than usual   though definitely more people than usual you guys  might think this looks relatively normal cabarete   never usually gets like super crazy even though  it is one of the more popular beach towns here   in Dominican Republic but today I mean this is  really an example of how busy it can get but I   do think tomorrow it's going to be even greater  here one thing we can't quite figure out is why   Easter is such a big party weekend here in  the Dominican Republic I don't think we've   been to another country where this happens and  we've been to a lot lots of countries in South   America as well but we're not quite sure are we  yeah cuz at Christmas here is pretty lowkey um it   seems like Christmas Eve is kind of the bigger  holiday or the bigger celebration for a lot of   people and then Christmas day kind of just feels  like normal around here whereas this weekend is   apparently where everybody's off everybody comes  to the beach and the other something that I can't   really figure out because I know the Dominican  Republic is a very very religious country is that   do people are people going to church and are they  like doing religious things this weekend or is it   just one big party and maybe some Dominicans can  actually comment like we yeah exactly we love if   someone would comment and let us know because we  don't know if people like go to church today or   is it Sunday from what all the locals tell us  is like as of midnight tonight it turns into   like crazy town and I think tomorrow's going to  be busy so it's interesting to see and I feel   there's all this anticipation coming for tomorrow  we did mention the helicopter a little bit earlier   we saw it earlier in the day and then not didn't  really hear it for the last couple of hours but   definitely back I don't know if they're monitoring  the water making sure like water safety and all   that stuff no one's drowning but it's really  close it's actually a military Chopper I think   I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure like everybody is  out this weekend including the police including   the military all right you'll be able to see some  of the uh military presence around this this is   totally different because we never see this while  we're here huh no and what's even weirder is this   is one of our favorite bars and I'm not even  serving alcohol today because it's a B I know it's   mojito bar and what Rowdy how are you come you  want to be in the video there's no alcohol today   right no alcohol today no tomorrow though huh yeah  you can get tomorrow tomorrow okay so everyone's   today is today you can get juice or Coke or  something like that do you get a lot of do you   get a lot of tourists asking for alcohol and then  they don't know no no no the tourist want alcohol   to this is Rowdy he works at our favorite bar he  might be our favorite guy here he's awesome say hi   to Rowdy if you're ever here right now we're just  walking by uh Oho and this is usually the absolute   loudest place on the beach and it's silent it's  weird that there's no music it's totally weirding   me out yeah we're pretty sure this is the place at  night like at midnight tonight is where the party   will be at it looks like everybody's sitting  around and wondering where the alcohol is but   uh wow this is fascinating so far it's such a  different perspective on cabarete one of the   rumors that we've heard is that because there's  an alcohol ban from I think it's in the morning   until midnight that at midnight everything just  goes crazy we're really not nightlife people so   you're not I'm sorry you're not going to get to  see that tonight if you were looking forward to   like what happens at midnight you're going to  have to use your imagination we also heard that   at other years they set up big stages but we heard  a rumor that the government banned it like a Bann   big St they're trying to trying to keep it safer  this year bit of safety I guess I'm not quite   sure all right we're coming by boy boy you'll see  more uh of the uh military here this is never like   this the beach is totally different no music on  a boy boy either know it's so weird I feel like   everyone can hear what I'm saying which is also  really odd and I have I haven't had any drinks   today either so I'm definitely not feeling like  super loose and uh going at the moment by the way   if you got this far in the video you're probably  wondering like who the heck are we it's Trevor and   Anna it's delightful travels just in case you're  wondering we figured this video might be getting   in front of more people than usual though we're  not sure we thought we'd introduce ourselves we   are from Canada but we live right here in  cabarete in the Dr and we've been all over   the country up in constanza over to Los tanas  you name it so make sure to hit subscribe cuz   there's lots more videos from the Dr coming up  so along our walk we've actually stopped at a   few of the restaurants uh like at mojito bar  they are not serving alcohol but a couple of   them are discreetly doing it apparently they're  serving it in plastic cups they don't have any   like specials going on as most of you guys know  if you've been here before they do have a lot of   happy hours here and I guess that's not really  happening today because I guess you know then   they'd be obviously breaking the law but they're  kind of doing it discreetly I will not name the   places that are because I don't want anyone to  get in trouble but if you're coming here in future   years and you're wondering like can I actually  get any alcohol at some of the restaurants here   chances are you can well we've come across what  is one of the new additions here on the beach it's   the uh official volleyball court huh yeah I've  never seen this before often they just have like   makeshift you know people put up a volleyball  net and they play but this is like an official competition watch out well we almost got hit  by the ball there I have to be really careful   with sorry I can't talk in the camera and watch  the ball and make sure I don't get hit at the   same time but this is really cool something  that does not happen here all the time I've   actually never seen this there's some sort of  volleyball competition happening this weekend   today's been interesting for sure it's cool to  see all these people on the beach we never see   this amount of people but it's also really  weird to have it oh so quiet and for those   of you that don't know Dominican Republic is not  known for being a quiet Place usually especially   on Sunday is like a beach day so it's not Sunday  but that's the day that all the Dominicans come   to the beach and it's usually pretty loud people  bring speakers that's that's the biggest shock to   us so far is the the noise level like we hear the  ocean of course no background noise we're pretty   used to hearing some really loud speakers in all  the restaurants having the music on especially   on the long weekend so let's see we're going to  call it here for today and let's see what happens tomorrow all right it's now uh the next day  and we're in the town so far what we noticed   is there's lots of traffic and it's a little  louder as you could probably tell there's also   a police presents so lots of that going on but  uh I don't know if it's going to get louder as   we go on yeah so yesterday we were obviously  just on the beach we can really make our way   over to town yesterday so I don't know what  the comparison would be but it's definitely   busy right now I think we just said it's the next  day so it's Saturday which people told us is 100%   the busiest day of the entire weekend so this  is going to be the lit Des it is also remember   yesterday we said no music today there's music  the music's back yeah it's a little bit ladder   today we'll make our way to the beach eventually  to see what it's like compared to yesterday I   have a feeling it's going to be a little bit  busier and probably a little bit Lou I'm just   going to leave I'm going to leave the camera  on so you guys can hear wow it's pretty busy   look at all the traffic to give you an idea of  what's Happening lots and lots of things it's   pretty loud huh can you even hear me now this  is more like the D normally yeah this is what   I expected we also noticed so far that there's  uh not as many tourists out I think tourists   are pretty used to uh I guess hibernating or  staying in when this goes on there's lots of   locals which makes it so fun yeah and a lot  of exps have told us those people that we   said warned us for ages and ages about how  crazy this get they said they usually just   buy groceries they hunker down for the weekend  and don't really go out but come on you have to   come and see what it's like yeah you have to come  and see this I mean right now it's worth it for   the the traffic alone but if I go this way look  there's actually not a lot of like foot traffic   right in town here so that's interesting to see  this is uh one of the new editions here it's   like a popup Empanada stand so yeah brand new  let's see what we got over here got the music on is it queso okay um we've actually been on a hunt for an empanada  stand so it's nice to have this pop up here   sorry it's really really loud I going to guess  that's going to be the theme of this part of   the this uh this particular video or the end of  the video is going to be I think a little bit   louder we'll see when we get down to the beach  but speaking of empanadas we've actually been   looking for an empanada stand a lot of them  Clos in the morning it's kind of considered   sometimes more of a breakfast food which I  find rather funny so they close by noon or   so so we generally don't get that many padas  here this one I will tell you is very very   hot we got a cheese cheese what's this there's  red stuff there on it interesting I don't know   we'll find out what that mystery stuff is but  let's break it apart oh that's looking nice and gooey is it good that's some cheesy goodness it's  definitely not nothing overly complex but it's   just if you want a little bit of a flaky crust  and some ooey gooey hot cheese it's absolutely   delicious I would love if there was like some sort  of sauce to dip it in but this is just street food   it's pretty basic it's pretty simple um it was  75 peso so about a dollar and a half something   yeah something like a dollar yeah dollar and  a half Canadian that's not too bad all right   we're going to make our way uh down to the  beach to see if anything is different down   here definitely uh a lot of people huh this is  probably the most people I've ever seen in beach   chairs for sure down here especially in this area  on the beach there's a lot of people I don't know   if people can tell either the weather is not  very good today yeah so I am curious what it   would be like if it was an absolutely gorgeous  day because today definitely one of the worst   days it would rained a lot this morning stting  to get a little bit better throughout the day   but it's still pretty overcast a little cooler  than normal too fingers crossed it does not rain   I know well the police are even on the beach here  with their ATVs uh their quad bikes today so yeah   it can really really goes to show like like how  many people are here it's very different than   yesterday and it's almost all local Dominicans  which I absolutely love I love that they all   come out today and just party you know but we're  still wondering if you didn't leave a comment yet   why today like why is why is Easter the big party  and I'm just going to go back to something that   you just said I know in a lot of places like say  for lost and losta specifically some it feels like   the beach is kind of where like the xats and the  tourists are and it doesn't really feel like the   Dominicans go there they're just like in the busy  town but the beach area is for tourists one thing   we love about Cabaret is that everybody comes  down to the beach and we mentioned before like   Sundays is like Dominican Family Day and they  all come together and you know and this is like   Sundays on multiple steroids we love seeing like  it's basically all Dominicans here and there's   no worry about feeling like tourists are taking  over the beach no like the Dominicans love that   we're here as well I know some tourists would be  scared to be here right now but I can tell you   Dominicans are some of the friendliest people  on the planet that ever ever met and we love   what we love about Cabaret is when Anna just  said the tourists and the Dominicans mix and   they mix really well and that's why we love it  but it's extra cool to see cabarete Beach like   this today however speaking of being nervous or  safety one thing we've been told that you really   have to look out for this weekend in particular I  should say this weekend totally I've never heard   of it any other time here on Cabaret Beach but  pickpocketers apparently that's the thing here   that people will come from the cities and  start to pick Pock people especially when   you're in a really tight quar ERS which obviously  we don't need to worry about right now but people   said don't keep anything in your pockets um I put  everything in here and it's all like super zipped   up but I'm going to keep this like in front of me  just in case we're around a lot of people we also   heard a story about someone getting up um I think  someone posted on a Facebook group that they had   their purse stolen off the table so just be very  wary of your personal belonging we even didn't   take our wallets we just took one Visa card like a  Visa and a little bit of cash and it's all zipped   zipped into a pocket inside the bag so before you  say like oh yeah that's what happens in the Dr   it's not safe the Dominican Republic is not safe  remember pickpocketing happens in so many European   countries way more than here way more than here no  no one thinks twice about going to Spain or Italy   for instance and it happens all the time this is  the first time we've ever heard about it so you   know just be aware of your belongings and enjoy  the day listen to the music what a contrast like   totally different from yesterday I don't have any  fear of like I just say fear but you know we still   get a little camera shy here and there when it's  really quiet there's a lot of people around so   yesterday felt a little bit of that but today no  one's paying attention they're all dancing having   fun having drinks listening to music some of them  are for sure I can see a lot once people watch us   long enough they start to go like are they tick  tokers and then they keep we keep going with the   camera and they're like oh maybe they know what  they're doing I don't think we know what we're doing volleyball's a bit louder today yeah  so if you are wondering volleyball tournament   still happening definitely more observers and  a little bit latter today these guys are really   excited so I don't know where all the teams  are from but look at this so yeah it's actually women's oh some areas some areas are definitely  quieter than others with people but not music   listen to all this C can you even hear me but  yeah you'll see more tourists here lots of people   around so it's cool there is some tourists around  a few yeah it seems to be at certain places there   seems to be more tourists and then at certain  places seem to be more Dominicans can you hear   me I don't I don't think they can hear you with  all the loud music but it's still cool to see   the amount of people looking at us right now is  absolutely absurd but hey we wouldn't have it any   any other way so yeah it's quiet at this place so  yeah it's really strange like the further you go   or depending where you're at no music yeah there  were like three restaurants right in a row that   had music blar and then over here not too bad well  we just stopped into Bea here on the beach to grab   a beer because today you can have alcohol we also  mainly stopped in here because it was the only   place with seats so it just made sense finally  got some presidente lights or presidant light   I'll pronounce it correctly I know uh in a lot of  videos we keep ending up with Corona cuz they run   out of presidant not today it's in glass as well  I'm not sure why they came in a can but one thing   you guys might be wondering is is there like a  stage or is there live music Happening Here in   the town now we were told in the past there's  always like a a big stage or scaffolding or   something set up somewhere on the beach that's  like a public concert this year there's nothing   like that the closest you get I guess is kind  of like that volleyball setup it doesn't help   that the weather's not good either so I think the  police are trying to control like a little bit of   the noise level and not have the party get too  out of hand cuz in the past we have heard it can   get pretty crazy again we'll talk about L Tanis  even though we're in Cabaret I know that place can   get wild with s Santa as well so we're just happy  that we got a seat we're enjoying the day with the   Dominicans here having our cold beer we just wish  the weather was a little better it's 24° C and   when you're here for a long time and you live here  trust me you can tell the difference between 24   and 28 I know if you're watching from the northern  countries I won't complain about the 24° C weather   but you'd understand if you were here so while  Trevor was talking I did just feel a couple of   drops maybe it was coming from the ocean or like  just blowing off something but definitely got hit   with a couple of drop hopefully it doesn't rain  because that would really suck can you imagine   all these people having to run indoors there's not  enough indoor seating I can tell you for all these   people so it'll be chaos now one thing you guys  might be wondering about is the aftermath of all   this like what's this place going to look like  tomorrow so we heard before uh coming here and   in the past that usually the next day like on  Sunday the beach is just trashed and literally   with garbage so that's definitely not cool we  won't get to show you guys if that is the case   because we're putting the video literally tomorrow  it's about 5:00 in the evening on Saturday this   is like the night before it's going to be the  craziest edit we've ever done but we are told that   the beach gets trashed and that's something that  I wish didn't happen in the Dominican Republic I   think over time that will change with education  but it it is pretty normal for people that come   here to leave trash on the beach uh usually the  cabarete town like there's people in Orange shirts   they they clean it up maybe today they're doing a  really good job at that cuz we didn't know miss it   so much we didn't see anything like in the water  yet but there's a lot of people still here so it   could all be under the chairs and I don't want  to stare so we'll see how that goes maybe uh   someone asks in a comment below we can respond  and let you guys know how it was fingers crossed   is not too bad cuz no one likes to see garbage on  a beach all right well uh overall thoughts before   we get into that we do have to get home and edit  so we're going to have to stop filming or this   video is not going to make it out in time yeah I  know some people probably wanted to see after dark   we're not not night life people in general but we  probably would have tried to do it tonight just to   see what it was like but editing does take quite  a while yeah my hunch is it's not going to be too   much different just a lot more people that are  very very drunk yeah maybe more music and more   drunk people that's fine we don't want to get too  drunk cuz we do have to do some editing but I okay   so I'm going to be the one that will say it first  this isn't exactly what I thought it was going to   be no and I going back to the beginning of the  video we have been warned about this weekend so   many times from so many people about the other  chaos of it and honestly it just feels like a   lot of people it it just does feel like a lot of  people to be completely honest we've seen this   many people or more on a beach in Italy in palmo  every single day of the week so we were warned   by expats especially to like leave and get out of  town like go to the mountains or something go the   opposite way when the Dominicans come here cuz  it's it's a little bit crazy to us it's like one   day one or two days this it's fine it's fun to see  it's great to see this many people out hopefully   like the businesses are doing really well hope  the vendors are doing really well and like making   it's going to go into slow season now so making  up for uh for that make up for that that's it   though first Easter here in the books now we know  what to expect so now I think we've covered all   the major holidays here in the Dr I think maybe  there's one in the summer we haven't but we'll   find out that because we live here if you're new  around here and you don't know who we are it's   Trevor and Anna delightful Travelers if you're  not new we hope you guys all enjoyed this video   cuz I know this was very different than our normal  videos like extremely different but we had to turn   the camera on we hope you enjoyed it thanks for  coming back every single week leave us a comment   below hit the like button hit share tell all your  friends yeah and also for those of you that have   been watching we will be back to regularly regular  scheduled program next week and it will be uh   Santa Domingo yeah we got some cool stuff to show  you in Santa Domingo and I'll wait for you guys to   see it all right guys that's it from Cabarete  wishing you delightful travels see you soon

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