Adventurous Carnival Games at Adventureland Long Island!

Adventurous Carnival Games at Adventureland Long Island!

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- It's time for a new park for us to visit. We are actually at Adventureland in Long Island, New York. Now if you Google this, there are two parks with the Adventureland name, so we are in the Long Island, New York one.

Very excited to be here, and it's actually a beautiful day. Started out a little dreary, but it's stunning. So, huge thank you to Adventureland for providing our admission into the park and providing our gameplay today. But I do wanna let you know, we're not gonna be accepting any prizes at the games. We're leaving them into the park. So we are going to tell you which prizes we might have selected, at least, so we can show you all of our favorites, 'cause they've got a lot of cute ones.

This is a small, very family-oriented park, so I'm really excited to show you the games they have to offer. (coin jangling) So, like I said, this is a very family-forward park, and they have a lot of different rides for different age levels. In addition to that, they have a lot of different games for different age levels, but we just threw caution to the wind and said, "Let's start challenging". - [Spencer] Yeah. - [Katie] Let's start with the long shot basketball. - [Spencer] Yeah.

- [Katie] Let's start with Pro-shot. Look at these cool prizes! Okay, so there's some different opportunities for gameplay here. Tell us about 'em. - Okay, so you have one ball for $5, three balls for $10, of course, a better deal. To get a large prize, you have to get two out of the three shots in the $10 game. - [Katie] Whoa. - Or you can do the extreme choice- - [Katie] Whoa! - [Spencer] Which is two balls for $12.

You only have to get one of those two to win. That's kind of crazy. - [Katie] Okay. Okay. And they've got limits of different prizes- - [Spencer] Yes. - [Katie] Per player per day. But it's all clearly stated there. No cross throwing.

- [Spencer] Yep. - [Katie] Everything is easy. It's clear. So what are you doing? - I'm just gonna do the three balls for $10 here. - [Katie] Okay.

- I'm a little nervous. This is a far shot, but it's a big building. - [Katie] Okay. Yeah, it's got a big roof up there. - Yeah, yeah. You can go as high as you want.

- [Katie] Okay. - Okay. Let's see. I got three balls. I'm gonna go overhand. I'm a little nervous. - [Katie] Okay. - First game of the day.

Oh! - [Katie] Ooh! That was good. That was good, it was almost in there. - Oh my gosh. - You're getting really good at these. - Thank you. Nah, it was to the right.

- [Katie] Oh, that was good too though. - I know, I'm hoping there's a shorter shot of something later. I'm not too great at these big ones. - I think there is.

- Oh, a little shy. Man. - [Katie] I think maybe we should try it one more time. - All right, can we do one more round of three, please? - [Katie] I think it was good. I think it was good. - Okay.

- [Katie] You know, I always say, if I feel good about it, I'll say let's do it again. I felt good about it. You were really close. - Thank you. Okay. I'm gonna take off the sunglasses for this one. - [Katie] You are in the sun, but the game is not in the sun.

- The game is not in the sun. I am in the sun, yes. - [Katie] Yes, we can tell you are very, very bright on the camera. - Come on, come on. Oh, right off the back. Man. That hit the very back of the rim. - [Katie] Man, you're still doing a good job though.

- Come on. Oh, the front of the rim. I just need to get in between those two points.

- [Katie] Yes. Goldilocks it, Goldilocks it. - Yeah. Nah, nah. A little bit off to the right. So close. - [Katie] Okay, well what did you think of it? - I thought it was a very fun game.

Obviously I was getting very close to it. If you're better at basketball than I am, definitely give this one a shot. Right next to the Pro-shot, we have Whopper Water and this one is a huge water gun racer. This one looks like it goes up really high.

I really like how they have all the different prizes flashed here. It's like your small, or your medium, they don't have a small technically, it's a medium, large and then choice. Really, really fun. Really fun prizes. And I do like this one. I don't think we're gonna play it today, but. - [Katie] If we did play it, which belly buddy is your favorite? - [Spencer] I like the Frog.

We don't see the Frog particularly often, but I do like the small elephants. I don't usually see the elephant in that size. - [Katie] Yeah. I like the small giraffe actually, I was gonna say, 'cause we don't see that in that size.

- [Spencer] Very true. We didn't get too far before we found another water gun racer. This one is Water Gun Fun.

Notice something different though? This one has Squishmallows. And a great set of Squishmallows too. It looks like that might be the larger-style prize, yeah. So you need six plus players or you need to trade three large to get that choice for the 12-inch Squish. And this set are really, really cute.

I love that axotlotl with the french fries. That's my favorite. - Yeah. And I've seen a lot of these turtles around the park, so I think this might be the more popular of the games. - [Spencer] That makes sense to me.

- [Katie] You were right! There is a short shot basketball and it was not very far down the way. - No, no. I can see the other thing over here, the other Pro-Shot. - That's true. Okay, so two shots for $5 or three shots for $7.

Guys, please just do the three shots. One in wins a standard ball, two in wins choice or two standard balls. - I like that.

- [Katie] They have a nice variety here, I mean, Boo Gators, but... (Spencer laughing) I'm not sorry, I have to throw that in there. Are any of these teams from nearby? Kind of...

Not really, no. - No. - [Katie] But I really like that purple tie-dye ball. I just have to give that one a shout out. - [Spencer] Oh yeah, it's very fun. - [Katie] Okay, so you've got three tries.

- Three balls, you have one in win, no cross throwing, makes sense to me. - [Katie] Okay. Easy peasy. - We're gonna go to the one right in front of us. I guess we'll go underhand on this one to start. - Okay.

- I know I've been doing so much overhand. It's been weird. - That's true, I know. Now I'm throwing you for a loop, doing these like back to back. - I know, I know. Nah, a little bit off to the side, but hey, we got it! - [Katie] Oh, that was good. Did you say no? - Yep.

I did say no. (Katie laughing) It was a little bit off to the side. It was that spin that saved it. (Katie laughing) All right, let's see if we can get two. Oh no, a little bit, a little shy. - A little short, but good.

- [Spencer] A little shy. Okay. All right, we've already won a standard ball. Nah, to the left. But (laughs), I was gonna say. - Oh, you thought it was gonna go in the other one. - Okay.

- You guys got one and you guys won any ball. - Oh sweet! What do you want, Katie? - [Katie] It's up to you. Yeah, show off one of the prizes. - Can we do the alien one, please? - Yeah. - Oh, good choice, good choice. - We'll show you

the alien ball. Thanks so much. - There you go. - Oh my gosh, that's so funny. Looks like a little sad alien. I love that. Oh, and it says Aliens, we're out there.

- [Katie] Oh, wow! - It's a bold statement from the aliens. - [Adventureland Staff Member] And then the first player to get to 150 points gets one of our large prizes. - [Spencer] Ooh, okay.

So we're playing Stinky Feet now. Katie is going be on number five with the greenish hair. - [Katie] Yes. - [Spencer] I'm gonna be on number four with the blonde hair.

I feel like you should be on this one. - [Katie] That's true. - [Spencer] You're gonna aim at the feet and the soap and the first one to the top wins.

- Oh yeah. - You guys ready? - Yes. - We are. - [Adventureland Staff Member] All right. - [Spencer] I'm nervous.

I haven't played Stinky Feet in a long time. (bell ringing) - [Katie] This is so hard 'cause they move. - [Spencer] Yes, they do. - [Katie] And not in an order like some of them do. (game dinging) I can't even look to see the score. - I know, I know.

I can't either. - [Katie] I can tell you confidently I'm not doing well. - [Spencer] I think we're fine. - [Katie] When I hit the soap the water splashes back at me. (bell ringing) - [Spencer] Oh, you won! - [Katie] No way. - Good job.

- You did it. - Wow. - [Adventureland Staff Member] You can get one of our large prizes or the raccoons. - Okay. - Whoa! - [Katie] You can pick one out for us. - [Spencer] Okay, we got raccoons over here. I do love the SpongeBob banana, - Thank you.

you can play again for those. - I have not seen this before. - [Spencer] I have not seen that either. That is so cute. I love that. I love its giant tail.

Wow. (fanfare playing) - [Katie] In the very center of the midway here, we have High Striker. It might be a little hard to see 'cause we are in the sun.

But this is the newer Bob's Space Racers one that we love. - Yes. Yes. - [Katie] Because it's very visually appealing. - Very. - [Katie] So you get two swings. - Two swings.

- Okay. - [Katie] And guys, stop putting nasty comments in on this game. He's doing okay.

- [Spencer] I'm doing what I can, okay? (mallet slapping) (game whirring) - [Game] You were close. - Oh, I was close. - 317. It said you were close. I like the positivity from the game. - Okay, you know what though? That sounded like Professor Oak from Pokémon Snap saying you were close. - It did! Oh, that's so weird. - You know

when you mess up? - You were close! - All right, last one. (mallet slapping) - [Katie] Ooh, that was way better. - [Game] Cowabunga! - Whoa, 400! - Okay, 400, okay, still shy.

- [Katie] That was really good. - A little shy of the 500 we needed, but. - [Katie] Okay, but this one's an everybody-win. So let's take a look at some of these cool aliens. I've already seen a few people walking around with these.

- Yeah, I have too. They're really fun. They got some dolphins over there if you don't wanna carry around a giant alien. But we love these inflatable prizes on something like this, like an everybody-wins style game because you can just deflate this and take it home. Makes it much easier on everybody. We've made our way down to Ring-A-Bottle or Ring Toss, however you want to call it. Really cute prizes, really large prizes.

These are great Ring Toss prizes. Yep. - These are huge. - [Spencer] We have three different colors of bottle. We have green, orange, and gold, which correlates to, I think the green's the ones in the middle, the orange ones are the ones over there.

You can see it says the word orange above those. - [Katie] Yeah. - And then green over there. It's being hidden by the giant bear. (Katie laughing) But there's also win every time prizes, which are these really cute belly buddy.

We love those little lanyards. Katie has opted for the bucket of rings. 20 rings. - Yeah. - [Spencer] As opposed to the extreme bucket of rings, which is- - I don't need extreme today. - [Spencer] 40. There's no leaning in.

But you have a pretty fair little counter here. Water bottles? I like that there's two orange bottles as opposed to one as well. - [Katie] Yeah.

- [Spencer] Sometimes we see when there's like a massive prize, like that's like 32-inch TV, Apple watch, you can win a free season pass, that's pretty cool. - [Katie] Oh, two free season passes. - [Spencer] Oh my gosh.

Sorry, the giant banana was hiding it from me. - [Katie] I think that's actually really cool because then you could guarantee come back with your family again next year. - [Spencer] For sure, for sure. - [Katie] I don't know that I've ever seen that as a prize.

- [Spencer] I don't think I ever have either. And I think that's a pretty smart idea. - [Katie] Yeah. I'm gonna mark that down as one of my new favorite prizes. I'd like to win a season pass - Ooh that was really close.

- [Katie] Somewhere. - [Spencer] Yeah, right? - [Katie] Okay. Last three. - [Spencer] Last three already, oh my gosh. I feel like we just got here. - [Katie] That's 'cause I didn't do the extreme.

- [Spencer] You're not extreme enough for this game, I feel like. (rings clinking) - [Katie] Ooh, that last one was cool. - [Spencer] You got some good ones there. But nicely done, Katie. I really like those big Squishmallows.

Okay, we're going to the Frog Bog now. And I just have to point out, this massive spinning Frog on top of the Frog Bog building. - [Katie] Whoa. - [Spencer] This is crazy. He's advertising this special bucket of 10 big frogs. I love this. I'm really ready to play this.

I'm so excited. - [Katie] Okay, we have a lot of really cool options for Frog Bog. So $7 for five frogs or $10 for a bucket of 10 frogs. That's your better deal. That's the one I recommend. - Oh yeah. - [Katie] There's also a Lobster Launch, I'm gonna get to that in a second.

So any frog in a lily pad is going to win this prize first. - [Spencer] That one. - [Katie] You need three lily pads for the owl, or four for any of the big choice prizes.

And there's a lot of a variety here. - Oh, big bear. - [Katie] Yeah, big bear's really cute. Or what's the lobsters? - Okay, the Lobster Launch is $10 for three lobsters. We love this guy, we love these frogs. We love these lobsters. We haven't really seen these lobsters anywhere except for at Disney's Boardwalk, so- - Yeah.

- Really excited to see that. You get three lobsters for $10. You get one of these in any of those lily pads, you automatically get a choice price. - [Katie] Oh yeah, because if you get a Frog in the blue lily pad, you get a choice price. - Oh my God. - [Katie] There's a lot going on. But everyone working here knows the rules very well.

- I love it. - So I appreciate that very much. But honestly, no, I have to tell you like super candidly, just off camera, yesterday we were talking about the lobsters. - That's true, we literally were. Oh, and look, they have actually a clearly-defined sign down here that says what is a winner and what is not a winner.

So if just the legs are in, it's not a winner. The body of the frog has to be inside of that. - [Katie] That's another issue we've had with this game, so I like that. - It is.

- [Katie] Show 'em the folding technique you like to do. - [Spencer] I'm not sure what I'm gonna do today. - [Katie] Okay. - [Spencer] I think I'm gonna start with this way.

- Okay. - Kind of fold it down the middle towards me, right. - Okay. - [Spencer] All right.

These are moving and grooving. I'm a little nervous. - [Katie] Yeah. This is a fast lily pond.

Lily pad ponds? (mallet slapping) Oh, that was close, that was good. - [Spencer] Okay. I like that, I like that. - [Katie] We've definitely done way worse on the first frog before.

- [Spencer] Very true. - [Katie] I actually like that the middle is an option, 'cause a lot of times we played, it's just a frog and there's nothing in the middle. - [Spencer] Agreed. (mallet slapping) - Oh, it's so loud. - Okay. - If you want, you can try the blue one because for the red ones, they have a short string for smaller kids. - [Spencer] Oh.

- Oh. - Oh, the red ones have a shorter string. Okay, that's a good tip.

We're gonna do that. I'm gonna leave that there for a second. We're gonna scoot down to this blue one. - Okay. - I did not realize there were differences, thank you.

Oh yeah, okay. All right. Let's see. Put my frog back. Back in action. - Okay.

Doing our folding again? He doesn't really have any front arms, but that's okay. - [Spencer] It's okay. - [Katie] It's not necessary. (mallet slapping) - That was too short.

I actually think I liked the red one better for my- - [Katie] Oh, you liked the red one better? - I did. - Okay. We're moving back to the red one. - [Spencer] We're moving back to the red one. I'm so sorry for the confusion. I like the option though, and I like the choice. - [Katie] Yeah, they have a lot, it's all four-sided. - I was a little bit

more dialed in. I was a little more dialed in over here. - [Katie] Okay, okay. (mallet slapping) - [Spencer] See? That's a winner. - Yes. - I said it. I was dialed in, so that's one.

- Okay, nice. - Look at that. (alarm bleeping) Oh, the alarm goes off. (alarm bleeping) - (laughs) I didn't realize. - It ribbits! - That's so cool. - That was amazing. - [Katie] Wait, I love that so much.

Do it again so I get to have it happen again. (mallet slapping) - [Katie] Oh, so close! - [Spencer] I'm telling you, I'm dialed in over here. - [Katie] Oh wait, okay, this is already ranking as my favorite game in the park right now.

(Spencer laughing) - Okay. You stay there, bud. Get ready to be launched. (mallet slapping) - Ooh. - Oh.

Oh, big splasher. - Big splash. - Oh my goodness. Oh, I'm so excited we already won. - [Katie] Between this and Stinky Feet, I did not realize this was like a water ride kind of day. (Spencer laughing) (mallet slapping) - Oh, that was a little too early. - [Katie] Oh, but it would've been really good.

- [Spencer] Oh, thank you. I know, I think I'm getting that trajectory - Yeah, I think you're getting it. - and where I want it to be. I just gotta get that timing down.

- [Katie] Timing is the hardest part of this one. (Spencer groaning) - Ooh that was so close. - Okay. - He hit the lily pad, but it didn't go in the little flower. - Two more frogs, but don't forget I still have my lobsters. - [Katie] Oh yeah, we got lobsters too.

- Now those will hit a little bit differently 'cause they're a different shape, they don't fold the same. - [Katie] Oh, it'll be totally different. I think it's a cool option though. Ooh. - Oh. That one didn't even make it! - Didn't even make it, that frog was like, no thank you. - He was like, no, I'm not going in that bog today.

(Katie laughing) All right. This is my last frog. - Okay, last frog. You got this. - [Spencer] Alright. Alarm. Alarm. (mallet slapping) Ooh. - So close!

- So close. - Okay, so one frog. - One frog, okay, so we got a bear. - Okay. I like the bears. - Got a bear. - [Katie] And do you wanna try the lobsters now? - [Spencer] I will try the lobsters.

- [Katie] Okay. How are you gonna fold these? - [Spencer] Do they fold? Am I supposed to fold it? Yeah. Okay, cool. Oh, claws under, okay, I like it. - Claws under.

- Thank you. - Okay. Okay. All right. (mallet slapping) - [Katie] Ooh okay, he needed a little more power. I think they're heavier. - [Spencer] They are. They are. A little bit. - Okay, okay.

Now we adjust, but it was really good timing. - [Spencer] Thank you. (mallet slapping) - [Spencer] Whoa! - [Katie] Okay. - Okay. - I don't know how to assess what happened there. - [Spencer] That was a little bit off to the right and then it was a big splash.

- [Katie] Yes, big splash. - [Spencer] This is it. (mallet slapping) Oh, and that was way up to the left. Oh my gosh. Okay.

I'm sticking to the frogs in the future, but I really love this version of the game. I really love the prize levels here and that there's so many different ways to win at this game. So much fun.

Katie's setting up here. She's gotten herself three lobsters. She's automatically going for that choice prize level here. Are you a little nervous? You don't really love the strings on the hammers? - No. - This one is a short string. - [Katie] Should I? You liked this one? - [Spencer] I think I like that one better than the blue one, personally, - Okay. - But it's up to you. - I'm gonna trust Spencer.

Oh goodness. (mallet slapping) (Katie and Spencer laughing) - [Spencer] Oh my gosh! He's just sunbathing. Sunbathing. (Katie laughing) He didn't wanna go all the way in, he didn't wanna stay out.

He was like, I'm gonna dip my claws in the water a little bit there. - [Katie] Why is this game always so fun? (Spencer laughing) - [Spencer] It literally just flopped out perfectly. (mallet slapping) Ooh! - Ooh! - Oh! My gosh. - That was very close. - So close. - [Katie] Okay. - Oh my gosh. - We're dialed in now.

- [Spencer] It would've been, a little bit more on the other side, it would've been totally in. That was better than I did. - [Katie] Okay. (mallet slapping) - [Spencer] Look at that! - Almost. - Oh my gosh! You were dialed into those lobsters, it's 'cause you didn't do any frogs to begin with. - I did good

with the lobsters. Yeah. You're probably right. I watched you and I learned from it. Very fun though. - [Spencer] Okay, we are near the back of the park now. There's a giant pink elephant.

Can you see that back there? - That's so cool. - That's pretty crazy. A few rides over here, you can hear the screams, everybody's having a great time. We're at Goblet Toss.

- Yeah! - $7 for five ball. Your ball in blue wins choice. I like that, there's only one option to win. - Wow. - And you get a choice of everything here. - [Katie] It is a lot of good options here too.

- [Spencer] Yes, and it does say, everybody wins one prize and then you can trade up three large prizes, into a choice prize. - [Katie] Okay, well let's see how we do. - Okay, I like that. I like that. This is one of those boards where it can like roll everywhere.

- [Katie] Yes. - [Spencer] As long as you don't throw it too hard, it should not roll out of the board. See like that? It can come back? Ooh. - Oh. Whoa, whoa. - Whoa, whoa, okay, come on.

Oh, it's bringing you back towards, oh my gosh. One away from that blue. - [Katie] I like this board, it's pretty fun. - [Spencer] This is a fun board. Come on. Right there. Oh my gosh.

You never know when it's gonna like stop and go in. - [Katie] Last one. - [Spencer] Okay. Come on. Ah, there's like a dead zone over there. - [Katie] Okay, I think you need to try this one.

- [Spencer] I think I'm gonna give this one a try. - [Katie] Okay, Spencer's in. And we did ask, so it's the duck or the snake are the large prizes. I actually really like the duck, I think it's pretty cute. I haven't seen it. And then if you get it in one of the blue ones, that's when you get a choice prize.

- Yes. - Oh my gosh. Look at that little walrus over there. I've never seen him. - Oh, and the little starfish. That's so cute. - Really cute. - They're friends. - There's prizes here that we've never seen before.

- [Spencer] Yeah, how'd that happen? - [Katie] I think it's pretty cool. They must must get 'em from some cool supplier or something, I don't know. - Yeah, right? All right, I have blue. - [Katie] Okay.

- [Spencer] Balls which means blue. - [Katie] Oh, blue, blue, okay, yeah, I got it, got it. You got this. - Heavy back spin. - [Katie] Whoa, and the wind came at the same time. - [Spencer] Okay. One away. Let's go, let's go. - Okay.

Oh wow. - Oh, whoa, whoa. Oh man, I really wanna stick to that corner, don't I? - [Katie] For real. - [Spencer] Okay. - [Katie] Okay, number three. Oh, totally different. Totally different path.

- [Spencer] Okay. Hmm. - Okay. - I don't know what the strategy is gonna be on this one.

Oh, that was bad. - No. Ooh. - Oh. - That's crazy. - That was really unexpected. (Katie laughing) - [Katie] I have no idea what's going on anymore. - [Spencer] This is my last one.

- [Katie] Okay. - [Spencer] Come on. Oh my gosh! - Oh my gosh, that was so close. - [Spencer] It was like the slow roll into that one too that got me on that one. - Okay. So I end up liking this because it is a winner every time version of Goblet Toss. - Yes. - So I think that's fair

to get one of these ducks or snake plushies. So overall, I actually give this one a pretty high mark for Goblet Toss. It was very fun. - [Spencer] Right by the swing ride here, Katie has found Balloon Bust, and guess what? It's another guaranteed winner, winner every time. - Woo, it says it right there. - [Spencer] It has her name on like every single one of these games.

I love that they've done that for us. (laughs) Okay. So it is $5 to play. All players play until they win.

For one balloon, you get any of these bottom prizes. - These are amazing. - I love this. The Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, incredible, but the Hey Arnold prizes? Amazing. Or these emoji pillows, if you win.

If you play twice. - No, these are so good. - [Spencer] Yeah, you gotta go for these Hey Arnolds or these Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots. If you play twice, $10, you can get one of these really cute stuffed animals. Really like that purple raccoon. - [Katie] Yeah. - [Spencer] I think that would be the top choice there.

- [Katie] I think these are my favorite small prizes I've seen all season potentially. They're really nice. - [Spencer] Yeah, I haven't seen it. I love it. Blue is obviously much more popular in the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots.

- [Katie] Oh, yeah. (laughs) - [Spencer] I would not expect that. I don't know. - [Katie] Okay, so I'm gonna do three and let's see if I can get anything in three.

- [Spencer] Okay, you're gonna get something. You're gonna get something. - [Katie] Okay, and now normally I don't like these bean bags, I'll just say it, but it's a winner every time so it doesn't matter. - [Spencer] Yeah, you can't get mad about it - Yeah. - when it's a winner every time.

- [Katie] These are probably easier for kids to hold. - [Spencer] I agree. - [Katie] Now, you like to do this weird star thing. - Yes. Throw it like a star. Throwing star. - Oh! - See? - That worked well. - That's what I was saying. - Okay.

- [Spencer] Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. And the balloons are flying everywhere. Oh, well you almost hit that raccoon. Look at this. (Katie laughing) I'm gonna clean up after you over here.

- Look at it, I've got you these balloon bits. - Thank you so much, a memory I will treasure forever. - Winner every time. - Okay, I wanna see if you can get three outta three. - Oh, you wanna see if I can do three outta three? Okay.

Ooh. Okay. I actually think these are a little bit better than the bean bags that they usually have - They are. - at this one. I was gonna say, usually they're kind of like crappy or whatever.

Especially when I go for that technique. - Yeah - These are really solid. - [Katie] No, they work out really well. - I'm actually surprised at how solid these are for this style of beanbag. So I'm very pleased with this.

- [Katie] One. - Playing back for myself, apparently. - [Katie] Two. - Where do I wanna go? - Pressure's on, pressure's on. (Spencer cheers) - Yes. - Nice. - Big winner.

- [Katie] Okay, so this definitely gets my seal of approval. If you had to pick a prize, what would you pick? - If I had to pick a prize, I'd probably get the Hey Arnold football head. - [Katie] Okay, I would try to get, I would have to play twice to get two Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots so I could make them fight.

- Oh, so you're talking about fighting each other. - Yeah. That's what I would do, not instead of trading up to the choice prize. - That's smart.

Okay, we have another water gun race over here. This is a Water Fun. I actually like it. It's almost three or four different styles of water gun races in this park. - Yeah. - [Spencer] This one is in a really cool gazebo and gets an honorable mention today for our favorite prizes in the park 'cause you have these Fall Guys. I was obsessed with this game for months, and I still play it on occasion, but not nearly as much as I used to.

Katie is thankful for that. (Katie laughing) But, they have, not only do they have these really large ones that are the choice price here, but they have these small ones too, and I've actually never really seen the Plushies in real life. So really cool.

They actually have a bunch of different designs too. You can see they have pineapple one, they have a Slurpee one, so I really like these prizes. I really like the Sesame ones, Sesame Street ones as well.

Really, really cool prize at this Water Fun. - Well that was a very, very fun time in Adventureland in Long Island, New York. I feel like the skill level of the games really matches the different rides they have here in the park. So we had our really challenging games, like the long shot basketball and then a winner every time Goblet Toss. I thought that was really cool and unique. I think this is a great place.

The games are affordable, fun, easy to play. And I see a lot of people walking around with prizes, which is my favorite thing. So a huge thank you to Adventureland for providing our admission and our gameplay. We had a great time and cannot wait to come back. (upbeat music)

2024-02-05 04:52

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