$1.5 Street Food in Malaysia / Huge Malaysian Food Tour / Travel to Penang in 2023

$1.5 Street Food in Malaysia / Huge Malaysian Food Tour / Travel to Penang in 2023

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Hello everyone and welcome back to our hungry adventures! Guys, today we're in Penang which is considered as the food capital and food heaven of Malaysia.. Penang is located in about 350 kilometers to the north from Kuala Lumpur.. and I came here by bus.. it was supposed to be a lovely five hours journey.. however the intercity roads were filled with cars, traffic jams were insane, which is why I spent eight hours in the bus without food.. we had only two stops, two breaks for toilet.. five minutes breaks..

and there was nothing around, no place to buy some snacks, can you imagine that? so if you will be coming to Penang by bus - you better buy some snacks in advance and pack it in your backpack.. you'll be grateful for this tip.. Anyway guys.. Penang is the food capital.. and today we'll be exploring Georgetown, which is the capital of food capital.. we'll be visiting some local food shops and local restaurants.. some hawkers too.. we will be looking for street food and tasting all of these delicious foods..

as some of you may know - I'm not a foodie myself.. I'm just forced by nature to eat several times a day.. this is the sad true about "hungry eating machine that never breaks".. and you're gonna have to join me in this hungry adventure... let's go! Penang is one of the largest Islands in Malaysia and is a melting pot of cultures including Malay, Indian and Chinese with the rich Colonial past.. its capital city of Georgetown was founded by British East India Company in 1786 as a trading post.. and later it became one of Southeast Asia's most important ports, as well as UNESCO world heritage site..

known for its rich history and colonial architecture, including Victorian mansions, numerous Chinese temples.. houses of worship and traditional Chinese shop-houses.. Penang has an interesting mix of Chinese descendants who make up about half of its population..

mainly they speak Hokkien or Cantonese dialects.. however quite many can speak English with tourists, especially in popular restaurants and food courts.. Do you speak English? Do you speak English? No.. Do you speak English? I don't know English, sir..

What do you want to order? What is the most popular here? what's the signature dish? barbecue pork noodles? Okay I want a large one.. Huh? Large.. big... big.. and white coffee please.. white coffee cold... table number 6.. this is actually pretty good.. white coffee.. many people wrote me in the comments that I need to try Malaysian white coffee..

why is it white? if I understand correctly the white coffee is just a regular local coffee but it was roasted with margarine and palm oil.. which is why it has this white shade.. more pale color.. and it is served with condensed milk.. it is sweet, it's not very strong.. but pretty delicious.. but it is not the reason why it came to this restaurant..

this is the reason why I came to this restaurant.. delicious noodles and ideally roasted pork.. it reminds me of "Trang Moo Yang".. quite legendary restaurant in Trang province of Thailand.. but of course here it is probably cooked a little bit different... let's try the pork! wow.. wow!

unbelievably juicy and crunchy... and delicious! no wonder why they have such amazing reviews on Google Maps.. Guys just look at this beautiful piece of pork.. roasted pork, so oily and juicy.. and my hands are shaking because I want to eat it immediately..

and luckily I can eat it now.. beautiful beautiful.. Are you Thai? You're Thai, really? Yes, from Thailand Do you live in Malaysia? Yes, I live in Malaysia.. Ahh.. Would you like to make merit? Okay, I can..

Are you travelling? Yeah, I travel here.. Oh.. you can speak Thai.. Just a little bit.. oh just a little.. (saying a Buddhist prayer) I'll give it to you.. Thailand For free? Thank you (saying a Buddhist prayer) Thank you so much and good luck to you.. Good day..

As you walk down the streets of Georgetown you can see a perfect blend of eastern and western architecture.. with colonial style buildings standing alongside traditional Chinese temples and shophouses.. Many Chinese came to Georgetown in the 19th century to work on the tin mines and the railway construction.. They brought with them their unique culture and traditions, which can be seen throughout the city..

and this influence continues today with many Chinese-Malaysian families living here.. Walking through the streets of Georgetown you can see local markets and shops selling traditional Chinese products, food and souvenirs.. but also Chinese temples and shrines built long time ago.. Very popular place.. very popular street.. hot and burning street.. what why is it so hot here? hello hello .. Nihao.. Is it local Penang food? Yeah..

What is it? How is it called? Fried banana, fried rice cake, fried jackfruit, fried durian.. Fried durian? Really? Yeah.. how much for one? 1 piece - 4 RM.. okay, can I try one? Deep fried durian.. it's like real durian, real fruit? yeah.. yeah, it's real durian.. I can feel it.. hmm interesting taste..

mmm so good.. a little bit oily.. crunchy on the outside.. but inside there is this durian paste.. very tasty thing.. it cost 4 RM.. how much is it in Thai Baht? 32 Thai baht.. maybe around 30 THB.. very delicious..

Are you a vlogger on Youtube? Yeah.. m-i-c-k-e-y.. there are subtitles, just in case.. many languages..

I think Chinese language too.. okay thank you very much.. bye bye.. this shop has the old-fashioned taste "Char kway teow".. there is no markup on food, on beverages to take away.. Everything is customer first.. Hello, can I try "Char kway teow".. Char kway teow with egg - 9 Ringgit, duck eggs - 10 Ringgit, without egg - 8 Ringgit..

let's try Duck egg.. Can you make duck egg? You want duck egg? ok, very good! What is it? Shrimp? "Echo" okay.. Looks pretty good.. This portion costs 17 RM where are we now? in Malaysia.. 17 Malaysian Ringgit..

Noodles with duck egg, with three prawns.. and these secret ingredients are actually mantis shrimps.. he just showed me the picture.. yeah these are mantis shrimps covered with some dough and deep fried.. And in fact, "Char kway teow" is flat rice noodles, stir fried with prawns, bean sprouts, egg and mantis shrimps.. Is it better than Pad Thai or not? mmm.. interesting... The taste is very similar.. something between "Pad Thai" and "Pad See Ew"..

oh.. and very fresh shrimps, very delicious.. okay, thank you very much.. thank you.. What a nightmare.. Why is it so hot? Meet and greet the most popular dessert in Malaysia called "Chendul".. This is the long line and everyone wants to try it here...

well, we have to try it too! yeah guys, this is the line.. Hello bro.. Just one.. just one, please.. the name is "Chendul" ? okay..

number one in Malaysia, right? How much is it? 4.50 RM thank you so much.. thank you too.. have a good day.. you too! You guys got a lot of energy in you..

Okay let's find a quiet place where we can taste it properly.. Is it Malaysian dessert or not? write it in the comments if you know.. wow.. very sweet..

very sweet, very cold.. cold is everything I need in this weather because it's just brutally hot.. So what is "Chendul"? Shaved ice, green jelly noodles made of rice flour and colored with pandan leaf.. also I can see there are some red beans inside..

coconut milk of course and palm sugar.. which is why it is so sweet.. definitely not diet food, but can try it one year one time.. I actually like it.. but what I love more is the way they cook it.. the atmosphere around this street food stall.. how quickly they serve a million portions a minute..

that's what really fascinates me.. probably the most popular street food stall on the street.. this is my room.. 10 square meters.. but I'm not complaining because here I've got window.. I can't actually look in the window (it's too high) but I can open it though to get some fresh air.. and I'm very grateful for it..

however at night I can hear the buzzing coming from the air conditioning because all the air conditioners (the boxes with compressors) are hanging on this wall.. which is why I'm falling asleep with this sweet lovely buzzing.. but it's cool.. at least I can get some fresh air.. I'm staying in the historical part of Georgetown which is why hotel rooms are small..

and I'm filming this video with wide lens.. so just to give you an idea about uh proportions of this room so this is how it looks like.. Now I'm lying on my bed, here is a small table, my luggage, backpack, trash can, shoes and way out.. this is the toilet section right here, next to my to my bed.. this is my happy face, very satisfied face..

but at least the bed is relatively comfortable and relatively soft.. and the bedding is new - no smell, no stains and so on.. what do you think, how much does it cost? you can write it in the comments.. And I will tell you a little bit later.. This hotel is located in historical part of town.. and soundproofing is not included in the room rate..

which is why when someone is passing by in the corridor - I can hear them talking, giggling and etc. children are screaming and sounds from elevator or when someone is cleaning the rooms.. but a regular thing because budget traveling in Malaysia.. if you want to travel in Malaysia on a budget - you have to provide double budget for this traveling.. because things are a little bit more expensive here comparing to other countries countries in Southeast Asia.. of course Singapore is not included..

yeah if I'd want to visit Singapore - I'd have to provide probably 10 times more budget of what I have in Malaysia.. but such small rooms are quite normal thing in Malaysia - 12 square meters, 10 sq.m, or 16 sq.m.. and it's quite often you might book a room and there will be no window..

because these are old buildings and small units.. and when you have window - you have to pay a little bit more for this fresh air that you can get from the outside.. pretty lovely and nice rooms which cost 1200 THB.. this one..

but probably this is the price for location.. location, VAT, Heritage tax, and also there is a tourism tax, which I call a sleeping tax.. because you if you are not a Malaysian - you have to pay 10 Ringgit every night when you sleep not on the road or bus station... When you book a place - a guest house, apartments or hotel - there is an additional extra tax called tourism tax (10 RM every night)..

so every night they are reminding you that you're a tourist.. please give us 10 Ringgit.. all right.. so 1200 THB for this lovely, quiet and clean, but a little bit small room.. but I knew it's small, so nothing to complain about.. all right, let's continue exploring Georgetown in Penang! Another fascinating cultural side of Penang that offers a glimpse into the city's past is Clan Jetties.. Located on the waterfront of Georgetown, Clan Jetty is a collection of wooden houses built on stilts over the water..

each belonging to a different Chinese Clan.. These Jetties were originally built in the 19th century by Chinese immigrants as a way to live and work near the Waterfront, which was the essential hub for trade and commerce.. Today Clan Jetty has become a popular tourist attraction with visitors flocking to see the unique architecture and learn about the history of the Chinese Clans.. As you walk along the wooden Boardwalk you can see a glimpse of daily life in this community.. houses decorated with Chinese symbols and artwork..

and take a few photos around beautiful corners of this historic landmark.. Hey bro, do you work here? Yes.. Can I try Laksa? Can..

Do you have tables here? yes, right here.. is it okay I make a video? Yeah! Pineapple? Yeah.. Oh really? Fish soup.. Smells amazing.. wow! Penang Laksa which is a fish soup made with mackerel and tamarind.. and this gentleman also added some pineapple..

probably is going to be a little bit sour.. many people told me I must try Laksa in Penang.. because it is a one of the signature dishes here in Penang.. but you know I'm ready to try everything here..

because it is one of my favorite things in life - just sit somewhere along the road and enjoy chip and delicious food.. while cars and bikes are passing by.. people are looking at you, people are looking at your plate, what are you eating.. what's on your face..

especially when it's raining.. interesting.. yeah I can feel this mackerel taste.. slightly reminds me canned mackerel with tomato that I used to buy in 7-Eleven in Thailand.. very delicious thing..

Maybe it is one of my favorite dishes of Malaysian cuisine.. Yeah, this is my favorite.. number one for me... 100%.. very rich broth.. you can feel this fishy taste, you can feel this pineapple taste..

some spices, some herbs.. very rich broth with strong aftertaste, which I love.. Yeah, this is definitely my favorite dish of Malaysian cuisine...

Frog? Kung Pao Frog? Yeah I can make it not spicy for you, okay?.. I want it to be normal spicy.. because if not spicy then not delicious.. it's frog time.. Here we are eating frogs in Penang..

This frog had a really nice life because the meat is very tender.. it's really easy to cut it off from the bone.. Real deliciousness.. it would be nice to have some rice with it, but I need some space in my stomach, because there are so many things to try here.. delicious.. delicious..

Hello.. Can I order "Sotong Kangkung"? small one.. eat here? yeah yeah.. the table is over there..

okay.. This is something new and something interesting.. This dish is called "Sotong Kangkung" which basically means: "Sotong" is squid and "Kangkung" is water spinach.. whatever water spinach is..

it seems to be quite healthy because it's just these greens and boiled squid with some thick soy sauce and peanuts.. let's just mix it up all together and try.. I've never seen this dish before.. "Sotong Kangkung".. so it's a lucky day! it's pretty good.. There is some sweet thick soy sauce.. and it is pretty spicy..

I mean the dish itself.. however it's pretty light meal.. it's already third plate here on this street.. but luckily all of those plates are pretty small, so you can try some food at almost at every stall.. it tastes like like nothing else..

it tastes like Sotong Kangkung.. literally.. okay guys I'm done.. I can't eat anymore.. Hungry eating machine is full but never broken..

Anyway, hope you have enjoyed this episode.. more episodes are coming very soon, I don't know from Malaysia or somewhere else.. maybe from some other country, nobody knows.. but if you want to support this channel - check out the links in this video description.. or you can just hit the like button.. your like it's one of the major ways to support this channel..

and I'll see you the next episode pretty soon somewhere else in Southeast Asia.. bye-bye!

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