36 Crore Royal Palace House | Touring Pakistan Most Expensive House!

36 Crore Royal Palace House  | Touring Pakistan Most Expensive House!

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Welcome back to the channel, this is me Farrukh Hassan and we are going to show you an amazing mansion The size is 2 kanal, fully furnished, fully equipped, 36 crore is the demand and the price is negotiable This is a beautifully blended double-height area with a seating space, wall framing with Italian paint at the back This area is perfectly utilized with a huge and wide entry, a console table in the mid, huge size Italian flooring and architectural staircase Sensors are installed in them, picture windows on left side with landscaping view, life on the right side for basement and first level Powder room near the entry with beautiful interior, wall treatment, Grohe fittings, gives beautiful vibe, automation is the main feature, fully automated house double door entry on the left side with a formal dining space with 10 seats, beautiful vibe because of the color blending, wall treatment on backside too LED lights are lit, connectivity in everything. Picture window on the backside, green, white and orange color blended in interior Italian paint imposed on walls, ashwood is used in the house, breakfast table on the left side with customized lights, beautiful framing on the backside this is main showcase kitchen on simple and minimalistic pattern, grey and white color blended, all accessories installed in kitchen and ample storage space available then is the cheff kitchen, quality door in cheff kitchen too, huge size, it is functional kitchen let's show you the master suite, now less than any presidential suite, located on ground floor, seating space with the entry, art work in ceiling crafting in walls, travertine stone used, solid wood flooring used, beige, green and gold colors blended, brass chandelier and framings on walls Turkish carpets placed, then comes bedroom area, picture window, everything is automated, landscaping view from window nature element, bedwall treated, media wall, edges and pillars are defined, colors are beautifully blended, you get tailored items connected with each other huge size beautiful tiles used in master washroom, connectivity in doors, beautiful stone cutting, beautiful vanity, independent shower area Grohe fittings, wall mounted commode, storage area on the right and left side, jacuzzi on the backside which is kept independent, blending in everything Now going to common space on ground area or the lounge area, beautiful floorings, area blended on minimalistic pattern, customized chandeliers, tiles used on main wall wall mounted lights, wall quiltings, beautiful vibe, independent area on the backside, huge size window, this area is also automated beautifully marbleized fireplace, electric fireplace installed, seating space around it, wall decorated, this area is nicely designed 2nd bedroom on the ground level, Guest bedroom, smart size, a different vibe in it, 3D wall treatment, lights lit on the media wall Bedwall and a window near it, automations in this bedroom too, backside view available, beautiful and minimalistic patterns, purple shade blended with brown and light colors Washroom entry with the seating space, two to three tiles blended in it, storage area available, UV pattern sheets used, Corian designed floating vanity Touch panel screen, wall mounted commode, windows on the backside, independent shower area, beautiful tiles in it Now in the basement, it has bedroom area, swimming pool, cinema and another beautiful element. Let's show you the pool area huge length swimming pool, light element on the walls, details with beautiful designs, art work in the pool area, borders designed, stone cutting in this area natural light element in this sunken area, there is privacy too with open area, common space also designed in the basement pool area on its left side, master suite on the right side, in-house cinema, this place is for socializing, customized coffee tables placed, details on curtains, this is the master suite on basement, rich element in this area, black and light colors are blended, beautiful furniture, backwall treated from A to Z Brass used, wall quiltings, velvet used, huge size tiles on the media wall too, wall mounted storage area, beautiful ambience of ceiling, walls there is a partition defined by flooring, then comes the bedroom area, lights colors used in wall treatment, gold leafing patterns, pool view comes from window smart size bed, wall panelings could be seen this is master washroom with jacuzzi area on the right side which is independent, beautiful vanity and wall mounted accessories, storage area on the left side UV pattern sheets used in it, solid wood used internally, then comes wall mounted commode, huge vibe, independent shower area on the backside, Grohe fittings and Italian Tiles this is in-house cinema in basement, green and gold color blended, base color in light tone, beautiful recliners, huge size wall, fully equipped walls and sound system this area is sound proof, you get a rich vibe lounge area on the left side in basement, facing swimming pool, customized chandelier, brass electric fireplace in the pop-up wall, seating space on the left side with multi colors huge tile on right side, double pattern sofas on backside, you get a pool view from here this is first floor, wide entry as you can see on right side, you get an architectural view from here, custom chandeliers dropped, they are MADE IN PAKISTAN crytals are dropping, customization in everything, bedrooms on left side, taking you to another bedroom from corridor space three main bedrooms on this level, we'll show you the top roof garden after this, pink and light colors are blended in it, daylight entry, picture windows, beautiful fabrics media wall, bedwall infront of it, Jute patterns used in bed, wall quilting and glass used on the backside, wall mounted custom lights, view available from the bedroom seating space is also available, raw pattern floorings, then comes the master washroom, Italian tiles used, window on the right side from entry, storage area available, raw patterns on walls shiny pattern floorings, vanity wall is custom designed, everything is blended together, then comes independent shower area on the right side, planter area on left side wall treatment at front around wall mounted commode, there are total 6 bedrooms in this house, 3 main on first floor, this is the second on first floor you can see the patterns on the backwall, Italian paint used in it, grains are defined, window on the backside, media wall customized designed, wall mounted storage area available there is a seating space, beautiful fabrics, now taking you to main washroom, floating vanity on right side, Corian used in it, floral tile on the back side, window on the backside independent shower area, independent closet range, then is the independent wall mounted commode, all the fittings are of Grohe and Italian tiles there is a storage area on the left side on first level, closet store, iron room. here is a beautiful master suite of this level, customized chandelier, turkish carpets placed, seating space, media wall tailor made sofa designed, colors are beautifully popping out, then comes L shape windows which gives entry of natural light Turkish fabric used in curtains, you can see the patterns, this is main bedwall, glass is used, wall quilting, you get beautiful vibe due to the backlight, let's show you the master washroom, you see the showcase area when you enter, wooden floorings are used, independent shower area, wall mounted commode, Grohe fittings tiles are dropped from ceiling to floor, this is another multipurpose area on first level, as a study, library, in-house office. you can see the beautiful decor, there is a window on right side giving indoor patio view, green color is used framing popping out in black colors, there is a main seating space on the right side, you can organize indoor function or party, then is indoor patio around it, open to sky, customized seating space media wall with brass in the seating space, bookmatch cutting of the tiles, wall paneling on the right and left side, detail art work, a kitchen shelf designed in it, all main accessories are in it then comes a seating space, you can see how beautifully colors are blended, there is a huge size picture window on the right side, you get a complete view from here, you can use this area for multiple purposes We hope you enjoyed the tour, let's discuss the details again, the plot size is 2 kanal, DHA phase 6 prime location, 36 crore is the demand, basement level, ground level, first level fully constructed covered area, 15000 sq ft. total 6 bedroom accommodation, swimming pool, in-house cinema, top roof garden, don't skip it, contact us on our given numbers for visiting it

2023-04-29 19:02

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