These simple things saved my online shop ~ Frannerd

These simple things saved my online shop ~ Frannerd

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Hi guys wait, wait a second, there. You go hi guys face you stay welcome to another vlog I need to pack some Etsy orders and. I. Think today I'm going to paint. The stickers and do more. Scanning. Because, I still have a few documents to. Scan one of my dearest patrons. She. Asked, me about my Etsy, shop essentials. Throughout, this. Four. Years four, years that I've had an, Etsy shop and online, shop I had learned, so many things and, there's. A few gadgets and, stuff, that I use for my Etsy shop that. I have that, basically, have saved me, I think, the first item, should be my, die mole printer. It's. A label printer, I. Don't, know I forgot I think I've mentioned this in the past a couple of times on this channel but I used, to be obsessed with, handwriting, all of the addresses of my. Daughter's and that, took me maybe, an, entire day I'm not overreacting guys. Because. I thought it was a very nice and special detail, to, handwrite, all of the addresses but, doing that I used to waste so much time because sometimes, I had misspelling so I had to start it all over again, and, in, the end even, though a lot of people appreciated. The. Gesture, that. Envelope. Is going to. Be. On the trashcan in, like in a matter of seconds, as soon as that parcel arrived so, I'm like why am i taking so long in something that it doesn't like, nobody, is going to care if I stop. Handwriting. Everything, so, I decided, to invest, and buy. Label. Printer, you my love I'm just like staring, at my diamond right now he saved my life basically, what you do is you print all of the addresses there and once, I discover, I realized, that you could print actually. Illustrations. With the, address, I thought, okay I'm sold I look I love this and I, started printing my own. Illustrations, next, to the. Addresses, and I also used to print my p.o box addresses. The one that goes in the back of the envelope I think, that's the second thing that I, house. Just that you guys invest, on your, shop it is a PU box address every, time you send something to, the through, the post it's, very likely that that parcel, is going to get lost or returned, and you have to have a return address I. Felt. Very weird of putting, my own address I used to do that back when I was living in Berlin and the problem, is that a couple. Of customers, usually. When people are really excited to receive your parcels. They might take, a picture of the address just because, they are excited, and I'm. Like okay I can I just can't keep sharing I can't keep reading my address on the back of the envelope just. Like pirate, privacy, reasons and, that's why I invested, on a pure box the pure box guys will be a really, really good investment, for your business, I know that. They're very. Convenient, prices. Out there if you pay a, whole, year, or. Even half of year but, look at it as an investment because, if you're shipping stuff, that is, valuable. To you not even like price wise but your products, it's. Very likely that you're going to see, them get back to you in case something bad happens in the beginning I didn't have a pure box address, and so I couldn't, put my address on the back and lots, of parcels, and lots of orders that lost in the mail because there was no return address, so I highly suggest that you have a pure box now.

I Have to pack. A few orders and then I have to scan, but. I will see you in a little bit. The, other thing that saved my life, that's. That, sounds I'm exaggerating it, didn't, save my life but it made my life easier. Our, speakers. Guys and I'm not talking about the stickers that you sell like, these ones I'm. Talking about the stickers that will help you to improve the. Speed, in which your process, your, parcels. Or orders, and I'm talking about this baby this baby right here I used to handwrite all of my PU, box addresses, the return address and then, I started using daimao, to print the PIO Box address but. Later on I realized that it was more, expensive, to print my. PO Box address because it's the same address over. Over over again and. I decided to do. A head. Like a sticker like a paper sticker this is not vinyl, so it's a very very cheap sticker and the, cool thing is that you could do it in colors. Even though it looks very simple, and, like I can't believe I thought about this before it really, improved the speeding which I process, all of my parcels, I also, have, these. Sticker, sheets for. These. Guys I, have a place to not bend sticker, that I put on my, parcel, like on the front, part of my envelopes, and I, also use. Friend. Ed, this. Is kind of my signature because. Okay. This is like a big mistake I. Did. With some of my products I forgot. To put signature. Guys on, my products on some of my products like the. Some. Stickers, and some of the calendars. Like weekly schedules, so, a way of putting your signature, or a way of, a. Lovely, way of people to remind you is this. One so this has my social media and my name, on it so, if there's any products, or. Stuff. Laying around that doesn't have my name on it try. Not to do that in the future by the way put a sticker, put, up earn on it put a sticker on it and, everything. Will be amazing, and nice and useful. Okay. Guys I'm doing some progress with the sticker so know if you can see this, is the last one that I need to check and later on I put, all the stickers together on my, computer. Because. I want to do a print tests, the, reason why I'm doing this is because the. IPad only can draw with. RGB, colors, this procreate, the pro crea so when you put them on the computer I need to check if all the colors look okay SC, y MK. That. Was hard to say in English so. I'm. Going to show you everything but I just want to see if the colors look okay and they're, if if there's enough space to do. The cutting line and stuff like that. The. Colors look great and. I. Can see, that, this is working somehow. But. Now, I need to make sure that. Everything. Else looks, okay and. So. Far so good. Okay. I found something guys, I drew. The, cutting edge of, the stickers because I need to make sure that there's enough space so I don't know if you can see but here, between. Hastings, and East Hill crew there's, not enough space so have, to move. Is hill crew a little bit down below and the, other thing is that the, colors of Jack, in the green which. Is this one here they're too similar even. Though there is a difference, is not that noticeable so. I might, have, to either. Make. Her his. Least. Darker, or his skin tone lighter because. Otherwise you. Won't be able to distinguish. Both skin, and. Hair. Other. Than that I think, I. Might, have to pay. Attention to this situation. Here and I. Wanted, to add two, final, stickers, on this sheet I want, to do you some fries or french fries or like chips here and here. On ice cream because that's quintessential. Hastings. But. Other than that I think were. Okay. Thank. You, yeah. Thank you so much thank. You. So. Maybe you're wondering why I bought, three. Of some pencils, and it's, because you guys this. One this baby, this. Is the color that I am using for my, planner so. All of the textures, that, you. Have seen, on, print, tests, and, stuff like that they. Come from this pencil. And I really like the color and the. Problem, was that I, was running. Out of it and, since I am going to use this baby a lot I decided, to go, ahead and buy three of them thank.

God I found a place in which you can buy. These. Babies. Individually. It. Took me a while to find a place in the UK but. Now I got it and I'm really happy. How. Are you today's Thursday I'm about to draw. A, little bit for, Instagram. Because it's been a while since last time I updated, Instagram. I feel. So guilty. But. It's. Been mainly because, god. These, application. Why are you doing this to our lives. To my marriage. So this, update. Is because, I, also want to recommend you for your shop because we were talking about it. About. Greeting. Cards is our greeting cards is getting us know it's postcards, conman mine. In. The past guys I used to you, everything. In the past was time-consuming. I. Used, to hand stamp. My. Thank-you. Notes for, my online shop. Because. I wanted, to create something special, as. A way to say things for every purchase that was made but. The problem is that. With time it wasn't worth. It not in the sense that I. Loved, doing everything by hand but, it wasn't it just like it was impossible to keep up and now. I decided, I think, last year we found this very good supplier of postcards. Postcard, skies can, be so, freakin, cheap especially. If you produce, them, like. In larger, quantities. And I, thought to myself what a great way to say, things, van. With a postcard, I love the small details, every time you buy from an online shop and I feel like with, so many online shops I feel that. Most, of the cases that. Special. Touch that's, only weird but I know yeah I hope you know what I mean is lost, and that's. Why every time I create a new product that is going to be adapt. Like an extra, to every, parcel, or every order I try to make it as meaningful as, possible so. That's. Why I did a full-color and I added why, it, means so much to me every, purchase and, for. Christmas will have a different, design so, I try to spice, things up every once in a while and the, thank-you note what's something that not, only improve the quality of my parcels, they look more professional and put together but. It, saved me so, much time and, trouble. Hi, guys and, welcome to, my, office one more time. Today. Is Friday it just uploaded. The video that you watched last week right now I have to take care of you orders, that arrived during the night thank. You so much by the way if you, have. Ever. Purchased. Something, on my shelf thank you so much for your support and every. Time I see your comments. By. The moment when you do like to check out you can like leave comments and stuff like that your comments, guys are so freaking, cute. So. Thank you so much I'm tired can you see but I'm drinking coffee so that's great I need, to do do, the orders, and then I think I'm going to keep working on the planner I have, a meeting and then. It's. Friday so, my. My go to gym we have no idea everything. Is open and nice, and, I really wanted, the. Weekend, to arrive so I'm so happy you guys gonna, put you put, you here look I'm, gonna put you here guys. Okay. I just. Came back from lunch.

And I think I'm going to draw, now for, a, couple, of hours before. Going back home, it's. Friday so I, feel like you're half. Half. Productive. Half, on the weekend, so yeah it's it's fine it's fine. But, I want to shoot oh my, god I wanted to end this video with. The. Last thing that I wanted to share because I kept thinking what else can I share. With you guys too, if you have an online shop besides how you produce, the stuff because I have no idea if you do jewelry, or stationery, or stickers, and, I can give you all the places in which I do my, stuff I don't mind, but. No. Matter what you do I think the last thing that I can share with you guys is, to have a good relationship with your post office, when. I started. Back in Berlin, four years ago with my online, shop I remember. I had to do the Q. The. Q every time I went. To post office to process all the orders and that, took me a couple of hours because. Between. Waiting. For the cue from line to move and processing. All of the orders I, wasted. A lot of time of course I tried, I did my best to seize every second on that queue reading my favorite book or listening to my podcast or catching up with messages, and stuff but. What, I highly suggest that at least here in the UK there's a system called drop, and go anyone can apply and, basically, this. Sounds like a sponsored review for Royal Mail basically. It's not, basically. What you do is you, have to sign in and one, allows you is that they give you a card that you can tap up like, a metro, card to, subway, card which. You can then, top-up with money and. Basically. What you do is drop, and go you fill out a form which is a, manifesto. So you fill up this form with, all the addresses. Is not the address is the postcode. At the building, name and number and then. You put your name the, number, of you top and goecart you sign it and you can drop and leave, you. Can drop and go baby you don't have to make, you, do you don't have to wait for your items to process, and that's, great, and, what, that also comes, with the drop and go is that you can, have. This in. Your health, with you these, are all the labels. That. We use when we have to do, some tracking number, services, for some, orders. So. You have here tracking sign or only sign these, are for UK only but this is so cool because when. You sign, in for drop and go, card or when you have one, of these like fancy machines, for. The post office you, can now apply and, you can get this for free on the mail why am i mentioning all, this because, you have saved me so much time and, just, like bad. Misunderstandings. Or like bad. Situations. Or, just being. Grumpy doing, the line and being tired and murderer like the bad side a friend I have, same plane itself so much trouble, and time. With. This system, and I'm sure something. Like this. Exists. No, matter where you live so please have, a good relationship with the people that work at the post office usually. People when they go to post office they're, grumpy I mean the people, tweeting, the stuff so, be always nice to them there are amazing, people doing, the best they can. Yeah. My love's that's I think that's the last advice that, I have to share I feel like I get so many questions and, requests, regarding. Online shops and, selling. Stuff online so I'm. Very happy to share everything I know basically, about. My online. Shop I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, ahead thank you so much to all of my pages because. They allow me to you sit. Down drink coffee listen, to podcast and draw that's, like the dreamiest, life. Ever so thank you so much patrons, for your support, and for being so nice to me, there's. A spider on. My. Window. Thank. God I don't I'm not scared of spiders because, this scene will be horrifying, for some people uh holidays. We can have a nice probably thank you so much for watching I'll, see you next week bye guys, leave, down below any requests. For future videos bye, bye, guys. You.

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This is literally what I’m going through right now! Was doing small doodles for the card that I add in for my orders as extra padding and it is just too time consuming now but still want to add my personal touch so I really like that idea of adding a postcard. Soon I’ll be able to buy some! Thank you for the tips they have been so helpful!

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Igual cuando me llego tú planner, guardé para siempre TODO (la cajita, el envoltorio, los stickers), porque se nota el cariño que le pones a todos los detalles, eres seca Fran, admiro mucho tu trabajo, saludos desde Antofagasta

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Dear Fran, I'm not sure if I should take an illustrating job I've been offered, considering that I'm 13, or if I'll even have enough time... How would you go about this problem? Please help!

hey fran! Tienes alguna experiencia siendo freelancer en chile??

Simplemente, amo tus vídeos Fran... Me encanta cuando muestras escenas en las que vas a comprar o a hacer tus trámites por la ciudad. Eres súper inspiradora....... Un abrazo desde Chile....

Loved this video, as usual. Even though I don't run a shop I still appreciate your tips and effort you put into sharing so with us! btw, is that carrandache pencil erasable? Really loved the colour x

Fran!!!! Podrías ya hacer un video en español y decir "paloyo" varias veces.

Hi Fran ! My name is Tianhe

I think you are doing good by printing the labels but, in my case, I save every special envelope that is sent by artists/other (I still have yours!). Regarding the signature, I feel like your illustrations are your signature, I just look at them and I see Fran all over the place :3 Thank you for sharing and keep the good work and the lovely videos

Ay siempre que te veo Fran armando pedidos me da unas ganas de dedicarme de lleno a vender. Vengo hace tiempo con un dilema, realizo hace tiempo ilustraciones sobre mi vida con mis gatos (cómics) y desarrolle de a poco un negocio con ello.. vendo el calendario todos los años, postales y stickers en ferias y durante el año hago retratos familiares para los seguidores de la pagina, se fue dando de a poco pero es genial que todos los meses tengo pedidos y es una ayuda grande en el mes en cuanto a dinero, pero también consume la mayor parte de mi tiempo. A su vez una parte de mi como ilustradora siente que si me dedico a expandir ese mundo que es acotado a un personaje y la temática animales no podría expandir mis horizontes en cuanto a la ilustración quizás.. probar otras cosas..como animación, libros infantiles.. es como que quiero probar que mas puedo hacer, pero no puedo hacer ambas, no se si me explico.. es dedicarme a un solo personaje y ya.. pero por otra parte veo estos vídeos y se me enciende una emoción tan grande por desarrollar mi tienda y expandirme! que dilema, algún consejo alguien?

Ah! Ha, your video is making me so excited to receive my order!! Love you muchos Fran!!

Thank you for your video I love watching! You always bring smile to my face and my daughter love you too!

Thank you so much for this, Fran! I have to say, everything I learned about having an online shop basically came from you, and by watching your videos I grew more confident and said to myself: "Let's try this!" So I opened my own etsy shop and so far its been quite a nice journey. I am nowhere near you with how much I sell, you know, it's just a experiment for now, but I am happy I tried it and I learn something new every day. I even did these stickers with my adress on it to print out too, I picked that up before, although having a PO box would be better of course. Anyway, thanks again!

Your face at the end is MY FACE when I see a spider ha ha. Thanks for all the tips!

Thanks for sharing your processes! Always so nice to watch. Love from Berlin!

Oh my, too much woman. Good you started printing your labels you have enough on your plate to handwrite the labels. :o}

I live for your funny faces.

I really enjoy your videos every week and look forward to them. Definitely inspires me to get off my a$$ and try to put my art to use. I love all the behind scenes stuff. You are so freaking cute!!!!

I'm curious about cutting stickers too!

Not sure how to phase this correctly. But when you were living in Chile, did you have any additional problems with the postal service there, when compared to the Germany and England postal services?

Muy bueno! pasate por mi canal de ilustracion y arte!

wow these are such great tips! thanks so much, fran

Hola Frannerd! Es súper interesante el proceso de trabajo de tu tienda en línea, me agradaría saber un poco más de tu experiencia en conseguir los proveedores de impresión y cómo imprimes tus stickers en material transparente. ¡Saludos desde México!

jaja los personajes para la agenda! más tiernos!

Thanks for the useful tips, Fran!

I'm very confused about something. How are you able to print colored labels with Dymo if Dymo printers are only black??

So my next question is how are you printing your stickers? Do you outsource from a printing press?

My absolute favourite type of video!!!! More! More! More! :D xx

Did you know you can use your iPad as a Cintiq? You probably do, but just in case, the app's called: Astropad. :)

unrelated to the video, but I have an adorable little kitten that I took in a couple weeks ago who’s name is Fran!! she makes me think of you :D

El final

Hola Fran! Nunca te he escrito, pero sigo tu canal y tu carrera hace años y me encanta, me inspira mucho la forma que tienes para afrontar tu vida, de manera tan auténtica, a pesar de los miedos e inseguridades que surgen en el camino y te agradezco por eso


thank you for this video! your tips are so good! My webshop is still small and slowly it will grow :) i'm just happy to watch inspiring people like you!

I've barely done any art since leaving art college 3 years ago but daaaamn your videos really make me wanna create!!

Nos inspiras, Fran, muchísimas gracias por tus vídeos, tu esfuerzo y ser tú misma. Nos animas a trabajar duro simplemente mostrando tu día a día y contándonos tus historias. Sigue así!!!

You are seriously the best

I loooove when you call your pencils "these babies" XD

portlandia references are always appreciated

I wish that drop nd go system worked in spain. thanks for the awesome advise!!

ELIDETH GARCIA Hola, yo también iba a escribir lo mismo. Ya cero videos en español. Me gustaría que hicieras uno talvez cada dos meses... No sé algo así.

I really really really enjoy when i saw your video it made me feel so happy and relax

Making friends with your mailman is always a good idea! I leave gifts for my mail man/woman. In the US you dont have to fill out any forms like that as long as your packages are pre-paid you can just drop them off. Depending on where you live you can also have your outgoing mail picked up from your apartment/house for free! (Which is why is a good idea to make friends with your mailman)

Hi Fran, thank you so so much for this video!! It is packed with a lot of great and very useful info. I'd love, one day, to open an Esty shop. I'm still working on it and your videos are awesome and helpful. Thanks to all the advice you give us, they are very much appreciated :)

Hi Fran! I never comment on your videos but i watch every single one and they're so loovelyyyy! I had a question, how do you start personal projects that dont have a deadline?

Yes! Share where you get all your things made as you mentioned :)) stickers, post cards, packaging :D... More etsy shop advice videos! You're the best!!

Hi Fran! I was just wondering what the postage/stampy/machine thing was and why you were using it? Thanks so much for this video, so helpful! xxxxx

This is the best channel. Seriously.

Love your work !!!Especially your line work in your comics, these are really great tips for a online shop

What drawing app do you use on your tablet? :0

I love you and your style

Why if i follow this channel for a long time ago.. i didn't watched this video.. i have an online store.. yep im a amateur is this, but your recommends help me to make these things and troubles more easy to handle and save more time to be more productive.. thanks fran, you are the best :3


Just wondering why you print in CMYK rather than RGB?

Congratulations Fran! ❤️❤️❤️ I love your art especially the colors. Stay awesome!


Why do you recored all the videos in the mirror? But i love your videos

Such a great video! Does anyone know the name of the blue pencil she is using?

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