The Truth of It | Ep. 55

The Truth of It | Ep. 55

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G'day i'm martin isles and this is, the truth of it and today i'll be talking about the great, reset, and if you don't know what that is stick around because it's significant, it's quite big. It's also something that's been the subject of many conspiracy, theories and concerns, in recent times, i'll also be talking secondly about the change, and suppression. Conversion. Practices, prohibition. Bill, 2020.. It's a word salad it's a mouthful, but uh we'll be talking about that it's in the state of victoria, it's about lgbt, conversion, therapy. And uh what does it mean for the whole country, quite a bit. But first of all i want to make a quick comment about the elephant in the room which is the u.s, election, i talked about it last week a number of things have changed since then, i'm not ready to talk about it again until, next week the reason for that is it's really difficult to know what's going on until the court cases are actually filed, i don't want to comment about the pr. I don't want to comment about press conferences. I don't want to comment about politicking. I'm really just interested, in the cases themselves. In the evidence that's being put forward and the nature of what's going to actually be put into, court where you know the rubber meets the road they're going to have to try and prove, that's what i'm interested in and the reality, is that right now. There really doesn't seem to be anything in court that could change the election outcome. It all depends. On. Sydney powell's the name of the attorney in question, it all depends on her promise, to quote release, of the kraken. Uh. Her. Comment that this was going to be a biblical, case. A case that would allege. Fraud. And allege hacking of the dominion, voting machines, and the smartmatic. Software and all the rest of it huge things have been said, she says she's going to file imminently. And that means if she does one of two things is going to happen, either it's all going to be in there like she promised in which case we'll have a lot to talk about next week. Or, it's all going to be pr, and no substance, in which case i'll certainly be, you know, pretty annoyed. About all of that but we can cover that as well let's wait and see, i don't know, if evidence is there, we'll look at it but for now, i think the wisest thing to do, is wait, and see otherwise we risk getting caught up in, the noise. Having said that let's move on to, another big global, issue, which is the great. Reset. As i said this has been quite topical of late there's a lot of different theories swirling around some of them are verging on conspiratorial. But it's important, to address it because it is real. It's not actually the existence, of it is not a conspiracy, uh you know time magazine, is running a great reset, issue, uh the world economic forum is calling its next, national, annual, meeting, the great reset. And they've put out a paper called the great reset it's very very real it's an actual thing, um, and it has meaning for all of us because it's got great influence at the, area of global governance with with uh world leaders and so on, but to understand, the great reset you first need to have some understanding of the world economic forum or the wef. This is a body it's just an organization, and not for profit it's based in geneva in switzerland, it was founded by a bloke called klaus. Schwab. In 1971. And basically in a nutshell it is a think tank, it's a think tank kind of on steroids, though, a think tank is kind of an organization, that produces, research. And they put together research papers, on areas, that are relevant, to government policy so might be research, on tax rates and the impact it has on business. Or it could be on, i don't know um the nature you know how many trees are in a suburb and what that does to happiness, of the community or whatever it could be any number of things and they could put this research paper together do all this original, work, prove, the whole bunch of things like a 20, tax rate is ideal or, seven trees per square meter is ideal, or whatever that'd be a lot of trees but, you know all that kind of stuff and they go to government so here's our recommendations, here's our research, some of these think tanks are quite influential, and they can really influence government.

Policy Through the work that they do. The, world economic forum. Is a bit like that, except that it's kind of enormous. It is, global, for one thing. And also it's managed, to get real, influence. With. A lot of global figures. Mostly world leaders. But also, global, business leaders. Also figures like prince charles, greta thundberg, all these types. And a lot of. Sort of, celebrity, types and everything as well so it's quite a broad church so to speak. And it, brings all these people together, what they call these annual. Meetings. The annual meetings, in its own words quote bring together, top leaders and shape global regional, and industry, agendas. All that kind of blah blah blah wording is pretty common in everything that they write um, it's boring. Um but in january 2020. Of this year about 3, 000 of these so-called, top leaders attended, they were mostly business people and they were mostly, world leaders, uh politicians. It's influential. Enough to have informed. Political campaigns, so the phrase build back better which was joe biden's. One of joe biden's slogans, for the u.s presidency, is actually a phrase that comes out of the world economic, forum and the work they've been doing. It was also. Used by boris, johnson, the same the same three words in some of his work. Also you can see the slogan appear on a lot of government department, letterheads, and, communications. They put out in research papers, everywhere from canada, to pakistan, the oecd. Justin trudeau, prime minister. Canada. Made public statements using that great reset phrase and a few associated, phrases, so it's a think tank with lots and lots of high profile, friends. And very influential. It influences, governments, it influences, businesses. And it influences, the way all these people think because they get together and talk about this stuff and go away and do their own thing and it's all lodged in their head. That brings me to the great reset. What exactly is it well it's actually a project, of the world economic, forum. It is the title as i said of their next annual meeting in may, 2021. It is also, produced, in a big document. It's full of many words that make you know that are boring, reading and a lot of them are buzz words and generalizing, all the rest of it it's just frankly excruciating. But some of the buzzwords, it includes are things like change and transformation, it's always all about change and transformation, it wants to really change things, it wants to see that change and transformation. In every country. And every industry, so it's quite radical, and it wants to see that change and transformation. Shaped and brought on by the recovery. From covert, 19, to reimagine, economic systems and reimagine, capitalism, as we shall see in just a moment. It's full of lots of pc, stuff there's lots of stuff but equality. And sustainability. Really heavy on climate change, really heavy. And. And and also. There's lgbt, inclusion, and all that stuff as well, importantly, this is not just. A document, that is or or even a body the world economic forum, that's all about governments. It's also all about big the biggest businesses, as well, it brings them into the agenda. And it does that by saying oh businesses, aren't just about business. Businesses, are actually all about uh you know i'm making a better world, and businesses, are all about politics, and businesses are all about leaving legacies, and changing society. And we've seen that a lot in businesses lately most with mostly with them becoming more and more woke, uh enforcing, diversity, and inclusion agendas, and you see like rugby australia sacking israel fallout, you see qantas with all of their games that they play, we're seeing this a lot in business well the world economic forum is inviting, businesses, into the fold and saying, this is business and government and we're all, in to this, this thing of making a better world, that's significant, because we're about to see.

The World economic forum supports. Stuff that traditionally, businesses, would, not embrace. But they've, cleverly, included, business in the agenda, so that's that's, very, clever, on their part. Now, all of that's very general. But there are times, when people like mr schwab himself klaus schwab. Are a lot clearer. About their meaning and they really distill, what they want. And you can get a sense of what they really, mean. With a bit more clarity and a bit fewer words, one example, is october the 22nd. Time magazine. An article, by klaus schwab himself. Summarizing. A lot of his work and much of what the great reset, stands for, i'm going to just read some quotes, and make comments, he says this for example he says a better economy, is possible. But we need to reimagine. Capitalism. To do it, what he really means is pitch out capitalism, and put something in its place, but reimagine, is a little bit more acceptable, and genteel, in the diplomatic, world, uh he goes on to say the same economic, system that created so much prosperity, in the golden age of american capitalism, in the 1950s. And 1960s. Is now creating, inequality. And climate change. So in other words capitalism, is no longer any good it was great but no longer any good, and he says and the same political, systems, are not economic system but now political, system that enabled our global progress and democracy, after world war ii. Now contributes, to societal. Discord, and discontent. Each was well intended, but had unintended. Negative. Consequences, so short version capitalism, is bad now, democracy, is bad now both of them are broken both of them need resetting, both of them need fixing. You can get a sense of where this is going. He says, crazy, things, like, evidence that democracy, is now splintered, and messed up is things like black lives matter and the climate justice movement, which is insane, because these things have not been birthed, from. Belief, in democracy. Or any of the ideals of democracy. These things have been set up as uh. An antithesis, to democracy, they're revolutionary. Movements, that don't believe in democracy, or don't believe in, western, values, or any of these things at all. And they've been set up and they're causing all this trouble he's like yeah so you see what democracy, does suit all the trouble it causes.

No. These are anti-democratic. Movements. Um, and you see this a lot it's almost like a kind of gaslighting. For example, with, biden, and the democrats, coming in and saying now's the time for healing. We're all going to you know heal america we're gonna have peace and quiet like we we couldn't have under donald trump because of all the division, and the anger. And we know, that the movements, that were causing the violence when donald trump or donald trump is still president but you know in the in the in the trump term over the last few years. We know that they're left-wing movements. We know there's black lives matter that was doing that we know there's antifa, that was doing that it wasn't you know trump following, um you know uh texans, that were doing that. It just wasn't but see there's a kind of gas lighting here it's like oh well now we can heal because that was his fault, when it was them all along, um. Anyway, that's a slight tangent, but uh it's becoming more and more common so cloud schwab is up the creek on that stuff but nonetheless that's his point, he says i don't capitalism's, got to change democracy's, got to change he goes on there are reasons to believe a better economic, system is possible. And that it could be just around the corner. He goes on to say two reasons for that covet 19, here's a great reset opportunity, here's a new economic system we can bring in, uh now's the chance since we've, botched our economies, effectively. And. Maybe we can do something different now to hide that. The other thing he actually uses a lot and that the world economic forum uses a lot is climate change. Climate change has another sort of crisis. So to speak, to, um. To precipitate, a massive reinvention. Of these systems. He goes on for the past 30 to 50 years the neoliberalist. Ideology, has increasingly, prevailed, in large parts of the world, this approach centers on the notion that the market knows best that the business of business is business, and that the government should refrain from setting clear rules for the functioning of markets. Those dogmatic, beliefs, have proved, wrong but fortunately, we are not destined, to follow them. Yeah really okay. I would say that a lot of the debt trouble that western countries are in right now isn't because of markets, but it's because of government interventions. Like coronavirus. Um, seriously. But anyway, notice. How. He's saying that, businesses, he's bringing them into the political realm the business of business is no longer business.

After Something far greater join us you know be part of this program. That's uh really significant, and here's the other thing he says these things have been proved wrong, the reality, is that the last, you know since world war ii if you look at the democratic, and the capitalistic. Systems, of the world and how that spread into more and more countries. The reality, is that it has lifted, more people, out of poverty than any other time in history, it has elevated, more into the middle class than at any other time in history. It has it has, raised up the lives of more people, it has improved, the lot of more people than any, other, move or idea, in all of history. And actually when you do that, you get all the other things that mr klaus says that he wants. You get for example. Far less emissions per capita. With the technological. Advancement, and with the change from a country from third world to developing, to first world. You get all sorts of benefits. And he says no no we don't want those benefits through the capitalistic, tradition. We've got a better idea. That's important to note. Here's something far more telling, far more telling. A video was released by the world economic forum. Since deleted. Interestingly. Based on the notion, of imagining, life in 2030. It's a short video with a number of taglines. The first, tagline, that appears on the screen and indeed the thumbnail of the video was, you'll, own, nothing. And you'll be happy. Now here's a question. Who exactly, is. You. Who's owning nothing. I'll tell you this, it isn't klaus. I'll tell you this is not the world economic, forum. I tell you this is not the big businesses, and big governments that are involved in the world economic forum, i know but it's you. It's the little guy you own. Nothing. Because someone, is going to own. Something. That. Is pure. Communism. With an elite. Ruling, class. That oversees. All things. And the little guy, owns nothing and is meant to be, happy. Doesn't work that way in practice, great idea. The next line. Is. Whatever, you want. You will rent. And it makes my point. Who are you renting it from. Who are you paying. I thought we all own nothing. Someone owns the things. Someone, made the things. Someone replaces. The things. Someone. Is responsible, for the things. It's just not you. It continues. The us, won't be the world's, leading, superpower. In other words and it goes on to say it will be a coalition, of nations. So it will be a multinational. Government. That's what will dominate. Right. Um. As if that could possibly, go wrong and again, if america is not the superpower, i mean. What do we want china to be the superpower, do we think that'll go well. I mean this is sort of the world government, stuff. It's, idealism. It says you'll eat much less meat, an occasional, treat. Not a staple. So in other words someone is now telling me what i can eat. Someone's now telling people, what kind of meat they can, grow. And how they can distribute, it and they're controlling. Food, production, supply. And what you put into your mouth. Surprise. I guess if you don't own anything and you're dependent on the government who owns everything to rent stuff from, why not let them define what your diet is, it goes on a billion, people will be displaced, by climate change, will have to do a better job at welcoming and integrating, refugees. Okay the first part of that statement. False a billion people will not be displaced by climate change. But even if, climate change was happening, of that nature. There's plenty of work been done to show that the best way to deal with it is technological. Advance. And actually have the technology, to deal with it people can live anywhere with the right technology, people can handle anything with the right technology. That is technological, advanced that will do it but no, they say instead, we're going to have to, welcome and integrate refugees.

And What this is based on effectively, and frankly a lot of countries do a great job welcoming, and integrating refugees, they just do it in a sustainable, way, but of course this is based on the idea that all cultures are relative. A relativistic. View of culture, that there's no culture that's better than another, there's no values that are better than others, you know no country has gotten, further ahead because of its values and its culture which are good. And therefore, to dilute that, doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, uh it is to and you'll go on to, see that they don't believe in western values, and so that's really what they're after they want the western world to be overwhelmed. By cultures from develop the developing world, quickly. So that they no longer exist. It says polluters, will have to pay to emit carbon dioxide. There will be a global, price on carbon. Again i say levied by whom who gets the carbon price. Well not you because you don't own anything. No the carbon price will go to the people who own the stuff, and they'll get fatter and they'll get richer. And whose expense, will that be. Yours, who doesn't own anything. Because that's what happens the carbon price filters down to everything else, it increases the prices of everything, they actually say this western values will have been tested to the breaking, point, which goes in with what what klaus was saying before, about the fact that western values, uh democrat, democracy, capitalism, and all that are on the way out they no longer work, what are western, values well do you know what's interesting, western values. At the very least are freedoms. Freedom of movement freedom of speech freedom of conscience freedom of religion freedom of assembly freedom to protest. That sort of thing, at least people agree on that. Ah. Okay. So freedoms. I'll tell you what else people, basically, agree on is that, christianity. Or a form of it, is universally, considered. To be a western. Value, although, i've been tested at a breaking point old hat now who needs the freedoms who needs the christianity. New system. Well finally let me read quickly, a couple of quotes from an article. Published by the world economic forum. How life could change in my city, by the year 2030.. This is hair raising it says welcome to the year 2030.. Welcome to my city or should i say our city i don't own anything, i don't own a car i don't own a house i don't own any appliances, or clothes. It might seem odd to you but it makes perfect sense for us in this city, everything, you considered, a product has now become a service. We have access to transportation. Accommodation. Food and all the things we need in our daily lives, one by one all these things became free so it ended up not making sense for us to own much. Now again someone created that stuff someone has power over that stuff someone, takes the rent for that stuff as it said in the last list. Someone developed it someone repairs, it. It's just that you don't own it. You don't own it. Someone's getting rich off it. Once in a while, note this this is how it closes, once in a while i get annoyed, about the fact that i have no real privacy. Nowhere. I can go. And not be registered. I know that somewhere, everything i do. Think. And dream of is recorded. I just hope that nobody will use it against me. I mean it's just 1984. Out in the open it's not even hidden, so you're going to be tracked. Everything you think. Everything you dream of, everywhere you go will be registered.

You Will be fi. So i wasn't wrong was i when i said oh it's just you that won't own it, it's just that you that pays all the money, it's just you that has your life control to the point of whether you can eat your meat or not, it's just you now. That is tracked. And watched. And followed. This is. Pure. Communism. Notice, all in all it's a good life, much better than the path we were on where it became so clear that we could not continue, with the same model of growth, we had all these terrible things happening, lifestyle, diseases, climate change, refugee, crisis, environmental. Degradation. Completely, congested, cities water pollution air pollution, social unrest and employment. We lost way too many people before we realized that we could do things differently. It's utopian. It'll solve the fact that there's countries, in the world from which people want to flee because of war we're going to end wars have you heard that before. We're going to have world peace, there's going to be no refugee, movements, we're going to, get rid of diseases. I mean for heaven's sake. We're going to get rid of climate, change as if that's within our power i mean. It's utopian. Communistic. Now here's the thing. Is this a conspiracy, theory, i don't, know. I mean. I should say just no, i was gonna say i don't think it is and then i said no it sounded like i said i don't know that's not what i meant i don't think it is, um. It's a real, idea. By a real, bloke, and a real entity. The, problem, is. That entity, happens, to be sort of the hobnobbing. Place of, many world leaders, and business leaders. And these ideas, are going to be rubbing, off, on, them. Now. I hope that our government has the good sense to resist, this. I don't have a lot of confidence. Because the thing is there's not many donald trumps in the world who are not part of this establishment. Class. Who have to pander, to, their friends in the political, worlds, right. That have to be seen to pay credence, to this stuff because their future, and their politics, and their lives depend, on it, uh trump was a true outsider, and that's why they didn't like him we don't have many of those figures. And this. Shows us how these people at the very top in these global institutions. How they are thinking. They actually. Are. Marxists. And or communists.

And Or something, a little bit like both of those things, whatever, word you want to give it. Centralized. Government, people. They are that kind of person. This is what they believe they believe, in the power of themselves, and their own ideas, to make a utopia. That puts people into a position of total control. Total being controlled that is. And here's the thing. Covert 19, has shown that the west, will, embrace this, at least at first. In exchange, for a sense of safety, and security. And for handouts, from the government. And for the odd, footy match we have state of origin with 50 000 and yet we can't even go to a church with all of our, friends at church not allowed to do that but a 50 000 footy match is fine, for that we will give up most things. We will give up our movement we will give up our work we will give up our western freedoms like protesting, and assembly, we will give up connection with our family we will give up everything because the government will keep us safe. Isn't that precisely, what they want no wonder klaus schwab has written a book covert 19, and the great reset. Because this he says is exactly, what we want, and that was what we did for a disease, with a 99.9. Something, survival rate for young people, and a high 90. Survival, rate for old people. As if it was the black death and we're all going to die. Give away a lot don't we, quickly easily. People will drink this up at first. But as the old saying goes you only vote for communism, once. Um, and by the way covert 19 was one thing the next they'll try and engineer into a crisis to get more of this agenda, off the ground will be climate change and it's very clear in the great reset documentation, that's precisely, what they want to do. And that really is i think the threat posed by this, is the influence. Of this group the world economic forum, and the way people are primed to accept it, you know i was asked very recently. At a public forum. What i believe, is the biggest, threat. In the next decade or two, which we're largely unaware of that was the question i was asked there's actually a forum in alice springs. I thought about it i didn't want to give an answer because it sounds crazy. But i said then. Communism. And i have thought that, for a while but i haven't really said it because if you take people too far ahead of where they are they switch off and don't listen to you. But that is what i believe. It's already happening, institutionally. In many changes to legislation. In many changes around crises, like covert 19 the response, is communistic. Or maybe there's a more precise, word but communistic, is close. It's already happening, radically. In movements, like black lives matter we're trained marxists, they said they're revolutionary, they want to wreck the joint they're total. This is how they think or extinction, rebellion, or occupy wall street or safe schools, or, any number of others. And there'll be more in the future. It's already happening. Mentally. By capturing, the minds of young people in the education, system if you teach them, marxist, and communistic. Concepts, in the curriculum, for long enough, they will embrace it when it arrives i know more than one young person who's recently finished year 12 who proudly, announces, that they are marxists.

And It was purely i can tell you because of their education, that's here in australia. But of course it has to happen doesn't it when you remove god. Where else do people go, for contentment. For security. For purpose. For everything. Of that nature. If there is no higher authority, than the state. And with starry, eyes and with their misplaced, hopes, they will start. Looking to the state, to make them happy it won't last because it'll prove, false. But that's where people are starting to look. But there is something more than the state. There is something more than politics. The destiny, of all things. Ultimate, meeting. Are found. In none other, than the living god. Utopia, is not on this earth. Utopia. Is in the next life, and the next world. And i am so glad. That there's something more than politics, i'm so glad that trump or biden or whoever my favorite candidate, is winning the presidency, is not what my happiness. My security. My joy, and all that sort of stuff that's not what it depends on. Never has never will. Because there's something far greater than trump there's something far greater than biden there's something far greater than scott morrison and anthony albanese, for the australian politicians. There's something greater than the world economic forum. The world is losing sight of that fact. People everywhere are losing side of that fact our leaders don't believe that fact. And so statism. Is what is going, to happen. Unless. We recover, that fact. Afresh. All right, second up i'm going to be talking about the change and suppression. Conversion, practices, prohibition, bill 2020, a word salad. A mouthful. But, it is effectively, this issue of lgbt, conversion therapy that is the name of a bill that is introduced, this week into the victorian, parliament victoria, is the second most popular state of australia, for those watching from overseas. Um search our youtube channel for my conversion, therapy, commentary. From the past particularly one from last season. But i want to speak about it again with extra clarity because victoria, has raised the bar, with this latest, bill introduced, into the parliament this week i've read a lot about the bill i haven't read the detail of the bill but i'm pretty sure i understand what's in it based on what i've read about it and the information, we've been given. It is a bill, which as the title says note the change in suppression. Change in suppression, it's purporting to outlaw, change and suppression, practices, i mean. It's a bill that prohibits, change. It's a bill that prohibits, suppression. And the other word in there is a bill that prohibits, conversion. Now it will be falsely marketed. As a bill that prohibits, torture, and coercion. And abuse. And it'll be falsely, justified, based on a report that was given to the victorian, government by the human rights law center and latrobe university, which claims, that such things are rife in christian and religious communities, that is torture coercion, and abuse i quote from the report, harmful conversion, practices, emerged in conservative, christian communities in the 1970s. Our research, suggests that conversion, practices, and ideologies, are being mainstreamed. Within particular christian churches. Conversion, activities, can constitute. Torture, or cruel, inhuman, and degrading, treatment, particularly, when they are administered, through force, or to children. They go on to make the outrageous, claim that up to 10 percent, of lgbt, australians, are vulnerable to these harmful, practices. That is torture, and, etc, degrading, treatment, cruelty. Because. 10, of australians, attend religious institutions, like protestant churches. And that's a huge leap. Let me be clear. These are lies. Abusive. Coercive. Treatments of lgbt. People. Were as much a part of mainstream, medicine, as they were of any religious, communities. These things were done in government. Institutions. But there's a bigger issue. None of these things are happening, anywhere. In australia. Today. Full stop. End of story. It's a sham. It isn't even. True, in fact successive, governments have admitted, that queensland, admitted that south australia's, admitted it the a.c.t, have admitted, it, not happening, no evidence.

So What does the bill do. Well i go back to where i was a moment ago what does it actually do the words change, suppression, conversion, those words are important. And examples. That are given in the aforementioned. Report. Include. Churches that state, quote, change is possible. Churches that have a quote, welcoming, but not affirming. Stance. Churches, that are quote saturated. With an exclusively. Heterosexual. Ideology. As if heterosexual. Sexuality, is an ideology, right, it's called, biology, creation. The idea that same-sex, attracted, people are committed, to. Celibacy. Discussions, in faith-based. Settings, between, freely consenting, adults. Scripture, reading. Prayer. Let me be clear. These things, could constitute. Crimes. Punishable, by imprisonment. We ask during a briefing with the government a few questions. We ask whether, a parent with a gender dysphoric, child would be engaging, in criminality. For encouraging, their child to embrace their biological, sex. They couldn't give us an answer. So a parent who is apprehensive, about putting their child on hormones. And potentially, ruining their life by chopping up their body for. For who wants to who is apprehensive, about that for good. Common sense and scientific, reasons, namely that most children grow out of it. They might be criminalizing, themselves. We ask whether a fully mature, grown, adult, could voluntarily. Seek support, from like-minded. Individuals. Or maybe a pastor or a counselor, now these group sessions where people who get together who want to get together. They happen. If they want to control their lgbt. Inclinations, because that's what they want for themselves. Again the government couldn't give an answer would they be. Encouraging, criminality. So apparently, anyone can live out their identity, without judgment or restriction, unless they're a christian. Right if you want to live as a christian first. You can't you can't seek that the help that would allow that because. That would be encouraging, criminals. It's that's not to mention medical practitioners. Who don't want to rush to affirmation, but want to check for underlying, causes. That's not to mention pastors who just preach the bible. There's a number of other scenarios, i could come up with all concerning. I mean the question that arises to me is who does the victorian, government even think that they are. They've never met these parents, they've never met their children, they've never met the lgbt, christian who wants to live as a christian first they know nothing, about them. And yet they decree, on thread of prison. What is best for that person, regardless, of who that person is, or what that person. Wants. This is just about outlawing, change. It's about outlawing suppression, or indeed even seeking, self-control. It's insane. Or it's, actually evil. Here is a statement released this week by the victorian premier. He says this this is daniel andrews, cruel and bigoted practices that seek to change or suppress a person's sexual orientation, or gender identity will soon be stamped out across victoria, thanks to new laws introduced to parliament today. Well firstly. Cruel and bigoted practices were ended a long time ago. And it wasn't thanks to daniel andrews. This is just rhetoric, to hide what's actually, within the bill. He goes on the bill denounces, such practices, as deceptive, and harmful reinforces, that ideology, behind these practices, is flawed and wrong. Now if you say. If you define these practices. As everything that the bill covers. And then you say what's the ideology, behind these things that i've just been talking about but the parents and the counseling, and the pastors, and all this kind of stuff what's the ideology, it's called christianity.

That's The ideology. It's called the bible. It's called parents, rights to raise their kids according to their moral and religious values. That's the ideology, that's flawed and wrong according to mr andrews. He goes on responses, to reports. Will be survivor-led. And trauma-informed. Focusing on community education, and facilitation. This will ensure that any response, meets the needs and wishes of the affected person. You know i've read and i don't want to, have a go at anybody, except this is a fact i've read the 15. Survivor, testimonies, in the report that i mentioned before. And the individuals, here, whilst they say, what they went through hurt them. They did not survive, coercion, or abuse. They're not survivors, of torture. They're survivors, of having once gone to church. And very much disliking, the doctrine. Or having once gone to a voluntary consenting, support, group, and having thought better of it afterwards. Or having disagreed, with their parents. Over their, uh sexuality. And having later, been upset by it or been upset by it at the time, those are the sorts of things. That they are. Survivors, of. And that's the extent, of it. Let's not overstate, this and say that this is all about torture, it isn't, and i'm sorry that they felt that these ideas were hurtful and harmful to them but here's the thing, you don't have to go to church. You don't have to go to these groups. Some people, like it some people, want it. You don't have to, and you left. That's how it should work it's called a free world. Um. Not to mention. There are huge numbers of people in christian churches. Who used to identify, as lgbt, but no longer do. And, there are increasing, numbers of people who used to identify as transgender. And no longer do and it's been christians that have i know a guy here in australia who was a trans woman for a number of years and then de-transition. And he was dropped like a hot potato, by the trans community for doing that, and it was christians who picked up the pieces. And he joined a church and he's a great fellow, and he now sees that what he did, he disagrees, with what he did he disagrees, with the life that he lived and he wants to and he couldn't be happier, about living the life that he's living now, as a christian. These people are real. There's heaps of them, they couldn't be happier, about it, and they're erased, by this bill. The life they want to live. It will be illegal, for people to seek that life, if this bill passes. I repeat. Who does the victorian. Government, think, they are, to live these people's lives for them. Andrew says this bill also puts in place strong criminal sanctions, for people who subject others to change or suppression practices, that cause injury or serious injury with up to 10 years jail for the latter. Those who try to get around the new laws by subjecting, people to change or suppression practices, will cause, which cause injury outside of victoria. Could face a jail term of up to two years while advertising, these practices will incur a criminal sanction, and a maximum, fine close to ten thousand, dollars. So this is where we are. The risk here is, and it's not even a risk it's true. That, the gospel, itself. Parts of it. Parts of the bible itself and pastoral, ministry, and responsible, parenting and good medical care parts of all of these things.

Are Set to become potentially, jailable offences. We're actually here, we've arrived. Now it won't happen immediately, i don't think that's how it works these laws tend to sit on the books for a while, and they'll sit there until culture changes a little further, and then they'll be used for the first time by an activist to attack some fringy, case that it's hard to defend, because they'll be waiting for it and waiting for it could take five years to happen but it'll happen. And then they'll be used more and more and more to attack truth, and attack people who have done nothing, wrong that's how these things work out. You know i recall doing an interview for 60 minutes on this subject of conversion, therapy. And this part didn't go to where but i remember asking the journalists. I said what if. What if all that is good and right. What if true joy and peace and happiness. What if those things. Weren't actually to be found within a person's, identity. Or within a person's inner self. What if this whole mantra of identity. Of self-discovery. Of pride, what if it's all exactly, backwards. What if i'm not actually, god what if worshiping, and serving, the inner self, the creature, as romans 1 25, says what if that's not my destiny. What if that's not what's right and good and best for me. What if in fact god. Whom i should serve and submit to, he's not inside of me but it is outside he is outside of me. What if he is transcendent. What if all that is good and right what if true joy and peace and happiness, are to be found outside of myself, in god alone. And what if a life enslaved, to self and its passions and desires, is a life of misery, a life of shame. One that you have to compensate, for frankly by shouting about pride. Waving rainbow flags at people and suing them for saying things you don't like. What if, actually. The converse, of that is a life that's liberated, from self. A life that's alive to god, reconciled, to god and submitted, to his will and purpose and what if that was true freedom. What if that brought peace to the heart what if that was actually, joy, as paul says rejoice in the lord always again i say rejoice what if as jesus says you know it is for freedom that christ has set us free the truth will set you free. You know it's not what if it's actually true. We are those who are made to worship and serve the creator. Not the creature, to use the language as romans 1 25. The answer is not in self-worship. But it is in being reconciled, and said to god through the cross of jesus christ and worshiping, and living for him. And i know that many, i really do know this actually, uh it's it's some of the more difficult times in my life have been spent reading documents, to this effect. I know that many an lgbt, person suffers a lot of mental anguish. I know that the mental health outcomes, are bad, and make really tough reading.

I Know that suicide, rates are high i've read papers on the subject i've heard many testimonials. And it's a hard read. Because every time i do it i read stories from people who are oppressed in themselves, and very unhappy. Now i've been told that by gay activists. It's not just my words, i've read that in the reports, authored by people like the. The the human rights commission. I'm here to tell you this banning conversion, therapies won't solve any of that. It won't. Jesus will solve that. He stood up to speak his first sermon in luke's gospel. And he said that he had come to set free. Those who are oppressed. And he did that by taking our sin on himself, which is the thing that oppresses, us, our slavery, to ourselves. And the passions and desires, of the self. And he nailed that to his own cross, he suffered under the judgment of it. And hear his words in matthew chapter 11 he says come unto me. All you who are weary and burdened. And i will give you rest. Take my yoke. Upon you in other words submit to me. Not self but me. Learn from me, for i am gentle, and humble in heart. And you, will find rest, for your souls. For my yoke is easy. And my burden. Is light. Now that's the truth. And if daniel andrews wants to call that bigoted quackery, and wants to send me to jail for it, well i guess i'll have to go to jail. With half the christians in victoria. Because there is no way, you can expunge, that message. And that truth. Because it is the gospel. And it's never been expunged, before despite, people's best efforts. To quote the apostles in the book of acts. When the ancient anti-discrimination. Tribunal, the sanhedrin. Told them to shut their mouths and stop speaking. They said we must obey god. Rather. Than, men. I'm mark niles. And that was, the truth of it. Hey one more thing you know i've been looking at the metrics and i've figured out something you guys are watching the videos, and not subscribing. So please help us out a great deal by hitting the like button and then hitting subscribe hitting the bell as well so you get the notifications. It helps us out a really great deal and you can click here to see more, videos.

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