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The Best Game Show Ever | Alienware Update

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Welcome once again, everybody to the Alienware update, where we covered the latest in Alienware products and news. I'm your host today Maude Garrett. And covering all product news is Trisha Hershberger. You'll see her shortly.

Today, we're doing something a little different. Sometimes in life, it's all about who you know, but today, it's all about what you know for the latest edition of the Alienware update Game Show style. Specifically, what you know about five big categories – gaming, e-sports, gaming culture, the history of Alienware, and finally, the latest Alienware products.

We're going to introduce the three teams shortly and to make it even better, our contestants will be competing for their charity of choice, but don't worry, you at home have an opportunity to play along and receive 25 ARP just for participating. If you're an Alienware arena member or sign up to be one after the show, just scan the QR code on your screen to open up the experience or go to and use the code 805368 to play along. Now somebody in the back didn't want the contestants to have it too easy.

There's going to be some surprise challenges thrown into the mix. You know what? I wouldn't even worry about it actually. Hi, speaking of surprises, you're also going on a global voyage today, as we check out some of our favorite ambassadors from around the world and see how they use their Alienware X 14 laptops in their lives. stick around to learn how you can have the chance to win your very own X 14. We can't wait to show you the newest in Alienware products and have some guests here to talk through the latest features. What? I'm sorry, the product apparently hasn't arrived yet. And we are going to cross to a live feed from our couriers.

How much time we got? 4 minutes, 52 seconds. 51, 50. Okay, we get it. The countdown is not up. Hayashi, when the brief said be stage ready, that didn’t mean get dressed in the moving van. Yeah, the suit and tie thing feels a little bit formal.

I'm presenting the tech. You're not presenting at the Oscars. Okay, what not I focus on looking good and you focus on laptop… Nigel! You happy? Are we happy? Okay, the brief says the prep backpack for the stage and tweet out a photo along with hashtag, #what's in the bag? Oh, what about the new monitor? That's not going to fit in the backpack. It’s already at the studio, dude. Yes, I know we're late, what do you want? Where are you guys? What is taking so long? Is that Alex? I specifically told Alex not to drive. Alex, I told you not to drive.

He can't hear you. He can hear you, but… Hey, no, no, no, don't blame me. Jen took us on some detour. We are trying to stay off the radar. That's why we boarded up the window. Which is a safety hazard, by the way. I said he shouldn't drive, I said it in the brief. You tell him that and I want to hear you say, Alex…

Don't listen to him. You're going to make a right at the next intersection. Got it. It is 2013 all over again. Go around, man. Why is everybody honking at me? Wait! What? They found us. Who?

The gamers. Punch it. I feel like it's my legal obligation to say that you're committing several road violations. Yeah, I'm aware. I know that road, tell him to stay on the road,

it leads to Freeway right over here. Hey, this is my thing. I'm the guy in the chair, right? Right. Okay. Yeah. We're going to continue down that road, it leads to further… Can't you just hack into the car and make it go faster or something.

Oh, well, yeah, let me just use the laptop to hack into the van. What do you think she does? She's in marketing. I'm doing my best. Hey! Hey man! You got some tech in there? Yo, just wait for the event.

Take a right now. Hang on everybody. Hey! Hey, I need you tweeting. Keep this hype thing going. They're fighting.

Welcome to the gaming industry. Okay! They're fighting, they're fighting in the back of the van. I don't think that fighting our customers is good for our brand image. Someone help me out here. Remember, I am laptoping You are doing great, buddy.

Bob and wheel, Alex, Bob, and wheel. How? I am in a cargo van. You are almost at the studio. Take the next off-ramp.

You are doing great, Alex. I always believed in you. Got the tie! I think we lost it. You are at the studio, turn. Turn! Coming up! Coming it hard. Tyjal, just take it and go inside. But you are presenting.

Just go! Okay! Don’t get… wait, wait, wait. Okay, you two calm down. I'll let you go inside and you can test the products. It's actually pretty nice.

We could have just asked him instead of attacking him. So we're good. We're good Gamers! I got the stuff. What do I do with it? Are you the guy? I guess so. Hey guys, we got the guy. What took you so long? [BACKGROUND CHATTER] Back on 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Nygel, I'm so glad you made it on time. How are you? How's the product? You know what? I was on the edge of my seat, but I'm not sitting down. All right, it looks really good.

You did a great job. Thank you. Did I get the job? They will call you. Can I get someone to take this, please? Guard it with your life.

Oh, we're done now. Thank you. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing about them later in the show as Trisha and our key Alien experts will be diving deeper into our latest products, but before that happens, let's introduce you to our contestants. Oh, this is bad.

Okay! Oh, that’s neat. I am on a roof! I am on a roof! First up, we have QUARTERJADE playing for ‘You are rad’. Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you chose that charity.

Hi, I am a full-time Twitch streamer. I play a lot of FPS games and I chose Rad because they have done a lot to help me. They help people afford and access therapists. Oh, I love that. Next up is SIGILS playing for ‘Able Gamers’. Hey there!

Hi, Maude. Thanks for having us. I chose ‘Able Gamers’ because they focus on making gaming accessible to everyone, to help people build better and strong relationships and not be isolated. And I think that's super cool.

And what do you do? I'm a YouTuber Up next. DAMIEN HASS. You're playing for the ‘Trevor Project’. That's right, Maude Hi, I'm a voice actor, Twitch streamer all around, internet Haha, Funny boy on the sketch comedy channel Smash, and I'm playing for the Trevor project because LGBTQ youth need support, they need resources, they need love and they always need to know that there is an option. Next, let's meet THEGEEKENTRY playing for ‘Extra Life’. Hi, thank you so much for having me.

I'm Geek. I'm a streamer and I'm also an actor, and I'm supporting Extra Life, which helps sick kids. Shifting over to BRIAN W. FOSTER playing for ‘Inside Outriders’. Hey there, Brian, how are you going? I am great, Maude. And can I say, it's great to see you,

even though you keep returning my Christmas cards? My name's Brian and I'm a Twitch streamer, a musician, and I create conflict on Twitch - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and I'm playing for ‘Insight Outriders’, which is a program for incarcerated youth that uses creative writing to rehabilitate and get the youth in touch with their emotions before they re-enter society. Oh, you do have a heart. That's sweet. Finally, we have ERICA ISHII playing for ‘Black Girls Code’.

Thanks so much, Maude. Hi, I'm Erica Ishii. I'm an actor that you might've heard in Apex Legends, or Halo Infinite, or Call of Duty, or seen playing tabletop games all over the internet. And I am playing for ‘Black Girls Code’, which provides tech education to young women of color because we really need to provide for underserved communities. Loving that all amazing charities, all deserving of the winning money that you could be getting for them.

So now that we all know each other, and we all understand that there's a lot at stake here, let's review the rules. I'm going to read a question out loud, followed by multiple choice answers. Yeah, it's kind of easy. Now the first team to buzz in will get the chance to answer. Please wait until I am done reading all the options.

If your team gets it correct, you will receive five points. Now, if you get the answer wrong, the other team does have an opportunity to steal the answer and if they get it correctly, get those five points. After two attempts, though, if you don't get it then, the question is considered dead. For those of you at home, you still have a chance to play along. You can scan the QR code on your screen to get in on the action and get 25 ARP just for participating if you're an Alienware arena member, or you can sign up to be one after the show, or you can go to and use the code

805368 to play along. Alrighty, let's jump into our very first category. We are starting with gaming and we are ready. Oh yeah! Yeah! Now we are feeling. I have heard of those. The gaming? Yes.

Okay. The gaming. Round one, gaming. Question Number number 1- PUBG battlegrounds recently made headlines with the news that it would be doing what in 2022? Your multiple choice answers are. A) Releasing a playable version on Nintendo Switch.

B) Moving to a free to play model Or C) Adding a single-player campaign. Straight in there. Damien, I believe that was you who got it first. I'm guessing I'm going to say A. That is releasing a playable version on Nintendo switch.

Yes. Yeah, that's not right. No, no. Who wants to go next? Oh, boom. We're over here. Yes, team.

I completely forgot all the options. Don't worry, B. Unbelievable, you are actually correct. Yes, moving it to a free to play model was the answer for that one. Well done! You gave it away with your eyes and you are right next to her. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I only saw panic if I could be.

Alrighty. Question number two - if you refer to the monitor right there, the following screenshot is from what upcoming game? Is it A) Dead Rising 6? B) Dying Light 2? Or C) Resident Evil 9? Sigils, I saw you with the sharp hand there. C. Resident evil 9, incorrect.

Yes! Yes, Damien. I saw that with hand. I am going to say A. Dead Rising 6? It's literally multiple choice. But you know what? I thought that one was a different one… Oh, there it goes, it’s all right. Just like this game, I too am dying.

It's Dying Light 2. I thought that was A. That was B. I know that now. That was B. That’s okay, we have got more question. I did think it was…

We have more questions. Sigils! You are fluking it, you are not getting it. Whatever, it's fine. So many people are watching. Question number three GeForce RTX GPUs were the first consumer GPUs to offer dedicated hardware to process real-time ray tracing in video games. Is it A) True or B) False. Go, Quarter Jade.

It’s Fifty-fifty, True. How do you do it? You are correct. It is true. The G-Force RTX 20 series introduced dedicated RT cores to gamers. Well done. Okay, a force to be reckoned with. Just lock up the drawer. Question number 4, are you ready for this? Yes! For this next question, let's hear from FANGETTA, our Alienware ambassador from Australia.

What cheerful, colorful was Nintendo’s best-selling title in 2020? Super Mario Party, Animals Crossing: New Horizons, or Splatoon 2. Your buzzer works, well done Erica and Brian. B) Animal Crossing. You are a 100% right. Animal Crossing: New horizons was basically the game that helped us all meditate in 2020 when the world was collapsing around us. Give me the bells. Baby!!!

I'm not sure if the lighting is changing in the studio or if shade is being thrown around, but we're on to question number five. The game seen here was recently name-checked by mark Zuckerberg, who called it his favorite VR game to play with friends. What is the name of this game? Is it A) Walking Dead Saints & Sinners B) Dead Rising 5 Or C) Arizona Sunshine. Brian. A.

You are thinking this is Walking Dead Saints and Sinners. I am. He's not, it's not. Why didn't you stop me? Because you just said it. Brian was wrong.

And even though Erica, you went right, it is incorrect. I cannot pass it to you. But the GeekEntry, I believe that you buzzed, passing it off to Damien swiftly. Damien: Arizona Sunshine. You're 100% correct. Yes, we got it. Amazing! We both were going to say it.

I felt so bad I gave you guys that one. Thank you! Keep doing that. Yeah, please. Thank you so much for the point.

We should have said Sweet baby race. What a relief, you are all now on the scoreboard. Question number six - What is the name of this character? Is it A) Kyros B) Kratos or C Spiros Yes, Erica. Kratos. You bet sure it is. Boy! Is this working? That’s for you Kori. And for question number 7, let's kick it back to FANGETTA for this one.

In a first-person shooter, a player who finds a hidden spot and waste for others to come to them is called a what? Loner, camper, or griefer? Now Sigils and Quarter Jade, you did buzz in first, but you didn't wait for me to finish reading out the answer so I will be passing it over to you two, and whoever can buzz in first when I say now. Whoa! There you go. Geek Entry, Damien Haas, what do we got? B) Camper It is Camper. Here you go, you got another point? No, I said I'm camping the button. Nice! A great demonstration on what camping is.

Thank you. Question number 8 - What game has sold over 155 million copies since it's released in 2013 and still manages to earn over $2.5 million per day in 2022. Is it A) Minecraft B) GTA 5 C) The Sims 3: University Life Sigils. A. Erica? B) GTA 5.

100% correct. Minecraft was not the right answer. I was looking for GTA 5. Erica’s team with the point for that one.

At least a million of that money is mine. Question number nine, and we already, the penultimate question –Oh my goodness! I just needed your attention. In 1998, this game was released and is credited in helping to popularize e-sports in South Korea. What is the game? Is it A) StarCraft? B) Goldeneye 007 Or C) FIFA 99 Erica's team. A) StarCraft.

You are absolutely correct. It is StarCraft. My favorite part was because in a COVID world, you didn't know if you could hug and there was a slight pause. Oh, there was, yeah.

I was just saying Golden eye, it’s not the answer but I didn’t get the whole part of. I was just saying golden eyes. Look at the point… oh, the points. This is the last question for round 1 – Gaming. And to ask it, we have MBM design, our ambassador from China. Take it away. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] Question is – Which of this Blizzard games was made first? Was it A) World of Warcraft B) Starcraft Or C) The Lost Vikings Erica.

C) The Lost Vikings. You are absolutely correct. Oh my God! Yes, sir! I don't remember my father's face, but G** d***. Am I good at trivia? Brian, you didn’t do anything. Is it all Erica answering everything correctly.

I've been silently feeding her the answers through an earpiece. Well, you guys currently are very much in the lead. TheGeekEntry, Damian, you are currently tied in with SIGILS.

Oh, wait, what? We hold at what? That's how that's going. They give you the L sign when you are tied, that’s not how it works. Well, you guys suck! That’s the same exact level we do. Maybe The Geek Entry is not used to losing. Get used to it.

Or just think of it as you guys are tied for the last place. Or we are second winners. That’s not what my grand pappy used to say. That's like the American baggage at home, as we move on to the challenge segment.

Now each team must decide one person to do the challenge before you even know what it is. I'll give you a second to decide. A second's up. Who have you chosen? I will take this. I love your enthusiasm. Thank you for volunteering. Team Geek Entry and Damien? You were going to do it, right? Oh, yes.

That confidence with not convincing. But good luck to you. Sigils, Quarter Jade, who's going? Me, it's me. I am going. I'm going to remind everyone that $5,000 for your charity is up for grabs here.

Bring glory to the house. I will, I will. I am all glory. Please don’t lose. Okay, great. And remember, that this is worth 10 points.

Giving you an opportunity to pull ahead early. You guys could get on the board. Yeah! Thank you! And now that we have our teammates selected, we will determine the order using this. A bowl with numbers in it. So Jade, since your team is going, select your number, hold on to it and then pass it onto the next table.

I can’t see the number… I can’t see. Use the heart of the cards. Okay, I pick this one. Oh, that’s the bad one. I don't know which one to get. Just reach out and close your eyes. Hoping for the best. Oh, not that one though. So the number on your bit of paper will determine the order in which you go. You may check it now.

Quarter Jade, what is your say? You go second. The Geek Entry? I am first. Oh, which means Brian. W. That is the W from your name and it’s also 3. You are going last, but this time, it’s a good thing. Okay! So, The Geek Entry, it's going to be okay. Would you like to come up and participate

in this challenge? For our first challenge, we are going old school now. I mean really old school. You'll each get three attempts to see how fast you can type, wait for it, the alphabet. That's right, the contestant with the best time will win 10 points for their team.

How are we feeling about the alphabet and typing? Are you ready?You get three attempts, three attempts. They have none. The fastest time, this computer will record the time. Your first attempt starts now. Take it away. [Crosstalk] We're nearly at the end of it. The first time for the first attempt is 11 seconds point 77.

11.77 seconds. That was quick. Alrighty, let's reset. And let's see if we can do better this time. Your time starts now. There's absolute silence except the panic for The Geek Entry. Oh, why am I not screaming out loud? Oh, there we go. That time was three seconds worse.

And I believe there was a panic attack in there as well. 14. Breathe fast. The fast you breathe, the more calm you get. It’s oxygen to your fingers right away.

We'll round up. We'll round up. So that's 14.8 seconds. And there are three attempts. That was four seconds, right? Okay! 14.8 seconds. And hopefully this time we better because your time starts now.

No! I feel like I'm watching an anime Unbelievably, The Geek Entry, her first attempt was the fastest. So her fastest time was 11.77 seconds. Let's Let's see who can beat it? Quarter Jade, you are up next with number two. How are you going with the alphabet do you think that? You know, my hands are cold. Okay. Are you ready for your first attempt to add to the alphabet? Yeah, Dial. Your time starts now.

Already considerably faster, already considerably faster. Okay, so there was a little bit of a fumble at the W mark, but the time for the first attempt was 13.2 seconds. I'll round up. Alrighty, it is time for attempt number two. Quarter Jade, your time starts now. So, The Geek Entry was using a ploy to try and say a different word of the alphabet while Quarter Jade was typing, but it didn’t work, The Geek Entry.

Because Quarter Jade just got 9.67 seconds. Broke the 10 seconds mark. You still have one more attempt to try and beat that again. Your time starts now.

Oh, no! One of those is a letter. Around the same with a 9.61 seconds. So, you broke the 10-second mark. Your third attempt is done, Quarter Jade. You are currently leading The Geek Entry. No, you were saying letters and so I couldn’t… So we do have one more competitor.

Let's try and beat 10 seconds. And remember, once you finishing off a bit, leave it, Brian W. Foster, your time begins. Maude, I swear to God. We technically don’t even need to finish the other two attempts was 8.32 seconds.

I will say, ladies, the nails were a little bit of a disadvantage. But they are cute. But they are cute. I do put a lot of time on my Alienware computer.

So let's check out our leaderboard to see who is ahead of the pack early. We've got Sigils, Quarter Jade – you are at 10 points. Pretty good. Not bad, not bad. The Geek Entry, Damien also on 10 points. Why are you clapping for us? This is bad. This is some points. No, we are going to do better.

It could be 5 like you said. We are going to win. Erica, Brian, you are on 35 points. Okay, we can’t be cocky. This is far from over. No, there is plenty of hockey left to play. Get cocky, yes! We can win this entire next segment and, you know win all.

That is true. Erica, you were a beast with the trivia, Brian, you absolutely smashed the challenge there. Well done. You are ahead for now. But right now, we are going to hear about a couple of amazing products from Alienware.I mean, that's why you're here, right? Yes! Hello everybody, and welcome back to the Alienware update. I'm Trisha Hershberger, and I'm here to talk all of the techs, and with me is Vivian.

Vivian, it's been a while since I've gotten to see you. How have you been? I've been doing great. So good to see you. Last time, it was back in October when we celebrated our 25th anniversary, and that was a lot of fun hanging out with you in the desert. Yeah, we got to do a little stunt driving. We dropped Arora out of a plane, you know, no big deal. What has been up to you?

Right, yeah. Well, you know what? We've been hard at work continuing to really push the frontier of gaming hardware and all the cool new technologies. So today, I am here to tell you more about our 2022 refresh of our Alienware laptops.

Awesome! Awesome, I am so excited to hear more about the X series, about the M series, let's dive in. All right. Well, so let's start with the M series gaming laptops. This is really what our Alienware gamers have come to love the brand. The M series is really all about performance. When we think about the design of the M, whether it's the 15 inch or the new 17 inch, we think about packing all the performance into this fold factor. Now we also recognize that, you know, for gamers like yourself, you'll love your expansion, right? So the ports are definitely there.

We also give you the ability to upgrade your memory and upgrade also your storage. So there's a, for example, in the you M15, you have M.2 M.2 SSD slots. So it really keeps you running for as long as you like, and to keep up with your games. That's awesome. I'm a huge fan of upgradability,

as well as like you said, having the connectivity. I think for the content creators who might be watching, having those additional ports to maybe plug in another camera or another mic, if you're streaming on the road from your M15, M17 can make all the difference in the world. So M series is all about performance. And I think that a lot of people watching might have some questions as to how the M series and how the X series might differ and what different qualities they offer. So what can you tell us in regards to kind of comparing the two? That's a really great question. So let me take you back a little bit about, you know, kind of take you on this journey of the development and how we came to the idea for the Xers.

So, several years ago, we started to really take note from our community. Our customers were telling us that they wanted to be able to have their gaming laptops with them whenever they travel, they want to be able to have something that they can game. They can do work and they can really take to places with them. So portability was really key. So really this is innovation at its best. We started putting our heads together and think about what would it take to really advance this new premium gaming experience and hence the birth of the X series.

The difference with the X series is, the design philosophy is really all around perfecting the form factor. And by that, I mean, if you just look at the X 15, for example, one of the first things that will strike you is just how thin this is, right? But thin, it doesn't mean that it’s not powerful. We're very mindful of the fact that people buy these Alienware laptops because they want to be able to game and performance is still critical.

And so we packed at the performance, give you all the options in terms of the screen, gives you the expansion that you need, but really, more importantly, is really all in that the form factor that's optimized. And here's another thing that I want to show you. Part of the experience of taking it X series on the go is really in the adapter as well. We didn't forget about what goes inside the bag when you're traveling. So with this generation, we're introducing the small form factor adapters that come in two different sizes, the 240 Watts and the t330 Watts.

And so there you have it. When you own an X15, you know, you're getting the portability, you're getting all that cutting-edge innovation and the technologies that will continue to keep up with your game. I love that you brought that up, Vivian. I cannot tell you when I travel with my Alienware laptops when I traveled previously with the M series, you know, I'm a Hobbit sized human, so I would tend to have a very large backpack with all of my things in it and the power brick being part of that. So having this be so much more compact to leave more room in my bag is something I am extra grateful for.

So thank you very much for that. And, you know, for folks who don't travel a lot, you might not think of that top of mind, but if you're on the go, that makes a big difference. Yeah, and you know, when we were sitting around the lab, looking at what was it in the day of a gamers life and what they have to carry, it became very obvious that the power adapter was in the area that we can bring more innovation.

And you know, to make these laptops so thin, it really takes a lot more than just making it thin, right? It's really the innovation in the way that we call these hot components inside is what makes a difference. So with this generation, we introduce element 31, which is a patent-pending of thermal interface, which is a fancy way of saying it's a thermal grease, but it’s a pendant designed to help keep that CPU very cool, even under a lot of things that you throw at it. I mean, it's apparent that if you're trying to, you know, take the same high-performance components that you could find in the M series and put them in a form factor, like the X series that you would need to reengineer a lot of that for the cooling to be optimal just to physically fit it inside the sleeker chassis.And it really is

quite a feat. So I think, you know, is it fair to say for people who might've had questions before about the M series versus the X series and how they compare and contrast to say that the M series is really your traditional high-end Alienware performance and the X series is when you need to take that performance on the go. Yeah, that's a really good way of putting it. And, you know, one of the things that we also want to highlight is that we really value giving our customers choice. And it's not about really taking one away or compromising, but rather we recognize that gaming has become such a big part of our society today. You know, I talk about the gaming culture that has permeated all the society, but it's really part of, every generation, especially the younger generation today.

So we want to recognize that fact that people are looking at gaming, not just as an outlet of entertainment, it’s about staying connected. So, Trisha, you may remember in January, you had a chance to see our newest addition to the X series, the X14. Yes, I did. It is gorgeous and tiny and just a powerhouse. And today, I have one here and I can't wait to show you the final product.

There you have it. Yeah! The all new Alienware X14. Really designed for people who love gaming as a lifestyle and gaming anywhere you want. It is so lovely and I know that we will have Eddie join us here on the update to talk about the X14 in more detail, a little bit later in the show.

But I have to say, when I first thought about a 14-inch gaming laptop, I thought, oh, it's not going to feel a little too small, and the keyboard and the screen and it doesn't at all. I am just so impressed with this and the technological feat to get all of that in here, it's beautiful. Yeah, and like you said, and he's going to tell you more about how we make it so thin.

And one of the things that I am personally very proud of is the fact that you know, we now have a complete lineup of different screen sizes and different designs for anybody who wants to be part of the Alienware family. I love it. A little something for everyone. That's right. That’s right. Before we had back to round 2 of the game, earlier last month, we sent out the new X14 to some of our ambassadors from around the globe to show you how they use it in their everyday lives.

We wanted to kick it off by starting all the way down under. And we are back all the way from Australia, my hometown, but with absolutely no jet lag. That's cool. You know what else is cool? Well, before we get started, we should check out our leaderboard.

Sigils, Quarter Jade – you are on 10 points. The Geek Entry, Damien Hass also on 10 points. It’s almost 11 points. But it's not. That's not how that works.

Erika Ishii and Brian W. Foster on 35. We are going to humbly… It’s we're the villains. We are the villains. Our uppings will come. The third act is going to be bad for us.

You may know gaming, but let's see how well you know the next category, which will be e-sports. Oh, who knows? Are you ready? Yeah!!! Think of the charities, everyone. And let's begin question number one.

Where is the 2022 IEM Counter-Strike go tournament taking place? Will it be A) Poland B) North Carolina Or C) Sweden Yes, The Geek Entry. B) You are saying, North Carolina. That is incorrect. Brian? I am going to say Sweden. Sweden is C. I see what you did there, but you're actually incorrect.

No one gets the points. It’s always Poland. It’s always Poland? IEM Katowice, come on. It’s okay, you guys don’t get the points. No points for that round.

It was worth it for the pun alone. Number 2 - Dota 2 is a mod of what other game? Is it A) Half-Life 2 B) Warcraft 3 Or C) Arma. Damian? Is it Half-Life 2? No way! Oh, no. You are absolutely wrong with that. And so Sigils?

Warcraft 3. It is Warcraft 3, that was the answer I was looking for. You get the points with this one. Damien, overconfidence was your weakness. I know. Question number three in the category of e-sports - Considered the first modern e-sport, the following screenshot is from what game? Is it A) Castle Wolfenstein? Is it B) Doom? Or C) Quake? Sigils. C) Quake.

You bet, it is. Nicely done there. And for the next two questions, I want to get some help from professional Smash Bros player, streamer, caster, and all-around great person, from Team Liquid, it is Hungry Box. Hello, how are you? How is it going, Mon? Good to have you here, step up. This is your podium now.

Having a good time moderating? I've been loving it, but I've got to ask the question, where did the name Hungry Box come from? It's a pretty lame story. It's because I forged my mom's signature on a field trip permission slip, and it's at a bad job, it looked like a box with teeth. And then I entered a tournament as Hungry Box, I made out of pools. And then now that's my name. That's kind of how player tags work. And it stuck. All right, well, you've got two questions here. Take it away.

All right, everyone. I do have two questions for you. The first one being a bit of geography. Team liquid is an international e-sports organization. They're based out of Los Angeles in which of the four cities? Is it A) Berlin B) Stockholm C) Marseille Or D) Utrecht Go ahead. B.

That is not correct. Sigils. D.

And you got it. It is Utrecht in the Netherlands. I didn't know that. Very nice.

We'll do one more. It's got a little more technical, Mon. Okay. See if they really know their stuff. In Super Smash Bros Melee, what is the main character I compete using, even in unfavorable character Match-ups? Is it A) Link B) Pikachu C) Jigglypuff Or D) Mario All right, go ahead. I'm guessing C Jigglypuff.

You are right. And you got it. Yes, we win points. We win points. Yeah!!! Man, this is huge. They know their stuff. Yeah, that's good. Well done. Very nice! Thank you so much for that though. I really appreciate your coming here in a challenging down contestants here.

Well, good luck to all you guys and may the biggest brain win. Oh, I like that. Have a good afternoon You too. Thank you so much for that one. Oh, well done, Damien. Nice guess, Identify this classic game, still a popular e-sport in the country today that has commonly been referred to as Korea’s national pastime. Is it A) Warcraft B) StarCraft or C) Command and Conquer? Oh wow, team Erica got in first...

B) StarCraft. It is B) StarCraft. Damien’s like I have wasted 500 hours into that game. Question number 7 in 1980, Atari held the space invaders tournament, the first organized video game competition. How many people were in attendance? Was it out of three answers? 1) 100 B) 10,000 C) 20,000 Quarter Jade. I know that look.

I know that look. It’s your specialty, you know this. B. How do you do it? You are now known as Quarter Luck. That is impressive. It is in fact, B) 10,000.

Well done. I am Impressed. I have to say, this is impressive. Have you thought about getting tested for clairvoyancy or something? This is incredible. You should go on an Alienware-based game show. I should think about it, I should think about it. It sounds too meta for me.

Question number 8 the 2021 Tokyo Olympics were the first to recognize video games as an Olympic event, which of these games though were not an event in Japan? Were not an event? Was it A) Virtual rowing B) Virtual Sailing C) EA FIFA 2021? I will give it to you Geek Entry. B. B) Virtual Sailing. That is absolutely incorrect.

Who’s next? Okay, the Sigils, I believe you got in. Oh, it's Quarter Jade. Here we go. It's 50-50. Not, not. Well, if they have Sailing, and then they must have rowing… It’s C. Is that your final answer, C? I can't believe you, you got it right. You got it right.

For this next question, we actually have a special video coming in from Daiki of Team Liquid. [FOREING LANGUAGE] Question number 9 – What athletic E-sports game does Team Liquid’s first all-female team complete in. It is A) Counter-Strike B) Valorant C) League of Legends Or D) Rainbow 6 Siege? Quarter Jade, you have quite the streak. CS, A).

A. CS, A) You are wrong. That’s was the first time you guessed and didn’t get it, but Team Erica, Brian? I would like to buy B. You will win with that B. I know women's e-sports, okay. It was the dudes that I don't know about. And for our last question here with the multiple-choice answers, we have another special guest on video for this next question. Take it away, Nitro.

Everyone, which rapper gave us a shout-out during our run at ESL One New York 2016? Question number 10 – Which rapper gave our CSGO team a shoutout during ESL One New York in 2016? Was it A) Snoop Dogg B) ICE-T C) Jay-Z Or D) 50 Cent Oh, go The Geek Entry. A. That is incorrect. It is not Snoop Dogg. Moving over to team Erica and Brian. 50 cents. You can keep the change, that is wrong.

I was looking for ICE-T. Don't get too comfortable everyone, because I've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that you're about to have a chance to win some more points. Yay! The bad news though, is that it will require precision training and patience, which let's be honest, you guys don't really have, and you haven't displayed it at all. Glad to be here.

Dude, you're stretching. We'll get to it For this next challenge, whoever didn't go last time will be going this time, representing your team for the 10 points, hopefully. We're going to be testing your training.

So, I think it's only fair that the leaders should be going first. Erica, come on down. You got this.

So, we are going to be testing your aiming skills. It’s bad, they are bad. It’s just a fun little game here with aim trainer on this amazing PC set up. The most accurate person with the highest points will win. So a tile will pop up, you just got to click on it.

Doesn't sound that hard. Just wait. Erica, shoot to start.

Hand-eye coordination. May I ask a question before we start? Is that all right? You said the most accurate person with the highest points, which one takes the priorority? The highest points will. And the accuracy will determine it too. You got this. Remember the face of your father? Yes, yes. Shoot. Yes. Also hit the boxes too. There you go.

This is fantastic. You are living your dream, Erica. This is good. What is that sound you are making? It’s working. She is going super… I can't even hear it anymore.

And that’s your time. All right, the scores are in. You did actually really well. Your score was 54, but you accuracy was 90%.

Well done. So, name on it. That’s it. Well done. Who are the next up? Sigils. Wait, did you say 19 to 90? 90%. 9-0. Sigils, all right, you need to beat that score, you need to beat that accuracy. Play it and then shoot to start. You got this.

Shoot those tiles. Okay, his hands are like really sweaty. Mother sphagetti. Great, shoot to start. 30 second is on.

Now, this is accuracy. [crosstalk] But you said if I have the highest score, the accuracy doesn’t matter. Yes, wow. Do you even game bro? Nah, it's my first time. Am I doing good? I'm scared. You're giving that ice wall a run for its money.

You could shoot those boxes too. No, no, shoot outside, outside. If you shoot right next to it… You got to be accurate. You were prioritizing score over accuracy. See what you did, but it started punishing you as well. Still, your points are 83. 83.

How many points did she had? 52. He got 83. Although, he tried a different technique and his accuracy was not great with 65.5%, but he was just trying to land the points.

That’s a D, that’s how I got through my high school. That’s how I got through life. So Erica. Erica, slow and steady wins the race? Because then you just hit more of them. The point is to shoot things or just have chronically sweaty palms. You're up Damien.

Listen I told you about that in confidence. Let’s see how you go, Damien Just happy to be here, Maude. If you did the Sigil’s technique though, if you don’t hit it, then the tile will move on you. Got it.Oh, I thought it moved on me when I did hit it.

Got it. This ought to be hilarious. Oh my God, stop. No, you couldn't even hear me. Exactly. Your time starts now. All right, you got this.

Clicky-clicky. I am not a clicky boy. I don't usually play games. Do you play games or do just… You're doing great. This isn't like animal crossing at all. No, not even close. Oh, those darn tarantulas.

Do they have this backstage at the laugh factory? I work front of house, thank you. Oh crap. Oh, no. It’s a reload. I will say that was the most intense last few seconds. He was stuck on 80 points and had to reload with two seconds to go, but managed to get 87 points with an 86% accuracy.

Damien, you are the winner of this challenge. Well done.Just happy to be here, Maude. You guys are on the board now. Thank you! An extra 10 points to your team there.

Amazing stuff, everyone. Whoa! That got my heart racing. So, let’s check in with that leaderboard.

Even though you got a bunch of points just then, Damien, The Geek Entry, you are on 25. Well done. Better than 10. Which means that sitting on 35, we have got Sigils and Quarter Jade. Well done.

And with 45, it is Erica and Brian still maintaining your lead. And the gap is closing. It’s catching up quickly, I am nervous. Mind the gap. I am nervous. All right, speaking of e-sports, if you weren't already aware, we've got a great partnership with PUBG. Here is our latest highlight real from that partnership. Hey guys, welcome to the studio tour of PUBG studios in Santa Monica, or as I like to call it PUBG Crib.

This is the casting room. We got the desk where the catchers are putting in work. Looks like Creme just got off a discord meeting with all the players. You know what the most important room is? It's the room where the magic happens.

The observer room brought to you by Alienware. This is the new PUBG studio here in Santa Monica. We're glad to be here. We're glad to show it to you. And I can't wait to get back to the action. All right, everyone. It is time, once again, to talk some tech here at the Alienware update. And Eddie, it's so good to see you again.

Oh my gosh, this is so much fun. I'm having a great time. Hey, everybody. Hi, thank you guys for being here. We're so happy you guys made it and I'm so excited to talk to you about the new awesome products that we have.

Yes, absolutely. So I know that we teased a little earlier. You were going to have to be the one to run us through the X14. So tell me the story. Let’s do it. Let's jump in and do a deep dive on the X14. Sure, so this is the Alienware X14. It is the world’s thinnest 14-inch gaming laptop.

It feels so good to say the world’s thinnest one. Yeah, definitely. And, you know, we accomplished that by some serious engineering processes, some serious architecture decisions that our advanced teams put into play. We even have some patent-pending technologies in here. And the one that is responsible for this thinness, in particular, is the hinge on this notebook.

So if you look at it, it actually has a dual torque element that allows it to move diagonally across the shaft. And without that motion, without that actual design, this notebook would either be thicker or less powerful. So that's really important, right? You want a powerful notebook. And if you're someone that's looking for a smaller screen, someone that wants to game on the road for real, right?Because people say, you know, on the go gaming all the time. I said on the go gaming when it was like a machine, I would have to strap to my back and take over to my friend’s house. So there's serious intention behind the design of this notebook.

And it’s for gamers that wants something smaller to take with them, maybe people who really aren't gamers, but are curious about gaming, or maybe you're a student that doesn't have a lot of real estate. You can't have a giant desktop and a giant monitor. So the X14 is perfect for that. That's all very important. And I also just want to shout out to the Alienware team

for I mean, exploding an X14 here for us to take a look at all of the little bits and bobbles. So, I appreciate that and thank you. Yup, my buddy, Mike and Austin did this for us.So, you know, awesome job, man. Shoutout! For sure, and hey, you know, accomplishing this was no minor feat. I mean, we had to make sure that gamers are going to have enough battery life when they weren't gaming. And to do that, we actually accomplished building the largest watt-hour battery on a 14-inch notebook. And so, we're really proud about that because you're going to be able to get up to 11 hours of HD video playback with this system.

Awesome!So we're really proud about the size of this battery. We knew that gamers were going to be taking this on the road and when they're not gaming, they just want to surf the web. They want to talk to their friends, they want to pay their bills or whatever. You're going to need to have a high watt-hour capacity.

So, you know, we've accomplished having the world's highest watt-hour capacity batter on a 14-inch gaming laptop. Awesome! And can the estimate on about how long that'll run you on a full charge? We can get up to 11 hours of HD video playback. Nice! Sweet! That is super sweet. And of course, I guess, you know, one of the benefits of having something that this small and this portable is if you can take it around all day for you. Talk to me a little bit about cooling since we're talking so much performance in such a tiny pack.

So, we're super stoked about that. Over here, we're showing off the latest design of our Pyrotech technology. This is using multiple heat pipes, and actually, if you take a look at the fans, the fins in here are incredibly thin. They move air through the system and configurations that use Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 will even have our element 31 thermal interface material, which we unveiled last June on its bigger cousins, the X15 and the X17. Right on.

So it takes a lot of really special technologies to keep this thing cool, keep it running and let it last while you're on the road. Very cool. So all in all, it's incredibly powerful. We're getting up to 75 Watts of maximum graphics power with that 3060, and you can choose from 12th gen Intel Core i processors. So plenty of performance, DDR5 memory.

And then also, what's really cool is that if you look at the system on the back, you'll see that there's no like barrel for the standard power adaptor, that's because the X14 is the first laptop that charges using type C ports exclusively. All right, very cool. So how cool is that? If you leave the house and you forgot your power adapter, you can always get somebody’s type C cord and charge it.

It's not going to be as fast charging as the actual adapter, but you have an option. It's not like you're in trouble. So that's a really cool advantage of this architecture as well. I love it. And thank you so much for walking us through all the kind of new features and stuff folks can expect from the X14. Now, I know the story of the X14 is like,

hey, you need to toss it in a bag, and let's go somewhere. And I see that we actually have a bag. Yeah, this is one of our new bags. That's actually pretty awesome. It's constructed with incredible materials. We've got some really cool patches from our friends outside, so that's really neat too. But check it out, right?

With the X14, you could actually have tons of room left over when you not only have… There's so much room in there.… an x14 in there, you could fit that. You have got our new try mode headset, the mouse, and look at this. There's like so much room. It's like a black hole in there.

There's so much room in there. Oh, look how tiny this. The adaptor. Look how tiny this is? Excuse me, have we talked about how tiny this is? Yeah, sure. It's our latest small form factor 130 watt power adapter.

Oh my goodness. It's tiny. It's going to occupy very little space in your bag. So if you really are someone to travels, if you're gaming-curious, or if you're just a gamer that wants an option because you are not at home too often, the X14 with our peripherals, with our new bags is going to be an awesome kick-ass solution for getting your game on the road. As a generally tiny person, I just love how compact all of this is. And I mean, when you open that bag, I feel like you could have fit five more of the setup in there and still been totally fine. We've got to try that maybe next time.

How many X14 can you fit in that bag? How many X14 full ecosystems can you fit in that bag? I like that challenge.My guess is five. I don't know what the prize is other than imaginary internet points, but that could be it. But it's all thanks to the X14.Yeah,

the X 14 is the latest member of the X series laptops. We're super stoked about it. It's available in that lunar light color that so many of us. And it also carries several really cool surfaces that are made with magnesium alloy.

There's steel, there's aluminum, there's copper, and there's even a special application to some of these parts that have like a really cool futuristic metal feel. And that's because of a new process that we're making. Neat! Every bit of this laptop has some really well-thought engineering into it. So it's not just a thin laptop, It's an incredible marvel from our latest, you know, visionaries in the Alienware team.

And there's several patent-pending technology. So check it out. We're really excited. Yeah, congratulations to the entire Alienware team on the world’s thinnest laptop. thinnest laptop. World’s thinnest gaming laptop, the X14.

And speaking of the X14, let's see where the X14 travel blog takes us next. Whew. That was awesome. It's actually super cool to see how you can use the X14, no matter where you are.

Stay tuned for your chance to win your very own X14. Now our next category is going to be gaming culture. Gaming culture. I thought 2022 is just called culture, right?

Gaming is technically a part of it these days. There are dozens of us. Dozens. The first question in gaming culture, let's hear from SOLOGESANG from Germany.

[FOREIGN LANGUAGE] Question is – What fashion brand recently released limited edition digital apparel inside Roblox? Was it A) H&M B) Gucci Or C) The gap? Sigils? B. Gucci. You be right, nicely done. Hey, question number two - What is the name of Twitch's parent company? Is it A) Google.

B) Yahoo Or C) Amazon? Again, Sigils. Amazon. You are correct. Hold on, Brian, what happened there? Was that you actually tried to beep in before I did… I did not, I did not. I slipped. What is the name most associated with this screenshot? Is it A) Leroy Jenkins. Is it B) Timthetatman Or C) Dr.Disrespect?

Yeah, Sigils. Leroy Jenkins. Well done Sigils for that one. For this next question, we're actually going to pass it over to our friends in the U.K. This is Ryan Central of KidsCan. All right, here's the next question -Which popular game from 2020 helped coin the term SUS? Was it A) Animal Crossing B) Among us Or C) Call of Duty War Zone? The Geek Entry, you actually came through with a goods there. Among us.

It sure was. And if you didn't know that… You did it. Heck yeah! I get the points. Question number 5 - In gaming culture, what is the phrase most commonly associated with this game? Is it A) All your base belong to us B) Gamers be like Or C) Do a barrel roll? Okay, yes, Team Brian/Erica. Do a barrel roll.

That is correct. Right, that’s right. Oh, man. All right. In what movie did this Alienware cameo happen? Was it A) Free Guy B) Ready Player One Or C) Pixels? Yes, The Geek Entry. A.

Free guy is correct. Hey, well done!Nicely done there. I think I need a little bit of a break. Let me pass it on to NBM design from China for this next question. [FOREIGN LANGUAGE] The question is - Which of the following games was not turned into a feature-length movie? Was it A) Tomb Raider B) Overwatch Or C) Super Mario brothers? Sigils in there.

Overwatch. You are correct. Overwatch has not yet been turned into a movie, but if you need mercy, heroes never die. Just saying. Sorry, Maude. Do you need to take it outside? No! Can we? Do we get points if there's a fight? Do we get like…? Absolutely not. Okay, I understand.

With the Alienware X14, it'd be really easy to take this outside or anywhere… Can we get points for this? You are not getting points for this. Question number 8 - What pop star can be seen here performing a concert inside Fortnight. Is it A) Dua Lipa B) Billie Eilish. Or C) Ariana Grande.

Oh yes. Erica and Brian. I would like to say C, the queen Ariana Grande. You are correct. Well done! I know! I'm all about gaming culture as you know. Question number 9 - Again, referring to the monitor. In the picture below. an Alienware laptop is making an appearance

in what beloved movie franchise? Is this A) The Matrix B) Die Hard Or C) Fast and the Furious? Team Erica? The matrix. Sure is. Yes! Yeah! I know that color-coding any day. Oh yeah, we could tell by the pallet or the… next question. Wow! Well, actually for the last question in this category, we kind of pass it on to SOLOGESANG.

[FOREIGN LANGUAGE] So question number 10 – What game was named game of the year at the 2021 game award show held on December three in 2021. Was it A) Cyberpunk 2077 Was it B) Deathloop Or C It takes Two? The Geek Entry, you got that one. Oh, I didn’t say I know, I just knew what he's saying. I'm gonna say, was it…? I saw The Geek Entry hit the buzzer.

What's your answer? A) Cyberpunk, obviously. That's not Cyberpunk. Erica and Brian, you are taking that question. It’s C. It takes Two and it took two of you to answer that correctly.

Oh my God! Guys, where were you? The game awards, last year? The world stopped for 2 years, Maude. We've got another challenge for all the teams, so I hope you're ready. Now, we've been known to feel a little twisted around here, and I think that this next competition isn't going to help us shake that reputation because that's right. It is time for the dreaded untangling challenge. Here's how it works. Each team will be given a bundle of device chords to untangle. You are looking for the power cords to each product being shown here on the table in front of you.

For the 34 inch monitor, you'll need the D-power cord. For the headset, the aux cable, 3.5 millimeter. And for the X14 laptop, you will need the USB C. Once all the cords are untangled, teams will rush to plug in all the cords into the correct device ports.

The first team to get all three plugged in will win the points. In the case where multiple teams are running up to plug in the cords to the device boards, the team with the most cords plugged in it will be announced the winner. Are the teams ready? I am ready. Just happy to be here, Maude. Who's good at plugs and cords? Me! I make a mess all the time. Cable management… It’s more of a quite Zen activity rather than… Yeah! Cable management, yeah.

This is cable… I don’t have my little Velcro ties. I don’t have my boxes. This isn’t cable management, this is cable family court. This is what my third draw looks like. Exactly.

You're doing, you're doing good work here. It is a team effort and your time begins now. [Crosstalk] Well done for taking out that challenge. We did fine.

That was really, really close. So, we got all three cords by the end of it. There were a couple of situations where like the USB C, I don’t know if it’s for you all, probably was, it was wrapped around like a few times in a thing, not just like in and out. They be like, a line, a line, a line; so you got to take the time to… It’s almost like this is a competition.

And we lost, but I think we won in coming in third. It was a bonding experience. Then that’s important here You did really well getting the cords, and you started here and worked your way down, Erica, what happened with the headphones? I missed it because there is this USB C on that side too and that tripped me up.

That was supposed to. I went to that side and then I… it’s on the other side. Well, all things considered, well-done everyone.

I mean that had to be harder than it looked. And it looked pretty tough. It was a mess. I think we kind of killed it.

But how did this round affect the scores? Well, still in last place, The Geek Entry/Damien Haas - 35 points. And that’s a great number. And I would have known the second place next, except there's a tie Between who? Between who? Oh my God! You don’t deserve the points. Erica, Brian, Sigils, Quarter Jade; you are all on 65 points. Congratulations. You finally got on my level. Retirement. A worthy opponent.

Let’s go down. All right, all right. Okay, okay. Next up, let’s take a look at the latest and greatest in Alienware monitors and peripherals. Stay tuned for more details on how you could win an Alienware X14. Yeah, you! Welcome back, everyone. I am so excited to talk about this next series of products and doing that with me here today is Lisa.

Lisa, welcome to the Alienware update. Hi Trisha, how are you? I'm so good. And I'm so glad that you are here today to walk us through all of this. So please share with us what's new from Alienware in the peripherals department? Thank you so much. I know that you've probably seen some of these products before,

but we are very excited to introduce some of our brand new technologies. First, we have the Alienware 34 curved QD OLED monitor. It’s the world's first. QD OLED gaming monitor and we're very excited about it. One of the first things you'll notice is that it's rather large, it's 34 inches diagonally. It is a curved monitor. The QD technology basically means that your colors are going to be extra vibrant.

The blacks are going to be really nice and dark. You're going to have incredible action scenes no blurring or distorting or any kind of glitching or anything like that. And we are the first ones to bring this technology to the market, and we're very excited about this.

It's awesome. And correct me if I'm wrong, but is tech that we have maybe seen in our home theater systems before, but never really in a dedicated gaming monitor.

Yes, and actually this technology is a little bit different. So what it does is it takes the blue light and passes it through a quantum dot sheet for lack of a better term, and that blue light is broken down into primary colors and it gives it more luminance and vibrance, so the colors just appear brighter and more true to life. So what we're going for here is a true-to-life gaming experience at your setups. So you've got your system that does this fantastic job of rendering these beautiful games for you.

And then to complete the experience, we have this monitor in front of your face for a wonderful front-of-screen experience. It is, and I have to ask, Lisa, do you personally game with an ultra-wide? I don't. I am going to. Oh, lucky, very lucky. Not everyone has the ability to, but I will bring it up because I feel like there's some people who think that, oh, maybe there's not too many games that can be played in ultra-wide or optimized for ultra-wide.I'm not really sure what it will add.

I will tell you as someone who games on an u

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