WeWomen Application Introduction Webinar

WeWomen Application Introduction Webinar

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Am I audible? Yes. Thank you. Chamber of Commerce and Industries businesswoman, chairperson. chairperson, or committee members. and I'm a certified consultant and of course, I thank you for giving this opportunity to me to this session. as

business. a filmmakers. digital technologies. 8%. Do that. Ladies. is already We won every It is your presentation. due to corona.

Corona but it is going very well right now. Uh we have uh AH AKHA 2021. Okay. my business. with the ladies.

registration. we are afraid of nothing. Yeah, please. Uh please. I'm so sorry. Thank you

so much. No. No. Please come. Please come. Please. respected our senior vice president. Let's see you the human being. the empowerment of women. identity

in business. I think of many picturing one endorsement. uh digital platform. will pay. I mean, in New York City. time in the

history of Yeah. Thank you so much. I think I'll be a Thank you so much. I request a senior vice president, mister Haji to enlighten us with his wisdom. Chairperson BWW.

chairperson, and dignified members of will receive a digital world It is a digital world Open this survive the world. So, if you don't go on the digital platform, you will not survive. and pandemic AKA to all shops are closed and everything was closed. they could survive. Not only that. the digital platform So, you'll be able to sell to the local customers but when you sell it on the digital platform, the So, uh in a survival training.

so for all business, not you know, to make any business, any service now has to be on digital world on a to register members on this app. is a very good initiative. I congratulate her for that and we all, all the members to join in and I will just give you a small example of my son. My son is into spokesman He started his run for 3 years and he's selling it to sixty countries. He's he's got only 199 percent of his sales is digital. and

I'm just trying to enlighten the importance of digital sales. I don't want to take much of your time. I congratulate the team for this wonderful initiative and I also appreciate her enthusiasm. She's really dynamic and you found a very true leader. Thank you very

much. big. very big warehouse. hospitality business a priority.

anything you can do. Okay. Uh can I have a remote? This is a digital world. So, ladies, this is very hard competition. I'm a local

I'm a market, a market So, we have development digital market and it's very energy. also, do you have a number of uh uh uh thoughts in your mind So, I launched our main purposes Ecommerce. There's no que su okay okay Dar actriz siempre ves tu login okay estamos Uh account verification. my business. card verification. The business, a verification, okay? that's all Okay. Okay.

Okay. Uh okay. What's okay? What's up? uh dominated world. okay? To be human. okay. Okay. Ricardo.

527222. Okay. So, uh BWWCK. Okay. our discussion forum. a lot of discussion topics.

Okay? The discussion topic I'm okay. I have with her. to your topic. The topic you

can search for uh okay. Uh BWW special. uh to have ABWW BWW blocks. Okay. ABC. Okay. So, I uh I WWW. management.

Okay. on a seller's market. of I'm I'm for 1 Year.

Okay. Okay. The description. information. So, feel free to contact me. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Yes. Oh. 300 plus. 305 thousand

rupees subscription for subscriptions. for 1 year subscription is your subscription. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, sir. please.

privacy. See? Okay. Okay. Encrypted. It's encrypted. 121. Okay. 300 member. I know

them by reference or by whatever way and we are also doing a verification. The karma to the male or female. to sign up because initially, it was difficult but a number one sign up to sign up

2021-07-24 16:54

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