We Are Wake Tech Podcast - Episode 33, Skilled Trades

We Are Wake Tech Podcast - Episode 33, Skilled Trades

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00:00:00:00 - 00:00:06:11 Unknown Welcome to the We Are Week tech podcast with your host Wake Tech president Dr. Scott Ralls. 00:00:06:20 - 00:00:24:08 Unknown I am Scott Ralls, host of the We Are Wake Tech Podcast. And we're here today in the Center for Building Technologies, one of my favorite buildings on campus. Because of what

happens here. It's a wonderful facility, a new facility, and two great wake tech leaders in a very important area for all of us. 00:00:24:08 - 00:00:43:14 Unknown When we talk about skilled trades, when we talk about the future of opportunity, there's a lot of it here at the programs that reside in the Center for Building Technologies, led by two great individuals. Jimmy Freeman, Juan Benitez, thank you so much for spending your

time with all of us today on the We are Wake Tech podcast. 00:00:43:14 - 00:00:44:05 Unknown Thank you. 00:00:44:07 - 00:00:46:16 Unknown Thank you for inviting us. Yeah, thank you for having 00:00:46:16 - 00:01:06:00 Unknown Sorry to have you. Tell us a little bit of your stories. You are bringing great expertise to our students and I know you came to this college with expertise. What was your journey to Wake Tech? How did you get here in this these important leadership roles that you have? 00:01:06:00 - 00:01:11:21 Unknown I started my career actually as a junior in high school in Ohio.

00:01:11:22 - 00:01:41:02 Unknown I went to a vocational school and Turkey heating and air conditioning, and I've been in the trade since I was 16 years old. I had an instructor named Mr. Runyon when I was a junior in high school, and Mr. Runyon was a fabulous instructor. And I thought someday I would like to do that too. So I ended up going into the military as an air conditioning technician.

00:01:41:03 - 00:02:09:00 Unknown And when I got out of the military, I got a job with Kroger. Food stores as a refrigeration technician had my own business after I left Kroger's to start my own business. Did that for five years, and then White Tech had a ad in a national publication looking for a program director. It'll be 16 years tomorrow. When I started at White Tech, I applied for

the job and I got it. 00:02:09:00 - 00:02:18:08 Unknown And I've been able to kind of be that Bill Runyon person for my students after that. So that's that's my journey to get here. 00:02:18:08 - 00:02:34:04 Unknown That's a great story. We owe something to Mr. Runyon as well to put that spark in. And you and I know you put that spark into many more who will follow in your footsteps, hopefully here someday, but also throughout our community. Absolutely. Well, I'll tell us your story.

00:02:34:04 - 00:02:52:09 Unknown my story is a little bit different because I my family migrated from Panama here to the United States, and they resided in New York and with deployment and, you know, getting in the Army, they were moved to North Carolina. So from North Carolina, from Fayetteville, they moved into rally, and that's when I came over here. 00:02:52:09 - 00:03:18:00 Unknown So in 2001, I came to this country and then I decided to go ahead and take classes, of course, because I didn't know. I certainly had already a background in electronic, but I kind of wanted to see how things were done in the areas of skilled trades. So I started

taking my first electrical classes. My instructor was at that time, Mike Myers, that he still was an instructor for almost 30 years for waiting for continuing education. 00:03:18:02 - 00:03:35:08 Unknown So I started taking courses within and then I start realizing that I wanted to take more courses that would take. So I started taking more courses and then I enter into the field of electrical with my instructor as one of my supervisor and the company that I work for, the City of Riley, for probably 3 to 3 years. 00:03:35:10 - 00:03:52:20 Unknown And then I was basically called one time to do a class that will be a continuing education class. I will combine English as a second language plus a skill trade class. And this

class was electrical. So that's what I started teaching for. We take as an add. 00:03:52:20 - 00:04:19:01 Unknown Instructor, and this is 2005. So I started in 2005 doing continued education classes. And then as I was in the trade and classes, becoming a little more often then in a position of being for continuing to teach inside of the of the prison system that was they continue education classes for what they call a correctional education. And that's what I started in 2008. 00:04:19:04 - 00:04:47:10 Unknown On January seven, 2008, I started teaching for continuing aid as a full time temp. And that's my beginning, that waiting, that's a full time thing. And then from there, full time instructor Until I move from the continued adding to the curriculum education. I took

courses and I got an associate degree here and at that time was Mr. Moore, the director of the electrical program and then he offered me a position when I completed as an instructor for the program Electrical. 00:04:47:10 - 00:04:54:06 Unknown So that's what I started my journey here and the Electrical System program. And then became

the director after he retired. 00:04:54:06 - 00:05:00:14 Unknown for you all have been long time stalwarts here at Wake Tech and you've really built something here as well. 00:05:00:14 - 00:05:26:05 Unknown We'll talk about the literal where we're sitting, but what you've also and what you are building are these programs that are so vital to the needs of our community right now. And I'm going to let you describe it because it's really there. There is overlap in skill set,

but you have these different tracks. And so one is a chart I always get. 00:05:26:07 - 00:05:53:13 Unknown Give me your help me, because I always get this a little bit wrong, but it is air conditioning, heating and refrigeration and starts with the first year and then expands out into the different specialty. And then one is an electrical facility maintenance and has similar and then sometimes there's overlaps that can happen. So but if you think of all of it together, they're some of the most important skill sets that our communities and our country needs now. 00:05:53:14 - 00:06:06:00 Unknown And they're just growing in terms of demand. So riff on that a little bit, talk about it, tell us how this works and why Wake Tech is so important in this vital, vital skill area.

00:06:06:20 - 00:06:40:07 Unknown We have heard from industry that wasn't that long ago. I was in a meeting. I heard for every seven retirees in the skilled trades, only four people are entering the skilled trades. So, you know, those numbers are concerning. And in addition to that, we're in a area where there's a lot of growth. Every building that gets built, you have all the skilled trades involved that not only to build the structure but to maintain the structure. 00:06:40:07 - 00:07:07:18 Unknown So what we do here is we bring students in and they know most of the students who walk in here. The expectation is they'll know nothing. They we take them from ground Zero their first

semester. We teach them the basics, their first three semesters. We kind of give them that really solid foundation. And this is for the air conditioning, heating and refrigeration program. 00:07:07:20 - 00:07:34:02 Unknown And then their last two semesters, they can pick kind of where they really think their career will take them. And one thing that you find in skilled trades is there's a big umbrella called air conditioning, heating and refrigeration. But within that umbrella,

there's a lot of different areas that you specialize in. So what we've focused on here is commercial refrigeration. 00:07:34:07 - 00:08:01:17 Unknown You think about all the restaurants, all the convenience stores, grocery stores. People have to be able to work on that equipment and that equipment, although it has compressors and evaporator, it's it operates different different control systems, different temperature ranges. So we kind of focus on that career or we got commercial air conditioning where you've got the big buildings, chillers, hydraulics and and the RF equipment. 00:08:01:19 - 00:08:35:09 Unknown So those students really that's what we emphasize there. And one of the things we're seeing

in the industry as technology keeps growing is we're getting these smart buildings and we're getting all these controls that you really have to be tech savvy to be able to understand, troubleshoot. So that's where building automation comes in, is building automation is that technician that understands how the system operates, but also is really a tech savvy person and kind of like a I.T. 00:08:35:09 - 00:09:01:10 Unknown Person merges with a heating and air refrigeration and it's even bigger than that because we're not just controlling the HVAC systems, we're controlling lighting, we're controlling security so that is that bat track. So students who come in their first three semesters are really

foundational to get get you to where now you're ready to say, What's my specialty going to be? 00:09:01:12 - 00:09:28:10 Unknown And then you move into that specialty. Going into your last two semester, students come back and pick up another specialty. We're seeing a lot of that. We're seeing a lot of students who will do one and they will they will take an elective class and another one to kind of already get it taken care of. And there's probably between four and five class difference between each track.

00:09:28:12 - 00:09:48:08 Unknown So if someone does want to come back and get an additional track that the first three semesters, I'll count and then a class or two from their last two semesters also will apply. And we see that we get a lot of veterans that are very interested in the skilled. 00:09:48:08 - 00:10:06:16 Unknown Age. And, you know, I'm I'm a veteran myself. And I always tell my veterans the same thing. They're not given anything. They are earn everything they get. But if they still got VA benefits and they can utilize those to get additional training, take advantage of it. And we do see that once

00:10:06:16 - 00:10:15:00 Unknown we enter November and Veterans Day, it's an appropriate time to be talking about our veterans and the great role they can and opportunities they can find here at Wake Tech. 00:10:15:02 - 00:10:30:04 Unknown For it turn to this building automation piece that was a wake tech innovation. Yeah, and I know then we have a National Science Foundation grant for for that program. It was that that's been something unique here 00:10:30:04 - 00:11:00:04 Unknown Absolutely. Gentleman named John Clevenger started heading that up with industry and

some state stakeholders and they needed more training for this smart technology. And then under the leadership of the Dane, we put in for a National Science Foundation grant and was awarded almost half a million dollars to develop these additional BAT courses that we're still in the process of right now. 00:11:00:04 - 00:11:27:14 Unknown And that was part of, you know, when we had our instructor conference here. One of the things we were able to do was share with other schools some of the technology and coursework that we've developed here under that National Science Foundation grant. So it's really an

exciting program that we are in, you know, in the and of that grant that still finalizing and working on 00:11:27:14 - 00:11:39:14 Unknown And we should do a shout out. You mentioned our very innovative dean, Laura Eddington, who also in law and you've been involved in the National Science Foundation grant as well in your area. We'll talk about that in just a second. 00:11:39:14 - 00:11:49:17 Unknown But share with us then the electrical facility maintenance side and how that comes together and works on different tracks. 00:11:49:17 - 00:12:09:14 Unknown Well, our Electrical system program is also like model in that two year degree that we have. We have a diploma certificate and we have a track for the electrical system program.

The way that is they develop is the students are coming through the classes for residence hall, commercial installations or industrial unit wiring. 00:12:09:15 - 00:12:30:22 Unknown And then within the first three semesters of this program is where we are putting the basic concepts that they're going to need and require for their developing into their their program, the electrical. So after just like Mr. Freeman say, after their fourth or fifth semester, there will be like second years. That's when they start realizing what they're going to take a renewable energy track.

00:12:30:22 - 00:13:05:03 Unknown So we have basically, thanks to the dean also, you know, and, you know, the the way we were able to, you know, secure funds so we can upgrade these classes and these renewable energy courses. There is a photovoltaic system. So how solar panel technology is used, utilize and install. So we are upgrading our classes on courses so the student can understand, you know, the new renewable energy that is really, you know, in high demand right now since, you know, all the things are happening with the developing electric vehicles now, renewable energies are really a good focal point. 00:13:05:03 - 00:13:28:03 Unknown So we tried to focus our last part of our program into these track or a business track that could be taken online for, you know, students are deciding to go into the electrical side and then create a business on their own, or the photovoltaic system that is a renewable power that the student takes so they can go ahead and start learning the technology of renewable energy or advanced renewable energy.

00:13:28:09 - 00:14:08:14 Unknown So we have ways that we allow these student to put together and then understand, you know, how these systems are working. We are also doing the facility maintenance because these are chair of our courses between the h h h.r. Program and the electrical program. And so we have classes where the students are taking electrical courses, a heating and air courses, and then under second year when they start realizing that what they're really going to be taking, what is going to be their their niche or their they're really they're their path is going to be they're building automation courses that this is part of their lives.

00:14:08:14 - 00:14:40:22 Unknown Mr. Freeman said his program has that one well facility maintenance actually their second year students are really taking all the building automation courses that we are offering here, we think. So they are taking advantage of all these technology that we are using, all these equipment that we have here set up in the classrooms and they are kind of using it now, put an end together, making sure that they understand the concept, because like we said, it's all controls related to electrical, related to heating and air conditioning and pretty much everything.

00:14:40:23 - 00:14:54:03 Unknown Even our power on is another advisory committees are letting us know that the technology that we have and the technician that we have to train have to be able to understand and use these technology because this is what the every single 00:14:54:03 - 00:14:54:23 Unknown what they find. 00:15:06:06 - 00:15:07:03 Unknown see the cranes 00:15:07:03 - 00:15:08:02 Unknown 30 years. 00:15:08:04 - 00:15:21:22 Unknown So they see all these things already included in that. So your they tell they took up all my technicians that they have to be able to understand every single aspect of it. And these are the facility maintenance allows the student to understand that. 00:15:21:22 - 00:15:34:10 Unknown you you kind of together hit on a theme and there is we have another National Science Foundation, Grant Lake Tech been very successful recently with National Science Foundation grants.

00:15:34:10 - 00:15:38:14 Unknown Laurie Eddington been a big driver, our dean in that that are. 00:15:38:14 - 00:16:02:07 Unknown To our programs, but we have one that is Industry 4.0. We also call super tech. And there's kind of a super tech theme that seems to weave through this in that I want to let you describe it because I know facility maintenance is part of this super tech, but it's kind of you can see this theme emerging where super tech apps skills across multiple technologies they're going to encounter.

00:16:02:07 - 00:16:11:01 Unknown And that's impacting and also our a lot of our industrial work as well with some of the big bio farmers and others to talk about super tech and the 4.2 00:16:11:01 - 00:16:30:01 Unknown this grand basically that we were able to you know have the funds you know, required for that is allowing us to get for programs into these programs that we're calling there for point on this industry or for the super tech. So it's a facility maintenance program is the electronic technology program is there. 00:16:30:01 - 00:17:11:06 Unknown Mechatronics is incorporated and the biopharma, the associate degree is actually incorporated. So we are trying to train students that can go through different disciplines. So if we

have a student is starting on biopharma and he needs to understand the manufacturing process and understand equipment and the components on the facility that they are working, they are not only have to depend on a facility maintenance technician to come and help them out, they be able to understand the system and the process happening within their facility so they can go ahead and pinpoint problems and they could be more proactive in trying to find solutions that are waiting for somebody else to tell them. 00:17:11:08 - 00:17:37:04 Unknown So we are now creating classes that will become certificates so biopharma students can take some classes on their program and complete two crossings on the facility maintenance and they can get a certificate to their It will incorporate the industry for partner industry. The same for the mechatronics. They can take classes on biopharma and they are now basically able to go ahead and work in a lab environment. 00:17:37:10 - 00:17:49:04 Unknown So the idea is to incorporate this technician that we were trying to see there. It was a technician for trade. Now we have a one technician there is on one trade, but it also be able

to understand the surroundings 00:17:49:04 - 00:17:49:11 Unknown Yeah, 00:18:07:09 - 00:18:08:19 Unknown the biopharma equipment, 00:18:08:19 - 00:18:30:16 Unknown bio farm equipment and the processes that really are happening in our biopharma industry. So the technician not only is able to understand the process of from the point of view, they biopharma with the process and the batches and the materials that they're using to make this pharmaceutical components, but they actually understand the equipment behind it. 00:18:30:18 - 00:18:40:20 Unknown So if they have an issue or problem, they can go ahead and pinpointed and at least be proactive and try to solve the problem instead of waiting for the equipment or equipment to stop. And they cannot do anything really. 00:18:40:20 - 00:18:52:01 Unknown Right. It's you know, that's vitally important. We had a reporter from Boston down last week

looking to see why is this area such a hub now for bio pharma manufacturing? 00:18:52:01 - 00:19:26:12 Unknown And I think you know, where we're leading at Wake Tech in multiple areas, really, but it's also how the things come together. So these super techs, which can be biopharma or could be TV or could be multiple types of production areas and I'm trying to get this right in my head because this is so important, but it's the cross section of facilities, maintenance, mechatronics, electronics and and biopharma and these specific pulling from these core skill sets to create a unique super tech which is being created here at Wake Tech. 00:19:26:12 - 00:19:27:13 Unknown Did I get that right? 00:19:27:13 - 00:19:29:22 Unknown Yep, yep, yep. Perfect. 00:19:29:22 - 00:19:48:20 Unknown or I can tell you it's I want to get it right because it is so vital to the industry partners I talked to, I've talked to with been with two major biopharma in the last few weeks, and they'll both talk about how core those skill sets are that cut across. You know, what we think of as biotech. 00:19:48:20 - 00:20:11:02 Unknown But in the industrial and the facility maintenance and the automation side. So kudos again to

you all for being ahead of this curve. One of the thing to before we move on to, we're very partnered in everything we do. You've mentioned advisory committees. You we'll talk a little bit about this lab, Jamie, I'll let you kind of share that in a second. 00:20:11:04 - 00:20:37:09 Unknown But we also partner so much with our education partners and our public schools we've been partnered with because we have four early college high schools are two that are career and college high schools. One is a very unique high school in Raleigh called Burnham alone,

where students who are trained by Wake Tech instructors who are there migrate over here. 00:20:37:11 - 00:20:58:04 Unknown And that's just a great, great partnership. If you ever been through Burnham alone, it's just a remarkable place and we are proud to be joined at the hip with Wake County Public Schools on that high school, as well as Northern Wake and our two other early colleges. But can you talk about that transition from Burnham alone here that happens in the high school? 00:20:58:04 - 00:20:58:23 Unknown Transition 00:20:58:23 - 00:21:13:05 Unknown is usually the students are in Vernon, Ireland. You know, they have their core courses, you

know, related to the awakening public school system. But they have their track days, basically where they're going to be specialized. You on most of these students are basically in the morning time. 00:21:13:05 - 00:21:38:05 Unknown They are in sections that they're doing classes with instructors or teachers that they are awakening public school teachers. But then in within the morning to the afternoon, they they move into the classes or they are part of the way tech community college system. They track courses that we have set up for them that could be a heating technologies or air conditioning or welding technologies or electrical.

00:21:38:05 - 00:21:39:08 Unknown So their students are moving. 00:21:39:08 - 00:22:05:11 Unknown Between sections through the day, whether in the morning time or the afternoon, they are moving to these different classes. So they are basically having a little bit of know, understanding of what we are doing over here. The classes that they are taking is actually matches or courses here. So they are right now doing an early college within

inside of these high school system and they are getting trained exactly what we are training our students that are coming for first year for community college here. 00:22:05:11 - 00:22:10:04 Unknown They are getting their training over there. So I usually try to stop at least once 00:22:10:04 - 00:22:11:23 Unknown a different one. 00:22:11:23 - 00:22:27:23 Unknown in courses as students, you know, please, guys, make sure that you understand that you are needed right now. You are part of these industry that you may not see it right now.

Right now there is a sign of the register as a facility maintenance associate degree students. 00:22:28:01 - 00:22:52:18 Unknown So but sometimes they basically start finding their path into air conditioning or h.r. Problems or their well, you know, they may say, well, i'm going to be an electrical really, and I but I always try to get courses in there, even though they are picking out this path that they may take after they complete their high school that they have to remember they are ready, complete with so many other courses on their facility, programs that they can come over here. 00:22:52:18 - 00:23:05:08 Unknown And within the two years that have regular student coming out of high school takes to take an associate degree here there because they are in Baramulla and they can complete to associate degree within the same time.

00:23:05:08 - 00:23:16:03 Unknown So they they've really started so young in their process that they can develop a lot of skill sets in a short you know in the same period of time that other 00:23:16:03 - 00:23:29:17 Unknown And there is a lot of partnering with the industry through this so many companies they the their their policy is not to try to make workers or buying work critical. They are trying to make these workers so they want to start in these 00:23:29:17 - 00:23:32:07 Unknown yeah, invest here. They want 00:23:32:07 - 00:23:34:11 Unknown to sponsor then in any way that they can. 00:23:34:11 - 00:23:40:23 Unknown So we have a lot of industry and partners. So they are going to the high school and try to supporters in that 00:23:40:23 - 00:23:59:19 Unknown somebody somebody told me a story a couple of years ago, I don't know if this is right or you may know. I'm sure it happens all the time, but there was a student from Vermillion who was, I think, a heating air conditioning was the area and making an, you know, tremendous hourly salary for the summer working with a company.

00:23:59:20 - 00:24:09:19 Unknown But he couldn't drive yet. And so the company was picking him up at the house and dropping him off in the afternoon. I, you know, share that with my boys, is it you know, nobody is picking you all up. And so but what? 00:24:09:19 - 00:24:27:06 Unknown Absolutely. I'm pretty sure that was the company was Piedmont and and they the young man, I pick him up and and, you know, take him home at the end of the day because, you know, they there's rules about driving company vehicles. 00:24:27:08 - 00:24:48:19 Unknown You know, you still got to obey all the regulations that's that's out there. So but one of the

neat things about Vernon Malone to that that I've been able to to be towed and see a couple of times they have something called a signing day. And it's almost like the the people who go on to win the 00:24:48:19 - 00:24:50:21 Unknown sports. Yeah, but it's 00:24:50:21 - 00:25:08:14 Unknown signing to go to work for Piedmont Service Group or or new combined company or, you know, these these industry partners that are so invested in this goal that they they'll have a signing day where these and it's really neat the way they 00:25:08:14 - 00:25:12:21 Unknown do it's like another high school version of their athletes signing day. Yeah. 00:25:12:21 - 00:25:35:17 Unknown if you attend one of those, it just really it's something you won't forget because it's really highlighting and the impact for that student. I mean, you may coming from my background,

starting in a high school and never leaving this industry for all those years. You're you know, there are those students there that some day are going to 00:25:35:17 - 00:25:38:18 Unknown fall in your foot in my footsteps and say, I 00:25:38:18 - 00:25:46:19 Unknown got involved in this at Vernon Malone in high school or or, you know, right after I graduated and I came to White Tech. 00:25:46:19 - 00:25:47:07 Unknown So 00:25:47:07 - 00:25:52:00 Unknown they have a mr. Runyon out there so have a mr. on

00:25:52:00 - 00:26:03:05 Unknown you know so you've been hitting on to the the part of our secret sauce is this these great industry partnerships industries who participate on our advisory committees 00:26:03:05 - 00:26:24:14 Unknown and are very honest with us and tell us, hey, do more of that and don't do as much of that are industries that will participate in signing days, as you mentioned. But we're sitting in the Donald J. Brady Lab of the Center for Building and Technologies, which is a new building, relatively new here at Wake Tech, just reopened it during COVID. 00:26:24:14 - 00:26:54:05 Unknown I remember we all messed up when we had our our opening day. But here we are. And this is a great, great facility for this important part of our college. Jimmy, can you share

a little bit about, you know, what this lab is and within this overall facility? And I know we're also doing some other going back behind our own labs and doing some things with refrigeration and other things to put it in context of what's here now relative to where we were, say, ten years ago 00:26:54:05 - 00:27:19:20 Unknown So when we this building was under construction and we were getting close to completing it, I go to a conference typically for educators across the country. And while I was there an industry partner there was talking about donations, and I happened to mention it when I got back at a Brady Train meeting. 00:27:19:22 - 00:27:54:23 Unknown And the next thing I know, Brady, one of the Brady Train members, is on my advisory committee. Next thing I know, I got contacted by Brady and Brady offered to give us it's almost $200,000 worth of equipment plus install to put what is known as a metal slab, which is Mitsubishi Electric train us and at the time and I think still it's the only made a slab in a community college in the country and it's white text equipment and they gave it to us.

00:27:55:01 - 00:28:15:08 Unknown So and the agreement is when we're not in session they can train industry here, which also is great because it brings industry in our building and lets industry see, hey, if I need to get someone trained, I'm sending them out to Wake Tech. So that was kind of like the first step in this. Then we found it so easy. 00:28:15:08 - 00:28:55:03 Unknown Industry wanted to get behind this thing. We had another company, Faulconer, Hanes, they Ernie Faulconer said, I want to donate something to the new building. Well, they

gave us a $25,000 VR roof system, You know, John Stone Supply said, We want to be involved. And they gave us a donation of free supplies valued at $25,000. Piedmont Service Group gave us a donation for naming rights to an I mean, it was it was almost funny how industry was knocking down our door to do this.

00:28:55:03 - 00:29:22:11 Unknown And New Common company, they sponsored both classrooms downstairs for a donation And and then Juan I'll let you take over with your group. Well we follow in you know Mr. Freeman, his staff and the industry. As soon as I took over the program, you know, we had the initiative on the building. So what I tried to get is, is Tyler Electric, one of the first companies, you know, the supporters, and they donated 25,000 their own equipment.

00:29:22:11 - 00:29:48:04 Unknown And then as soon as a company realized that the other two manufacturers of the United States biggest fund that factors Siemens and Eaton decided, well, we want to support you, too. So they donated money to and also equipment to our facility. And then Eaton actually sponsor one of our classroom downstairs. And then later we later now we have our the last company that support us was a captive Air 00:29:48:20 - 00:29:54:09 Unknown I saw it. That's just research captive there. Great. Yeah. Did that support to

00:29:54:09 - 00:30:02:10 Unknown to make sure and not only they supported with it sponsoring the classroom they actually build the equipment for troubleshooting in our classes. 00:30:02:16 - 00:30:23:02 Unknown So they found out a way that they could go ahead and implement troubleshooting settings on their equipment that they build and they basically cater to the classes that we have so we can go ahead and do the same kind of troubleshooting setting that they are doing in their facilities. So our student kind of have a taste of exactly this equipment that you will see on the in. 00:30:23:03 - 00:30:35:18 Unknown They feel exactly the same kind of equipment, the automation in a classroom. So we do have, you know, a lot of partners, you know, supporting us and and providing us this, you know, help that we need to support our students.

00:30:35:18 - 00:30:51:18 Unknown this place is sort of like a race car, you know, and I tell somebody about that. That was an aspiration with a new building. We have. But that's a weight tech model and it but it comes sponsored by sponsor. And you can even look downstairs We have high woods where a lot of, you know, the big buildings and they sponsor a lounge downstairs. 00:30:51:18 - 00:31:14:16 Unknown It's multiple. This this building is like a race car. And we're proud of that because

it also shows our students where their opportunity is. And it is a great example, too. Sometimes it's hard to understand. I think you all just had your advisory committee pretty recently, right? Recent meeting. So you all do this a couple times a year and you know, we learn and listen to each other. 00:31:14:16 - 00:31:42:11 Unknown So that was a case that was sparked by industry hearing us, you, Jimmy, in this case saying a need that didn't Brady dropped on and then others followed with other thing but then we also listen and react probably much quicker than people would anticipate a college reacting to need and one of the ways that's been seen recently is moving to the two day scheduling model, which I think something that we don't highlight enough. 00:31:42:13 - 00:32:02:06 Unknown And it's so important because it really allows the learn and earn model for you to work and go to school allows. In many places, the apprenticeship model. But that scheduling requires an extra

bit of challenge for you all. But it's so important for these particular programs. Can you talk about the two day model and what that is and how that it's important to your programs? 00:32:02:06 - 00:32:25:17 Unknown Absolutely. Each year your advisory committee comes up with an initiative, something that we want to work on. And one of the challenges we had over my time being here is industry wants our students, but for years we had what we had would be the morning group and the afternoon group, and then all the classes were around lunchtime.

00:32:25:17 - 00:32:30:04 Unknown So, you know, and industry had trouble using. 00:32:30:04 - 00:33:00:20 Unknown Students if they're here five days a week, half a day. So the advisory committee initiative about seven years ago was to schedule our classes so students can be full time. But it's like a job. They're out here from 7 a.m. till 5 p.m. some weeks, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.. But it's two days and then they're done. And that way industry can hire them on the non schedule day.

00:33:00:22 - 00:33:07:16 Unknown So industry gets, you know, three or more days a week cause last time I checked they're seven days in a week and sometimes the 00:33:07:16 - 00:33:09:02 Unknown Yeah. Yeah. 00:33:09:03 - 00:33:12:20 Unknown Sometimes they need electricians. So it has 00:33:12:20 - 00:33:27:04 Unknown been so successful. Industry loves the schedule. Students love the schedule. And it's a win for everyone because what we're seeing is our students, they're being recruited their very first semester. 00:33:27:06 - 00:33:42:15 Unknown You know, we have a lot of opportunity at White Tech with our different, you know, other areas to help industry come in to to see our students. And from, you know, like Ian Gibbons

and 00:33:42:15 - 00:33:42:22 Unknown John. 00:33:42:23 - 00:33:43:22 Unknown Yeah, from 00:34:38:10 - 00:34:42:11 Unknown coming up. You know, there's no better flattery. Yeah, yeah, yeah. 00:36:00:05 - 00:36:01:03 Unknown Yeah. So 00:36:07:12 - 00:36:09:17 Unknown I'm sure it is difficult. Yeah, but we

00:36:13:00 - 00:36:14:15 Unknown but I think it is one of those things. 00:36:14:15 - 00:36:15:18 Unknown It's sometimes, I guess 00:36:15:18 - 00:36:24:00 Unknown I think it's this native movement. Yeah, we got. All right. 00:36:24:00 - 00:36:40:15 Unknown Did you get that on camera there. Just so break. So you know, we're talking about building our nation. And if you don't have enough activity going, the lights turn out and that's what just happened. So we'll keep that going. Sure.

Let's keep that. It's an example of building automation where we are right 00:36:40:15 - 00:36:40:22 Unknown now. 00:36:40:23 - 00:36:43:04 Unknown Saving energy. Yeah. Now let me get 00:36:43:04 - 00:37:04:00 Unknown my thoughts back. But that being said, what we're talking about with what was really a game changing innovation that probably when you hit on it, you didn't really realize what the potential was because of it. But the reason why is game changing is and I've seen this in other programs to automotive in this way and others where students now are really being hard.

00:37:04:00 - 00:37:27:09 Unknown The first semester, you know, before the model that people had the traditional college model, you know, you go you come out, you get a job, here you go, you get a job and you go to college and you learn your skill and you work at the same time. And that's a game changer for students because they're working in the field from the beginning, not after they graduate. 00:37:27:11 - 00:37:28:19 Unknown Is that a fair statement? 00:37:28:19 - 00:37:41:11 Unknown ad is absolute first statement. We see it over and over again and it is the students win, industry wins, white tech wins any time everyone wins. You got 00:37:41:11 - 00:37:44:18 Unknown absolutely right congratulations And 00:37:44:18 - 00:37:51:08 Unknown it helps a lot, really, the students, because now they don't have to wait until the very end of their semester to try to figure out where they are 00:37:51:08 - 00:37:52:05 Unknown yeah 00:38:02:03 - 00:38:02:22 Unknown yeah 00:38:06:21 - 00:38:08:19 Unknown That's right. You can't wait till the end.

00:38:11:02 - 00:38:11:21 Unknown Yeah. 00:38:13:10 - 00:38:14:00 Unknown Yeah. 00:38:14:00 - 00:38:23:00 Unknown You just make this employee from now on they work with you to give you, you know, the opportunity so he can complete his classes, his degree when he's 00:38:23:00 - 00:38:24:01 Unknown working for them. Yeah.

00:38:24:01 - 00:38:34:03 Unknown Sometimes I chuckle when, you know, sometimes people try to box in like a traditional college and they'll ask, you know, do your students get jobs after their programs? 00:38:34:03 - 00:38:42:02 Unknown And I'll oftentimes will chuckle just to look it as they get jobs when they start our programs, when they finish, our parents calls us. 00:38:42:02 - 00:39:01:10 Unknown Girls they learn. But anyway, that's a whole nother story. Let's wrap this up. We could talk all day. I love what you all do, and I love the innovation that takes place across

your programs in this division. I love the connection with industry. I love that there's so much opportunity. Sometimes when people tell people, you know, how do you tell electrician? 00:39:01:10 - 00:39:31:17 Unknown They're the ones that have the big trucks with the big boats behind them driving all around because they're making a lot of money. But you started with a quote, Jimmy, or we're talking about whether it's, you know, heating and air electrician or facility maintenance, all these opportunities. But we also struggle because we are seeing the aging out. You quoted I've heard another quote that would justify that is saying that, you know, in 2019, over 70% of the of the licensed electricians in North Carolina were above the age of 50. 00:39:31:19 - 00:39:48:02 Unknown So as a final part of this podcast, put on your best sales hat pitch, what pitch would you make to that young person right now to go in, come to work, to go into this field? Because we need. Jimmy, you go

00:39:48:02 - 00:39:58:06 Unknown first? My best pitch is this isn't an option if you can't go to college. This is a college and this is an option that you really ought to think about. 00:39:58:11 - 00:40:20:07 Unknown If you want to have a great career. You know, one of the things that I battled as a you know, when I was in high school, I was a, you know, straight-A student, a be every now and then. And when I chose to go to a skilled trade, I had teachers thinking they were doing me a service by calling me in and telling me I need to go to a four year college.

00:40:20:10 - 00:40:20:22 Unknown Yeah, 00:41:20:19 - 00:41:26:07 Unknown that's something people ought to consider as an option, period. 00:41:26:07 - 00:41:28:16 Unknown Not a lot of alternative. A number 00:41:28:16 - 00:41:32:04 Unknown one, I'm absolutely look at this 00:41:41:00 - 00:41:46:08 Unknown the results. So. And you've changed a lot of lives like Mr. Runyon. Absolutely. Yeah.

00:41:46:08 - 00:41:49:16 Unknown Well, after following 00:41:49:16 - 00:41:53:07 Unknown I read that. Wrap it up. You bring it home here. What's 00:41:53:07 - 00:42:13:22 Unknown So the way that I see is these are I think are these these are skills are are timeless. And in the sense of is not only I stood in the starting from high school or leaving high school to start this anybody that is deciding to change their career, these skills are you know something that you can get. 00:42:14:00 - 00:42:33:19 Unknown So education is something that you can earn and is really fast, you know, is a fast paced education. But at the same time, you concentrate on the skill that you're going to require

for the industry. So I will say the not only the students starting from high school that they want to come over here and take this program and then get a good salary. 00:42:33:19 - 00:42:54:16 Unknown Like Mr. Freeman said, I have stories like that of people that are ready. They see me on the street and they have their license as an electrical license. They have their companies. And and I just realized right away they say, wow, how how did it happen? I was

there. Well, I took my path. I complete my classes. But also I see people the one to try to turn around and where they are working and why they are doing. 00:42:54:16 - 00:43:14:16 Unknown And they want to turn around and say, well, I think I want to do this skill. And still,

you know, something that can be done is something that is still that allows you to go ahead and have flexibility to keep working while you are changing career path. And it will open doors, you know, through everything. And you will be something that is still can make you successful.

00:43:14:16 - 00:43:21:21 Unknown great. You both have been okay is timeless is a good word because it's timeless and it's never too early or never too late to get started. 00:43:21:21 - 00:43:37:23 Unknown But there is so much to add on to and there's so much where we're going with the new things that are coming, whether it's TV or other areas, that building automation that you can never you can just keep learning and keep growing 00:43:37:23 - 00:43:39:05 Unknown and keep making money 00:43:39:05 - 00:43:42:11 Unknown and add entrepreneurship to it and start a company if that's what you want to do. 00:43:42:11 - 00:43:58:12 Unknown And you could do that at Wake Tech to through or through our entrepreneurship programs. We're very fortunate at Wake Tech to be where we are way tech and we are skilled trades, and that's particularly thanks to Jimmy Freeman and Juan Benitez, who have been our guest today 00:43:58:12 - 00:44:03:08 Unknown on the We Are Wake Tech podcast. Thanks for joining us on this episode.

00:44:03:10 - 00:44:11:17 Unknown Look for us next month for the next episode of We are Wake Tech. Any place where you find your podcast and we'll see you next time 00:44:25:13 - 00:44:44:22 Unknown I'm Joshua mackenzie with your Wake Tech News update. Proud graduates celebrated with their family and friends at fall commencement exercises. Two ceremonies were held at our Scott Northern Wake campus. Hundreds of families and friends watched with pride as graduates ranging in age from 17 to 69 turned their tassels.

00:44:44:23 - 00:45:08:02 Unknown In all, more than 800 graduates received degrees and diplomas. Don't forget weight tech offers programs in 13 career fields, including advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, education, engineering, health care and wellness, and more. New students can apply now at applied at Wake Tech dot edu. The first day of classes for spring semester, January 8th, 2024. 00:45:08:02 - 00:45:28:20 Unknown Wake Tech is pleased to announce the 10th Group LLC as the 100th Wake Works apprenticeship partner. Wake Works now in its third year, is a partnership between Wake Tech and Wake County to address the county's shortage of technical workers, giving students a unique opportunity to earn an income while getting an education and learning new skills. 00:45:28:22 - 00:45:58:04 Unknown To learn more, visit Wake Works Dot Wake Tech dot edu 15 New and revise articulation agreements between Wake Tech and William. Peace makes it easier for students to finish their bachelor's

degrees. The new peace pathway creates a smooth transition from Wake Tech to pursue in a variety of program areas. Some Wake Tech graduates will be able to complete a bachelor's degree in less than two years, saving them time and money. 00:45:58:04 - 00:46:10:01 Unknown Wake Techs Public Training Safety Academy was awarded national accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, incorporated CALEA in the Training Academy program. 00:46:10:03 - 00:46:16:14 Unknown The Academy, located at the college's Public Safety Education Campus, was first accredited in 2012.

00:46:16:14 - 00:46:39:18 Unknown Student researchers in Wake Tech's innovative STEM academic Research and Training START program took center stage to present their discoveries at the Fall 2023 Student Showcase 54 students studying science, math, engineering and technology at Wake Tech gained hands on experience this semester as paid research interns in the START program. 00:46:39:20 - 00:46:43:22 Unknown To learn more, visit Start dot Wake Tech dot Edu. 00:46:43:22 - 00:46:51:06 Unknown 200 Wake Tech engineering students put their design skills to the test during the innovative Rube Goldberg Machine building competition. 00:46:51:06 - 00:47:04:20 Unknown 44 teams of students in the associate in engineering program had to rely on the principles of physics, gravity, force, mechanics, magnetism, sound waves, light and electricity to design and complete their innovations. 00:47:04:20 - 00:47:28:22 Unknown Wake Tech. Baking students showcase their skills in the much anticipated bakers row. The popular event takes place twice a year at the Scott Northern Wake campus and includes sweet and savory treats, European cakes and fresh bread. Students made bake goodies entirely

from scratch. They sold everything from savory biscuits, pimento cheese, quiche, cakes, cookies, chocolates and brownies. 00:47:29:01 - 00:47:45:15 Unknown Wake Tech student Quintin Taylor is celebrating after taking home first place in two competitions held at the Scott Northern Wake campus. Taylor, who sang and played the piano, defeated eight other finalists to win Wake Tech Idol and received a $2,000 scholarship from the way Tech Foundation.

00:47:45:15 - 00:47:57:08 Unknown Taylor also finished first in a pitch competition. Prior to Wake Tech Idol for students enrolled in the business of Music for Entrepreneurs Class, a ten week workforce continuing education course. 00:47:57:10 - 00:48:10:00 Unknown And that's a wrap for 2023. We leave you this year with some sights and sounds from Wake Tech Idol. We hope you have a happy and safe holiday season. We'll see you in 2024. 00:48:10:00 - 00:48:17:08 Unknown blog, you tell me, Hey, you love those 00:48:31:05 - 00:48:46:00 Unknown Hello. My name is Chef Aaron Stomp, and I'm an instructor here at Wake Technical Community College. And today, I have selected some food, some pro tips for your holiday menu.

00:48:46:00 - 00:48:48:10 Unknown I have put together a smorgasbord 00:48:48:13 - 00:49:05:02 Unknown have a wide variety here. I'm going from left to right. We have a chocolate cake from our baking class. We have some chutneys and non and watermelon salad from our international cuisine class.

00:49:05:04 - 00:49:19:19 Unknown We have some French bombs back there in the back, which are just mousse glazed with holiday colors. And then we have a mango tapioca layered glass. There. Then we have spritz cookies from Germany. 00:49:19:19 - 00:49:29:20 Unknown All right. So I'm going to symbol these Korean dumplings, and I have prepared wonton wrappers from the grocery store, 00:49:29:20 - 00:49:32:17 Unknown I'm just going to place these down on the ground. 00:49:32:17 - 00:49:38:22 Unknown I have some filling here made out of pork, tofu and shrimp.

00:49:39:04 - 00:49:54:12 Unknown It's a pound of ground pork that I've actually ground myself. You can buy ground pork at the grocery store. It will work just fine. I like fattier pork. All right. And I'm just putting like a half ounce or a scoop in each one. 00:49:54:12 - 00:50:11:13 Unknown Also, I season this pound of pork with a teaspoon of ground ginger or grated ginger, a teaspoon of grated garlic, a tablespoon of soy sauce, a little bit of fish sauce, a little bit of 00:50:11:13 - 00:50:13:05 Unknown sugar, brown sugar. 00:50:13:05 - 00:50:34:09 Unknown All right. So I have the four laid out with the filling. I've used water to glue these

together. I'm just going to fold them over, press them together like a little hat again. A traditional dumpling would be round, but I'm just going with Square 00:50:34:09 - 00:50:39:00 Unknown we're going to place them in boiling water. You can also steam them. 00:50:39:00 - 00:50:44:05 Unknown So here we go into the boiling water. 00:50:44:05 - 00:50:47:13 Unknown And I have them ready here.

00:50:47:13 - 00:50:51:17 Unknown place them on the plate 00:50:51:17 - 00:50:53:17 Unknown and garnish them with 00:50:54:04 - 00:50:59:17 Unknown a mixture of Chinese black vinegar and sesame oil. 00:51:00:08 - 00:51:04:14 Unknown And I have some scallion here 00:51:04:14 - 00:51:07:17 Unknown and that's it. Korean dumplings, 00:51:07:23 - 00:51:14:07 Unknown I hope these Pro tips help differentiate your holiday preparations. 00:51:14:07 - 00:51:23:00 Unknown And. 00:51:23:01 - 00:51:43:14 Unknown Thank you for listening to the We Are Week Tech podcast. Join us next month for more insightful conversations about the programs and people of Wake Tech and how the college changes lives every day. Be sure to subscribe to your favorite podcast app to have each

episode delivered right to your computer or mobile device. 00:51:43:16 - 00:51:55:07 Unknown For more, find us at podcast Don't Wake Tech dot Edu. To learn more about Wake Tech's exceptional educational opportunities, visit Wake Tech dot edu.

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