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- Previously, on Rookie Season... - You've only got one shot, show coach, how good you are. Skills, training... (both): Strategy and teamwork! - That's what my dad used to say. - Want to try my latest creation? - Whoa! - Feel the beauty? (screaming) - Ugh! (chuckling) - Where's my brother?! - Guess who just got an invite to... try-outs at Strikaland?! - Supa Strikas try-outs on Monday.

- Skills. - Training. - Strategy... - ...and synchronization? - How about team work? (crowd cheering) - Yes, Jomo! (bright music) (grunting) (crowd cheering) (tense music) - Huh? - We could use, a player like you.

(whistle blowing) - Whoa! What a tackle! Could he be the best defensive midfielder ever? - It's his last match as a player, but not his last with Supa Strikas. Our guest tonight, Supa Strikas new manager and coach. (applause) So, how's it feel, Coach? Coach? Coach? (voice echoing): How about teamwork? - Coach, man! - Huh? - I said, what do I tell Automatic about the try-outs for his position? - Oh, tell him the truth, Captain. - All right. So, he has to up his game.

- Or be outplayed by a rookie. - You nervous? - Nah. I just... I just don't wanna rush this.

(rhythmic music) ♪ Supa ♪ ♪ Supa Strikas ♪♪ - Rush? Rush what? - Once I go in, the trials start, and stuff can go wrong. But right now, anything is possible. I mean, it's the perfect moment. Can you feel it? Supa Strikas legacy! The destiny! The majesty! Can you feel-- (tires screeching) (chuckling) I guess not.

- No fake ponytail today? - You remember me? Well, this time I'm-- - Official, I know. - My name is-- - Shakes, I know. - And you are? - Chops.

- I know! Just kidding. I had no idea. Good name, though. Chops, very strong.

(tense music) - Green line access only, Mr. Shakes. (beeping) (cell phone ringing) (phone beeps) - So...? - I'm inside! - This is it, buddy. There's one spot on the team,

and it's gonna be all yours! - Ah. (Skarra chuckling) Hey, bro! - Shakes! Uh, what are you doing here? - Is that Skarra? - Coach tracked me down after the Rovers game. Pretty wild, huh? - Ah! Big ups to you, bro.

- I guess Coach has an eye for raw talent! Eh, Skarra? - Spenza, aren't you supposed to be fixing my car? - Yep! Just getting it decontaminated first. (laughing) - Come on, Shakes. We've got more important things to do. - Call you later, Spenz! (phone beeps) - Ugh, Skarra! Hmm... The Super League Experience? - All right, you're back! (voice echoing): Thanks for ditching me, punk.

- Huh. What were you up to, Skarra? (engine starting) (tires screeching) (GPS voice): Routing to El Dorado, park mall. - Hey, what's the rush? - The trophy room. - Ha!

Legacy, destiny, majesty! Can you feel it?! - Yeah, yeah, I feel it. Haha. You're pretty out there, Shakes, but I get you. - Uh... - The Super League trophy.

- Invincible United. - Supa Strikas were on the verge of clinching three in a row. It would have been a historic run. Am I right, Skarra? Shakes! - Have we met? - Who are you? - Diego. I always research my competitors, especially for a trial to join, you know.

Also, how awesome is this place? I even found a vending machine full of Blammo Bars! - Ugh. You can get those anywhere. - Yeah, but these ones are from Strikaland! Extra nutty! - Extra nutty is right. - Let's ditch the weirdo. (gasping) - Dancing Rasta's socks from his debut match! - Hey, check it out. - Staff only.

(laughing) - Aw... - Let's get to the trial. - Ha, yeah. (tense music) - Whoa! Strikaland! Kinda feels like home. - Totally!

(man clearing throat) (both): Coach! - Skarra, Shakes, this is Raj. - Greetings, fellow contenders. - Hey, Raj. - Hello. - Now we're just waiting for--

- Diego! I'm here! Just in time. I was actually early, but then I caught these two checking out the trophy room. Anyway, I'm sorry, sir! Uh, Coach. - I hope you boys enjoyed the little detour. Notice anything missing? - Yeah - The Super League trophy. - Exactly. So today, I'm strengthening our squad

with one new Strika, and elimination will be sudden death. - Hoo-hoo! Tough day at the office, huh? - Yeah. - You didn't see this guy here Saturday, did you? - Jack! You know him? - Jack? Nah. How about this guy? - Percy! - Percy, really? - He is the maniac who made this mess! Where is he? - I'll tell you exactly where he is, but first, didn't it seem strange that Jack left without his good friend Percy? - Mm, no. Jack wanted to take him, but Percy was about to beat the high score.

I couldn't let him go. (screaming) And then he went crazy, wild! So, where is he? Huh? Argh! This again? - Phew! Seems I was wrong about you, dude. Uh... "Teammates come and go?" (gasping) It looks like you're not off the hook yet, buster! - You'll be tested on the fundamentals of football: Skills, training, and strategy. - And teamwork? - Huh, that's right, Shakes.

Teamwork is the fourth fundamental. - But how will you test our teamwork? - Whoa, does this mean...? - We're gonna meet the guys! - Um, not exactly. - What's up, Cadet dudes? - Holograms. - Awesome! - Fundamental one: skills! First, get the ball past North Sahw and the cones. - I'm on it! (laughing) It's such an honor to meet you, Mr. S--.

- These holograms are only after one thing: the ball. (tense music) - Ah! (panting) (grunting) - Whoa! - Success! - All right, the next skill is passing. - The role of the secondary striker, that's you lot, is to pass the ball to the lead striker, that's me! And I'm over here! - I shall go first.

(tense music) - Huh? - Times up, sleepy head. Next! Nice one! - Yes! (angry grumbling) - Next! (beeping) (panting) (grunting) - Ha! The light, touch the ball control, the perfect strike! Who's the greatest? He's the greatest! Do the... Come on, do it with me! - Prof would never program such frivolity into his fancy holo machine. Just kidding. (both): Do the El Mata-dance! - Woo-hoo! - Yeah! - Final skill: goal scoring.

- Get the ball past me. First cross launching in five, four, three, two... - You got this, bro. -! (grunting) - Huh? (chuckling) Ugh. Didn't see that coming.

- At least now we know what to expect. - Yeah. Thanks, bro. - Score more with two, yo. - Huh? (tense music) (panting) (grunting) - I did it! I scored past the Big Bo! - I'm sorry, Raj. For you, the trial ends here. Thanks for coming out. - I will treasure this always.

- I can't believe he's the first to go. I really thought it would be you. (grunting) - Ah-ha! Teammates come and go! But friends are forever? (sighing) If only you could talk, eh, Manny? (barking) - Sorry, Nandi. This is kind of a Deadly Duo thing. - Huh? Skarra bust him out with my escape plan? What else has that guy been up to behind my back? (gasping) I need Nandi's camera. - Freeze, sucka! - Spenza? What are you doing in Skarra's room? - Uh... water cannons?

I thought you two only played video games. - That was last week. - After we saw Skarra playing SL-2000-X in real life... - You mean a soccer match? - Yeah, yeah.

We figured we could also play our favorite video games for real. - So one move, and we blast you. - Uh-oh...

(barking) - Manny, move! - Huh? - Get him! - Pew, pew, pew! Take that, you crazy pooch! - Wow. Those guys are weird. Whoop! - Fundamental two: training. Here, we'll be testing your physical fitness against our simulated Supa Strikas. (all grunting) (tense music) (grunting) (panting) (whistling) - Haha! (all shouting) (panting) (chuckling) - It's no good being fast if you can't go the full 90. (beeping) End of the road, Diego.

(sighing) - Thanks, Coach. It was an honor just to participate. (Diego): Participate my butt! I wanted to win! (chomping) - Yum! Needed that! Looking out for Shakes takes a lot of energy.

- Tell me about it. So, what are you hoping to find? - I'm not sure. Ah-ha! (Nandi): Spenza's old tin can? - Sounds like he's on his way. - You were also trying to break him out? - But if Shakes knew I was coming, why did he ditch me? - Skarra got here first. - Ha! Only 'cause I told Shakes to focus on his own game and Skarra didn't like that, because he uses Shakes to help him score goals! He's a bad friend.

- And how did the "Play your own game" approach work out for Shakes? (soft music) - Uh, am I the bad friend? - Better believe it, sonny. You and the kid with the funny head do still owe me a bag of maize. - Hey, if you want to put things right, you gotta go back to where they went wrong.

- Mm-hmm! - Fundamental tree: strategy. (Dancing Rasta): Being a great footballer means knowing your team and your pitch. - Let me guess, strategic thinking? - With the Dancing Rasta hologram.

- Hey, guys. - Huh?! - No way! - And what better way to get to know the ground beneath your feet than...? - Lawn mowers? - You each have to mow half the field. (gasping) It's a race! - Think strategy! Go too fast, and you'll have to go back to the spots you missed, but go too slow, and... you'll be left behind. (Skarra grunting) (grunting) (tense music continues) (playful music) - Huh? (tense music) - Haha! Yeah.

Huh? Ah! - Haha... (angry grumbling) (laughing) (tense music) (panting) - Great job over here, but uh... - Skarra used that lawn mower car thing! - Skarra used all available resources. - That's good strategy. (phone chiming) - So...? - It's over?

(sighing) - I... I need more time. Why don't you boys have supper at our favorite noodle bar downtown? - All right! Could use a good meal after all that! - The Deadly Duo is gonna chow down! - Uh... (chuckling awkwardly) - Get on the next train and await further instructions. - Further instructions? - From...?

(chuckling) The friendly face of Strikaland, right? - A power mower. Seriously? - What? - I didn't stand a chance. - Come on, bro, I never dreamt it would be down to the two of us. - Yeah, but-- - We both want it, right? It's not personal. - Sure, I guess. - Besides, even Dancing Rasta said I was just being resourceful. - Nah. If you were really resourceful,

you would have used it to give yourself a haircut. - Harsh, but fair. (both laughing) - Ahem... - Huh?

- Hey, dudes. (overlapping greetings) - Woo-hoo! - Let's get some noodles. (ominous music) - Ah, yes. Got you now, Supa Strikas. (laughing) - All right, dudes. Spill the beans.

- Usually, there's only one of you left by now. - Well, it's kind of funny because-- - Guys, t-train! - What do we do?! - Emergency brakes! Um... - Uh-oh. - Tell the driver to stop this thing! - There is no driver. It's automated! - There's a lever up ahead! - Maybe we can divert onto another track! - We just passed it. - It's not too late! (tense music) (train horn honking) - Bullseye! - Yes, captain! (cheering) - That was close! Now where are we going? (beeping) - That's us over there. - All right.

Huh? - We're headed for a cliff! - It's not my time! - I'm too young! - I'm too talented! - Hit the brakes, brother! - It's not working! - Now you're all at my mercy! - Strika train to control center! (radio static) It's dead! (computerized voice): Danger, derailment imminent. - We're going over the edge, dudes! - No! - Derailment imminent. - We have one last life line. - Derailment imminent. Derailment imminent. Derailment imminent.

(all shouting) - Whoa! (screaming) - Oh no! (screaming) - Stop. - We can't, bro. - If we jump... - Please, help me... - But if we stay, we might all plummet anyway! (all screaming) - Uh, 9:00 AM? You only open at 9:00 AM? - Yeah! - But when you busted my friend and me, the sun wasn't even up yet. - Anonymous call. - Someone ratted on us? - Yeah, some guy saw you two messing around here in the middle of the night. - Skarra!

(phone chiming) - "Training for the big match, hope my bro Shakes is doing the same." - Ugh, but he was training at home. Or was he? Duh, Spenza! This photo was taken during the day! Skarra could have been here that night! So, that's what he needed these for! Skarra is the bad friend! (phone dialling) (phone buzzing) - It seems revenge will indeed be sweet... And nutty! And chewy! And jam-packed with proteins! Aw... (Shakes): You know what to do. - Shakes!

Whatever happens, don't trust Skarra! He spied on our junkyard training and called security! Ugh, never mind. I'm coming for you, buddy! Everything's gonna be fine. (grunting) - Give us a hand, man! - No way! This is too much. Come on, Shakes! - We can still get them out. - But the Deadly Duos gotta stick together, right? You know what? I don't get you, Shakes. - Skarra, no, no! (screaming) (all screaming) (laughing) - You're all right, Shakes, man.

(laughing) - The look on your face! - Yeah. This fourth fundamental test was getting pretty boring. - But your friend made it really intense. - You've done this before? - A couple of times, yeah.

- And Klaus's performance gets better every time. - Well, I thought maybe this time it was real, okay? (laughing) - Klaus, you are legit! - "It's not my time!" Best line ever. - Oh, man! - Whoa.

- Huh? - Your skills, training and strategy impressed me. - Coach? - But you failed the fourth fundamental. - Wait, what? Teamwork?! That's what this madness was?! Part of the trial?! - It was all perfectly safe.

- We had the situation... ...under control. - What about Shakes and Supa Strikas? - Almost at the noodle bar for their celebratory meal. - You' re choosing Shakes?! But he just passes to me! I'm the goalscorer! - I know. You were ahead on points, but Shakes never gave up on the team. - But I was the best! - Being the best, well, that's only the beginning. - What does that even mean?! I'm done with this stupid team! Argh! Where's the exit in this endless tunnel of suck?! (tense music) (crowd cheering) - So, you understand, right? I couldn't abandon them.

- Come on, Shakes. Our dinner's waiting. - Bro, I, uh... I gotta go. - Dude! Tell the team Steve says hi! - Uh... - Hey. Who are you anyway? - Are you a Supa Strika? - I think so. - Hey, everyone! This kid is the new Supa Strika! - Awesome! - I love his hair! - He's kinda young. - Shakes!

- Whatever, he's cute. - Shakes! Shakes! - Gotcha, Mr. Reporter. (chuckling) No beard this time, huh? - He's, uh, with me. - I know. - Dude. Can you believe all this?

- You did it, buddy! - We did it! The only thing is... I kind of had to ditch Skarra. He probably hates me. - Bro, didn't you get my message? He spied on you and ratted us out to the junkyard people.

- What?! - He needed you as his faithful little strike partner. You set him up... - ...and he scores the goals! - At least now we know what to expect. - Yeah. Thanks, bro. - Even today, he was using me! - But as soon as you focused on your own game...

Now you better, you know. - Thanks, buddy. You were right all along. - Get in there, you big dope. (phone ringing) - So, how'd it go? - It's okay if you didn't make it. (chuckling) - Time to quit Nice Slice, Mom! (Nandi cheering) - That's wonderful, Shakes. - My brother's a Supa Strika! - I don't think I'll have time to be the star of your channel anymore, Di.

- Please, I'm recording this video chat right now! Exclusive Super Strikas party! - Congratulations, Shakes. - Coach! Thanks! - Okay. Bye, sweetie. - Try not to be too uncool, Shakes. - Bye! - Sorry about your friend. He's just not Supa Strikas material. But you... It's in your blood. - There he is! - The man of the moment.

- Ahem! My fellow Strika dudes... After one of the gnarliest trials in recent history, let's raise a toast to the rookie dude and his debut season! (cheering) - Who knows? Maybe we'll even let him off the bench! (laughing) - H-he's kidding, right? (crowd cheering) (Shakes): So you understand, right? I couldn't abandon them. - Come on Shakes, our dinner's waiting. - Bro, I gotta go.

(phone beeping) (angry grumbling) (shouting) (tense music) (rhythmic music)

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