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- Today, I am using Google to help me build my next gaming setup. The catch? I am doing this entirely blindly. I'm gonna put some search results in and buy whatever it spits out. Why is one of the trending searches, "Nose picking?" (Austin laughs) Apparently, Alzheimer's is caused by nose picking? Google, you're blowing my mind right now. Ah! No, no, stop.

Stop it. I'm gonna go shopping tab. What do we have for Austin Evans shopping? Austin Evans guitar tabs. What the hell is this? Someone took one of my thumbnails and turned it into guitar tabs? (table thumping) Oh, this is kind of cool.

You can go on and get my key cap. Look at that, the Austin key cap available for $5. I did this for a charity thing quite a while ago and apparently, Drop still have some, so, you can get yourself some artisanal Austin Evans key caps for five bucks. Gaming keyboard. So, why is it that when I type in gaming keyboard, I'm getting these weird, like one-handed, little like, WoW pads? A Cooler Master sneaker gaming PC for $3,400? What the hell? Microphone for gaming? A MRSDY? Oh, God, that is so bad. Oh, look at it, it's like fake RGB.

That's like a dragon claw for $20. This thing is gonna sound terrible. Budget gaming monitor.

A KOORUI? A KOORUI? That's a hundred hertz. I heard that anything above 60 is great. For $70? I think that sounds like exactly the monitor I need. Cheap gaming console. Ah, DKOldies! It's DKOldies all the way down! No! No! (Austin laughs) $120 for a Game Boy.

(Austin laughs) We got a lot of stuff for our gaming setup right now. I think it's time to place a large number of orders and build the Google approved gaming setup. And we're gonna find out, if you just trust the Big G, what you get. There are a few pieces of tech that are indispensable once you get used to them, and an electric toothbrush is absolutely one of them. So, when Laifen reached out to sponsor this video, I was very excited because the Laifen Wave is, no joke, the best electric toothbrush I've ever used. That might not sound all that impressive, but once you go and experience what the Wave can do, you will legitimately be impressed.

I am sure of it. I picked this thing up and first of all, the unboxing experience is really nice, very premium, especially considering the toothbrush is not ultimately, all that expensive. But then when you actually use it, you'll notice that there's a lot of tech and a lot of sort of thoughtful design here. So, take the motor, for example. This has a six watt motor, three times more powerful than the standard leading toothbrush. But because you have these super soft bristles, it means they will do a great job of cleaning your teeth without hurting your gums.

On top of that, there's so much involved with the actual toothbrush itself. Down to something as simple as there's very little vibration that gets transferred to your hand, which is something that feels really nice. The fact that the toothbrush itself is not quite as tall as a lot of other options, which means it's a lot easier to travel with.

The really nice little magnetic charging cable for it. On top of that, the replacement heads are very reasonably priced, unlike most toothbrushes. You're talking $10 for a three pack, or $17 for a six pack. That is an outright bargain. The Laifen Wave comes in three different configurations.

There's the standard ABS plastic, there's an aluminum, and there's also a stainless steel. The Laifen Wave is, by far, the best electric toothbrush I've ever used. And if you have ever used an electric toothbrush, you'll know the difference as soon as you pick this thing up. So, if you're interested in learning more, definitely be sure to go check out the Laifen Wave in the links in the description. And huge thank you to Laifen for sponsoring this video, and making my mouth feel like it never felt before. All right, my friends, let us see exactly what beautiful, beautiful items I've gotten thanks to the Big G.

(cash register dings) First up, we have my SkyTech Gaming PC, which was the result I got when I searched for cheap gaming PC. Now, I vaguely feel like I've heard of SkyTech in the past. Maybe, I've looked at one of their systems a while ago. To my knowledge, they're a somewhat standard system integrator, so they don't make any of these components.

They just get some stuff that's off the shelf. This was actually purchased via Best Buy. How much did I pay for it? - [Alex] $650. - So, this is like an entry level gaming pc. So at $650, my expectations are fairly low, but let's actually see what we've got here.

Ooh, look at that. We've got ourselves some peripherals. Oh, well, actually, it's still very cheapy, but it is the honeycomb in vogue style of mouse.

What the hell? It's an RGB keyboard I got with my gaming pc. Now, wait a minute, is this thing actually good? Wait, wait, wait, it's actually metal. Okay, it looks a little cheapy from the front, but it actually has a very thin like aluminum backplate and a decent sized feet. Oh, ooh, ooh, okay. That is RGB, but very membrane-y.

Also, have you ever seen the bottom row with the space bar is like twice the size of a normal key. It feels so strange. I will say for 650 bucks, I expect a mouse and keyboard, but this is slightly better than you might normally get. All right, so we've got ourselves a, oh, my God, did they send me a poster? They quality controlled it on February 65th, 2024.

So, I think it was maybe February 6th or 5th. I'm not sure. Bravo, this is very, very nicely done. Continuing the good vibes, they've got nice soft foam here, and it's getting, you got this little like carrying pouch. So, obviously, this is really meant to probably be thrown away, but you could if you wanted to use this to protect your system later on. Behold, my friends, the SkyTech gaming PC of my dreams.

Okay, I'm gonna say that, I mean, obviously a cheap case, but this is all very reasonable. And look at this, very smart, "Important, monitor connection down here." So, I guarantee you that 9 times out of 10, when people buy a basic gaming PC and they don't know any better, what they'll do is they'll take this label off if it wasn't here. Oh, gross. Ew, ew.

I think it's incredibly common for first time users to plug into these HDMI and DisplayPorts on the I/O shield, not knowing you're supposed to plug it into the graphics card. So, this sticker's nice. Boy, oh, boy, I wish it didn't just goop up the entire I/O shield.

So, I'm gonna take off the actual, real tempered glass side panel, which is nice and surprisingly thick. We're gonna take out the padding, which also is quite nice. So, this is that sort of like heat foam.

So, they kind of shove it in here and it sort of expands itself out. And there we go. So, we got this one and we have some more.

Oh, okay. These cables are gross, that, oh, okay. Let's take a look at what we're working with here.

So, we have a couple of fans, which I assume are RGB in the front, as well as one on the back. We have a Gamdias CPU cooler, which actually I would say is kind of overkill because I believe, this is an i5, or was this an i3? - [Alex] i3. - So yes, i3-12100F.

That is quite a low end CPU. I'll be real with you. This CPU cooler's a little bit overkill, but it also probably cost them like marginally more than the stock cooler. So that's fine.

We've also got a PNY GTX 1650, which is not a high end graphics card at all, but for a first time builder, that's fine. All right, we've got a Asus motherboard. Now it is a microATX board. A P1 650. So this should be an 80 Plus Gold 650 watt power supply. Interesting.

So we do have 16 gigs of 3200 mega transfer RAM, which is nice. Wow! Actually, look at that cable management. The yellow cable ties are a choice, but honestly I don't hate it at all. That is surprising. No, I'm not gonna say surprisingly, that is just straight clean, man.

SkyTech, two thumbs up, my dudes. So this PC looks quite good at first glance. However, we didn't buy just a PC. Oh, no, my friends, I also need a monitor.

This one was very simple. I typed in the word gaming monitor and this is what I got. The KOORUI business display. This was a $70 monitor that I purchased from via Google. Now this actually seemed quite decent at first glance.

I think the spec of this was like, it was 1080p and I think it was at what, 90 or a hundred hertz or something. Like it wasn't bad for an entry level gaming monitor. I'm feeling good, man.

I was kind of expecting a lot of these recommendations to be just kind of generic ad garbage. And while I believe pretty much every item that I purchased here was an ad, they do actually seem to have some quality behind them. Let me get this monitor. Just, oh, it's so light, it weighs absolutely nothing.

So I have set up the SkyTech and I still have nothing but good things to say about it. So, the RGB implementation actually, I think, looks pretty nice. I think most people will appreciate the fact that this looks probably a little bit more expensive than it really is. As an entry level system completely built, you know, turnkey, ready to go for $650.

It's not bad. And same thing kind of goes with this mouse and keyboard. It's also not too terrible. You tried telling me, I'm gonna use the stock keyboard, how lovely it is, but oh, no, no, no, my friends, because I had to buy a gaming keyboard and buy a gaming keyboard. I mean, a half a keyboard 'cause, you know, gamers only use half the keys. So the advantage with this is that this is going to be a mechanical half keyboard.

Now while it sounds a little bit silly, there is certainly a use for this. People who play MMOs, people especially who want to have your keyboard and your mouse really close together. This actually can be helpful. It's the DITI, the DITI, the DITI.

How much did I pay for my gaming keyboard? - [Alex] $40 for the nice DITI. - I will say $40 is actually not a great deal. You can get a low end mechanical full-size keyboard for 30, 40 bucks pretty easily. But the person who buys this gaming keyboard doesn't wanna type on the the JK and L Keys.

Oh, no, who needs a J or a K or an L? We only use words that use QWERT ASDAF and QSTBU and wait. And NP. Wait. Why is NP on the bottom? What? Wait. So we've got ourselves a very cheapy wrist rest and the actual keyboard itself. So, it is magnetic, which is nice.

So you get yourself a couple of programmable macro keys as well as some on top. We have F1, 2, 3, 4. And then we have a few of our keys, but not that many. And also these huge, very nice feeling buttons.

I'll say I'm not massively impressed with this. It feels fine. It does have mechanical keys and it also has, what the, it has extra switches. What? Why would you get extra switches? Okay, that's actually kind of cool. Dustproof browns.

So they're Cheeto approved. Chester's got nothing on you, my gamer friends. I got a decent spin, maybe? I will say that this mouse specifically is actually really quite decent for something that was just included with our system. But we had to purchase a cheap gaming mouse.

Thanks to our friends at Google. This is the BENGOO gaming mouse and it is the ultimate RGB edition. But how much did I pay for my BENGOO? - [Alex] Well, you know how you were so excited for a nice $3 mouse that was included? - Yeah. - Well, this one was nine so this should be three times better, right? - I am pretty sure that the mouse that came with the system is gonna be better than this. Let's take a look, shall we? For nine bucks, we've got ourselves a braided cable and oh, good Lord, that colorful glare gaming mouse. It looks bad.

It's just like cheapy 9,000. Ooh! Ooh. That smells like lead. Let's plug in the mouse. Let's see what this RGB looks like. Are you ready? BENGOO! Oh, that's lame.

That's so lame. That's it? Look at these two mice. - [Alex] Oh, no, no, it's doing stuff. It's cycling. - I guess. - [Joanna] It's got a nice little gradient.

- But why is it like, you can see there's like individual LEDs inside and it's like they're just turning on and off. Look, this looks so much better. And then I'm also gonna plug in my Redragon and let's see what we got. Now, it actually has USB-C plus, a USB-A port.

I assume that you could probably buy like a secondary half of this keyboard if you wanted to. But the way we're gonna use this setup is we're gonna use the Redragon plus the actual real keyboard. Since I need to type with the other keys sometimes.

So this is gonna get janky real quick. Yeah, okay. That actually tracks decently. So we've got ourselves the Reddragon. You know what though? It's very like hollow.

Can you hear that? If you are the kind of person who's buying this, the main advantage is that you can actually get your hands a lot closer together, right? So I can be gaming like this as opposed to having to spread my hands out like this so that I can get that optimal gaming experience. - [Joanna] So that's not an Enter key, the G1? - No, it opens up Bing was help get, get help. Oh, it's F1. Huh. - Oh, okay. - Which is weird 'cause they also have the macro keys too. - [Joanna] Wait, I'll help you out.

- Thank you. I feel like now I am prepared to do battle on the virtual steps of Fortnite. As you can see, this setup is looking incredibly professional. We've got a $650 gaming pc, our dual keyboards, dual mice.

And what I will say is actually a very nice display that runs at a hundred hertz for only 70 bucks. Well, we're gonna need an RGB microphone. Now this is the MRSDY professional microphone. You can tell it's professional 'cause it says the word professional on it.

How much did I pay for my MRSDY professional microphone? - [Alex] $20. - There are a lot of very cheap USB microphones that sound awful. You cannot tell the difference, right? So looking at this, even though it's a little guy, they're very nice little mics that could be small. Like that shouldn't be the barrier to entry. Oh, wow! Actually, that RGB's not bad. That's not bad.

It's like rotating. But I would actually say the capsule looks kind of cool. So, this is a test. Oh, that's really loud. This is a test of the MRSDY.

Let me see, can I turn down volume? Oh, that sounds-- - It sounds like it's clipping. - It sounds like it's clipping even though I'm not 'cause I've got the volume super low. - Yeah. - Yeah, okay. Here's the thing, I don't need to listen anymore. Yeah, this is not good. This thing sucks.

So we're gonna try Fortnite, which I think is a great game to test this setup with. So, it will run it up to 100 hertz. So right now in Fortnite, well, I'm getting seven so that's maybe not great. I maybe turned my settings up a little too high. I'm swinging between one and or like five and like 70 FPS. Let me actually hit the ground.

Now I could turn my settings down farther and I probably should, but that is, yes, you look right there. It stutters big time. That is one of the main problems with a setup like this. I gotta say that this monitor is actually surprisingly solid.

So 24-inch, 1080p, I mean, it's certainly not like a super, you know, fancy panel. It's not like, you know, it's TN. It's kind of got like, okay, average color and whatnot, but there's nothing that's really egregiously wrong with it. The brightness is pretty solid. And on top of that, running at a hundred hertz is very solid for this kind of price point 'cause you can definitely notice a major jump in fluidity going from 60 to 100.

Okay, for the gaming PC part of this video, I've gotta say I'm kind of impressed. Hang on, I got this guy up one second. (Austin laughs) When I searched the word gaming, I didn't quite have this, the Meta Quest 2, in mind. But it's actually a pretty good deal. While the Quest 3 is $500 and the Apple Vision Pro is 3,500 bucks.

This was available for a mere $250. That's actually a pretty good deal because for a while the Quest 2 had actually gone up in price. But now that the Quest 3 is out, these are getting cleared out. Although they are still on sale. And I will say that this is actually not a dramatically worse experience than the Quest 3.

Now it's certainly the budget version, but a lot of the improvements that have come to the Quest 3, have also come to the Quest 2. So I'm in SUPERHOT right now. I haven't done SUPERHOT in a while. Punch through.

(upbeat music) I punched him in the nuts in case you're curious. SUPERHOT, the game of punching dudes in the nuts. Nuts, nuts, nuts, nuts, nuts, nuts, nuts, nuts. I like the Quest a lot. And the Quest 3 specifically might be my favorite VR headset out. I mean, the Apple Vision is obviously an incredible technical marvel, but we're talking about something which is so expensive it almost isn't even worth sort of being in the same conversation as something like this, which, look, if you've never experienced VR, at $250, this is a great entry point.

This is a little bit more accurate to what I'm actually seeing. So I'm looking at like this big room and yada yada yada. But yeah, so I guess, hi, Austin, what the? Why is my? Wow, I'm looking at myself in the mirror.

This is, wow. - [Joanna] Why are you doing that? - Because I'm looking at myself in the mirror and my hands are just. - [Kinsey] You're kind of doing like the "Hotline Bling." Like, what is that? - So when I searched for cheap gaming console, a DKOldies Game Boy Advance is again, not really what I expected, but let's take a look. Okay, so, looking at this, it has the film on the front, which makes me think that it likely was a screen replacement.

This would make sense as we remove film. So I'll take that off. Oh, yeah, it's got like some weird chrominess on the Game Boy Advance logo, but it's a very clean screen lens at the very least.

This does look like an original casing. It's got like some minor scuffs and everything, but it's in good shape. There's no DKOldies warranties void sticker in here? Wow! That's impressive. After we and a bunch of other people complain about it enough, I think DKOldies stopped putting the warranty like void stickers or whatever on it.

So good job, DKOldies. I said it with a straight face and a twirly hat on. Okay, and how much did I pay for this cheap gaming console via the Big G? - [Kinsey] $119 and 99 cents. - Ooh, okay.

Yeah, look, it's hard for me to justify someone spending any money on a Game Boy Advance. If I was going to buy a moddable Game Boy, I would probably try to find something that's in a little bit rougher condition 'cause I would wanna swap out the screen with something that has, you know, some kind of backlight. Ideally, put some kind of rechargeable battery in here to give me some extra like sort of longevity.

It just feels like it probably needs to be cleaned. Which I'll say, having looked at many DKOldies consoles in the past, the level of care and attention that's gone into the inside of this could have just been a quick little dust up and putting a couple new stickers on it. I don't know. It's totally fine.

I think it would be overpriced for it. But I guess technically this is a cheap game console. Just depends on your definition of cheap. Although maybe your expectation of game console as well. When you type the words, gaming gadget, into Google, what comes to mind? A mouse, a weird keyboard, a controller perhaps, or a whole (censored) ROG Ally, my dude.

All right, this is a gaming gadget. Now I will say that Google at least gave me the much cheaper version of the Ally. So the normal version of the Ally with the Z1 Extreme costs $700. A lot of money. But this is the Z1, which originally cost 600 but was on sale at Best Buy for 400 bucks. And I'll tell you, that at $400, this is a whole lot more interesting because the main difference between the two consoles is that the Z1 Extreme is much more powerful and originally, $100 difference is not worth it.

But at $400, I mean, this is like base Steam Deck levels. There's a shot. This actually might be the best item of the video. You do have some quite nice RGB around the thumb sticks as well as two front firing speakers. The bezels are a little bit chunky but not too bad. And I actually like the way they've done the grips.

It's a little bit flat so you don't have like something compared to something like a Steam Deck, which has like a very deep grip. This is a little bit shallow, but you do have the rear triggers. You do have what I would say is like a relatively comfortable experience and it's not crazy heavy.

On top, you also have another USB-C but you also have their XG mobile port, which I find that almost no one would actually use, but technically you can use this to connect to an external GPU to get a lot more performance. The downside there is just simply the fact that that gonna probably be more expensive than the ROG Ally itself. So hopping into a game of Forza Horizon 5. Admittedly, while this is not the newest, most demanding game in the world. With some pretty simple optimization, I'm getting 1080p low settings at about 60 to 70 FPS.

Now I am taking advantage of FSR here, but actually this is kind of better than I thought. While I would be getting more performance using the regular ROG Ally, I'm actually getting a very usable one. Like this does not feel like it is a essentially half the price, or at least it feels like it shouldn't be half the price. That's because it normally isn't.

This is normally a $600 handheld and the fact that it is at least right now, available at 400 bucks, shout out Google for telling me 'cause I had no idea. Now I do have a bunch of additional settings and I will tell you what, while I've killed 12% of battery in turbo mode in like 10 minutes, this ROG Ally software's actually gotten significantly better than the last time I used it. Google, you know, I gotta say something. I didn't even know that this is available for 400 bucks. So, maybe there's something too actually just blindly Googling things. Maybe you shouldn't just immediately hit the checkout button every time you see the first ad that pops up.

But I gotta say, I've actually found some things in this video that I was not expecting. Thank you very much for watching. Make sure to subscribe to the channel and ringling that dingling button. If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go Bing how to get more views on my YouTube videos.

Oh, clickbait! I need to click bait more! Duh.

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