Mutating Monsters Battle Each Other To Evolve Into The Ultimate Weapon

Mutating Monsters Battle Each Other To Evolve Into The Ultimate Weapon

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Hello everyone, this is Mr. Brain Junkie here! And today we'll be talking about a science fiction monster film called Metamorphosis! Be ready for some spoilers ahead! Somewhere inside a mysterious laboratory, a worker is cleaning up the area, but accidentally triggers the alarm, which appears to greatly confuse the woman. Luckily, she's able to find the key and use it to open what appears to be a secret door. She goes inside the area, only to see a large empty crate in the center of the room. The woman is amazed by the facility that she never knew existed, and begins examining the entire place that's filled by beakers and chemicals. She eventually wonders back to the empty crate once again, and quickly notices a bunch of left over food behind the bars, not realizing that something dangerous is hiding inside.

She goes towards the giant door and uses the same key to open the crate, before going inside the container all by herself. The woman goes towards the center and begins cleaning the mess, not realizing that something gigantic is standing right beside her. Very soon, she notices a terrifying shadow on the wall and turns back in fear, only to see a giant monster that causes her to stumble backwards.

The creature approaches the human slowly to examine the prey, before opening its mouth and devouring the woman at the same time. It turns out that the monster is the result of a secret experiment, which Doctor Zhao is responsible for. He tries to convince the sponsors to invest even more money in the research, as he claims to have made the perfect weapon that incapable of death. What he doesn't realizes is that the monster has already escaped the cells after eating its first human, as it goes immediately to look for even more victims. An unsuspecting woman called Yibo is changing inside the lady's room, but quickly becomes startled by the noises behind her, causing her to go check out what's hiding inside the darkness.

Luckily the woman is too pretty to die right away, as the noises were made by a second girl wearing large glasses, who accidentally ran into the lockers. However, the danger is clearly no over yet, as the flesh eating creature continues heading towards the people. At the same time, a hunter who's name is Lang has received a contract to retrieve a creature that was able to escape the labs.

He puts the bait on top of a rock and waits patiently for the animal to appear. Very soon, a giant snake begins to crawl towards them, as the hunters get ready to capture the creature. The serpent slowly goes towards the bait and prepares to devour the food, but the animal is quickly captured by a trap. The main character takes the chance and shoots a tranquilizer towards the creature, but this only makes the animal even angrier as it manages to break free. The creature launches towards Lang immediately and forces the man to runs for his life, while the enemy chases closely behind. The serpent is eventually able to catch up and knocks the man onto the ground, as it prepares to finish the kill, but the main character quickly notices the sun shining behind the enemy.

He uses an object to reflect the lights, which blinds the creature temporarily and allowing the man to escape. At the same time, the other hunters are resetting the trap, while Lang runs quickly towards their location. The man sprint rapidly and jumps onto the rope, which activates the nets and capturing the creature as well. The animal tries desperately to break free, while all the hunters gather to examine the creature, and the main character tells the people to bring the snake back to the hospital. After closely analyzing the creature, the doctor tells the man that something is very strange, as the animal appears to have genetic traits that belong to other species. The man is shocked to see the creature's x-ray, which appears to have a horn on its head, and the doctor thinks that this is caused by genetic engineering.

Lang quickly realizes that his employers might be making something very dangerous, and goes towards the company right away. He returns the creature to the people working inside the building, and meets a their head of research whose name is Siwen. She begins introducing the work that their company is doing, and quickly reveals that they are trying bring back the dinosaurs like Jurassic park.

However, there are no complete samples of DNA from the ancient creatures, which forces them to combine the genes of other existing animals into their experiment. The woman tells Lang that they are very successful in their research, and welcomes the man to join the company in the future. Before the people can leave the area, they are quickly interrupted by a security guard called Lewis, who tells the woman that something terrible has happened. This causes them to go there immediately and arrive onto the crime scene, where the main character sees the body of the victim who's been shredded into pieces. Siwen tells Lewis to call the police right away, but they are quickly stopped by the security captain, who informs them that their boss Doctor Zhao wants to keep this quiet. The man assures the researcher that his team will find the culprit very soon, but Lang quickly tells the people that only a very large animal could have done this.

This causes great fear amongst the workers, while the security captain tells the man to stop scaring everyone. He orders Lewis to play the security footages right away, while the people stare intensely at the screen, but they are not able to see anything that's conclusive. Suddenly, a man jumps out and tries to scare the people, while mocking the security officers for being so afraid. However, Everyone quickly notice that something is very wrong, as they all stare behind the prankster in fear. It turns out that the giant monster is already here as it slowly uncloaks its body in front of everyone, and roars furiously towards the humans.

The people run desperately away from the area, while the monster grabs onto its victim as it begins devouring its prey, and hunting all the humans like a giant buffet. The civilians run towards the hallway and eventually makes it upstairs, while the animal continues killing the people that have fallen behind. The main character is able to make it towards the second floor as well, and tells the people to run inside the gym immediately while trying desperately to evade the monster.

Very soon, the team is trapped into a corner as they try to hide behind the machines, and Lewis questions why the man has brought them here. It turns out that Lang wants to capture the animal by using the equipments, and saving the others from being killed. However, they soon realize that their mission may not be so simple as the creature seems to be very intelligent as well. Their standoff is quickly interrupted by a big boy that's running on the treadmill, who's obviously too low on cardio to notice the danger. This causes the creature to reconsider its target, as it immediately tries to go after the larger meal. Lang sees this and conjures up a plan right away, as he grabs the weights and throws it at the enemy while getting the monster's attention.

The man takes the chance and runs towards the machine, while managing to trap the animal under the weights, and causing it to scream furiously. Lewis takes the pole immediately and smacks the monster right on the head, but the attack turns out to be very ineffective, making him realize that they are completely outmatched. The people have no choice but to retreat, as the monster is breaking free very quickly, and the woman takes out the big boy's ear phone while telling him that he has to run for real.

The creature eventually manages to escape, but Lang quickly blinds the enemy by using a garbage bin, which allows them to run away from area. The people run across the hallways and eventually makes it towards the stairs, but Lewis quickly realizes that his girlfriend Yibo is still in the changing room. Lang tries to comfort the man and tells him to take care of the civilian, while the main character promises to rescue the man's girlfriend along with Siwen.

At the same time, Yibo is taking a shower like nothing is wrong, while her makeup is somehow still perfectly intact despite all the water. What she doesn't realize is that the animal is right outside the room, and has eventually followed the noise towards her location. The woman continues her oblivious shower, but quickly realizes that something is wrong, as she notices that the water is gone while feeling a strange sensation that's towering above her. Yibo turns around immediately, only to see a very thirsty monster who's drinking all her liquids. Luckily the woman is rescued by Siwen, who manages to take her away, and tries to escape area before the creature notices them by not making any sound.

However, their plan is quickly interrupted by another girl, who keeps on talking to them while looking for her glasses. When the woman finally regains her sight, she screams at the creature immediately which alerts the enemy right away, and forcing them to run for their lives. Lang rushes inside as well, and realizes that they are all in trouble, causing him to grab onto the bottle of soap and throws it on the ground, which disables the animal temporarily. The man takes the chance and quickly runs away from the area, but soon finds himself trapped inside a dead end.

Luckily, Siwen opens the doors by using her keys, which allows them to barely escape from the creature's attack, while the dinosaur rushes into the room as well. The people try to hide from the animal by going behind the boxes, but Lang quickly realizes a very curious pattern from the monster's movement, as it always seems to follow the girl. The main character thinks that the creature is tracking the woman by her smell, and very soon, the enemy is able to locate the scent, causing it rush towards them immediately.

However, the dinosaur is tricked by the man, as it only finds the woman's jacket and nothing else. Upon realizing that the plan actually works, Lang tells the girl to keep on taking off her clothing to throw off the monster, which allows them to continue evading the creature. Very soon, they are able to make it in front of the exit, but Siwen appears to have very little to take off anymore.

Before the man can decide on what to do next, he quickly realizes that the creature has disappeared, and the woman tells him that the animal is capable of camouflaging itself. Luckily, Lang is able to conjure up a plan, as he tells the woman to turn on the lights by using her phone, and managing to reveal monster immediately. The man takes the chance and pushes the furnitures towards the enemy, which allows them to exit the area immediately while locking the doors behind them as well. They run towards the exits right away, but is surprised to find that all the doors have been locked down, which essentially traps the people inside the building.

Before they are able to make anymore sounds, they are quickly stopped by their friend Lewis, who tells them to follow him immediately. The man takes the people into the place where all the survivors are hiding, and it's quickly revealed that Doctor Zhao has locked down the entire building. However, Lang thinks that they are not safe in this place, as the animal will eventually track them by smell, and the doors are not strong enough to hold back the creature. While still pondering about what to do next, Siwen quickly realizes that they can use the same tunnel that the giant snake dug out inside the greenhouse to escape. Lang tells everyone that they have to leave right now, but the people rather stay than take the risk of running into the creature again.

With no other choice, he decides to go with Siwen as the two quickly rush into the hallway, but soon realizes that the monster is approaching them from the other side. This forces them to go into the adjacent room, as they try to hide away from the animal, and Lang quickly realizes that they have stumbled into the company's information archive. He tells the woman to search for anyways to kill the creature, while the man goes to copy all the information away from the company, and planning to expose the illegal experiments.

At the same time, the people inside the room begins to argue about what to do next, but are quickly interrupted as the monster has found their location. The creature begins crashing into the doors, while Lewis tries desperately to hold back the animal, but the monster is way too powerful as it starts bending the metals. Before all the people can be killed, Siwen is able to reach them just in time, as everyone is confused by where the creature has gone to. It turns out that Lang has decided to become the bait, as he lures the enemy away from the others.

Surprisingly, the creature realizes very quickly that it's only a trap, causing it to turn away from the main character and run towards the people once again. This causes Lang to rush immediately towards the others, while all the people are getting out from the shelter, and the man yells for everyone to stop right away. Very soon, the dinosaur appears behind the humans, which causes everyone to run and knocking Siwen onto the ground in the process. Lang sees this and rushes towards the woman right away, while the monster is charging towards her as well.

Luckily, the man is able to make it through the people and save girl just in time, as they dodge the monster and fall onto the ground. Surprisingly, the creature did not return to attack them, and the people quickly realize that the animal has been paralyzed by the security captain in the last moment. The officers go towards the monster to make sure that it's out, while everyone begins thanking the captain for saving their lives, but Lang quickly notices that something is wrong. It turns out that the animal has already started mutating from inside its body, as the creature's DNA begins reacting to the external stressors and changing its entire structure.

Lang realizes that the monster is starting to wake up, while the captain thinks that they have nothing to fear. However, the man is quickly proven to be wrong as the monster grabs onto the captain and lifting him into the air by its massive tongue. The people watch in shock as the man is swallowed the giant creature which causes everyone to run away immediately.

The security officers try to tase the creature like before, but the monster retaliates immediately and throws the people around like ragdolls, as the weapon is no longer effective. The people continue to run away from the animal as they eventually arrive into the greenhouse, and manages to shake off the enemy as the doors close behind them. Siwen goes towards the control panel and turns on the power immediately, causing the entire place to light up, and allowing the people to see their surroundings once again. This allows the team to continue towards the exit, and they eventually arrive at the massive hole that was created by the giant snake.

Before the people decide to head in, Lang tells everyone to wait as he begins hearing vibrations from inside the tunnel. Suddenly, a massive green serpent launches out from the hole and towers over all the people, while roaring furiously and causing Lang to scream for everyone to run. The monster begins chasing the humans right away, as it throws the people backwards and devouring them in a single bite. Luckily, The civilians are eventually able to find shelter behind the trees, while the giant serpent is finishing off the victims. Lang sees the horrible condition that the people are in and realizes that they can't stay inside the creature's territory forever.

He decides to lure the monster away by himself, while giving the others a chance to escape once again. The man is able to get the serpent's attention, and begins running as quickly as possible, while eventually managing to lure the giant creature away from the other humans. The people sees this and immediately runs the opposite way, while Siwen yells desperately for the man's name. The main character continues sprinting across the forest while the creature chases closely behind, and the monster manages to knock over the man while cornering him at the same time.

Lang is forced to crawl back slowly as the giant snake approaches closer to devour its prey, but surprisingly the monster begins retreating backwards before the man is killed. It turns out that they stepped into the home of a second giant serpent, who has grown exponentially larger since it was first captured. Very soon, the two monsters begin launching towards each other while attacking the opponent's necks, and the creatures appear to be equally matched. However, the larger snake eventually gains the advantage, as it grabs onto the green serpent's body and smashing it towards the ground while killing it at the same time. Lang sees this and runs away immediately, while the enormous monster roars furiously in victory.

Luckily, the main character is able to escape the enemy and make it towards the giant tunnel before eventually jumping inside. Very soon, the man crawls out from the other side to look for his friends, but is quickly attacked by a bunch of strangers, and forcing Lang to fight desperately for his life. Their battle is quickly interrupted as Lang realizes that the enemies have already captured his friends, forcing the man to surrender immediately. The main character is eventually brought into the building once again, where it's quickly revealed that Doctor Zhao is the mastermind behind the entire operation. Thing are made even worse when Zhao's finds the files that Lang has stolen, which causes the man to become furious at Siwen for betraying his trust. He turns towards the people and promises to set them free if they can capture his monster again, but no one is willing to take on the mission after seeing what the creature can do.

The doctor quickly become frustrated towards the people, as he grabs onto a syringe and injects poison into the woman with glasses, causing her to die a horrible death. Before the man can look for a second victim, Lang quickly shouts out that he'll go retrieve the monster, while Lewis volunteers for the mission as well. The main character begins conjuring up a plan, and tells the security guard to go turn off the power, as he plans to lure the dinosaur by using sound. Since the animal is very intelligent, he plans to use baits and trick the creature into the enormous cage. However, the people are shocked to find out that Lang has decided to use all the civilians as the decoys, as he locks everyone behind the bars.

Lewis is very unsure about the plan, but has no choice but to trust the main character, as they both head on towards the mission. When they eventually makes it towards the control room, Lang secretly reveals a second part of his plan to the officer, before going off to find the monster by himself. When the main character arrives into the creature's location, Lewis quickly turns off all the lights, as Lang begins revealing where he is by making loud noises across the building. This manages to catch the attention of the dinosaur, and causing it to run towards the main character right away, as it furiously tackles the target and rips it into pieces. It's quickly revealed that this was only a trap that was set up by Lang, as the man begins taunting the monster to chase after him. The creature runs towards the human immediately while launching out its massive tongue, but Lang is able to dodge the attack just in time as he tries throwing off the enemy's balance.

Realizing that the dinosaur has difficulty turning its body, the man begins running in tight circles and managing to evade the creature's bites. Lang eventually makes it down the stairs while the monster jumps towards the man from behind, and roaring furiously at its prey. The main character is quickly able to make it towards the entrance of the secret laboratory, while telling Lewis that it's time for the second part of their plan.

This causes the officer to begin prying open the doors of the green house, and eventually opening the massive gates as a result. The two eventually makes it back into the lab as they run directly towards the cage, but the monster is able to grab onto Lang and tries to pull the man into its mouth. Luckily, the main character stabs the creature's tongue and gets behind the bars just in time, before the animal is able to get inside. It turns out that this was part of his plan this whole time, because the giant cage is actually the safest place in this building, as the monster is incapable of breaking the structure. Very soon, the people notice another creature arriving inside the room, as the giant serpent has found their location as well, and plans to take out the dinosaur at the same time.

Lang quickly reveals that he planned for the monsters to kill each other, which eventually will give them the chance to escape. The creatures begin roaring furiously as they prepare for the battle, and the monsters quickly charge towards each other while trying to tear the opponents into pieces. The giant snake manages to gain the upper hand and throws the dinosaur into the walls, but the T-rex recovers immediately and tries to go for a counter attack. However, the animal is no match for the serpent as it gets knocked away once again, and forcing it to use the camouflage to confuse the opponent. This fails to work against the serpent, as the creature can sense the heat signature from the T-Rex, but the dinosaur manages to knock away the giant snake in the last moment.

This causes the serpent to become furious, as it throws the dinosaur into the pipes, and causing the freezing gasses to leak out. The T-rex is able to get up immediately, while the giant snake launches in and begins surrounding its enemy, eventually grabbing on as it tries strangling the opponent to death. The serpent screams furiously and bites the dinosaur right on the neck, while injecting the poison into the creature's veins and causing the T-rex to finally fall down.

The giant snake begins leaving the area, while all the people are celebrating in victory, but the T-rex appears to regain consciousness once again. The serpent notices that its enemy is still alive, while the dinosaur is able to get up and starts mutating throughout its whole body, as it begins growing spikes from its back. The people watch in fear as the dinosaur grabs onto the snake and bites the animal right on the neck, which quickly kills the creature as it roars furiously towards the humans. The people realize that they are in terrible danger, as the dinosaur crashes into their cage, while the doctor begins celebrating for the incredible weapon that he made. Zhao's henchmen sees this and decides to run away from the area, but only manages to get the attention of the dinosaur, as the monster begins killing all the escaping humans. Lang takes the chance and tells the people to run immediately, as the workers are able to escape while the animal is distracted.

The main character has also conjured up a plan, as he looks onto the broken pipe that's spilling out the freezing gasses. While the monster is about to finish off the last henchman, its quickly distracted by someone from behind, as Lewis continues throwing the beakers at the enemy. This greatly angers the creature as it begins chasing after the security guard, and giving Lang the chance to turn on the freezing gasses even more. The man is eventually able to make it towards the pipes while the monster chases him closely behind, and the main character manages to release all the chemicals at the giant creature. This causes the animal to freeze right away, but before the process finishes, the doctor knocks the main character on back and begins turning off the gas immediately.

This manages to free the monster once again, while the scientist tells the creature that he's animal's father. Unfortunately, the dinosaur doesn't speak any Chinese and devours the doctor right in front of everyone. The animal swallows the human and turns the attention towards the people, but they are quickly interrupted by Siwen, who's planning to use a forklift to fight the creature. She charges towards the monster right away, while the animal turns around and rushes in as well, causing them to be stuck in a stalemate. Luckily, the vehicle has a second gear which allows the girl to slowly push the animal towards the freezing gasses. However, the monster begins changing its strategy, as it tries to bite off the woman's head while slowly lifting the machine into the air, and pushing the vehicle backwards.

Lang sees this and quickly runs in to help his friend, as he pushes the lifters onto the monster's legs, while causing it to scream in pain. The man continues forcing the dinosaur towards the freezing chemicals, eventually smashing open the pipes and causing all the gasses to burst out into the air. This quickly paralyzes the cold blooded creature, and the people celebrate in victory for defeating the monster and somehow making out alive. Sometimes later, Lang is brought to a hospital for his wounds, but this doesn't stop him from finally asking the girl out, and forming great friendships alongside the others.

The main character begins watching the television that's broadcasting about reptiles, and how they have the ability to survive extremely cold temperatures. This causes Lang to starting thinking about the creature that they caught, which is being transported by a truck on the highway, where the driver has no clue about the danger that he's in. It turns out that the creature is already beginning to recover, which allows the animal to breath once again, as the vehicle takes the monster towards the population center.

So what do you guys think about this movie, let me know in the comments below! And if you like my videos please press like and subscribe for more! I'll see you guys next time!

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