Собянин публично опроверг слова Путина? Откуда будут поступать технологии? #собянин

Собянин публично опроверг слова Путина? Откуда будут поступать технологии? #собянин

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Hello everyone This is Russia without a future, a joint project of real journalism and the RuTV channel on this side of the screen My name is Alexander Romanenkov I am in Russia I [ __ ] if you haven’t forgotten On the other side of the screen and the border is also My colleague, my co-host Andrey Kuzichkin hello Andrey Sash hello and Hello to all our listeners and viewers and we begin [music] Listen, while I was in the hospital, it turns out that if you believe Sobyanin, Asia started a war after the West and an economic war against Russia. What happened there? Tell me in a nutshell What’s it all about? speech because I probably missed something We seem to have turned towards Asia here and were actively friends with them a couple of issues ago, we literally talked about this with you Yes, we wanted to continue from here it turns out that some kind of economic war has now begun on the Asian side Well around the war in general, what is happening ? Yes, this is a very interesting topic; war is not war, but there are already harbingers of battles on the technological front of the Eastern direction. By the way, I was also quite astonished to be re-elected to this position at the Moscow Economic Forum, speaking suddenly, such openly, in fact, the information that he Dons listeners, she directly contradicted what the dear Vladimir Vlavi Putin is talking about, the Russian President What is it about? Putin once upon a time quite arrogantly and contemptuously spoke about the West, said well, this is a technology shop What is Europe What is the West is a technology shop where Russia is Neftegaz is buying something of its own Well, it kind of closed and closed And now we are rushing to Asia because we know In fact, Singapore Malaysia Taiwan Well, these are centers of industrial technologies for the development of high technologies in electronics in other industries and It would seem yes Why not apparently now we’ll start buying and buying technologies and suddenly Sobyanin, speaking at this forum literally the day before yesterday, got married once and said that And you know, Guys, it’s not possible for us to buy technologies, we bring them to them, they don’t want to sell these technologies But they say buy the entire product and the entire aircraft product buy Well, firstly, it’s very expensive, unlike, for example, technology, and secondly, we won’t be able to replicate a product purchased in Russia because in order to reproduce it in any case, you again need to buy licenses and rights henna kopo wait, you’re saying such beautiful words, fuck Sobyanin there the word there the word buy doesn’t sound there it sounded in the original source it’s like that no one wants to give us technology Yes, what is this no one wants to give us technology this happens at all without any understanding while we have been getting up from our knees for 25 years selling off resources in our countries Well, or rather, not us, but our great people who were entrenched in offices and just selling Serya, they lined their pockets by selling resources, someone developed technology, now these bastards don’t want to give us technology, how did it happen, what is this, what kind of Russophobia am I I just don’t understand this since it wasn’t given to me, I’m sitting right now, my neighbor drives a Lexus and [ __ ] he doesn’t want to give it to me, he’s a Russophobe in any case a phobe and a scoundrel in general, I’m forced to drive a simpler car because he doesn’t give it to me and that's what to do with him, yes, his nose can write on him. What do you think, or declare war on him in this regard,

maybe economic or some kind? Well, leave the wheels to Ost to take out and leave the wheels to take out the rest, that is, you see what else is the problem, because Putin is also with with pleasure, the loss of his hands did not hide his joy when he told how cleverly Russia tsap-scratch steals these Industrial technologies in the West, not only buys but also steals, he openly said it, they will come up with something there And we dac-scratch and everything is fine, but in Asia it is This won’t work, or maybe someone has already tried but got diarrhea because Asians are more scrupulous in this regard and since they have all these semi-dictatorships there, they know how to keep their secrets very carefully. And their attempts to convey them, well, through someone it’s understandable these technologies were stolen, they are punished very strictly, up to the death penalty, for example, in the same China, so it’s much more difficult to do it there, well, give a gift, of course they are outraged that we are now friends together against the United States, so your allies Well, let’s share technologies there already together we will continue to fight with the USA, but what the hell because in fact, any technology is expensive enough for them to give it away like that, they don’t want to sell it, let alone give it away, they say just buy the product and that’s it. And technology No, this is our Exclusive But still, what do you think? And in what industries? that is, Well, everything is clear again, of course Sobyanin said Well, we can handle it, although Putin said that we have already overcome all the imports, we have overcome the crisis, we have gone forward, now Sobyanin again says we will cope, we will develop, which means there are our own new technologies in microelectronics in oil and gas production and everything else, but after all it’s clear that the technologies are not for about all of these are being invented, it will take several years, that’s what this is, what this can lead to in Russia, as you think, this has already led to the fact that this has already led to the fact that our country has been thrown back in terms of development Years ago 50 ago because you say you yourself should not, I would correct you, you should have started doing this about 2025 years ago Back in the late nineties, early 2000s, and many smart people were talking about it then, get off the oil needle, start doing production, start doing science, start doing development, today we are right at the junction And at the turn of the century we are entering the New Economic Plane which is in the digital age in the so-called in which technology is a very important component, probably one of the most important components And we happily blew it all away because from the end We didn’t develop these technologies, although I repeat, many said, let’s do this, it’s time to start. But we were pushing this crude oil, this is just gas through a pipe, and the money came in response. But sooner or later it had to end, so it ended today, of course, no one came to us doesn’t want to share these technologies, but I mean, Of course, I fucked up there above when I quoted Sabrina about donating. I think that he still

meant to share the technologies. But on the other hand, why should someone share with us, put themselves at risk? the place of these people who for many years were engaged in development while others were lining their pockets And now they have to share Well, in honor of what Yes, roughly speaking, one of them, like a jumping dragonfly, sang red and the other shuddered all this time And worked, worked tirelessly, financed this sphere may be to the detriment of some others And today And these people should share something with us Yes, no, it doesn’t happen, we are behind and we must admit this And although I think that this is our Central Committee of the CPSU This is the one that continues to remain at the top with us these old people, and the average age of a government official in Russia today is under 70 years old, they don’t even understand what it is for them, well, that’s something completely incomprehensible, some kind of blade is there, if our president joyfully says it in plain text, but I don’t use it mobile communications and everyone echoes him Yes, what a great guy he is, don’t use it for God’s sake. But if you don’t use it, it doesn’t mean that the rest of the world doesn’t use it either. So we came today, you and I are now

broadcasting through high technology. Was it possible imagine back there 15 years ago 20 years ago that it’s so easy like that Yes, and by turning on the computer and installing some kind of small camera, not like they used to be, twenty gram ones, but I’ll give you a small camera, but with the help of even an ordinary one like this glands, we will be able to broadcast live with you, for example. Perhaps it was imaginable 15 years ago, no, when this little thing is not just a telephone, it is essentially a whole world in your pocket in which you have downloaded all the libraries of the world in which there is everything there, some kind of scientific works, all the articles that exist in nature there, and plus some things that we once used. Separately, this is a TV and a computer and video cameras and there is an audio video player,

everything, that is, this is all too High technology I gave an example many times when I they say why is it This thing costs so much and it’s so expensive there from there 10-15 and up there today they sell the same iPhones Yes, a new model came out, this is the fifteenth Pro, in my opinion 300 With something thousand there 350 or something thousand rubles rubles it costs Well, with our money it’s somewhere, I don’t even know now [ __ ] in short, that’s what everyone is saying And what does it cost, the hardware, bolts and nuts really, but we’re not paying for the hardware, bolts and nuts, we’re paying Just we are for technology we are paying for something for someone’s intellectual work and now he is everywhere and there is nothing you can do about it to stop technological progress. Well, it’s impossible. In principle, I think you will agree with me as a person who has worked there all his life in agriculture even in agriculture today there are already such tractors that, in principle, can drive and work without a tractor driver; they already exist; they already exist; and what helps makes work easier by helping there are some technologies being built there; Irrigation technologies are also all technologies controlled by computers there absolutely Yes, this is where we need to separate it after all Yes, the irrigation and land reclamation technologies themselves were all developed a long time ago during the times of the Soviet Union But control with the help of computer technology is the biggest danger Like me I see for the technological development of Russia this is, of course, the absence of one’s own brains and minus those brains that, at the very least, were imported to Russia; I observe such a tendency that even ready-made products are somehow the sun primitivism, a noble from Tomsk wrote a dacha that he tried to buy himself a new laptop and it turned out that, firstly, there are no CD ROMs anymore, it’s almost impossible to find models that have CD ROMs, and secondly, there are fewer and fewer USB ports, that is, to connect, for example, a microphone, a mouse and a mouse, it’s no longer possible to insert it; they only sell it with two USB ports on the product And now it also means that the connection button has disappeared altogether. Yes, that means power, that is, you just need to open the computer, then it will work and close, that is, but some amazing stories are happening and this is what worries me most of all. what exactly is the intellectualization of not only

power, but also technology, that is, many sectors of the economy are left without brains? Well, God bless him there, oil and gas production, of course, these are strategic sectors, if, for example, all the oil and gas rigs stand up, then it’s clear why this threatens to completely collapse the economy. But this is an immediate danger. It doesn’t mean anything for people But I’m very concerned about the state of aviation because it also actually imported its entire avionics into Russia. So, what do you

think, planes will start to fall, what do you say about this? People aren’t afraid to fly planes . planes will start to fall because we all the time somehow forget that it’s just that since you’re talking about planes, we got a little off-topic. But I don’t believe that they will start to fall, if only because the vast majority of planes are still leased, and they’re very expensive . the car and the owner of the plane and the lessor and the airline there is a conditional victory that flies on this plane but it belongs to a specific leasing company and it costs 50-100 million dollars there and the owner of this plane is not very interested in it falling so when now they start shouting that sanctions were imposed, we stopped supplying spare parts, and so on. I think in this regard, they are simply misleading us, to put it mildly. Well, there are no interested people who would like their car to be destroyed for 100 million, I think we raised this topic with you here And about everything else Well, here’s a simple example. I’m here on Mednya, not on Mednya, somewhere some time ago I visited the Stavropol Territory in the Stavropol Territory, I have one of my friends, together with the Chinese, they built a Brick Factory based on high technologies, and a Brick Factory which produces a volume of brick comparable to the volume of their closest competitor, there is another Brick Factory there, 100 km away from the times of the Soviet Union, still of such a Soviet construction. They produce a

comparable volume, they are competitors, but a competitor according to the old Soviet scheme, that is, 300 workers work there manually they make light bricks, but my friend has it at this Chinese factory. Well, there is a joint venture - This is not his personal factory, this is a joint venture with the Chinese, he has some kind of share there, but you will never guess how many people work for him at the factory, I will repeat the volume of bricks exactly the same as in a factory that employs 300 people. It has all the functions. They sit at the comms and press the buttons and see that everything is there.

it worked well everywhere somewhere Call some technician to lubricate something somewhere and tighten up some wiring somewhere Excuse me, in a person against 300 people at a show jumping factory, you understand how the vast majority of smart people understand the biggest expense item for any enterprise What is the wage fund right This is the biggest expense item for any enterprise Well, let’s roughly estimate that means my friend’s plant, even if we imagine that he pays his employees very large salaries of thousands of 100 rubles How much is it per month gives money for salaries less than a million, that’s right Well, multiply 8 by 100,000 Well, well, there’s also a million in taxes plus, now let’s calculate how much his competitor spends on the wage fund who employs 300 people and to whom he pays, let’s say, not he pays small salaries, say 20,000 rubles This one is 100 each, this one is 20 each. Well, let's calculate There plus taxes Yes, it turns out to be 30 each. Let's calculate 9 million, that is, you know, my friend spends 10 times less money on the process for the largest item of expenditure. Which means what does this mean? Which means that he has a competitive the price he can remove reduce the price of his brick Well, up to some serious very serious indicators, he can reduce it by 50%, which a competitor cannot do. Here it is, competitiveness in the market only because the enterprise is automated. And I think that’s all this will continue further

And someday we are home until the moment when these can be taken out somewhere where people don’t live so that they don’t poison there somewhere I don’t know in Siberia to work where there are no people and they will be controlled remotely I think that such a moment is also not far off. But now we are following that path. That all this will not be with us. We will still have this Stakhanov at the open-hearth furnace, hammering this open-hearth furnace with a crowbar so that steel will flow from there. But this is yesterday. We have been cast into stone. century and the saddest thing is that we are not developing this digital economy, we have been wagging our tongues about this for two decades in a row, but we haven’t done a damn thing to move even one step forward and Airplanes Yes, you said it right today oh airb for example it is done by a fully automated system there he has so much electronics that, in principle, a lot of s, but he needs 1020 percent, that is, the pilot also performs the function of an operator, so he went for takeoff to a certain altitude, reached a certain altitude, plugged in the autopilot, and the autopilot already controls this plane until landing, that is, a pilot is needed, roughly speaking, takeoff, landing and in emergency situations, someday it may come to a point where pilots will not be needed at all, now they say they are already starting to try to produce cars that also drive without drivers, this is all, in principle, the history of tomorrow, but again, not for Russia because we screwed it all up and now we walk around the world with an outstretched hand and give it to us. And no one wants to give it up because everyone understands perfectly well that it is

better for us to become dependent on someone and walk around. We stubbornly won’t repeat ourselves, we don’t want to accept this lesson and stubbornly we don’t want to move on, we’re marking time and thinking Where would the scratch-scratch be, but it can’t go on for so long, you understand that perfectly well, yes, in my opinion, it’s already over. By the way, about airplanes, it’s also not so simple, you remember recently there was a big plane with a lot of passengers landed on a wheat field near Novosibirsk But thank God that everything ended well, but the company that owns the plane threw up its hands and said, we can’t help because this plane is under sanctions, that’s why of course there can be a lot of problems here and in avionics, but I Most of all, of course, the high technologies that are now being deprived in Russia are being deprived of access to them, which are used specifically in oil and gas production, as I said, and in construction, even now they cannot install normal elevators in high-rise buildings and elevators that are guaranteed not to fall, and in construction, the most important thing in Yes and food production And in the same agriculture, it’s not only about Roche because maybe TIA a pig farm there too now if it’s large-scale production of aircraft is under the control of artificial intelligence now and naturally the slightest glitch will lead to the fact that there, for example, the temperature will either rise sharply or drop sharply and absolutely the entire livestock will die. And this is already fraught with a shortage of food with a subsequent transition to mass hunger, that is, high technology now permeates all spheres of our life so much that it is worth covering up just one such channel somewhere it is up to then then the Armed Forces are absolutely in fact a challenge from the Putin regime Yes, to lose access to high technologies in Europe And now also in Asia It seems to me that this will threaten catastrophic consequences for Russia, well, plus in itself Agree That’s a piece of hardware in itself Yes This is only one side of the coin. We also need direct training, that is, we also have a big problem with this, so that the specialists who know that with these pieces of hardware came some kind of equipment to some enterprise. That’s what you

said. Yes, where is completely artificial intelligence there, on some farm, they need specialists who know how it works, who will do everything competently, but as far as I understand, we have the appropriate education. Previously, they sent specialists abroad somewhere or invited some foreign specialists who trained ours. But now I understand I understand that this is also the whole story,

the question remains, without technology and without specialists, that is, slowly confidently we are moving into the Stone Age, soon we will switch to horses. So if someone until then, horses if we don’t eat them from hunger Yes, to the Sakha plow cough plow Yes, they always said that Stalin T took TNU there, Russia was left by the Soviet Union with its nuclear weapons, and Putin is written down in history as the person who turned a nuclear-space power. And if you remember about the embarrassment with the station on the Moon, that’s how it turned into a nuclear-space power power to power with plow and plow Anything can happen. Then we can definitely state that Russia has no future. Well, I think, after all, I’m sure that the problem is in the members of our Politburo who don’t understand all this. It’s very sad that those younger people are also trying from the entire astrov Yes, this doesn’t affect me. Unfortunately, it will, and very soon. Yes, we are already slowly throwing up

our hands. I don’t see how to get out of this, to be honest, the truth is not VIU now we’re still at odds with the Asians. Well, apparently we’ll be with the guys from the Taliban movement somewhere- then run to the races wrapped in some kind of skirts made of palm leaves, those guys, guys, guys from Asia, of course, won’t quarrel with Russia. They will parasitize Russia and suck out

all the juices. It’s completely understandable to dose some ready-made ones already from Well, you understand that they are of course I’ll pass on, I’ll live on, they’ll pass on, but firstly, these are not the technologies that are really necessary, and secondly, it’s like we’re just falling into dependence on these guys because most likely, as I see it, if let’s say the Chinese come here to us with some kind of technology they will hand over theirs, then they will not hand them over to us, they will hand them over to the Chinese and they will come and do all this themselves. And we will be to a greater extent. Well, the Russians. I mean, to a greater extent, as such service personnel, where to steal where to keep watch that is, we will not get access to them in any case, and in the end this will lead to the fact that sooner or later we will simply serve like ants, this is the queen or whatever they correctly call the King Yes in the form of Xin and his charges Yes, we this queen uterus we will take leaps and bounds Idm this is wonderful I think it’s wonderful there are jerks and vaunted patriotism somehow So well, I suggest we wrap it up, we’ve already been sailing for 24 minutes Let’s have some kind of farewell speech and well, my chuga is as always full of optimism Because life is richer than any of our fantasies, we don’t know what will actually happen to us, but we still believe in and prevent all the worst things by saying them out loud. Maybe then

this won’t happen. We will still believe in the best. Well, God forbid that people at least heard us there heard wanted to hear somehow So it was Russia without a future a joint project of real journalism Rutv My name is Alexander Romanenkov and my co-host Andrey Kuzichkin see you we will hear and very soon good luck to you love and patience everything bye bye bye [music] Bye

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