15.03 Новый Рамштайн. Инцидент с БПЛА США. Учения Китая, рф и Ирана.

15.03 Новый Рамштайн. Инцидент с БПЛА США. Учения Китая, рф и Ирана.

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Good afternoon We are from Ukraine and I am glad to welcome you on my channel and we are starting another video on the operational situation over the past day and today on the calendar March 15, Kiev time 19 hours The operational situation was as follows during the day the enemy launched 40 air strikes 12 rocket strikes and fired more than 100 rocket launchers one of the rocket strikes was inflicted on the city of Kramatorsk a three-story residential building was damaged There are dead local residents were injured another rocket attack occurred on the city of Zatoka, Odessa region, one of the buildings of the Zolotaya children's educational institution was damaged by rocket fragments there are no victims of the morning among the local population ; the enemy also launched a missile attack on a civilian infrastructure facility in the settlement of Ivanovka, Kherson region ; some objects that are not related to military operations, the probability of further missile strikes throughout Ukraine remains quite high. By the way, it should be noted that for the second day the Russian Federation has been terrorizing us with the activity of its aviation, then it takes off, then it landed, then MiG 31, then here 95, that Tu-160 and we are unfortunately forced to announce an air raid and ask everyone to go to cover and not ignore these signals. The main goal of the enemy over the past day was still attempts to reach the administrative borders of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions; for this purpose, he concentrated his efforts on the introduction of offensive operations on the Limansky Thanks to professional and well- coordinated actions, our defenders repulsed more than 90 enemy attacks in the indicated directions in the Volynsky Polesye Seversky and Slobozhansky directions The operational situation without significant changes, the enemy maintains a military presence near the state border of Ukraine, however, the formation of offensive groupings was not revealed at the same time, the enemy continues to equip the terrain and the border areas of the Bryansk and Kursk regions over the past day, the enemy fired at areas of settlements in the Chernihiv region, 9 settlements in the Sumy region and 15 settlements in the Kharkiv region in in the Kupinsky or Matsky directions, the enemy maintains its military presence in the areas bordering with Ukraine to prevent the transfer of our units to other directions, that is, they are holding troops so that we can not maneuver with reserves during the previous day, the enemy unsuccessfully tried to break through the defenses of our troops, the invaders carried out artillery shelling settlements along the line of contact in the Kharkiv Luhansk and Donetsk regions to seize the city, constant positional battles continue both in the city and on its outskirts and along the entire ledge of the North South ledge, as it now calls our military on the flanks of the city of bakhmut and the situation in the city itself remains very difficult with the loss of the Zheleznyansky settlement, this did not improve the operational the situation, since around this settlement it came under the control of the Russian occupation troops, there are no other settlements around this settlement for 4-5 kilometers, this is a rarity for this area, but nevertheless, there is such a feature here, which means that the occupiers will put a lot of pressure and try move through the plantings through the forests plantings of which there are a lot unfortunately they sometimes get it in bakhmut itself a difficult situation in the south the invaders made their way to the plant Ozone aka nitrogen of this plant and building the ode will now turn it into a bedbug for where the enemy DRGs will put pressure on the city center This is such a very bad bad event that happened Why Because this industrial zone expands opportunities for enemy sabotage and development groups and our troops Now we have to fight them also, enemy sabotage and disengagement groups were noted in bakhmut in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe aircraft Well, we already know everything Yes, this settlement is an exit to Konstantinovka along the highway, and so there our troops are already meeting the work of enemy sabotage and disengagement groups at the same time, our defenders repelled enemy attacks in the areas of the settlements of Yagodnaya Khromova and Orekhovo-Vasilovka, this is on the flanks of this supply corridor for the Bakhmut garrison, that is, we continue to hold this corridor, we continue to defend the city Despite the fact that the situation, especially in Bakhmut itself, is somewhere on the verge of already critical in the Avdiivka Marian mining direction, the enemy made unsuccessful offensive operations here, the enemy shelled areas of 16 settlements of the Donetsk region and over the past day the front line in all three directions has not changed. This is why the situation with the front line does not change in any way, it stands still, there are positional battles, skirmishes and an exchange of artillery fire strikes, over the past day, 17 settlements of the Zaporozhye region have been subjected to fire from the enemy’s artillery.

But these are basically all border settlements, more precisely. Sorry, everyone near the front-line settlements, which are reached by Russian artillery, the suburban settlements of the Dnepropetrovsk region, Ochakov, Mykolaiv region, as well as 20 settlements of the Kherson region, have also experienced the fire impact. on the territory of the temporarily occupied Donetsk region, about 90 servicemen of the Russian army, they are being treated by the medical institutions of the city, will soon be sent to the city of Gurzuf for military medical treatment . the medical commission of the VLC to determine the suitability for further military service, that is, it’s not so easy to demobilize after being wounded and go home. At the same time, the occupiers in Gorlovka received an order to conduct another

wave of mobilization in the city to replenish the composition of units temporarily withdrawn from the zone of introduction of combat actions due to loss of combat capability, that is, they have this phenomenon, loss of combat capability, it is quite frequent today it is planned to mobilize about 500 people from the category who previously received reservations due to limited or complete unfitness for military service, that is, they are trying to rake out in the occupied territories in general all that is possible and all that is left By the way, it should be noted that the situation of mobile resources in Russia is starting to deteriorate catastrophically, we will talk about this later, because the Kremlin leadership, namely Putin and his entourage, produced a bunch of orders and statements there I’ll try to comment on them, but now I’ll note that the losses of the personnel of the Russian Federation should be noted that they are much higher than those that we declare, that is, if we declare 700,900,1000 people a day, then if we take statistical data that is not public, let’s say from registry offices cities of the Russian Federation, then on average, losses, irretrievable losses, these are killed and wounded, it is estimated that approximately all 9,000 people can be estimated every day. These real losses most likely bear it . and they are registered there. Here is such a sad statistic. Well, for us it is the other way around, but nevertheless, this is the statistic of war, this is the statistic of human lives. The aviation of the Ukrainian Defense Forces per day delivered 9 strikes on the concentration areas of the occupiers, three strikes on the deployment sites of enemy anti-aircraft missile systems and three hits on a friend Three areas of concentration of personnel and three command posts of the enemy troops along the entire front line hit important targets of the occupiers by a unit of missile troops and artillery. the news occurred on the territory of Ukraine in all operational directions and on the front line from Kharkov to Kherson Yes, I forgot to say that the situation in the Black Sea was withdrawn 4 12 ships were withdrawn there, 4 of them are carriers of missiles, the caliber of which can total 28 missiles, but for now they are active do not show By the way, as the Southern Operational Command informs us, their press service, the sea is for us in the sense that now the weather in the Black Sea is stormy and it’s not very sweet for these ships to be there, by the way, for missile launches Storm is also an obstacle, there is a ship’s tolerance limit launches of such cruise missiles Well, now let's talk a little about the military-political news that is happening in Ukraine around our country . working mode and it takes place in the videoconference mode. She is going through this the meeting is taking place online, the issues are mainly resolved on ramstein, we expect to receive ammunition from the allies, air defense weapons, and Ukraine also expects to receive more infantry fighting vehicles and tanks . 155 mm mines missiles for air defense systems Kamikaze drones and tank shells Well, no matter how we tell the story, remember that the first meeting was held in April 22, then it was decided to allocate $ 5 billion to help Ukraine next month, the countries agreed on the supply of ammunition weapons already there and other ammunition for Ukraine itself, that is, the next meeting, it will be on December 11, was missed, its meeting was held in January, which is why the next It would seem that the Anniversary meeting closes the year, but it will nevertheless be 11, our request wishes remain unchanged ammunition m- m these artillery and and heavy armored vehicles t tanks infantry fighting vehicles armored personnel carriers such here such wishes I hope that all this will be justified, especially since the meetings of Loitovostin are included, the Secretary of Defense of the United States made a statement, as it were, He said that the coalition of the Tank Coalition is a format in the very inside of the Rammstein format there is another group of countries that supplies pledged to supply us with tanks tanks like Leopard 2 and so catches Austin announced that nine countries are already 9 countries are part of this coalition and they promised to provide Ukraine with more than 150 leopard tanks coalition of countries that promised to provide Ukraine with leopard tanks continues to grow 9 countries have now pledged to provide more than 150 tanks leopark said the head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin . This is how the meeting in the Rammstein format is going on. Well,

I continued further. we will continue the military-political news. Although he officially reminded me otherwise it is not officially confirmed by any side, not Chinese, not Russian, but it is expected that from the 21st to the 23rd, perhaps Xi Jinping will arrive, arrive in Moscow, then he is going to make another European tour, while this has not been announced either, but we will say this from conversations from sources close to the leadership China, that is, from the highest senior officials of China, and also he plans to hold plans to hold a video conference with the president on issues of War and Peace, so that's what this whole preamble is for, and in addition to the fact that today China, Iran and Russia began military maneuvers, maritime maneuvers in the Gulf of Oman, you know what this is the most turbulent place there is an unspoken war of tankers, why because oil is being transported through the Gulf of Aman from there, tankers come out and sometimes it happens that these tankers hit some kind of missiles, oil flows out of them Sometimes fires even kill sailors, that is, crew members crews these tankers are sometimes Iranian tankers and sometimes it happens tankers that belong to Israel or leave with Israeli oil, that is, there is a tanker war going on there, so China Iran and Russia are conducting an exercise called security train 22 3 they will take place today from March 15 to March 19 inclusive, a press release reports The Ministry of National Defense of China will strengthen the practical cooperation of the navies of the participating countries, that is, they will all demonstrate and readiness to jointly protect maritime security, actively develop the maritime community with a common common future, and also give a positive impetus to the development of regional The Ministry of Defense of China declares peace and stability , after that the question is Which side of China is it on? It seems to me that it is inappropriate here that China will defend the interests of the Russian Federation. when the devil is in the details and by the details we determine the strategy of China itself is moving towards rapprochement military-technical rapprochement and cooperation with the Russian Federation and Iran will it come to the supply of weapons This is a rhetorical question Well, I think it is unlikely Although Su due to such activity of China, I would not remove this issue from the agenda, and so on Well, of course, everyone is interested in the news regarding yesterday's incident, which is an incident an incident that occurred in the Black Sea, two Russian Su-27 fighters, in fact, we will say so, shot down a reconnaissance drone mq9 benchmark of the United States of America, which conducted its flight there, the drone flight took place in a neutral sky, that is, it is neutral waters, that is, it is an open zone, no one restricts any flights there, but Russia Remember, I always said that the Russian Federation provokes NATO or the United States, they either either NATO or the United States Forgive them anyway, they want to provoke them to aggressive actions, but so that the aggression is on the part of the United States or NATO 1 and then quickly offer on how Peacekeepers propose on their own terms Negotiations to resolve this incident they consider with Ukraine, that is, a war, a settlement of the war of Russia against Ukraine what they did with two fighters at first They tried to provoke the ignition of the engine of this drone, they flew in front of it, they began to dump fuel and in this one, we will say a fiery suspension of aviation kerosene, in theory, the air intake of the drone should have been to grab this kerosene and ignition could occur because the flowing air cools it cools the engine when it hits the engine, it didn’t work, the drone continued its flight, and then, as the reconstruction says, electronic reconstruction, one of the Russian fighters dived under the drone, hooked it with its tail, thereby damaging its propeller, naturally, the drone lost traction and began to fall and how much I I understand the drone operator pressed the self-destruct button, the drone exploded, the wreckage fell into the Black Sea and it looks like they were beaten, but it seems like no one shot and Russia gives it all away as an accident, here is the principle of the United States taty means the ships of the Black Sea Fleet even started some kind of prospecting work Although in the Black Sea water area it has a peculiarity it is in the form of a foundation pit, it has such a shape there. There are very, very few small places, but otherwise the depth reaches two kilometers for almost everything in the entire Black Sea water area it’s useless to get something somewhere or look for it if it fell into the water, especially not in shallow water, not at great depths, then it’s just a pit that is filled with water, that’s what it represents, but nevertheless they imitated this search, supposedly there is salvation . they understand well, it was naturally expected that the United States would respond with some kind of military attack. The United States reacted very correctly, in my opinion, all these cries that there are cowards and there are no cowards in relation to the United States, they acted very reasonably. They said that the unprofessionalism of

the pilots of the Russian pilots led to such here is the tragedy as a result of which our drone suffered, our drone crashed But the plane could have crashed t and the pilot could also crash and the United States did not make a military response to this one and this one that the Russian pilots provoked, the Russian planes returned to the base, nothing happened to them, but I think that the United States did not leave it without answer and the answer of the United States It can happen in any field, starting from the financial sector of the economic sector, and maybe the military sector, somewhere in the depths of the oceans, some submarine like Belgorod, which goes on autonomous navigation there, Russia is proud of it, it can break the screw and it will fall somewhere to the bottom after suffering some kind of accident. Everything can be understood here as they say. As they say, karma overtakes quite quickly and immediately, so that another provocation to provoke the United States into some kind of aggression against the Russian Federation failed. Yes, at the cost of me I think that the Americans will not forget the cost of this drone

can reach $ 150 million. That is, it costs about the same level as an airplane, so on average. If we compare plus, it can still be shock, in addition to intelligence, it can carry, by the way, the system is so well-established that's NATO or American NATO because that it was controlled, it flew out of Italy, in my opinion, and was controlled by Well, the operator is so debugged that an hour after the crash of this drone, another exactly the same drone with a different tail number appeared in its place and continued its flight continued to cut circles over the Black Sea, but the Russian Federation did not send anything, the aircraft did not wait for anything to react to 1 on 1 this attack from Russia This is the situation that happened in more detail I collected practically material in two days and many expert communities and analysts came to such conclusions as a result of more detailed information on the incident we also have the reaction of the Ministry Russia’s defense or the Pentagon’s actions for all this, here I am for you in general, you Roughly outlined such a picture of events So the status quo is restored the next drone is on combat duty The Russian Federation wiped itself without getting any result, only got complications Even more complications with the United States of America right here United States, believe me In my opinion, here C SHA will act exclusively according to the Russian principle, we will not forget, we will not forgive, so somewhere, karma is already sneaking towards the Russian Federation, where it will appear and will appear in the near future, in my opinion, we will see and discuss this further Estonia Lithuania and Poland called for lowering the price ceiling on Moscow oil to $51 per barrel, Bloomberg informs us about this, that is, the trend that was laid down in the embargo in the oil embargo on Russian oil by the European Union. It continues to move forward. They said that every two months the price would be revised; the price was set at $60 per barrel it existed Until today, today the issue of revising the price downwards to $51 per barrel is being raised Well, in my opinion, India overtook everyone in terms of buying Russian oil India continues to buy Russian oil, but the Indians Well done twisted the hands of the Russian Federation completely They agreed to buy first India agreed in the corridor 60 dollars no more than a barrel, Russia is worth nothing. Even though they will even sell their oil with a surcharge now, because it has to be put

somewhere so as not to plug the wells producing this oil in the wrong place, so the Indians went even further, they offered to buy Russian oil by the hands, then they pay in the national currency and Russia now has a huge problem where to exchange hands for convertible currency or rubles . In December, it was agreed there before the New Year Well, this is how the oil industry works now, questions will be raised, as I understand it, by the end of March, a ceiling for oil prices of $51 per barrel of oil will be set . there will be 1 billion US dollars or 7 billion Danish kroner here this fund will deal with issues of military-technical assistance to Ukraine, then here it will all start with the purchase of weapons and ending with humanitarian aid to Ukraine, as I understand it, this is the starting capital of this fund, which is measured from seven billion Danish kroner, that is, for understanding, this is approximately 1 billion US dollars, of course, the Danish government leaves its open and everyone can participate to join this fund to participate and the fund to focus on military civil and commercial support for Ukraine in 2023 Well, one more Cherry on the cake for the road As always, I saved this rather voluminous news the news is as follows, this is what regarding contract soldiers and the size of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, remember Yes, six months ago, Putin began to scare the whole world that the army should be increased to one and a half million people and even signed a decree at the end of last summer that the army is increasing by 140 thousand now they decided to increase the army Well, how and they promised up to one and a half million people and an order was given for 8 months before the end of this year to recruit 400 thousand contract soldiers from scratch and here, in principle, all the news is good, all positive, it should be noted that the first is that such a sharp recruitment of such a huge number of contract soldiers indicates that the army is moving into the category of mobilized, that is there are practically no contract soldiers left in the Russian army there with them there is a big problem of conscripts they call for but they do not save the situation. Moreover, Putin is still afraid to send conscripts to Ukraine to participate in hostilities Yes, they are forced to sign contracts after six months of service, those who agrees to sign a contract immediately turns out to be in Ukraine on the front line another confirmation of my words that with the personnel of the armed forces of Russia the catastrophe serves to change the terms of service and more precisely the age limit and the term of service now they will call from 21 to 30 years old this will be the draft age earlier he was up to 27 years old, but for the first three years, that is, 23 24 25, there will be conscriptions The lower limit of the conscription will remain from 18 years old And the upper immediately rises as soon as the new law is signed by Putin from home, he has already been voted in my opinion in the first reading That's the Upper bar conscription immediately takes off to 30 years. This suggests that they will actually be caught because the catastrophe with the personnel and in relation to the contract soldier, I want to remind the statistics the fact is historically already a fact because, well, he has already taken place in this life, therefore this is already the history of the reform of the armed forces of the Russian Federation contract soldiers, by the way They will recruit They will recruit on April 1 That is, for even for nine months they want 400,000 contract soldiers, so during the reform of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, an increase in an increase of 200,000 people That is, 200 to 400,000 contract soldiers took the Russian leadership 8 years from 12 to 2020, can you imagine Yes, they want to recruit 400 thousand in 9 months they recruited two 200 thousand for 12 years, although in principle, if we take the reform that began in 2008 with the transition to a contract army, then these 200 thousand must be stretched even more, add 4 years of their formation, that is, well, firstly, to recruit such a number today as I understand it, the unrealistically very popular Service in the Army is falling sharply in the Russian Federation sharply in connection with the war because the number of those killed is growing the wounded are growing invalids of this war cities are coming and already starting to create public opinion people look at them ask the question where are you from where are you and they tell me in Ukraine I fought in Ukraine special military operators there a special military operation, but there’s a war there, and it’s very bloody, very cruel, so today with mobilized problems Volunteers are almost over who wanted to go to war with the damned West, which they never saw in their eyes, they all ended in the first wave, by the way, it turned out, as it turns out now, very many units the Russian army that invaded in February 22 were partially paper, that is, according to the papers, 90 percent of the personnel were listed. And there were 70 or or 60 in the ranks, that is, a shortage, I don’t know how they attributed it, maybe due to those dead souls that remained at the point of permanent deployment, but they attributed what is included a company of 90 people, but in reality there were 70 people and 20 people. We sat there in the PAP at the point of permanent deployment and

carried there they provided the life support of the unit, plus the main question is good contractors . these are contract servicemen, too, not mobilized, not only that they ran in and handed the summons and turned all hands to the military registration and enlistment office. No, this is a contract contract person who must come voluntarily to the point of conflict and sign contact with the armed forces of the Russian Federation, even if they recruit them, who will teach them today the loss of the officers of the armed forces of the Russian Federation is 1,700 officers who will train these in the training units Contract for sergeants I am already silent and we don’t take ordinary rank and file at all . huge so let's see how they will gain 400 thousand in 9 months they will set up to build their uniforms, they don’t have enough uniforms what they will wear what they will change into or they will run to the bazaar to the Cherkizovsky market in Moscow they will buy an American pixel so then they will then be in enemy uniform Here such is the situation such are the military military-political ical news occurred over the past day in Ukraine and around our country Well, on this we finish the first part of our video with you, I traditionally pause You have time who has not yet subscribed to my channel subscribe like this video in order to You could see as many people as possible Well, after a while we will continue and we will continue as usual, as usual, by tradition, answering the questions that you asked the previous video and the first question of today will be the next Vitka To live with an eye to find a view that is not a view of the line front fly Orcs or fighters such to fire at our positions I achieved the characteristics of the female so patrio then in them the radius of expression is such up to 100 km I understand that I all of us are such such complexes broken She is after all for 20 kilometers leading the front then the Russians Russia will practically not be able to fly in over them the hourly coupon of the land of Ukraine so I can’t resist the system information words to the independent people of Ukraine Well, you are right in principle, yes, the only problem here is the danger of placing 20 km from the front line, the danger of placing such air defense systems as P3 and you yourself really have a range of destruction of aircraft of the order of 100 Well, you can even try as the experts explained with the right arranging a launch radar station, it is even possible to achieve 120 kilometers of range for destroying aircraft; the question is that 20 kilometers from the front they are from the front line, they will be in the zone of destruction of Russian artillery, and they are made . difficult in terms of whether the general staff decides to deploy such systems At such a close distance from the front, or will these systems close more than some strategic infrastructure facilities in the depths of the country or, for example, protect cities such as Kharkov to which it suffers Maybe fight with missiles from 300 in the same Kherson, there and where in Zaporizhia, in such cities it may be, or maybe I’m not as hard to predict how the general staff will make a decision, but maybe yes, maybe it will partially close at least 50 kilometers, they will close the sky over Russian occupying forces so that their aircraft could not deliver fire strikes on our troops Good day you Horseshoe I rcah 155 howitzer and a range of expression up to 50 km everything for the reset who you are Spring and what knots the supply and for our ZSU is not something that is possible today Ukraine ordered 18 howitzers The only thing is that they can be supplied by the manufacturer up to 25 years, that is, the manufacturer took 30 months to supply them By the way, his wheel base was taken from the armor of the boxter conveyor, and it is produced by the same company, a German company, in my opinion if I’m not mistaken, I’ll say for sure , no, you see, I didn’t guess, but Klaus Mafia bagman This is such a German company that produces these howitzers and This is a new howitzer development, the fully automatic turret of this howitzer is not inhabited It has more than a set of 30 shots and there are 144 for these 30 shots charge, then they are different, these charges, that is, the crew of the howitzer is two people, why I say the complete same exact analogue as the Swedish archer, that is, two people drivers, the commander, the commander, controls the howitzer without leaving the cab of the car, it stops, the combat position is deployed for about 30 seconds, it is enough to shoot the fire mission And after that, it turns off and leaves due to the fact that the firing range can vary, that is, from there, from several kilometers to 50 to it has a projectile with a range of 50 kilometers in the kit. So, accordingly, the gun commander has a choice of charges, that is, for 30 shells 144 charges for each projectile it turns out He can choose any of five Well, almost Five charges of types of charges for each ammunition So then, at the end of the ammunition load, she leaves, let’s say, to the reloading area there, the technical unit that equips the tower loads the masonry and the car is again ready to perform a combat mission so like this, yes , like this, ha killer German howitzer By the way, Ukraine was the first to order this howitzer, today they presented it to the Swede Switzerland is considering the purchase of this howitzer, but so far there is no final decision, but Ukraine has already signed a contract and we expect 18 units to 25 within 30 months took manufacturer for delivery So this is a prospect, this is a prospect of re-equipment Maybe it will take This is the first division and then we can maybe buy more than one such howitzer and for our armed for artillery our armed ones for your comments in the menopes of nutrition is still Neptune e at the base of the installation the Great Qatar can no longer stop it, and with such a rank, the viewston and the strike on Russian ships are smaller. Unfortunately, no, it’s not that our people are very handy Kulibins . then the boats the question is that the boat will not be able to come close to such a distance to the Russian squadron re they have submarines they have ships Scouts who conduct radar reconnaissance at sea on water and under water, there is naval aviation that also provides intelligence to these ships and covers them, so this will be a one-way ticket for a boat and not the fact that he will still have time to shoot at the squadron of the Black Sea Fleet. Therefore, in order not to risk our only division of the Neptune complex, and in one instance we have more than one launch one division one set, so no one rearranges anything, we protect our maritime economic zone, this is 200 kilometers Well, there are 200 nautical miles this is a little more than 200 kilometers at sea, but nevertheless, we have secured ourselves in terms of amphibious landings by the Russian Russian Black Sea Fleet. But

today, no one will put a launcher on a boat and send it into oblivion, nowhere, believe me, you will need to test your expertise -I think I live like this about Ukraine Yes, they help what it really is I spoke with the cob chip stupas of donat so that Ukraine does not become a buffer below the juniper divine that civilization of the soul I praise I reflash the food chain for a mechanical translation See the fact that the UK Boris Johnson very strongly promoted the idea of ​​the Baltic Black Sea Union or the Lublin Triangle, remember, there was a whole series of meetings. So I said then and I repeat, I remain of my opinion that this is our collective security system, only a new military-political Union of countries interested in security from the Russian Federation, by the way In my opinion, it will be born sooner or later and Ukraine and the countries of Eastern Europe will go to it Western Europe will not go to this Union, they will not go behind the NATO umbrella But there is one peculiarity in order to talk about the creation of military-political unions in order to sign alliance agreements with our neighbors, it is necessary to end this war Territory must be removed an original claim, then we will have a window of opportunity to conclude a military-political alliance with any country that wishes it Why, because an ally must be fought today and these countries that will join Well, let's say the Baltic countries Poland there If Slovakia or Bulgaria or Romania wants, we I think are always open we will and now they also need to change their legislation and they need to adopt exactly the same law How does the United States of America in the United States have allies outside the NATO bloc so that they understand, I recall the figure of the United States 17 allies outside the NATO bloc This suggests that the United States is ready to provide military-technical assistance, including the US armed forces, to carry out tasks in these countries To ensure their protection from an external external enemy, I emphasize that it is very important that these are all not an internal external enemy, but in this case the United States acts as an independent state and not as a member of NATO legislation This allows if something happens in NATO, then the charter of NATO and the United States as a member of NATO naturally apply. It fulfills all the provisions of the charter of this organization ; the countries of Eastern Europe will have to do the same. The union is enough for them, NATO is enough, by the way, it fits And the outline of what I always say th o it’s unlikely that we will become full members, we need to be, we will be partners with enhanced capabilities and NATO will support us, but not directly . zone because in the buffer zone there it is more associated with the gray zone. I would say that we will still be a shield for the Alliance of the North Atlantic Alliance from this distorted, distorted power to drink our Muscovy. So, this is approximately the situation. That is why today No one

talks about it anymore, we can get them, most likely we will get a membership training program for what in order to go through this procedure and reach the standard on military issues, reach the standard of the average side of a NATO member . I think that the question will not go further than this Therefore, we will need to have a lawsuit but not now, we need to end the war We need to remove territorial claims We need to remove the disputed territories when we reach the border there already Russia wants to do at least these concrete beating its head for a long time in terms of proving Whose historical territory is this territory is not historical territory there are internationally recognized borders we they should be reached Well, then the dialogue will either be good or bad Tell us how, in such intense battles, artillery changes barrels or can it be done in the field Yes, of course, this can be done in the field, and trailed guns such as m77 236 265 d20 d30 howitzers they change the barrels of repair and restoration Battalions because there are no problems there. They need a crane and a small hangar so that they don’t work in the rain and not in the cold. That’s all, and then the new barrel comes, the old one removes the new one, they put no problems with self-propelled artillery mounts there a little more problem there need need the corresponding material base is needed a crane that will raise the tower there you need to remove the tower in order to change the artillery unit, that is, the barrel itself in a self-propelled artillery mount, this applies to both our Soviet-style installations and Western installations And so the barrel is the simplest by the way it looks like this collapsible everything on the thread muzzle brake unscrews the breech unscrews the recoil device is unscrewed first then the breech is unscrewed everything here it is for you the barrel lying in the cradle you lift the barrel into scrap metal the new one is placed on it the breech is screwed on the muzzle brake it is attached to the heron in the cradle And recoil devices are placed on top the device is checked by the method by the method practically by the method of creating an artificial rollback of 200 mm and there, by pouring fresh liquids into the rollback brakes, more and more, there can be practically a shot fired for another to check the recoil devices. So you're done, either self-propelled guns or gun difference There is absolutely no great health in one of your species, you are guided by an abundance of rockets for assistance systems for you tilt offensive power still means you are part of the radar for the taprozi system to identify artillery shells Uzbeks them on high, you already brush them high for three swings as well as through their flight to strength. Here is the yak show in the spring and the counter-battery radars. Which reveals the coordinates of the projectile launch point, then their trajectory then goes out even in my weekdays in a direct fight against artillery shells will be around the system for which it has strained the scalable dome of its counterparts Of course, it’s inactive to sell in secial etity in Nezalezhnosti a kind of system’s varity for their sale, because cesprez for the wife of the life of technology are important in their objects, Ale, the brachic checks of fired shells for all the fault, the decal tens in a million burns on the system without paying the sale and such a sprat of shells of them in such a rank it will not be optimal to baptize a combined artillery protein system such as the Counter-Battery Warfare system for once filling domed objects, and for the infantry, it’s a pity that a single option is overestimated for water shelling in the trenches, damn it, even if you were such a sprat of shells on the battlefield, you’re currently an enemy Cola we lay out 10-15 thousand shells on the ground, because this food will like a cicada for your hearers, this one actually completely laid out the Yak food and the view of it in your question 90 percent of the answer the only thing I can add is that the technology of today allows you to shoot down a fairly large number of artillery shells and today these technologies are being tested in the iron project the dome has new systems, not artillery and not rocket, but laser laser systems that are able to shoot down artillery even artillery shells, and now such an installation, one installation as part of an iron dome, is actually being tested on the ground . a laser gun can have a very high reaction of this gun can be almost instantaneous it all depends on the mechanisms and depends on the power of the generator that you are ready to give out a laser beam of light to hit a particular target and it is quite possible that in the technologies of the future it will be t implemented And then the issue of the amount of ammunition will be leveled due to the technical capabilities of, let's say a laser installation Or let's say some other power plant is invented which, let's say, An electron beam of electrons will destroy these projectiles on a trajectory something like a hadron collider only in the form of an Artillery gun which which will disperse the beam and smash this projectile to smithereens, it now seems fantastic and Yes, it really doesn’t sound quite cut off the ear, even probably to some, but nevertheless, as long as conventional weapons exist, technologies adapted to this confidential weapon will be developed, that is, machine guns to machine guns to cannons to missiles and everything else. So I think that the next Step in technologies to combat enemy air targets. And they can probably already be attributed to the same category

as small-sized airborne high-speed air targets of the enemy, we can include such types of energy ical weapons like laser or electronic electromagnetic Hello again the question about the drone video with drones when drones with grenades fly over their infantry Do they see these drones and or is it possible or even to see drones with grenades and can such a throne be taken prisoner if someone either he chose life or he has one task Thank you No, these drones can be seen from them, we can start with this The fact is that the drone, as a rule, several propellers can be 4 or more there, up to 8, there are different modifications, different load-lifting ones, you can hear it This buzzing is heard in the air naturally you can see it And if you take binoculars you can see it very well And by the way, it even surprises me a little, because for the most part they upload footage from drones when Russian soldiers somehow induce amorphous The maximum that they do is run away, but the truth is sometimes we see on the video how an occupier is from a machine gun trying to shoot down the Drone, that is, firing from a machine gun Sometimes even sniper rifles hit the drone itself, for this they use a pool for this purpose, they are used to bring down the Drone, so the drone operator sees everything naturally , maneuvers and naturally takes measures in order to hit the enemy. Hmm, to the enemy soldiers who made a decision who chose life correctly, you wrote I want to live according to the program and surrendered to our troops . in the description, the link is ours, our reconnaissance. Here, to which these drones belong, they developed a whole training manual and it is clearly written there What movements the Drone makes in order to communicate with him because the operator sees an enemy soldier and in order to get feedback The drone performs certain maneuvers in the air and a soldier with his hands there must show his intentions if he is willing The drone will show him where to move where he will be met Here is such and such even such a development that it all works It's all there Look for Who wants to stay alive I mean the Russian invaders look on the Internet for this manual it is in the public domain How to communicate with our drone that will take you captive and you will remain alive and well at the end of the war, you will, or if you wish, can be immediately exchanged for our prisoners of war and return Well, if you manage to return home there, according to your idea I'm talking about the Ukrainian opposition to the Hit of Guilt I understand this means about China and so today about the Ukrainian position. It is actually

the main one. All partner countries that support us emphasize everything in any case in the public space and officially everyone emphasizes that he sets the policy of the negotiation process for resolving this war, in this matter he asks only Ukraine only Ukraine decides conditions to start the negotiation process, only Ukraine decides how to liberate this or that territory by diplomatic military or combined means, therefore, our position is clear, it is voiced, it is invariable Today, thank God So, I think that, by the way, I think that jxl Ivan made a statement on behalf of the White House when he expressed his wish If you want to talk to Zelensky via videoconference, then they, then the United States, the White House, represented by Sallion, voiced such a wish, they said Very good Very good for Xi Jinping to hear about Ukraine’s position in this war and the essence of this war from not only Ukraine but also the entire civilized world who supports us in the first person from the President of Ukraine and then maybe the Chinese leader will understand what is happening what is really happening in Ukraine what is really happening to the Russian Federation what Putin is doing here personally Putin because he is a responsible person as the supreme commander of the armed forces of the Russian Federation who today are waging this war of conquest against our country, and the next question is China, by the scatter that brought down the army, even a short term, also Maya, as if I’m over near Vasil, to which something else, I could have carried out c-processes for 4 Rocky analysis 1020 Rocky by the way Israel oh Israel China repeated the path of Israel Israel Yes, this process of rearmament went through in even more than 40, if not 50 years from the date of its founding, meaning What is such a sharp rearmament Well, the Chinese for 4 years, I will also tell you China could rearm its army in two years with growth with an annual growth of the economy by 8 -10 percent Sorry , you can rearm every four years, you can rearm the army, the economy will allow With such an increase in the country's GDP, this is how it is done in order to completely eliminate dependence on external suppliers, so Israel began with what they built a cartridge factory from a cartridge factory And they stopped asking ammunition when Israel was told fufu Stop shooting on the front line Israel are not guys We will first solve our territorial and security issues and then we will stop deciding whether to cease fire or not air and China do not have to ask anyone to give gunpowder Give ammo Give us Look at us Today we are one hundred percent dependent on external suppliers Our military-technical reserves are practically exhausted to zero and we have to wait from Rammstein from Rammstein in order to hold on and win in this war Look at Israel aviation their navy their ground forces their small arms their own that they have everything of their own and they still sell weapons for export they are still participating in joint programs for the creation of weapons and modernization is also the same China today Look what China buys from the outside for its army they all bought everything that they didn’t buy a long time ago they made copied stole copied stole I’m speaking conditionally because they really like to duplicate yes they do they learned how to read micro microcircuits to cut off microcircuits to look at their architecture and thus produce what -something analogues that work about the same Well, it suits them a little worse . So, for this, such domestic developments are being made. ammunition starts small arms ending with artillery ammunition is needed and because of them We are we we can’t do it on a full scale, and since we need to conduct military operations, therefore, domestic weapons are the most important thing and such rearmament of the army is very conducive to development. If you have a Partner with whom you are

confident and reliable, then please create or buy joint weapons, but you see that what is happening in Europe Switzerland said not to let us prohibit the transfer of ammunition for cheetahs that were produced in Switzerland and no one is transferring anything to anyone Spain wanted to transfer tanks to us that Germany said no tanks should be transferred to anyone Spain no longer raises this issue now our German parents have finally made their way to us see what these midi tanks are doing to us 29 Well, there is no official confirmation of this yet But nevertheless, they apparently underwent modernization in some third country. This third country does not want their devices installed on these aircraft to end up in Ukraine or later afterwards could be captured during the battle of the Russian Federation's actions So that's why China switched to one hundred percent of domestic weapons and that's why At this rate, it can allow all this Well, the second part of our video with you We end here, we are left with 3 final part and this is a greeting wishes and the comments that you sent to the previous videos and the first comment of today it simply complements the question that was voiced and yesterday's shrapnel in yesterday's video and it sounds like this I already asked a question about flash drives Today we gave today you answered And the shrapnel and described it in detail used a lot in the early days of a full-scale invasion of the Donbass. This is an old development and they still fall asleep from high-altitude aircraft in order to inflict infantry losses, but let's explain in a nutshell flash drives are the same lethal elements that I told you are in the projectile, only they are modified today this modification it gives them it is, as it were, I’m upgrading and it gives them more fighting qualities, that is, there, let’s say the shape is such that they spin faster That is, their rotation around the axis becomes very large high-speed This allows you to make deep wounds, that is, this rotating flash enters the body plus it has on its head part Well, such a small socket is made, as it were, like in a carpentry tool, and it causes strong lateral beats when it enters the human body. What makes the wound torn and rather wide, and not so much on the surface . this causes internal bleeding, death or very serious injuries, by the way, this is the difference between the shapnel that I described. But these flash drives, Maxim, as a volunteer and today defends our freedom on Volunteer Day, so really, I forgot to congratulate you for sure tomorrow was Volunteer Day in Ukraine and ours is ours the entire defense force rests precisely on the Volunteers ask those please from Belarusians What is gayun, what do they invest in the concept of Belarusian gayun Well, if they listen to us and watch me in Belarus, then please write in the comments, I will definitely announce what you mean by the concept of Belarusian gayun how it translates And how to understand it in semantic terms Good afternoon Ukraine Greetings from Kazakhstan Victory Ukraine Well, here is such a comment from Kazakhstan and on this optimistic comment today we will finish our video with you on the operational situation over the past day I thank you for your attention and the time that you watched Before moment, for those who are not subscribed, I invite you to subscribe put click on the bell to receive notifications of new videos on my channel and watch them in the original also Like Do not forget to like this video so as many people as possible can see it Well, also thanks to the sponsors and to those who support my channel, well, we will continue to believe from Bronnitsy of Ukraine, we will win over us Glory to Ukraine

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