Question Period — May 4, 2018

Question Period — May 4, 2018

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For sure, moose pal mr.. Speaker recently, the member for, York and Melville and. I met 160. Members of the Sheep cottage the owners association, and the Grenfell Beach Association, we. Were there to listen to their concerns about a nine-year process affecting. Their alesis with the Her Majesty the Queen in right of Canada many. Of these 324. Lease holders and their families have invested their life savings into. The development of their future and their leases have been increased 600, to 700 percent. They're. Consistently, told the. Issue is before the courts and there's nothing the government can or will do for them decisions. Made by the court or appealed, remedial, resolution, meetings are not kept or not made they. Are frustrated, at every step in fact, some leases will expire this year with. No written lease is presented, how, can they determine their future like. The pipeline this government continues to kick this process, down the road the, government is taking no action to help resolve this issue the. Cottages, are not have not missed payments, and they, are reasonable, people asking. To be treated fairly it. Is time for the garden to step up and do, the right thing. Medicaid. Safe. Mr.. Speaker last week I had the pleasure to travel, to Washington DC. To celebrate, 20. Years of leadership by perman doe a global. Leader in promoting gender, justice and preventing, violence, by, engaging men, and boys in partnership, with women and girls I was, particularly, honored, to accept the future of manhood award on behalf of our Prime Minister, legality. On truly, sex. Our. Government. Puts gender equality at, the heart of decision-making. With. New, investments. To. Prevent, and address, gender-based. Violence, and develop. An engagement strategy. For men and, boys. That. Promotes. Equality, mr.. Speaker we simply, cannot, move, forward when forward. When half of us are held back and I'm, proud mr., speaker that our Prime Minister is being recognized, for a strong global leadership on gender, equality Thank You mr. speaker. The. Bender forever, tribute to this comedian mr.. Freeze nah Griffin, mr.. Speaker I'm pleased to announce that a parliamentary, group has been set up by senators and MPs from all parties, to fight. Modern, slavery, and human. Trafficking I, will. Have the privilege of co-chairing this, group alongside the, members for Winnipeg Centre and to Peace River West Loch as well as Senator Christmas, we, want to promote a non partisan approach because, for us the issue is far too important, to be bogged down in partisan. Squabbles, the, group is supported, to by the director, of the. Center. For international justice, and human rights at UBC, miss Nicole Barret who is member of the national group put to end a trafficking, in women and girls in Canada even, in our country some 90 percent of victims are women exploited. To above all for sexual purposes these. Women are our mothers our daughters our. Sisters our, neighbours and they deserve, our help. I'd. Like to invite all members in this house to join our group to find solutions, to end. Once. And for all these, affronts, that to human rights that occur here in Canada as well st. John Rossi, Speaker. I rise today with a heavy heart but, also one full of pride for the amazing, outpouring of, community support in, response, for the historic, flooding afflicting. The residents, of my riding st. John Rossi and all of New Brunswick there. Are so many unsung, heroes our, first responders, st., John Energy our, mayor's Don darling, and Nancy grant Premier, Bryan gallant and so many others this, is already a record-breaking, fraud and thousands. The st. John Rossi residents, whose homes have never been at serious risk of flooding in the past are, now bearing the brunt of catastrophic. Flood damage, for, me this, flood is personal, one, of my best friends, Terry Ferguson, lives at Ground Zero the effort, to save his home is inspiring, people. Like Kevin Ferguson, Larry Dunlop Jerry Foley Sean, Ferguson Mike, gray Shaun, Crawford, Chris Ferguson and so, many others have answered the call for help, I urge, everyone in my riding to listen closely for and heat advisories, issued, by e mo officials, in the region that, stand together be resilient.

Show Compassion. I'll be home to help tonight here Thank You mr. speaker. Mr.. Speaker I'd like to take a few moments and speak about an energetic woman named Christina, be fast. Christina, has a good sense of humor, she likes to seek out the sense of humor in others being. A sociable person she started, young adults group in her church and that, group is growing, in time. As. Growing, in time Christina likes to work out at her local gym naturally, her love a fitness, letter to become an Olympic athlete in the Special, Olympics, Christina. Loves her life and the people in her life love her but, not all people in Canada, love or even value, women like Christina, why. Because, Christina has Down syndrome once. Diagnosed, with Down syndrome in, the womb 90%. Of Down syndrome children in, Canada are aborted, instead. Of being fired and accepted, sadly they are viewed as a burden, to be avoided. Canadians. With Down syndrome Canadians. Like Christina, make Canada wonderful, place we, should all be proud of their contributions. To. Knowledge mr.. Speaker, throughout. Buller salons and throughout, the year there are many activities for families, young, people and seniors. In our region, these, activities. Are wonderful. And, one. Of the most exciting, is, the. Descent River, tour as, part of this activity a guide, will take you on. A journey through, our history help, you discover the Sonos. Canal, de, queijo the, Prince Robert Rapids. Ship and the natural beauty of our region this river adventure will, give you a rare opportunity to see feel, and experience, volcanoes. As never. Before, Mr. Speaker I encourage everyone. In. Both ways for knowledge to join me the. Mayor of the they said municipality. Mr. Hyman Lelouch and the municipal council to. Participate. In the. They. Said hi River tour. Or London West. Mr.. Speaker today I rise to acknowledge, Beverly, Thompson. A London, West resident, and recipient, of the Governor General's, sovereign, medal for volunteers. As, an official Canadian honor the medal for volunteers, recognizes, the exceptional. Volunteer, achievements, of Canadians, from, across the country, Beverly, Thompson, has spent many years helping, those suffering, from alcohol, and drug addiction, she, was a founding member of the westover treatment, center in Thames Ville an executive. Director of st. Stephen's, a recovery, home for, men in London after decades, of devotion, to get local and affordable, treatment programs, in place for, people battling alcohol, and drug dependency, Bev, Thompson, is still chanting, addiction. Awareness today Thank. You Beverly for the lives that you have touched and for all that you have done for southwestern. Ontario, your selflessness, and dedication. To service, is truly. An inspiration. Thank, You mr. speaker. Also. Cheryl mr.. Speaker, April. 18th. Is a date that will remain forever etched in our minds, and more, specifically, in the minds of people from Zsa Gabor the, unthinkable occurred, a. Little. Girl Rosalie. Gallo 2 years of age was found dead assassinated, and left in a garbage bin this. Little, girl suffered, tremendously, as. A society, it's our duty to protect the most vulnerable members our, seniors, and our children. Through. This tragic situation Rosalie, brought the community together Canada, and Quebec combined. Everyone. Came together, to. Offer her a final, send-off, over. The past few weeks a March took place balloons. Were released in, Charlotte, boo in memory of little, Rosalie the, funeral will be held tomorrow at the st., Rodrigue Church and I will attend to honor this little angel, I'm a father our, children, are vulnerable it's. Our duty to care for them they represent, our future goodbye. Rosalie. The. Honourable, member for Thunder Bay Rainy River. Mr.. Speaker today a group of students from Dennis Cromartie R Franklin Cromartie, High School and Thunder Bay are visiting Parliament Hill DFC. Is a unique school that was established by the parents, and elders in. The nisshin ah be a ski nation territory, of northwestern Ontario and serves, youth from many different nations. First, Nations throughout. North Western Ontario at Denis, Franklin, Co Marty students. Have the unique opportunity of, attending a First Nation High School within, the city of Thunder Bay the.

Mission. Of DFC, is to ensure students, develop a strong sense of identity in, the distinct language, culture. And traditions, of their, communities, while, also achieving academic. Excellence. I want, to welcome the students here today and to. Them I say meegwetch for the work they do. The. Honourable, member for, Beauford al Langley, City mr.. Speaker for anyone who has ever dreamt of starting their own business, they'll want to hear this the, downtown Langley Business Association is, inviting, and aspiring, entrepreneurs. Across, BC to enter and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. To win a prize valued at over. $100,000. To help them launch the retail business of their dreams in beautiful downtown Langley, the. Ground prize winner will receive an incredible, prize package, that includes six months free rent a new, retail space full. Branding and marketing support legal, and accounting support, and much, much more, applications. Are open for one more week and closed on May 11th, interested, applicants can visit downtown Langley comm, for, more information, and, while I have you mr. speaker the, Cloverdale rodeo is coming up from May 18th, to 21st, we'll, have cowboys and cowgirls competing. In a variety of events the, area's largest Midway, axe-throwing, competitions. Rib fest freestyle, south skateboarding. And so much more you, won't want to miss it thank you mr. speaker. The, Honourable, member for calgary knows he'll Albertans. Are humble hard-working people, they, carry pride that comes in cell from, self-reliance. Of caring, for their community, and for standing for what they believe in this Liberal government hasn't been kind to my province frankly, neither has their current provincial government, but here's the thing Albertans, don't take a punch and stay on the ground they get up and they punch back this. Is why over 2,600. Operates an unprecedented, number are, gathering, this weekend in Red Deer to plan to take their future back Canadians. From around the country congratulate. Members of the United Conservative, Party on the eve of their founding, Annual General Meeting their. Grassroots movement. Has caught fire across the province, and mobilized. Tens of thousands, of people to fight for their right to a prosperous, future to, my former colleague Jason Kenney thank, you for what you've done to unite the people of Alberta in this movement the, people of Alberta are strong, and they are free what's, happening, in Red Deer this weekend will ensure they stay that way, get her done Alberta.

April. 9th UBC, and its partners, celebrated. The opening of the, new Indian, Residential, school history and dialogue, center in my, writing at Vancouver Quadra, UBC. President, Santa Ono took this opportunity to, apologize for, the university's, part in that harmful system, Musqueam. First Nation assisted, this project, of truth sharing and local elders were present, to talk about the long-term impacts, of residential, schools, the. Center provides a place for public education and, dialogue, on the stark chapter of our history to ensure that the experiences. Policies, and abuse will, never be forgotten, our, government's comprehensive. Approach to indigenous. Reconciliation. Is only a small part of our national, journey I commend. President Ono. And thank, the Indian, Residential, school history and dialogue, centre director, Linc Kessler for, his years of championing, this project, and making it a reality and, finally, thank you to the muscular force nation for inspiring us with your experience, and wise counsel. The. Honorable member first don't care mr.. Speaker today, I want to tell you about a unique service offered, in Quebec to the people of junkier, an, inspiring. Success. Story don't. Care medic since. 1982, this organization, has offered. Services. For in-home, free. In-home medical consultations. And to accomplish that currently six doctors, are, available. To meet the needs of the community, don't care medic has proven itself by making it possible to prevent the, unnecessary transportation. Of patients, by providing them with the medical treatment they need in their homes and where, does the funding for this organization, come. From a service. That benefits thousands, of people who don't have access to an attending physician well, it comes from the community mr. speaker annual. Fundraising, events, are held. And bring in donations from corporations, and individuals, whose generosity increases. Each year I want, to salute, the extraordinary, work by the entire, team at, regional, care medic. The. Canadian, Association, for supportive, employment for, the last 20 years has been helping, people with disabilities get. And keep great, jobs, but a net Boro is the president, of the Association, is warning of an obstacle and I quote we, strive for employment, equality and, when people are faced with any disincentive. To be able to contribute to society in a meaningful way through, employment those, disincentives. Need to be addressed, and eliminated, end quote she's, referring to the clawbacks and taxes that often mean people with disabilities, are worse off when they work at ours, or get a raise my, bill the opportunity, for workers with Disabilities, Act would require government's. Ensure. That people can always get ahead through their own hard work and I'm happy to, announce that miss burrows and her Association have endorsed, that bill, and and, said and I quote the, Opportunity, Act would, eliminate the, disincentive. To work due to excess clawbacks, on disabled, workers I support. Its principles, I encourage. All members of the House to do the same let's pass this bill and bring justice, for hardworking Canadians. Mr.. Speaker, this past week to spring lobster fishery in Prince Edward Island open and this also marked, the time of year when farmers began cultivating their, land I would, like to take this opportunity to, wish all farmers and fishers a safe and productive season, and remind, Canadians, that the hard work of these people is why Canada, is a strong reputation for. The safest most abundant, food in the world I would, also like to take a moment to recognize one, farmer, from my writing, Leo Hanrahan, who harvested, his first blueberries, on the family farm near, technische in 1966. And despite, acknowledging, that his first crop wasn't, much he, persevered, helping, re-establish. The crop from West Prince he, was recently given the Pioneer, Award by the wild blueberry Growers, Association, which. Recognizes. Individuals, who have helped build and grow their industry, a well deserved honor, congratulations. Leo Hendrie. Qestions. All right oral, questions, the Honorable, opposition house leader. We've. Been asking these liberals, about how much their carbon tax will cost Canadians.

And For over a year, they've, been covering up the cost and refusing, to answer but yesterday, the Minister of Finance said, he's, going to tell us in the fall and he blames the provinces, for this cover-up the fact is mr. speaker the Finance Minister knows exactly. What the carbon tax will cost she's given us the report but, he's blocked out the numbers these, liberals, need to tell Canadians, how, much role their carbon tax cost, everyday Canadian, families. I. Was. Very pleased this week that we released, a report and what did it show carbon, pricing, works why because, it reduces, emissions at, the look at the lowest cost while. Also, growing. The economy, provinces. 80%, of Canadians, live in a province where there's a price on pollution there is no federal, price on pollution you, can go look at British Columbia British Columbia has been able to reduce its emissions while. Growing its economy but what Canadians really want to know is what would the Conservatives. Do to tackle climate change. Of. Oxygen house later well mr. speaker high gas prices are, not only a burden for Canadian, families, but they are job-killing, expense, for farmers, fishermen. And business owners my colleague, Rob Moore from, New Brunswick has, been hearing from fishermen, from right across Atlantic, Canada they're, really angry, about what this government has already done to the lobster and snow crab industries, and now, they're very worried, about the federal carbon tax and that they won't be able to afford fuel, for their fishing vessels, just, how much is this liberal carbon tax going to cost the good people of New Brunswick I. Was. Talking. To the premier of New Brunswick provinces. Across the country understand, that we need to fight a price on pollution that we need to have a serious quiet plan to tackle climate change, provinces. Are well within their rights to establish, their own plan as 80% 80%. Of Canadians already lived where there's a price Ontario, Quebec Alberta BC. And the provinces, can determine what to do with the revenues, they, can return the revenues, to, individuals, to businesses, they can decide they're going to invest in energy efficiency, we think that that's the best way because that's the way we. Can actually tackle climate change work together and grow our economy role, opposition House later these elitist, liberals are completely, out of touch with everyday. Canadians. In rural areas, and in provinces, like New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, driving. A vehicle is a necessity, not, using. Fuel is not an option, some cases the closest grocery store, hospital, or bank could be 50 kilometers or more awake now jet-setting, millionaires, like the Prime Minister can afford a dollar eighty one the leader gas prices, but most Canadians, can't afford that so again when. Will the Liberals tell us how much their carbon tax is going to cost every day. I would, note that in the past election I really, single, riding. In Atlantic, Canada was, was won by could buy Liberals I guess that was the message that was missed by the Conservatives, they did nothing. The, Conservatives, don't realize, that climate change is real it's, not an elitist view that it's in Tibet it's having an impact on farmers, it's, having a big impact on, fishers it's having an impact on everyone, that, we need to take smart, practical, measures to tackle climate change that, is exactly, what we're doing. The. Honourable, member for Lilley levine our mr.. Speaker according. To the parliamentary budget officer's, report the. Carbon tax will have a negative impact on the economy an. Economy a, ten, billion dollar impact by 2022. That is a lot a lot of money for Canadian families, how. Much money is that for, families that. Will be affected, by the carbon tax, which. Is sexist, over the course of the year. Mr.. Of the environment. Mr.. Speaker I'm very surprised. To. Hear. Them say that they are afraid. Of sexism, because they closed 12 of 16 status. Of women offices. We. Know that, we have to act on climate change, we, have a plan what. Canadians are asking, is what's, the conservative, plan the. Honourable member for the UWF. Mr.. Speaker the. Sexist, carbon tax is only. Going, to be used to pay for liberals. Deficits, cob, liberals.

Deficits, Caused by their bad management, the, most vulnerable people will be the ones affected on this, side of the house we respect, the money, of Canadians. Why. Does the Liberal government believe that Canadians. Money belongs, to them by imposing new taxes, to pay their own, out-of-control. Expenditures. The. Honourable Minister of the Environment. No. Matter how loud he yells it's not going to change anything, I. Will. Explain, how this is going to work. 90%. Of Canadians. Who. Pay a cost on coal. And the money goes back to the provinces. There. Are four. Provinces. That, put a price on carbon and, they have the high growth in the country. We. Have to tackle climate change I ask, again, what. Is your plan for a tackling, climate change. They. Almost always enjoy hearing the voice nope number four service in East Mountain light husband not to yellow then something else has the floor under wait until he has the floor, y'all number four Victoria, thank. These. Doors NDP, leader jug meat saying well he suggested, the federal government, BC, Alberta and, indigenous, leaders prefer. The jurisdictional. Issues concerning, Kinder, Morgan to the Supreme, Court of Canada well the, Liberal government scoffed, they said it was a ridiculous, proposal their, jurisdiction. Was clear, and beyond, dispute, now, they've decided to join in the reference case to the BC Court of Appeal Huff's if it was such a ridiculous. Idea then, was it such a good idea now. Thank. You mr. speaker we are intervening. In the reference question filed by BC we, are confident, in our jurisdiction, and will intervene, to defend the, national interest, the TMX, project, is a vital strategic interest, to Canada and it will be built our government, has initiated formal. Financial discussions, with Kinder Morgan the results, of which will be to remove uncertainty overhanging. The project, we are also actively pursuing, legislative, options that will search and reinforce. The federal jurisdiction, in this matter which. We know we clearly have hundreds. Of thousands of hardworking Canadians. Depend, on this project being built thank, you dated. Okay the Honourable member for John Kerry, mr.. Speaker almost, a month ago the. Ante fever post working, with British Columbia Alberta and, editions communities, on a reference. To. The Supreme Court about Kinder Morgan the Liberals thought it was ridiculous but yesterday, we found out that they're going to intervene, in legal proceedings launched. By the government of British Columbia. Not. Only are they slowing the process down. But. They continue to ignore that there's a faster solution what's.

The Government waiting for to send this file to the Supreme Court. My, dad the Honorable parliamentary secretary. We. Are intervening, in the reference question file by BC we, are doing so because we are confident, in our jurisdiction and we, will intervene to defend what, is in the national interest, the. TMX project, is a vital, strategic interest. To Canada and it will be built we, are also actively pursuing. Legislative, options that will serve and reinforce. The federal jurisdiction, in this matter which, we know we clearly have our. Government has also initiated formal, financial discussions, with Kinder Morgan the result of MIT which will be to remove uncertainty overhanging. This project, Thank You mr. speaker. Mr.. Speaker another file another, disagreement, with the provinces, health. Transfers, Kinder Morgan price. Of carbon tax, in cannabis, taxing, products online reopening. The Constitution, and I could go on this. Time were likely to end up in court regarding. The authorization. To grow cannabis at home were, far from the, leadership, and cooperative federalism we had been promised, will, the government stop ignoring the concerns of provinces, and finally, work with them. The. Honourable Minister of Health. The. Current approach to cannabis isn't working it allows criminals, to profit from it and hasn't. Kept cannabis, out of the hands of our children we. Respect the work that the Senate does and we are looking forward to be to. Reviewing, the report. That is currently being worked on the government, is confident, that, c-45. Will. Be passed in, June, our government. Has taken steps to respond. To. Communities. Including, indigenous communities. So. Much for cooperative, federalism and sunny ways mr. speaker cooperative, federalism, well that means actually working, with the provinces not simply telling them this is the way things are now provinces. Are raising concerns about home, cultivation. Of marijuana but. The Prime Minister simply says no way we're, going to have regardless, of your concerns, when did the Liberals decide, to abandon cooperative. Federalism back. Does. Not work it has allowed criminals, and organized crimes to profit, while failing to keep cannabis, out of the hands of youth we respect, the work that the Senate has been doing and we look forward to reviewing the recommendations. Brought forward by the Social Committee our government. Is confident, that bill c-45, can, be adopted later this June our government, has taken important steps to address specific, interest expressed by indigenous communities, and other groups we, will continue to collaborate with provinces, and territories to. Ensure that a reasonable transition, toward the legal market is brought forward Thank, You mr. speaker, remember, for Battleford Lloydminster, mr.. Speaker the, prime minister is ignoring the basic economic reality, that his carbon tax unfairly punishes, farmers, and rural communities he. Refuses to accept Saskatchewan. Zone climate, change strategy and continues. To threaten my province yet. At the same time he refuses, to come clean about the actual cost of his carbon tax on Canadians, if. The Prime Minister can't, answer this basic, question about his carbon tax will, the Public Safety Minister from Saskatchewan answer, this question. Like. Can we campaign, on, improving. The economy, and protecting, the environment we. Have a protecting. The environment and, we have the best growth in the g7 we.

Have Also not, taken. Science money, out of agriculture. Like the previous Harper government we. Have added 100 million dollars to, the science, budget in agriculture, we will and will continue we have and will continue to support the agricultural, sector in this country mr. speaker, well member for saskatoon Grassley, Thank, You mr. speaker the liberal carbon tax will have a negative impact, on Saskatchewan. Export, along, with their energy industries. Competitiveness. This, will be one of the largest, national. Tax, increases. In Canadian, history and, that's why my province, is taking it to the Supreme Court this, tax affects, everyone, every man woman and child in, my province. Analysis. Has been done, the Liberals know the answer yet they continue to cover it up so why won't the Public Safety Minister, from my province, of Saskatchewan. Come clean and, give us the numbers. Thank. You. Mr.. Mr Speaker I I think, the honorable gentleman missed my speech last year where. I described. Some of these issues in considerable, detail before. The Canadian Club in a meeting in in Regina the, fact of the matter is mr. speaker the province, of Saskatchewan has, the full option, to, design, a carbon, pricing system of its, own including, the. Exemption, of farm fuel including. The, exemption, of small oil and gas companies, if they would choose to do so if they, do not choose to do so mr. speaker the. The, the, fallback position. Will come into effect but the first right. Honourable. Member, for. Mounting. The. Debate on the carbon tax the Minister of the Environment stated. Carbon. Capture and storage is a solution that will benefit, everyone this. Technology, has existed, for years at the boundary damn power station, whose carbon capture technology, has removed over, 2 million tons of co2 from, the atmosphere, the. Minister sings the virtues, of this innovative, three, emissions. Cutting technology, yet, is forcing, job-killing. Carbon, tax on the people of Saskatchewan, why. Isn't the only Minister from Saskatchewan. The Public Safety Minister not, champion Saskatchewan, clean energy initiatives. Jeepers. Mr. speaker he missed the speech too it, specifically, dealt, with, carbon, capture and sequestration and. I'm pleased to tell him mr. speaker I'm pleased, to tell him that, I was the minister, in the Government, of Canada 20. Years ago that, put the initial, funding, into carbon, capture and sequestration. For. Yorkton Melville Bishop. Larry's Environment, Minister know that mr. speaker the carbon tax is already, killing jobs and hurting families in Alberta and British Columbia, Saskatchewan. Is making this liberal Prime Minister and his greedy government, to, court to stop its punitive tax in court, the, liberal carbon tax cover-up, will be exposed, why, wait until Saskatchewan. Wins will, the Minister of the Environment come, clean today and reveal the cost of the federal carbon. Tax on Saskatchewan. Families no she won't. Who. Was elected to represent the, beautiful, cutting-edge. Environmentally. Efficient. Province. Of Saskatchewan. I was actually with, Saskatchewan. Technology, with carbon capture and storage and where China so, that I could help promote, this technology. But. It's gonna be. Shooting. And listen that, carbon, capture storage is only economic. If you put a price on pollution because, people, will choose that technology. To. Explain to you about what a price on pollution works. Many. Of them including, the former adviser to, Stephen Harper.

Maybe. You should listen to people that understand, economics. Oh, order, order, on the, one hand I'd. Ask members to listen, and to. Not be interrupting, when someone else has the floor on the other I'd, asked a couple Minister, remember, to address her comments, to the chair. The. Honourable member for North Okanagan, Shuswap mr.. Speaker the Prime Minister lectured Canadians, the other day that the deed they need to make better choices and, change their behavior. Well, that behavior, change shouldn't, mean missing. A health appointment, because you can't afford the gas to, get there but, that's the choice that some British Columbians, are being forced to make with, the Prime Minister's punative carbon, taxes, does, the Prime Minister believe that, Canadians, should be forced to make the choice between driving, to a health appointment, or paying for groceries. Living. For Canadians of course we care about, growing, the economy of course, we care about tackling, climate change that, is why we've got a serious, credible, plan with, low-cost measures to, make sure that we tackle climate change once, again all I want, to know and all Canadians, want to know. Climate. Change and you, actually believe it's, real, the. Honourable. Member for central Okanagan, sand welcoming Nicola this, government says they care mr. speaker but you know actions, speak louder than words in British, Columbia, this week the Prime Minister lectured, Canadians, that they need to make better choices now. What he considers, better choices mr. speaker is devastating. To my province, what's worse is they won't tell us Canadians. Or their representatives, in this place how much it will cost we're, already starting to see the cost with gas at a dollar 60 a leader mr. speaker and of course the Prime Minister, and his cabinet won't. Feel the effects of every day families are feeling because they get paid everything. Is paid for when will they come clean mr. speaker and tell Canadians, what their carbon tax will cost them. We. Release a study this week and what is it show it shows that putting, a price on pollution works, why, does it work because it, creates incentives.

For People to choose low cost options. It's a creates incentives, to choose innovation. Creates, incentives, to reduce emissions, and tackle climate change but once again we're, just going to continue asking, what is the conservative, plan to tackle climate change and do they believe it's real. The. Honourable member abrooke, two. Years ago we found out that the cieariy. Wrote. Up an amnesty letter to rich clients for KPMG the, Minister for Revenue, indicated, that justice. Would be done that, no one is above the law since. Then nothing. No. Criminal, charges against KPMG, or its clients, but, when it's time to attack single moms who depend on the Canada Child Benefit, she's. Quick to ask or. Quick, to act rather. Why. Is she so slow when it comes time to prosecute. Real fraudsters, like, KPMG, and its clients. Your secret's backing down on tax evasion especially, offshore as a party for our government budget, 2018, and that's almost hundred million, dollars into the CRA in addition, to nearly 1 billion dollars, in the last two budgets but budgets, to allow us to go even further in this in this fight the budget also includes legislative. Changes that will close tax loopholes used, by multinationals. We have fully adopted, the international, standard, for the automatic exchange of information with, our oacd partners and starting, this year Mr Speaker we will have access to even more data from, other jurisdiction, which was which was which, will enable us to fight tax evasion even more effectively, thank, you but if you take the longer the Honourable member for now yeah I said about the, Quebec Union and Miss pallidus is seeing the damage caused by federal, inaction, when it comes to taxing web giant's again this week the. Minister of Finance got mixed up we asked about GST. And he answered by talking about corporate taxes this, is concerning. People. And businesses here are struggling, and the government continues, to give preferential, treatment to multinationals. Everyone, should pay their fair share that's. Just good common sense look. Is this like the pot issue the, Liberals, have little buddies to protect. The. Honourable parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Finance Thank, You mr. speaker to, answer the question no we have no friends to protect our approach is careful, and responsible. We. Want an approach. To, taxing reliance, that will. Preserve. The, economy, will encourage innovation, and, making, sure that everything is fair at the same time that's. Why the Minister of Finance is working with his OECD, partners to, make sure that candidate, takes an approach that is concerted, at an international. Level, in. A May 2016. At a g7, ministers meeting, the environment mr. according, to an article in The Globe and Mail quote, advocated. For greater recognition of, the gender dimension, to climate, however. A subsequent, gender-based, analysis. On the Prime Minister's carbon tax suggested, that it could have a lopsided negative. Impact for different gen, why, is the Prime Minister not taking his own ministers advice and refusing, to recognize, the gender dimension, to the carbon tax. Mr.. Speaker I'm very pleased, that the member opposite, has raised the importance, of gender, based analysis, we are committed to doing that, and in the second, annex to the release that we put.

Out This to the report we've put out this week it talks about the gender-based analysis, we, think provinces, who, are the ones who are putting the price on pollution they, should take into account the impacts, of putting a price on pollution to. Everyone, to women to. Marginalized. Groups and they can do that through rebates, and, through other means but it's very good that we're having this discussion in the House of Commons and actually, talking at looking at the impact, of policies. Including, on women. Remember. For Calgary nose Hill. To. Implement, the intersectional. Gender-based, sexist. Carbon tax. Look. I support asking questions, on whether or not new policies, like, new taxes, create barriers, to equal opportunity. So, in, that spirit, why is this prime minister set, on implementing, or forcing, the provinces, to implement, a new tax that his own intersectional. Gender lens gender based analysis, said, could make life, harder for women. A gender-based, analysis, is basically every, policy can have a disproportionate. Impact on different groups so we actually, did this I would encourage the member opposite, to, review schedule, two to. The report, yes, provinces. Are the ones who are putting a price on pollution in fact 80% of Canadians live, in a province where, they put a price on pollution, provinces. Have the opportunity, to take the revenues, and to give them back to people they can give money, back to women they can give money back to Justin to disadvantaged, groups they can give money back to farmers, it is absolute, provinces, we are giving them the tools and the information they. Need. If. You take this child the Honourable, member for shovel it's a shadow. Mr.. Speaker yesterday I asked the minister a question but I don't think he understood, I'll. Restart, in. 2010, the, Harper government appointed, a special adviser to the Privy Council office for. Matters dealing with human trafficking and illegal migration. But, this advisor retired, in 2016. Since, then the position has remained unfilled, my, questions not about the g7, and the topics to be raised there I'm asking. When can we expect to, be this position, filled again. Used. To speaker we have taken a broader approach, we. Have in fact embedded. These issues. With respect to human trafficking in a broad range of, federal government policies, at. The g7 but, beyond the g7, indeed. In the last budget one very useful, initiative. That had been asked for for a very long time by, a variety, of women's organizations the establishment. Of a national hotline for. Dealing with human trafficking we, are proceeding. Step by step by step on an effective plan to, deal with human trafficking and, it's proving to be effective. Charlie, the Honourable member for Shalaby Sean, we'll. Come back to it next week because I want to know if someone is going to take the place of that former official now. Mr, Speaker we found out that officials, from the Canadian government went. To Nigeria to discuss the visa process with the Americans, it's. Clear, that Nigerians. Continue to receive these visas and enter Canada illegally, knowing. That they obtain visas, only. To enter Canada illegally. It's, clear that the Prime Minister is finally, realizing, that there's a problem at the border is. The Prime Minister ready to set up a system, to. Have them immediately, deported the. Honourable parliamentary secretary, to, the. Minister of Immigration Thank. You mr. speaker as you know, our government is committed to protecting the. Security. And safety of Canadians, and at the border, we've. Invested, a. Great. Deal in the last budget to process, claims. Contrary. To the previous government that cut into, border services, I can. Tell you that, we are certainly discussing, with things, with our American counterparts. And. When it when. It comes to Nigerian, community crossing, at the border we, will continue, to work with our American counterparts. And. There. Have, been real steps taken on that situation in. A little over forever to be Jimi's command mr., speaker at the end of terrestrial, television is having an impact on my region not, only is there no longer a regional, news show on I'm glad you'll Canada but, everyone who used to watch that channel via terrestrial, television has lost access, to it unless, they're willing to pay for cable or satellite TV this. Is happening in rural areas, all across, Canada, mr.. Speaker can, the minister of heritage, tell, us her position, on the phasing, out of terrestrial, television in rural. Canada. General. Minister Thank You mr. speaker of, course we believe in the importance, of, our. Public broadcaster, and that's why we've invested, over 600 million dollars in, radio Canada and CBC to ensure that we, have good local journalism, and also, that, we can gradually. Shift. To other platforms as well I, understand. The. Issues, here. But, this. Is managed by the CRTC, which is independent of the governments, furthermore.

When It comes to telecommunications, infrastructure. We invested, five, hundred million dollars to ensure that we would have broadband. To internet all across the regions of Quebec in Canada mm, strohman, mr.. Speaker obvious. French grammar mistakes, continue to be found on government websites and this problem seems to be getting worse this, time it's the Parks Canada and Revenue Canada websites. Which are full of poor translations, an example. Well imagine you want to go to the park this year the. Opening hours are listed as July, 1st to 7th, the 4th it's, appalling the French language is not, the. Language of Google Translate, it's an official, language that needs to be respected, the. Minister of Public Services, in procurement had promised to fix the problem so what is she waiting for the. Animal parliamentary secretary. Mr.. Speaker. Of. Course we are committed, to. Restore. The. Important role of the translation, Bureau we've made significant, investments in, the translation, Bureau and we. Have appointed. A high. We've. Appointed a quality control CEO. And we have worked, with academic. Students and others to ensure that there are sufficient translators. To take over of course French, or English language mistakes on government websites are unacceptable. We are committed to fixing them and that's what we're doing Nobuko lakeshore, mr., speaker Portugal, was one of the very first countries, to ratify cita agreement, last November, Sita, was an important, step in our bilateral relations. Providing, great opportunities, for businesses, and workers in both countries this, morning as part of the state visit, our Prime Minister and the Portuguese, Prime Minister are attending the Economic, Club of Canada summit entitled. Canada Portugal, economic. Relations, maximizing. The benefits of Sita. Can the parliamentary, secretary to the Minister of international, trade tell, us a little bit more about the benefits of Sita for our two great countries, obrigada, mr. speaker, the. Parliamentary. Secretary I. Would. Like to thank the member from Etobicoke lakeshore for his great question, Canada and Portugal, our long-standing friends. And allies and important, commercial, partners and Sita marks, an important, new chapter, in our relationship with. The increased market access from Sita our exports, to Portugal, have already increased by over 40 percent we are very grateful for the support and leadership, Portugal. Has shown with, Sita Canadian, companies especially in sectors like oil seeds aircraft, and cereals, are benefiting, mr., speaker this historic, progressive trade agreement is creating opportunity, for the middle class today. Honourable. Member for very Innisfil, well. When it comes to the issue of electoral, reform Canadians. Shouldn't have an ounce of trust in liberals doing, the right thing anyone, remember in the 2015. Was going to be the last election, under first-past-the-post, well, that, lasted about a year or so until Canadians, realized the Liberals were trying to rig the election system in their, favor mr., speaker why is it every time that the Liberal Party wants, to change things to for the better, it ends up being better for them. We're. Committed to strengthening canada's, democratic, institutions, and increasing, canada's, trust and participation, in our democratic processes. C76. Is a great example of that this, bill will increase the transparency of our electoral process it, will make elections more accessible, to all Canadians, it will make the electoral, process more, secure and ensure, political, priorities protect, Canadians, privacy, we, believe that a whole-of-government approach, is required, to protect Canada's democratic, institutions, and we look forward to working with all members in that house to, build a more open and transparent system for Canada were. For Barry in his fault well last election. Early a million incorrect voter information cards. Were mailed out the Liberals now want those to be used as proof of address outside. Foreign, influencers, funneled, millions of dollars into Canada, last election, and as, an assault on our democracy, they've left the door open for the same thing to happen in 2019. Liberal. Operatives, can organize, the verbally, vouch for individuals. With no ID and allow their, vote to count mr. speaker why, is the Prime Minister ripping, democracy, out of the hands of Canadians, and giving, it to foreigners, and liberal, operatives. The. Main challenge for our electoral democracy, isn't voter fraud but, voter participation, eliminating. The voter ID card does not improve the integrity of the system it, only takes away the ability of many qualified voters to vote in bill C 76, were not only restoring, the use of voter identification cards. And vouching. But we're also giving back the mandate for Elections Canada to, promote participation the.

Conservative, Party's so-called Fair Elections Act was simply cover for, a government, determined, to ring political, game, from every measure mr., speaker will take no lessons from the priority opposite we believe Canadians have a right to vote and that's what we'll continue to fight for honourable. Member for Kitchener, Conestoga, mr. speaker we know that the liberal carbon tax will raise fuel costs by over 10 cents per litre for, a farmer and mr. Conor Stoller that means that additional, $6,000. A year just for this carbon tax add to that the, cost of getting his feed to his farm, and getting, the his milk to market these costs will be devastating. Mr., speaker why is the Liberal government padding, their but their books on the back of the farmers in my writing of Kitchener Conestoga. Very. Clear answer Canadians, that, we, have committed, that all revenues, will be returned to the province and in the province, of Ontario, there, is a price on pollution as, there is in Alberta breezy Ontario, Quebec, 80%. Of Canadians, live in a jurisdiction, where there's a price on pollution and guess, what they're the fastest-growing, economies in the country while, reducing our emissions we. Should all why should we all want that we tackle climate change for our kids that we should also grow our economy and create jobs and I wish the party officer would understand, you can do both, honourable. Member for Medicine Hat Cardston, warning mr.. Speaker communities, in New Brunswick are, currently experiencing, record flooding. With water levels, expected, to continue to rise in southern, regions of the province over the coming days, families. Along the st. John River have been forced to leave their homes and dozens of roads have been closed leaving. Others cut off and in need of assistance now. My question mister, speakers to the Minister, of Public Safety, and I don't want him to blow another gasket with this question will. You please update this house sir on what the govern measures will be to, assist those affected with the do Brunswick flooding. While. I appreciate, the member for medicine, hat Cardston Warner it, was polite and saying sir I suppose but he shouldn't be saying you of course unless he's referring to the speaker we address the chair. The, Honourable parliamentary, secretary, to the Minister, of Fisheries mr.. Speaker our thoughts are with the people affected by flooding and were the first responders who are working hard to keep them safe initial. Estimates of damages, are in the 24 million dollar range however this, could increase should the water hit forecasted, levels in the upcoming days I'm, happy to report to the house that since being asked the Canadian Coast Guard is actually working throughout the night to. Help people in this horrible situation our. Government, always stands ready to help the province or territory requesting. Federal assistance and responds to national disasters including, flooding, the Prime Minister is also offered, to provide military assistance to the province if they request it or. Remember from Saskatoon West mr., speaker it's been one year since STC. Was shut down on the people of Saskatchewan. Are still, without access. To safe affordable, public, transportation. After, saying they would work with me to address this issue in a meaningful way the, sounds from this government is deafening. I hope, the Minister was, sincere, when he said he would work with me, when will the Minister break the silence and get, to work and find, solutions for the public transit crisis, in Saskatchewan. Transport. I'd like to thank the Honourable member further questions, we, understand. That, having an. Efficient, and functional. Transportation. System, is absolutely critical. We, need to work together we have to work together with the provinces, and with the municipalities. In order to make that happen and those, kind of discussions, are underway Thank, You mr. speaker horrible member for des nothing missing he. Doesn't. Understand, that there is no public transportation, nor the Saskatchewan this, means that many women seniors, and. Residents. Including First Nations and maytee cannot, safely get, to medical appointments or other critical services, some can't even get to a grocery store, this, is unacceptable.

When Will the Minister start, working with First Nations matey. And rural, communities to, provide them with safe transit. Mr.. Speaker the the. Honorable member knows of course that the decision, to cancel. The Saskatchewan transportation. Company and, to eliminate that service across Saskatchewan, was a decision, taken by the provincial. Government, the. Federal government has. Infrastructure. Programming, available to, to, support, transit. Services, and facilities the. Government of Canada does, not actually operate. The bus system but. The Government of Canada can, invest. In the physical, assets that, are required. To support. The bus system there. Would need to be a proponent in Saskatchewan, willing, to bring forward that proposition, herbal. Member for signing a lamp today mr.. Speaker my palliative, care bill passed into law last, year as part of that law the Health Minister is required to meet with the provinces, to determine, the services, to be covered appropriate. Training for the different levels of service provision and to get input on a plan to get consistent, access to palliative care for all Canadians, since. The law passed the, term palliative care was removed from the 2018 budget, so why is the minister dragging her feet on this very important, issue. As. Long as possible and if they need services they want to receive them within their home in, addition to the Canada Health transfer, payments we've invested, more than six billion dollars, to provinces, and territories to. Ensure that better home care and palliative care services, are in place we, recently announced six million dollars, to pallium Canada to increased capacity to deliver palliative, care to communities, and also, I look forward to working with provinces, and territories as, we move forward in the implementation of build C 277, as we certainly want to make sure that the provisions of the bill were put in place thank you mister the, Honourable, member for Kamloops Thompson mr., speaker after lengthy court battles remain stick finally, won the right to, see her band's financial, information onion, creek onion. Creek the, vast majority bands, publish, this information freely. However. This government. Has enabled the rest to hide their books as Sir charmagne said quote now, that we have the numbers our leaders are going to have to start answering top, questions, that's, what it should be común these that are empowered. Why is this government continuing, to be complicit, in this cover-up. Indigenous. Services mr.. Speaker everyone including First Nation government support transparency and accountability. We, held 27, engagement, sessions from coast to coast to coast and heard, clearly, from First Nations that top-down solutions. Do not work we, are moving forward with the co-development, of a mutual accountability, framework, which.

Was A recommendation from the new fiscal relationship, report that was developed, with AFN, mutual. Transparency. And accountability will, only be improved by, working in true partnership, with First Nations. Mr.. Speaker on April 6 the ministers for finance international, trade and families, children and Social Development visited. The port of Quebec, it. Was very pleased about that because since 2015 port, authorities, there have been working on a huge economic project, for this region called, Bhopal, vang Vieng, for. Three years now the Liberal government has been dragging its feet when. It comes to approving, this project or. Disbursing. The. 60 million dollars that had been earmarked for. This project by the previous, Conservative government, so I would like the Minister to tell me did, you discuss, the, Bhopal 20:20 with the port authorities and what was the nature of those discussions thank you. Undermined. Remember. To direct his comments through the chair the Honorable parliamentary, secretary, to, the Minister of Transport remember, for the question I do not have the specific answer. Of that particular. Project but. I know that the Minister if you would give me a minute, the, minister has been in contact there, is a Port Authority, review. That is ongoing at the present time so, I know the minister is very involved in this discussion as we move forward Thank You mr. speaker the. Autumn remember knows that I will give members 35, seconds, and not give him a minute but I don't think she was actually meaning to talk to me then she said you if, she ought to be done is she using the word use so I'd ask for two Director comments in the chair the, member from New Brunswick Southwest, Thank. You mr. speaker, the flooding in New Brunswick is unprecedented, this. Week I've been very involved as always talking my constituents but, also the Minister of Fisheries mo, officials, mayors and volunteers, about this flooding with. The Minister please inform, this house how our government will help New Brunswickers, in my riding of New Brunswick Southwest. Impacted. By this unprecedented, flooding, Thank You honourable. Parliamentary, secretary, mr.. Speaker I'd like to start by thanking the Honourable member from New Brunswick South, West for important question our, thoughts are with the people in New Brunswick and we offer the whole support that we can during this challenging time that's. Why yesterday at the request of the government of New Brunswick the Canadian Coast Guard committed, to assisting the flood relief effort across the province in addition, to boats and personnel the Coast Guard will help residents safeguard, their homes against potential damage the, safety and security of New Brunswickers, is a priority, for our government in fact all members of this house and, we are committed to doing everything we can to support New Brunswickers, during this difficult time thank you. They. Picked a theme on me. Mr.. Speaker the prime minister said, during election campaign that his budget would balance itself. Once. They came to power the minister of national revenue thought that giving, 1 billion dollars to public servants would help recover 25 billion dollars but that didn't happen but. A Nova Scotia sculptor, named Steve Higgins has, been hit with a $14,000.

Bill, Because. The CRA considers. His work to, be just a hobby. After. Targeting single mothers and, people. With disabilities, why. Are the Liberals now trying to balance the budget on the backs of honest citizens like mr. Higgins. National. Revenue Thank, You mr. speaker mr. speaker Canadian, artists are among the most talented, in the world and we will work with our art partners, to support them in their work as my colleague opposite knows very well I cannot. Comment on specific, cases their, rules surrounding what is considered a hobby or a business are defined in the Income Tax Act the Income Tax Act the tester which has been defined, by the Supreme Court in 2002. We, are committed, to working with artists, and stakeholders, from the arts community to ensure that they have the tools and information needed to understand, their tax obligations Thank. You mr. speaker, I. Remember, for sure that I could, mr.. Speaker we. Live in a world where, women living, in poverty. Must face, shocking. Inequalities, from cradle to grave, access. To education jobs. Property. Responsibilities. Women. Are far from enjoying the same advantages, as men. In. The minister of international development, and the Francophonie, tell, this house how. Our feminist. International, assistance policy. Is making, a difference for women in developing countries the, Honourable Minister. Thank. You mr. speaker I think. Mike's colleague, first at the Getae cuz for, her support, of women's issues with. Our feminist. Assistance. Policy we. Are helping. To end poverty and support women and girls by. Supporting, local organisations, by funding. Education and by, reducing the, barriers that are preventing teenagers. From going to school we. Want to give them access to all. Sexual. And reproductive health. Care services and putting. Women. And girls to work that will make our world. Fairer and more inclusive, Niagara. West mr. speaker Canadian companies are waiting in this Liberal government to do something on TPP they, know that being one of the first of the agreement, will, give them a head start of selling their high quality products, to a market of 500 million consumers, the Prime Minister has given no timeline on the ratification mr.. Speaker who delivers tell us when we will see legislation the Canadian companies could start taking advantage of this great conservative. Negotiated. Agreement. To. The ministry. Yes you because. Of course, the ratification. Of. The TPP, is a priority, for our government, the. Minister was very pleased to, sign the agreement on March, 8th now, that it's been signed every. Member, country will. Commence. Their own ratification. And implementation processes. As. You. Know this must go through the normal legislative process before. Being ratified I'm. Looking forward to working with my dear colleague, on this, legislative, project remember for central Nova. Mr.. Speaker earlier this year the, prime minister as, minister. Of youth. Launched. A, study. On the youth. In Canada update, this shows on the progress of the youth policy, and how other young people can get involved of, a parliamentary, secretary, mr., speaker I'd like to thank my nurple colleague from central Nova for his very important question as you know mr. speaker the prime minister firmly believes that youth are not just leaders of tomorrow but they're the leaders of today, and that's why the a for youth by youth approach that we've taken to the creation of the first ever youth policy for Canada is proof of just that we've, had an opportunity to speak with thousands, of youth from all across the country about the issues that matter most to them mr. speaker but we always want to reach out to more people said. Today the onus or says and, that's why Mr Speaker I encourage all, members of this house to. Encourage. Young people in, their writings to visit. The. Website Youth, Action dossier, to give their feedback a picture. Yet. Mr.. Speaker yesterday the Competition, Bureau spoke, to the media and responded, to our request, for an investigation into gas price fixing they. Talked about applauded and asked, Canadians, to send them evidence mr.. Speaker when, the authorities, start asking, for the public's help it's, clear that we need a real investigation, yesterday. The parliamentary secretary said, that he would just monitor, the situation well. We are asking the minister to just do his job and order, an investigation. Venerable. Parliamentary, secretary. Thank. You mr. speaker and I thank my, honorable colleague, for his question.

The. Price of gas is a concern, for me and for all Canadians, we. Are determined, to ensure, that. The, price that consumers pay is the result of a fair competitive market, when. The Competition. Bureau notices. Such. Behavior, that goes against the Competition, Act they, do not hesitate to, take action to protect consumers. Mr.. Speaker the Competition. Bureau as, an. Independent, organization. Ensures. That. Consumers. Can, prosper, in a competitive market debt general, members idiots. Only. The minister has, the power to order an investigation and that's what we're calling on him to do oil. Executives, aren't worried that, the price of gas will ruin their holiday this summer quite the contrary. Esos. Profits, grew 55, percent year-over-year. Valero. 27, percent Suncor. 22 percent, meanwhile. And just in time for Saint John bet Betsy's day Quebecers. Will again be facing a bad surprise at the pumps so, I called the government to side with ordinary people for once instead of the oil companies is that too much to ask a honourable. Parliamentary secretary. Thank. You mr. speaker. The. Government does not have jurisdiction, directly. Over, gas, prices, only the, provinces, and territories have. That, authority, the. Competition, Bureau will. Take steps, if there is proof of anti-competitive, behavior. Following. An investigation. 15, companies and, several, individuals, were, accused, in the past of having, participated. In a, gas, price fixing, plot. In four regions of Quebec some, of them have pled guilty or, have been convicted and have been fined, the. Honourable member fram-o consignee, the. Prime Minister didn't, care at all about Quebec, cependant about legalizing cannabis. Nor. Did the Prime Minister care, about imposing a date for implementing, new. Home growing rules. Mr.. Speaker the same, for health transfers. Netflix. Privileges. Tax. Havens and so much more, in. The. End open, federalism, just, means that Quebec has. To bend to the will of the Prime Minister. Will. Is answer to Quebec. Always. Befuddled, uttal. The. Honorable Minister of Health, thank. You very much mr. speaker the. Health and safety of Canadians, is a priority, for our government. Cannabis. Sold today is not regulated, it's not tested and it's often very dangerous, bill, c-45, will, create a regulated. Market for. All Canadians. We. Are taking the time to do this properly, so. That. Profits. Do not go to crimes and are you three protected Thank You mr. speaker tabling of documents. Honourable. Parliamentary, secretary, to the Government House Leader Thank, You mr. speaker pursuant to standing order 36, bracket 8 I have the honour to table in both official languages the government's responses. To 19 petitions. Depot, deposited, raw and non - given a mod introduction. Of government bills. Statements. By ministers. Delegates. On reports, from inter parliamentary, delegations, or it's. From, committees. The Honourable. Member for. Hamilton. West and caster. Dundas, for Derek Thank, You mr. speaker pursuant, to standing order 104 and 114. I have the honor to present in both official languages the, 61st, report, of the Standing, Committee on procedure, in house Affairs regarding. The membership, of committees of the house if the. House gives his consent I, intend to move concurrence, in this 61st, report, later today. Not. Before a topical lakeshore. Speaker. The honor to present in, both official languages, the ninth report, of the Standing Committee on Natural Resources entitled. Value-added. Products, in Canada forest. Sector cultivating. Innovation, for a competitive, Bioeconomy. Pursuant. To standing order 109, the committee requests at the government table in comprehensive, response to, this report Thank You mr. speaker, introduction. Of private member's bills first. Reading of Senate public, bills. Motions. The other member for Hamilton West and castor, Dundas your, speaker if the house gives its consent I move that the sixty-first, report. Of the Standing Committee on procedure, and House Affairs presented. To the house earlier, today be, concurred, in the. Honourable member have unanimous consent of the house propose the motion agreed.

The House has heard the terms of the motion is, the pleasure of the house to adopt the motion. As. Any petitions president a see on the page this. Article. Lampton Thank. You mr. speaker I've had a petition here from my writing I'm, talking about the Canada summer jobs program, and calling on the Prime Minister to defend the freedoms of conscience, thought and belief by withdrawing the, attestation, requirement. For applicants. To the Canada summer jobs program, it's the duty of the Government of Canada to, defend the rights of all Canadians, regardless, of whether the current liberal government agrees with their specific views, Thank, You mr. speaker how about data John Kerr the Honoura

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send Trudeau to North Korea

The Liberal government supports, enables & allows Organized Crime to Thrive & Flourish especially in the Vaughan/Woodbridge riding !!

If people actually believe The Tax on Carbon will prevent floods, forest fires and drought they are delusional & have been completely brainwashed by this extreme left, ideological garbage of a government we have. This government enables, endorses and allows Organized Crime especially in the Vaughan/Woodbridge riding.

Trudy & his Globalists Liberal Pigs are all about helping anybody who is not a hard working over taxed Canadian . This country ( Liberal Government ) has lost so much respect in the eyes of its own people , giving convicted Terrorists , Returning Enemy ISIS Fighters , Illegal Border Crossers , the Clintons , third World Dictators , the U.N.  Millions & Millions of OUR Tax Dollars , while giving Hard Working Over Tax Canadians a punishing Carbon Tax .  VOTE THIS LIBERAL SCUM OUT IN 2019.

Jihadi Justin Trudope is a traitor to Canada.

We need to put a price on carbon....but it needs to be applied at the source....and not at the pump.  Applying it at the pump, equates to another huge tax on working is the case in BC.  It's simply another right wing neocon money grab, attacking the working class.  The other side of it is about how the money is spent......and putting it in general revenue...certainly amounts to a blatant tax grab, with no upside for Canadians who want to improve the state of our environment.  The money needs to be invested in green energy Canadians the opportunity to lower their carbon footprint.  Haven't seen any of that to date.

What you forget, Keith, is that the free market is in play, when it's applied upstream.  That is the difference between gas prices in BC....and those in much of the rest of the country.  Yes, there is some flow to consumers, but never the same as when it's applied at point of sale.  I've lived in BC, and I know what it's like to have huge taxes applies at the pump, including the translink tax.  it's absolutely horrendous for regular working people, with no real upside.  Public transportation needs to paid out of general revenue, and cap and trade is a much better..and fairer system....than taxing at the pump.

Joe Hoe ...Hello ...Any Government tax wherever it is applied will always get pasted on down to the consumer . Companies will not eat it just because its applied up stream . ...WOW.

Carbon tax: is this like taxing one of the most abundant elements on earth? Four//4 on the periodic? Really? Why not just count up all the carbon molecules you can and just base the $$ on it. Ta da! abundant currency!

Edit//: Carbon Six/6 on periodic.

Justin Trudeau and Catherine McKenna make me embarrassed

500,000 new jobs that's all I care about. Carbon Tax, good Canada needs more income. Peoplekind, nope don't care I'm no snowflake it takes more than someone using peoplekind to piss me off.


Ya I feel 500,000 new job so far, so many more to come.

then continue to pay up, you will feel it too

All evidence of mass political mental illness...... trees don't breathe c02 ???? Oil is dinasours ????? What is going on ?

Ok I missed the boat on this. Gender base price on polution? What? Its a tax. Ok.?

There are no words that can convey the feelings of absolute pure hatred I have for the Liberal party and I don't care much for the Progressive Conservatives either. Democracy has utterly failed Canada. We have become a loathsome divided corruption of a nation. Burn it to the ground with the CBC.

Its Time Alberta , Sask. , &  Manitoba got out of Confederation , it should of happened in the 70s when P. E. Trudeau was crapping all over Alberta .

Thank you for listing question period on this platform and many other programs in podcast form no less as well. The reach is broad thanks again.

Justin Trudeau prefers to spend our hard earned tax dollars anywhere but in Canada. Our seniors, veterans, homeless, drug addicted, poor and needy, and more all need that assistance before the rest of the world, or ex terrorists need our tax dollars.

Will Pearce Thank you.!!!!!

Canada you should be so proud

Why do speak on things that no one cares about? Just get this liberalism government out of power and arrested for dismantling this country.

A. Salmon Yes, you are correct, it is around. However, given the population, it is rare. This is why I feel the need to "shout out" when I see it. After life in 5 provinces I have never come across the name but with a few Internet searches, I have discovered it to be most commonly found in Ontario and Quebec, likely due to its French roots. I am no expert on "nameology" though, so please... do not take my word.

Mama Marianovits I'm English and I live in Québec. I wouldn't say it's a common name like Tremblay, but it's around. How unusual is it? I'm curious.

....natural born Vaillancourt here too

Ernest Vaillancourt the sooner the better.

Again cbc giving them selves thumbs up.... shame on you cbc....thats just wrong....

Have you noticed , the Liberal Network ( CBC ) can now afford 4 anchors on the late night news cast ( The National ) . It just shows what a $ 1,500,000,000.00 Tax Payer injection of cash will do for the Liberal Network . They don't know where to waste all those  Tax Payers Dollars . Why pay 1 anchor when you can pay 4 , it gets rid of the T. Ps. cash a whole lot faster that way . .

Soy Boy Trudeau has his food delivered.. I suppose he also get's his food spoon fed to him?

And if he were to get his own food you'd say he's wasting time.

PM, Justin Trudeau king

Raja .....So , what you are saying is you like Trudy's Monthly Social Assist Cheques.

Son of Babel please, puriyala pa,

May Piss be Upon Allah! Mohamedrians are not welcome in Canada!

Canada actually has more than enough forest to produce more clean air than what is breathed. Carbon tax is a tax for being alive. Cars you drive PROVIDE TREES THE RESOURCES NEEDED TO PRODUCE OXYGEN.

....much like global warming.

Oh, he knows something. How to rip Canadians off while claiming to be helping the country. Carbon tax... we're made of carbon LOL

Trudeau don't know nothing: he is an environMENTAL.

Tom Bisson just mass liberal mental illness...agenda 21 ...its all about killing us off..

Sterling Brownmiller I agree.. And heck, aren't we made of carbon? Why are we taxing what we as made of?

Wow another informed human being :) Please reproduce hahahaha

Sterling Brownmiller agenda 21

Trudeau = Castro

The Canadian American so true I saw that story.

Jeff Bryan Mr. Fidel Castro sir pola world la yaarum illa, very

Canada would be way better off with Castro.

Justin Trudeau ! :)

maaz Muhammad yes, PM Justin Trudeau very good man

All hail King Soy Boy!

Stampy Bear PM. Justin Trudeau very good man by Malini raja

Not being able to deliver Trans Mountain Pipeline is costing Canadians including aboriginal peoples opportunities for prosperity. Federal accountability and stakeholder responsibilities need to be fulfilled in the lawful processes.

They wouldn't need any new taxes if they weren't giving money away to other countries and constantly wasting money on illegal aliens, and catering to muslim terrorists. The entire liberal party needs to be hung for treason.

Your problem, Keith, is that you attach partisanship to everything, so it blinds you to the real objective, of trying to improve the environment.....rather than continue, and leave a bigger mess for future generations.  In regard to carbon taxes, they are a right wing tax, in their current form.  Harper himself said, in an interview, that he was considering the same thing, a few years ago.  The worst form of carbon tax was initiated by someone who was clearly a conservative, Gordon Campbell.  Basically a broad tax on working people, that was dumped into general revenue.  It's really no different than the GST...or even worse...the HST.  There is a way of charging companies who create pollution.....without taxing working people directly....and using the revenue to encourage the proliferation of green energy and especially locally produced green energy.  Big difference between cap and trade.....and a carbon tax applied at the pump.  And, like I said...what is even worse is the translink tax applied directly at the pump in BC.

Joe Hoe.....I'm not buying it . No company will say , I am going to eat this Liberal Fuel Tax ( wherever  its applied ) so its not so harsh on the consumer , they will pass it down. Maybe in your world it would happen that way ,  but not in mine .

Jacob don’t hate, don’t give up and don’t lose hope! Let’s bring sanity back and elect Andrew Scheer as next PM. Let’s do our part and try to get our side out to vote!!! I’m serious guys, we really need to do this. If JT and the libs win again it’ll be decisive for Canada, in a very bad way...

I'm sure he has an official butt wiper as well

i hate the liberals

Nice of CBC to provide us with more ammo to get rid of Trudeau. Even watching snippets of these parliamentary sessions it is obvious Liberals are not being truthful nor can they answer an honest question. Misdirect, misdirect, misdirect,then slam the Conservatives. It is all getting to be a tiresome dog and pony show starring Trudeau and Morneau, Minister of Fiscal Irresponsibility.

Trudeau promised no new taxes for middle class one hundred times. He is now a proved psychopath liar with his carbone taxes. Only his bandits will not pay or will have a credit for this taxe.

Kevin Lau no.send him to Iran.

keith bonham one thing I realize about the Trudeaus,they make run on a stationary tread mill. But we get off the treadmill we are more in debt, further from unity etc.

Red8Ball - There are many options for lunch on Parliament Hill. And they all do bagged lunches of high quality foods just in case you want to sit in your office at lunchtime playing patty-cake with the girls. There are already too many people making excuses for Justin.

Take him back to "YOUR" country please, along with yourself and don't come back.

What the hell...CBC is actually doing something usefull? Question period stream on youtube is a great idea.... I thought all CBC was good for was idiotic SJW propaganda spewing.

Atlantic Canadians won't make the same mistake again believe you me..We understand what we did and we dont want Carbon Tax anymore then anyone else does.. Liberals really think were going to support you in 2019? NOT LIKELY!


This PM has not done anything for Canada except breath. He/she is not Canadian. Anyone who supports ISIS should have been removed from the start. Andrew Scheer a True leader for Canada and Canadians

They are in service of the beast not the people or God

Canada expulce sarra procureur amina pour leur crime d nu 1class pour ?

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