Marvel's Spider-Man: The Complete Digital Foundry Analysis!

Marvel's Spider-Man: The Complete Digital Foundry Analysis!

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Spider-man. As, a concept, the webslinger is and always has been a perfect fit for games the, idea of swinging, freely across the vast City while vanquishing foes, remains, as appealing today as it did in his earliest appearances, in, the digital realm over. Time Spidey, has starred in more than 35 games, some. Of these managed to perfectly capture the essence of spider-man while others fell, a tad short but, all hinted, at something greater. Enter. Insomniac. Games latest. And perhaps most ambitious, project, to date spider-man. From PlayStation 4 with. A generous, budget, a large, very capable, development, team and the backing of Sony this latest take on the webslinger promises, the most complete spider-man, experienced to date today. Then we're going to examine spider-man. And the engine powering it while checking out its performance, on both models of PlayStation, 4 and discussing, the design of the game itself we'll, also address the comparisons, being made with the e3 2017. Build of the game so, suit, up and join me as we enter, the world of spider-man. When, it comes to spider-man it's fair to say that Sony is no stranger, to the webslinger its, Columbia, Pictures, subsidiary, was responsible, for the release of Sam Raimi's original spider-man, film after all and it was successful to the point that Sony branded the PlayStation, 3 console, and it's games with, the spider-man, movie font and featured spider-man, related materials, and many of its presentations. During. This era however it was Activision, which possessed, the rights to create spider-man. Related video games thus Sony's, tie-in with the franchise remained, firmly rooted in the hollywood, space that. Is until this contract, expired, in 2014, it. Wasn't long before Sony, and Marvel started, hashing, out an idea for, a new spider-man game then and their, choice of developer, couldn't, have been more perfect I'm. Talking about insomniac. Games an experienced. Independent, studio that has a strong working relationship. With Sony Computer Entertainment and. A, lot of expertise, across multiple genres it. Makes them a great fit for spider-man, by. Marrying, the vast selection of gadgets, and action driven gameplay of the recent Ratchet and Clank reboot, with, the open-world traversal. Systems of sunset, overdrive and, the storytelling. Of resistance, spider-man. Feels like the apex of everything, insomniac, has worked to build over the past decade or two and this. Extends, to its technology, as well over, the course of this generation insomniac. Has continued, to refine its in-house technology, suite producing. Some of the most visually striking games, across. Multiple platforms and, spider-man. Represents, the next major leap in technology, it. Starts with the character, models spider-man. Takes a stylized, approach, to character design as you'd expect from something based on a comic book character but. That doesn't mean the level of detail isn't, exceptionally. High, spider-man. Suit stands out with superb, texture, work the, material reflects. Light properly, and small, details are visible throughout. Enclose. Ups with various characters, throughout the story there's a lot of detail revealed, subsurface. Scattering is, used during cutscenes, allowing light to penetrate the skin and scatter about, realistically. Beneath the surface, texture. Detail is also superb, during the sequences, as is, the eye shading. So if you've been concerned, about the detail, of the texture work on the characters, based on compressed, video pre-release. There's, certainly nothing to worry about this. Also brings us to our first talking, point in regards, to the e3, 2017. Demo with. Various screenshots, floating around some folks question, whether spider-man's, final, suit was, a match for the e3, demo in terms, of detail upon. Close examination this. Is what we found, take a look the. Texture, resolution is virtually.

Identical, To the original demo and this is evident throughout these comparable, scenes and the, same goes for the model itself, the. Main difference here stems, from a change in suit material the, e3 suit features more prominent, specularity, it's, basically, the difference between plastic, and cloth. The. Final, materia is simply more diffuse, in appearance while the e3 version is extra. Glossy, so, even though the resolution of the suit textures, are identical. The way light behaves across the surface has changed. When. In shadow the final game exhibits, a softer, more diffuse appearance, which is arguably, more realistic, the e3 demo simply, appears overly, shiny and plasticky, in comparison, in direct. Sunlight the e3 demo gives the impression of a suit covered, in saran wrap look, at the specular, highlights, here across his head in, comparison. The material, in the final game exhibits, more natural, light dispersal, which. One looks better is, kind of a matter of taste though and it does vary per scene but. This is clearly, an artist, driven change not, a technical, one made to save on performance, will, touch on the rest of this comparison shortly, of course but for now know that character, detail is excellent, and consistent. Across, the various versions of the game the, full game is a match in terms of texture and model detail are, offering, more, realistic. Lighting of course. This level of detail also applies to many other major characters while. Secondary, characters and NPCs are excellent. Looking in their own right each. Of these models are appropriately, detailed, and textured, and when, walking around the streets or visible, in large numbers the, density of the crowds is highly variable of course based on your position but, looking close that the characters reveals a high level of detail throughout, in fact, it's surprising, just how much detail is visible, on screen when exploring the streets considering. How much time you spend above them, then. There's the animation, in game spider-man features an impressive range of animation, of applied to major and minor characters, alike players, have a lot of mobility and combat, options in this game sending spider-man flying all over the place and most, of the animations, look brilliant with, smooth blending. The. Game also features a dynamic on-foot. Traversal, system by holding the r2, button while running spider-man. Can flip and jump seamlessly, between both, dynamic, and stationary. Objects across the scene and all of the animation, work is handled very well cutscenes. Also looks superb in action thanks to carefully, crafted, cinematic, animation, smooth. Camera work and insomniacs. Super, impressive per pixel motion blur which might, just be one of the best implementations. I've seen to date this. Technique first appeared, in sunset, overdrive and then again in ration and Clank on PlayStation, 4 and it has returned, for spider-man with a high sample, count and a perfectly, tuned shutter speed more. Importantly, it's tuned for gameplay when, swinging through the city edges, of the screen and objects, are properly, blurred, but the middle portion of the image remains sharp allowing. Players to see what's coming it's, a great effect but it does not obscure, visibility, of course. If you don't like it the options menu does, allow you to adjust its intensity. This. Is then coupled with generally, excellent image quality spider-man, utilizes, insomniac, temporal, injection, technique featured, in Ratchet and Clank on ps4, pro while. There is precious information, available on this technique insomniac. Seems to prefer it over typical, checkerboarding. And the results, certainly, speak volumes completely. Avoiding, the stifling artifacts, that can crop up with checkerboard, rendering, in terms. Of countable, pixel, resolutions, however spider-man, seems to use an adaptive, resolution, technique on ps4. Pro we counted resolutions, ranging from a top end of 1944. P down, to a low end of 2560. By 1368. The. Lowest, value appears to be extremely rare however with the Everage countable, resolution, coming in around 1580. 4p instead what's. Interesting about this is that if you pause the game after a camera switch it is possible, to look at the raw image before the temporal pass kicks in since. These techniques, rely on information, in a previous frame camera. Cuts are great for this since the game will not have this information after a cut this. Shot is 1584. P by the way on, the. Base Playstation 4 then we're looking at a 1080p presentation. Most of the time but we did pixel count some lower resolutions, in certain circumstances, this. Frame for instance taken just after a camera, cut weighs, in at 900 P for instance so it seems to be variable, just like the pro both. The base and pro experience are temporally, stable in motion but the pro exhibits, significantly.

More Detail as a result of its higher resolution, output. What's. Interesting here is that in terms of resolution the game has been upgraded the, patch notes make mention of this and the earlier III, builds of Spider Man all ran at 1440p. With, the temporal, injection, feature like Ratchet and Clank with. The dynamic, resolution, feature in play though we're seeing resolutions, above 1440p. Most, of the time and sometimes even approaching, 4k, so. Clearly there's a decent amount of performance, Headroom here in addition. HDR, is supported. Across both machines, will. Have a separate HDR, video covering, this aspect, of the game later this week but the key here is that it brings extra vibrancy, and nuance, to the image it's, not the best HDR, implementation, we've seen but, it's solid so. Thus far we've discussed character, detail which is excellent, across the board in addition to basics like resolution, and general image quality but obviously a Spider Man game lives and dies by one important, element the. Environment, in terms, of scale and detail and SAAM niak has done a wonderful job with the game, most. Of Spider Man centers on swinging, rapidly through the environment, but if you stop to look around you might be surprised, by just how much detail is present, at street level building. Facades feature carefully. Modeled details, with a lot of visible geometry and high resolution varied. Textures, some. Shops even have fully, modelled interiors. With people, inside conducting, business, there's. Also just a general level of variety, that's rather impressive, with many different types of areas scattered, throughout the city, secondary. Objects like traffic lights are also supremely, detailed, with a lot of geometry and excellent, texture work applied do. Random objects like this ATM, machine really need to be that detailed or how, about those stickers over there on the door the, closer you look the more impressive, the overall sense of detail becomes. But. It doesn't stop with the city streets, Spider, Man also features a wide selection of uniquely, designed outdoor. And interior. Scenes there. Are scenes like this with a ton of unique character, models and lots of custom, animations, filling the screen the. Amount of detail on display, is rather impressive and it almost winds, up feeling more like a hitman level than something out of Spider Man then. There's the interior, sections like this which are all, highly detailed and offer a lot of gameplay variety if. You prefer to take the stealthy approach for instance it is possible, and in fact the design reminds me of the Batman, Arkham titles, which I view is a good thing the. Point here is that the engine is capable of not only handling, a large city environment, but it is also well suited to bespoke. Mission, design such as this something, I felt was lacking in many, previous spider-man, games you, get both that open-world, experience, and the, polish of a linear single-player, game in one package, it's, also worth mentioning the, water simulation. In this game the. Water encircling, the city is beautiful, with gently. Flowing waves and, a nice simulation, of light playing off its surface and the, way reflections, are handled is really quite realistic, in real, life the amount of reflectance, visible. Across a water surface varies based on the angle of viewing and the turbulence, of the water itself this. Is surprisingly, well simulated, in Spider Man from. Above reflections. Are clearly visible across the water surface, but when you jump down to a lower angle they are much less so it's, a nice touch I think also.

I'd Love the fact that Spider Man can swim it looks kind of silly. One. Of my favorite, details added, in the final game and somewhat, lacking from the e3 2017. Build are building, interiors. Basically. The game features simplistic. Textured, cubes, designed, to represent interior. Spaces of a building while, the limitations, are obvious, up close the rooms seem to exist in their own time and space overlapping, one another in spots and often. Repeat, the, effect is still really convincing, while swinging around the city this, helps create additional depth across the cityscape since, it seems like the buildings aren't just a flat surface anymore, it's. A great touch and something, that's typically lacking, in open-world games like this with a lot of skyscrapers. Speaking. Of skyscrapers. Reflections, are another important, element used, heavily throughout the game without. Dedicated. Ray tracing Hardware the team was limited to more tried, and true methods such as screen space reflections, and cube. Maps on building. Surfaces, these pre calculated reflections, obviously, cannot accurately reflect. The surroundings, but, the textures, used are often, enough high, enough resolution to give the impression, of super, sharp reflections, due. To its vertical nature however the developers, needed to find a way to handle elevation. Changes this, is done by interpolating, between different. Cubemap reflections, based on height as you, crawl up the side of a building a lower, resolution street, level texture, is used here this, is then replaced with another cube map as you make your way up the building. Which. Is then followed up with yet another you, can see here as it transitions between the two. Eventually. After we continue, to crawl up the building side here the game flips to the fourth and final, cube, map you'll. Notice that reflections, at high elevation, are of extremely, high resolution compared. To those below, screen. Space reflections, are used in tandem then to allow more dynamic, objects, to appear in the scene these, are used on building, facades of course which helps display traffic, and spider-man. Himself but, it's, also applied to bodies, of water such as puddles, oh did. I just under the magic word puddles. Yes. This brings us to the next part of our e3, 2017. Versus final, game discussion, the, mysterious, vanishing, puddles, in the, demo the scene features a large number of visible puddles in this specific, scene right the, final game reduces, this amount that, much is obvious it. Has been suggested by, some that these puddles were eliminated, from the game due to performance, issues insomniac. On the other hand has suggested, that this is more of an artist driven change so, what's, going on well after, looking closely at this I have a theory so. The first thing you might notice about the e3 demo is that the off-screen, elements, appear to be reflected, something, impossible, with screen space reflections, some. Folks have been quick to throw around terms like ray tracing but no that's not possible here, the, e3 demo was, not pre-rendered, after all instead. What I think we're seeing is simply a rather detailed static. Box cube map used, for background reflection. Mainly. The buildings, and immediate, scene geometry, this, texture, is projected, into a carefully. Aligned box designed. To simulate those reflections, this, becomes obvious, when scrubbing. Back and forth quickly through the video there, are reflections while nice-looking, are not perfectly, parallax, with the scene. Obviously, cube maps have made their way into the final game as well since they're used heavily throughout specifically. For building reflections, now, screen space reflections, are also featured, and overlaid, onto the scene when, objects, are occluded, from screen space they disappear, as expected while, the cube map remains, visible. Now. The final, game works in much the same way but with one major difference the, cube, map texture itself has, been changed, screen. Space reflections, are still in use but, the cube map itself has been replaced with a rather generic, one and the, reflection, of the cube map itself also appears more diffuse, look.

Closely At the reflection, here and you see the sort of blue and white blobs, sort of reflected, in the puddle here that, is the new cube map in use pretty. Different from the one featured in the e3 demo, creating. And aligning all those box cube maps can prove rather time-consuming. And challenging, to implement for the art team especially when considering the size of the world by, slightly altering the way the reflections, work and combining, that with a more generic cube, map like this a lot, of time can be saved, of course, the generic cube map generally. Works pretty well like out on the street here the, reflection, again is rather diffused, but you can still kind of make out basic buildings, and the blue sky above by looking directly into the reflective, surface, but. In the case of the demo room well, obviously it's, less effective than the method featured in the e3 demo the, underlying, texture data was, simply modified, with. The screen space reflections, now doing the heavy lifting in the final game then I can, see why the artists, may have felt it necessary to, adjust Puddle, placement, thankfully. There's still plenty of water throughout the city there, are scenes where nearly the entire road surface is soaked in water and reflective, like this they, are seen set during a light drizzle wear reflective puddles. Appear all over the place and that, building we've been discussing has plenty of other reflections, just, outside the offending room what, all of these scenes have in common however is the, type of cube, Maps that they're using they're, much less specific than the one used in the e3 demo the thing about changes, like this is that in most cases the reason for the change has more to do with manpower than, hardware power and I believe that's the case here. This case reflections, work just as they did in the e3 demo it's, just the underlying, art that has been changed, change, the cube map change the result, now, of course without, talking, to the developers about this issue we can never be a hundred percent certain but that's. My theory and I believe it holds some water, we'll, finish up talking about the e3 demo shortly, but for now I want to talk about the, lighting in the game when, it comes to lighting spider-man, is perhaps insomniac. Games finest. Work to date but. It does have its limits there, isn't a lot of information out there of course on insomniac, Sinjin but the, game does use multiple, times of day and features. Great use of direct, and indirect, illumination, the. Biggest limiting factor stems from those, times of day just as, we saw in sucker-punches. Infamous, second son spider-man. Does not feature a realtime, time of day transition, instead. These, are tied to story events I'd, imagine, this choice was made to support improved, scene illumination, while, it is possible, to blend, between different, bakes it's. Not, always optimal, and may not have worked well in a city environment like this fortunately. The benefit of this approach is that the lighting conditions are always beautiful the scenes set at dusk are particularly. Striking. Spider-man. Also features a robust, volumetric, lighting system, designed, to simulate the scattering of light particles through the atmosphere, look. Closely and you can see rays, of light filling, around the silhouettes, of objects. Placed in the world it looks beautiful. This, implementation, is especially impressive, though due to the resolution, of the effect in many, games it's possible, to make out the underlying, resolution of, the grid but here it's virtually, seamless it's very clean shadow.

Quality Is also a strong point for the game especially as an open world title world, shadows can stretch out far into the distance with clean filtering, and smooth transitions. Between Cascade, levels objects. Such as trees feature, suitably. High resolution, shadows while characters, and objects sit, realistically. With the environment, ambient. Occlusion is also of top-notch quality throughout, I, also. Love the way that light interacts, with foliage, like the trees here you can see the moonlight reflecting, off the leaves one. Small detail I really appreciated, are the car headlights, the. Artists, considered, the difference in headlamp, technology, when designing these these. Trucks for instance seemingly use an incandescent, style, bulb producing, a soft yellow light while, this car next to it appears to be using an LED, system instead, producing, a whiter, light other. Cars, even seem to use hid, projector lenses. For additional, variety, it's, a small thing in the grand scheme of things but I appreciate, the attention to detail. Speaking. Of vehicles traffic, is ever-present, throughout, the game in up-close. Individual. Vehicles, are richly detailed of course, there is a lot of repetition in, terms of the types of vehicles on display this. Could be a simple memory limitation, or perhaps some manpower one, more. Importantly, traffic, density is reasonably, high in most scenes there, is a point where traffic stops in the distance but the camera work generally. Conceals, this fairly well. In fact if we briefly, jump back to the e3 demo there are points where traffic and pedestrian, density appears. Higher in the final game of course, situations, like this could simply be the result of randomized, traffic, all. Of this ties into the games level of detail, and streaming systems, spider-man. Can transition, from the top of a towering skyscraper. Down, to the city streets in just, seconds, requiring, the engine to rapidly streaming, new data as needed LOD, Management could prove to be an issue in insomniacs. Previous, games sunset, overdrive and while it's not perfect in, spider-man either it is improved, overall city.

Streets Can stretch far off into the distance and there is a point where cars and pedestrians are, either, no longer drawn, or reduced, in complexity, pedestrians. For instance are drawn as non-animated, stick figures at a distance but, while playing normally it's not something you'll notice it simply helps give the impression of motion. In the city the. Game is good about not simply, popping cars into existence, as well instead, they typically drive, into the scene from side streets I was, also impressed with general, crowd and traffic, behavior, when. A random event begins such as a high-speed chase pedestrians. Panic, and jump out of the way or, when Spiderman simply, strolls down the streets it's fun to see their reactions. There's, even events like this where an accident, can result in paramedics. Appear on scene in fact, I used this event to examine, the traffic patterns you'll, notice that cars continue to drive into the scene piling. Up behind this event and this, causes traffic but how persistent, is this traffic what. I found is interesting, so, as long as the accident, remains in view this, situation. Remains active at least, within a reasonable distance traffic. Remains backed, up and the ambulance, continues, its business, turn. Away and look back briefly however and you might actually catch the ambulance, respawning. In place just as a few cars sneak through before. Traffic backs up once again the. Game seems to keep this event in memory provided, you stay within a certain distance but. Stops tracking, it if you look away now. As long as the accident, remains in view and you start swinging away you'll notice that it's. Is active, for quite a while but eventually disappears. And, doesn't. Return it's. An interesting insight, to how the game manages, such bespoke. Events on the ground level, you. Can see though that the traffic remains relatively, thick and headlight, codes are drawn way out into the distance so. In that sense I'd say overall the system is a great success, and there isn't a lot of visible popping during normal traversal.

The, City feels busy, of course. I think now is probably a good time to finish up our examination. Of the e3, demo, firstly. The water room has remained a huge focus but, there's one other difference I spotted worth pointing out and the scene there's direct shadows, present, on the pipes here in the, e3 demo that are absent, in the final game replaced, instead with more diffuse, ambient, occlusion there's. No obvious point. Light in the scene though nor, is the Sun present, in this indoor scene so, I'd argue that the final game actually presents a more realistic take, on ambient. Shadowing, here it's. Not as if spider-man has any problems, with displaying high resolution, shadows after all but. If we move beyond this room and start to examine other areas, of the demo it becomes more interesting so, here's a few differences, I noticed, straightaway. Puddle placement is different on the roof here. And the, scene lighting has changed in general it's, more overcast in the final game during the sequence though obviously bright, blue skies still exist in the game this, is just an art tweak the. Team also decided to remove Martin Lee from the scene replaced, instead with a generic, masked, enemy a story, change also. Notice the coat in the scene the, cloth appears to react more realistically, to the helicopter, blades above in the final game a nice, touch. Also. Without Martin Lee in the scene this attack is replaced, with a rocket, launcher instead. The. Lighting here within the helicopter, is also more realistic, in the final game now. In this next bit notice how the building, shadows, are in the same position here suggesting, that the Sun position is the same it's simply a more overcast day also, traffic. Density is much higher in the final game but again, this could be a randomized, event. The. Next scene is interesting, in the e3 build during a camera cut motion. Blur is disabled. For exactly one frame but, it does reveal a distinct, lack of background detail, and here's. That same area in the final game now it's not supremely, detailed, since you can't actually go, to that region of the world but, still I think it looks better the, rest of the sequence then is very similar with subtle changes to lighting between the two. Then, spider-man, lands on the crane and well texture, detail is certainly. Improved in the final game here there's. Another interesting, thing as well if we pause checkout the building the final game features the after mentioned interior, spaces while the e3 demo appears, to be lacking this entirely of course. In the next building there does seem to be some interior space visible, in the demo so it may come down to a change in reflectivity, or, simply, that more buildings have interior spaces, in the final game also, notice the improved, indirect, lighting here along this building facade and the more exaggerated. Eye adaptation. Bright, areas appear to bloom slightly, in the final game when peering from within shadow something. Else that applies to the previous, water room area, then. There's the scene of destruction as, spider-man runs through a building the, lighting is slightly different once again but it's clear that the sequence holds up it's very much as it was shown in the demo. Also. As we jump through this chopper, here you'll notice that the texture detail is consistent. Any changes. Here are due to the improved lighting model and the final build no, texture detail has been sacrificed then, there's this scene as the chopper crashes, to the ground you'll notice greatly. Improved reflections, on the building surface and Street improved. Ambient, scene lighting and a, bright specular, highlight, from the chopper sparks I think, it looks dramatically, better in the final game here same. For this scene the lighting is simply more natural and realistic between, the buildings, so. Really what's the takeaway here from this demo comparison, well honestly I feel that insomniac. Does a tremendous job of delivering on their promise visually. There are changes but the game looks phenomenal in its final form and all, of the action sequences are present, in full I'd. Say that aside from the removal of the more accurate, cube map in the demo the final game is improved, overall still, there's no getting around at the room with the water puddles does, look better in its e3 incarnation.

And As, I said before I believe this is down to an artist, change not, one driven by technical, requirements, that's, a lot of stuff to unpack there but we're not done yet we, still have to talk about performance and, really. There's a reason why I saved for so late in the video. Alts aren't that exciting, and that's, a good thing for those playing the game check it out so, regardless, of platform spider-man. Is a 30 FPS game obviously using, motion blur to help avoid the hand-cranked. Feel you, might otherwise get, looking. First at the ps4 pro version here let's examine three, different scenarios the. First, involves swinging around the city this, is during the chase sequence featured in the e3 demo but it's the same in terms of performance regardless. Of when you choose to start traversing the world the, framerate thankfully, holds steady, 99%. Of the time basically there's. Occasional, instances where we see a 50, millisecond, dip followed by a 16, millisecond, spike but it's, really quite uncommon now. As an open-world game there is a lot of variation in terms of load so based, on these results it's likely that there's other dips that can occur at any random point during the game but in general, it's very stable, so. How about another sequence, this rooftop battle, puddles. And enemies fill the screen as spider-man unleashes, his skills upon them and this, battle manages, to crank it 30 frames per second, throughout with the exception, of this one tiny pause again, there's really nothing, to complain about here it's, very stable, lastly. Here's an interior battle, these sequences, feature a lot of volumetric lighting tons, of alpha effects and even destruction. It's a fairly heavy battle, but again the pro manages, to hold on to its 30fps target, throughout most of it there's. Still an occasional, drop frame or two but by-and-large performance. Is extremely stable the. Same goes for the base Playstation 4 which delivers performance very much in line with the ps4 pro again, it's 30 FPS and most scenes with an occasional frame, time spike or dip this, is great for owners of the standard system though as you'll be treated to an excellent, smooth, experience, most. Importantly, input latency seems, to be generally low allowing, for smooth responsive, controls it, feels great to play so. Is there anything else to discuss well how about just a few other little things things. Like loading, the game world is mostly seamless, but you'll run into short, loading times when transitioning, between the open world and certain, building interiors, you, also encounter, a loaded screen upon death thankfully.

Loading Is pretty short so it's not an issue. Also. Spider-man, features a great mission boundary, system if he stray outside an active mission area the game warns you like any other game but, you actually have a choice you, can return to the mission area or simply abandon, the mission it, doesn't just fail you outright or automatically, turn you around you have a choice in the matter and really, that's pretty much it hopefully this video has shed some light on, questions, around the game's presentation, while also, highlighting what it does so well personally. I think this is a new high watermark, for insomniac, games both, from a gameplay and visual, standpoint it's. A top-notch production, from top to bottom with an engaging story great. Traversal, mechanics, and some fantastic mission. Design sure. It has some repetitive open-world, elements, to deal with but the overall package is great. But. That's all for now though if you enjoyed this video be sure to LIKE subscribe ring. The notification, bell and follow us over on Twitter and until. Next time keep, on web-slinging. You.

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Puddlegate was a lie!

I think I'm gonna play this without motion blur(game setiing) and motion smoothing on (TV setting LG Oled)).

I can see all the tears from xboxers and nintendo idiots.before calling any PlayStation games downgraded just look at your mario and halo games first they are all getting downgraded from gameplay to graphics.

Fantastic video!

That interior building idea, is very cool. It looks so immersive.

Sunset graphic is better

more pop up and less impressive light effect, worse shadow quality, texture quality is worse than Spide-Man => Sunset Graphic is better?

Dammit, I didn't read the spoiler alert in the video description before watching... Digital Foundry, maybe try to avoid that stuff altogether when you're making a video on an unreleased game, hey? That footage really wasn't necessary.

New game, take a shot of water for every puddle/water reference he makea.

Wow shocking the final game turns out better, as the word-final means. What year is this 2008 ?

Once again, you show way more than is necessary for a technical analysis. You are the only one in the Digital Foundry team that shows unnecessary spoilers in Every. Single. Video. You literally cannot help yourself.

PRO should have performance mode ffs

differnet type of game and its not even hitting 60fps on it 45 on average on an open world like this no chance, console cpus just cant handle it most of the time im hoping ps5 has compatibility and we would see a real boost

+dw faneven God of War has a performance mode...It is not about power it is about directors of the game

not powerful enough

First time Digital Foundry's review felt like a paid review. He said the final release looks better but thats not the case. Its definitely a downgrade and to me downgrade is as bad as microtransactions. I'm not buying this game.

8:34 what happened to that cop on the right?

I really need to get a Pro... This game looks incredible!

Wow that intro

The building reflections are a bit disappointing, but I guess sacrifices need to be made somewhere to maintain the quality of everything else. It otherwise looks flawless.

8:39 woo thats brutal

Puddlegate has been destroyed

nobody gunna talk about the disembodied cop head at 8:09?

I wish Sony would stop releasing so many AAA games... its becoming overwhelming...still havent had time to digest God of War and new game plus only recently released, then Yakuza releases 5 days ago and now Spiderman god damn Sony you are killing me! Just stop it or I am thinking of migrating to xbox! :D

Hope this comes to PC

No PC port.

Another great video from DF!

So with other words....... Game looks fucking amazing ! I still play games on the ps2 or a nintendo 64 and i really dont give a huge fuck how it looks but dont release games that looks like a ps1 game on a ps4 thats wrong ! But if it looks good it looks good dont listing to someone else ! Its still there opinion look at your opinion if you think it looks good then it is if you think nah it dont look that great then it is ! Dont cry if you find a bug ! They cant make a game 100% good without a bug!

Spider-Man Web of Shadows ❤️

Thanks for leaking Doc Ock, guys...

Spoiler at 3:19 skip to 3:30

Was hoping for a high frame rate mode...

I only play 4k games these days, shame this isn't on the Xbox.


DF you do realize that the Spiderman engine was given features and tech from Sony's Team ICE correct...

Dragon Quest XI PC/PS4/PS4 Pro Comparison coverage, please! Stuff: There's a way to uncap the frame rate on PC editiing an .INI file. What do the AA settings besides 0 and 1 do? Does the game have problems with hitching at 4K? Texture streaming issue? I'm a few hours in and really enjoying the game. I hope Nvidia will tweak the drivers for it a little. Runs really nice on 7700K/1080 though in any case. Great Spidey video (as always) guys! I love your work.

Instead of downgrade they upgrade the whole game !!!! This is what we want to see !!! Not like EA with there downgrade bullshit !!! This game i have it like everybody else on FRIDAY and i will stay the whole day inside !!!!

Is no one talking about the horrendous plot spooler at 3:23?

looks like a great year if you're a Ps4-gamer. If you only own a Switch however.. my deepest condolences.

this game is fucking gorgeous and that water simulation is crazy as fuck

Thanks for spoiling the new villain. Very nice

i believe puddle-gate is coming from people that hate the fact this is exclusive game for PS4, either coming from other platform / console fanboy or just simply trolls that want to spoil this game success. the textures and the geometries are still remain the same, even DF said that how lightning works is better than E3 reveal. these fanboys and trolls need to learn that a simple change in art direction is not always mean a downgrade, take a God of War for example. throwing some silly comments based on low-res screenshot from the game is stupid..

Sony let this come to PC later once you get the sales you need on Ps4... I'll definitely buy it twice

So right after Activision's grip on Spiderman ended, a great Spiderman game is worked on and released. Hmmm... Guessing Activision couldn't figure out how to inject multiplayer "live services" and loot gambling without pissing off fans and didnt want their own SWBF2 backlash.

Drink every time they say "bespoke" in a DF video.

PC is suck

I wish you told us at the start of the video that is a spoiler ahead because god damn it!!! now I know the main villain is!!!

always love your detailed analysis

Pizza Time

7.8 too much butthurt

DF to the rescue. Tood to to toooo.


Man people are so picky today, either versons graphics would be amazing to me

Looks really good, except for those cube map reflections on buildings, those look just really bad

I've been waiting for this game since the PS2 days. It does everything I hoped for!

Great video Digital Foundry. Final build is definitely the best and more realistic of the two.

Is the fish eye screen overlay necessary? I hate looking images or clips that force us to focus on the center by having darker edges...I hope the game does not run like that! It is like that Conan Exiles game with no options to turn the screen effects off!!

I honestly cannot believe people bitched about puddles

I feel like at this point we shouldn’t be expecting surprises from the pro and what game look like is what they’re all going to look like forevermore

It really is quite sad the lack of exclusive for Xbox this gen. It actually boggles my mind how Microsoft managed to let this happen. Xbox has totally failed this gen, let’s see how they do next gen.

Damnit i watched the 3:20

E3 2017 has RTX on!

I honestly prefer the lighting and the specular highlights in the demo but it's something I can look past considering how good the final game looks. I'm not sure if it has been mentioned but did anyone notice the larger amount of object-based motion blur in the demo? It seems to make the animations more fluid. It's still very impressive how close the final game looks to the demo.

This is the only spider man game that looks actually interesting, because all previous spider man games have been terrible, I think a spiderman game like Fortnite cartoon style would been very cool, with fully destructible environments, and iceman as a playable character, the spiderman suit is pretty cool, I think it needs more gadgets.

It wasn't a downgrade, but I can't say I'm happy with the daytime changes. I preferred the pale blue tint rather than the yellow, and somewhere between the 2018 and 2017 suit would be better. Either way, this game is looking great. I couldn't be more excited for release, I bought a PS4 just for this game (-:

If this game were made by Ubisoft....

Please put a spoiler warning IN THE VIDEO.

DF putting the BS to rest.

I find it hilarious that people were expecting it to run at 60FPS. This is a day one purchase regardless for my PS4 pro. Before any moron accuses me of being a PS fanboy, I only use the PS4 for the exclusives and a PC for everything else.

30 fps, Jesus Christ how horrifying.

Solar Juice agree, but my opinion 30fps is still good. And you forget one thing, not just a framerate that tied to a game . a 60fps game is still suck if there is so much bug and glitch

Yes, absolutely. Framerate is tied to gameplay through a thing called input latency. The lower the framerate, the less responsive the controls will be. It's the reason why fighting games are always 60fps. The worst is when a developer ties even the *game logic* to framerate. So when a game gets released on console at 30 and later gets a port for PC, you can't even unlock the framerate without breaking it because of terrible coding. Anything running at sub-60 has an objectively bad effect on the game unless it's designed to be that way through art style, like the South Park games, which are in the same style as the animation, which runs at lower fps. It's not the case with this game, though. It's an action game, the type that would benefit the most from higher frames. I hope I could clear that for you.

Solar Juice thats right. But is there a problem with 30fps?

If you are talking about the PC, you are objectively wrong. The platform has many amazing exclusives, but the good thing about them is that they are not being held hostage by a company that wants to sell you hardware. You can run it wherever, be it AMD, Nvidia or Intel.

Solar Juice 4k 60fps, no exclusives. God how horrifying

6:00 Chinese people usually don't use that font for their signboards. I don't mean it is ugly or not, just barely see this style. Why do video game designer like to use?

ahh, Doc oc in the video! darn, he's the big boss!

I have to disagree on the lightning and shadow, the E3 build is far more realistic.

is there a 60fps option?

very good analysis Digital foundry. Awesome developer insomniac! oh the puddle's! lol

It's a little different not downgraded jeez , ty for this

I hope a patch to fix texture popping

This is a fantastic review. I am very happy to be your subscriber. I cant wait to buy the game. I also agree that the graphics changes make the game look much better. More vibrant!

this game looks Amazing! Who was crying about a downgrade?

I don't get it. Why doesn't more developers do this? Just simply downgrade the E3 reveal. There's nothing to compare the game with at that moment so whatever they will show will look good. Then just remove the downgrade for the release game. Would save them a ton of backlash!

i wish this bloke would stop calling the original suit plastic . Plastic shaders dont look like that , They went for a Lycra material look for the original E3 DEMO , which looks great imo . By turning down the spec level , they have now killed there normal mapping and bump on the suit .

A few more hours bois! Cant wait to play this

Can someone give this engine to From Software please for their next game, to replace the Framepacing(tm) engine

Too much time spent on comparing it to a E3 demo that 99.9% of gamers never actually played. It just feeds faux fanboy outrage that they changed stuff and that isn't allowed. boohoo and cancel your pre-order etc.

Say cube map one more time. I dare you.

That was a great analysis for the game. DF are always excelling when it comes to performance and comparison. That's why i always love to refer back to you guys. Looking forward to get my hands on the game.

only real issues i have is the popping of characters and cars, and that the pedestrians all look similar if not identical.. i've seen the same female civilian model a few times in just 1 video.

Some parts are really crappy like the low skyscraper reflections. That was just awfulz

Could you have a look at Firewall Zero Hour, and give your take on the state of psvr titles at the moment. Not heard much about it then came across it whilst browsing the PlayStation store. I've not been too impressed with many of the games that have come out and the compromises that have to be made on graphics but this one just caught my interest. Sorry for posting on your Spider-Man video, not sure where else to post this. Thanks, love your channel!!!

Something everyone forgets to mention is that they removed the bar scene from the older traliers, looked everywhere for it ):

Game is a little repetitive once you get over the initial euphoria of traversal - doesn't deliver anything we haven't see or done before in Assassin’s Creed/Sunset Overdrive/Batman Arkham series. Bring on Rise of the Tomb Raider in Native 4K HDR

looks so good! so glad to on a ps4!

DF you are full of shit, trying to argue that it is a change not for performance when everyone knows that the first look had a higher performance cost. You again show you real true side.

7:55 - you guys should know this, 2560x1368 isn't a 16:9 screen ratio. If you counted the vertical number then that resolution would be 2432x1368, because 2560 is obviously the horizontal of 1440p, which is an actual well known and well used resolution. Not sure how you managed to fluff that one up!

If your tv has natural motion or flow motion, I recommend set motion blur at 100% to avoid less "auras" as posible

Checked almost all analysis and performance comparison. They all seems to be no match to yours. Great insight :)

bad video. i will not buy spiderman.

Please do a Video next on Halo MCC’s Xbox One X enhancement update! I’d love to play this Spider-Man game, but my PS4 stopped working this spring

30fps?! Unplayable!!!! Oh wait this isn't a Switch game, now all of a sudden 30fps is fine because it's not on a Nintendo system.

Yo I need to know if the PS4 slim/phat/pro will sound like a jet when playing this game because I cannot

Beat it sell it.

This comes off like 100% damage control.... how much did Sony pay for this video, guys?

I don’t understand the fake controversy surrounding the graphics in Spiderman. *Why is the internet lying about the graphics?*

RDR 2 and Spider Man... Guess I'll buy a ps4

The only reason to buy a PS4

3:38 Peter has his ear(s) pierced??

It's Sony's Spiderman, they own it so...

this is how watch dogs should have looked just like e3 2012

This game would look awesome on Xbox One X Mutch better than PS4 Pro

20:00 10 years of graphics improvements on consoles and they still cannot process casting shadows on objects from car lights, when it was present in GTA IV released in 2008 LUL

I see you aren't even going to mention the completely omitted character shadows that were present in the demo. Convenient. Also, scrapping a material shader entirely right before release is NOT an artistic change because it actively changed the game overall graphical fidelity. The original shader gave off the impression that it was made of something atypical and more durable than cloth, the new look is something akin to the homemade wrestling suit made by Peter in the first Sam Raimi film, just an awful unnecessary change overall.There are also no dynamic shadows cast by vehicle headlights, something that video games have been doing for years and is not resource intensive at all (you can see dynamic shadows cast by street lights so they had plenty of overhead to work with.) And those cubemaps are laughably bad, as bad as Watch Dogs. You also said character model texture is nearly identical but had no mention of how significantly lower the environment textures are (see YongYea's comparison) again, convenient for a video that seemingly has nothing but positive things to say about the game. I'm a big fan of Digital Foundry and have been watching for a long time but you seem to be intentionally overlooking these glaring problems.

Why would the lack of puddles be an ‘artist change’? What, you think artists sit there trying to make games look worse? It’s like you guys are trying to sell your viewers snake oil. Why lie?

How comes you guys don’t show the destroyed building scene at 26:44 ? It’s because you know it’s downgraded. Less rubble, less explosion fx, less everything. How you’ve managed to make people believe something they KNOW looks worse, actually looks ‘better’, is beyond me.

wasted game on a shit system. Xbox would definitely bring out the potential

So no big difference between the ps4 pro and original ps4?

I’m sorry but this is definitely a downgrade. How much did you get paid to say it wasn’t DF? Or are you guys just blind? Heck, maybe there’s a reason you all wear thick ass glasses

Marvel's 30FPS-MAN

Since he's talking about shadows and lighting ---->> 20:01 --- why does Spidey not have a shadow here .. huh huh? (gotcha).

Master chief collection 4k xbox one x patch analysis. Hopefully in the near future please digital foundry

One of the best implementations of motion blur? it makes me sick to see it even on video. I wonder how eyes would hurt from one hour of playing it. Great to see developers allow switching it off.

That moment when you talk up the fantastic lighting effects coming from car headlights and spidey's casting no shadow as he walks through them.. and feet seem to slide a bit on the pavement as he walks.. *cringe*. game looks great though. I can't wait to see it first hand!

Spider man runs weird.

Why aren't the colors from spidey's suit not reflected in the puddle surface? I would expect to see some reds and blues being reflected in the puddles. Hopefully we can get some Iron man, Hulk cameos in there, maybe even some juggernaut.

"Downgraded" LMAO

The only puddles people will be comparing after this are the ones made by the Spider-Man fans when they play this game.

They should do an Original Xbox Hulk Ultimate Destruction with these graphics.

I guess nobody is as good as Rockstar Games :)

I absolutely love this video. I learnt many things, and I don't even own a PS4.

E3 it looked better

COME ON!! It's a huge downgrade! Just wishful thinking...

As always, an excellent video. Keep the good work.

Mejor el demo.

What a great review, loved the technical explanations!!, thank you!!

Great analysis

way to kill the Xbot spirit (just the fanboys, nothing against xbox players)

Maybe it hasnt been downgraded, maybe the dark lighting in this game just sucks. It looks amazing in the day but whenever it got dark in this video, I looked to the bottom corners of the screen to see if it was a different game, an older Spider-man game, that's how much more blurry it looks at light.

Now while i prefer my xbox, i had to get a ps4 for their exclusives, and this right here is a must have title. Cant wait to grab a copy of this! Looks fantastic

ya gone play this one time Xbox

Does anyone else see two police heads glitch on the screen when he freezes the frame at 8:09 ? Lmfaooo


downgrade confirmed

lol that floating cop head at 8:12

Sorry but i dont understand what you talking about lightning. cause for me , the light looks super weird during the day in the game vs E3. The light should be white not yellow during the day. but that might just be me. 3:55 (example of light) Looks wreird

8:34 floating cop head spider suit leak?

I think the red looks better in the demo

Oh no SOME puddles are gone!! That's all I want to do when I play a Spider-man game is to just run around in a puddle in circles, my immersion is ruined!!

People love to whine nowadays. Cry me a river.

Ok, so the final game looks better than the E3 demo.

Digital soundry, how much sony paid?

*They are a EuroGamer subdivision...*

This is orgasmic

10:43 It takes place around Halloween?...fuck yes! My favorite holiday and time of year.

those disembodied heads are just a smidgen disturbing.

Big Xbox fan and Playstation I own all the systems to date from start. But this game alone is gonna help PS4 destroy PS2 in sales if it rates high. They're not even competing against any othe game company, they are in a league of their own competing with them self. At least this gen.

shouldve put all these resources to a good game not some superhero lame ass

Oof, little sloppy on those spoiler censors DF

Honestly looks phenomenal

8:38 look at that cop head lol

PUBG 1.0 xbox one , fps test please

It was all going so well till he mentioned 30fps

I dont like gameplay of this, quicktime events, button mashing combat and almost automatic free running system mehh..

Xbox niggas crine rite now

If possible you guys should make a video about the work and process that developers put in making a video game. I think a lot of the people who complain about games being downgraded are ignorant to the amount of work that goes into making a video game. And yes some developers do downgrade games for technical limitations or artistic and directive reasons but nonetheless most aaa games have years of work and manpower spent on them. Knowledge about these games created for pleasure should help.

Cadê os babacas do Xbox Mil Graus?

8:39 watchout for floating heads on the right !!! :D

Ok I had to re-edit. The main thing that messes with me is that the suit now makes him look like a Pixar Toy! I wish they can have texture quality and level options especially for reflectivity.

PlayStation exclusives don't downgrade citizens. Thought y'all knew.

As a long time PC gamer, it absolutely blows me away that a $400 console looks this amazing. Sure, I'd like 60fps, but this is amazing, and I can't wait for Friday!!

I just wana say that this analysis is very very well done. In the comparison between the 2017 and 2018 versions, I gotta say I do prefer the suit material of the 2018 one but wish it was a bit cooler and slightly more shiny given that in the 2017 version you can see the dip in spidey's back when he looks at the demons before going in. Also, I like the 2018's indirect lighting like when he gets hit by the crane but swings under the bridges, you can see a lot more realistic lighting in the 2018 version as compared to the dim 2017 version. That said, I do prefer the 2017's cooler and more bright lighting as compared to the warmer colour of 2018. The 2017 version just looks realistic overall with the bright, cool lighting overhead which is reminiscent of a bright and sunny day.

Dear xbox/pc users, please, apply cold water to the burned area. No hate, but the puddles were your tears.

20 hours long lmao Also why does spidey look so godam cartoony?

Mmmmmm, much bespoke!

Also, stippling is pronounced like crippling. It's okay but I wanted to let you know for future reference.

One could say that the original suit material was meant to appear more silky and reactive, while the current one is more subdued. I mistook this for a downgrade at first as well. But new information like the higher-quality images you've shown are all it took to dispell that. I personally believe cuts were made to the reflections of puddles and shiny surfaces in general. But I don't think it would have been that costly to give spiderman a reflection on the building windows. I hope that is added in a patch.

when you see the police head bug haha at: 8:08

8:08 How is that not a downgrade from e3? The cops don't have a body

why are super hero stories always in NYC?

games itself looks boring and nothings special, considering gameplay too. But technically it is very impressive title. To run around Manhatten vast as it is in game, and had so much details in environment and amount of NPC and cars really gives a feeling of proper NY recreation. It feels more like updated version of GTA 5. We will see more improvements in this criteria once next gen will kick off with much more powerful CPUs. I was dreaming for years of Crysis type of game recreated in nowadays NY or something like that with complete dynamic destruction and open vastness like Spider-Man. Looking at Spider-Man and lurking next gen, we might actually getting close to it :)

That intro was a official. Felt like the beginning to a movie.. not sure if that is the vibe y'all was going for, but it's the one I got

When will they port it to PC?? Asking us to have a PS4 to play one game is a little shitty

I'm glad the game works great on Ps4 Normal as well!

Home is where you duke the hardest

The amount of views and comment in 2 days tho {GREATNESS}....

Phenomenal review! And thank you so much for your English, well spoken! I completely understood everything what you said (I'm Brazilian and not fluent).

does the base ps4 version use temporal injection or is it just the pro version?

17:15 *Eat your heart out, Cyberpunk2077*

Playing this now ... it is simply a must have for ps4 owners! Hdr works great as well.

Man no 60fps? thats a shame

30fps sub 1440p trash. Sony has zero exclusives that can actually do 60fps xboxone x has halo 5 60fps 4k,halo mcc has 5 games that are 4k 60fps ,forza 7 is 4k 60fps etc that ps4 pro is a waste of money. I'm going to red box Spider-Man tomorrow and beat it in a single day.

Yeah, but all those games suck. I have every console plus a gaming pc. This year I've spent a lot of time playing Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War and damn it, GOW is one of the best looking and best played games I've seen. And I have a gaming pc that will spank an Xbox one x.

30 FPS in 2018. Fail.

i'll play at 30fps if that means I am playing spiderman I wouldn't consider it a fail more a disappointment.

+Mark Henshaw Triggered? Wtf does Xbox one have to do with my comment? I don't even own the fucking thing. Fail.

Xbox One has no Exclusives Fail

Is that bedbugman?

Indeed the final game looks way better, verry cool content!

Should I play this on game mode on samsung 4ktv? I've noticed without Game mode on many games it's way smoother....

Should I turn off Motion blur in this game or not?

Best looking PS4 title. Hands down.

I like the E3 better, looks like gta redux, but i don't like the hud for e3 as much as the final versionn


Downgrade in the lighting, notably the drastic reduction (perhaps total disappearance) of global illumination and atmospheric haze/lighting contribution is self-evident on the main character and overall environment. As a result, a lot of the awesome cinematic look and realism has been lost. Big shame, for the game looked absolutely incredible back in 2017.

Car headlights are nice, but they don't provide real-time shadows when you walk in front of them.

Oh shit! He can swim!

Excellent through out ps5 will do what Xbox 1 x did and more once you are crowned king defending it should be easy go sony still got the og ps1 ok keep your fingers moving.

Good video keep me coming just got a sub outa me.

The game downsamples on PS4 pro on 1080p sreens or not ??Anyone knows?

"the game is good not simply popping cars into existance...." so... what happens at 6:18 ??? did that truck just appeared there???

Did Digital Foundry just revealed the PC build of the game? ^_^

Wow this is wild, the game looks so much better than I thought it did. There is so much detail when you look at things closely that is so not typical of even the best open world games.

Sold me on it and I aint a Spidey or superhero fan. And thats where we are at now??? Criticizing cubemaps? Get a life people or try to enter a game company and make something better. Good luck on that.

Fuck press start podcast.

Bad draw distance

The lighting changes in that scene really did look suspicious, plus games are downgraded all the time, but I admit I was wrong. Game looks great!

In all honesty......none of this shit matters..This game is tough!! . Simple, basic even but tough...In a Great way.

Hey, why don't you compare the performance of the game with the Xbox . . . oh wait.

Game was "downgraded" or "optimized" since E3 2017. This guy stating that it has been actually improved has limited knowledge of graphics or he's just simply lying to you. These effects were downgraded: 1. DOF uses less samples 2. Tone Mapping has changed completely 3. Anisotropic specular highlights removed completely; replaced by standard specular highlights 4. And "puddlegate", cubemaps were baked specifically for the E3 demo Artists changed in-game lighting to counter these "optimizations". Overall it's not a big problem. Every developer "cheats" a bit during presentations.

H8ts every developer cheats during presentations. Especially Ubisoft

Does he show the FPS? At what time

I pooped so much while watching this

This guy is gobbing the game big time, you can tell he was paid. There clearly was a downgrade. Lightning is worse, effects reduced, less details etc...

The day I buy a console is the day they get a keyboard, mouse and the latest intel and nvidia components

RTX put to INSANE shame! Nvidia stocks must be dropping hard!

Sure, make a good looking fast-paced game.. And cap to 30 FPS.. wtf are they thinking.

Why did they make the final game yellower? I don’t get it.

Even with decent input latency, how can a locked 30 fps be fluid ? Huge mistake not offering a higher fps/lower resolution option in a game that requires you to make split second decisions mid-action. I have to play GoW on performance mode to get close to that 60fps as 30fps is unplayable. My inputs on the controller always seem quicker than what 30fps can handle...

I'm getting the shill vibes hard tbh.. You guys normally don't though.. Maybe its just fanboying?

this video was good,who would of thought that the game companies raised their graphical quality/detail just for a games public showing.what a clever tactic i must say,makes sense even tho it seems very shady,but hey its still good looking game overall but the e3 demo looks much more realistic to my eyes.

8:08 Did you not notice the cop's heads floating there? XD

I am sold, ordered for the PRO

Fantastic fact based video

526 dislikes. Must be Xbox fanboys

PlayStation is King of Consoles.

Sony didn't lose the license, they sold all Spider-Man merchandising rights back to Marvel in 2011 when they were going through a pretty rough patch and needed some quick cash.

Boogie2988 anyone?

What an intro.

Especially love the water effects.. Eat your heart out DICE with your crappy water in the BF5 beta..

Digital Foundry: "Amazing Level of Detail" And yet, misses the fact that Spider-man's missing reflection on windows is blatantly obvious. *sigh* You can still make out his shadow, but if the surrounding buildings are so reflective, so should Spider-man, especially when hit by so much sunlight.

Watching this vedeo reminds me of being told santa isn't real when I was 5

splashing also gone in the final game

Using cubemaps for reflections in 2018... lol

Runs at 30fps on the PRO?? That's lame.

No one saw doctor octopus 3:21

when is dq11 analyzes?

20:01 cars dont project spidermans shadow.

30 fps? why......

lol if they thought the 'cloth' version looked better they would have showed that in the demo at E3. Yall just lying to yourselves because you like Spiderman. Most of these game developers are showing footage that is not actual gameplay that they plan or are capable of providing at showcases at E3 Batman Arkham Knight did it as well. Things are this way because you idiots financially support these lying companies anyways.

something that "looks better" is entirely subjective. There for you would be wrong.

So the reason the suit looks more texture rich in the E3 2017 demo is because it had more of a plastic look than a cloth look like the final game? I'm sorry but this sounds like making excuses to me. To me the demo basically just looks plain better. The final game is more cartoonish/animated and the demo has more textures. At the same time though, I still don't think the game was downgraded. I think what happened is the E3 2017 was a concept that was not promised, therefore the final game is not a downgrade. It's not a downgrade unless Insomniac made a point of it and promised that the demo is realistic of how the final game would look. To my knowledge they never said anything of the sort though. So while it does NOT in fact look as good as the demo it is still not a downgrade because you can't base off of a concept. To make excuses as to why it looks "different" (they really mean better) in the demo is silly though. Just admit it doesn't look as good while also agreeing it is not a downgrade. I know one thing for sure though and that's that none of this has made me want the game any less. I'm still just as excited as I was before all this puddle nonsense came up.

This review is the REAL DEAL!

Yeet my dad's friend worked on the lighting. Even though hundreds of other people do... But still, It's cool, in my opinion

Sony is anti-gaming community. Sony is literally standing in the way of true cross platform multiplayer.

Wow, the final game version of Spider-Man's suit is actually way better than the E3 build! The colors are more vibrant so the red and blue actually look like proper red and blue, instead of edgy crimson, and navy blue.

Imagine if watch dogs turned out to look like this

No other YouTube channel analysis games like DF does. They deservesat least 2-3M subs while LLT makes shitty daily videos with 6M subs.

no matter what game title if good graphic but dynamic resolution it mean blurry image not clean sharp on tv.better game on pc with native resolution

21:28 Sunset Uberdrive lol

wow. great video break down.

This would be so beautiful on PC, in 1440 Ultrawide at 60+fps. Oh well, one can dream... ;)

this may seem odd but why did they give him expressions? He is wearing a mask and generally masks are devoid of expressions, especially around the eyes. The old tv show you never knew what the expression was on his face because his eye screens were a fixed style. Just my nitpick of the character design, not the game itself.

Everyone should already know good and damn well not to believe what you see on E3 launch trailers and game play, especially if the game is still in development.

Insomniac games needs to make a Superman game

8 hours away ! it's downloading now guys ! aren't you happy for me ? say it ! say you're happy for me

I am happy for you.


Where’s the Xbox fans? Salty much? lol

Why are people talking about xbox more than the game? Obsessed fans. Will buy this, looks good.

And again PS4 game has the best graphics.And at 12:11 water physics.Insomniac have been doing good job in this way since Resistance 2(why guys didn't mention this it's a question)

Well that's that argument settled no more silly critiques now please people let's all just enjoy the game

Don't care what anyone says motion blur is hands down the worst effect in gaming history

Every time I see Spider-Man in the trailers or gameplay running up buildings it makes me think of Prototype which is another game I like and still play sometime when I just want to run around crushing everything. Hopefully another prototype game will be made eventually but the movement and running and swinging look awesome and I can’t wait to play this game to see just how amazing it is.

If you play something like crysis 3 with settings turned up it still looks better than this on PC LOL, not saying its a bad game but graphics are hardly anything new

I would argue they cut down on the spectacular highlighting/shine a little too much.

The only thing that threw me off was the lack of shadows when Spidey walks through headlights. It gets my preorder!

Why tf would you play spiderman?


11:41 a wagon appears spontaneously and others vanish hehehe.

A dip to 29 fps. This game is garbage!!! I will no longer be buying this shit. Thanks for letting me know digital foundry.

Hey guess what everybody?! The game ACTUALLY WASN’T downgraded!! Who’d have freaking thought, right?! Thank you Digital Foundry for debunking this ridiculous “controversy.” The crap these days...

DigitalFoundry analysis made the reviews from other channels looks like sh**


I was sold as soon as I saw that squirrel or giant rat (it is new york after all) run through that mans legs at 19:34. I'm a simple man with simple taste. *shoulder shrug*

at 8:41, I've just noticed a cop's head flying in the air. Just sayin'

PlayStation has been killing it lately with god of war now this.

Watched a lot of your videos and it seems to me you are biased everything against the PS4 you slag off I am unsubscribing goodbye

The car headlights weren't producing a shadow when you were walking in front of the cars at night.

No shadow cast by car headlights?

Rip xbox

Am I the only one who thinks that the E3 demo looked more like a CG cartoon, which was a better artistic choice for a Marvel game?

This channel is 100x better than that fake Cleanprince gaming and Downward thrust.

This game looks cool I'll buy it when it gets cheap. But red dead next month

Mostly agree, but you didn't note that the explosion effects at about 26:46 look much better in the demo. Can't say if that's consistent since I don't have the game but still.

very "detailed" review of the graphics .... you should analize the Zapruder film, you could solve the mystery.....

8:38 a flying head... bug detected

I still think that the suit in the Demo looked better. A good way to see a difference by ignoring the cloth part of the suit but looking at the spider symbol which hasn't changed in material. In the final game the lighting and shading on the spider looks really flat and unrealstic compared to the E3 demo.

Wow, DF knows how to make you really appreciate the incredible work of the whole development team. Insane! Also how much did Sony spend to get this level of detail from Insomniac? must have been literally trucks full of money. wow.

the E3 Demo version will most likely end up being the ps5 version if it gets ported

Are we just ignoring the fact that there are floating police heads 8:35

This game was the sole reason i upgraded to a PS4 Pro and got a 4K HDR TV and HOKY SHIT! this game from a visual standpoint is the best i have ever seen. There is so much detail in everything and the game is so colourful and vibrant. Its just so beautiful.

+jvalex18 Read the comment, i said it was the best game visually "I" have seen not that it was the best overall.

Well no, some games are better looking (mostly PC games). Still mighty impressive.

Lots of graphics analysis lots of game program analysis

Well, I’m happy with the game and performance and how it looks.

I think the final game version looks better overall, personally. The suit texture and reflectivity is a little less cinematic, but works better overall I think. The bad guy character models look better for instance.

*"the game also features a dynamic on foot traversal system.."* come on, this is already featured in The Amazing Spider-Man by Beenox

ya but what about raytracing

One thing I hate about digital foundry. One game they will complain some objects aren’t detailed enough. And then in another video say do some of these objects need to be that detailed? Make up your damn minds lol.

Great vid as usual.

That water is the best water I’ve ever seen in a video game.

If Ubisoft made spider man it would be opposite.

30fps locked game in 2018. Nice exclusive peasants

13:24 from then onwards. It looks like a crappy game for the internet XD

4K, HDR or both ?

Thanks for this great video and the whole analysis!!!!

The web swinging around new york is sooo FUCKIN COOL im not playing the fuckin story. Im just swinging on my web for hours looking at the beautfil digital NYC

its certainly good times at the console gaming...

I hope you guys were never actually worried about this game getting downgraded lol stop paying attention to these Xbox fanboys who make their way into the comment section because they claim to have "more power" did we all forget the original Xbox was more powerful than PS2 and we all know who won that race. This is Sony's generation so we can hold this W. Maybe the Xbox brand will hold the throne next gen the same way they did with the 360.

The shininess of the suit from the E3 2017 demo isn't just specularity, it's retroreflectivity.

8:34 Don't mind me. Just a head just floating to work.

That taxi at 21:20 is gonna need to collect some insurance info before the guy runs! lol

23:51 no water with no real time reflection , better shader in e3 2017 demo, better shadows. then later shots lokos like they had Global illumination, which seems to not be there in the final release. it looks downgraded there. Most people not seeing a downgrade simply do not know how light actually works.

When I somehow thought this was made by naughty dog

nothing can beat Batman Arkham Knight graphics

15:45 dude got snapped in the head over and over again.

Nice analysis

thank you digital, I am so tired of saying because the texture looks different, it does not mean it changing the settings for the console

8:41 haha the police cop heads

This game is as shallow as a puddle. Trash.

Were all the clips from the ps4 pro?

Seriously impressive. Maybe the best looking game overall!

Final game looks nicer IMO, I don't really like how washed out the E3 demo seemed to be.

This looks great and all good job PS4 peasants you have a beautiful game... And enjoy it at 30fps

Why do you trick your audience? How much has Sony paid you to deny the downgrade? What a great job of Insomniac Games to optimize the graphics for the poor performance of the ps4. They have achieved a beautiful finish graphics, although the downgrade than 2017 trailer. I'm going to buy Spiderman, in spite of the incomplete game, 3 DLCs are released in the next 3 months.

8:34 look at the floating copheads on the right

IDC it still looks more fugly then The e3

Goes to show gamers these days will b*tch about anything. I can't believe that in the year 2018 people were actually considering to boycott a Triple A, fully realized, Spiderman game . . . . . all because of some puddles LMAO!


30:35 omg "shed some light" im done lmfaooo

Anyone else spot the floating cop heads at 8:35

Again no 60fps on PRO? Meh, I can see no noticeable difference on FHD screen. I don't care that much about resolution as about framerate, so I'll stick with my quiet Slim in this generation. My next console will be PS5. Thank you.

this game surpassed eveN GOW in terms of quality and gameplay . anyone not playing this is missing on the best game of the year !

Digital Foundry sure do love that traffic density!

Downgraded game is term for switch. No worry guys Btw this is the game you have to play just like zelda botw. Freaking masterpiece!

Why didn’t you show the FPS for the standard PS4? You only showed it for the PS4pro. Other than that, great video!


*B E S P O K E*

8:40 Floating cop heads?

Replace spider man with Niko Bellic and driveable cars then we will have GTA 4 remake :)

Why are you making so many excuses for this game’s graphical shortcomings? Did you really use “limited manpower” as an excuse for lighting, resource, and reflection shortcomings? This is SPIDERMAN, Sony’s highly prized Marvel property. Why are we talking about limited man power? It’s amazing to me the approach to this review vs the Arkham X1X review you guys did right before it. In that video you repeatedly throw the hardware under the bus and say how you expected more from “Microsoft’s Top Console”. In this video you defend the hardware and blame any issues on a perceived lack of manpower on the developer. In the Arkham video I hardly think you placed any blame on the dev. I can sum up the Spiderman graphics differences between E3 and release very simply: They lowered reflection and lighting quality and bumped up the resolution.

Reflection and particles were bumped down, but lighting, texture details, resolution, color and motion to clothes were all updated. Another difference was the colder (E3) and warmer (Final) overall settings. That does not affect graphical performance. So all in all, roughly, there were more upgrades (80 %) than downgrades (20%) in the final game.

It's still a downgrade for me, maybe the textures remains the same but the shadows, lighting was just better there. The water part tho... holy shit.

awesome explaination !!!

If we are ignoring 3d tvs n 3d ps3 n 4 games when now due to 4u etc we r criticizing cloth lighting?! We HAD 3D GAMING. NOW ITS 4K N VR N ITS ALL YOUR FAULTS. just b4 this it was the whole scene in layers w sunglasses on.

I’m actually blown away with how great games are looking now with the level of detail. I just sit on top of the buildings looking off in the distance at the water and city scape in awe. What an amazing job the team at insomniac have done


For a extra like £150 on a console for “4K” gameplay , bro I just bought a 4K ultra tv lol

downgrade no lie

Halfway through the game, and still the suit lacks the lighting and reflections from the E3 demo, under all day/night conditions. Its so obvious, i dont understand how people still think it wasnt downgraded. Well Sony has lost my trust, will not be hyping up or pre ordering anymore, i bought a PS4 just for this game. I can understand journalists being paid by sony to distract and divert focus to a fucking puddle thats missing and make it into a joke, but one has to be either a sony fanboy or really dumb to think the graphical quality was not downgraded, even so some pretending it was upgraded is so stupid. Just based on few objects were added and lighting and effects were adjusted in the final build. The suit's materialistic reflection and shine is completely missing and no one cares. Because of that, ive been playing with the classic suit and just ignoring the white advanced suit.

I guess Xbox fanboys are now gonna say DF isn't credible again. Until the narrative benefits them.

How such a large, impressively detailed open world can be so seamless is mind blowing. I love this game!


The main point I'd say is that this game lost a lot more potential being on a ps4/pro in general. Just let it go to the PC platform and allow people to play the game how they want. The limiting nature of exclusives (which I know the whole debate around and the "reason" for them) is just plain stupid and limiting. I'm not going out of my way to buy a ps4 just to play a single game and more than likely even if one falls onto my lap right now, I'd probably not even bother hooking the thing up and playing it with a controller. More reason to not play it it'd be on a dual shock controller which I don't particularly already like just due to it's smaller size. Feels small and cheap. Outside all that tangent, I don't think it looks all that bad but given the debate about graphics is on the table I'm gonna chime in and say the game would of course look WAY better on an actual PC that could handle all of it's settings and actually higher rendered resolutions. It's just a given and I'm gonna be that guy of the many that probably have commented the same thing. Bring it to PC and stop making an inbred, hamster wheel versions of games with more potential on an actual gaming platform.

Or just bring it to PC and let it actually SHINE! Pun intended. Lol.

I wish this game wasn’t a ps4 exclusive. I would love to play this on my pc

What’s a good setting on motion blur and film grain. do you all turn off film grain and motion blur? Im curious what the differences are.

Make the color temperature warmer than the E3 demo.... DOWNGRADE REEEEEEEEEE. Jesus Christ.

Put it on the x

He's wearing elastane/spandex, which is kinda shiny. E3 version looks much more realistic imo.

Those PS3 graphics tho....

The walking animation feels like sliding. Not realistic. His foot does not stay on the ground while walking.

I really didn’t pay attention to the whole “Puddlegate” fiasco, but it says a lot to me that people were suggesting ray tracing when it came to the puddles. It really shows that people really have no idea what ray tracing actually is and how insanely demanding it is.

Is nobody gonna talk about how car headlights cast no shadows?

The game and models are so detailed I love it

I think it's the last time I watch your videos as it spoils the magic for me. I think God of War, Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Dawn are amongst the best, if not the best looking games (and best game overall) on consoles out there, but your videos kind of makes me see all the little graphical quirks and compromise the developpers had to put in there because of hardware limitations. I don't want to know, it's good and beautiful, period. Great videos though ;)

Agree with your cube map theory. Great analysis!

Sony fans claim the game got an upgrade. I see just more polish. But whatever, its not like Sony fans know what a true upgrade is. lmao

Spierman: Quicktime!

What an amazing analysis, it is the most detailed and professional I've seen so far. Thank you Digital Foundry !

I am gonna speculate that what they did is decrease the resolution of the gloss map to save on memory and because the highlights looked blurred they decreased the overall glossiness of the suit.

WARNING: THIS VIDEO SPOILS THE ENTIRE GAME. Thanks guys. Thanks for making me waste my time by throwing in a major spoiler. Assholes.

So this video pretty much ends the “puddle gate” fiasco.

I wish this game was on PC too

Honestly hope this game gets re-mastered for the next gen Sony console, would love to see it look even better! ❤️

Trollzous sent me here

I aint even a fan of spiderman i think i saw only the first one in 2001 or 2002 but ill get this game just for the amazing enviorment

Good video, I may get some use out of my ps4 now, only use it for ff14 and nioh is the only game I go back to regular,

You know those 605 + dislikes are from sad Xbox fanboys

I've found fps drops near times square and other similarly busy areas of the city. Idk how significant they are though since I don't have a measuring tool.

This game is fire!

I'm surprised they didn't mention the fact that during that scene with the two different headlights, no shadow was cast when the player stepped in front of them.

insomniac said that they were offered multiple games to develop from marvel and thy chose Spiderman , i just hope marvel is developing an iron man game with another studio .

So we just gonna ignore the fact that there was a collision at 21:21 and they both just drove away like it was nothing?

Xbox owners be like....?

Hilarious that John messed up and leaked Ock. It has since been blurred out from when they originally uploaded this video.

Those textured cubes are just shaders

It should be a given that when showcasing a game a year or so out from release, or even a few months before going gold, that certain aspects of lighting and art are going to be tweaked and changed. No further notice should be needed. It's very different, however, when a company pulls a Ubisoft where they market a product with a certain visual quality and then show us something completely different on the eve of release. Or, say, a company pulls an Aliens: Colonial Marines where even well after release the back of the game box still features graphical fidelity and assets that are straight up absent from the actual game. This is not a downgrade. Personally, I like that the game looks more vibrant as it furthers its own visual identity.

your voice makes me cringe every time

Actually, I would like to challenge the notion that the material changed purely as an artistic choice. The suit in the E3 demo is made to look like skin tight nylon, which can be shiny under the right lighting conditions. It isn't overly shiny or plastic like if you see it as nylon, maybe slightly exagerated sure. One reason that it might be for performance is that nylon has anisotropic specular highlights which is more complex to calculate, whereas the suit in the final game seems to use plain blinn shading. Although with everything else going on graphically, anisotropic highlights shouldn't be the bottleneck. Also, to me at least, the E3 suit just looks better artistically. It highlights his physique and in general just makes him stand out even more than he already does. It just has that Hollywood feel to it.

Top Notch Production again from DF

my only complaint is the absence of dynamic shadows. no shadows behind you while you are in front of a car light

Dude, how many pages was your script, great video!!

This looks beautiful. Maybe I should finally upgrade my 7 years old pc to play this lol

Glad found this channel

Graphics is already very beautiful even without ray tracing.

Insomniac; Santa Monica Studios; Guerrilla and Naughty Dog. Make Superb Quality Games. Truly Master Pieces!!

4:49 16:16 I'm not buying that. The demo one clearly looks more realistic. So its not an artistic choice! Its due to limitations of their production!

Probably the best analysis i've ever seen.

wow this game looks stunning. im buying this game today :-)

Pushpop LoC Coming from a dude with a PS4 and GTX 1060 6GB midrange PC : it would make absolutely no sense to buy consoles if all the available exclusives could be bought on more powerful hardware. This is a Sony funded game. Exclusives drives sales.

I still feel who ever was in charge of character faces did awful, only one that looked good was stan lee and fisk.

After I played spider man on ps4 pro I have to admit it's one of the best looking games for sure. Not only on ps4 but also including Xbox and pc.

DF once again proving they're the most trusted source for video-game technical insight. Thanks for this video, always a pleasure watching.

From what I've heard, this game's Marvel's answer to Batman Arkham games.

I still see a downgrade lol. I watched someone on twitch playing on a pro and it looked like trash the lighting was not realistic at all.

Did they use ray-tracing technology for the E3 demo? the lighting looks way to good. that's my only concern, i don't own a ps4 or will ever play this game, but there is something to be said about games not representing themselves accurately during presentations, they may have not changed anything or 'beefed up' other assets but LIGHTING makes a huge difference, thats graphic design 101. and its possible that removing that because the ps4 can not process it is likely and thats why it looks different. just a thought.

Spider-Man 2018 is the prebuild for Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction. Please Insomniac give us this one too.

No matter what way you slice it, the people who compared it to Watch Dogs were being way too harsh towards it.

8:34 - Go ahead with your pixel counting, while I'm creeped out by the floating police officer's head

This is what sux about the focus on resolution... I would have so preferred a performance mode on the Pro raising the frame rate...

THIS was what the original Watch_Dogs was supposed to look like.

“I was wrong about the Spiderman downgrades” -CPG


I get angry at exclusive games. I love Spider-Man but I'm on PC so it sucks to be me I guess. >.

Now sell this city and all of it's data to Rockstar so they can patch it to make a quick GTA 6. This is dope

yes, yes we are

A decent reply on youtube... I'm confused!

Key words: 'To me' While you prefer the e3 suit, i always thought it looked a bit to shiny in most circumstances. It's a problem i had with the second Andrew Garfield suit too. The new one looks a lot mkre vibrant and colourful as well as reflecting light less. Even then, i respect your opinion on the e3 suit and disagree

You forgot Quantic Dream

Just...just stop it. I am NOT assuming anything. I am drawing conclusions based on what is presented. Its very obvious that it takes more efforts to render a shiny suit that reflects light than a just a plain suit. Don't be one of those people who assume that other people are stupid.

+Nikhchan's Gaming  Nikhchan's Gaming  like i said, dont be one of those people who assumes the faults and intentions of the developers. The e3 demo might look realistic to nylon, but real life doenst always look as beautiful as a goty contender and i think this is one of those cases. I prefer the less reflective final suit over the extremely shiny e3 suit.

It's shiny like a shiny cloth. Have you seen nylon under any kind of light? "the overall lighting of the day is darker" To avoid putting in detail on the dark parts? Going overcast is so cool! If it talks walks like a dock and quacks like a duck...well there it is...

oh whoops, I misunderstood that. Sorry :))

the demo one really doesn't though. As mentioned in the video, its unnecessarioy shiny. Even then, if you zoom in and look at the textures and model, almost nothing has changed. Also, the overall lighting of the day is darker, there are more clouds and it seems to be later in the day. Also, that's your opinion, which comes into the artistic choice part. If you prefer the e3 version then good for you, but don't be one of thos idiots who thinks that because they think something looks better than another, the developers MUST have downgraded it

I didn't mean the game, but their argument that the changes in versions were due to artistic choices. Besides I dont hhave a PS4 (brokedown).

Nikhchan's Gaming not buying one of the best games of the year because of a slight graphical change? Your loss

ok, but we are talking strictly graphical downgrade. That's where all the debate is

*cough* *cough* artistic choice *cough* *cough*

Lol get out of here , its a SONY game video nowhere here does it say microshit and xbox one one cares if you dont wanna play it , most people have brains and can see exclusives are what sale more sorry the truth hurts maybe the masterace isnt to godlike anymore is it hahaha byeeee!!

Nioh, persona 5, spiderman, last of us 1 & 2,bloodborne, nier automata, ratchet and clank, gt sport, last guardian, shadow of the colossus, and many many many more xxx we owned yo for 3 years now ur 3rd party look slightly better than ours but our 1st party piss all over anything you have worm xxxx

lmao, seeya dude. You won't be missed

This game looks amazing, and the animation is superb

I wish more games would use dynamic resolution.

Poor xboners. Welp back to state of decay and sea of poop ^_^

G.O.T.Y 2018? I hope so. Excellent game design; Unreal, take note (even if you are the best at what you do IMHO).

My issue with games is with the NPC in games today I would like them to have a better AI least in their actions enemies and none enemies. So people aren't just standing around for no reason it's very unrealistic.


“Sorry no puddle. Not buying the game.”

I don’t know why everyone is saying xbox people are disliking or screaming downgrade. I own an xbox one s and I’m happy spider-man finally got a good game. Sure, I would like for it to be on Xbox but good for you


I actually prefer the E3 colour palette.

This comparison was not the best really. Some points made about the shadows and lighting coming down just what was more realistic is a big cop out. It may seem more "realistic" to you ( that is very debatable to say the least ) but was also much less taxing on the PS4 hardware which he conveniently leaves out. The shaders and bloom quality in the original lighting is way more taxing. The reflective Spider-man character model ( a suit material change ? cringe! ) being swapped out made it way easier on the Hardware ( now the reflections don't have to be computed ). The shadows you may feel are more natural ( again very debatable ) but are much easier to draw and much less eye catching. Puddles?, I really don't care about that but again are lower quality with less reflective areas that made it easier on the system. Insomniac optimized the game in all the right ways. It is an amazing looking game that does everything it can to be the experience people want. A master work in design. Truth is they could not really run the game consistently the way they wanted so switched out for cheaper effects that still looked nearly as good ( Smart optimization ) and then worked on what they could push such as textures ( which are more on the memory than the compute power, again smart ) They used a lot of smart simulation tricks to achieve a beautiful game but this is still a technical downgrade.

I wouldn't even play another Spiderman game unless it was made by Insomniac.

I should be able to like this video more than once.

30 mins of horseshit about textures

People who complain about the puddles either A) Don't know how water behaves, and B) Aren't remotely familiar with the New York City's concrete cityscapes, and have never seen it themselves. Just try walking around New York on a sunny day and count how many puddles you see, I think you'll find there are a little less than a few, and that's regardless of where you are. In addition to that, it never rains in this game as it does in real life, so the idea that a puddle must ignore how water evaporates and stay there just for the sake of eyecandy is actually asinine. Yeah, I know it's just a video-game. But, see, you can't make that argument when the whole reason this puddle debacle arose in the first place was allegedly because you thought it made the game "less realistic." If you people really wanted more realistic, then you got it my friends.

Anyhow u could make a patch that we can change the color to the White-Blue tone like in the E3?

Anyone notice the flying cop head @ 8:35

Why not 60?


Just shut up please .

+Filip laskovski yes you right infamous second son was great and for me one of the best ps4 games so far!

Don’t forget SuckerPunch

What a waste. It would of been better if it were on PC. This game on three monitors would be infinitely immersive swinging from building to building.

3:20 are you kidding, editor? LOOOL

Finally a motion blur that doesn't make me want to gouge out my eyes!

I prefer the shinier suit.....

we want these details also in the next GTA game !!!

11:05 this place looks like bf4 second mission from campaign

Once you become familiar with all of the combat game mechanics, nearly every fight looks like a movie. I love it!

My two cents on the downgrade: based on insomniacs decisions with the rest of the game, the lighting change for the suit only should be considered a downgrade. The more reflective material would lead to more interesting highlights of wrinkles and muscle and therefore a more vibrant artistic choice. The decision to remove those highlights, again considered with the rest of insomniac's package, can only be a downgrade.

Thank you for profiling the Base PS4, i thought you had forgotten about it for a moment that most people have that version.

900p 30fps next gen!

Wait so Spiderman can swim now? Wow, I was dreaming that on Spiderman 2 (PS2) since I love to dive alot just for fun!

4:01 how can you say identically while there are more than visible differences in the texture quality xX

10:28 Is that Anita Sarkeesian on a sticker on the traffic light?

This is the first graphics comparison video that I've ever seen, and man did I feel smart after it ended. The number of aspects at play here simply blow my mind. Hats off to the developers, and props to the creators of this video as well!

Dudes just missing tattoos on PS4 standard lol

Finally someone who isn't saying spiderman was downgraded, Im subscribing just because of that.

I prefer a game not looking that good and running at 60fps than 30fps. Too bad still no excuse to go with a PS4.

B E S P O K E !


PC and Xbox gamers without PS4s seem to be very salty.

I was worried about Insomniac pulling a Ubisoft at first, but I cant wait to pick up this game,

They DID downgrade it though. That's an undisputed fact which everybody with eyes can confirm. Not sure why DF of all people would blatantly lie about it. That's a HUGE loss of credibility on their part.


So anyone have found a setting for the best graphic fidelity?! Chromatic Abberation & Motion Blur better off or on?!

dunno I like the final game more the suit is more saturated and better represents spiderman.

shiny suit looks better though. like its made of nylons not plastic

Lightning effects with a lot of enemies can tank the frame rate, especially when also using the drones. It would be great if you guys would go back and stress test the game when a lot of effects are going on in combat.

When it comes to graphics and details, the biggest gripe I have with the game is the fact that the city seems to only be inhabited by adults in the age range of about 18-50. And they are all thin, I guess the only fat person is Fisk in this universe. More games have began including all walks of life into their open worlds and it makes those games so much more immersive. Most recent examples is Witcher 3 and Assassins Creed Origins. Walking through Novigrad in Witcher 3 watching all the different people in many different stages of life doing various activities is one of the most immersive gaming experiences I have ever had. And when it comes to those skyscraper interiors, the idea is brilliant and does make the game feel more real. But I find the implementation in the game to be really poor as they lack variety, and especially in size and the type of rooms. Mostly all buildings have the same single squared room repeated over and over again. Once I stop and actually look at those buildings it looks really ugly and I would rather prefer a more simple reflected window texture. And another glaring issue with it is the fact that none of them are inhabited. Like there are no people who actually live in those buildings, bunch of illuminated rooms but no one is actually there. They should have taken some of those pedestrians they have on the ground and put them inside rooms. Now that is my two biggest gripes when it comes to the graphics of this game. But I will also stress that I do love this game and I think the game looks absolutely stunning. While some issues becomes apparent when you stop and really look at the details, the game looks phenomenal in motion. Swinging through the streets as Spiderman is pure joy and in motion it is a truly great and immersive experience. And since it is obvious they will make a sequel down the line I bet the issues I have stated will be improved upon. It is truly a stellar looking game and it has the gameplay and story to back up the graphical quality. It is truly amazing how good games can look when it is exclusively made for one platform. Uncharted, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spiderman etc. All of these games looks absolutely amazing. I can't wait to see what they will be able to accomplish when they start making PS5 exclusive titles.

je suis bien content de pas avoir de console s'est toujours aussi limite j’espère que la prochaine génération sortira du lot

On a side note from the technical aspects, this game appears to have the same issue some other games do. The player seems to not have complete presence in the game according to NPC behavior. If you look around 17:40 the NPC's are playing a game of ignore to Spiderman, or apparently they see Spiderman enough that him running through the streets doesn't deserve a second glance. At around 18:15 all we get is some basic turning at very close proximity, but apparently him walking along the rails isn't particularly exciting, it's not a convincing behavior.

I am disappointed in the Spiderbutt. It doesn't look sexy at all!

Anyone complaining about the suit...go back and watch the Cycu1 video on the 2016 vs 2017 gameplay analysis. EVERYONE complained about how plasticy looking the suit looked in 17. So they change it back and everyone complains that it's not plasticy like in 17? People are confusing...

In general muted colors and lighting is better for realism. The game looks fantastic but I'm not very fond of the eye popping colors. The lighting in the E3 demo I think was better with a more cinematic look.

8:10 the head on the right

Wow a game that looks generally better than its E3 reveal? Sad how rare that is.

Awww man. I was really hoping for a performance mode on the PS4 pro. I play God of War on performance mode and it's far better than the usual locked 30 fps. Not a dealbreaker, but it's annoying.

They removed more details in the final game on the rooftop scene.

so other than the puddles, the UPGRADED most of the graphics


Next Gen Sony console will most likely have BC anyway.

Obvious downgrade. E3 version looked better in every aspects. Plasticy and plastic wrap digital foundry? The suit looked more detailed and realistic. The lighting was better. Environment looked more detailed with more elements. Better ambient occlusion. Better explosions , effects, etc. They toned the game down , looks like they raised the resolution, and added more brighter colors and added some objects and rooms inside buildings that wasn't in e3 version. Overall its a great looking game and I want to play it. But I won't be fooled by john or anybody. Digital foundary can shove this shit right back up their asses. Also everyone is used to looking at the e3 version on the left and retail on the right. Notice how john from digital foundry switches it up to try and trick your brain.

Wow that was Amazing to watch...Cheers! ❤ great game, about 75% done. now im off to watch Cleanprincegaming finish apologising

I think the final game looks better than the e3 demo

bring the game to PC. Enjoy real-time reflections with RTX Raytracing.

Anyone having fps drops on ps4 pro?

I've been having fun with this game a lot BUT STILL DISAPPOINTED ITS ONLY 30FPS game even on PRO. it's an action game and it sucks to swing at 30fps :/

bago696 its impressive tho

Black SSJRosé are you sure you aren't watching in 480p?

That number goes perfectly with how many consoles xbox team has sold.

Imagine this RTX [on] !

Top-quality analysis!

Goes to show how downgraded the game got. Just made an excuse of 'different texture' to downgrade because they know the ps4 cant handle it all. The game isnt that great ether, batman arkham knight still shits all over this one. Everybody and all the cars look the same in the streets. Very lively huh..

8:37 floating heads xd

This game would be crazy demanding on PC.

Great video, I really wish I had a playstation right now, (sigh)

My Minecraft ultra shaders can run real time reflections so wHy CaNt SpIdErMaN!?1!11?

Still no headset setting for sound though!?

No game should be stuck at 30 fps. That is messed up. It would be like the latest movie was only released in 720p and can only be played on a cheap Blu Ray player. Also, 30 fps IS NOT smooth. I don't care if the frame times stay consistent, it still isn't smooth. It doesn't even look like fluid motion to me. Just a terrible headache waiting to happen. As a long time Spider-Man fan, this saddens me that I'll never be able to play this unless they remaster this game for the next PlayStation(and the frame rate is acceptable).

This to me, shows that the final game looks so much better than original Demo....i never watched the original demo, honestly wasn't interested in this game until it came out, really enjoying it so far though.

Excellent balance was kept in the video. Incredible journalism, Digital Foundry!

When start the game why sounds an intro like a 128kb/s audio file???? Anyone else noticed this? They can't afford a cleaner intro music? This is ridiculous. And why the hub and a mini map in the game not 4k scaled? It's looks like a 1080p scale implementation while the game looks "4k".

Mr. Person it’s not rare for PS4 exclusives

chinchy111 for the base PS4 that came out in 2013 yes! But the Pro goes up to 2000p

pc is bad for gaming


It must kill them to give Sony props.

Lol.. u mad bro?

Professor Pepe not possible I have an Iphone 8 plus

It looks nice, but the input lag is insane.

Than Play Minecraft, Buddy.

Black SSJRosé still a shit phone

This game is stunning. Bring on the dlc :)

If only everyone took their time to optimize their games to their full potential

I love this game. Maybe they could add Miles Morales or Spider Gwen? Imagine if It bit someone else?

Another clone title dressed up in Exclusive clothing

21:22 Watch on the left the cars had no collision. Just went through each other lol.

20:00 Why no mention of absent shadow casting from Spiderman in front of the car headlights? He's all "oooh, aaahh the lighting", when in reality GTAV did that better years ago.

It’s an expensive effect to have all light sources cast shadows. I actually didn’t really think about it at the time but since then I’ve examined it and found that some cars do cast shadows while others do not. Seems mixed for some reason. I’m not surprised they limited it.

great technical break down... what's the reason for the lack of "mirror reflections" on the e3 demo vs the final game? I'm not sure that mirror shadows are tied to retracing, but it's obvious that that is one graphical down grade from demo to the final game... in the demo every character self reflected perfectly on each puddle, something which is not possible with any kind of box mapping technique, i think it can be faked with shader tricks but it might require the characters to be rendered into their own buffer...

OMG, what's that floating head at 8:34?

Mety333 More cinematic i prefer personnally

your mother is downgraded

It's impressive what this junk low-power consumption architecture can do, even more so when it only has 8GB of shared memory. Now don't mistake me, I'm not here to start a stupid war, I play on both PS4 and a very high-end PC, but Sony and others keep mesmerizing me with unbelievable productions (Uncharted, Horizon, GoW, Spider Man) on a platform that seemed underpowered right on launch.

People have been telling me to watch this video for the "ULTIMATE" explanation of Marvel's Spider-Man graphical "upgrade" and I have to say that this all sounds like *SELL-OUT* talk. @2:55-5:12 Are you seriously providing justification for a graphical texture implementation that makes light LESS reflective on a in-game model surface and THEN attempt to say that it is NOT a graphical downgrade??? Reducing graphics *IN ANY WAY* is called a GRAPHICAL DOWNGRADE; it doesn't matter that the model textures are of the same quality if the reflective lighting effects aren't present. Reflective Lighting effects are extremely important within graphics engines; they allow visuals to be presented in a more dynamic way in multiple circumstances for a wide variety of effects and scenarios (ex. best showcased in the - Batman: Arkham game series). Removing Reflective Lighting off of in-game models is a horribly obvious GRAPHICAL DOWNGRADE; no amount of manipulative word-play can change that fact. Personally, I am disgusted that people like Digital-Foundry and many other Marvel's Spider-Man reviewers actually decided to build LIES like this just so that they can get on good terms with companies like Insomiac Games, Marvel, Sony, etc. Where did your integrity go, huh?

What about 1080p monitors? Will the game supersample the image?

There really isn't a difference between PC 30 fps and Console 30 fps. Perhaps it isn't as smooth to you because you may be sitting further from the screen and the implementation of motion blur can help for some. Plus on consoles the frame times(time each frame is shown on screen) is evened out usually. To get 33.3 ms with 30 fps on PC you need software like RTSS to cap it to 30. Either way, 30 fps is horrid once you're used to 60 fps. & Photo realistic games don't exist. The PRO & X don't do 60 fps(with most games) because they target 4k most of the time(because 4k sells). Even then, their CPU power is poor. So that doesn't help.

Console 30FPS isn't that bad as compared to PC's 30FPS, I tried playing Witcher 2 on PC at 30FPS and I was shocked how horrible it was, I immediately lowered my settings and resolution to achieve a higher frame-rate. On consoles this isn't the case, I won't go into the technical side of things. Also a photo realistic game can't run at 60FPS on consoles, not even the Xbox one X can run it at that frame-rate.

Doctor Octupus is the main villain. Aunt May dies in the end. Tombstone and Taskmaster are side villains. Silver sable is introduced but no boss battle with her. Bosses in order of story are Kingpin, Shocker, Mr. Negative, Electro + Vulture, Rhino + Scorpion, Mr Negative again, Doc Ock. Miles gets bitten towards the end of the game. Symbiotes are teased for the next game. Green Goblin is not in it but heavily mentioned. Peter does not die in this game. MJ and Miles are stealth mission characters.

Overclocked my PS4 and now it's better than PS4 pro and I'm using locked 4k instead of dynamic resolution. Linux is great .

When the city is all trashey there is a lot of pop in

Many times I have just sat at the docks in spiderman to enjoy the view. It looks amazing. :)

Cleanprincegaming must be crying right now. Lol

Bwansson almost zero lag on LG B7

take a shot everytime he says detail

I’d love to know where you purchased the game on the video cuz mine doesn’t look like that on my Pro.

Well i want a ps4 pro because of ufc 3 playing so much better plus i got a 4k tv. This is like icing on the cake!

Design is very important! I want to see shit stains on toilet seats in New York!

Where is the tech analysis for Squadron 42 story trailer digital foundry?

sounds like someone needs a 4k 120 fps hug

as another PC fella once said, sometimes its not about having the best technology, but doing your best with the stuff you have, boom god of war, uncharted etc

@this Bubbly Goodness You don't like my "triggered" original post??? Well, too bad, because I like it. Also, you'd be mistaken to even suggest that I would own ANYTHING related to The Amazing Spider-Man movies; I hated those films. I don't even plan on buying OR playing Marvel's Spider-Man at all, so that is your 2nd mistake. Your 3rd mistake is being condescending by assuming that I would need to mod a old crappy game in order even run Marvel's Spider-Man's vastly inferior graphics. My PC build can run ANY of the modern graphically intensive games, but you wouldn't know anything about that because you do not know any specs about my PC~ You see? Being an ass when someone is being nice to you doesn't feel good when it is happening to you, does it?

Ross Davis, I only offered a hug because your OP sounds way too triggered man, like the very idea of people praising this beautiful game seems to get under your skin, i just wanna make sure you're ok fam. and i don't doubt your superior platform of choice man, i really don't, but unfortunately TASM2 with spiderman ps4 mod doesn't count as playing Marvel's Spider-Man on the pc, i'm sorry :/

@this Bubbly Goodness Don't need it~ I've a PC build that can run multiple applications of Marvel's Spider-Man, especially with its current graphical *downgrade* implementation. Thanks for your concern though; hugs are always nice~

14:45 yes it is possible to use screen space reflection and get this result. This is what reflexion probes are used for.. Something commonly used for these types of situation. This can be baked or even realtime. Your videos are being viewed by 500k+ people, please be careful, know your facts...

I wish more games did reflections the way this game does, having some as dynamic real time reflections, like for showing cars on the windows, and some as just static reflections which don't need to move which can look great and not have an intense load on the GPU.

YouTube aliases video differently compared to TV's.

Ross Davis, i'm glad you look up to me on such a high level but if you want a serious response to your critiques about spider-man ps4, you talk about how you don't like the reflections of the suit being removed from the base game, as the video stated in your time stamp, the material has changed. you see, i'm a massive spiderman fan, and i noticed these changes far earlier then most other people, even in 2016 E3 trailer, the material was a lot different, with a more grainy scale like texture, then in 2017 E3 demo (the one you're referring to) they changed the material to a padded, plastic leather, making the material look reflective yet ribbed and i personally just did not like that at all. And of course, they changed the material again in 2018, it lost its reflective appeal in exchange for a more classic spandex look and a slight nod to the Raimi spider-man films which i adore (i still wish they changed the colour pallet of the suit to a bit more red, right now i don't like how the suit is really orange) but of course you refer to this as a graphical downgrade which is completely false, if you seen comparisons of scenes from trailers to the final game, most of the shots looked better, while some others looked bit badder, a graphical downgrade would have made every single scene look worse, then some looking better and others not (a good example would be Watch_Dogs) the problem with your argument is, you haven't actually proved anything, all you have done is play your argument up like it's the most important aspect of any game in the world, you said, i quote "Reflective Lighting effects are *extremely important* within graphics engines; they allow visuals to be presented in a more dynamic way in multiple circumstances for a wide variety of effects and *scenarios*" so why? why is reflective lighting extremely important to games, and how does it make emotional and in-depth scenes better? yes, lighting as a whole is incredibly important to game graphics, it's one of my favourite things to see in graphically gorgeous games (i.e Far Cry Primal, God of War) but to put it on a level where you're acting as if the whole game is an inferior product of laziness? definetly not the signs of a real gamer, no matter good your computer gig is. i think the worst thing you could ever say that just makes your entire argument (maybe your assistance too) hollow is the fact that you have not played, nor desire to play spider-man ps4, your opinion becomes meaningless because you haven't actually played it, very much like how CleanPrinceGaming was thrown to the dirt, he was all speculation and no substance. going on about how you have several applications that could run spider-man ps4, which is not true, not only that you also lied by saying " I am disgusted that people like Digital-Foundry and many other Marvel's Spider-Man reviewers actually decided to build LIES like this just so that they can get on good terms with companies like Insomiac Games, Marvel, Sony" yet, i see no proof of this, where is your source?where is the evidence? or are you merely just inserting your own narrative to obtain the moral high ground? hence why i can't take you seriously as a gamer, don't get too triggered when writing a response, for i do not want to carry the ridiculous burden of being as miserable and fragile as you are

@this Bubbly Goodness Wow, resorting to insulting me??? Tsk tsk tsk; how the mighty have fallen~

Ross Davis doesn't matter either way because your opinion is meaningless and your ego is hungry, the only reason you're talking shit is because you wanna brag about your PC, it's so obvious its cringe

@SicParvisMagna123 Any way that you want to spin this; I am correct about my claim because I have proven it. You, on the other hand, can not say the same thing~ So, continue to condemn me with your accusations; it does nothing but waste your time and effort~

+Ross Davis Hmm, comes across as being more SELF-righteousness to me. It's you who chooses to ignore me by claiming you're completely free of these practices, when deep down I feel you know you're in the same boat having purchased many PC games.

@SicParvisMagna123 Apparently, you can not tell the difference between pride and righteousness; hint: it is in the definitions~ Also, I noticed how you can not provide any more evidence against my points and are now resorting to insulting me. Getting desperate, huh?

+Ross Davis Look and you'll find. Any avid PC elitist will have lots of examples. A shame your pride is too overbearing for the rest of us. And either buy a new keyboard, or learn how to actually put a full stop for once...

@SicParvisMagna123 And where is your evidence for your claim? Right, nice assumption you got there~ At least, in my case, I have my supportive evidence in plain sight~

+Ross Davis Your hypocrisy is hilarious seeing as there's a good chance you will have bought graphically-demanding games shown off before release that would ultimately have had one or two practically indistinguishable downgrades akin to Spider-Man.

@SicParvisMagna123 If you consider the truth about the graphical downgrade to be insignificant, then it is no wonder why you have accepted Insomiac's lies with open-arms. Also my choice on having a higher standard for my video games is my preference. Not that I expect you to understand what "higher standards" are since you like the current Marvel's Spider-Man graphical design so much~

+Ross Davis It must suck getting so worked up over something so insignificant that it hampers your overall opinion of a game. No doubt you'd end up crying if a game you wanted had a smidgen of alteration that suddenly made it totally unappealing. Oh but of course, no PC game has EVER been subject to such things...

@SicParvisMagna123 The truth is the truth; it does not matter how big or how small. And let me ask you something: Do you always make excuses for obvious lies or do you only do so when it regards Insomiac and their " _non-graphically downgraded_ " Marvel's Spider-Man?

In all seriousness, if all you can do is pick out a segment 2 minutes long in a 31 minute analysis, and scream the game has been *downgraded* throughout, I think you might as well give up.

upgrade? biggest cognitive dissonance ever! Congrats!

I prefer the E3 version, but to say the final version is a downgrade is just down right wrong.

@this Bubbly Goodness You should be interested in sustaining higher standards for the purpose of your own integrity, not just because of me; nonetheless I'll take that aspect as a compliment~ So, let us get to the point: Insomiac advertised the Textured Reflective Lighting in the original game-play because they KNEW it would catch people's attention, and it DID. The issue is that they decided to advertise this graphics design, then *remove it* due to game system hardware limitations, and *pretend* that anyone who criticizes them for this reasoning is a *troll* because they say that this very obvious graphical downgrade " _is not a graphical downgrade_ ". This is a scheme to get people's money, as well as save their own reputation, and a very obvious scheme at that! If I willingly believed every manipulative scheme conceived, such as this one, I would have never been able to break away for the mob of naive consumers who mindlessly throw their money at whatever is the newest and most popular trend of society~ Unfortunately for you, you have not reached that level of awareness yet, AND IT SHOWS; thus your continuous barrage of attempts to justify your beloved " _non-graphically downgraded_ " Marvel's Spider-Man as presented here! No proof??? HA! The proof is right in front of your eyes! If you can not see the difference in graphics between the versions that we have both previously stated, OR understand why Insomiac would benefit from manipulating you and other similar-minded fans like you, then you are either physically blinded, mentally blinded, and / or purposely blinding yourself for the sake of bias. I do not need to play Marvel's Spider-Man to "make my opinion meaningful"; what kind of logic is that??? Also, why would I even consider giving Insomiac my money if I do not support their product or their manner of doing business??? The fact that you would EVEN THINK that I would give them money makes me question your mentality for manipulative malice. And finally, based on that fact, I will hence forth be considering you to be a tool for Insomiac Games and for similar business propaganda that wish to sell more of their falsely advertised products / services and bad-mouth ANYONE who is willing to challenge their narrative. Honestly, this scenario is just sad and I feel sad for you and people like you. Also, acting like "getting triggered" is some form of discreditation; what a juvenile mannerism to uphold. Maybe one day you'll be able to wake from your own ignorant and tool-minded lifestyle, but it is more likely that you will not~

great technical break down... what's the reason for the lack of "mirror reflections" on the e3 demo vs the final game? I'm not sure that mirror shadows are tied to raytracing, but it's obvious that that is one graphical down grade from demo to the final game... in the demo every character self reflected perfectly on each puddle, something which is not possible with any kind of box mapping technique, i think it can be faked with shader tricks but it might require the characters to be rendered into their own buffer...

Sony game always optimize

How did I not see the Spiderman font on the PS3... H o w ...

This game should illustrate what can still be created with current hardware and a talented development team.

Hi, Does the game automatically use supersampling on 1080p displays or do i need to turn it on in the settings?

The E3 build looks like it has better color grading, or it might just be time of day effects. But the saturation is definitely higher in the final version, looks bad imo. We need to stop the color madness and have a more realistic, cinematic color grading in games. RDR2 seems to be the only one taking a big step in the right direction.

cant wait for it to release on pc and xbox one x, 4k 60fps on xbox one x should be epic

Digital spider has its own meaning but Laws are spider webs through which the big flies pass and the little ones get caught

+Enigma I'm with this guy if it were 60fps it would take away the cinematic look. Same thing with Until Dawn. It was mostly 24fps and it came out great.

This game is simply awesome . Game looks so beautiful in terms of graphics , combat feels great, characters designs are nearly perfect. No doubt this is the best spiderman game till date. Just one problem i like the e3 demo suit fabric. It looks more awesome IMO. Other then that one of the best superhero game.

21:56 - He says the game is good about not popping cars into existence while cars are popping into existence. I know; just making sure we are paying attention.

Oh for fucksake, piss on me and tell me it's raining why don't you I call lies and bullshit on this analysis because I can see with my own two eyes there is a downgrade and if anybody cannot see it then you need glasses, strong glasses.

+Der Pussinator i shall wait for xmas or even blackfriday to get the console cheap, but they will lose alot of customer on xbox pure side... and no matter what they need to release pc version....

Sony published games never go multiplat.

Notice too that many light sources don’t cast shadows at all. It’s pretty much just sun/moon and some street lights. Many static light sources don’t cast shadows, and obviously no moving light sources do. Most games don’t have shadows cast from moving light sources, and it’s always impressive and noticeable in the few that do (State of Decay 2).

21:22, typical New york driving lol.

It has been downgraded. You can trust DF or you can trust your eyes, your choice. Also, DF, it's not a more overcast day, wth does that even mean? It's downgraded lighting and a terrible looking yellow filter over everything to make it look more Hollywood-esque. Keeping in mind Hollywood movies look terrible with their overuse of filters and color grading, the result is not much better here in the game.

R.I.P. Stan Lee

+enriqueyang they will NEVER release it on xbox or pc, idiot...

Should I buy a ps4 just to play this game?

PS4 ❤️

He said looks amazing Ray tracing...

Amazing graphics. This generation of consoles is phenomenal (way better bang for a buck than pc). Great reflections achieved with 4 teraflops without need for overpriced rtx cards.

The E3 demo looks more fluid animation and lighting wise, to my eyes...its more cinematic...meaning i would definitely prefer the E3 version.

John needs to Google 'cling film', for his UK jobs :) Nice video as usual

This is probably the first PS4 game I've seen where the Pro patch almost looked a generation ahead.

Digital Foundary........Stay Blessed, Digitally, Physically, Spiritually, Virtually, Physically, Emotionally....lolzzz. Amazingly spectacular analysis for Amazingly Spectacular Spider-man

Graphic are superb! No PC games ever near as good as Sony's Spiderman graphics and this run in 399$ PS4 hardware how's good is that! cough nerd players cough

The graphics are super disappointing A.C. unity looked better than this and it was made in 2013

So, 1300p to 1944p on pro and 900p in cutscenes on base model and 1080p during gameplay? Great for such old consoles.

You can tell at 1:03 it's an obvious upgrade, shadows and reflections looks much better in the final version compared to E3. Look at the step on the helicopter you can see more detail in the final version not really sure what the debate was all about. I've been playing Sony exclusives for many years and one thing I know about them is that they rarely show only cgi trailers to sell you on their exclusives it's almost always in game graphics and I've never had an issue with downgraded graphics in their exclusive games. Just think about it the Sony exclusive games are their bread and butter why would they deceive gamers with their best products? I mean the only reason I bought the Ps4 is for games like Bloodborne, GoW, Spiderman ect would not make much sense if they started to deceive gamers would be no point to buying their system anymore.

The technical and artistic methods used to craft this game are truly impressive.

Yo yo people listen up!! Xbox is green and PlayStation is has no exclusives but PlayStation is surely do..!! Thank you

This game is better than the movie

Excellent video

Better than the xbone x version!

Insomniac Games did an incredible job. I have never seen better city in an open world game. It's crazy beautiful and realistic.

E3 demo has too much motion blur, which makes the game so blurry to the point it looks terrible, Textures are a bit muddy, To be honest i think everyone could agree, it is way better for the finished product. Activision having a license for a title like this, the execution wouldn't be the same, because number 1 their engines just won't hold up. They have companies that make cod games only, And the shift over to a spiderman like game would be a result of a disaster. Yeah there engine isn't only designed for FPS games, But you have to see they have a bad rep, of making games into cod slow mo type shit, Like probably give spiderman a fps like slow motion feel and that would be horrible. Also probably let you take control of a cop or soldier in the game just to get the cod look in their. Just over all just a terrible game it would be. I am glad a new company took over and wow what an amazing game it is, So much to do! So much replay value just a masterpiece!

+SicParvisMagna123 it was released in 2014, but still looks better than Spiderman

It was 2014. And no, it didn't.

I'd trust my eyes, but then I'd remember I forgot to put my contact lenses back in. DF were right.

On all the videos of this game I see, people can turn their motion blur down to 0. However, when I go in game, it can only go down to 1 and no lower for some reason. Is this something wrong on my end, or is this a weirdo change they made in a newer patch?

Great video, seriously. So much thought went into this.

This game is AMAZING. I swear I can't stop playing it. I'm literally playing it right now lol

This is a great in-depth analysis

Boy oh boy. Talking about maintaining 30fps, you clearly haven't tried clearing out one of MJ's 'factories' and get the 100 combo quest. Use those electric webbings and say hello to 15-20fps, lmao. Regardless, good video!

Game looks amazing if you consider the dated hardware in a PS4 pro. Will get this game once it gets cheap

is this only for ps4 pro analysis or is there a ps4 base analysis too?

Dear god, look at that lighting @6:20 !!!

Literally my favorite game of all time


This was just a work of art from insomniac!! Really really impressive work!! Specially animations and fluid gameplay!! Amazing job!!! Hope that we don't need to wait more than 3 years for a sequel!!

So, so many words to avoid using the words "visual downgrade". Jesus Christ. The reflections looks worse. WORSE. Just say it. "Different" "Diffuse" "Slight artistic change"

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