Inside a $45,000,000 Mansion With An Underground BUNKER!

Inside a $45,000,000 Mansion With An Underground BUNKER!

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- What's up, everybody? It's Enes here and welcome to Pasadena, California. On this week's episode, we're touring this stunning estate right behind me, also known as the Knoll House. This estate went through a meticulous seven-year remodel, so both the interior and exterior looks stunning. And on top of that, right here, we have a 20,000-square foot, two-story, underground bunker that is currently being utilized as an entertainment space. I mean, we have truly never toured a property like this before, so we got a really unique episode ahead of us. Here are the rest of the specs on this home, and it is currently on the market for $45 million.

As always, you can find more information about the listing down in the description of this video. And before we start our tour, I wanna thank the listing agents, Darrell Done And Carol Chua, for allowing us to tour their amazing listing. And now, let's begin in our tour. (laid-back music) (birds chirping) (water burbling) House is located at the end of a cul-de-sac, and the property is situated on a 2.45-acre lot. And the grounds here are so beautiful with the landscaping, hedging.

It is very lush and peaceful up here. And the first detail on the exterior I wanna cover is this driveway. It's built with 13,000 reclaimed brick pavers from the streets of Chicago, which is a very unique detail. And it picks you up from the initial gate, brings you to the main house, and it continues all the way to the entertainment section, which we'll cover later.

Now, off of the entry, we also have a nice kids' play area there. Again, the landscaping here with the palm trees. Property's nicely hedged. And right behind me, we have the main house. Now, it was designed in 1917 by Myron Hunt, and if you look closely to some of the details, windows have been reconstructed to bring the house to today's standards.

Stucco's really well-maintained. The brick paver design continues all the way to the entry of the home. And the overall exterior architecture is very timeless with the shutter detail.

And on our right-hand side, we have an extension that was designed in 1924 by Gordon Kaufmann. Overall, house looks great, and I can't stop pointing out this section right here, which is this 20,000-square foot underground entertainment section. I mean, we've never told anything like this, and we're gonna cover that section later in the video.

Now, I wanna take everybody this way. We have the brick pavers set in a herringbone pattern, and this burgundy color front door. Let's go inside. (door latch clicks) Now, as soon as we walk in, we have this spacious entry with Italian marble floors and checkered pattern.

And all the details on this entry with the wood paneling, dentil moldings are actually original to the house. And during the remodel process, they took out all these wood panels, refinished them, and once they had the wiring and framing corrected, they've installed it back to keep the original integrity of this estate. So it's stunning.

I love that they protected all these historic details, and they brought these chandeliers, wall sconces that match the era of the house. Now, I wanna go through these double doors to take everybody to the formal living room area. We have original herringbone hardwood floors here, refinished in this darker stain. Seating area complimented with an original marble wood-burning fireplace that still to this day looks stunning. And keep in mind, this is a hundred-year-old fireplace.

And the same ornate finishes, details with the moldings, we have it also in this room. We got a gorgeous piano here, and all these windows are facing the backside of the property where we have the amazing pool area. Now, I wanna remind everyone that we're actually gonna end the episode here because there's a detail that ties us all the way back here, which is very unique, and I guess we'll cover that later in the video. Now, Mikey, let's take everybody this way. We have an additional door here opening up to the library.

Same darker finishes are also here with the hardwood floors, wood paneling, and the molding details above. We have the desk setup here, and right in front of that, we have another cozy seating area complimented with a fireplace. But my favorite detail in this library is right behind this door, and it opens up to a whiskey bar. The cabinetry here with the stonework, stained mirror backsplash and the displays, your copper sink. I mean, the amount of attention to detail that has been put into this home is truly mind-boggling.

Now, let's take everybody back to the entry, so we can continue our tour with the other wing where we have more of the common areas. But overall, although the house has more of a traditional and kind of timeless lines through that seven-year remodel process, they brought everything up to today's standards. Now, we have these double doors opening up to the formal dining room area. It's another spacious room that gets a ton of natural light.

Right in the center, we have the dining table that sits 10 people, crystal chandelier above, and even the details in this room with the AC outlets nicely blended into the plaster, another marble fireplace, wall sconces. And over on this side where we have the window facing the front of the property, we have two panels on each side, which is basically an art installation that brings a little bit of color to the space. Now, I wanna bring everybody this way. We have this opening taking us to another small, informal dining room area. We have wood panels on the walls with the molding details, and all these carvings are actually done by hand, which is something we don't see anymore. Now, I wanna open this door and take us straight to the main kitchen.

Now, the kitchen of this home is something else. The scale, the cabinetry, and we're gonna cover all the details. Right off the entry, you have a farm sink, beautiful natural stone countertops, additional cabinetry right across. You have your first paneled-in fridge here. Walk-in fridge, which is always a nice detail, and I feel like we keep seeing more of these in these newer homes. Nice pantry space, and come on in to the main kitchen.

I mean, the scale here with two islands. White shaker cabinetry with inset detail. Chrome fixtures and pendant lights look so stunning and so timeless. And I'm gonna start our tour here with the first island. We have the induction cooktop on this side, another farm sink with chrome fixtures.

Right across from that, you have your Wolf gas stove, and they use the same natural stone application here on the countertops as a backsplash with a pot filler, and you have a custom vent above. Continuing here, we have all the built-ins, your oven setup paneled in, another fridge, microwave, warming drawer, kind of everything you need. You have an additional staircase going up to the second floor here, but this is not the main staircase. Main staircase is off of the entry. Now, we have a door here, I wanna quickly mention, that goes down to the basement level where you can access all your utilities. And on top of that, they have a wine cellar that can hold up to 2,500 bottles, so I wanted to mention that.

Now, as we continue our tour, kitchen also continues. We have another wine fridge here, smaller fridge, your secondary island with the bar seating, and we have the second and third sink on this side. In total, you have four sinks in this kitchen, which is mind-boggling. And of course, it's all complimented with these beautiful grid windows bringing natural light.

Now, right next to the kitchen, we have the informal dining area, and it flows straight into your family room. I love the built-ins here, which is this same shaker cabinetry design. TV right in the center.

We have the couch set up here that looks very comfortable and cozy. And around the corner, we have a powder room that looks stunning, dedicated for the seating area. And Mikey, before we leave, I have to mention this detail. We have an additional front door opening up straight from your driveway. That way, you can come right to your family room.

- [Mikey] And this is the add-on that was put on a few years later, right? - Absolutely, correct. Now, get ready for a really quirky, unique detail. So this is the mud room.

At the end, we have the laundry room with two washers and two dryers. Mikey, can we pan towards the floors for a second? These are hundred-year-old floors. These are original. And do you wanna know why they have these nails throughout? - [Mikey] Because it looks cool and for grip? - No.

When you come into the property, your shoes are dirty, right? As you walk in here, you leave all the dirt behind. That's why it was designed this way. And I just can't believe that it looks this good after a hundred years, a hundred-plus years. - [Mikey] Yeah. - So unique.

One of a kind detail, and they have it on another spot. Now, let's continue our tour here. We have another hallway with the same style nailed floors. Another powder room for the first floor. And coming back here, look at this detail. The original electrical panel of the home.

Obviously, it's not functioning anymore. They've rewired the entire house, but they left the panel here as a historic detail. - [Mikey] I like that. - I love it, I love it. And, Mikey, come in here. We have the English pub.

I love how authentic this space feels. Just like the rest of the house, we have the wood paneling details here with the beam plaster. And right around the corner, we have this awesome bar. Again, the decoration here, the color, the warmth, it is very unique.

And right across from that, here's an interesting detail, so this is a stained glass window and you have these circular metal details inserted in. I've never seen a glass or window assembly like this before, and you have it in this house. Another cozy seating area. Another table setup here. And we have French doors opening straight to the backyard. You have great views. Natural light coming in.

Another authentic space. Now, Mikey, let's continue our tour, so we can actually go back to the entry of this home, right here. So this is the extension of the entry. We have a gorgeous powder room on our right-hand side with marble details, and a little seating area right before the water closet. And coming back here, we saw this pattern off of the entry, and this hallway brings us right back to the front door.

And we have the main staircase here that leads us to the second floor. Let's go check it out. (gentle relaxing music) The staircase brings you right here to the spacious landing on the second floor. First, I wanna bring everybody this way.

We have this hallway taking us to five guest suites with their own bathrooms. Unfortunately, we're gonna have to skip this part because if we try to tour every single bedroom in this house with all this square footage, this tour would be an hour. And we just wanna focus on the important or the major aspects of this estate. Now, we have these double doors opening up to the primary bedroom suite. It comes with two bathrooms, and we're gonna start with the first one right here.

This bathroom is as timeless as it gets. I love the marble application here with the floors and the border design, the countertops, the cabinetry. I mean, it's so gorgeous. Right in the center, we have this cast iron freestanding tub with a chrome tub filler. You have some built-in seating by the windows, makeup area, and over here, you have a vanity setup with two sinks. And again, going with the traditional lines, we have a nice curvature here with the cabinetry, recessed-in mirrors.

And this glass door opens up to an oversized, stunning walk-in shower. I said stunning because it's so gorgeous, I wanted to step inside. I mean, look at these chrome fixtures here, body space, handhelds.

Even the ceiling is clad with marble. It's just a timeless design. Around the corner, we have the water closet, everything you need. And this is the first bathroom because right across, we have this door opening up to the second one.

Now, interesting fact here, floors are original, which means they're over a hundred years old, and I just love how good they look. And I also love that when they remodeled this bathroom and when they put a brand new shower and the vanity design, they picked up some of these design elements on the floors and replicated with the marble and the contrast, chrome fixtures, and a gorgeous vanity design here with this backsplash and a shelf design. Gorgeous bathroom. Now, Mikey, let's go this way. Let's take everybody to the primary bedroom suite.

Super spacious king size bed on my right. We have windows on each side facing both the front and the back side of the home. Nice built-ins on this side with the TV. On top of that, although the room has more of these traditional lines, you still have your automatic shades, TV, all your wiring, Crestron system throughout the home.

Now, let's continue our tour. We have this door opening up to the primary bedroom closet. It has two sections. First one is right here with this massive island in the center.

So much cabinetry and storage. You have your open shelving, hangers, built-in seating. And right on the other side, we have the second part of this walk-in closet. I mean, you have as much cabinetry as you need. Another built-in seating area. And the last part of this closet space I wanna talk about is actually right here.

We have this mirror wall, but it's actually a hidden passageway that connects to a really unique area that we're gonna talk about later. Now, so far, we toured the first floor and the second floor. Now, I wanna take everybody to the backyard, so we can check it out. (calm gentle music) Now, let's check out the backyard. Property is situated on a 2.45-acre lot.

And with that, you get this spacious backyard area. Again, nicely hedged, super private. And right in the center, we have this massive pool that looks so inviting. You have your simple light blue plaster complimented with the mosaic design around the coping. And at the end, we have this raised spa. Again, looks very inviting.

Now, I wanna cover some of the aspects here. We have these French doors opening up from the English pub straight to your backyard. And continuing here, we have another door opening up from your garage hallway. And right behind this newly constructed pavilion, we have the attached four-car garage that opens up to the backside where we have the driveway, and that pulls you right back to the front. And now, let's cover this pavilion space. When we walked out here, Mikey was like, "I really like this space."

And it's hard not to because this pavilion design really allows you to make the best out of your backyard space. Let's check out some of the amenities that comes with it. You have your pizza oven here, outdoor kitchen with a dual elevation sink, massive gas grill stowed on the side, and we have a commercial vent above. And continuing to the other side, we have cement tiles on the floors, outdoor dining area, and, Mikey, can we pan up to the ceiling? I love this vaulted design here with the outdoor ceiling fans, chandeliers, and look how big those space heaters are. And this is what I meant by allowing you to make the best out of your backyard.

We're in California. Sometimes at night, outdoors gets pretty cold. And when you have space heaters like this, you really don't have to worry about it. Now, right next to the dining area, we have additional outdoor seating setup here with a TV, gas fireplace. I love this light blue-colored theme that they picked with the furniture.

And we have this opening taking us to two full bathrooms dedicated for the pavilion. I love the finishes here, and although it looks very timeless, again, keep in mind, this whole structure was just completed. It's brand new. Now, Mikey, lets actually go this way. Right behind this fireplace assembly, we have an additional outdoor seating area.

And these ceiling mount, I guess... - [Mikey] Swing chairs? - Yeah, I was gonna say. I don't know the terminology.

I guess swing chairs is what we could call. - [Mikey] Makes sense. - It makes sense. And right behind that, another fireplace.

I just love the outdoors here, and let's actually continue this way. This is a first for us. Outdoor billiards table. Your raised spa.

You have your ping pong table there. And these awning setups are actually retractable. That way, you can either enjoy the sun or the shade. And by the way, pool has a pool cover too. Now, let's quickly look back to the estate. Again, those French doors on the left open up from the pub.

This glass assembly here is straight off of the entry, and those windows are from the formal living room area that we toured earlier. To sum up our tour here, the main estate is 12,300 square feet. We're looking at a six-bedroom, 10-bathroom main estate. And the remaining square footage is right around the corner, which is the two-story underground entertainment space bunker. Now, let's go this way.

Since we are situated on a big lot, you have this basically your side backyard, I guess, between the main house and the underground entertainment space. It's super lush. Again, look at the landscaping here. The whole estate, the house, is so warm, so inviting, and you can't really beat the privacy here. I mean, it doesn't get much better.

Now, as we walk this way, we have this zen garden located right next to the two-story underground structure. And now, we're back on the driveway. Now, I wanna bring everybody here for a couple of reasons. Driveway ends here, and we have additional two gates. That way, if you're throwing an event or doing something, in this structure right here, you can accommodate people without having to go through your house.

And this is the entry. Now, this is super cool. From the outside, it seems like a single-story building. But once you go in there, it is something truly mind-boggling. It's 20,200 square foot, two stories, I guess let's go check it out.

Now, we have these double doors here opening up. But, Mikey, can we pan up the ceiling? Those are security shutters. So with a push of a button, if you want, you can lock up the entire structure. Now going in here, this is where we have the spacious lobby. It's a nice open space. And a little bit of information about this structure here.

It was built in 1971, and it was built as an art gallery. And that's why you have all this open wall space and volume with this spacious atrium. I have never seen anything like this before. This space is over 20,000 square feet. It's below grade.

You have this crazy open atrium. Tell us the story here a little bit. - [Darrell] The owner who had this property built commissioned Kelsey and Ladd, the architectural firm who designed the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena to house her own art collection, which was very extensive and is currently housed at the Huntington Library in the Virginia Steele Scott Gallery. She has her own building at the Huntington Library for all the art that was once in this building.

- [Enes] Amazing. And I'm assuming that's why we have all these automatic security shutters, cameras, and security features throughout, right? - [Darrell] Yes, exactly. This basically is a fortress.

Once those roll down, security screens are in place on all the doors and the windows, and it also does have a protection barrier from the house to the gallery in the passageway. - Mikey, let's just quickly do a tour so we can show it to everyone. First, we have this opening going into the gym. It is very spacious and it opens up to the side zen garden that we just saw earlier. You can comfortably walk around. You can easily throw 3, 400 people, parties here.

That's the second entry for the gym. And coming back here, we have a spacious guest suite here with its own seating area and office, bedroom setup, and around the corner, we have a commercial kitchen to accommodate any events in this space. Now, I also wanna mention something. I said underground bunker because, again, number one, you can lock up this entire space.

And most importantly, majority of the interior square footage is actually down below grade. We have two offices here. Again, it was designed like a commercial art gallery.

Now, last part, Mikey, let's go quickly back to the entry because around the corner, we have a staircase or the commercial elevator taking us down. We have the elevator here, and this opening comes with this unique spiral staircase design that takes us down below. Let's go. Now, this is where things get crazy. First off, we're below grade and look at the ceiling heights here. We have another lobby or I guess the entry to this section.

You have your commercial elevator on the other side, and the rooms and amenities this space provides is something else. Mikey, let's take everybody this way, straight into the atrium and this open space. This is a great area for you to throw an event, seminar, party, you name it. It can accommodate anything. It has built-in speakers, drop-down projector on this side.

And, again, you can do so many things with this space. I know what's Mikey's thinking. He's like, "Oh, that would be a great space "for us to run the operation and the YouTube channel." - [Mikey] I was actually thinking this would be a great dance floor.

They have these stage lights above too. - Okay, you see, maybe we're thinking different things, but I'm like, oh, wow, this could be a great space for you to run your business within your home. I mean, there's so many applications. - [Mikey] That's for upstairs.

Down here is for the party. - For the party? I hear you. Mikey, let's take everybody this way.

Now, these double doors open up to a tiki bar. I mean, who has a tiki bar, let's say 20 feet down below grade, and is this spacious and this decked out. They call this space El Caribe, and it was built by the legendary Bamboo Ben Bassham, and this space is awesome. Like it really is. This tiki bar is as authentic as it gets with its details. Polished countertops, bar seating, underneath lighting, and you have the leaves as the roof.

Bamboo design above, textures on the walls, and I love those wall sconces that gives you the flame effect. You have a water feature around the corner, and this bar is designed like a commercial bar to accommodate a couple hundred people entertaining on this level. It is awesome. I mean, this is the first time we're seeing something like this. - [Mikey] We've definitely never seen a full tiki bar underground. - Below grade, I know.

And look how spacious it is. I love the ceiling heights here, and it gets better. Now, let's continue this way.

We have this door opening up to the entertainment section. First, I wanna show this section. Off of the landing, we have the seating area here with the ping pong table, and it flows to the space where you have a shuffle board table, billiards table, foosball tables.

And over here, we have the basketball hoops. Mikey insists, so I'm gonna try. (ball clatters) - [Mikey] Oh, you actually made one. - Wow, this is incredible. This is a special moment. I made something happen.

- [Mikey] Yeah, that was not staged. - That's right. All right, let's continue. Amazing space. And they have a small fridge here. And guess what? I've been talking a lot today, so I'm gonna reward myself with a Canada Dry because we have this door opening up to the commercial movie theater.

Now, we see movie theaters in residential homes all the time. Granted, this is a unique structure. But this is not a residential movie theater, this is a commercial-grade movie theater. First off, we have 40 seats here. And behind that, we have six bar seats.

That means you can easily accommodate 46 people here. And it is built in a way of a commercial movie theater with the sound system, massive projection screen here. And this is crazy. We're below grade right now, and look at this space. - [Mikey] Yeah, we've definitely never seen an entertainment space quite like this house has.

- I'm just shocked. - [Mikey] And it's totally unexpected, like based on what you see on the outside, you know? - Absolutely. From outside, it looks like a single-story structure. But once you go in, it just keeps giving. And we're not done here. Let's actually continue our tour.

Now, we have the second exit point here for the movie theater, and it brings us to this spacious landing. Mikey, let's quickly show this space here. Off of the tiki bar, we have the poker room here. And, again, the volume here is just something else. And continuing our tour, we have this long hallway. By the way, I'm gonna put this away.

Now, this hallway is one of the unique aspects of this underground structure. First off, we have additional security shutters here. Mikey, we have one right above you. And, again, with a push of a button with your Crestron system, you can lock this place down. You have ladies' bathroom here built like a commercial bathroom.

- [Mikey] Where do these lead over here? - Well, that's just storage units. - [Mikey] Oh, okay, okay. - And we have this door opening up to men's bathroom.

Again, they're all decked out, built like commercial bathrooms. But more importantly, this is so cool. So we have an elevator here, and in fact, once we step inside, it takes you somewhere that I know you all wouldn't expect. In fact, let's go check it out.

- [Mikey] Just ride it up. - That's right. How are you doing today, Mikey? - [Mikey] Doing all right. I was wondering what we were gonna talk about on this wait but...

- That's right. As we were touring, Mikey's like, "What do you mean by going back to the living room?" I'm like, "You'll see." He goes, "I don't get it." We went up to the primary bedroom suite, and I told all of you that we're gonna have a really special surprise. I guess let's just wait it out. We'll see it.

- [Mikey] How was your holiday season? - It's going good. - [Mikey] Actually, the day before yesterday was Enes' birthday, everybody. - Ah, that's right. That's also true. I'm getting old. It's an obvious fact.

- [Mikey] He doesn't want me to say that on camera. - No I don't. - [Mikey] Yeah, here we go. - Now, interesting, right? The elevator opens up to this section, which is designed in a really unique way.

But more importantly, Mikey, ready? We have a button here. (static crackling) That's the formal living room area, and that's a full circle. So let me kind of explain what we just saw and we have- - [Mikey] I'm a little confused. - Yeah, we have an elevator from the underground bunker entertainment space that goes to the main house. Meaning, Mikey, from the main house, walking to the other side, remember that side yard kind of backyard area? - [Mikey] Yeah, yeah.

- That was actually all connected below grade to the main house, which means with this elevator, from your formal living room or from your primary bedroom closet, you can go straight into your entertainment space. How crazy is that? - [Mikey] That's awesome. That means if you're having a party over there, it's especially easy for you to sneak out and just go back to your bedroom. You know, I like that. - It's just unbelievable. Imagine the distance between these two structures, and they have actually connected that below grade.

- [Mikey] Yeah. - I mean, phenomenal, amazing estate. What can I say? We have never toured anything like this before, and I hope you all enjoyed this video. If you did, make sure to give us a like. If you have any questions or input, as always, leave us comment down below.

If you wanna watch more home tours like this, make sure to subscribe to our channel. Lastly, I wanna give big thanks to the listing agents, Darrell Done and Carol Chua, for allowing us to tour their amazing listing. And as always, you can find more information about the property down in the description of this video. Thank you all so much for watching, and we'll see you guys next week.

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