Historic Apollo 11 Moonwalk Footage

Historic Apollo 11 Moonwalk Footage

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Neil. This is Houston, what's, your status on hatch opening work. Everything. Is going here we're just waiting for the, cabin. Pressure degree, folks to. Blow enough pressure to open the hatch it's about point one on our gauge now. The, tiger, nothing. Alternative. Repeated open. Oh. I kneel. At the hips and over. Rutger we're showing a relatively static pressure, on, your cabin, do. You think you can open the hatch at this pressure about, 0.12. Psi. Is. Coming open. The, oldest gone close now get them out there uh thanks. And. I better get up first. Had, to reported coming open at 109, hours eight minutes five, seconds. Correction. 109, Oh, 735. It's baklava. The, window Claire gets, the. Letter went to clear yes. The, water bill I never. Cleared. The, Columbia this is Houston over. Columbia. This is Houston we'd, like you to try. Caliph and in cryo, hydrogen, tank number one and. Lol, s I'm this, orbit is. One. One one, one Niner. Three. One. Correct. And make that for the next star but you already have ALS don't look for this over. They've. Been on the PLSS, is now for 16, and a half minutes. Columbia. This is Houston we. Show you nearing high-gain antenna, and limit when. You lose walk on us we request, Omni Delta Omni, Delta when you lose walk over. Right, there. We're. Eight minutes away from loss, of signal on, Columbia. Okay, my wig is cleared I'm, gonna go to, that. Might cool it up a little bit or get my windows where. All. I see you it isn't clear. Circuit. Is for. Food, for three. Okay. Pressure. Like a. Dance. Like at least like, yeah. We gotta order it separated right oh, right. And. I'll let the jury. Look. At the back all secondary. Neil. Armstrong, suit pressure for. Point it cooling up. Okay. I, called. Bob secondary, because they grow. I've to lean this way. Bigger. River. I haven't, been wanted. Yeah. It's, open. Okay. And. Things need our circle is open. Look. At that time out and I'll get it okay. 10. Is out. And, now we're ready to hook up the other thing. I bet. You'd go down a.

Without. First now. Put. The bag up, this way. That's. Even. Okay. The fact is up against the third. And house on top of the 50 board. Up. Diagram. A. Little. Bit birthday. Take, out. Beer left a little bit, here. Did, you line up. Like. Me a little bit about okay. Babe we're. Catching. Me up hands. Up. -. Here. Roll. To the left. Line, up on a platform, your. Left foot to, the right a little bit. Okay. That's good. All, right. There. Okay, now I'm going to check. Breath. Here. Okay, not quite squared away. Over. The. Right. A little. That's. Okay that's good. That, premiere of your left so. Close on there. Am, i doing hey doing fine. Okay, want this back. Okay. Here they're not Monica pork. Right. Your nail. Okay, right now Columbia, Columbia this, is Houston one minute 30 seconds, LOL all, systems go over. Okay. Hit. A little clock. Neil. Armstrong, on the porch at 109. Hours 19, minutes 16. Seconds. Any, pork slices how. Old it is okay. 25, minutes of PLSS, time expended now. Okay, everything stayed, in here, okay. Could you pull the door open with one. I'm. Gonna pull it down. Your cousin Amanda came down all right. We. Copy and we're standing by for your TV. It's, in this. Mail radio check, snail, this is Houston loud and, clear break, break buzz this is Houston radio. Check and verify TV, circuit breaker in. And, we're getting a picture on the TV. There's, a great deal of contrast, in it and currently. It's upside-down on our monitor but, we can make up a fair amount of detail. Okay. We can up by the position. Okay. Neil we can see you coming down the ladder now. Okay. I. Didn't. Collapse too far but, it's, adequate to, get back up so. I drew a copy, I think it's level job. Buzz. This is Houston. F21. 160, or seconds for, shadow photography. On the sequence camera. At. The foot of the ladder these. Lamps are, only. About. One. Or two inches, although. The surface appears, to be very. Very. Fine-grained. As you get close to it it's almost, like a powder. And, step, off the LEM now. At, one small step for man. Unofficial. Time on the first step 109, 2 4 2 0. Okay. Okay. I'm ready to pull it down now let's. Go a little bit. Okay. Looking. Up at the lamp I'm. Standing directly in the shadow now looking, up at those in the windows. And. I can, see everything quite, clearly the light is. Okay. The, surgeon says it man called on the ICU bracket. Surgeon. Says the crew is doing well data, is good crew is doing well. Step. Out and think some of my birthday here. Right. Your nail we're reading, you loud and clear, they, didn't. Come victory and they, continued to sample. Thirty. Five and a half minutes of PLSS, time expended now. Neal. If you can do, copy about the contingency, sample. Okay. A, little. Bit. Yes. It is it's not a suit, get it back once more. Work. More towards the inside. In, the pocket. Oh. They should be available within the pocket. Minimum. Flow. Okay. I got the cameras on the one frame a second. And, I've got 0%. No Mike. Yes, we are getting a TV, picture. And. They'll shoot. Them that, we're getting a picture you're not the first time we can see the bag on the latc being, moved by buzz oh here you come into our field of view. Okay. All right I've got it. Are. You ready. All. Set. Okay. So. Levi. With them and I'll, try to watch your place. I'd, the backup cameras. Okay, your person looks, like it's clearing okay, the. Door is about to come over the. Okay. A little. A foot movement. Which. Blocking. The back. To. Clear the. 45, minutes plss, time expended. If. You can based on your camera, transfer, with the LEC, do you foresee, any difficulties. In. That's. The sample return containers. The rock boxes, that Capcom. Be. Very comfortable. Walking. Is also very comfortable. But. You're, on you've, got three more steps and then a long one. Another. Rich. You. Got it that's. A good step yeah. Both. PLSS is nominal, on consumables. Taking, down. Half. Of the backpack. And. There's some effectiveness. And, like. Fantasy. I, can, through. Backward. Due. To the soft very. Soft. After. Yeah. Ladies. Rock. Battery. Say. Again please you're, cutting out. Neil. Armstrong, getting, ready to move the TV camera now out to its panorama, position. To. Lose, my balance and what direction and recovery. Like. Put it. And, I have the information. Now. Amazing, famous to be in good shape. Have. To be careful that you're leading in the direction you want to go otherwise. The. Old it no say we might see some Pokemon. Find. A purple Rock. Faceball. I. Go. For it again. Leave. That to the.

Oh. Biotite. Is a brown mica, substance. Life, support, consumables, still looking good. Okay, tell, me you. Get. A new picture, yeah. Affirmative. We're getting a new picture you can tell if a longer, focal length lens and, for, your information now, LEM took them to go over. Yello, now unveiling. The plan. Right. Here we've got you poor fighted put back, one, side. We'll. Powdery. How. Good your Ellen if you can. My. Cable for me. We. Can see a buzz right hand, it's. Somewhat, out of focus. I'd, say we, were focusing, down to properly oil bottle, aiding. Due to a foot behind the position of a pan when we're pulling out the table. Tonight. Three. Point seven. Eight. You. Stand on the ladder facing, forward, the miners wife. That. Feel of you. Now. With the shooting the field of view is okay, we'd like you to aim it a little bit more go right over. A. Little bit too much for the right can you bring it back left about 4, or 5 degrees. Okay. That looks good. Neal. And we'll line you up again when you finish the panel. You're. Going too fast on the panoramic sleep you're gonna have to stop. I. Forgot. Oh. That's. Naughty. Tell, me if you got a picture here we've. Got a beautiful picture now. Okay. Another good one. Okay. We got that one. Okay. Out. By. During we do the travel over the lemon. Is. A. Elongates. Eaters. Obey. The three together is 40, feet long and, 20. Feet across, and, they're probably six feet deep Oh probably get some more work in there later. I don't, we do folks talking about it we're at for a final. For. A final orientation we'd, like it to come left, about five, degrees over. Back. To the right about half as much. Okay. Oh yeah. Look good there and hell. One, hour seven, minutes time expended. You. Can. As. Buzz. Is erecting, the solar wind experiment, now. All. Them systems, still looking good. Okay. Oh. The. Rocker. Columbia. Columbia this is Houston AOS. Over. Neil, Armstrong, has been on the lunar surface now, almost 45, minutes. Columbia. Houston, reading you loud and clear over. Ei, is progressing, beautifully believe. They're setting, up the flag now.

Great. I guess, you're about the only person around it doesn't have TV coverage of the food. Oh. It's. Beautiful Mike really. Got. The flag up now. Oh that. Is awful. Hey. Okay. Now look at here tonight I check over. All, right. I'd like. To evaluate. Now. All right bang what they. Might. Be. But get, rather tiring after. Thank. Or debate the heute thing do we get both of here on a similar permanent place. I'm. Talking, to you from. The room. At the White House. Has. To be the most. To. Bring, and. For, one priceless moment. In. The whole history of man, all. The people on this earth are truly one. One. In their pride in which we've done and. One, in our, prayers that you will, return safely to earth. And. Thank you very much and I look forward all of us look forward to seeing you on the Hornet on Thursday. Columbia. Columbia, this is Houston over. Right. There I've got a p22, auto-updates. Auto. Optics, ad for you. You're, p22, landmark. ID lemma. D 1, 1. 1 0, 2. 6 5. 6. P. 2. 1. 1 0. 3. 2 0, 6. 3. Miles. South. Time. Of closest, approach. 1. 1 0, 3. 3, 4. 0. Shap. 3. 5 3. Decimal. 8 5. 5. Klingon. For. Thick. Decimal. Four, Niner five. Rolls. 0. Pitch. To 5, they're all, yog. They're all over. It. Your. Buzz and break break Columbia, this is Houston when, you track, out a high gain antenna limits request Omni, Delta on they built over. And. I thought. It several times in going from big. Sunlight. If, it's shadow that distance I go in that's. An additional, reflection. I. Think. This. Okay. Neil. Armstrong has the scoop for the bulk, sample. Collection. The. Color. Of my boot. Completely. Disappeared. Know. Exactly what's hard to describe this. Color. Oh. A, few. Thing you're cutting out on the end of your clinic making scan you. Beautiful. Now. I had that inside. Sound of or what. Neal's. Been on the surface an hour now. There's. Not quite 20 minutes less than that. General. I'm, that, the. Shadow doesn't. Have. Any. Effect. Maybe. Some upside to suit, there. Is a difference, of, course in the, nothing. Radiation, oh that's, why they didn't and, that data feel a little cooler in. Let. Me over. One, hour and I have expended. On the plsss, now. So. I'll be over here and over. Columbia. Tower. All. Right now you should have VHF. AOS, with the LEM right, about now the. Hf l OS will. Be at 4 0 minute. 1 5 seconds, over. Heart. Rates on both crewmen, averaging, between. 90, and 100. Flight. Surgeon, reports, they're right. On the predicted, number of the, BTU. Units. Expended, in the energy of work. And. He thinks they're in great shape. You. Can see Neil Armstrong, bringing the scoop, is. About 30 to 40 feet. The, one that rate in front of me now as I look. 35. Neela's. Filling the bulk sample, bag attached, to a scale. Seam, in the picture. Buzz. Is behind the lamb at the, -. Is east rat. That's, the landing gear, directly, opposite, the ladder. Neal's. Been on the surface about an hour and ten minutes now. Not. Area, being a -. Why but. Up, top. Buzz. Is making his way around the lam. Photographing. It from various angles. Looking. At its condition, on all sides. Neos. Still occupied, with the. Bulk. Sample. One. Hour 40, minutes time, expended, on the PLSS is now. As, a cocktail cocktail, so. Example, is. 15. Field. The. Others if you can go ahead over. Oh. Go, ahead with the coordinate, from the small. Right. There copy echo. Decimal. 3 and 7, decimal thick. And, Columbia, this, is Houston while I'm talking to you, lol. Will. Be at. 111. 1. 9 3, 1. A. 1. 1 2 0. 5. 4. 3 over. Columbia. This is Houston did, you copy lol. Times. Over. The. Effector. That matter, that I want to see. Wrinkled. You're. Breaking up again but.

I'd. Say the debt, deflector. This mounted, on plot for. The. Surface over things to do tomorrow rankled. Under. These, part of the lab seem to have set up. Wanna, get some, particular photograph, of it yeah. Okay. 3.5. Flying. Adequate. Site. Warming. I Jeremy. Lin's. 66%. Oh -, no flakes, and. Them cooling on the futures, too. Neil. Has. Finished. Collecting, and packing, the bulk. Sample. Positive. Houston have you removed the close-up, camera from, the neethu yet over. Thank. You. Okay. Alright, here it looks like they're about, a half-hour flow. On it we're working on consumables, over. Neil. And Buzz this is Houston good, clarifying hair left your. Consumables. In. Good, shape at this time the. 30, minute reference, was with respect to the phenomenal. Timeline over. Neil has been on the surface now a slightly over an hour and 20 minutes. No. Any abnormalities. In. The lamp. Watch. To. Keep the time, I think a very good, shape. And. Dinners, are. All in. Place. There's. No evidence. Of problem. Underneath the, lamp due to a specific. Force of. Any. Kind. It's very surprising they. Say. Surprising, lack of penetration of. All four, of the footbag I say. If we're to client. Services, how far below the surface they. Were the benefit of use measure. Three. Inches would, say now and tomorrow jump. I got, a picture of the. Suck slides right, taken, from, his. Defense, days and it would be. So. Good I know what the. Facts. Are. Seem to be quite pitiful. Thank. You. That. Right there that space that. At the, defense. Big. Radiating. That for edging, away or. They. Might believe is the large amount of very, fine. Particles. Moving out. So, it's reported, before here but we, would probably see, about getting. Stupid. After. I. Selected. Shut down but the merry. Big. Deal. Yep. I, think. The right. Go, back to be silent, but. Very. Little worth. Of impact. Okay. Columbia. On, the other Thursday. Go, ahead but. Thank. You. Our, plan, that this. Will, stop. And take a photograph or something and they'd want to start moving again sideways. By. A tendency to start doing it but this. Gradual. Sideways. Hot. Yeah. I think you thank you, we. Can see your feet sticking out underneath. The structure of alum B. And. Now we can see you through the structure of the - the secondary. Front. Laser. You. Columbia, Columbia this, is Houston we're about to live here on the omni's request, high gain antenna, react. Mode. 0. 1. 3 5 /. Make. That y'all, 175. Columbia. You are 175. On the high game. Surgical-type. Is. Still working predicted. 2 p.m.. You play. Surgeon. Says everything, looks fine. Yes. You, can't be. Yesterday. A pesticide, that, deployed. Manually. They've, been on the portable, life support systems. For two hours now. The. Manual, deployment. Of the I. Cubed. Up. Frankness. At the end of this thing pulled off of the. However. I was able to read, up and get all of the pictures and pull it loose. It'll. Be deployed manually, also. And the panorama, is complete. Laughs. At. The web. 7:00. 7:30, position. That. That's, Neil Armstrong, to the left of the screen. They'll, make guys up for that. And a couple of these. Quite. Rapid, large, boulders. Buzz, Aldrin coming, into view on the right carrying, the two experiments. I pop. That little, rooster that'd, be a pretty good place. All. Right. I would, go, right around that period, burlap, there take, a look at that a little pot there. And. They will be out of the cameras field of view while. Setting up these, experiments. Boogers. Look. Like basalt, yeah. Probably. I am. By. A client, how do you go okay. It looks like we cut a little bit we've got about 15. Minutes and. For. The extension beyond the two port. Yes, otherwise how. You can the Tea Party would you start. Are. You on the clock up front garage that's. The one that was started when you yeah. We. Just keep slipping the activities, back and checking our profiles. Happy. Omigod smothered. I. Oh. Are, you cutting out again boat. I. Believe. A. Lot. Experiments. The. Main thing is get the power off the edge get, one get, the fall off the edge it does not necessarily have to be said that we can't say.

Yeah. I. Thought he said. So. We seem to be going around and outside. Play. That, 15, minutes on water. And. All the bubble. Level. You want to take a look at this beauty, with your going on. I found. It pretty hard that gets perfectly. Level. If. You think of level, by eyeball go ahead. Okay. Surgical. ICU. Seismometer. My, rates are still down the, level. Funny, going on, okay. Okay. Looks like. Water. To. Start combination. Neal's using last right. Okay. The, migration would then. Be going in closer to nominal time. Paul. Collier, we're. Gonna give the total 15. Minutes and we'll still give buzzer a 10-minute, -. 10 mark to start in based on that all. 13. Neal, with this Houston over. Looking. At your concealable, and you're. In here in good shape. Subject. To your concurrence we'd, like to extend the duration of the EBA one. Five minutes, from nominal, we will still give a. Tennis. Player. Before heading. In your. You lap time is a. Photograph. Of the. What. To. Make that. Allowed for the documented. Plus with a minute button. Approximate. Can. Effective. For. The. Only person yes. He asked what woody estimate. For the documenting. Up. For. The back you men clap by our. Each, I applaud you get your message to Capcom yes. So. Yeah you got a message for Columbia. So. I'll be a Columbia, this is Houston over. Terminate. Charging, battery Bravo, at Warren, 11 walk 15, over. This. Is Houston now you've. Got about 10, minutes left now, prior. To commencing, their ev8 termination, activities, over. Good. How'd, you leave unchaste, working. Well a lot of, seismic. Yeah. You can tell we're sisters, it's. Tranquility. Base this is Houston the, fact is placing Ethernet, has, been engaged, we're. Moving. Period. Our, collections, at over. Okay. We're supposed to get 10 minutes. You, cowboy. Sorry cap did you get. The. Baby tigers. Good. How. About you juicy. Collecting. A core tube sample. Okay, watch it now I have. This isn't, it down to. The tune of about five inches. Experiments. Like. Herbs. And the SolarWinds what you want. Spanish. Spanish. Give me an answer. Tubes. In. Now. We'd. Like you all to get two, core, tubes and the solar wind experiment. Two four tubes and the solar wind over. Before. It comes in a big. The. Future. You have approximately, three minutes simply must commence for e VA to emanate, connect. Columbia. To suit them approximately, one, minute to lol silver. We're. Talking to the. You've. Got the. Anything. Else. Okay. Leading. The solar wind experiment. Our. Boys here, think about, time for you to start your TV. Activity. Report. About. Film magazine. No. They'd I have time for that cap first, I want to close up your mind close out yeah dad. We. Want to keep a good margin in those portable life support systems. Capcom. Play good. Like what I was just saying. Yes. Nice. Party they head up the wire my. Pipeline shows. That, white dot, right. Above the horizon. On the right. Is. A phosphorus. Pot from, the TV converter, in, the park station in Australia. Okay. Control, flight, I'm. Gonna fight watch you switches. Nia. Was been on the surface a few minutes longer than two hours. Was. Approximately. 20 minutes less. Than that. The. Dingo. Up on that. Eat. Come June sieve-like. Mike's. On the backside now let's get everything in order. Configuration. For sleep singers, now. That's. Got it clear. Transferring. The sample containers, into the wind cabin now. They. Disease it down. Flight. Experiments, go like, a blue bird or a big get a replay on the laser. You. All pass out when it's wet. The. Lick Observatory in. California reported. No. Response and has to say but we're, in good shape on, consumables. On CDR. Like, that. Them. On the LED is kind of falling all over me while I'm doing it.

It, Looks like. Now. I pick my watch stop. He. Needs put a new mag, on and get some pictures of. This. Is the hardest part. Two, dollars 40 minutes on the plsss. Burnout. Thank you got it there. Please. Okay. Oh. Yeah. I'll get it get, up. Blurt it out a pill. Okay, okay. Did you get that. Off. The surface. Okay. Taxes clothes of life. Okay. We. Press opens like Kevin, coming up. Supposed. To be getting some sleep in here somewhere, no not yet captain fa. O clock. Fine. Take. Your flight plan for Colombia from this point on will you. At. This point I'm, Diego I sleep the same time the Lim guys that's, what it's up that's right, it's. Like though I'm Ken pressure is up. Later. Than this okay. Final, flight get all you try. One more time. Information. Together. GMC. Flight. By. GSA, okay I'll consumables. Are all more propellant. Okay. Glamis. Systems. Look good. Cumin. Should now be transferring, back to. Tranquility. Bases. Environmental. Control system. And. Later we'll switch to. To. The vehicle's communication. System, we estimate it will be another. And. A fifteen minutes before they're on the lam, communication. System. And. A replica, of the. American. Flag on the lunar surface is, now being erected here, in the control center. And. A replica, of the plaque on. Tranquility. Base has. Been hung on the wall. He'll, with Houston, deal with this Houston Radio check over. Buzz. Buzz this, is Houston, radio, check, Radio check over. This. Is Justin I. Copy. A transmission, calling, Houston all L foods broken up over. Neil. This, is Houston if, you read so, you can just you one still one plus antenna, so we can have communications. Over. Everything. Be, off. Neil. This is Houston we seem to be reading you now tear it out though I. Feel. Good. It's. An extreme quality how do you read tranquility, base, this is Houston loud and clear how much. Clear. We're in the process of switching over to LEM Kamen Rider. Tranquility. Base this is Houston we'd, like to verify your, steerable, antenna in track. Mode flew we're going to do a communications, hand over here on earth earth over. Roger. That's affirmative we're in. So. One vehicle I'm the other two Houston over. Roger. Columbia is used to reading you loud and clear on omni charlie, the, crew will spend quality, base is back, inside their base. Refresh. Right and. They're in the process of, stopping the, plug. Everything. Went beautifully over.

And. We'd. Like to get pool. And accept from you we have a state. Vector up lengths and, after, that we'd, like you to realign. Your platform, through the new ref map that we found out for every, to it go over. Now. This is a bottle controlled dr., Charles, Barry, reports. The heart rates during. This EBA period. Ranged. From. Low. Of 94. Both crewmen, to, a high of about a hundred and twenty-five, for. Buzz. Aldrin at peak periods and a high of. 164. Neil Armstrong, at peak periods, that. Top, reading coming, during the time. He. Was transferring, The Rock boxes, into the land. Dr.. Barry says the data they got the, indicates, Neil was working, very hard at that time. Columbia. This is Houston, we're, going to update you in a new state Victor and then, we'll send the rough up again because. Sending the state vector up will wipe out the one that you have on board and then you can do a b-52. Go. On the other two if you can be read over. Okay. Columbia, we've completed, the uplink the computer, is yours we can go to block however. We'd. Like you to hold. Off on the t52, option, to online, until. After you pass landing, site - and. We requested, if you perform another b22. And. Attempt, to find the lem this fast i've got the numbers for you when you're ready to copy over. Roger. Columbia fb-22. Landmark. Ideas, Lunar Module. Make. That tranquility. Base, be, 1 1. 1 2 2, 5. 2, 0 8. P. 2, 1. 1 2, 3. 0 1. 7. 4. Nautical. Mile south. Time. Of closest, approach, 1. 1 2 3 1, 5. 2. Shaft. 3. 5 7. Decimal. 0, 5 1. Trunnion. 0. 4, 7 decimal. Four, three two. Roll. 0. Pitch. 2 5 0 vr. 0, read. Back over. Columbia. This is Houston. Did, you copy might be 22, update, over. So. On the other two the future. Did. You copy my p22, patch. Along. The other to Houston, do you copy my, pad over. Standby. Now. All wait man we've got new information. This. Is Apollo control at 112. Hours 19, minutes. The, inhabitants, of. Tranquillity. Base are. Still. In the post, EBA clean, up period. Still. Have not fully configured. The, voice communications. However. We are getting telemetry good. Dilemma tree from the tranquility, base showing. A cabin pressure of 5. Pounds. Per square inch. Temperature. Of 60, degrees. We. Expect to. Establish. Communications. Before. Too long. During. This, period. The crew is. Removing. The. Portable. Life support systems. Checking. Over theirs their. Spacecraft. Systems. Getting. Ready for, jettison. Equipment. From. Tranquility. Base the, cabin will be depressurized. Before. Too long and equipment, will be jettisoned, onto the lunar surface. Tranquility. Base this is Houston. Can you give us some, idea of how you're progressing on, the, Flitz. Stopping and preparation, for a deep breath. All, right there.use it's a tranquility, base where, the process is using. Us but. Don't. We have and, I'm just getting. Ready to change the primary. EPS, canister. Over. Roger. Tranquility we'd, like to hold. Off as long as possible on, the lithium. Hydroxide canister, make, that one of the last things you do and getting ready for the deep, breaths if you can over. All. Right so we're finding. On doing that I. Just, wonder how much longer we. Want to wait though. We've, probably got another half an hour's worth of picture. Taken and I guess we could, run. Through and each, cyclist. That. Changed. It I. Can't. Answer this deep breath over the Roger that sounds fine got a. Little. Gratitude here, for a while oh, we. Don't mind a bit.

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It’s that true?

Check out this one, with nice after-talk commentary: /watch?v=DpPMoIv1lxI

I love a good sci-fi movie lol.

This is 1 of 2 space movies from Stanley Kubrick

Yes it's science, but for uneducated idiots it's magic and fiction:)

All the people who disliked this video are flat mooners.

What everyone thinks: Apollo 11 moonwalk What I think: HEE HEE

So the earth is really triangle

Starting at about 25 minute mark new comes over by the camera to take pictures supposedly of the moon but the video begins to get very weird and wonky which makes it hard not to believe that the video was tampered with because Neil must have done something in front of the camera that didn’t align with the narrative that they’re trying to feed the people. So they had to find someway to mask it. Because the rest of the footage is clear as day. Except for the parts of the video where they get close to the camera, of course. And not only that but shortly after this Neil makes a remark that went something like “it looks like the desert in the United States out here”. I paraphrased but I wanted to point that out because they are laughing at us. Jokes on us. Time to wake up from the coma. Cognitive dissonance is curable.;)

Tell me, why Soviets confirmed landings? Any ideas?

where’s MJ ?

Nothing says 60's Nasa more strongly than guys with short haircuts and pencil ties.

Even Americans not even touch the moon..... Just search kally Smith engineer from nasa he say no one pass van allen belt... They are doing test to pass the van allen belt Search "Kelly Smith nasa"

True, that's why Apollo missions omited Van Allen *BELTS* of radiation:) They are fcking belts you cretin, not some magical barrier!

This is amazing...#50

This year marks half a century since we have sent people onto the moon let is marvel in the magnifesence of how far science com how far it will go and how much thought the people involved in this put into everything done here, let us appreciate this and what will come next.

@-_ Which work, not like real religion;) You cretin are using now power of science and it fcking works!

Aiden Jones religion of scientism

hogg wash

Where’s Buzz Lightyear?

This is just so0o0 amazing! Just wow.. lol

Conspiracy theorists hate him! People who scored above a 1500 on the SAT love him! His name is critical thinking

thebullybuffalo critical thinking is a way to destroy it does not actually bring anything to fruition. It was implemented and taken from the franfurt school of thought.

All filmed at Area 51 with deliberate poor quality cameras used. All the materials used would of perished in the Thermosphere. We have never been past lower earth orbit.

@Mrinfen07 The temperatures in the upper Thermosphere reach 2000 degrees celcius Aluminium melts at 463 degrees celcius stainless steel melts at 1510 degrees celcius Nickel Steel Alloy that melts at 1453 degrees celcius for instance.

I fell like this is a joke but a don’t want a lot of replies saying r/whoosh

Me in 2089: Wait *what year is this?*

Both Americans and Russians are White people, just because of politics, they are divided. If cooperation, they will be very strong. Maybe they wait for China Asia to steal their things before they realize it.

*But this, does put a smile on my face*

How dare you disprove the moon conspiracy nut jobs! Happy 50th in the name of science, reason and exploration, and very brave people!

With all of the turmoil and tragedy in the 1960's this historic moon landing was a welcome relief! It was a soothing balm to a festering wound. I was 18 years old from a small Ohio town, just a few months from being drafted and was so very proud of fellow Buckeye Neil Armstrong.

They filmed

Kubrick did a great job on this film.

Joe rogan must feel like an idiot rn

Who remembers the 4,00000 persons behind these 3 persons...

Click bait

This was done in area51. Change my mind.

firebearfl true

Can't change your mind because there is no cure for your type ignorance and stupidity.

Man I love a good science fiction movie like this one.

Step 1 completed. Now THE UNIVERSE

Another masterpiece by Kubrick. What a homage

*#1 = AMERICA*

all the people who dislike this video STILL think the moon landing was faked

*#1 = USA*

*#1 = US*

One question.... Who filmed it?

Stanley Kubrick

Rest assured, NASA didn’t call on Moon-dwellers to perform camera duties. They simply mounted a camera on the Descent Stage of the Lunar Module and pointed it at the steps.

Warner bross?

Why was this posted yesterday when chandrayaan 2 has launched today!?

Me and the boy's landing in area 51 be like

Absolutely amazing acting, Oscar Awards for all those involved.

You aren't a clown. You're the entire Circus

Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, & Michael Collins have their names on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. No joke.

Vladimir Putin lol I know right? People actually think this is real though.

Just throw the whole video away it wasn’t even filmed in 1080p and it looks like it was recorded 50 years ago.

Very nice, I made a stop motion animation of this.

Haters say it's photoshop...

i love first moonlanding

And for ISRO (indian space research organisation) is only given about 0.5-1% of the budget NASA spends yearly We are sending rover on moon in the half of production cost of avengers endgame today Why Donald Duck should not send all of them back to India WE CAN DO A MAN MiSSiON TO THE MARS WITH THEM


NASA puts the full Apollo mission video on YouTube Conspiracy theorist: ItS faKEZz REEEEE

thank you nasa, now i know what to look forward for when my area 51 homies take me to space

the man so beat

am I the only one excited to watch this again live in a few years, but then in freaking HD?

Mike Jansen ?

Jesuit ritual performed in such an obvious manner. Find the part where they plant the flag. Wtf is going on here? 7/20/1969...

Show me another one

Oliva Kenttakky ?

This is odd in the original video the flag had wind

Thank you Niel (RIP), Michael and Buzz. I am in awe of your bravery, spirit and determination. The 'right stuff' indeed.

Studio landing more like

Haters will say it’s photoshopped

Not photoshopped but directed by Stanley Kubrick

Original soundtrack by Pink Floyd

Why haven’t we gone back?

Tanner Little i know that..I mean since the Apollo missions back in the day. I’d just love to see HD footage from the technology today.

Because Stanley Kubrick isnt alive anymore to fool all of you again

M M all 6 times we returned astronauts walked on the moon.

We did 6 times for ‘69 to ‘72. Notice how all of the naysayers haven’t provided any evidence. Just “iT WaS iN a FiLm StuDiO”.

Michaelshere Unmanned vehicles yeah, but no astronauts. From what I’ve read, there’s a lot of politics involved & moon missions haven’t received enough support since then

Ivan Stojanac I thought we’ve been to the moon more then once

We will

M M Because it was faked this is a soundstage

I find it unbelievable that their on board system had the computing power of an original game boy

To be honest for 1969 on the moon, this video quality ain’t that bad

It was a low quality S-Band signal by the time it was filmed straight from a TV screen. A much better quality original copy was either erased or misplaced along the way.

Traket better quality than 2008 video blogs

The elites laugh at the masses

nocternalD Exactly.

where is ufo ???


1:53:07 whats that line on the roght side!

Good work Hollywood!!

Love ❤️ this video!


"The moon landing was faked" is Russian propaganda to discredit and undermind the achievements of America and it's very disappointing to see people continue to spread such absolute asinine dribble. Literally anyone can buy a telescope and look at the moon and still see the equipment left there.

Just send another one again with a go pro!

Sir, if the Apollo landing is true and not a big Hollywood movies where is the flag and landing gear remnants? Those items should be shown for every commemoration.

This was totally faked

I have a question about apollo 11. Neil and buzz and Michael are going to the moon. you say that Neil and buzz are the first people in the moon, but Michael then he is not on the moon or something or is he not the third person. !!! Nasa is mijne dream.

Im so excited for 2024 that’s gonna be on step further to start of colonizing the solar system

A poll was taken in the 70's, and 30 percent of Americans thought the moon landing was a hoax...I bet that percentage is close to that in 2019.

20:39 - Imagine hearing that for the first time.

@Andy Iverson did they installed camera at some place near to space craft for shooting purpose , because the shoot doesn't move also . How could they film all that so steady ?

The - HyBla they were going really fast so they had enough time to escape the radiation belt before it could do any harm to them

john cragg does 1969 even count as 60s? Like technically yes but the decade was done in less than 6 months of this being filmed.

Matt Mcewan A video that can be faked forged and manipulated is a far cry from disproving anything.

That’s one of the reasons why they staged it. Haven’t you ever seen Capricorn One?

firebearfl 1969-18 is 1951. Is that when you were born?

Philip Erdman this is definitely not real. It’s really terrifying how many people believe it is.

Dr.finesse. Bruh tell me about it, and to make it worse there’s no colour!!! Major fail, might as well have been filmed in the late 60s, NASA can’t even invest in quality cameras. Very disappointed.

NASA's technology may not have advanced very much since Apollo, but special effects technology sure has.


I used to believe..........then I woke up.

"There's something interesting at the bottom of this crater" - Houston "Nah keep going we got plenty" :o How not curious of them

50 years ago Neil and Buzz dared to dream and inspired the world to do the same.

The Nixon Administration made 200 statements during their term......199 of them were proven to be lies....the other was that they landed on the moon. Hmmmm.

I dont get it why all astronauts named "roger" !

Why did China say that America never went to the moon?

Where are all the stars retards, if this is real?

So your telling me that the president was able to call to the moon in1969...and I still loose reception driving through tunnels how heavy was the cámara they had to film this..and why do they look transparent at times

Even the Russians agree that the US went to the moon.

Michael was left in the CSM, in lunar orbit

@Arjun अर्जुन् 90 lol exactly

Two words that are otherwise the same. That means you can hold one short word in your mind and repeat it.

Paramaunt pictures presents LOL


So 1k flat-earthers disliked the video!

FREE JULIAN ASSANGE!! Care to explain why they would advertise themselves if they're trying to convince people it is real?

Anil Chavan The light effects would be the sun believe it or not.

Aswin P Unnithan It was actually done in Area 52.

Alwayz True .

GOD i cannot wait until we go back and this "debate" is FINALLY put to rest.

The reason everybody saw people walk on the moon was because of my country Australia

Thank you NASA for 50 years of science fiction.


1:24 Why wasn’t there any sound there?

The moon is 240,000 miles away, in the last 47 years the furthest they have travelled is less than 500 miles. They didnt go to the moon

@AmunRa correct

They haven't gone to ''space'' either.

wow that's too easy to say lol

What are you talking about? A Chinese lunar orbiter took photos of the Apollo landing sites, as independent evidence of the manned lunar landings. Chang'e 2, which was launched in 2010, was the lunar orbiter. The Chinese themselves publicized this.

AmunRa mi i‘m not lol

Your in for a disappointment

No! Air in a studio

No duh the Moon has almost no gravity

Thats right no telemetry data, and the original footage from the cameras was recorded over from someone at NASA with episodes of different strokes

Both countries are melting pots wym?

I guess the movie gravity is real too.

Le 22 juillet 1969 je posais les pieds sur terre ..

Conspiracy theorists say that the flag moved. It moved when they put it in, duh, but it didn't seem to move even a bit later, not even when they walked right by it. Did the conspiracy theorists watch the video?

All studio recorded, on earth...

Because of artificial light

MissLadyLoveJoy not to mention they had shielding and distance which are two of the three ways you can escape harmful radiation

MissLadyLoveJoy you don’t know how radiation works lol you have to be in radiation long enough depending on the strength/exposure it gives off for it to do harm to you and if you think I’m lying prove me wrong lol

@MR YSL yeah right

@Andy Iverson fantasy

Dear NASA; You and We both know the first mission was flown on a sound set with Stanley Kubrick as Director. Having said that We know that Apollo 20 was real. Do us a favor - come clean and spill the beans...Show us all the clips from Apollo 20 and make things right.

The American Eagle! Landing!!!

Very powerful moment when JFK gets on the radio at 1:12:50

Apollo 11: Neil Armstrong on the moon A few days later: 400,000,000 people watch it S t o n k s

That is an earth version of NASA, it's called the CGI's earth imagination, the earth version of God is flat. Unfortunately there are people who are smarter than scientists, including behind this mask.

@The Last Operator its so sad.

Conspiracy theorists wont believe even if they went back 10 times.

We know why the picture was so bad, don't we Buzz? hide the truth first space walk crystal clear picture

It honestly amazes me not only that this is even possible, but it was done half a century ago when my parents were little kids.

Why should they bother watching actual videos? Reading the "articles" from their favorite conspiracy gurus and watching their videos is enough to stay woke.

-**- ghosting from the left leg of the LEM that the sun is illuminating on. When the astronauts walk in front of the LEM leg it disappears. Common problem with old analogue cathode ray tube cameras.

They are left on the Moon.

@Rxnys Even if the Artemis Program fails, we will still have Starship-Superheavy and, possibly, New Armstrong.

@caav56 so lem stays there only all the time ?

@rgtm aa Lunar Excursion Module.

@caav56 lem ?

@rgtm aa Because this thing was attached to the side of the LEM and, because of that, was as stable as it was.


Certainly the most impressive achievement in science and techniques in all human history. Thanks NASA.

Truth is not hidden: Armstrong and Buzz landed on the Moon in 1969. So what?

Dear NASA; You and We both know the first mission was flown on a sound set with Stanley Kubrick as Flight Director. Having said that We know that Apollo 20 was real. Do us a favor - come clean and spill the beans...Show us all the clips from Apollo 20 and make things right.

How do you know all that?

That's on the Moon. Educate yourself.

Fiction, not science

Science, not fiction.

@Thomas Kundera not a flatty no, thanks for your time. can i ask you some questions?

@pauline Ross : Good start point. What would you like to know? AmunRa seems to be a flatty, you are not, right?

@Thomas Kunderathanks, I will try and learn from clever people like you x

@pauline Ross : That's why you don't understand much. But you can learn by yourself. Good luck!

@Thomas Kundera correct

@pauline Ross : You haven't go to school either.

I'd rather *know* than "believe".

In Hollywood. Photographically, the stars in the sky will not show up if the exposure is set to ascertain details of a brightly lit foreground, such as the surface of the Moon. Just ask ANY professional photographer. Side note: stars are not "retards". But if you couldn't figure this out on your own, maybe some will wonder where you are...

_"So your telling me that the president was able to call to the moon in1969..."_ Yes. _"and I still loose reception driving through tunnels"_ So what? As naive as saying "How could sunlight travel millions of km to me on Earth, while the kitchen light can't even reach the toilets? Yeah, microwaves don't go very deep in matter. However, they travel pretty good in empty space. _" how heavy was the cámara they had to film this.."_ A few kg I would guess. _"and why do they look transparent at times"_ Camera used on Apollo 11 were tube camera with a very high remanence effect, even accentuated by the fact that images we have are captured from a TV screen also having some remanence. So violently lighted area will remain on screen for seconds after having been masked. See: /watch?v=SMPCQL1FKws for an example of such afterglow of tube camera.

Agree that only a few chosen one even went to space...

That's NASA.

_"Literally anyone can buy a telescope and look at the moon and still see the equipment left there."_ Wrong. No telescope on Earth is powerful enough to resolve any Apollo remains.

@Kuheab lone : Any argument? I'm reading you.

moon landing is only and only imagination ...!

Your comment was faked, not the Moon landing.

Ignorance is a plague.

anyone with a brain don't like phoney balogna

Why didn’t they film with color on the moon, but instead they used color cameras only while flying to the moon and back. Filming the blue world in color

Even I can land on the moon's surface.. If I'll be capable of buying Disney studios

Sound starts @ 2:32

Ah, thats not JFK, it's Nixon. JFK was Assassinated: November 22, 1963, he didn't get to see any of this.


@Thomas Kunderathat is correct

Why are the astronauts turning invisible? 1 hour into the video

What a joke, can't believe people still believe this nonsense.

people be thinking the earth is flat im like look at the moon its a sphere

@pauline Ross : (post censored, repost): Of course, dont' even ask to ask :-)

you used to believe... now you're just another conspiracy sucker.

BRAVO!.... Stanley, BRAVO!

1:33.38 is when he see's the Aliens on the rim of the crater looking at them??!!???

Time to go back to show how it’s done 21 century style.

*20:38** The best momemt of mankind*

Alex Jones has millions of subscribers.

# awesome

who is the producer of this movie ?

President Nixon's greatest legacy. We will always remember him for this.

my vry favourite scene

Igloo shaped building at 56:23

JFK was one of teh main presidents to push for this to happen, don't forget the German rocket scientists too lol

thanks for the answer.

@MissLadyLoveJoy Lunar day is nearly 15 earth days long.....idiot

Learn a little...then post

I just got the Apollo 11 LEGO set, I love it. I hate that people deny this historic event.

I was born in 1981, obviously well after this mission to the moon. But I find it perplexing that I’ve never seen anything but extremely short clips of this footage. It’s almost as if NASA hasn’t promoted this footage, at least during my lifetime. Why does it sound like it was recorded in a creaky old basement? And that flag...

Better captions please

Not Kubricks best work

Happy anniversary! On 50 years of lies. Good job..alot to be proud of

1:33:37 Explanation?

This makes me proud to be a citizen of the United States. I was 4 years olds back then. We couldn't afford a TV set back then.

great launch, beautifull movie

@Thomas Kundera I have watched your videos and various things online and i now dont think the moon landings were faked but i do wonder why all the data and original footage were either lost or destroyed?

The Moondust is dangerous as it has sharp grains that cut the fabric of the men's suits.

Did you click on the time stamp?

For what?

@Thomas Kundera Stanley told me

@ian : What are your evidence that Kubrick have anything to do with Moon Landings? Then understand why what you wrote is naive.

@Thomas Kundera are you talking about yourself, you probably believe everything you here on the News


Study better.

@Thomas Kundera i think it was some hollywood producer that is what i heard


Camera used on Apollo 11 were tube camera with a very high remanence effect, even accentuated by the fact that images we have are captured from a TV screen also having some remanence. So violently lighted area will remain on screen for seconds after having been masked.

Didn't you know the Moon is flat?!?

@Andy Iverson I'd rather know than "believe".

Americans... known throughout the world for their high intelligence. Hmmm. Can't even handle Metric, why are they so slow?!?

why didnt they show them leaving the moon?

The earth is flat

Why the film was so bad!!. Were this a special cameras?

I remember watching this live I was 11 years old. The tv's in those days had lines running across them which was normal. An amazing time for TV.

I am really a big fan of NASA and if you are also a fan of NASA then give a thumbs up. and let's dream of walking by the moon

Imagine being the first person to walk on the moon and its not even the most famous ‘Moonwalk’ lol

wait just imagine if they forgot to hit record when they were on the moon

this is the 3rd time i fell alsleep watching youtube and not even space videos to wake up to a dead mac and once charged im 3 hours in on some apollo mission video. whats going on here man.


Naive :-)

Old B&W tube camera on a low bandwidth ...

4 big fans of nasa

Because the footage we’re familiar with is from Apollo 17

But could you do it well enough to convince the Soviets?

@Alex Siemers : Sorry no. Mars is way too far yet.

Thomas Kundera no, it’s on Mars

@Alex Siemers Same as NASA, fiction.

What about the Russians and Europeans?

L CHGL you must be confusing the technology itself (how powerful or efficient rockets are) to how it’s used (sending up satellites instead of humans into deep space). The technology has improved since the 60s, but it’s not being used as effectively.

@Alex Siemers Except that it hasn't evolved at all. In fact, according to NASA, rocket technology has REVERSED since Apollo. If you buy that, I know a bridge you can also buy.

Rocket technology doesn’t evolve as rapidly as computers

[citation needed]

anybody else here him say unofficial time at 23:58?

Why NASA CANNOT RETURN (or Rather GO-TO) the Moon (Lunar) Planet...BECAUSE THEY NEVER WENT THERE (with flesh and blood Astronauts) .... What was it someone said..."it is easier to fool the people than to convince them that they have been fooled" EVEN IF SOMEONE GAVE NASA a Billion $...they STILL WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SEND PEOPLE TO THE MOON AND RETURN to EARTH SAFELY. JUST ASK THE QUESTION (and answer) - (besides what NASA CLAIMS) what other space-craft has left Earth's low orbit and returned to earth's surface in one piece..? NONE… People are so fascinated that they are or rather they have been hypnotised into believing something which NEVER HAPPENED. Apollo IS one of the greatest fictional stories NASA & USA Government has created...during the Apollo missions. And people fell for this illusion. Like the Jester with his trickery …or an illusionist…hypnotized many many people. And they still believe. MANY of these SAME PEOPLE believe StarTek was real also…


Was NOT watching this and up popped an Encyclopedia Britannica 250th Anniversary Edition advertisement. The first thing that came to mind was "250 Years of Historical Lies" then I accidentally clicked on the ad and I saw a picture of a coffee mug that said "Facts Matter" in big bold angry red letters. I never laughed so hard in my life. I felt like we are pissing off the lying and deceiving 33rd degree and higher Luciferian Illuminati Freemasons who are now censoring YouTube videos because nobody believes their lies anymore and they think they can still program our minds with lies written on a coffee mug and from a big "OFFICIAL" encyclopedia! Like I said, I never laughed so hard in my life! How pathetic of these Freemason losers that they have to feed us lies because they are afraid we might learn about our human powers if they tell us the truth. How did they get that kind of power anyhow? It is time to take that power away from them. They do not deserve such power! I'm really feeling the need to exercise my 2nd Amendment Rights. Are you? FREEMASON MAKE ME SICK TO MY STOMACH! It is time to settle the score with these lost souls.


Greatest Generation is an understatement.

A large portion of the audio has clearly been redacted. The cover up continues....

I slept to this and had an epic space dream. Twice.

why was he see thru when he jumped down ?

@Louis Mathieson was being sarcastic..

So far over 1,100 dislikes were punched in the face by Astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

most people forget that in the 60's they used film for movies and pictures. Does anyone remember what happens when film is subjected to heat or radiation? it does have an effect on that unexposed film in the unprotected camera attatced to the torso of that man in the spacesuit.

Believing in that one man's step requieres one GIANT leap of faith!

I have to ask, can someone tell me why do they look transparent? Why is it I can see the background right behind them??? It looks like they filmed them in front of a white screen and projected tha film onto a film of a model of the lander and the moon. I’m not saying it’s faked though.

Is this a joke plz tell me this is a joke

Ok kid here is a fun fact you see the moon has lighting from the sun that back then we could not remake and if we could we would need hundreds and hundreds of small white lazers and back then they where only red lazers and thay where huge. So yea it was infact real What are you a flat earther

veeeeeeerrrrrry niiiiiiiice

Moose Racks _"this is what NASA is saying"_ No that's not what NASA is saying, that's just quote mining. If you buy a newspaper you don't just read the headlines, do you?

Yummy yummy yummy I got love in my tummy! ;-)

Haaaaaaaaaa, go up to the moon .... honey

anyone else catch the weird moving thing around 1:11 moving form one side of the screen to the other, almost like a shadow reflection?

A wonderful achievement for the Americans...smiles

I’m amazed the majority of people believe this to be true.

Recive in 1966

who is the camera man bro ?

nucking futs

JFK had a dream, and he shared it with us... For ALL mankind... To work together... MLK had a similar dream... So many dreams have been stolen from us by greedy people, who want for themselves, but not for all.


@Chris Lane Ad hominem much? Have a good day sir.

@Frank Face You get it. Sure ya do, Frank. Relax and ignore the ego you appear to be beholden to. Most Americans couldn't think their way out of a wet, paper conundrum, even with a blowtorch and an exacto blade. What you fail to realize that you are a backward nation in many ways. Your childish reply is a typical one from a nation filled with 2 digit IQ bearing ignorami. Your desperate attempt to defend your ignorance is laughable. I'll keep watching your clown show for now, it amuses me. :D

@Chris Lane I'm not sure you addressed the logic in my previous reply. Thank you for trying :) If the metric system is so grand why is Europe and Asia (Germany aside) failing at producing anything new and notable? How many popular programming languages were designed in Europe? I think I understand your MO. Sucks being a disarmed serf, I get it.

@Frank Face 17 ml of h20 is 17 grams of mass. How much mass in 7.3 ounces of water? Try 1 gallon, a nice round number. The whole world has caught on except you! You're a bit of a laughingstock around the world, I'm afraid. :/

@Chris Lane We break inches down into thousandths. Using a base ten system makes sense considering we have 10 digits on our hands and feet. However measurements are only arbitrary and agreed upon. There are many systems that are not base 10, they work fine, the place value can be moved at any point and still work so long as the method is strictly adhered to.

why so dark was it a earth ecilpes?


exposure settings. you try it. go outside and take a photo of the moon, and see if there are any stars in your photo.

Big shout going out to NASA. And big thank you for showing the world such HIGH QUALITY live TV coverage of the "giant leap for mankind". Wow, it really is top quality. Just think if you had actually beamed the live coverage and not a video of a TV screen. It literally would have been out of this world! Thanks again for the amazing quality!!!

the majority of people are capable of rational thought. those who believe the world is one big conspiracy controlled by puppet masters... are the fringe minority.

Nice bro can we pic of cam setup

astronauts are actually capable of setting up a tv camera. it's not that hard to accomplish. the initial egress was captured using a camera on a drop-down table-like MESA platform, deployed and activated by simply pulling a cord. bro.

"Is your window clear yet?" "Mine isn't clear yet." "Ok my window's clear" @9:40 What does this mean? What window are they referring to ?

I just want to make sure I'm not going crazy. So the USA can take a photo of a license plate from a satellite . Heck even the President can release a high detailed satellite image of a failed Iranian rocket launch but they can't send back detailed satellite images of Apollo landing sites. Am I the only one scratching my head here?

1,2 T flatmooners didn't approve

Did anyone looked to that flag which is moving like it move on earth in wind?

Yes, that sure would have been powerful

i keep going to sleep watching pyramid documentaries , and then waking up to this

if you take the time to watch the entire video the only time you see the flag move is when they were having trouble getting the flagpole firmly seated into the moons surface. I just don't understand why so many enjoy trying to discredit the hard work and the sacrifices made by everyone involved with the moon missions.

there are plenty of images available online just do a google search.

How many galaxies in the universe?

Three Astrounut should have taken DSLR camera from Narendra Modi to Take HD images on moon. Sad that they missed this opportunity......

i can hear Aliens sending morse signals in the background !

Muslim r belive moon is allah

Isro - we r coming luv isro from india

Wow is crazy

I'm no scientist but in three hours wouldn't the shadows change position?

is this live?

it is a bit odd that no unmanned NASA LM was returned from moon to earth. at least one mission of this type should have been done before Apollo 11.

good lucky

Whats om the darks side ???

So this is Area 51

Who is watching after Chandran 2

America.....Why don't you go again after 50 years?? You have a great technology now ..

I like moon and NASA

It's very expensive...

Was, 50 years ago ;-)

They were not designed to come back. Why would you?

By about (360*3/(24*28))° = 1.6° Not much.

Hasselblade medium format camera they took were way more than HD.

_"So the USA can take a photo of a license plate from a satellite "_ Likely not. _"they can't send back detailed satellite images of Apollo landing sites"_ Moon is quite further away. There are high-resolution image of the landing-site made by LRO (an imaging satellite orbiting the Moon), they are easy to find on the net. _"Am I the only one scratching my head here?"_ Get better data :-)

I may be wrong, but I think it's the opportunity window. When they have to perform some maneuver, they have to be at certain position in certain conditions. All parameters are checked and compared to that reference, when it fits, it's "clear", and they can perform the maneuver.

Leonie Your rack is more amazing

Maybe it did. Fortunately not enough to be a problem.

and a lot of money and work by hundred of thousands of people to make it actually happens.

Flat Earther's and the like.


Obviously, facts don't matter at all to you.

@Ethan warblow 2 : I'm afraid it's not. Poor guy.

Thomas Kundera o

They started the camera, and had the feed back from Houston that they actually got the video back on Earth.

9966brandon The broadcast sign was received in California and Australia and the constrast wasn’t set well

All while burning kerosene

@AmunRa : I'm afraid you live in some fiction where the Earth is flat or something? Wake-up :-)

I was 11 years old & watching this on TV my ears and eyes wide open setting there in total amazement & mesmerized. I was so proud of these 3 guys. Proud to be an American & part of history. Through all the years, those feelings have never faded away. The red white & blue never faded in my heart and mind. So very proud.

@Thomas Kundera dude stop it. You get better data. It is well known that American spy satellites can image license plates and definitely vehicles on the ground. Where ya been?

_"So the USA can take a photo of a license plate from a satellite "_ Likely not. _"they can't send back detailed satellite images of Apollo landing sites"_ Moon is quite further away. There are high-resolution image of the landing-site made by LRO (an imaging satellite orbiting the Moon), they are easy to find on the net. _"Am I the only one scratching my head here?"_ Get better data :-)

Was NOT watching this and up popped an Encyclopedia Britannica 250th Anniversary Edition advertisement. The first thing that came to mind was "250 Years of Historical Lies" then I accidentally clicked on the ad and I saw a picture of a coffee mug that said "Facts Matter" in big bold angry red letters. I never laughed so hard in my life. I felt like we are pissing off the lying and deceiving 33rd degree and higher Luciferian Illuminati Freemasons who are now censoring YouTube videos because nobody believes their lies anymore and they think they can still program our minds with lies written on a coffee mug and from a big "OFFICIAL" encyclopedia! Like I said, I never laughed so hard in my life! How pathetic of these Freemason losers that they have to feed us lies because they are afraid we might learn about our human powers if they tell us the truth. How did they get that kind of power anyhow? It is time to take that power away from them. They do not deserve such power! I'm really feeling the need to exercise my 2nd Amendment Rights. Are you? FREEMASONS MAKE ME SICK TO MY STOMACH! It is time to settle the score with these lost souls.

I like this movie

It’s a simple question of funding. President Trump has tasked NASA to return men and women to the Moon by 2024, and he’s seeking more funding for them in the next fiscal budget. It all depends on what the Senate and House of Representatives believe is necessary for their constituents. We will see what happens.

No...Muslims don't believe moon is allah.... Actually Hindus believe even a stone as their God

@Thomas Kundera Could possibly be detected in 2.5 hours but, maybe they thought of that. lol ;) Kinda fun to think about.

mars is next

woke up to this

I’m sorry NASA

united states of America Victory

jajajjaj banda jedna klamarska filmari hanba ,

Click 1:33:37

Whos filming that

Why not stars at sky. In space not have air so how flag flaying

I will never forgot Neil Armstrong, my childhood hero.

Why are so many young people begging for likes? It's the same as "anyone watching in ?" and "did anyone come here from x?" comments, it screams desperation and insecurity.

If you believe this ... Then I have some property on the moon for sale...

It's a great success for a very risquy mission But everything went well

Moon landing a film by Hollywood.....

Makes one wonder where they lost the technology maybe they should get speilberg.


Believe NASA, believe, 9/11, believe the spinning ball , Vietnam,sataliete s, God ,,lol Stanley Kubrick

absolute nonsense guys

the sun shines 20 times brighter on the moon than here,yet these clowns had clear visors on the head gear,give me a break will ya

morethan 40 years letters iraqi oil /jaanese money / saudi oil / Eu money + African Corrupt leasers money why nasa not traveling in moon now


I love NASA

Astronaut is semi transparent. This is not an orginal video

Now let's go to mars boys!

This could have bin shot anywhere on Earth?????

wounder what the white thing was

so they flew to the moon in a ball of aluminum foil , great, but never returned????

@Uckels Von Perismote The 3rd : What are your evidence that Kubrick have anything to do with Moon Landings? Then understand why what you wrote is naive.

remote transmitting? remote video? remote camera control? and i love how the lightest flag in the world just sticks in the ground on a dust covered rock sturdily....

how did THAT helmet protect the astronauts from pressure and radiation???

Why not watch a documentary about the space suits?

"so they flew to the moon in a ball of aluminum foil" Only a sub-human pedophilic animal would ever describe the spacecraft that way. It makes sense that you would.

That's how everyone reacted when they found out that the most incredible thing you'be ever done in your pathetic life was to steal chocolate cake from your mother's fridge at night on "brave commando missions". Disgusting and pathetic POS.

Because of the expense and the lack of public interest.

@Fastbreak 383 Oh. My apologies :)

@Robert Dillahubris no im admiting you didnt get a joke

@Fastbreak 383 You're admitting that you're a mongrelized animal?

@Robert Dillahubris r/whoooooosh

@Fastbreak 383 Only according to mongrelized animals like you who can't be bothered to actually think.

Engineering, persistence and testing.

Whatever you say, disgusting pederast. I'm sure the world's scientists will be very "interested" in your "opinions".

The camera they installed on the surface, you POS.

why do you want to know, you're a statistician ?

Why don't we take the money away from the FEDERAL RESERVE and pay for the space program with that...Those rich old family's don't even need our money any moe.

@Ian : What are your evidence that Kubrick have anything to do with Moon Landings? Then understand why what you wrote is naive.

I wonder how they get that lunar dune buggy down there on later missions?

I m very much proud for being human being

Muthal adi anum munnetra paid

Now start building and move along, so we Natives can clean up your mess an live in harmony. Ahoo !!!

Easy, with a crane. Watch: AMERICAN MOON or SMOKE & MIRRORS MAKE BELIEVE or Ted Tarranda's 5-hour-long video analysis!

They already were. In CAPRICORN ONE.

@David Harris Yes, but in other missions the flag moves WITHOUT the astronauts touching it!! In one mission they were already 15 minutes on board of the LEM again and then the flag turned into the picture and back out again. So spare us with your "debunking". There are too many anomalies in the photgraphs and videos. In the documentary AMERICAN MOON world-famous photographers, among them Peter Lindbergh, ALL said the photographs were FAKED!

@LIBERTAS et VERITAS I KNEW someone somewhere would catch that! ;-)


just like the people from the 1986 that exploded mission they are all alive today

Com tanta tecnologia, não desenvolveu uma filmadora que preste?


20:25 if you want to get the chills!

Big deal. Mark Wattney lived on Mars for four years eating only potatoes.

No, it couldn't.

@King joy google is your friend.

_"Does anyone remember what happens when film is subjected to heat or radiation?"_ Fortunately the camera was well insulated and the "lack" of radiation damage proves that the radiation doses in space are NOT imitatively lethal like many hoaxers like to claim.

But that was in a movie...


@Thomas Kundera Too many anomalies! What about the stereoscopic method, which PROVES, that the back-drops were way to near!?

@LIBERTAS et VERITAS : To me that's not so obvious. How do you know it was faked?

@Thomas Kundera I do, that's why I KNOW it was FAKED!

@LIBERTAS et VERITAS : Don't fall for such fallacies so easily. Use your critical thinking abilities!

@Dukes: Look for the following videos (sorry, YT often censor posts with links, so I dont put them): "Lunar Rover Vehicle Foldup Animation" "Apollo 15 Rover deployment" "Apollo 15, testing lunar rover deployment"

Easy, with a crane. Watch: AMERICAN MOON or SMOKE & MIRRORS MAKE BELIEVE or Ted Aranda's 5-hour-long video analysis!

@Joshua Allen : _"and the flag??? why not answer that?"_ There was no question there. I don't even understand what you mean by your sentence. _"how did they even know what the surface was formed from?"_ From lots of probes. But there was still a lot they didn't know. _"how did avoid the bright lum8nescence of the moon to film?"_ Like everyone does: by adjusting aperture and exposure time.

@Thomas Kundera and the flag??? why not answer that? how did they even know what the surface was formed from? how did avoid the bright lum8nescence of the moon to film?

_"emote transmitting?"_ Yes. _"remote video?"_ Yes. _"remote camera control?"_ Yes. So what?

They came back.

@LIBERTAS et VERITAS : NASA went to the Moon, really. Not in a movie :-)

@Thomas Kundera Btw it was a HINT! Mr.Smarty Pants.

@LIBERTAS et VERITAS : Bt that's a movie...

The original is such. Tube camera...

_"sun shines 20 times brighter on the moon than here"_ Where is your "here"? Can you justify that claim?

from 9.08 to 9.30 the picture of earth from the surface of the moon , no way would the earth look like that , under half of the earth is missing yet the surface is clearly visible . what a crock that picture is , clearly faked but why ?..

@LIBERTAS et VERITAS : _"What about the stereoscopic method, which PROVES, that the back-drops were way to near!?"_ Don't know about that one. Where can I get more info on it? Thanks.

What is that white small speck or small piece of light above the horizon on the right side, of the moon lander, what is that white mark?  The entire sky is black except that "white" mark in the middle of screen, right side, above viewpoint of moon?

You've just discovered that the is nighttime on Earth, and tat in teh dark, you want see much :-)

Have you been to space , are you an expert on how things should look like up there , no ?

@Dukes : It's not a "joke", even if fantastic :-)

I love the footage of them crusing around on the buggy. What a fantastic joke that was.

This and the Green Bay Ice bowl with Bart Star are like equals in achievements I mean really good you know. Aww shucks I watched it on TV all by myself too. I never understood why my family went to bed.

Come on ! We all know already that Americans faked the Moon Landings ! So don't bother us with facts ! Our closed minds are made up !

You forgot Vicotin...

@Dukes : Why would it be "ridiculous"? That's what's happened anyway.

@Thomas Kundera Come on Tom. They weren't riding that thing on the moon. This is ridiculous.

@Robert Dillahubris Joshua is one of those space hoaxers ….he wouldn't believe any answer you gave him.

@Thomas Kundera Can't you see sarcasm ?

Twelve people in six missions between 1969 and 1972 landed on the Moon. Educate yourself.

It is real??

It looks like it was recorded on a toaster


So this happened 50 years ago. The internet states the moon is 238,900 miles away. Can somebody a little smarter than me explain how they had 2-way radio communication?

1:07:51 UFO..

lol. The moon is 280000000 miles away and neil and the guy from Earth talk to Eachother bette than my own cellphone im using in 2019. How is that possible and even they are 50 years ago.

Probably their helmets :/

Anyone spot any ET Spacecraft following or hovering in the background ? Likely not since NASA released this lol

If Neil was the first man on the moon, who recorded him? :P

is this a hologram?

Subahan'allah allahu'akbar

18:00 This is the source of the voice in Camellia - Data Collapse.

You need a modern string can phone.

Ignorance at is mediocre medium.


If you stop Rubber Dubbing long enough to provide a NON YouTube University morons proof this was faked we would be happy to review it.

You've just discovered that the is nighttime on Earth, and tat in the dark, you want see much :-)

Anyone fall asleep qnd wake up here?

At 54:20 is that a meteorite that bounced off the ground to the left of the LM?!?

Fizeram imagens em cores e de boa resulução dentro da nave e quando chega a parte mais interessante eles fazem essa gravação LIXO de BAIXA resolução e ainda em PB??? VAI TOMAR NO CU!!!

a clockwork moon

So we dont have any more recent video? Hmmm maybe we really havent been. And flat earthers are partly right. Except the part about earth being FLAT!!

The camera arm on the LEM.

My grandma whatches this video with TV when she is 6years old!

"remote viewing"

When we are going there again?


sad stream :(((

_"So we dont have any more recent video?"_ How could we? It's happened in 1969...

U sound like an alien.

It's the astronaut.

They were paid actors!!!!

You appear to be an unemployed idiot.

interresting descriptions powdery purple

Does your cell phone have a 200 foot diameter parabolic antenna attached? That was what was used on the Earth side of the signal. The Earth side also had transmitters that put out far more power than your cell phone.

@Charles putnam1982 Don't quit your day job. :^)

Idiot. That picture wasn't take from the surface of the moon, but from the Apollo spacecraft.


Michael Jackson is (was) the only person on earth that really walked on the moon. (IMHO).....no one else. So, forget about the astronauts. They are all fakes!!!!!


wheres the horizon?is that it 100mtrs away?

This was filmed in a disney studio

At least they don't have a 'waving' flag in this one. Progress?

Your Moon distance is off by a factor of 1000.

All the technology we have now compared to back then, why can't go back now

no emotion in the voices of the so called astronauts - they are reading a script -

where are the stars ? if the moon has no atmosphere - we can clearly see the stars better than on earth - this was staged - (on earth ) at night

Yep that's how it works

Can I purchase it? I got some play money.

the fact that there's no delay between when houston's speaking and when the astronaut hears them and replies should be a pretty huge indicator. we STILL have delays on tv streams on earth...

Hes have watch ?

All that way, and it was shut. Poor planning getting there on a Sunday!

How did Buzz and Neil get into the LEM from the command module ?

And people question Bigfoot pictures and video!!!!!

Stop lying to people

why only this settup is captured for entire vedio

why there are not moving camera atleast 180 degress

not even one star in the universe?

LOL, people think this is real?!


My Uncle Neil Armstrong found alien life form on the MOON and yes they were put in a spot .. what can i say . but its true . they were told get your samples and leave . don,t come back .. then they made presence on earth . U S secrect space program .. Holding this from us all , TAKE NOTE.; OPEN MIND .IT WILL ALL COME TRUE TOO YOUS ALL SOON.

@Ephraim Phiri A clear view of space without bright reflecting objects within its field of view. And it will be launched into the L2 Lagrange Position, orbiting the sun just under 1 million miles outside the earth's orbit, NOT 100 million miles. Do try to learn SOMETHING concerning your subject before you start banging the keys.

@J Calhoun why is the james webb telescope being launched 100 million miles away - to get a clear view of space like on the moon

@Ephraim Phiri The glare comes from the moon's surface. You know. The same reflected light intense enough that on the earth it will allow you to read a newspaper on a clear night with a full moon overhead.

@J Calhoun Unless I was on the moon with no atmosphere to obscure my vision ... not on earth mate too many molecules in the air ...

Set a lit candle on the hood of your car at night, turn on the headlights, and walk about 50 feet away. Can you see the candle against the glare of the lights?


I see Bigfoot XD

pssshh ALL lies LOL

Nobody can land on the moon, our planet have not technology for that Travel.

We did have it and people landed on it.

I was there and watched it from the Cap the whole ground shook and then the moon walk it was night time in Fla I was outside squashing giant frogs from the Fla swamps HighWay 436 Orlando 1969 I remember the president coming on TV to talk and me watching STAR TREK those were the days when time stood still!..

Good. Who lied ?

Lots of stars, why do you think there are none?

It is a real video.

Why are you lying?

There is an hatch for that.

There is a delay. About 2.5s for a back and forth signal.

They are following their tasks.

Because SLS is much better for Congress and jobs program and money drain, than as the launch vehicle. Perpetual development allows for some really thick pockets...

How did you measured those 100m ? (I suppose that "mtrs" is meters?)

The atmosphere of the Moon is a very scant presence of gases surrounding the Moon. For most practical purposes, the Moon is considered to be surrounded by vacuum. The elevated presence of atomic and molecular particles in its vicinity compared to interplanetary medium, referred to as "lunar atmosphere" for scientific objectives, is negligible in comparison with the gaseous envelopes surrounding Earth and most planets of the Solar System. The pressure of this small mass is around 3×10−15 atm (0.3 nPa), varying throughout the day, and in total mass less than 10 metric tonnes.[2][3] Otherwise, the Moon is considered not to have an atmosphere because it cannot absorb measurable quantities of radiation, does not appear layered or self-circulating, and requires constant replenishment due to the high rate at which its gases get lost into space. So many question is how is the flag blowing like where is wind on the moon?

when u fall asleep an wakeup to this

With new Vostoks and cameras this is going to be made look easy

Did they leave the americian flag on the moon can I see it with a telescope?If they didn't then why not

Filmed at studio 14 in Arizona.

@Yassine Gaming : What make you think that?

@Thomas Kundera no isn't

@J Calhoun go to the web site of nasa and search for walt disney studio 1950

@J X : -"you cant tell whats 100meters away or 100miles away"_ How? Just tell me how you do.

@Thomas Kundera Are you serious?you cant tell whats 100meters away or 100miles away ?really wow for those with eyes and ears only then..

@J X : "look likes", fine. But how do you actually measure?

@Thomas Kundera yeah it looks like its 1-200meters away not 100s of miles or 1000miles away,like it should..

@Joe Playing Outdoors No

Who's the transparent person at 38:40

Never saw a camera so bad it makes people see threw

I just fell a sleep and my phones dead

Is it still flat? Is this A creAtion of Stanley Kubrics imagination no if anyone believes that I will be glad to Belive they do not exist and it is a very smAll step.

where the drones die man dos not go ...

And it was all phony. Now it's time to grow up and deal with reality.

Those were the Days !!!

Amazing what people can do with a few tin cans and a calculator. Head on up the ladder Buzz.

"did you find "purple rock".... hum... is this code for something of value?


Thank you NASA. The gift that keeps giving.

We can't go back because we lost the technology , that's what the freekin head of NASA said not too suspicious huh ?

yuppie Kool-Aid

The moon has 1/6 th of the Gravity of the earth. Just look at them. Look at the distance and height between steps made. That is not 1/6 th Gravity. That is only a slow motion movie.

modern space movies are way better...

Yeah it was recorded out in the desert and if you look to the sky one can't see no stars. ok so why is that.

load of bollox

we have never left low earth orbit, because we can`t.but don`t let the facts get in the way, people "sheeple" believe what they want to believe.

The flag is waving as if there is air in moon

was that for me because you put brain not Brian.... so i thought it might be you...??????

No i'm out in the woods...!!

apollo is the best

They had some fast internet connection to stream this. Was it 5G? :0



lol. wouldnt even pass for a b movie anymore

Not, Why haven't we done it again? I mean come on, technology like we have it now and we can't do it again? Not so sure


Not Kubrick's best. I give a 2 on Rotten Tomatoes.

Did y’all know they almost came back to earth the switch broke

Siri_woah yes I did from watching other documentaries

The moon reflects sunlight and sunlight makes you can’t see stars

Full scam

Call me crazy but those eyes @ 15:17 all 3 pairs are the same color? what are the odds of that and the pupils look slotted like snake eyes. seriously I even looked with a magnifying glass.

No value in going just to go. It's extremely expensive and NASA's budget has been gutted.

It is amazing how close the flag was to the space ship. What was going to happen when the ship take off?

Artemis 2 will bring party back to the moon baby

@Flaming Firo : How do you know?

@Thomas Kundera no that's what the scam is

@Flaming Firo : No. But the Apollo Missions did.

@Thomas Kundera are you standing on the moon?

@Flaming Firo : I took pictures of the Moon with my camera, in which way are they a scam?

@Thomas Kundera the picture and video that revolves around the moon

@Flaming Firo : The Moon is a scam?

@Thomas Kundera moon

Right, you are crazy :-)

Which is not: it's an actual footage on the Moon.

In a few years artemis 2 will be the next manned moon mission

5g? Better then in germany

Wasn't packet routing. Video signal was as analog submodulation of a microwave carrier.

And its looking like it does because they used a metal pole to make the illusion of an upright waving flag

But there is no air, it's just shaking.

That's in fact 1/6g

But they are only movies...

As the otjer guy said the sun outbrights the stars plus the cameras back the couldn't catch enough light to have visible stars on the image

Your comment? Agree.

Bruh they are literally sending people in a few years with the artemis 2 mission

Could you tell me the name of a space launcher as powerful as the Saturn V rocket that sent people to the Moon currently in service? Me neither. Does that answer your question?


@John Doe : It's Armstrong. Camera used on Apollo 11 were tube camera with a very high remanence effect, even accentuated by the fact that images we have are captured from a TV screen also having some remanence. So violently lighted area will remain on screen for seconds after having been masked. See: /watch?v=SMPCQL1FKws for an example of such afterglow of tube camera.

It's actual.

The flag is not blowing in any wind.

This is way too small to be seen by any telescope from Earth. Look for LRO images, for the site taken by a probe over the Moon.

Filmed on the Moon.

if the moon landing was real then why isnt the moon's surface CHEESE?

shadowws is no mowing in oll time



wowowowowowowowoowowowoowowoowowweweweweweweweweewewewewewewwe cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

the greatest science fiction story ever told.

I remember watching this live when I was only 7

and orson welles was great on radiobroadcastings ...

Trump is a Russian operative. Wake up already, all the proof is in front of us all to see.

I remember President Nixon (alias, Tricky Dicky) talking to Neal from his presidential red rotary phone. Anyone else remember watching that in the news?

I always wondered how they loaded that moon lander on the rocket.

How much Faker can you get? Made in Hollywood. What a joke.

No, you're just a gullible idiot.

Did they ever land on the moon ? At the time I watched it on the telly and was satisfied then but now I am not so sure . How did they get through the radiation belt which they haven't done to this day ? The Orion programme which is now on progress for the future, the engineers for this programme have still not achieved this .Why did they get into bed with Walt Disney and why did they have large models where they were supposed to land. Only a few months before the supposed landing they couldn't even get their inter space craft and Earth to communicate , why were so few people in the command station in the know, but hundreds seem to be in the command studio at Huston ? Plus a thousand other questions others have spoken about ? There is something wrong about all this.

They went through the weakest part of the belt as quickly as possible. The Orion craft, designed for interplanetary travel won't have the option of moving through the weakest part of the belt.

nasa the great deciever

@Christopher James Simmons : WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING?


and Nixon talked to them on a land line... c'mon peeps..use your brain

I want to become an astronaut when I am older. NASA, can you help me accomplish my dream? I would love to go to the ISS.

NASA I think you should concentrate on the ISS funds when you can

Please reply, it would make my life way happier if I could touch the sky

why there are no stars

Where'd you guys find this? I thought you said that the footage reels had been lost? Or you kept the highlights and lost the rest?

Ma proprio una truffa

I highly doubt this is the moon ask the aliens that visit earth

And the moon landing was real and they didn’t find any cheese

It is history made in this landing

ONE SMALL STEP FOR MAN;> ONE GIANT CONTRIBUTION TO THE IDIOCY OF HUMANITY;> Are the Right WORDS;> If you Claimed Geniuses and Experts are really Intelligent;> STOP Burning Holes at your Atmosphere with your Racket Engines to bring your Garbage and Germs to Space and other Planets;> Use the Time and Money you are wasting to Clean up your Environment;> Helping the Poor and Unfortunate Humans and in Helping to Solve the IDIOCY PROBLEM OF HUMANITY FIRST;> You Genius Experts IDIOTS and a 1/2's!!!

Best SciFi movie I've ever seen!

Also has anyone noticed theres no fukn stars in the background ??????!!!!!, it's suppose to be space isn't it????!!!!!! Well it's not!!!!!! Sorry America your government lied to yous yet again!!!!! An still to this day!!!!!! Stand up for people. Americans!!!!!!!

What’s with the astronaut shadows and the ship s they don’t Seem to align just asking maybe something I don’t knw

What I don't understand is that ...why isn't there a new video of the moon? .. with all the hi-tech available...what are they hiding?????

Shouldn't that read..." Historic Faked Appolo 11 Footage"............

The more you learn the more you realize just how utterly braindead those folks are that think we ever actually did this.

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

funny how they say even with todays technology they cant send a man to moon . the computer that was used was 1000 th processing power of a mobile phone

what did they use 230000 meters of cable what a load of horseshit . people need to watch bart sibrel and the videotape nasa acidendly sent him showing them putting transfers up in the round windows.

Neil Armstrong's name abbreviates to Neil A. Spell it backwards and you get alien. Coincidence? I think not

Such a short trip, completed with 50 year old technology. im amazed, NASA is my hero! do it again.

You know what's interesting about this video? Video Images of the earth show no atmospheric movement at all.

The Earth Landings were filmed in a studio on the Moon by lunatics.

All lies. The only "moon walking" was done by a non-astronaut......Michael Jackson.

Wouldn't there be a blast crater under the lunar lander from the landing impact? Also surprising that this is the 1st time on an alien world- and this is the only angle the astronauts aim the camera? Maybe someday we'll be able to get to the moon... again i mean...

Sputnik 1 (/ˈspʊtnɪk/ or /ˈspʌtnɪk/; "Satellite-1", or "PS-1", Простейший Спутник-1 or Prosteyshiy Sputnik-1, "Elementary Satellite 1")[6] was the first artificial Earth satellite.[7] The Soviet Union launched it into an elliptical low Earth orbit on 4 October 1957,

Can you provide documentation for this statement? Did you know your mobile phone would fry under the same conditions?

I did watch, time I won't get back. I'll bet you have trouble wrapping your comprehensive ability around a Tootsie Pop.

@Joe Playing Outdoors I surely would because wrapping your mouth around tootsie pops is your field of expertise.

I'll bet you have trouble wrapping your comprehensive ability around a Tootsie Pop.

Where is the recent video??????

Seek and you shall find . . .

_"Hours of video footage that was shot in a studio and not on the moon?"_ Prove it.

@Ryan Trevett what's that mean? Hours of video footage that was shot in a studio and not on the moon? What video footage are you talking about? Are you saying that that footage was real footage shot on the surface of the Moon? Oh and the telephone call from Nixon from a landline actually made it to a Moon? I'm going to go ahead and opt out of this conversation. Have a good one.

Let's start with the hours of video footage.

@Ryan Trevett evidence of what you funny guy?

They have evidence, you don't.

@Ryan Trevett you actually believe that we walked on the moon or we landed anything on Mars? Who is the gullible one? You're funny!

paul lauzon - the great . . . oops, my bad, nothing great about being an idiot. I'll bet you have trouble wrapping your comprehensive ability around a Tootsie Pop.

Martha - You okay? Your fingers seem to be stuck on the key board . . . ;>)

If you believe Nixon CALLED the Astronots on a TELEPHONE.. in 1969 then ..get out, get out NOW!

If Neil was the first person to step foot on the moon then who took the pictures of his first steps?

7:00 looks like the facial structure of E.T. movie character



pics or it didn't happen

@PLUGSBY That is all you got?

Lol! Yup! Bunch of bull!

@Mayo Villanueva Seek and you shall find . . .

Shhhh, no truth allowed here




Ah the great death valley desert landing.

Cause in 1969 Astronots were SEE THRU!!

prepare for indoctrinated globetards calling you a lunatic. just ignore them

@Jason Cairns ...its no joke that they faked it...ask that famous director Stanely Kubrick....why else would they hire him and build a moon-set? Ask why they made him sign an oath of secrecy? Because they faked it...

I hope you’re joking

Thamas Pickering or is it Peckerhead ?

NASA's achievements are nothing compared to the brave missions launched by moon landing deniers to steal chocolate cake from their mothers' fridges at night.

Has anyone ever wondered why the Earth has never been in video footage shot from the moon, ever? Who goes all the way to the moon and records hours of footage and never once think before leaving to capture actual video footage of themselves standing and waving with the earth behind them in frame? Or to even capture the earth by itself in video footage at any time. Missing photo ops at a theme park is one thing but this would have to be the biggest repeated fail in all of human history.

Such a shame Kennedy didn't get to see this.....

Just like your scientific credentials.

Science and engineering are lies?

They took numerous pics. Did you even bother to find out?

"Also surprising that this is the 1st time on an alien world- and this is the only angle the astronauts aim the camera? " What difference would that make to baboons like you who would just complain about how grainy it is or how it's filmed in the Mojave desert.

"Wouldn't there be a blast crater under the lunar lander from the landing impact? " Sure, if you get your science from Hollywood movies and don't know that the the rocket was controlled by throttle, such that when they were descending, it was only applying a ground pressure of about 1.5 pounds/sqr ft. But yeah, enjoy your ignorance if this is too much for you to wrap your head around.

@uncle G Why would you expect to see stars in broad daylight?

@jake callahan Great news, I have an entire channel full of fun stuff.

@DMTrip Report ah, right right I nearly forgot! Thank you for saving me from such things as wondering and questions. Silly me lol I hope you have some reports for me to check out :) if not that's ok, seeing your name made my day.

Cool story bro....

Selfies weren't as popular back then


@Robert Dillahubris who took the pics?

@Joe Playing Outdoors plus if you want proof watch Bart sibles documentary where he got sent the wrong tape from NASA.

@Joe Playing Outdoors I didn't say an actual mobile phone would be used. I said the processing power of a phone.

they cant do it cuz nobody wants to pay for it anymore

you LUNARtic !

I had to read that 3 times to get it right LOL

*sees moonlanding on tv*

I am curious about the abnormal grammar you use. Is the ";>" a replacement for any comma or dot?

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