HID vs LED Headlight Bulbs: EXPLAINED

HID vs LED Headlight Bulbs: EXPLAINED

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Hi Paul with diode dynamics, and today we're talking about HIDs, versus, LEDs, when it comes to upgrading your headlights now there's a lot of regulations, state-by-state today, we're talking about how these two different technologies actually work, and what you can expect to get in your vehicle now. That's the first big note to mention when it comes to bulbs, and headlights, it, all comes together to make one optical, system, so the results, in the beam pattern is gonna vary based, on your specific headlight, design but. There's a couple things we can talk about that, are going to give you an idea as to what to expect when, you're considering LEDs, or HIDs we. Start with the actual bulb itself the, most basic is our halogen that's going to be a wire, filaments, so, just a coil of wire that's going to be emitting the power you can see on the bottom of the bulb the voltage rating and everything the. Voltage is going to be going straight through that filament which acts as a resistor, and it's, going to emit light so very basic very. Tried and true when. It comes to HID, instead. Of a filament, we have a capsule, and right in the middle is where there's going to be an arc generated. So the, light is coming from an electrical, arc and that's what makes things a little tricky we're, always going to have a returned wire to, connect it from one, side down back to the base and these, are gonna run at about 45. Volts, usually, AC power. So much different than a 12 volt DC in the vehicle we, have to do some, special things to get power to, these effectively, when. It comes to our LED bulbs we're, always going to have emitting, points somewhere with different types of LEDs but, these are gonna vary hugely in the way they're designed and constructed some. Of them are gonna have internal, regulators, for the power to come in but, the LED chips themselves are, definitely, not going to run on 12 volts so, we need to regulate that power in some way so, as we mentioned the halogen bulb is just going to use 12 volts from the vehicle very straightforward. HIDs. On the other hand are going to operate with, an arc in that bulb now, that arc is not an easy thing to generate, and maintain so. We need something called a ballast, which is going to keep that running smoothly, through the bulb the. Ballast. You'll find on the market now are these slim, style ballasts, one thing you'll note with them is that on the output, side you'll always have a box of some sort and what. That is is the igniter, so. We have to get the right power going to the bulb but to get that arc started, we, basically have to spark across so these are gonna generate up to, 25,000. Volts 22. 23 kilovolts, usually, and that's.

Going To get that arc started, so the light can start to come out that's the main reason why these older ballasts are so thick if you put this together you'll see it's, basically the same size all. They've, done is move these igniters. External. And that way the ballasts itself can be smaller but. What's in the actual ballast well it's, not easy to keep that arc of light running so, these ballasts, are basically, little processors. Little little computers, and what they're going to do is they're, going to analyze, this arc as it's running now when. You ignite, that bulb to get it started, it'll, spark for a second and then it'll gradually warm, up and what, that is is it's actually monitoring. The resistance, of this arc and the. Ballast is delivering more and more power so. That this arc can get bigger and bigger this is the same way it, works in stadiums and that sort of thing so in stadium, lights they're way bigger arts so we can take 30 minutes after a stadium light comes on and it slowly gets, brighter and brighter in. HIDs. For vehicles here much, lower power much smaller arcs it can still take 10 to 30 seconds to get fully warmed up but. That's basically how the HID, system, comes together as you, can see there's way more going on to them than our standard halogen bulb and the. Fact that we need to use this micro. Processor. In here to really regulate that arc the, igniter to get this arc started, it's. All just a lot of parts, coming together and the. Problem is a lot of these aftermarket ones are built, to a cost so you can buy you, know these kits for two three dollars for the whole set you're, not gonna get good components, so, with, good components, they can work well but, there's, always a lot more that has to go into them so. How, does that compare to LEDs, well, with LEDs, we, simply have the LEDs on a stalk, here and then going to the base of the bulb and most. Of them are going to have these little boxes coming off but. These aren't what we refer to as a ballast a ballast really, monitors, the arc of a power and so we use that term for HIDs. Fluorescent, lights that sort of thing these are what we would call drivers. Or regulators, most. Commonly, they're just going to take here 12 or 13 volts on the vehicle and convert. It down to, nine volts or whatever. Voltage is required for, the LED, bulb design, LED.

Bulbs Do require constant, current, going to them instead of constant, voltage so. We have to use a constant, current supply so we'll actually make sure that about one, amp 1.2, amps, is traveling, through those, LEDs, very, uniformly, to, keep them very reliable, still. It's much simpler, than, the complexity. Of maintaining, an arc of power so, these are generally, much, simpler, much more reliable, over time, and much, less expensive, versus. A whole ballast. Now. What's the difference in how these actually turn on and operate, well, with HIDs as we talked about it, uses an arc that needs a spark on and then gradually. Turn on now, even if you find a special ballast that's advertised, as fast starting, or fast bright it's. Gonna take a couple seconds, after, that initial spark which is one reason they're, not too great for High Beam use where you want to use them as indicators, it's gonna take a couple seconds, for them to get to full brightness once. They do get to full brightness they're, going to maintain that brightness, level no matter how long they're on with. LEDs, they, will instantly, turn on which is a big, advantage, but. One, thing that most people don't talk about with LEDs is that, it's gonna be a hundred percent brightness, only. At the instant, they turn on when they're nice and cool as they. Heat up they're, going to reduce and brightness down to maybe eighty eighty-five, percent of that original level, and with. Really cheap bulbs that aren't well designed it might only be 50, or 60 percent so, it's important, to choose an LED bulb that's going to maintain the output, at a very high level with, good thermal. Performance we. Have another video on this where you can see on camera, the actual LED, brightness decreasing. Is pretty crazy but. Once, it that reaches that steady operating, temperature it will maintain, that output, very, nicely so, once these are running how are they going to work overtime or eventually, fail well with a halogen bulb you might think okay it's just gonna go, out after a while that's not quite the case halogen, bulbs are going to decrease an output over, their lifespan until, they finally go out this, is actually why if you go in the store and look at house and bulbs on the shelf they'll say 30%. More output they're, not saying that the bulbs themselves are brighter they're saying that they're brighter than your worn-out bulbs, in your vehicle they've actually been sued for this type of marketing, it's a little misleading all.

Bulbs, That are brand new halogen bulbs are going to be about the same output level, and you. Can improve, your output if you replace your, worn bulbs, that, applies to HIDs, to some degree as well so, with HIDs, assuming. You've got a good balance it should keep running forever but. The bulbs, the, actual electrodes, are going to actually wear down over time and they're gonna spread, out so. That it takes more power and there's more resistance in generating, that arc what. That'll do is decrease, the output drastically. And it, might color shift or fade it to a bluish type color so. There's, a lot of vehicles now with HIDs from the 2000s. And a, lot of people come to me asking well my HIDs aren't as bright as it used to be the best thing to do is just try new, bulbs because, if somehow, those bulbs are still running you know eventually the, arc won't be able to be maintained, and it might flicker keep, igniting, but, if that thing's still running it might be really dim in the bluish color and you can fix that with a new set of bulbs, with. LEDs, these, do also degrade over time now. A good LED that's, running at the correct operating, temperature, should, last for, decades, but. With high-power, LEDs if, they're running too hot or if there's too much power going through them they, will quickly, degrade. So, that the, output today, might. Be way more than the output three. Years from now after. A lot of use this, is a huge, factor, for cities. Buying street lights they can't have the light actually less, output only two, years later. They have to make sure 10-15, years 20, years down the road they're going to be getting the same amount of output this is something called lumen, maintenance and it's a big factor in LED, design. Unfortunately. The majority of the LED bulbs on the market are running way too hot, and they, will degrade after, only a couple months of use there's only a couple of good ones out there they're going to maintain a nice, cool, operation, for the chips so, that they'll maintain, the output, for years and years of use so, we talked about how light is emitted now what determines the color of that light well, with HIDs, it's going to be determined by the halide, salt mixture, in the capsule, itself that's that yellow stuff if you look at an HID, bulb this will evaporate and actually. Allow. That arc to be generated, inside of it and that's going to determine the wavelengths. Of color, that are generated, by this archetype. Bulb running just, like fluorescent bulbs, HID. Bulbs are going to generate spikes, of color, and we'll put something up to show that the. Color. Is generated, are going to be a lot of UV. Light as well and that's why we have this second, tube around, it so, you might have heard how. The. Bluer an HID, bulb is the less real output you get and there's definitely truth to that because as you shift more towards blue you, also put more of the energy into, that ultraviolet. Wavelength, that's just going to get blocked and of course is not visible so, to get the most out put you. Want to use a nice pure, white color with HIDs i'd recommend no, higher than 6,000, K now. With LEDs, we. Only have one, choice unlike, HIDs where we had all the colors under the Sun we, only really have one choice of color with most LED bulbs, normally. It's going to be around 6000, K and that's just because that's, where the LED chips are produced, if you look at a factory, vehicle on the road om, LEDs are just, always made at that 6000, K level now, with cheaper LEDs you, might notice, that these blue, or chips or something and that's because with, the way LEDs, are manufactured. It's, actually more expensive, and less, efficient, the more and more white we get them so that's why all the, first LEDs in the, early you, know later later 2000s were a really bluish light and nowadays, we can finally get warm white LEDs everywhere, it just, takes more materials, and it's, harder to get a lot of output with a warm white color versus, cool light so still, with, cheaper LED bulbs that don't use automotive, chips you might get really bluish color output, even, with Cree LEDs these. Are gonna be well controlled they're not automotive, so there might be more variation, and of course this co, B type these, are basically custom made and those, are usually going to be really poor, in color performance if, you get good bulbs with automotive.

Style LED, chips on them you should have great color uniformity, over, the life of the bulb so, with the light that we're generating what's gonna determine the total output, or the intensity, of that light and where. It's shining from well, if you look at our halogen once again we know it's based around that filament coil it's, a very specific, amount of lumens or total, output that has to come out of a halogen bulb when. We compare that to hid, the. HID is gonna generate nominally. About 3200. Lumens, for a good 35. Watt bulb and that's one important, thing for. Our cheaper. Ballasts, they're just not going to output 35. Watts to the bulbs so you might only have 2000. 2500, lumens with. A good HID we're, gonna have thirty-two hundred lumens, coming, from this art and. We can see the arc has been designed to sit exactly, where that filament is the. Problem, with this is that the arc is still a little, bit taller and a little bit wider than that filament, so it's, not exactly in focus but it is centered, where it's supposed to be the. Main issue when, it comes to output, performance of HIDs and glare. Is that there's way more output. So 3200. Lumens, compared, to usually, about fifteen, hundred lumens, here W, output from the same point a little bit bigger means, much, more light that, your headlamp, might not be able to gather collect, and focus. Properly, now. When it comes to LEDs the. Big issue is that there's just a huge amount of variance so if we look at a, cheaper. Style of LED, here we, can see it uses the co B type chip. So. This is a much bigger omitting, area here compared, to our filament, and it. Might only be about 1200, lumens so. The output isn't higher and it's, out of focus which, is basically, horrible. In both cases, so, with, this something like this we're, just going to end up with something that's a blob of light on the wall and dimmer. Than, your original halogen, so, with LEDs we need to fix that by at least using chips, that, are designed to be the exact same size and intensity as that, filament. In the halogen bulb so, here we have nice.

Zes, LEDs, they're, designed to be the same size as this filament and we're. Going to make sure that this bulb is running, with high enough power to match, or exceed the output of the, halogen bulb so here with, a diode dynamics sl1 we get a true measured. 1700. Lumens of output and the. Halogen, with about 1500, lumens means we're going to get increased, output with, the same nice focus, now. The last thing I'll mention with LED, output is that you'll see ratings, of 10,000. Lumen LED is 5,000, lumen LEDs is it, one bulb is it two bulbs they don't really say and that's, one thing to be very wary of when it comes to output. Performance ratings, these. Bulb manufacturers. Very rarely, actually. Measure the, output of the bulb they'll just look at the chips on them and basically, give it a guesstimate, on what. That you can expect it's, very, very rare to see any LED bulb actually, outputting. More than about 1600. 1700. Lumens. There. Are some that are brighter but normally they're going to use bigger chips on them than two in order to get the heat out of those chips, so you, might find things that are brighter but, they're, not going to be focused meaning, that brightness doesn't, matter but, just be very wary when you see ratings, from people and ask did they actually measure it we're, fortunate to have facilities, here where we can actually put, these in something called an integrating, sphere and measure, that output so, we know what the true output of the LEDs the HIDs and the halogen really, is if someone's not measuring it then. Guesses, or recommendations. From the manufacturer, and most, cases is just marketing. Info and not correct now. I've looked at all this information on the, differences, of the technology, itself but how is it going to actually apply to your vehicle now as we mentioned the focal point and the geometry and the design of your headlamp is going to play a major factor but, another big factor is the electrical, system on your vehicle so, especially on newer vehicles, all the electronics, are powered through the BCM, or body control, module of the vehicle not, kuru just our relay in a fuse and that means they might have a flickering, signal, they might be monitoring. The power of going to the, bulb in most, cases that's really helpful for a halogen bulb we can actually sense, when the coil is breaking down and the vehicle can know when, the bulb is going to be out soon just because there's more and more resistance, as that, filament breaks down so, it's great but when we look at putting HID or LED into that it might not work perfectly. Now, HID, uses, a lot of power when it starts up it's because that ignition, that we mentioned it might draw in 7, 8 10 amps of power right. When it starts up and that alone can cause some issues especially. On older vehicles for, that reason you'll see relays, used a lot to basically add new, wiring to deliver enough, power straight, from the battery for, the HID system, there's. Not really that problem with LEDs because, we're only going to be drawing maybe 2030. Watts at most and we don't have that spike, of power going into them that's the big key so. We don't really need to worry about bulking. Up or beefing up our wiring on the vehicle but with.

Both Of these systems the. Other half is that monitoring, or the flickering, signal, so, with HIDs some, of them now have built in big, warning, cancel, errs or error, counsellors you might see they'll. Be called can bus very. Commonly, and all. This is basically, going to smooth. Out that power signal, before, it goes to the hid even. With this sometimes. That initial. Surge, of power might be too much and it might trip up the vehicle system there's, most common all of Dodge vehicles, these days where it can be really, tricky so, you can buy an extra little adapt, ters canvas adaptors they're called to fix that again, it just gets more complicated, with HIDs but, if you find something that's designed for your vehicle that's. What you know should work with, LEDs you, might still need that from time to time most, commonly, with flickering, signals, so if the vehicle is sending a flickering signal to the bulb you still need to add an extra adapter of some sort to smooth that out again. Check. It out for your vehicle but, in most cases it's not going to be quite as complicated as what you need to do for HID setups now, finally let's see how these really compare in a couple headlights now as I mentioned it really, depends on your specific vehicle and, headlight design to. Determine, the best choice for you but there are two major differences in elegent headlamps, the, first design you'll see is reflector, and that is when we have a light source that then shines into a bunch of mirrors just. Bouncing, once into, the road that's, very common, it's the cheapest, type of headlight to produce but these days with, advanced computer, design we can get really nice output patterns, the. Other type of headlamp is known as a projector, headlamps and that uses a lens we, actually have just a projector, right here so you'll see the lens on the front of it but, inside, we put our bulb, and then there's a bowl around it this is going to be a parabolic. Reflector and, it's, gonna function to essentially collect, as much light as possible and, shine, it forward into the lens to be distributed, so as you'll see we, can more effectively collect. More of the light with a design like this and let's. Check out now how these compare, with, LED, and hid installed, in each alright we've got our Dodge Ram headlight here this is a reflector, style headlight as you can see with the nice mirrored, surfaces, in here now, for these tests we're gonna be using a lux meter and just showing you the peak intensity, but we're gonna look at the whole beam pattern as well we're, gonna keep our camera setting, solid.

Just Set to the same level so you can get a nice comparison. So we've, got our halogen to start here when, we turn this on we, can see we've got a nice hot spot in the middle and width on both sides the maxx Lux that we've measured from this distance, is eleven, hundred and nine now. I switched over to the hid and when I light this up you can see how long this is gonna take to startup so of course some, bouts are going to take longer than others where we can see the effect of that here now as it warms up it's going to shift from a bluish up to a whitish, color as well so, we'll let this get up to full, operating, brightness and then, we'll measure the lux here too so. Now it's fully bright and we measured it and we got fifteen, hundred and eighty lux, so that's a big improvement from our halogen reading but, the problem is we have more light everywhere. Now and that includes extra, glare above. Our cutoff pattern, so, with reflectors, there's just no real good way of controlling, that extra glare because, we don't have any type of shield, like we'll see in the projector, so, reflectors. With HIDs we have to be very careful, because not. Only are, we shining more light in the hot spot, we, are also, shining more light above, it and creating, glare for other drivers now, let's take a look at the LED next. We have our creel, ad installed, and these, aren't even the worst type of bulbs like the CoV but. They're so out of focus still with that bigger cree LED on it in this, case you can see we don't have any hot spot anymore it's really just blurry and just out-of-focus. So, on this we only have 840, Lux which is a big, downgrade, from halogen, so, when it comes to LED bulbs the first step is you want to make sure you're getting a good LED, bulb that's focused next, we're going to be doing the diode dynamics sl1 and we'll, see how this performs, so. When we light this up you can see immediately a huge, difference, in the quality of, these two different LED bulbs this, is the diode dynamics sl1 which is using nice high intensity, chips arranged. Perfectly with a really good focus and the result is clear we have a nice strong, hot spot and that hot spot is actually sixteen, hundred and sixty lux which, is higher than the hid, in this headlight and that was a good hid of course it's a thirty five watt HID if we go to a higher power hid, like fifty five watt we. Might get more output from the hid but. Again, with that hid will get more glare in this, case because the LED is so well focused, we get a huge increase in output without added. Glare like the hid so. In most newer reflector, housings, the LED. Design-led. Is going, to be your best bet so now I've got our projector, headlight here and when, we flip this on you can see big difference, from reflector. To projector, headlights in the way the beam pattern looks mainly, because we've got a cut-off shield that's gonna block any light from, going over that cutoff line with. Our halogen bulb installed here you can see we've got a nice very, even, pattern there's no real strong hotspot, but there is a hot center, point in this projector pattern and from. That we are getting, 760, Lux with our measurement, here now, let's go to hid and see how it looks all. Right we're gonna flip on our hid and you can see again, it's gonna take a couple seconds to get up to full brightness you. Can see we maintain, the nice beam pattern the, projector, is really going to maintain the overall cutoff, no matter what we put in it so the, next thing we have to look at is how, intense the whole pattern is and with, an HID installed, you can see really. Nice pattern as we get a full brightness here and we have 800 lux totals so 10. 15 % brighter than that original halogen, bulb we maintain the whole pattern pretty nicely with, this set up now let's try out our LEDs starting.

With That crease tile LED with a bigger chip when we turn this on you can see yes we have a cut-off but there's no hotspot, at all anymore and when, we measure it we only get 280. Lux so that's, half, the output from that original halogen, these, bulbs are huge downgrade. So again for, the LED bulbs it really depends on the quality of the LED bulb let's put in a good one our dive dynamics sl1, and see how it does so. When, we have an LED installed, on this headlight with good focus, you can see our hotspot, returns, and on, this one we have 780. Lux which is a slight upgrade from our halogen performance, of course with, the LED will get much more lifespan, and the, modern color as well compared, to halogen this, is gonna really vary based on your projector good. Projectors, are gonna have really high Lux with halogens, so this, one is a honda they have decent projectors, Subaru's, not nearly as good but. In many cases HID, might, be a better choice in some, projectors, as LED. Continues, to catch up so what, you can expect for projector headlights is that LED bulbs will be, slight upgrade from halogen, with, all the features of LED, HID. It's, a complex, system but it, might give you better performance in projectors, as we, said for reflectors, LED, is the absolute, best choice because of the better focus, so. As you can see there's a lot of factors to consider when, choosing LED, or HID, especially. Depending on which type of headlamp, you have and the, quality of the design of your headlamp, or, just. The convenience, and lifespan. That you're looking for for your solution you. Can find more information at dire dynamics calm or feel, free to contact us thanks, for watching.

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Hey there! You should definitely switch to LEDs if you have after-market HIDs in a reflector housing. If you have an OEM HID setup though, you'll need to stick with that type of bulb. If you have any other questions, just give us a call at 314-205-3033, Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. CST, or shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com!

Great informative video. I have a 2019 Hyundai Sonata sel with projector headlights. I was thinking of upgrading to LED or any other type of bulb for a bigger output. Based off the video it seems like led was a good option but depending on the make of the car. For this type of car what do you think would be a good upgrade from stock? A good LED or switching to HID. Prior to this video I was convinced not to go down the LED route because some studies have shown that the main reason they’re brighter is because they scatter more light so they look brighter but their performance is not as good as a regular stock halogen

Hey Alex! You could go with an HID conversion kit for those projector housings if you want the most noticeable increase in brightness. If you prefer something that will last longer, try out our SL1 Headlight LEDs. They are still a big upgrade in output, and they are much easier to install. If you have any other questions, just give us a call at 314-205-3033, Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. CST, or shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com!

I won't use anything but GTR. I have GTR HID 5000k headlights in my pickup. So much better than my stock halogens. Pricey, but I want quality when it comes to headlights.

I feel asleep to him. Very informative not super easy to digest

Smart dude

Love my DiodeDynamics SL1's in my 2016 Charger. Thanks for the R&D guys, beauty products!

Very informative video on a subject I had no clue about. What I've garnered from watching this is that I will leave my cars lighting exactly the way it came from the factory.

Sorry, but no halogen automotive bulb puts out 1500 lumens. Even aftermarket halogens produce about 800 lumens at best. This is still a very informative video

@Jason M I use HID in my projectors and I haven't changed the capsule in eight years. Good HID's are very reliable, but more expensive and worlds brighter than halogen

Nice!! I would love to try this on my car and make new content for my channel. Thanks for sharing.

You might check your numbers again - almost all headlamp bulbs produce 1200-1600 lumens depending on type and test voltage. H11 is 1350 lm ±10% @ 13.2V, for example. Reference: page 52 of ECE Regulation 37 http://www.unece.org/fileadmin/DAM/trans/main/wp29/wp29regs/R037r7e.pdf

I'm glad you woke up again to comment!


@jason m which hid are you saying are reliable?

Jason M Reliable he says. Replaced 4-5 bulbs a year in my Subaru. Did an hid projector retrofit. Twice as bright. Haven’t changed a bulb in 6 years.

Are you related to engineering explained? Thanks for the nap.

@Diode Dynamics Zing!

Can you compare your bulbs to morimoto bulbs?

Hi Kenyon, thank you for the feedback! We will definitely pass that along to our media team. If you have any other questions, just give us a call at 314-205-3033, Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. CST, or shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com!

This is really educational. Thanks heaps for taking the time to discuss all the different scenarios and display examples of each. Much appreciated

This dude really knows his stuff, am impressed.

Alternate Universe Tom Brady...

Thanks for that feedback! If you have any other questions, just give us a call at 314-205-3033, Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. CST, or shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com!

I love the HID light bulbs you can see the police alot Sooner !

Are you willing to test our headlight for free?

Thank you for all the in depth info. I have a 2012 Camry se I think a projector headlight. I think i'll stick with halogens. Money is more important to me than minimal improvement.

LEDs today are still purely designed they don't get enough cooling and they don't last as long as they should

excellent professional presentation. I guess I'll stay with my OEM solution for now.

this guy has like 10 wrenches on his slat wall, a ford shitstang grille, some tires strewn about, and a parts caddy... WOW, HE REALLY MUST BE AN EXPERT!!!!

oh, and a wally-world toolbox, and wire rolls (is that cat-5?? lol)

My LED philips lumiled ZES lasted about 2,5 years..

My HID headlights (Xenon) lasted 11 years. The other one is still going and still is bright as the new one.

Is LED overheating exclusively caused by design or could it be voltage? For example what if a half volt resistor or even less was tacked onto an LED?

Great questions! Both of those things are definitely contributing factors to premature failures. Without a reliable inline driver, voltage spikes can easily cause LED chip failures. We use a boost-mode circuit for our SL1 LED bulbs, which prevents thermal imbalances for the LED chips over time, so you won't experience those types of failures. The SL1 also has current-monitoring circuitry that mimics the electrical characteristics of a stock halogen bulb, so dash warnings should not occur after installation and resistors or capacitors should not be required. We do offer plug-and-play CANBUS Anti-Flicker Modules that can be used inline with our SL1 LEDs for pickier electrical systems though. If you have any other questions, just give us a call at 314-205-3033, Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. CST, or shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com!

Hello, this is Emma, the sales manager from Raych Auto Lighting Company. We are a manufacturer from China and we specialized in off road led light bars/led headlight/hid xenon kit for almost 10 years. Now we are looking for wholesalers and dealers. My whatsapp: +86 17820549917

These LEDs are way too bright to be at the eye level of drivers. Especially on the highways. States need to crack down on the maximum allowed brightness and issue tickets to vehicles that can blind people on the road.

I would like to see the SL1 vs GTR lighting gen 3 vs Stedi LED Lighting. See whos got better thermals and what not

Are the SL1 led available for the 2019 VW Tiguan sel r-line?

The only thing I care about is which one most quickly irrecoverably burns out the retinas of drivers in the opposing lane?

wish i found this video before buying my car's LED spotlight..thanks for the video!

No problem! If you have any other questions, just give us a call at 314-205-3033, Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. CST, or shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com!

@Diode Dynamics Boost? What are you boosting up to? The ideal config would be 2 groups of 3 leds in series. zes max foward voltage is 3.2V (2.8V nominal) giving a total foward voltage of 9.6V max (8.4V norminal) @ 1200mA -1500mA. This needs a buck converter. I also like how you make out that a phosphore coating is so expensive to change, when there is no change in price from 2700K to 5700K. Cheap companies ues the reject batches of phosphore coatings with sub par wavelengths uv/blue leds which is why they are so bad. But Philips is the second best LED manufacture behind Fluence.

@joshweaver38 it's a stand off

bLu They can also see you a lot sooner!

how good or bad are LASFIT LEDS, i have them in a 2017 civic hatch and gmc terrain both with projectors lenses and mine seem super bright compared to factories, entire roads lite up and with fogs n reg beams on i get flashed alot thinking my high beams are on

How would these LED bulbs perform inToyota Camry halogen projectors?

So what type led do you recommend for my 2009 Chevy Silverado 1500 WT?

What would you recommend for a motorcycle (2001 Suzuki gxsr)?

Hey Caleb! We share your concern and that is the main reason we started making these instructional videos. You need to make sure that you are using the right type of replacement bulbs for your headlamps, and ensure that they are aimed/seated properly after installation to avoid that glare that everyone hates so much. Check out our video below for more information about that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zb_AupXBhac If you have any other questions, just give us a call at 314-205-3033, Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. CST, or shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com!

Thanks for the request! We'll pass it along and see what our team can do.

Hey there! It looks like that might be an H7 bulb size, which we do not have available for the SL1 at this time, unfortunately. We do offer Universal HID conversion kits for that size though. If you have any other questions, just give us a call at 314-205-3033, Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. CST, or shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com!

excellent professional presentation. I guess I'll stay with my Acura HID solution for now.

@Diode Dynamics Maybe he meant a singular bulb and you guys were referring to a pair?

Lots of info

I just drive during the day. Awesome info btw

What a gem of a vid.. alot of good info.

Do you guys not offer a h1 led kit? Didn’t see it on the site.

Subscribed Bro ...

Very informative. Wonderfully presented. Thank you

Excellent information and comparison.

Toyota already uses LED. They work great. But you will need an LED that's at least $50 to not cause glare and to have enough "throw" to see ahead.

Try a flare gun; you can reach out and touch then at 130mph of net speed.

Jimmy De'Souza lmfao

You may want to look at hid. Co. UK as they do hid s with a coating for reflecter headlights, I had some on mine and they were brilliant

What is the song in the beginning?



Piss take. U tight arse

Chinese are starting to sell spotlights with 200 watt HIDs in them. does anybody know if there are such HIDs? Cuz nowhere where on the market I could find them.

HID projectors with high flap in my Silverado and Camaro. Then LED in the stock high spot to match the color, but you can unplug the LED and not know it's missing as the light output is just nothing next to the HID.

45 watts not volts

D3 and D4 HID bulbs operate with 42-45 volts at 35 watts, as defined in UN Regulation No. 99. Page 26 of this document. https://www.unece.org/fileadmin/DAM/trans/main/wp29/wp29regs/r099r2e.pdf

The sun gets the job done too!

We do not - H1 is an extremely small, high-power bulb, so it's difficult to design a reliable solution that isn't a drastic decrease in power from the original halogen.

Thanks for watching, John!

Check out our video on LED focus - it's possible you have a bulb that isn't well-designed for optical performance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGmoDtdNqIk

Hey Joshua! Unfortunately, we haven't done testing on the Camry Halogen projector headlights just yet, but you can expect roughly a 30%-70% of light in focus at the primary hotspot. If you have any other questions, just give us a call at 314-205-3033, Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. CST, or shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com!

Hey Tracey! For reflector-style housings, we highly recommend our SL1 LED headlight bulbs since they will not cause glare to on-coming traffic like an HID kit would in that type of housing. If you have any other questions, just give us a call at 314-205-3033, Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. CST, or shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com!

Hey there! If you can fit one of our SL1 LED headlight bulbs inside of that reflector-housing, that would be the best option. If you have any other questions, just give us a call at 314-205-3033, Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. CST, or shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com!

@Manuel Nuñez thanks!

Might I suggest some Alla Lighting 10,000 lumen headlights in a reflective assembly? Works like a charm.

@Liam Cooper I don't have all of that information at hand, but if you email us at contact@diodedynamics.com, we can get more information from our engineering team for you!

Not everyone is a dumbfuck like you bro.

LoL, I always wondered when the package says 30% brighter and has the same watts as some of the other ones. Back when I bought these bulbs, I bought the ones that had the highest wattage. In one vehicle I changed the harness to except the higher wattage bulb.

Yep. A little misleading! Some are slightly more than others, but all of them, by regulation, have to be a certain output level. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/consumers-who-bought-sylvania-automotive-lighting-could-get-money-from-a-30-million-settlement-273557191.html

A 35W HID bulb can be driven at higher power levels, but will wear out extremely quickly. It's possible that they are just using standard bulbs. Though I would hope they have some kind of customized, larger HID bulb.

Can we get an H13 LED please?

diode dynamics only makes bulbs for Japanese cars? That's too bad.

Super well done video

@Garnet Suss , we do have a great network of installers all over the world! I have included a link to that map below. https://www.diodedynamics.com/find-a-dealer

@Diode Dynamics unfortunately I just bought a Morimoto/Hylux kit from a local TRS dealer. If I weren't a stickler about trying to support local shops I may have placed an order with you! Do you have any dealers in Winnipeg?

Thanks for the support Garnet!

ooh I see! Wow thanks for answering with that insight!

Well some of it. The LED stuff gets abit fuzzy.

That is a size that our engineering team is currently working on! Stay tuned into social media for any new product releases!

@Diode Dynamics Sorry. Liked your video and want to buy but can't seem to navigate around your site. I'm looking for a set of Led headlight bulbs for a 92 Ford Mustang. Can you direct me?

Not true! We have many different options for Ford, GMC, Chrylser, etc as well on the website!

This answers a lot of my questions! Thank you for the great video!

@D Evans, shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com and we would be happy to look into this further for you!

I want to buy led but what’s a good name brand

I just junked the Low Beam HID system for my Lexus IS300 Headlights. I replaced the bulbs with "Sylvania 9006 LED Bulbs" bypassed and threw away the "Ballasts" The feed for the 'Ballast"was connected directly to the connector pigtail provided with the LED Bulbs and an after market connector. Initial results are excellent.

Use fastbright and good quality hid also 4300k color temp bulb.

So this is more of a comparison of style of headlamps.

What about hids burning projector headlamps. Most projector headlamps aren't built for hid. Unless it's an actual hid oem projector headlamp

I've got the SL1 in my 2014 Silverado LT Z71. They work great. I aimed them down a little so they don't shoot out to far. If they shoot out to far that equals glare to on coming traffic. Make sure they are aimed right. They do have a very good cut off.

I purchased led bulbs with anti flicker adapters and the headlight will just turn off. I contacted the company and they said I needed to disable my drl's. Car is a 2015 300c. Question is should i just return the bulbs as the could be an issue, or should I disable my drl's (don't really want to)

Hey man where are you located? I trust you with my LED lights installation.


We are based out of St. Louis, Missouri, however we do not perform any installations. Take a look at our dealer locator map to find the installer closest to you - thanks for the support!

The purpose of the video is really just to help educate, as there is a lot of different lighting options, and equal amounts of mis-information out there.

When utilizing an HID conversion kit in the low beams on any projector style housing, you are limiting glare to oncoming traffic. When utilizing a 35W kit, there will not be any damage to a "halogen projector".

Glad to hear that you are happy with your SL1s!

Hello! Please shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com and we would be happy to look into this further for you - thanks!

Head on over to our website at at www.diodedynamics.com for some great LED replacement options!

You are very welcome - thanks for the support!

Not true with our SL1! Feel free to give ours a try, we think you'll be happily surprised with how bright and how long these will last!

Recommendation for led upgrade for 2011 f150? The h13 halogens just seem to be not as efficient as other vehicle's headlights on the road. Also can you do the same type of video but on fog lights? Thanks

Put a set in my 2019 Subaru Impreza Sport last night, low beams for now. Wow, nice improvement. I like the white light, not blue tinted at all. Good cut off in my reflector style housing. Install was not too difficult. I've submitted pics on your site. Now I need to do the Hi Beams, they literally pale in comparison to the low :) Thanks guys, always good stuff. ~peaty

One video, all the answers. I thank you

Those error cancelers are just filter capacitors to boost the output without allowing the current to spike. :)

HIDs are also known as negative resistance bulbs. They will pull as much current as possible for as long as possible. That’s is also the usage for the ballast to limit the current. Over time, that wider arc gap pulls even more current than the ballast is rated for so it tends to kill electrical stuff if neglected over time.

Probably going to have to switch my Durango from my recently installed LEDs to HIDs. Got good quality LEDs and they just arent quite bright enough. They are almost as good as factory halogen. The color is phenomenal but the total light output is just not up to par. Ready to get some HIDs. Seen several videos where they are far superior in Durango Projectors

For the H13 size, we do only offer HID conversion kits at this time. We are working on an LED for this size, however it is still in the development stage. In regards to fog lights, we do offer the same style bulbs for these locations. Head on over to our website under the "Choose Your Vehicle" section to see all of the options available there!

Thanks Pete!

@Diode Dynamics Another possibility is using bulbs from non automotive sources. spotlights being quite a bit bigger than typical headlamps maybe they are using the bulbs designed for video projectors or DLP rear projection TVs.

@David Kearns, this is certainly something we do explore on a regular basis! Our engineering team is always evaluating new chip sets that come to market to see if they would be acceptable for future products!

Great informative video. Question...I have a 2013 Kia Optima SX-L Turbocharged. I changed out my HID bulbs because I noticed one headlight was not as bright as the other. After changing both sides with new bulbs I still see the same problem. Could it be the OEM ballast? Thanks.

An excellent orator for a change. He speaks properly and clearly. Most informative, thank you.

Shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com with some more vehicle information and we can look into this further for you!

@Jerry Miller lick my frenulum

I had leds in my 99 Silverado but only for high beam it was drawing more power to the leds and it would make my low beam halogen glow yellow like it wasn’t getting enough power to the halogen bulb

Diode Dynamics I was using factory 9006 low beam with cheap led like the grey ones you had in this video it was like it was pulling more power then the leds needed and when I switched them out did factory high beams with led low beams it was the same

Hello! Feel free to send us an email with some more specifics about your issue (bulbs used, OEM bulb size, etc), and we would be happy to try and point you in the right direction of a better solution. We can be reached at 314-205-3033, Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. CST, or shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com - thanks!

Thanks for the support - we appreciate it!

They don’t offer that LED in H7

Very good!

Diode Dynamics will do once I get the money

@Marcus Tucker, feel free to give our 9006 SL1 a try - we think you'll be happily surprised!

Seems good

my halogen flickers but only when i play loud low bass

While we do not currently offer the SL1 in the H7 size, that is certainly something we are working on and hope to offer in the future!

Damn I own a Subaru. Type to throw the car away.

GREAT video, and amazing accurate information! i ended up watching every second

Glad to hear that you liked the video! Thanks for the continued support!

You said it creating glitter for other drivers it'll be a matter of time before the insurance companies I'll get sick of paying the amount of accidents these lights are causing you just need simple headlights I don't need lights that are 10 times brighter than the sun . Then you spend a hit the high beams.. and I'm blinded for a week...

Does diodedynamics have bulbs for 2006 Suzuki GSXR 1000 motorcycles? If so Where can I order from?

its a landmine of shit led bulbs on amazon. they are all the same with diffirent paint colors

very interesting video , but youve not talked about how the colour temp effects the picture of what you see .

Super informative. Great job.

So are auxbeam lights junk then? Cause I bought a bunch a little while ago

Sounds like electrical strain. Your electrical system cant output enough current to keep up with the high demand of the sound system, causing your headlights to flicker due to reduced output. This is why many sound system companies reccomend upgrading your alternator to keep up with the electrical current demand

@Carlos Alvarado I have headlights, fog lights and a light bar that are outstanding, the only reason I question them is because the "estimated" output of 8,000 lumens that my purchased bulbs have and whether or not they will degrade over time

WolfGang Automotive I have auxbeam head lights on my car and I love them

Understandably the popularity of the LED headlights is all the rage and for good reason.... but now there are people retro fitting them in older vehicles that originally came with halogen bulbs that have reflectors in them for their particular purpose, now its like there are on constant highbeams and even looking at them for a split second, close your eyes and its like burned into the back of you'r retina, should be illegal and no older vehicle shall pass inspection with them installed.

What about new laser LEDs?

Laser is definitely still an emerging technology that we continue to monitor, however for the time being, LED or HID will definitely be your best / most affordable options.

That's why growers like HID's

I call them wanker lights.

Please send us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com or give us a call at (314) 205-3033 and our service representatives would be happy to further assist you - thanks!

good grief ,,, i cant agree there ,,,

Hello Tom! For the most part, the color is strictly just a personal preference!

Thanks for the support!

Feel free to give our bulbs a try - we think you will be happily surprised with how they perform compared to any of the competition! :)

Halogen bulbs used to die really fast if you get your finger (oil) prints on them when handling them. Is that still true?

I learnt more in 25mins watching this clip than my entire research over the past few months on headlights. Not only are you solid in knowledge, I'm very impressed and comfortable with how all these knowledge is delivered. Hands down one of the very best and beneficial videos in You Tube so far. Just a little question, how do I tackle the warning light on my dash when any LED bulbs are installed instead of the original H7 halogen?

These extremely bright bulbs need to be outlawed! they are dangerous. when they are coming at me I am so blinded that I can not be sure of my lane position! So if I hit you head on! It is your fault!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any approved 4200/4300 kelvin LED's out there for cars? I have 4200k H7 HID, with some shielding, very nice. Doesn't look shit like the 6000k.

That is certainly the case with some generic LED bulbs that do not focus light in the same way the OEM bulb does. What makes our SL1 so unique is that it does mimic the beam pattern of the stock bulb, meaning no glare for oncoming traffic. Feel free to give our SL1 a try, we think that you will be happily surprised with how well it performs!

why do you want to blind everybody else on the road??????

The way he pronounces LED's drive me nuts! "ELLYDEES"

super video , very informative , very honest numbers . a top class effort ...congratulations and thank you very much.

That is certainly still true with halogen. The oils from your skin can cause the bulb to fail prematurely. Luckily, that isn't the case with LEDs!

Thanks for the support! With so much dis-information out there about other styles of LED bulbs, we really enjoy getting this information out that is easier to understand. In regards to the bulb out warning, you would more than likely just need to install a resistor / capacitor to that circuit. With that bulb size however, we would not have the resistor / capacitor needed to prevent this.

When placing the correct bulbs in the correct style housings, you really mitigate blinding oncoming drivers with glare. With the SL1 LED that we offer, you will not produce glare for oncoming traffic - more visibility and no glare!

Unfortunately we don't offer any in that color temperature at this time. Our SL1 LED is rated a 5700K, which is overall a very nice white light.

Solid knowledge great video

Glad to hear that you enjoyed it - we appreciate the support!

@Caleb Daniel Herman , feel free to try our SL1 for yourself - we think you will be happily surprised how well they perform! By designing this bulb from the group up with your concerns in mind, it is amazing how there is a complete lack of glare for oncoming traffic, with a great improvement in overall light output!

Halogen lamps only. No LEDs or HIDs. There is no advantage of having these lamps as headlights that trumps the priority of all drivers to be able to fucking see on the road. Recall all of them to be retrofitted with proper headlights.

I had hid in my kawasaki, they gave nothing but trouble, either struggled to ignight or maintain an arc, even after replacing expensive bulbs they still gave trouble so I went back to good old fashioned halogen.... Cheap and as bright as I'll ever need...... Very interesting video..

LEDs for the win.... You can't really go wrong with LEDs, I've used them on my last few vehicles and have yet to notice any reduction in light output. They are just as bright when they first kick on as they are 4 hours later when I turn them back off. That being said, thanks for not constantly bashing LEDs as somehow being inferior to HIDs. I cannot stand HIDs as in my opinion they should be considered inferior by requiring the usage of the additional components for use, the shorter life span, lack of instant on, and poor heat dissipation (more some than others).

The best factual report on lighting I have come across, thanks.

Thanks for the support Bob! We appreciate it!

7:50 I've noticed that HID bulbs tend to shift color towards red when they're failing.

As HIDs age with use, they will start to shift colors. In some cases, when they get closer to going out, they can certainly shift colors more dramatically.

We appreciate the support!

LS1 is a brand or a type of LED bulb?

I installed HID on my 2011 honda accord, what a difference. has been 2 yrs, no issues.

I want to upgrade but moving parts (cooling fans) make me concerned about longevity.

What led light would you recommend for hyundai elantra 2017 equiped with a projector

What LED do you recommend for 2018 dodge journey?

very nice explaination

Nice info

Our SL1 would be a fantastic option! https://www.diodedynamics.com/low-beam-led-headlight-for-2009-2019-dodge-journey.html


Hey there! The SL1 is our Headlight LED bulb that we manufacture right here in St. Louis, Missouri. If you have any other questions, just give us a call at 314-205-3033, Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. CST, or shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com!

The fan we utilize within this bulb has been torture tested to ensure that it lasts the life of the bulb (40,000+ hours) - no need to worry about the fan with this bulb! :)

Hey Mark! We'd suggest our 9005 SL1 LEDs from the link below: https://www.diodedynamics.com/low-beam-led-headlight-for-2014-2018-hyundai-elantra-with-projector.html If you have any other questions, just give us a call at 314-205-3033, Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. CST, or shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com!

Thanks for your feedback and support!

Extremely kewl and informative ! That being said what would you recommend for a 2011 Taurus with projector headlamps ? Stock lighting almost seems dangerous.

Caleb Daniel Herman jesus child calm down. You can’t blame manufacturers for consumer ignorance. These people that do conversion kits never readjust the beam output and/or don’t research lights with good beam patterns for their housing style. No need to ban more reliable alternatives. Even the sheriffs office in my city converted all their police cruisers to HID bulbs.

I own a 2017 hyundai elantra, would it all fit if i close the cap? Or installing it would leave it open

what we need is a bulb that incorporates the bulb and projector all into one package. For cars that don't have the projector headlight system built into the lens assembly.

Very helpful

Thanks Michael! If you have halogen bulbs, both our SL1 LED or an HID conversion kit would give you an increase over stock. Check out our other video below detailing some more of those differences! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zb_AupXBhac

@Jon Domz, correct!

@Diode Dynamics including the driver?

Hello Jon! In the majority of cases, the SL1 will fit behind the dust cover just fine, without any modification.

Hello Lakario! While it is nothing that we offer at this time, there are some options on the market that offer LED projectors that you can custom retrofit into your headlight assembly.

Great video

HiDs are the best for headlights led are not good I never gonna use LEDs for headlights .

+1 from Diode Dynamics. The Retrofit Source makes and sells multiple LED projector retrofit kits to suit different budgets and applications. They offer aftermarket retrofit solutions as well as retrofit kits using OEM products found in vehicles like Toyota's.

My mazda has projectors and led's just wouldnt put out a good beam pattern found hid to have an acceptable pattern but the light output is amazing

That heavily relies on the manufacturer of the HID system in question and thus their specific design and materials used in the production of their bulbs. It seems that earlier generation HID systems tend to shift towards the red wavelength with age whereas newer HID systems tend to shift more towards the blue wavelength with age. Hope this helps.

Tom if you are referring to how the color temperature of emitted light affects what you see on the road, it would be best to run as white of light output as possible. White light is closest to what you see during the day, therefore the road environment at night will appear similar to daytime viewing. Higher color temperature bulbs do not provide as good of visibility on the road at night because the environment catches and reflects blue light different than white light, so you will notice certain elements on the road blending together. White light will give you the clearest night time viewing. Also keep in mind for fog lamps the yellow light penetrates fog a little better than white light as it's closer to red on the spectrum which produces little to no glare. Hope this helps.

I use Lasfit bulbs in several areas on some of my vehicles. They make fantastic LED's as does DD. Seeing as both of your vehicles contain projector lamps, you may need to adjust the lenses down slightly to move the cutoff below other driver's eyes. I'm not sure exactly what lens style your fog lamps are, but that could be what is glaring up at other drivers. Projector cutoff does not change whatsoever no matter what bulb system you are using. So next time you're driving at night turn your fogs off and pay attention to where your low beam cutoff point is on the road and in relation to other vehicles and adjust where necessary. Also just my .02 most if not every motorist should know by now that fog lamps cannot run while high beams are on so if yours are on and you're getting flashed, either the low beams are aimed too high, or the fogs are glaring. Either way, nothing major just some adjustments may be necessary to avoid any future flashing. Hope this helps.

David I'm guessing your vehicle is either a Toyota Prius, Sienna, or an Acura TL or RL. Regardless, factory HID systems have to conform to DOT regulations and thus must produce a certain wavelength of light from the factory. They appear slightly yellow because they are trying to replicate standard halogen color temperatures. Technically any blue light that emits from a civilian vehicle is illegal as it can be seen as "impersonating an emergency vehicle" and so manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure their factory lights do not emit any blue light whatsoever. Specifically the color temperature of most factory HID systems runs around the 4300K to 4800K range, and halogens usually run around 4000K to 4300K. Hope this helps.

what is the best headlights bulb for a FORD S-Max 2012 ??

I bought led kit from you guys and only after 2 weeks they stop working. Going back to HID kit (good quality) and I’m very happy with it. HID is the king forever.

"It's not easy to keep that arc running." Nope.. very easy. Just keep the voltage above a certain point, and it arcs. What takes a little work is regulating the arc so you get a constant light output. The extra cost comes from generating a regulated AC voltage - it's essentially an inverter. DC will light them, if the voltage is high enough, but the electrodes will wear out a LOT faster.

This has to be the most informative video to date on headlights. Your abilities to speak clearly, concisely and utilize examples to help consumers better understand the complexities of various bulbs was amazing. Thank you. I now know which direction to go instead of wasting money on trial and error.

The issue HID is blind others with its light


surprised you guys don't have LED headlights for the JL wrangler yet. Or the JK, holy crap, big market missed there. if you do have them, they are not showing up in the vehicle selector.

U need a 180 degree LED for headlights with lens,they are called G8L and we need another video on it

Very informative video, thank you! But how to deal with radio interference caused by HIDs? The minute I turn on my HID I get so much static the radio becomes unbearable to listen to ☹️

Thank you for this video! It is very informative and I now know what is best for my '02 Monte Carlo. I've been wanting to upgrade the headlights for quite some time now, and now I have my answer instead of trial and error!

Can we get a list of all the led brands you temperature tested and how hot they got?

We will be sure to pass your request along to our team to see if we can get something like that arranged for the future!

The dual filament bulb sizes are certainly something we are hard at work on - don't worry! :) Stay tuned into our social media, as we will be posting it there as soon as it does become available!

@Diode Dynamics if its really mimicking halogen bulbs that means 50% of the light is still wasted by the lens lid inside , please correct me if I am wrong ,and sorry for my bad grammar, I also made a scetch https://ufile.io/yhw4dxpg

The SL1 bulb does a fantastic job at mimicking the beam pattern of a stock bulb. Feel free to give it a try, we think you will be happily surprised! :)

Our ballasts that we offer have an extra ground wire, specifically for eliminating radio interference that happens with some vehicles. That should help dramatically! :)

Hello! Feel free send us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com with some more specifics on your vehicle, bulb size, etc., and we would be happy to let you now what options we have available!

Shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com and we would be happy to assist you with your LEDs!

Thanks Richard! :)

Feel free to give our SL1 LED a try - we think you'll be happily surprised with how well it performs!

In America, we use the letters in the acronym rather then calling them "leds."

Excellent information, thank you. Unfortunately you don't make an H11 that will fit my 4runner, so I'll have to go elsewhere.

So reflector is better haha

My autofather Leds lasted about 3 mos :-(

Hats off to you 'Sir'..for making a complex & little difficult to understand topic so easy to understand with your ability to explain without using any heavy & complex words. Your simplicity is remarkable. Congrats & please keep it up...

Unfortunately no 9007/HB5 LED options available.

You did not show the Cob leds lux demo. Why?

With the sheer number of LED bulbs out on the market, it is hard to show all of them unfortunately. That being said, we have seen that through our testing, COB style LED bulbs are some of the lowest performing units out there.

Thanks for the support David! We greatly appreciate it!

very good

I want to emphasize the importance of good projectors, factory projectors on your average car are typically not that great. Unless you're buying a high end vehicle, you can't expect it to be all that great, especially with the advanced technology going into creating a more efficient reflector housing. Aftermarket projectors are your best option if you can afford it, brands such as Morimoto for example, make outstanding projectors that can drastically improve light output.

What an awesome explanation. Thanls

I used the auxbeam LED in my 93 Silverado they are so bright I had to adjust my driver's side toward the middle so I will not blind oncoming traffic.

Are their 24V led for trucks?


Firstly great video, I thought I knew all there was to know yet I learnt a lot more after watching this. Secondly, I would say that most European cars with halogen projectors have what we call “squirrel finders” each allows abit of light above the cut off line to illuminate road signs, so glare is still an issue with HID/LED “upgrades”.

I seriously want to buy headlight (LED) compatible for my Mazda 3 2011. Would you recommend the transition or just to stay halogen?

I'll stick with halogen bulbs.. changing to led or anything rise is illegal where I am anyway

Any brighter light source will create more glare unless the light distribution is altered. Having LEDs be a little bit brighter is alright, but adding a lot of brightness will always add glare and I have had to modify drivers in the past to reduce the current to more acceptable levels.

@Diode Dynamics That is true as long as the SL1 are not too bright. In my experience, up to 13W LED power per bulb is somewhat close to halogen. The 20W of the SL1 (including the driver and fan losses) are probably okay, I assumed it was way higher power because of the large cooling solution (which must yield excellent thermals with only 20W to dissipate). Ill be buying a pair. For future revisions I would love to see an adjustable mount to get the light pattern just right with any headlight. I think philips did something along those lines with their excellent but expensive led retrofits.

As long as the bulb does a good job at mimicking the beam pattern of the stock bulb, it should limit glare greatly. Luckily, with our SL1s, that is not an issue at all!

to be honest id rather use the OE bulbs from the factory.

Hello Brent! Unfortunately the 4Runner is one of the new vehicles we have had reports of fitment issues due to extremely tight clearances where the bulb is inserted - sorry!

We appreciate the support Jimmy!

While we do not offer any LEDs in that size at this time, that is certainly something that we are currently working on and hope to offer in the future! Stay tuned into our social media for all new product updates!

where you buy them i have a 2012 honda accord SE

Really informative video. I've gone from Halogens to HID to LED. My headlights are standard Peugeot coupe type which were designed for halogen. 55w HIDs were a big improvement, but a lot of cost for the best gear as well as the space. Long delay on mainbeam was a worry, which was what prompted the change to Philips LEDs. I would just say that masked HID lamps are the thing for reflector units. Always buy the best.

Led is better hid is for morons

Diode Dinamics, why IPF LED Headlights bulbs producing 2500LM each? Last longer and much brighter than your led bulbs?

Very informative video. There is I think, still along way to go to get good aftermarket Led lamps for older vehicles, and the cost and agro with changing to HID is unreal, the lamps are about $130 in NZ each. I wanted to upgrade the lamps in my 1995 Mitzi FTO, I looked into Leds, but nothing suited my lights, I purchased a set of Hella Ultra Plus 110% halogen lamps, they are , excuse the pun, bloody brilliant, the light output is amazing, I had already used a headlamp restoration kit from Rainx, a very good product by the way. I fitted the new lamps, and drove down the country lane in which I live at the dead of night. Well ,I thought I was in a different car, the results are amazing. They are not cheap, about $35 each, that NZ dollars, it worked out to about $200, well worth it. I had replaced the lamps about 13 years ago with Ring halogen bulbs, they were good for the lamp technology of the time, but , nothing stays still in todays world, they really worth looking at if you want to upgrade your lights And no, I'm not on commission to Hella. The lamps are actually made by Osram, a very well respected name in the electrical industry, and Im an industrial Sparky. Just saying.

Very good video. ✌

Thanks for this video it was very informative! I hope you will answer my question. I have an '07 Camry and had the yellow film cleaned off the headlamp a couple of times but the lights were always dim. Couldn't see 5 ft in front of you even after trying LED lights. The round headlight had a bluish color to it (the bright lights worked just fine). Is there a projector in these that go out and won't work no matter how clean the head light component is or does the lens get dirty on the inside or degrade after time? I replaced the whole headlight unit with an aftermarket assembly and it works great now with the LED bulb. Being a woman, I went through so much grief from the men in my life that said all you have to do is clean the headlights or adjust them and all would be okay. I was told I'm wasting my money replacing them and mechanics were just trying to rip me off. I found a body shop that replaced them in 30-45 minutes and charged me $80 labor with no mark-up on parts instead $350-$1000. Thanks much.

Amazing informative explanation. Thank you

Great video, I thought I knew a lot but you have certainly increased my understanding. I run LED (focused Cree) and a quality HID driving lights. The purpose was to reduce the current draw from my original high wattage lights. Works a treat, but your vid has explained very well the operation of these systems. My vehicle is an 80 series Landcruiser that does huge amounts of desert and off road driving. The HID's are headlight and driving light conversions and the LED's are also driving lights. The HID's are used separate to the LED's for wide long distance vision. The LED's are for forest or tight bush tracks. Its a great combo, I hope your viewers get to benefit from your vid Thanks I have subscribed.

Awesome video. Very well and consicely explained with real time demonstration. Keep up the good work.

In the unlikely event of an EMP, both HID and LED lights would die, correct? Due to being operated by microprocessors?

wow a actual person speaking clearly ... more info than ever... I have a GMC ACADIA DENALI w/ HID and switch fog lamps to LED and yikes bad idea did not last 3 weeks lol... went back to regular - maybe ill try HID foglamps? ummmm

Awesome video! Thought this was going to be typical YouTube crap marketing "review"

You mentioned 55W Xenon bulbs. Is that a better option than my 35W D1S bulbs in my ML350?

why would you put all that expensive junk on your car , only to blind on coming traffic . Do you think if you see farther you can go faster ? what about turns , you can't see around them .put a halogen bulb in it and make sure your batteries is OK .

Great video

I hate HID lights. Meeting them on the road is like staring at a couple of arc welders coming at you. I think they make night driving really unsafe as oncoming traffic gets blinded.

This is good to know. What is the LED output and range RGB, thank you.

I have H4 conversion headlight bulb envelopes with LED bulbs, in my 50 year-old car, and they kick ass, with stock wiring.

You say Subaru projectors "not so good" - aren't they Hella E55 projectors?

Each headlight can differ depending on the the model year, trim model, etc. What we were referencing was just referencing them in general.

My xenondepot depot HIDS lasted 3 years l, couldn't believe it. Insane quality and great customer service

Thanks for your support!

The actual projector within the headlight is certainly a factor to consider as well!

Actually it has everything to do with it if adjusted properly LEDs in a reflector light are bright as F and will not blind oncoming traffic .

That has nothing to do with brightness that has to do with you putting an LED bulb in a reflector housing which is the cheapest way to do it

Hey there! Our SL1 LED headlight has an operating voltage of 5-16V. If you have any other questions, just give us a call at 314-205-3033, Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. CST, or shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com!

Thank you for the kind words! We're always looking to further inform our customers, in addition to providing you with quality LEDs. Also, thank you for the information! If you have any other questions, or need some assistance adjusting your headlights, please feel free to give us a call at 314-205-3033, Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. CST, or shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com!

Hey there! Here is a link where you can find our SL1 LED headlight bulbs to replace your stock Halogen bulbs: https://www.diodedynamics.com/by-vehicle.html/?no_cache=1&find=2011-mazda-3-hatch-317697 If you have any other questions, just give us a call at 314-205-3033, Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. CST, or shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com!

If you got the cash get some nive hids if your on a budget get leds

That sounds like a plan! Just let us know if you need anything else!

@therealnightwriter you sound like a disgruntled negative person that has nothing positive to say about anything, especially towards those that are trying to educate the public. Go troll the porn site Instead. Your commentary is better suited for the gutter.

Yes, being below youboob standards is a good thing (those standards include loud, useless background music, narrator appearing on screen in a weird way, stupid forced quips and jokes, umms, ahhhs and all around malarkey). Just like classical music, this is better, but lost upon the mindless masses.

@Diode Dynamics How was this "torture test" carried out?

@teamfab xenondepot HIDs come with a 3 year warranty and their from Canada so you know they'll take car of you

@gabrielgalaxygh they weren't cheap crap plus they came with the bike...

Don't buy cheap crap, mine lasted over 3 years

In Germany (the self-pronounced driver of innovation) retrofit LED bulbs (only for cars of course) are simply not allowed. They might be more reliable, have better focus and reliability. But if you use them, you'll be fined and your vehicle is deemed not safe to operate. And it probably woun't change for the next 5-10 years. It sucks major ass driving my old car when it's raining in the dark while most other cars blind you.

Thank you for the video on the different types of lighting available. It has been my experience that the CRI (Color Rendering Index) of all types are not properly explained. Your target of 6000K for color temperature in my opinion is too high. Humans see best (see color best) at 4500K. Halogens are the only type of light that can output a 100 CRI. Everything else that is blue shifted (including those Halogens marketed for the blue shifted light) have a CRI that is much less than 100 including the LED's which operate at about an 85 CRI. The worst driving condition is that of a rain that becomes a fine mist on a dark night. HID's perfom horribly, and LED's create so much glare, especially with projector style headlights as to be dangerous to oncoming traffic. Halogens made to be extreme white in a reflector headlight assembly to me are still the safest bet for driving.

Very good video.

So which one is brighter

high volt = shorter life too many parts

Stadiums are replacing their night game lights from HID to LED. That alone tells you what's in and what's out. LED bulbs consume much less power for the same brightness and last much longer. On top of that, the price of bulbs are getting cheaper and cheaper.

Kick ass video!!! I have a Infiniti QX70 with stock Hids that are great for me at least, but the fog lights are crap. What LEDs do you recommend to match the color of the stock Hids? Thanks and keep up the good work!

Diode dynamics produces some of the best switchback turn signal bulbs money can buy.

We appreciate all of the support!

i like LED consume less power

*This video was made for stupid boomers who never wanted to try the HID's because they were scared of them, ignoring the fact that almost all cars now come standard with it. So this video is mainly for them and also r/projectcars*

Overall a fairly good video. The only factor really not touched on is the disadvantage of optical alignment/glare and lack of throw for LED's, which probably is why they didn't do the beam pattern testing in a dark room. But that is understandable, since they are trying to sell LED's here lol :P

@Diode Dynamics thanks. Maybe I will try them for my high beams, but for my low beam projectors I prefer my HIDs

Hello there! Feel free to give the SL1 LED a try, we think that you will be happily surprised with how well it performs within a stock housing. :)

Presenter is cute

Diode Dynamics I am using H11 DD led bulbs in Prius 30 with new Koito headlights, they work good. On my second Prius also new Koito headlights installed, I’m using IPF H11, XX series. They work amazing! The pattern on both brands are good. But! IPF has much more light output, which is not getting dimmer after 2-5 hours of use. DD is like dimmer from the start. DD has light output the same level as Philips LED bulbs. You guys trying to extend the lifespan to of led chips?

Even i the rating is accurate (probably not), more light from the bulb does not necessarily mean a better beam pattern. To get more output, the bulb will likely be out of focus, and it will be overpowered. Please check out our video on "are your LEDs too hot?" to learn more. Thanks!

Thanks for the support Barry!

Thank you!

In the event of an EMP, there would potentially be electrical issues with many vehicle components, including HID and LED.

For fog light applications, I would recommend one of our LED bulbs, as it really can come down a lot to the overall quality of the bulbs. With our Diode Dynamics bulbs, you will not have to worry about a bulb burning out prematurely. For instance, our SLF LED bulb is a great option!

Thanks for the support Roger! :)

In this specific case, we would recommend sticking with the stock D1S bulbs, as modifying that could cause issues down the line.

@ken reese, feel free to give ours a try, we think that you will be happily surprised with how these perform! While what you had described is certainly the case with some generic LEDs that are not properly designed, that is not the case at all with Diode Dynamics - thanks!

@Diode Dynamics look in to your head lights then look away , you are blinded by that artificial light for at least three seconds ; is that what you want to do to on coming traffic , blind them so you can see more .Not only that , they are more money and can't survive the harsh environment of a car head light .They are just junk .Thanks for the reply , drive safely .

When placing HIDs in projector based housings, or LEDs that are designed to properly mimic the beam pattern of a stock bulb, you will not blind oncoming traffic at all! More visibility with a proper beam pattern is never a bad thing!

Thank you! :)

When HIDs are placed in the correct style housings (like projector based housings for instance), glare is not going to be something you would need to worry about. Unfortunately, not all people do this, and the glare is often caused by placing an HID in a reflector based housing.

@Dana Vixen check out our video on our reliability testing below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eytcPqKD4k0

If it's a WRX STI I'll throw two old 90's cars your way a B13 and a Neon for it, deal?

hahahaha f..... LED XENON its the best and strong!!! :)


Tfw my car has both

very interesting and informative. I've got a 13 year old BMW with factory fitted bi-xenons. When i got the car i was very underwhelmed by them, especially full beam. I was a bit shocked at how much you can spend on bulbs so i have to admit i cheaped out. The bulbs i took out looked to be the originals so the life of them is amazing but the output had obviously reduced gradually over the years. The new ones were a lot brighter but a year on i think these are losing they're brightness so i'm going to slash out on some nightbreakers soon. Buy cheap, get cheap.

I usually see that LED headlights are brighter. But I also find that the wavelength of the light seems to not penetrate as well. The light tends to be more focused, rather than a nice bright spread, in my opinion. Brand new cars have better designed. I assume it's more to do with lens design. I see quite a few folks throw in HID or LED bulb into their original OEM headlights. But the LED or HID isn't in the correct position as the original Halogen bulb. That makes the light focused in a different spot whether you have older glass lens headlights or plastic clear lens ones with a very specific reflector design. This makes the headlight perform horribly no matter how bright. In the end I found to just stick with the headlight type that your vehicle was designed to use. Or you might get lucky with a bulb that fits perfectly and is positioned perfectly in the lens as per OEM design for the reflector or the glass lens.

Thanks for the info! What are good brands for LED bulbs that will last? I was gonna swap out the halogens in my wife's car for LEDs

23:02 vs 23:39 Shows that a good HID in a projector is better than many of these LEDs because of the arc giving off 360 degrees of light. Manufactures are now making their headlights with LEDs in them, but specifically designing the projector lens to work with the LEDs. I run LEDs as high beams (instant full brightness). And HIDs in a projector for my low beams, it was a retrofit so I used quality Morimoto components.

This one is a Honda shi... -khm 'decent projector, producing half the lux as reflector mirrors.

I'm so glad you bring up the glare. Now I can respect the fact you want bright lights because you are blind. I can even respect the fact that you want a good light for night time clarity. The problem that I do have is when you want a light so bright that you can see into the future. You're future is seeing someone veering from the oncoming side of traffic and both your ketchup packet a××es being killed because you dont understand glare.

great info!

Here's a quick question: Why do led and hid bulbs in the correct variant for my vehicle (Mercedes R500) (h8) not fit in the same way as the halogens? According to most of the info I get from sellers, they need to be used with an additional "trim ring". I've tried several times to get them to fit, but they don't stay in place with the trim rings and don't fit at all without them. I really want to upgrade to hid since my vehicle has projectors that cut down on the precieved amount of light that hits the road.

@Schlo 7G I'm in Australia mate... It's a police state

Illegal in what way? According to the FMVSS regulations you're allowed up to 4 front lamps to be on at the same time, and anything that falls between certain color "temperatures" (yellow-white to blue-white) and of course there's a limit to the lumens of the low beams, but otherwise it's all "legal"for headlamps in all 50 states. Trying dumb stuff like putting 55w HID's designed for off-road use into your low beams or neglecting to adjust your headlamps after adding a 4" body lift is asking for a ticket (and getting you a shot of other drivers high-beams to let you know that you're blinding them).

Diode Dynamics, So, without contaminating myself with further watching this video, I will invest in buying all the old style bulbs and former lights that are instant and safer for the longer duration of lighting for my vehicles. Stupid scientific advancements, are not good for anyone. Does not matter what "good" You claim, does not make it any safer or righteous. Just Bad.

Finally I found a really informative and useful video about this. Pretty hard these days.

Great video! Good info and entertaining as well. I'm proud to be running your HIDs in my Mustang. Over 2 years and not one issue. Do you also sell replacement bulbs when the time comes?

ok i'm going to ask a noob question i dint see video completly yet. but you state that led louse brightness aftersome time. this is not to debunk your statement. is that why some of them have cooling on them?. i dint see led on your table with cooling. or is that cooling just for show?

ok some minutes further i sa a led with cooling on you table. but my question stands do leds with cooling on the keep more brightness?

Well said mr diode a lot of help thanks.

I have a 2013 Toyota Corolla, that I bought new. Where I'm currently living, because at night it's blacker than a well diggers asshole, we have to use our bright lights every night, to go anywhere!! When I was living in South Florida, until 18 months ago, it was so lit up at night, I never used my brights. What can I do to increase the brightness of my headlights to light up the road like daylight, not only on the sides of the road, but far ahead and what product do you recommend, and what does it entail to do that? I.E., do I need any additional electronic items, and a more powerful battery? I'm almost at the point of putting an off road light bar on the roof, I know it would look like shit, but i want to be able to see a gnat at a 100 yards!! Yes, that's an exaggeration!!! But I'm sure you get what I mean, and want. Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Jay Andre.

good video/info but not unbiased as you are selling your LED for $150! You forget to mention FM radio interference with LED (on cheaper models - do yours have this ?) I replaced low/high on 2014 Prius with $15 COB Cree one (10x cheaper than yours) and they are SO much better than the dimmed yellow 5 years old bulb that were there - no glare issue and I can see 2-3x further out. Modern white color too. On my Acura MDX I replaced the HID bulb (cheap) but didn't replace rest with LED due to radio interference...

Why would I use HID if my TV is LED with HRD and 4K ?!!!! But why ?

I have a 2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse what led would you recommend? Your store doesn’t have LEDs for my car.

I was always told and later tested to be true, you should never put HID in reflector style headlights. So much blinding going on, granted, there are exceptions but it takes a very good designed reflector housing to work. Most US based reflectors are not in this category. Most European designed reflector headlight housings will have a cuttoff similar to projectors and you might get away with it. Plus most European housing cuttoff have the nice "notch" in the cuttoff so you are not blinding oncoming traffic but have increased lighting to the side of the road, just make sure you are not getting them designed for Right Hand Drive countries if you are not in one.

Well, that explains a whole lot about car lights!!!! SUPER!!!!

A very well produced as well as a wealth of information in a short video. I had an electrical supply for years and sold all kinds of lighting products. I learned quite a bit regarding LED vs HID lighting. Thanks for the education! Great job!

I have an 07 camry aswell and jeez do I know exactly what you mean. Mine had become so yellow and gross. I couldn't see at night under any conditions. So I replaced the headlight unit myself and it's a world of a difference. Then I put xenons in from OPT-7 , which have the best in my opinion and I've never had a problem again with seeing at night.

Truck Lite led head lights are DOT approved.

I installed led bulbs to my 98 grand cherokee laredo headlight housing. After I polished the lenses I'm getting stronger lighting in from of me. I would like to try the ones you talked about. I'm intending to change the original lenses and instead glue back clear ones after I install a 3 inches diameter reflector unit, for that project I might need the ones you recommend.

very informative, thank you

This is the best information that I have found so far in one place regarding headlights. Thank you. Tried a few different LED lights for my 2010 Nissan Murano that were very disappointing. Now I have a good knowledge base to make a better decision for upgrading my headlights without causing glare for other drivers.

Amazing video. Very informative. Thank you so much!

Thanks for the support Tim!

Thanks for the thorough explanation, well done! Your vehicle selection option, on your website, does not include Toyota Tacomas. I found few items for 2010 Tacomas. This is odd! Please reply.

Hello William! Please shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com and we would be happy to look into this further for you!

Thank you for the support! :)

Thanks for the support! We do offer just the replacement HID bulbs on the website in the event one burns out or if you wanted to change the color.

good video/info but not unbiased as you are selling your LED for $150! You forget to mention FM radio interference with LED (on cheaper models - do yours have this ?) I replaced the low/high on 2014 Prius with $15 COB Cree (www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DZ551P8 which are 10x cheaper than yours ) and they are SO much better than the dimmed yellow 5 years old bulb that were there - no glare issue (I checked as they are so bright) and I can see 2-3x further out. Modern white color too. Affects FM radio but daughter doesn't care (iphone music). On my 07 Acura MDX I replaced the HID bulb (cheap like $17 a set) but didn't replace rest with LED due to radio interference...

@Diode Dynamics thanks, and I understand. I tested in the real world and am happy with my LED purchase. It's hard to justify $300 for light replacement on a base Prius... I had one side with LED and one side with 5 years old bulb, and covered the headlight with a towel and the difference was phenomenal on a straight road, and checked for incoming traffic glare at a distance as well. LED were pretty much same price as new regular bulbs so no brainer for me...

While we do offer many LEDs for sale on our website, the point of this video was to explain many of the differences out there and help educate. In regards to radio interference, that is certainly an issue we see with cheaper LEDs. The SL1 that we offer factors that into the construction of the bulb, and the vast majority of vehicles will not experience radio interference at all. Through our extensive testing of COB style bulbs on the market, as while they appear to be bright, that style of chip and the placement of it are not ideal for headlight applications.

For headlight applications, HID is still a great option for getting more light output over stock! :)

While we do offer a number of different LED options for the Eclipse, unfortunately LEDs for the headlights is not one we have right now since the bulb is a dual filament. That being said, that is one item that our engineering team is hard at work on and hope to release in the coming months! :)

Thanks Ron! :)

@Diode Dynamics i know bro LED ist fast start but (never ever cen by stronger then Xenon) :) and thank you for video and if i like to beay that ELD SL1 you dont have shiping for my pure contry! ;( pozdrav from Montenegro MNE

Feel free to give our SL1 LED headlight a try! We are confident you will be happily surprised with the output and beam pattern it produces! :)

Thanks Jose! :)

Problem is a mirror inside of your headlight. Not the bulb itself.

@Diode Dynamics that's great news. I'll see if I can find an Australian supplier

While that may be the case with many LED bulbs on the market, the SL1 that we offer was designed to mimic the beam pattern of a stock bulb so you will not run in this issue. Feel free to give it a try - we think that you will be happily surprised with how well it performs! :)

Head on over to our website at www.diodedynamics.com, as we offer a number of different LED options! :)

When placing a properly designed LED bulb like our SL1 into a reflector or projector style housing, you will not get any glare, due to the bulb mimicking the beam pattern of a stock bulb. With many other bulbs on the market, they spray light in a way that does cause glare unfortunately.

@Diode Dynamics Do your h7 hid bulbs match the ring connector for the halogen bulbs? If so they would fit mine without any problems.

With some Mercedes models, you may need an additional ring or collar to help secure the bulb in place. Unfortunately this is not something we offer - sorry!

The overall brightness of the bulb is only part of the equation. How the bulb projects the light and the beam pattern is equally important, if not more so!

We have designed the SL1 with both brightness and longevity in mind. All of our LED bulbs that we offer will be rated at 40,000+ hours with of use.

Generally, we do not recommend an RGB bulb that acts as a headlight. While generally plenty bright for show and off-road use, they will not give you any usable light output for the road.

Cheap made in China hids led cause bad glare to incoming verhicles and should be ban

totally agree excellent vid

What we expect from cheap headlamps?a good quality?lifetime?nice color?

very nice video and very informative.

Shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com with your vehicle information and we would be happy to look into this further for you!

Glad that we could be of help!

@Schlo 7G, unfortunately we would be unable to confirm that, as sometimes Mercedes models might need an additional holder / clip / etc. Please check out the listing below, as it will have some photos of the bulbs - thanks! https://www.diodedynamics.com/cnlight-replacement-h7-hid-bulbs-pair.html

@Diode Dynamics Do you know whether or not it was a case of the dust cap being the issue? Or is the housing just too small to accommodate the cooling portion of the light?

@Diode Dynamics Thank you very much for the information. I'll likely be purchasing one later on in the week.

@Brent Bluhm, trust us, we wish the SL1 didn't have this issue! Overall, the SL1 fits in the overwhelming majority of vehicles, as this is one of the few exceptions to that rule. It is certainly something hope to explore in the future. In regards to the HID kit, that will fit just fine and is available on our website!

@Diode Dynamics Well that is unfortunate. Your HID kits fit alright though?

@Brent Bluhm, the fitment issue is with the housing itself, so there is no way to fully lock in the bulb.

i bought cheap leds on amazon for my previous car and they did great, i ran the car for like 3 years with the leds, i hit a deer with the car and rebuild the whole front end, and kept the same led bulbs from the crash and they lasted another year of driving.. they still work now even now that the car doesnt work haha I cant say all of them are good but the ones i had got are good.

my leds have different colored lens you can interchange on it, its clear white without lens but i put blue tint lense on them

Both HIDz and LEDz?

I have to concur completely. Excellent, well presented and balanced.

Wow. I didn't realize how little I knew about these. Excellent content.

I just returned an inexpensive pair of LED halos for my E39 BMW (1999 528i). The original owner chose the HID factory option. Any suggestions for halos? Definitely get HIDs? So cheap LEDs will suck after time so it seems.

Kind of late to the party here, since I converted from halogen to HID in my projectors last spring. Looks like I made a good choice from what I have seen here. As others have already said, I found this to be one of the best videos on YT about headlight options and the pro's and con's of each type. Very well presented. Even though I made a good choice on what HID system to use, I sure could have used the info in this video last spring. Took me literally weeks (months?) to gather up all the info I needed. This video pretty much covers everything I needed (need) to know. Great reference tool for anyone looking for headlamp options.

Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks for your support, Micah!

Hey there! Any of our HD Halos from the link below would be a good option to retrofit! https://www.diodedynamics.com/accents/hd-halos-strips.html If you have other questions, please give us a call at 314-205-3033, Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. CST, or shoot us an email at contact@diodedynamics.com and our service team can assist you!

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