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Get more done with Planner! - BRK2393

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Hello, Orlando, and, folks mostly. Not from Orlando thank, you so much for coming to the to, the show and to. The planner. Session, we're really excited to have you here I recognize, a bunch of you from the booth my. Name is George Bullock I'm the product marketing manager for. Microsoft, Project, and for Microsoft planner and, I'm just back at Microsoft, for the last year after, about five years away I been. With Microsoft on and off since 2000, and, one of the reasons I came back was to get involved with work management, on. The Microsoft, platform and. Planners. A big piece of that and we're really excited, about the product I also, know I'm the opening band and you're all waiting for the Rolling Stones so. I'll try to keep it brief up here but. I will start with a few stories because I like to tell stories the first story and I'll try to stitch them together. Before, I turn it over to Joanna the first story is a, story about going to Maui how many people have been to Maui it's. Awesome you should go there years. Ago I went to Maui with my daughter who was maybe, six or seven and. The. Snorkeling, is great in Maui and we went to a place called Black Rock which is this huge. Black Rock, right. Off the beach from I think the Sheraton, and if, you go out there it's in 30 feet of water it's incredible, snorkeling, and. Wonderful. So I took my daughter out she was seven and, for. Some reason I didn't even think to have like floaties belts, or anything and we went out there and I was so happy oh this is awesome, and, my daughter was saying oh my mask it's kind of coming off and there's water and it's 30 feet of water she. Was talking to me but. I wasn't listening because I was so happy I was in 30 feet of water doing, this awesome snorkeling, then. I took her back to the shore and I. Decided to swim around Black Rock because on the other side it's. Known for having a bunch of turtles so. I started swimming around black rock which is a really long swim, and, I got about halfway around and I realized that I was gonna die if. I didn't get, on to Black Rock so, there is this hole in the middle of Black Rock about half way around and I climbed in and then you're this kind of pit and it's, all black lava and I walked in my flippers, and got back to the hotel. And I really thought about. You. Know I, didn't. Listen to my daughter and then I didn't even listen to myself and of course the moral of the story is, listen. To your customers, or die, snorkelling, at Black Rock so, that's the first story the. Second story is I'm, a musician and I play mostly jazz and I've done it a bunch, of gigs where we. Just get on stage and, I may not have met some of the musicians before some. Of them I may have played with one or two times and we. Just kick it off we all know the songs or or, we, have easy ways of knowing the songs and sometimes. After the gig someone will come up and go well. How long have you guys been together how long have you been rehearsing and and I'll kind of say well I just met this guy but he. And I have played together a couple of times and they always are amazed, by this and, I.

Realized. The explanation. Is we, all have a simple, visual way to know, where we are and where we're going and that's in music. It's called a lead sheet and, it's not a big long score, it's just a very simple. Chart. Of the song it might have the melody it might not with, very basic chords. But, that's enough for us to work together as a team and make some great music so. That's the second story and the last story is my, daughter who, is I noticed. That two of these are about, my daughter she just went to college in New York City so, I'm. Talking about her because I don't get to see her every day so. She came up to me and said you know sometimes when I have something that I need to do I, feel. A pain and that's. When I told her about the endorphins, you get when you when. You click, yes and or you click complete and you get a task done you get something done and there's actually recently a study that came out that shows when. You have an incomplete task, or something it does. Cause, a type, of psychic, pain so. My daughter was actually right so now. I've told three stories and let me try to bring them together, the. First one is. Microsoft. Is a big company, with millions, of customers who, are who are loyal to us and come to our shows and. Complaints, which, we love to hear but. We're a customer, obsessed company. And we, know listen. To your customers, or. Die. Snorkeling at Blackrock know, listen, to your customers, that's what we do and even, though we have millions of customers and, it's a huge company we, really care about you we, appreciate you coming to this show coming. To our booths talking, to us about what's working what's not working keep. In touch with us you're. The reason we do the stuff we do the. Second one is, with. A simple, visual way, to. Collaborate and, work, together teams. Can get a lot done and. Joanna. The Rolling Stones of the show will, be showing you a lot of that and the, third one is we. Want to make sure that you get to check that box and get. That endorphin rush of I got something done and so, we're going to talk about planner today which, we think is an awesome, tool for. Simple visual, get. Cool stuff done makes, sense. So. It's, get more done with planner, now. We all know teamwork, is hard. Work. Happens, in meetings, it happens on whiteboards, it happens in hallways, it happens, in chat tools it. Happens in your own imagination it, happens in the imagination, of your boss which. Is the most dangerous kind of work, information. Is all over the place teams. Are everywhere they're on the beach they're on the road they're in the office they're at home and. You. Need a way to still, collaborate, and get things done because. That that's what you wanted to do, as a team you want to draw pictures of light bulbs no you you, want to collaborate, and get cool stuff done you want, to get up and running quickly stay. Up and running and move. Toward your goals. But. At the same time you do want to feel in control. You. Want to know you. Want to feel secure about knowing, what you're doing and you. Want to feel secure with, your data and I'm not going to mention. Anybody, in particular but, for example you. Want to know that no one's going to hack into your Kanban, board and see your cards it does happen. Not on the Microsoft, platform but it does happen, so, you want to feel in control you. Want to feel secure with your data and. You. Want to stay on track so you want to know where are we where. Are we going what's next, because, you, want to get cool stuff done and you want to check that box and get that Russia got something done. But. That's okay. Because. You've. Been given the perfect tool for the job looks. Kind of like this comes. With a manual and after a week of training you're. Gonna be up and running with. Maybe 10%, of the functionality, so. Seriously, this may not be the tool for, awesome collaborative, teamwork, but. Actually. You. Do have the tool that we think is awesome. For. Teamwork because, it's right in your office licenses. And it's, called planner and hopefully how many people are using planner now. Thank. You awesome how many people, are using planner in the, context, of other tools like teams and SharePoint and things like that awesome. Awesome, great, so we're we're preaching to the choir but we thank you for coming. With. Planner you get organized, fast you form your teams you can invite external guests, you. Can build your plan in minutes but you get to organize, your. Tasks, the way you want using those custom buckets and yes, we've also given you some other buckets, that help. You with things like due dates and, status. You. Can collaborate and be productive, you.

Can Have conversations in the tent in the context, that makes sense whether it's the plan. Itself the tasks or even. Within the documents, that are a part of your. Plan all. Your contents, in one place so. You can attach content, to tasks, but still that content lives in that central library of your plan and, because. We have a mobile app and also, the mobile app available within teams this, is anytime anywhere, any place you can check that box and get that good feeling you. Can know where you are because you. Can easily group and filter your work. You. Can track tasks, as we. Announced to this, week in. And also, in to do yay to, do integration. And. Of. Course an outlook as well and you, can configure notifications to. Keep your team on track. Get. Great stuff done status, at a glance with our simple visual, charts. Our. Schedule, view is really exciting, where you can drag tasks, on and set the do start. And end dates by dragging them and see them in view or monthly. Or weekly view, and then. Of course check. That complete box and end that psychic, pain of having undone, tasks, and of. Course as as you showed us you. Can leverage, planner, within, office 365 within. Teams within SharePoint, we, have modern groups underlying, it for security and permissions, and then, I'm going to talk about this last thing and then turn it over to Joanna and that's the platform a. Microsoft. We're. Really proud, of the platform, and we. Really like to talk to customers about it because we. Own the platform from the ground up we own the data centers, we. Run Azure in our data centers we, run our services, on Azure ground-up, ownership, and accountability and, that is. One, of the key things that I like to talk to customers about because, whether you're using planner. Project. Teams. Whatever, you're using it's. In our platform we. Invest heavily in the security, compliance performance. And scalability to that platform, and we're, really happy to be able to offer it to you so. Thank, you for your time George, Bullock I'll be at the booth I think if the booth is a little. More open today we. Really appreciate you coming to the show and coming. To this session and using planner using, planner inside teams and with that Joanna. Joanna. Park host is one of our completely. Awesome PMS, they, are very motivated they are very passionate very smart, and they. Look at that user voice all the time so make sure you're living in that user voice because. They check that on a weekly basis, and that gets. Back to listen. To your customers, or die snorkelling at Blackrock Thank You Joanna Parkhurst. Thanks. George, so. When. I first learned how to start. A presentation I learned, to, say. Your name talk. A little bit about yourself, and your role and to. Give, an overview of what you're presenting, but. Recently, when I may or may not have being, searched how to start. The presentation I. Learned, that there are better ways to do this that, instead of just your name role, and what you're presenting you. Can start with something like a quote or an anecdote or a fact. Or statistic so. Today, I'm going to start with all three, to, really kick off this session and the. First is a quote, this. Is something that is near, and dear to my heart it's. Something that I say almost every, day and have. Been saying for years and something, that I really identify, with so. That's. A quote by me and, it's hi, I'm Joanna Parkhurst, most. People call me Joe so. I'll let that soak in for a little bit um. Then. Next is a little story, I like to tell and, it's. Really important to me because otherwise. I wouldn't be on this, stage here, today and, that. Is in 2017. Microsoft. Hired me to be a program, manager on the planner team yeah. Life, changing and, a. Little. Statistic, for you all to noodle. On and get, the, brain. Moving, this afternoon. Is a. 75%. Of the, rest of this session will be a demo of planner and its new features. 24%, will, be a little QA and. 1%. Will, be jokes like this so. Now. That I all have you properly. Hooked into this presentation. Let's. Start talking about planner so. This. Week, it's been awesome to talk to a lot of you at the, booth in focus, groups and running. Into people in between sessions we. Love hearing your feedback we've, been taking notes on everything, that we've heard and the, amount of things that we've heard as well so that we can take it back to our team and. Act on it we're. Still growing and moving really quickly so we value, your, feedback really. Highly our. Tech community, forum is. Something. That our team uses, to answer questions, that you might have about planner so, please check that out if you have questions, or if you want to share something about how you use planner in addition. Like George mentioned the user voice forum. Is something. That we check a lot we're.

Trying, To update it more and more but I promise that we have a team's, channel, where we get an update for every new idea that comes in and our. Entire team reads those and really really, appreciates, those so. Between. Those. Two and the feedback that we've heard this week we have a lot of new. Ideas and, things. To share with the team and start acting, on and. One. Of my favorite questions that we've received this, week is what's, new with planner like, what have you guys been doing I like. This question because it's really easy to answer because, I have a long. Humblebrag. List about all of the things that we've shipped in the last year and all of the cool stuff that we've been up to and, it's. Been great to reflect, on everything, we've done and how much we've grown since the last ignite as well and when. I think about the biggest contributing, factors, to our, growth over, the past year, I think one, of the biggest if not the, biggest is, the talent and creativity of our engineering team and, I. Am consistently, blown away by, how much each and every person on our team cares. About the, end user and cares about their experience, in planner what, they think about planner what they like what they don't like and as, a p.m. when I suggest, new features and changes our. Engineering, team questions. It they want to know everything about it they want to know what users, like what they don't like like, they really care about what. You're doing in planner and want to make that a great experience for you so I know some of our engineers are streaming this in Redmond right now so hi I miss, you already. And. Yeah. So with, that I will, move on to the demo. I'm. Going to start oh, my. Screen fell asleep I'm going to switch screens, one. Second. Well. There. We go okay so for. Anybody that doesn't know if you. Have an enterprise office, license, you already have planner and, a. Great way to navigate to planner is through, all through our direct link which is tasks, office, comm or. You can go to the office home, page which is where I am now and find. Planner launch from here or. Going. To the Apple launcher and. Pinning. It to your app launcher which is a little tip. And trick so. From here I'm gonna launch planner and, I. Will first land, on the. Planner hub this. Is where I can find all of the plans that I'm a member of and if. I hover over a plan card I see a little star here and I can add it to my favorite so. Puppy, petting we relevant yes. And. Fall. Hackathon, here. We go, so. Like, I mentioned our engineering. Team is very creative, and will find and solve, any problem that we bring to them and one, of the best ways that we've been, able to tackle problems, as a team have been hackathons, so. Today, I'm going to be demoing how to plan a hackathon, in planner, so, that you all can take some, best practices, and tips and cool things about planner back to your team and. Hopefully. Ignite, some creativity and. So. Yeah so when I favored a plan from, the from, the planner hub I can, quickly see an overview of the, plans status, so. For. The, hackathon, I can see that a lot of tests haven't even been started, yet so, our, hackathon, is next week we, should jump in start planning so I'm going to click on this. Here. We go so we have some. Tasks. That have been created already we have swag food, and snacks judges. And awards we, got a little excited so I'm going to add a bucket, for, logistics. So. We can make sure we have somewhere, to, host this as well, oh and I almost forgot my, emoji. For, logistics, here. We go. Great. So, buckets. Are used to. Group, tasks. Into categories, we. See a lot of our users use buckets. In one of two ways the, first is to define buckets, as a, set of steps or. Status. In. A process, so that you can move tasks, along as they. Progress and, the, second way is kind, of like this where you use buckets. In a categorical, way and. You. Can kind, of visualize things in different. Areas so when I think of planning. Hackathon I think of the. Swag, and giveaways the food and snacks judges. And awards and now. Logistics, I'm, going to add a couple tasks.

To This bucket quickly. Which. Is, sign. Up teams. Plan. The. Kickoff. Send. Out schedule. And. Book. Rooms. So. If creative tasks, and if I want to add details, to those tasks, I can click into them and I. Have description. Checklist, items and I can add a file. Either. From my computer, I can add it as a link or from. My group's SharePoint, I can. Attach, my, kickoff, presentation, deck. Right. Here and see that preview. Of my powerpoint on the card. The. Next thing I'm going to do is make. Sure that all of these tasks, have dates, assigned. To them so, once I have my tasks I actually have to turn it into a plan by, putting dates on them and making sure that everything happens, on time. So. For. The tasks tasks, that I just added we. Should probably book, rooms. Yesterday. Send. Out the schedule day before. Plan. The kickoff probably, day of and. Start. Signing up teams today and I. Will let's, see let's minimize this I will extend, this to. Next week so we can keep on signing. Up people if I want to add a task directly, on to a date I can, click on the add tasks here I, can. Also use the, week, view to. Add tasks here and see tasks, at a more granular level, lead across my, next week, so. Next. I'm. Going to add a task to represent, when the hackathon, is so. Let's do hackathon. I'll. Add that to my logistics. Bucket. And. Once I add this I can extend, it over multiple days I can drag and drop it across days and, get. A really visual view of my. Dates my tasks according, to their dates. The. Next thing I'm going to do is. Once. I've so. I've realized that I have my kickoff, tasks. Ready, to, be completed. And we. Just remember that we have a closing ceremony also, so. I'm gonna copy this task and. Rename. It plan. Closing. Ceremony. If. I, wanted to I could, add it to a different. Plan I could. Move it to a different bucket and I can change what is, included. When I copy it over so since I attached my, my. Deck for the kickoff I'm going to not. Include that because I want to have a different, deck for the closing ceremony. Great. And so, I have a couple tasks, assigned to me but. I can't do this alone so I'm, going. To add a few members to. My plan. To. Make this happen so I'm going to add Adele. Alex. Bryan. Pretty. And. How. Do you. Now. That these, other. Teammates. Are a member, of this plan, I'm. Going I can assign them a task by either, let's. See by either clicking. On this ellipses. Menu directly, on the card and clicking a sign so. I'll assign this to Adele I. Can. Open a task. And assign them from here. Alex. Can do this. Or. I. Can, group. By. Assign, two so. I can see the different members of my team, and drag. And drop into. Their column. To assign them that task this. Helps me make sure that everything. Is out of the unassigned. Bucket. And every. Everybody, has a, couple. Tasks oh my gosh just. Gonna let me Oh. Wife. I know okay, well. There. We go okay. Great. So as you might have noticed Brian, who, I added as a member is actually. A guest to the tenant now. That planner supports, guest access Brian. Who is actually our catering vendor, can, work alongside us within planner and within, teams, and anywhere that we're having our conversations, so that that. Chain, of communication is, even shorter and we can make. Sure we're getting up-to-date notifications. And communications. From him. So. I have my tasks, I have my buckets, I've laid. Them all out, and. Assigned. Them and, one. Thing I want to make sure I do is, add. Labels. To each of my tasks to represent priority, so, labels. Allow, us to have, an extra dimension of categorization. Across. Buckets, so, that if I want to emphasize, something like prior. Or a type of project, or a t-shirt size. Cost. For, tasks, I can. Do that there so.

Let's. See swag. Okay. So I, can. Add and, change the name of labels here, some. People might think that fidget. Spinners are a nice. To have but. I really, wanted to emphasize that this needs to be taken. Care of as soon as possible. And. Between. Buckets. And within, buckets, I can drag-and-drop tasks. To. Make sure that that priority, is emphasized, as well. And. If, I want to see my. Tasks. Organized by labels I can, utilize the group by views, which. Are built-in and very easy to switch between to. See how they're laid out between. These. Here. We go. So. I have, my tasks, I have, everything, scheduled at everything planned and assigned the. Last thing I'm going to do to set up my plan is add, it to our team's team. So. Here's my full hackathon, team and in. The general channel or in any channel I can click on the add tab. Button, and. Add. A, planner, tab. From. Here I can either create, a new plan, or use. An existing plan so. In this case I'll use the fall hackathon, plan. Did. You do, great. So alongside, my, conversations. And files, I can make sure that it's, easy to switch in between the. Tasks, and the conversations. If I. Want to talk about this plan I can open up the tab conversation. On the. Side here and. Say. Something. About the plan I. Use. A lot of exclamation points, and in. My conversations. Feed I can see that. Surfaced. As a reply, to. The tab. Thread. That has started. Another. Thing if I want to. Since, we're planning this hack a lot hackathon, alongside, all, of our other work teams. Makes it makes it easy to not interrupt us and not distract. Us and have a. Switch. Between, context. That. Is too full. Of friction but, if I want to see these on my Outlook, calendar as, well so. I can keep track of them with my other. With. My other work I can go to the settings tab or the ellipses, menu, click. On add plan, to Outlook calendar, and, when. I publish, the, I calendar, feed I'll so you'd appear below I can, copy and paste this, feed into any calendar, that supports, I calendar, feeds or if, I want to just add it to Outlook I can click on add to outlook here, outlook. Will pop up and, will, populate. The, I calendar feed menu, with my, link. And. Then. I can change, the calendar name here if I'd like to otherwise. I can go ahead and save and. I'll. See those tasks. Start to show up on my calendar. This. Helps me keep, track of everything alongside my other work and. Then I can quickly jump. Back into teams if I need to make any changes. Okay. So. In addition to the teams tab, that you can add for. Planner if you, want this the, my task view and the hub. View. Of the. Hub list of plans you can also add. The. Planner app to, teams, so I've already added to here but if I click on go to store I'll see, a planner, right here and. When. I open the planner app in teams, I get the my tasks, view where, I can see. What. I haven't started I can group by plan. So I can see all of my tasks up, cross. Plans I. Can, say hi mom's check. That off hey she's, watching and. Group. By due date which, is something that is. My. Favorite view and planner because. Amongst. All the chaos and different things that are happening it's nice to see things, laid out in chronological order of when they need to be done and if, something, starts to slip I can quickly move them next. Week next week if. Things, are going so well and so. In. Addition to this all, of the views of the planner board have the, filter, on it so. I, can, filter, by a certain. Task. Entity, and see a subset, of my. Tasks. So. For instance if I want to see all of the tasks that I'm assigned to. I'm. Megan, in here and our. High. Priority I can. Filter down the plan board so, on the planner team we, do. A lot of planning and we. Actually have a cross-functional. Team called planner planning, where, we track all of our work in the planner planning, planner plan, and. And. So. That, helps us keep everything in one place and we can see all the different things that are happening across work streams and who's doing what but, sometimes I just want to jump in and see what I need to do so.

Filters. Help me quickly, answer that question of what. Do I need to do this week, what. Needs to be done in this area is, there. Anything that's late that's high priority, that kind of thing so I can combine. A certain, criteria and, view, my tasks by that. Okay. So I'm going to clear these filters. So. We're, in teams. We. Have our planner, tab we're. Talking about things, and. I. Can see that there is a update. On. Where. To go here we go Danya on the. Sign, up team's task that Adele has updated. She. Said just, created a form for sign signups, and a SharePoint site to spread the word word, let, me know what you think so. I'm going to check this out let's. Open the signup form oh, gosh. Oh. Gosh. Wait let's open this up in my. Oh. Can't. Open it because I'm. In. An in private browser okay, anyways. So Adele. Has created, a signup, form using, forms for hackathon, teams so, that it's, really easy for them to just, add a, project. Name a description, who's. On their team and she's. Also created a SharePoint, site. So. That we can send out this form and share. It with the world let's, see oh my. Gosh. Sorry. Y'all. Hey. Adele can you instant, message. Me this link. She. May or may not be sitting, right here. Mm-hmm. Oh I. Can also. Open. It from, this. Ellipses, menu here I have the sites option. So, I can jump into fall the, fall hackathon, SharePoint. Site, there. We go. Great. Okay, so. We. Have our page, for, the fall hackathon. Signup. That we're going to share with all of our team members. So. They can sign up and create their own hackathon. Teams we. Have our beautiful. Form here and I. Have. An idea I think. That we can use our, responses, to this with, planner so. That we can organize all. Of the steps that each, hackathon. Team needs to take from signing, up to. Submitting. Their final project, so. From. The app launcher, I'm. Gonna launch, flow. And I've. Already. Created a, forms. To plan or flow in the past for volunteer. Sign ups so, I'm gonna click, on this ellipses. Save, as to. Create a new flow connection, for, my hackathon. Responses. To. Planner. Great. So then I can edit this. To. Update. Which. Form okay which. Form the responses. Come from sign up for a full hackathon and what. Plan, those. Responses. Are sent, to so I'm going to send that to. Hackathon. Teams. And. I. Can add things like start. Date due date assignee. I can change. The. Bucket that it lands in so. Let's. See if they complete. The form we'll put them in the completed form bucket. And I'll. Save it here and when, I save it it'll start running the flow so, that every time I have. Somebody complete, the form. It will, add it to our. Our. Team. Plan. Team, signup plan there we go. Which. I, okay. So, back. To SharePoint. Because. We. Have, the SharePoint, web part I can, add a web part for. The. Status, of these signups as they come in so, I can either add it as a. Chart. Or as a. Board. I'll. Edit my page and. When I see the little plus. Sign up to add a webpart here, we go I can, search for planner here. Select. Planner. And I. Can choose a plan to, show in the sack to, show in this site, as a webpart and I, can either show the board which. Is what we've been looking at I can show the entire charts, view or. I can, pick a certain chart to show. And. This. Can help me share. Out information. About my plan. These can be. You. Know edited, and updated. As your. Plan progresses, and in addition to these webparts that can be added. From. The home oh stay. I need to publish. Okay. Here we go from the home page I can add a plan as a full. Full-page, app so. Once. I click on the new button I can select plan and I. Can either create a new plan to live here or I, can use an existing plan and. See, that there, so. I will do my fall, hackathon, plan. Create. It and I'll. See it right, here and. The. Charts. View works here as well Group, by filter, everything we just showed works. As well so. We've, set up our plan we've, created a forum for signups we've, added a flow so that those signups go into a plan to organize our, teams and who's doing what and we've. Added them to SharePoint so that we can share out our, progress. And. What. Teams are involved and everything that's happening with this, hackathon. Lastly. I'm going to switch, back to the presentation. Here. We go. Okay. Cool I. Recorded. This beforehand. Because like. I said my mom and my friends are watching so I knew that they would send embarrassing. Text if I did this live. But. Here's the planner app, we. Have apps for, iOS, and Android I can, open this hackathon team plan I can make, changes on, the go so, as I'm running around the hackathon and I'm you, know trying. To set things up and I'm talking to people I can make sure that my, plan that all of my teams in it is updated, and I'm registering.

People And signing people in and we're taking, notes of everything that we need to and that. Everybody else on my team can. Do the same, and. This. Team needs water proof AV equipment because. They're saving the world. Yeah, and. Now. The, planner iOS app supports. IPads. And the, Android, app supports, tablet view and the. IPad. App was actually, a hackathon. Project from. Our team, alongside. Our. React. A. Year. Or two ago we rewrote our UI to, be react based so that everything. Is very performant, and smooth and cohesive, and that, was one of the best decisions we made because now we, have a beautiful UI that we can update and, deploy. Really, frequently so if we have bug fixes and new things to do we, can put those together and. Move. Really fast so, here's the app and then I promised, that I would demo something really. New. And shiny today, so. I'm going to switch back to my, laptop. Okay. And everybody. That, stopped. By the booth I see a lot of familiar faces. Asked, about or mentioned, the pain point when, using. Planner a lot in their teams and everything's going great but, we, have this process. Or we have this thing we have to do on a regular basis, and we create planner plans for but the, longer we've been using it the more cumbersome. It it, becomes to. Create. A new plan every. Time I want to repeat something manually. Copy, over all those tasks, it's. Time-consuming, and, it's also worrisome, that you, know something is going to get lost in the shuffle so. We. Have. Been developing a copy plan feature and we're. Working on wrapping this up but I'll be demoing it today so, within the ellipses, menu. There's. An option, to copy. Plan I can. Also do this from the planner hub. So. After. Our hackathon. Everything's, gone great, our team loved it we had all these great things come out of it leadership. Wants us to have another one in the spring so. I'm. Gonna select copy' plan and. Rename. This to be spring hackathon. Yeah. Hackathon. And. The. Do we're copying a plan. And. It's ready to go I can go to my. Spring hackathon, plan I have, all of my tasks, there I have, a fresh template, to start from and. We're. Ready to go for next time so.

This Is something that we've. Been talking a lot about our step towards making planner easier, to. Use over you, know a bigger. Group of people in a longer amount of time so. As we've been growing we've been hearing a lot about how people are using planner and that helps us understand. How, to bring. To life something like this so, we had copy tasks we had copy task to another plan now, we have copy plan and, we. Still want to improve upon this we still want to make this process. Better so we're looking for feedback from you all on how. You're using this what you like what you don't like what. Options. You might need what things can help your, team use. Planner better, and be more productive so. I'm. Excited for. Us to roll this out soon. And hear. What you guys have to say about it so. Now, that I've shown copy plan I'm gonna head back to the slides again. There. We go and. Talk. A little bit about our integrations, and some of the things that we, like about our integrations, and kind. Of our vision. For where these are going so. Planner in teams has been very popular, we. Get a lot of people talking about, rolling. These out at the same time to their organizations, how it's a really great story, and people love it and we, want to continue to support that and make sure that the experience, in our web app is. It. Mirrors, the experience, in teams and everything that we roll out in the web is also rolled out in teams, either at the same time or shortly after and we'll. Continue to invest in this area we. Showed the planner and SharePoint, in creation there. Are a lot of really. Nuanced and, interesting. Things about how people use SharePoint and we're still learning about all, of the different applications, and things you can do with it and so. Hearing. From you all this week about how you use SharePoint and how you use planner and how you'd like to use. Those together has been very, interesting, and. So we want to make sure that the. Things. That you can do in SharePoint that are really productive and helpful we. Can tie, into those well and make sure that this, is a very customized, integration, and not just you. Know planner elsewhere. And. We. Have, talked about this a little bit but this. Is an active development our planner. And to do integration, when. We talk about the task ecosystem. In Microsoft, we want to make sure that there is a very clear story when you move from personal. Tasks, in to, do two, group tasks, in planner and then, into more robust, tasks. And in, functionality. And project, and so, we're really really excited about this we're excited about all of the other things that to do is doing as well and they've been awesome, to work with but, overall, this is a screen. Of. One of our designs and we want for the. Tests. That you are assigned to in planner to show up alongside, all of your other to do tasks, so when. You make. Your you. Know when you organize your day in the morning you, can see all, of your tasks, from, Outlook that you've created all of the tasks, that you've written down in to do all of your planner tasks, and tasks coming from other tools that you use right. Alongside each other you can add them to your day you, can check them off and you know that that will be. Relayed. To planner and updated, there as well so that's. Really exciting we are like. I said in active development we, I was hoping to be demoing it this ignite but we're, hoping to roll it out, soon. Very soon, yeah. I'm, trying to remember what my manager told me to say and not say. And. Then planner and project as. Someone who talks to. Users, a lot and. As. Some, of you might not know we actually are in the same organization as, project and we sprouted out of project. It's. Really exciting that this week project has announced all of the things that I couldn't, talk about or, not, all of them but, basically. Brought. To life, you. Know this this vision that we've been, working on for a modern project experience and what some, of our first steps towards that look like and the, roadmap is a new feature in project, that, everyone. On our team is very excited about and. We were happy to be able to demo it this, ignite. And. So. For. Those who don't know roadmap, is a, kind. Of a timeline view of how your projects, across different, endpoints, roll up and how, their, milestones.

And, Key dates align, and converge on to it onto. A. Overlying. Timeline, so, I, think v1, project, will release, you, know you can add a project, project as a row. You can add a visual, studio or as. Your boards project, and planner, hopes to be the very, next type, of project. Or row, that you can add to that so that you can see information. Across planner plans you can pull out tasks. And see how they align on. Key dates and you can add. Milestones. And dates to the top and get, a high-level view that portfolio level, view and, so. This is just one. Of the first steps with, every step we've been thinking about how. Planner and project can create. This beautiful story, of how you start, you know planning a plan, and you have the the robust functionality and, the scheduling, and the logic and all the stuff that makes. Project. An, amazing tool but, and. How that is going to trickle. Down and work well with planner so we're, that's, one of our, biggest. Topics. And challenges today but we're, really excited about some of the things we've been working on so. As I mentioned earlier, if. You think of the scale of complexity. And, purpose. Of all the task tools. In planet Earth in Microsoft. To, do on one end is the, personal, hub, for your personal tasks, very, simple easy to add complete, planner. Is for. Your team to collaborate, on tasks. To have, the. Ability to add a little bit more detail, to add files and other, things there and then project, is you, know the project management tool that you can use, to make, sure all of these smaller. Initiatives. And. Goals. Are coming together and, working. Towards, a long-term or more complex vision. And. What's. Next for planner. So. A quick recap of what we've recently shipped for. Our core experiences we've shipped guest. Access support. Copy. Tasks to another plan, bucket. Chart on our charts, page in addition to the status. And, assigned. Or, the members chart and here we go, create, a link to a Tasker plan so you can quickly copy. That link and send, it in an email or a chat, and. Reference back to it, outlook. Integration via iCalendar which is what I showed with. The iCalendar link, our. Mobile improvements, lots of really cool stuff iPad. App into. An integration, push, notification, so you get a notification on your phone when you've been assigned a task, an.

Android. Tablet support. And. Another. Slide have recently shipped James, integration, we add the person, we added the personal planner app, there we go lots of words, that start with the team's. Plans in the planner hub so when, you create multiple plans, within a single team you can see that little breadcrumb. Underneath, the plan name of what team, and channel that plan belongs, to so, as this, is one interesting. Thing that we were hearing a lot as people, were using planner more, and long-term that you, know sometimes I have a planner name called plan, and I. Created, a different team so I want to be, able to understand where it's coming from what, it falls under etc. Additional. Group by options so we added group by label, and a, group by due date and. Again. Want, to hear feedback on what, you use what, you like how you want them to show up when you first open planner. And, for. Our SharePoint integration our first two big steps were the web part and the, full-page app and we're continuing, to invest in, this integration, and. One. More slide on recently shipped extensibility. Our. Flow connections, triggers. For, complete, create. Delete setting. Attachments, on task details, and our, graph API, we wanted to make sure that was equally. As robust as the, app itself, so this. Is something that we you. Know achieved, a level of. Robustness. And with every new feature, that we, add, to planner, we'll be making sure that the graph API any, necessary endpoints. Are there alongside. Those, at the same time so that'll kind of grow, with us and, for. Enterprise business policy is something that a lot of people in this room care, about groups. Management. Supports so soft elite naming policy expiration. Policy, classification. Single. Sign-on and conditional access gdpr, support, and my, personal, favorite accessibility. Improvements so. I'm an. Accessibility, driver, or. Cheerleader, on the project, and planner team and this has been a. Really, cool space to be able to help out with over. The past year. Microsoft. And Office and our team have had a. Lot of support. Top-down. And not just you, know words, and you, know marketing, stories and blogs but actual. Investments. And prioritization. Of work that. Allows. Us to grow and improve our accessibility experiences. So, one thing we did that was really cool is partner, with the Shepherd Center to, do research, with their accessibility. User, research, collective. And learn. From users who use, accessible. Tools like screen readers high contrast, mode magnifier. In their, daily lives to understand what. Kinds of tools and practices would. Help them and their teams organize. Their work track. Tasks, complete, tasks, communicate. About those tasks, so, that planner, specifically, can do more in that area and go above and beyond just being a compliant.

You Know state of accessibility, just you, know we don't want to view it as just a checkbox but a beautiful story alongside, what. What we're also doing. Yeah. And so that's, great and our iOS app received. An internal. Recognition. For being really, efficient, and delightful, and we hope that our web app, and our, iOS app or Android, app will also receive, that soon, so that's. Been really cool a, couple. Of things coming soon copy. Plan a demo, mode to, do integration we talked about teams. Notifications. And more. Guest access improvements so today guests. Can work alongside you, in planner. We want to make sure that guess. Moving. Forward we add things like inviting. Guests from within planner. And. Planner and gov cloud. Yes. I hear yes yay. Yes. We've, gotten a lot of the, we've. Done a lot of meetings and after, we had all the meetings about that we had more meetings a lot of other meetings on gov cloud so, we're. Happy to have reached the point where we got the thumbs up and at. This point it's our turn to plug. Everything in and roll things out so you should be seeing gov, cloud support coming in planner very soon, for. GCC, low and high and. So. Our framework for future work is. Tends. To fall underneath one or more of these categories the. First is expanding, integrations, within Microsoft, 365. Second. Is improving, planners core experiences. Everybody just want to hear about gov cloud I guess. Improving. Our core, experiences, across all endpoints, and continued. Attention to extensibility, and enterprise. Policies. So. What this means for. Enterprise and business policies, is tier, D compliance, we're currently tier C, checking. Off things to get to TRD more. Microsoft graph API is like I said growing with our product, ediscovery. An audit log integration. Which is what a lot of organizations. Are asking for. Integrations. From. Teams, easily. Create and capture tasks, from conversations. Within, SharePoint create tasks, from lists. And dock libraries. Project. Roadmap integration, talk a little bit about that and Excel. Export, to excel we've, been hearing a lot yeah. We've been hearing a lot especially. At this conference about the, need for reporting. And and maneuvering. Of data. Within planners, so we, hope that this will provide a great first step towards, a reporting, story in, planner, and again. This, is a specially an area we want lots of feedback on we want to not just hear that you want it but what are you gonna do, with, it once, you have you know like what kind, of visualizations. Do, you want what kind of things. And tasks are you gonna do, once there is export. To Excel how, often you want how, often you would be exporting, etc. And. Future. Work for core experiences. Copy. Plan another step in this, direction so, we're thinking. About a template, experience, and what that might look like in planner we're. Gonna make, sure or, we want to wait and see how, people are using copy. Plan what they're asking for what, kind of options, and things we can provide there but, yeah. And then task activity in history so there is a summary. Of you. Know what's been changed what has happened. Recently within. A task at mentions, and comments another, big ask and task following, so you can choose, to receive notifications, for tasks. That you deem important. To you, and. Gridview this is my most. Exciting. Thing. I've been working on this a lot and. We, have our, project our partners and projects that are helping us out with this. I'll. Move. To a bigger. Screen here we go yeah. And so this is in addition to the board the chart the schedule view a. Spreadsheet. Esque view, of your tasks we heard a lot, of kind, of spread. Out feedback, about things. Like I want to see more tests, at this, at one time I want to be able to change you. Know assign. People, to multiple, tasks at the same time I want, to sort all of my tasks, by. So. We hope that this is something that will. Relieve. Some of those pain points with. With. Those so. That was my last slide. On our roadmap, if, you're as excited about, planner. Everything you can do with it what, we're doing if. You're. Not using it already go to tasks office, comm. Download. Our mobile app if you, on your mobile phone right now type, in a, kms. / planner, mobile app you'll. Be redirected to your App Store and the planner. Page. Within that app store to download our app and, like. I mentioned earlier join, our conversation, on tech community if you have questions. If you have things. You want to share best. Practices, we'd love to hear it and. Vote for new features and ideas on planner user, voice calm. So. At this time, let's. See we have perfect. We, have about 20 minutes left so, we'll, switch it over to Q&A. Oh. Yes. With. Each. Plan, how. Does well let me ask better, this way how does a, plan. Relate. To, an, office 365, group or a team so. As you were adding members to the. Plan that we are creating, were, you adding them to an office 365 group.

Or A team if you put a plan into a team how does that relate to the, you know the people that are assigned tasks, as far as their membership. Of that team yeah great question um so. Groups, is the underlying, foundation. For. How we dictate membership, and permissions, for, planner, and teams so, when, I create, a new plan I create a new group when, I add people to that plan I'm adding people to that group when, I add, a. Planner. Tab to a team's, Channel. That. Group has the same for, the plan should have the same underlying group as the team that it's being added to if I add another team if I had another planner tab to that team it's the same access, membership, permissions, as. That so it kind of groups. Everything. Together yeah. Thanks. Any. Other questions, oh yeah. Size. On. Adding. A file inside, a task we're. Dumping. Out a hundred Meg's. That. Way so. I don't know the size. Off of the top of my head because our file attachments, are supported, by SharePoint so. When you add a attachment. To. A task you're uploading it, to the, SharePoint, file, for, that group. Yeah. But reach out to me and I can direct, you okay. Sounds, good yeah. And okay. Is. The translate, function available, in planner. So, we use the translate function a lot without look now with teams. Could. You tell me more about the translation you don't get an email come through in Chinese. German or something you've got a button you can click it and that automatically. Put it back into English for you yeah. So I know that we support like, two hundred and fifty something. Locales. And so, depending. On the end user they can change their language, within their browser or within their office settings too. So. When they log on to playing are there yeah that translate. Button that's available in, teams. Cetera. Or in word they, can't just click on that and change the. You. Should be seeing all of the plant information in, your local language, regardless. Of what language it was inputted, in if, that makes sense but, we, can talk more about this after if I'm not understanding correctly. Thank. You. We. Noticed that it. Seems to be. Always. On. The exchange, mailbox so, there's no provision. For some users and, these. Are not able to comment for example, instead, unknown issue. Are. You talking about guest users in particular or just many members without yeah we have. Yeah. So, we've. Heard this about guest access this is on our wish, list for guest, access, improvements to be able to support, notifications. For. Guests. Because currently, guests when, they're added to a tendancy don't have that exchange mailbox, we.

Do Have to work with exchange, on this to. Figure out what that looks like and I know that sharepoint, and teams. And any, other products, that rely on emails, are also going through this so we're kind of working together to figure out how we. Know what this might look like but yeah, this is what this is one of our top things that we'd like to, improve. With guest access okay. Thank. You okay. Well. I know I talked to you the other day yeah copying buckets so it's actually kind of exciting that you have the copy plan feature is, there anything in the roadmap when you go to copy a plan that'll also copy all the assignments for those buckets. Sorry. So when you. Copy, a plan it'll copy, like. It yeah so like obviously, you shown in the you, can assign individual. People to. Those tasks. So. If you have all those assigned. With. Okay. Gotcha, so because. We. Have the. Relationship. With groups, now so when you create a new plan you create a new group we. Can't automatically, add new members and assign, tasks, to that new plan but. With. Our teams with. Our support of multiple plans per team we. Are working on multiple plans per group in the plan web app as well so, once, we support multiple plans per group we'll, be able to support kind, of different. Settings. Within copy, plan, so if you want to copy, over a signees that's something, that you can choose currently. With copy tasks. To another plan you, can see that if you copy task to a plan within, the same group you have the option to copy, over assignee as well. So. That's kind of the the line of thinking as. Far as per, bucket, I, is. There a reason why I would be just for that bucket or across the entire plan. Across. The entire plan okay gotcha, yeah so I'm. Kind of anticipating the feedback from, copy, plan to be wait I want to. Assign to copy, over Sinese - so. We're. Simultaneously. Working on multiple, plans per group so, that we can support, that improvement. For copy plan so. Second question yeah. So. Is. There going to be an integration the future between planner, and tasks and to-do lists and outlook, so. So. To do, I don't know their exact messaging, for how, they're. Integrating. And doing. Things with Outlook but the idea being is. When. You, so, currently in Outlook you have the tasks. Little, little tab within, next to your, inbox and calendar, for. That. Tasks. Tab to be the to do experience, so. You. Can create. So. To. Do will have the same capabilities, and kind, of a takeover, and frame. Outlook. Tasks, so, those, will be the same thing so that's your your personal tasks, test coming from your email that, you can convert to tasks, that, kind of thing and then our integration with planner will kind of loop. Those together does that answer your question sorry. Yes. The, planner will still be its own thing correct. Thank. You hi. So. I guess. What. He was asking so, it's. A way to get an email, translated. To a task. Sort. Of you know this is kind of like. Yeah. So. We. Started. Work on an Outlook add-in and, alongside. Of, our work with the, to, do team we, kind. Of realized that it's a better story to, start. To do and you, know have. Those turn into Planet asks there if that makes sense I. Think. In the future we'd, like to pursue the ability to add. A task from. The to do tasks, experience, directly to a planner plan but. That's not v1. For us but I, think that that's. Something we that's a story we want to absolutely support. So we're just figuring out the the, best way to do that now would you want to. In. My opinion yeah do is it. Doesn't have any place. You. Have that opinion. Yeah. By. The way it's a good session so very fine great thanks. Cool. Hi hi. You. Were showing such. A roadmap you not. Only from. Projects, we. Are using. A planner, for the whole team, workload, I'm, looking, for, for. Such a view but without projects, as we're not using projects so, is there a plan to do something.

Like That in planner as well such. A view or maybe. Together with Excel. -. Like. A Gantt chart view something. To generate something like this okay. So. There's kind of so this is an area that we're still, thinking about and trying, to understand, you. Know what we can do here I think, that. There. Are, I kind, of see like two potential. Routes and one being, you. Know with. The support of multiple plans per group is there, something we can do there to aggregate, information about. All the plans within that group so you can see you, know of all the members of this group how many tasks are they sign something, like that there's. That there's you know a lot of other ways to implement. It and think, about it and think about you. Know I want to see who I'm working with in, their, tasks. And plans and stuff like that so if. There's a particular, scenario. Or a way in which your, team would, benefit. From this like very, detailed, like I would want you know these three plans up here and that kind of thing that is the type of feedback that really, helps us understand. What. The best option, here is so. If you want to add that to use, a voice or tech community or send, it to me directly I'd love to hear it okay, yeah. Gotcha. So do you mean. Having. The same task in multiple plans having, them update. That's. Another thing that we've been, kind. Of getting an uptick. And asks. For very, recently. That's. Something that well yeah well we'll definitely think about and that's one, of the toughest, or biggest. Bullet points I'm gonna I'm gonna send out to the team that people are asking for so. We can start thinking about how to do that but that's a great idea, I can see the juice isn't that. Thank. You. Hi. We. Are using planner for. HR, projects, and. Like. Velocity. Manual. Fields, where you can sum up story. Points. Yeah. So, if. You think of the the robustness. Of planner. And everything that you can do within a task now and then, you think of project, over here that has all of the, customization. And stuff and this, this middle space where we get a lot of asks for custom. Fields, I want to you know have, story. Points, and prioritization, that, kind of thing our. Team is thinking a lot about that, middle space and how, to account. For that and how to best, reach that so, you, know whether it's project you. Know leaning on planner whether it's something. In the middle I don't know we're working on that but we get a lot of asks and planner, may or may not choose. To support custom. Fields I feel like I'm gonna get in trouble for saying that but yeah. Okay. Thank you. Bring. It on and before, I drive 600, miles home I need to know how you put those emojis, in the boat. Yeah. So. It. Is the Windows, key and the semicolon, key, at the same time and.

That's. About it and. Yeah. I know a lot about windows so. Yeah. I'm glad, it made me look cool yeah but. They're yeah they you can add them to like a lot, of things so, it's, really easy and fun it's a very time-consuming because. It's easy to get distracted, which. Emoji I had to pick out which emojis I wanted to add beforehand. Because I would otherwise just spend all the time scrolling, through it. We're. Gonna I'm gonna take that back to the team all right write that down. We'll. Work on that yeah. Thanks. Cool. Any. More questions, awesome. Thanks, a lot for coming thanks, for coming.

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