Dreamforce Opening Keynote: Trailblazers, Together

Dreamforce Opening Keynote: Trailblazers, Together

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Let. Me be the first to, say. Hello. Dreamforce. 2019. Yes. Now. I'm. About to give you all something that you've. Been waiting, for, something. That you are really looking forward to are. You ready. The. Forward-looking. Stay. Meds. Now. Listen you're going to hear a lot of innovation. Today you're. Going to hear a lot of innovation. Throughout the, week, but. Please make. All of your purchasing. Decisions, based, off of what is currently, available which. Is pretty awesome now. This would not be a Dreamforce. Without. Receiving, a blessing a blessing that. Creates, a space of, inspiration. Of gratitude. Of love. All. The, way from the Big Island please, give a warm welcome. To Dani, and Anna Akaka. We'll. Make a key. Made my. Own. Army. All non-oil. Pournami. Rare. Here. Hold, my. Hello. My. Evo. Make. A. Kamehameha. Or. Not. Mentally. Ill or not, may. I add. A. Home, may be here. Only. Home. I. Won't. Make, a, keyway, wouldn't, be here. Would. Knock, me, out Natalia. Pournami. Hey. Here. Hold, my a. Home. A, a. Homey. No. Mark, my. Equal idea. Along, hello. Michael. We, are Holloway, my. Gonna, come. You. Know. Marco. Vaani. Kapoor, Punit uncle, too you know oh ye. Can't. Hold, my wife, Leah oh no. No honey killed me hey, Kimmy. Oh cool, a little winky, coochie. Coo, coo. Coo. Warneke. Cool cool. Movie. Yeah. Boy. Cowboy. Adel. Hello. Honey. Aloha. Kako good. Morning everyone. As. We. Come. Together. With. This amazing, event Dreamforce. This. Year of 2019. We. Look forward to this week and to the blessing, of this. Occasion, and the safety, of all as. In. The opening, chance, that we offered, a. Hawaii. To. Please grant, us that wisdom. That knowledge, from. Above. To. Inspire, us to. Strengthen, us. That. We may be. Pono. That, we may be good, and, help. Others and. Inspire. And enlighten, others. As. We. Make our journey through life our hua Chi e. We. Are always. Grateful. For, all. Those who, have journeyed, with us along the way. And. In. This journey. Some. Of our loved ones, continue. On. This. Path of, enlightenment. As. They. Believe this time, and, this world and continue. On this journey. And. So. We. Would like to honor. Those. Loved, ones of the past. Bernard. Tyson. Who. Has, been. A. Important. In an integral, part, of this. Ohana, of this family, of Salesforce. And. In. His memory, as, well. As those others, that have passed we dedicate. This. Dreamforce. The. Leis that we haver the Maile lays are. Open-ended. Which. We represent. The, picot that umbilical. Cord of, which. One in the lay represents. Barnard and all. Of our loved ones who have gone. On, this. Journey. The. Other end represents. All. Of. The. Loved ones that remain, all. Of the Ohana that still remain here. The. Canoe. Serves. As a symbol in a metaphor. For. This voyage of, which. One. Embarks, upon. And. In. A canoe journey. You. Have. Sometimes. Good weather sometimes. You have. Not-so-good. Weather. But. With your faith and trust in each other and. With. Your faith in a cool, in God, and. If you follow that star. You. Will reach your destination safely. But. Each and every one of you here carry your own paddle. And, to. Make this journey successful. You. Have to paddle together in sync. And. So, we would like to share a song with you a song. Which talks, about a voyage in years past, the. Great ships, such. As the Lurleen would come, into port to, a lot our and. This. Song was written for the. Daughter. Of the, max and family Lurleen and. We'd. Like to share this beautiful, song. A. Song. Which speaks about, loving, alone. When. The whirly. Cells, away. Smile. You're, sweet, and. Winsome. Way. And. Take. With you. Our. Love. With. This token. My. Lily. And. The. Kiss. For. You, this, day. And. With you. Our. Love. Now. That we must. Said. You. God. Bless. You, and. Glide. You. May. Someday. Your. Journey. End. Here. In our. Land. And. When. The whistle. Starts. To move. Just. One, more, kiss. Before. You go. And. Take. With you. Our. Love. And. Take. With you. A. Tool. To. All of you have. A wonderful and a blessed, Dreamforce, event. Mahalo. And. Aloha. All, right. Please. Welcome. Our. Co-ceo. Keith. Block. All. Right good morning everybody welcome, to Dreamforce 2019. It. Is so. Great to be here with everybody our trailblazers, together we do this once a year and we, have the most amazing people in the world who join us for this event here. In this room and online. We. Want to say thank you for joining us it's going to be an incredible week we. Hope to inspire you we hope to motivate you we hope to inform you and we. Are going to have some. Fun this. Is going, to be a great week and it'll. Be no surprise when I tell you that this together, will. Be the best dream. Force, ever. Yes. We. Have an incredible, action-packed, week, for you we. Have Tim Cook we're gonna focus on sustainable, development goals, we have Barack, Obama pretty. Good and. The. Monastics, are here right over here round of applause for the monastics, from plum village, for.

Wellness At the end of the week and this. Just, scratches, the surface, now. We have 13. Million, online viewers. 170, 1,000 registered guests. 2,700. Sessions, we, expect, you to go to every one of those sessions. Nobody. Sleeps at Dreamforce okay, now. If. You're, looking for a guiding, light this week check out the Salesforce events app that will get you through the week it'll show you all the really cool things that we'll be doing and, I. Promise. You this, will be a great week for everybody, now. With Dreamforce, we always have the opportunity, to. Bring some global leaders together, for. Fireside, chats for, panels, we, have people from the public sector we have politicians, we. Have artists. We. Have journalists. We. Have people from the sports world we. Have Eddie Vedder on Wednesday. For you Eddie Vetter friends, but. This will be a series of great events please enjoy, everybody. Will have a great time, now, speaking, of a great time this is all about celebration. This is about celebrating, your success, our success, together over. The last 20 years and. We're, gonna kick it off with. Beck. Pretty. Good. And. Then, of course we're gonna follow it up with the amazing Fleetwood, Mac the incomparable Stevie, Nicks and if, you look at the gentleman right next to Stevie Nicks you will see a gentleman named Neil Finn how. Many people love crowded house. Yes. We, have Australians. Here Neil Finn is a Kiwi but we have Australians, in the audience I love Neil Finn and this. Year, we'll be raising 11 million dollars already for, the UCSF, Benioff Children's Hospital. A great cause over, 81 million raised since 2010. With. Some amazing, sponsors now. This will be Wednesday night at, the. Ballpark, formerly. Known as AT&T. I'm. Trying, to conjure, up the words the, new name but I just can't get there so. We'll, just say the San Francisco, Giants ballpark. Okay just go with me on this anyway. It's gonna be an amazing event and we hope everybody joins us, not. On a more serious note this. Will be the most sustainable, dream force ever, something. That's very very important to us at Salesforce. Into this community our, family, our Ohana. Really. Really important, you'll, see recycling, volunteers, everywhere. Okay. You'll see them all over the campus we're providing you with green transportation, we, have sustainable, packaging and just. One data point we, will be conserving, hundred. Thousand single-use, plastic, bottles nine million gallons of water okay, we're going to be conserving, that just. This week now think about this if the organizations, that we were part of did. This for just one week what. Kind of an impact would that have on the world right so we're very very serious about this we know you're serious about this, and. Please. Give, this some thought now. The. Most important thing that I could say to you is, to say thank you thank you for all you, do our community our Ohana our family, our custom, our partners, our employees.

Thank, You for inspiring us, thank, you for motivating, us over. 20, years what. We have created together as a company. So thank you so much please give yourselves a round of applause okay a. Dream. Forest is an opportunity, to bring amazing trailblazers. Together, people, from all walks of life people who give to the community people who make a difference and I just want to take a moment to recognize a few of them because, they're here in the audience we, have our amazing, Salesforce. MVPs, are, you with us stand, up stand. Up and be recognized, MVPs. Yes. All. Right. There's. A lot of golden hoodies out there and, our, awesome admins how about our awesome admins, round of applause for the awesome admins and, other. Organizations. Like pep up tech and you're up there doing incredible, things in the, community and one. That is near and dear to my heart those, who. Give to their country who serve their country every, single day our. Veterans. If you're a veteran could you please stand up and be recognized, I know we have some veterans out here. Thank, You veterans. You. Know a lot, of companies think, about revenue, and revenue is important and numbers are important, but. Sales, force is a, different, type of company, we. Are a company who. Is doing things the right way by. Doing well and doing good. Together. And this. Is something that we have created over, the last 20 years. Together. We are recognized, as a leader in innovation. Together. We are recognized, as a leader in philanthropy and, together. We. Are recognized, as a leader in culture, we. Are a very different. Company. We, are a very different, community, together. And we. Have created so much that. We are grateful for and. Here's. One of the things that I'm very grateful for. We. Have built this amazing company collectively. Together, we, have built the number one CRM and I love this slide there's a lot of great slides I'm just gonna tell you this week there's a lot of great slides I like. This slide now. What, I like about this slide is. You see that Salesforce, blue line that's just going up up up to the right that's. A pretty good line, isn't. That a good line, that's. Something that you didn't fit with us we did this together, I'm. Not gonna comment on the other lines I'm just gonna focus on that really good line up there but. One of the powerful things that, comes, out of building, this great company, this great community that we have done together is something.

That We refer to as the Salesforce, economy, this is powerful. Ok. This, is powerful because it means jobs it means opportunity. And it's. Happening, all over the world it's, happening, in the Americas it's, happening, in Western Europe it's. Happening, in Asia, PAC it's, happening, in Latin America. IDC. Has, projected, that. With this Salesforce economy, which we have created together, there. Will be 4.2. Million, new, Salesforce, economy, jobs by 2025, that's. Incredible. And. There. Will be a global impact, think about this there will be a global impact of 1.2. Trillion. Dollars worth of new business revenue by 2025. No. Mark that's not our quota. No. Analysts in the room obviously. That's. An amazing, economic, impact, ok, because it. Means jobs. It means opportunity. It means access. It. Means, equality, and that's. What this Salesforce economy, is all about that, you we, collectively. Have created, together, and that's something that we should all feel really. Really, good about now. A lot, of organizations, get the opportunity, to, participate in, this Salesforce, economy, we want everybody to participate in, this Salesforce, economy, and, we're gonna tell a story about an organization, called Mervis. Now. This is an organization, created by veterans, for, veterans, to skill. Them to, get them into the workforce to make them successful to, bring them back after they have served our country and it is an amazing story you're gonna love mera vez let's, just roll that film. There. Was a lot of rough times for Sheldon when he got back home not. Being able to find a job coming. Out of the military some, people are very prepared some. People are somewhat prepared and, some. People are lost I was. Struggling man I used to have to give blood plasma, just. To, give money my, only boy. It. Was hard, everything. Was tech tech tech tech and the whole cloud thing was going I was like I have to find, something and that's, what led me to Marik's, what, do you make kicked her it changed his life you know he didn't know me but, I shared some, stories about my military experience my career and his salesperson I thought. He was a Salesman, you thought, he was you, know I didn't. I didn't believe it but, I also. Was telling myself like, if this is true, this. Is it Hector. Wanted to establish an, organization. Focused on Texas, Veterans. That didn't just offer the training but offered all of the skill sets that come with looking for your next career, welcome, to the emeritus family we, are going to. Architects. Business. Analysts project managers, we. Need an, influx, of talent take, these people that have you know incredible, perspective life, experience, drive. An ambition and bring them into the Salesforce ecosystem, it's a win for Salesforce, it's a win for Salesforce, as customers, and it's. A great career for veterans, and military spouses it. Was compelling enough for him to take that first step, Mervis, in trail head gave, me the tools and resources to get my career started I just took off with it now. Employment. Comes searching for me I cried. Because. I was like me and he's, making his place in the world he was just so excited that he gets to tell their entire world why.

He's So happy you know me people have to talk to that just don't know what's, gonna happen when I'm gonna get their next paycheck what's, gonna happen with their job or they could lose their job today you know and I'll totally Mike Mansell sports can take away all that if. You see yourself climbing to the top reach, back and grab your brother or your sister pull. A moat with you. Paying. It forward is a really poor part of Meritus this, is community. Veterans. That are now rising, and then, sending the elevator back down there's. A ripple effect to that that has hits all of society, the, feeling of being able to get back in to help somebody at the end of the day there's, nothing else like people. In the military they, just take care of one another that's. How nervous works, we're. Family we help each other out. That. Is, Wow. That's an incredible story so here. To join us on stage, one. Of the stars, of the film a, great. Gentleman, Sheldon Simmons come on up Sheldon. Good. To see you again great to see you good. Hoodie I love it now it's a great hoodie yeah really nice that looks good on that. Looks really good on you, yeah thank you welcome to Dreamforce I, hey. I'm good, to be here you know it's like my effective, one your second one yeah it feels like your first one right it's. A lot different now. Let. Me ask you a couple quick questions really so. Great. Story every. Time we show that film we all get choked up so. Tell. Us the, impact of nervous on your life has, changed everything for me Mary's introduced me to Salesforce, in trailhead you know and I remember sitting in the cohort and I got that first trail head badge and like I could do this you. Know so I realized that Salesforce was now gonna be my career so I went, all-in you know I spent days and nights just trying to accumulate as much knowledge of Salesforce as I could and it paid off you know now I got five certifications, I've. Been working for an amazing company, a pole source a consultant for last two and a half years. I just. Purchased I just purchased my first home you, know. It's. Had a huge impact and, not only this for me just for my family because like now the conversations. Around the dinner table are different because we're talking about tech and AI and, business and sometimes even Einstein will talk about that too you, know so it's just been, really a really a good thing that could share my knowledge, of technology, with my family so you're eating cornflakes and you're talking about I'm yeah, yeah we're kind of weird like that that's that's what we do oh it's not weird it's all good. Okay. I think people are excited to hear this story, they're, gonna want to get involved in the community they're gonna want to get involved with marabous so how. Does everybody help, to grow this community because it's so important there's a couple things definitely hire veterans when. You bring that up that reminds me of a story wouldn't have my first review of my job my, supervisor, was like a man no matter what your you know how the pot just going you're never rattled, you're always calm and positive, I told, man I've been to war I was, like a process, builder a workflow rule is not gonna rattle me.

So. We hope it doesn't rattle anybody. And. So that's what veterans bring to the table we have that can-do attitude and we worked in some of the most strenuous situations. So, just having an asset, in your business is huge well. Listen, we love the story we love everything you've done congratulations on, your new home and thanks for joining us here this morning all right thank you so much thanks Alma all, right Sheldon. Yeah. You. Know you listen to that story and you think about values, and the importance of values the, importance to this community, about values, and, I. Think about how values, create values you know we enjoy amazing, relationships, with this family this community, this Ohana, these, strategic relationships, with all of you, because. Our values are shared our. Values, are aligned. And Salesforce. Has, four, core values, that. Have stood the test, of time starting. With trust our. Number one value because. Trust is everything if, you don't have trust you have nothing, whether. It's your personal life whether it's your professional, life and for. Salesforce, it's providing, youth with, trusted, technology and, trusted, service and making, sure that we have trusted, strategic. Relationships. That, are enduring, that, are sustainable, and. Then. There is customer success because. Everything, is about customer success and we, have 50,000. Employees at Salesforce, that wake up every, single day and they, focus on your, success. They ask one question what. Can I do for a customer today and then. Innovation, you. Have inspired us. You. Have motivated, us the. Great ideas, that we have at Salesforce, they come from you this community, our customers, I mean. It's incredible, what you have done and we. Provide, you three, releases of years a year, with that innovation, around. Technology that, we have created together. And. Then. The rock bed of, our. Values, equality. Because we believe that everybody. Deserves, opportunity. That men and women should be paid for the same job the same way and that everybody. Should participate. Everybody. Should have access, equality. For all our. Four core values trust customers. Success innovation. Equality. The rock bed of who we are as a company and as a community and we're. Giving organization, we're giving community over 20 years of giving back one. Percent, of the. Time one, percent of the equity, one, percent of the product, going to organizations, that are doing good things in this world, four. And a half million volunteer, hours 310 million dollars worth of grants over 45,000. Nonprofit, organizations, running. Their, organizations. On our technology, and over. Nine thousand, companies have joined the, pledge one percent. Program. And if. You're a nonprofit organization, in, the audience would you please stand, up please stand up and be recognized, please. Yeah. Thank you for what you do. Thank. You. Now. It's Salesforce, we believe that business is the greatest platform for change and that's why we have signed up with. The UN to focus, on supporting, 17, sustain. The, sustainable. Development, goals these are very important to our future whether. It's eliminating poverty, from the world, or. Peace justice. And strong, institutions. And strengthening, those and providing those we, believe, in these sustainable.

Goals As all. Of you should and we are laser focused, on six. Because. We believe that building a better world together, is so, important. For, everybody whether, it's quality education, we, have donated over ninety million, dollars, to. Public institutions public education, every executive at Salesforce adopts, the school, this. Is very very important so whether it's quality education, or, focusing, on climate, action. Saving. Our planet. Now. You may have seen that Salesforce, has recently, donated 17. Million dollars for not-for-profits. Who are focused on the environment and making. It a safe place for the future because it's not about us it's about, our children. It's. About future generations and the environment, the world the planet that they are coming into and that's why this is really really important, we, should all be. Passionate, about these. Goals all of us and we. Can be now. Speaking of passionate, we have somebody who's gonna join us who, is an amazing person and she travels. All over the world and she is. Incredibly. Passionate about, these, goals, please, welcome to this day from, zuly Lamba. Nuka the executive director of un women. Thank. You for joining us we. Know you're very very busy and we appreciate, you being here and we, know that you are passionate about these. Topics so, help. Us understand, why these sustainable. Goals are so important. These. 17. Goals, are, important, because. Together, they provide the. World's, greatest framework. To, address the biggest issues of the 21st century they. Address, the, needs of people like, education. Poverty. And health. They. Address, protection, of the planets that everybody, cares about here, because there's no planet being right. They. Also, address, the issue of prosperity. Creating. Prosperity, more, jobs more. Security. And capacity, for people to spend more women. With paychecks paychecks. Are good for women people. Basic. So good, and. Paying. Attention. To the fact that the, women are, the. Biggest emerging. Markets, after China and India, if, we don't empower, women economically, we. Actually, take. Away money. From the table from, the planet from, the continent, and of course we. Are not fighting poverty, if women are not at work. So, let's. Focus on gender equality for a second because when you look at the 17, sustainable goals gender. Equality actually, goes through all of that so please comment, gender. Equality cuts, across all of the goals even though there's one goal goal five which everybody, has to know, which. Is about gender equality but. Without the empowerment, of women we. Will not be, able to, advance in education, we will not be able to have more people that work will. Not be able to advance, with, peace would. Also not be able to protect, the climate effectively. Because, in many countries just, by women, picking up trees to make fire, that. Already, takes us back on the climate, so. There are about 3.5. Billion. Women that. Live in countries, where, there are laws that don't protect, their rights if women, don't protect, their rights it means that women, are not able to be effective economic, citizens, and what, that means is that, between. 2020. And 2025. Where we have a possibility, of adding, 12, trillion. US. Dollars to global GDP, we, lose that our. Work, as UN, women and yours. You. And me White, team is to, make that. Work. In a different way it is to make sure that these 3.5. 3.2. Billion women that, live in countries where there is no protection, can. Actually, have, a change we, have a plan for that we, can implement it together and next, year we launched it as UN Women and a generation, equality, with all the companies, that want to work with us that are already part of stds with, nonprofits. With, governments, with ordinary, citizens with people, in this room I hope because, if you become a member, of the women's economic empowerment principles, like, you and congratulations. For joining then, you, will be helping us to turn the situation around the, situation, can, pretend around comes. Early this is so inspirational thank, you for joining us to share your message this is so important, how about a round of applause thank you Zelly for joining us today thank. You so much ma'am okay thank, you. Wow. That. Was inspirational, and if that wasn't a call to action I don't know what is you. Know clearly, we have an opportunity we. Have an obligation all, of us to find our purpose whatever it is whatever, your specific purpose, is and at, the end of the day, this. Is all about what. I said before it's, about doing well and doing. Good. Together. So. Listen have, a great week this is going to be the greatest Dreamforce ever because, of you we will celebrate together, and we, are going to have so much fun this week hopefully everybody enjoys it and Leah.

Back, To you thanks everybody have, a good week. You. Know what. A privilege, to be standing here on, the. World's, largest. Enterprise. Tech. Conference. Stage, as a. Woman, as, an. African-american as, a. Mom, and. I. Know that. I share the same desires, as many. Of you and that's. To make this industry. The. Most inclusive. Most. Welcoming. Industry, full, of people from different, racial. Backgrounds, from different sexual. Orientations. From different socio-economic classes. From, different abilities. Different. Genders. Diversity. And, that's. Why I am, so honored to work, with trailhead. Trailhead. Our free, online learning, platform. Because, we are, breaking down barriers. Barriers. Of, entries, from cost to. Approach ability, to accessibility. To, language, to, empowering. Everybody. To. Have the skills, for. The jobs of the future of, today tech. Skills, soft, skills leadership. Skills, business. Skills and to. Earn, resume. Worthy, credentials. We, have over 700. Badges. On trailhead. And over. 42, credentials. And now. College. Credits, and, the. Real magic is once. You earn all of these you, can connect, to opportunities. From, mentorship, to. Employment. This. Is powerful. And I'm. So thrilled to share with you today that, we. Are going to strategically. Join, with, AWS. To. Offer free. AWS. Skills, on trailhead. Today. Because. Here's the thing, as. A tech industry. We, are constantly, innovating. We're, creating, new products, new lifestyles. Just always innovating. And this is developing, new professions. And, if. The tech industry. Has, the freedom to innovate. They. Also have, the, responsibility, to. Create, create. Pathways to, those professions, pathways. That are inclusive of, everybody. Pathways. That, are equitable, and accessible. Because, it's going to take all of us, to. Close the skills gap it's, going to take all of us working together to, change the, ratios, in tech. And, there's. More. You. Can now learn beyond. Your desktop, beyond your laptop, you, can learn on any Apple, device with. Trailhead go, with. Our strategic Apple, partnership, you, can download it to DES, so you're standing in line waiting for your cup of joe learn. Some Java you're. At your kids softball practice learn, some soft skills turn. Your commute, time into classroom, time and learn, new leadership, skills, and if you want to learn more about how we're working with Apple please, come to our fireside, chat today with, Mark and Tim cook it's going to be amazing. Now. Listen we. Are on yes, give. It up. We. Are on a learning journey, together but, we are also going to build, together. We. Are going to create together. But. More importantly. We're. Gonna bring others along with. Us, together. Because. We are gonna, make an impact together. Are you. With. Me, yes. Are you, with me. Welcome. To, dream boys. Ideas. They're. Born when two separate things come together to form something new. Incredible. Fun. Even. Magical. And the results, other results, can change the world like, this crazy idea 20 years ago what, if we brought together software. And the internet business. And philanthropy, companies. And customers. These. Ideas are, why we're here today, as one. Powerful. Community, and. Yet. Our future, is, brighter, than our past our, dreams. Are, bigger, our. Impact. Stronger. Our. Potential. Limitless. Just. Imagine, what we can bring together. Together. Let's, bring dreamers, and do. Learners. And leaders coders. And closes, trailhead. And Trailblazers, Astro, Cody, cloudy and mine Stein you and, your, future.

Let's. Bring companies, and customers together, how. About the right message, to the right person, at, the right time. Let's. Bring customer, and 360. Together Salesforce. And tableau, AI and, oMG. CRM. What, about retailers. And shoppers, hospitals. New patients, insurance and, reassurance, small, business big. Dreams. Let's, bring trust customer. Success innovation. And quality together, people, work and people pay shareholders. And stakeholders sea. Level and sealants. Doing. Well and doing good. Together. We. Can make the world better. Because, business is the greatest, platform, for change we. Just need to let our ideas come. Together. Welcome. To, Dreamforce. Ksenia. Marc. Benioff. Good. Morning. Everybody how are you good morning. Aloha. No. No Aloha. You. Know we have been on the road for. The last month, and we, have been talking to hundreds, of customers all, over the world and we have been talking about this keynote and we're, excited. Now to bring it to all of you here. Today, and all. Over the world as well including. The millions who are joining us online welcome, to. You we are so thrilled and. I'll tell you that as we've traveled, the world and. As. We've spoken to all of you there. Is one word that continues. To come up over, and over again and it is the word that we are all anchored to today and at, this conference and it is, together. Together. Because. We are doing these things together, we. Are creating this company, together. We are creating this industry, together, we are creating this success, together. And I want to thank you I want. To thank each and every one of you for, all that you do for us every, single day the. Artist junior was here, one. Year ago he took photographs of, over, a thousand, San Franciscans, and those. San, Franciscans, represent, all aspects. Of our. City all. Aspects, of our city business. Community. Religious. Spiritual. And. Our homeless as well and. The. Power of this mural is that it represents, everybody. All. Of us he. Took all of us into his heart and then, he presented this back this, mural is now available, for all of you to see during this event for. Free across. The street at the MoMA I hope. You do it because. As this, city's largest employer, when. I go over there to see that mural, what. I see, is that. These are all of my stakeholders, you. See ladies and gentlemen. Salesforce. Has had a phenomenal, shareholder. Return if you bought our stock. When, we went public in 2004. You, would have had a thirty five hundred percent, return, but. We've. Also had a tremendous stakeholder. Return which. Is what Keith was talking about we've, been able to give back four hundred million dollars in grants, we, run 40,000. Nonprofits, and NGOs when. Our product, for free we. Are a NetZero company, because the planet, is also, a stakeholder. As. We. Move forward we. Have to do both we. Have to bring all of our shareholders and our, stakeholders together, and that's, also why I've given you all this book Trailblazer, it's in your bags to. Go through that our mission. Our vision our, ideas. Please. Use it thank you so much. It. Is, at. Rest, revolution, we, can see it here at this conference we can see it in our life we can see it in our news. We can see everything, that we're doing it, is a trust revolution. It's. A trust revolution, we can see it in our media you. Know I was just looking right here at. Newsweek. It's actually my second favorite news magazine, and the. Second, favorite news magazine, on the cover can you trust your toaster. Can. You trust your toaster, that is, what they're, asking why. Are they asking that. Why. Are they asking that because. Everything. Is changing in our industry everything. Is changing, in our world. Because. It's an intelligence, revolution. It's. An intelligent, revolution, it's. An intelligence, revolution, and let me ask you this how, many of you have these. Types of devices in your homes today how, many have a Google device, or an Amazon device or an Apple device raise.

Your Hands. Isn't. It amazing what is happening, it's. Incredible. How artificial, intelligence. Is becoming, such a pervasive, part, of our, world and, when. We look at that when, we look at the changes in trust when. We look at the changes, going on in intelligence. Well that is why it is a customer revolution. That. Is why it is a customer revolution, and that. Is why we are here that is why we're here as, Trailblazers. That. Is why we're here as Trailblazers. Because. We are here to make the world better to, improve the state of the world to, represent, these values, of trust, customer. Success. Innovation. And equality. The Equality, of every. Human being and, you're. Gonna see that at this conference, we're. Going to talk about it we're going to experience, it but. As we can see as, we. Deeply, know, revolutions. Are not easy. Revolutions. Are not easy and there are gaps and those. Gaps are also between us and our customers. Isn't. That powerful and, that. Is also why we're doing it together that, is why we are being trailblazers. Together and we're, able to heal these gaps and bring. These things together and. That. Is also why, we're. Building our customer, 360 platform. And why. We deliver all of these apps to. Do that in sales, and, service, in marketing. And commerce, in, analytics. In all of these areas. This. Is the customer 360 platform, that you have helped us build we, have done this together, we, are building this together. This. Is what we are dealing and. I. Am so proud of our team and all. Of you for, what we have been able to contribute and how, we've been able to build this and how, we've been able to create. This. So. You're now gonna see at this program. That. You're. Gonna be put. We've. Heard from your group and we, will happy to have a further conversation with, you we. Gave you your time we, will continue to give you other opportunities to speak thank you very much. Twenty-five. Percent average increase, in revenue. Thirty percent higher customer satisfaction. 30%. Higher marketing, ROI twenty. Six percent decrease, in IT costs. 57, percent faster application, development, 70. Percent increased, productivity this. Is what we're able to bring with our customer, success platform. And. Together. We. Are doing this but. We're. Not doing it alone, we. Cannot do it alone. We. Recognize, as a community, that we're going to bring all, of our, partners, in, how. Many of you have more, than Salesforce, in your company raise your hands how. Many of you have more technology than Salesforce, only. A few raise. Your hand if you have more than Salesforce, actually it's a very good sign. Very. Good sign. Well. We, have partnered, with all. The other major companies and we. Are working, to. Build a relationship, of relationships, that we can do this. We. Realize, you do have more than Salesforce, and we. Commit to you that we will work with everybody we. Will not create, boundaries. Between us, that. We will operate as one community. This. Keynote, is really broken into two chapters, first. It's. Broken into the customer, 360 chapter. And in. This chapter we. Are going to talk about five. Apps sales. Service. Marketing. Our, platform. And. Commerce. Now. I would love to be able to do everything, I would. Love to be a little due at all but I can't I can, only do what I can do we. Can all only do what we can do but. We. Will then break and do a second, chapter on data form. You'll soft, we. Will talk about this incredible new company tableau, and we'll. Also talk about Salesforce, Einstein it's, going to be an amazing keynote, and so, I want to start that now and I want to start the keynote by talking about Salesforce. Customer. 360, I want. To talk about this platform that, so many of you are using to. Improve your customer relationships. To, connect with your customers in a new way in a, stressed, in Platte form it's smart it's, flexible, it's sustainable, and. It's. A platform used by so many of our customers every, year we get to pick one customer. One. Customer, that we profile, who's. Using the 360, platform, and this year we, have profiled, State Farm and. State. Farm has done an amazing job with the customer, 360 platform, and now. To look, at what they've done in all of these apps, let's. Take a look at this quick video.

Right. A moment, an inflection, point in our history here, at State Farm what. Do you want to be when we stand for and we, define that together which is we want to be about the customer, and the customer experience, and being, absolutely dominant, and not in, this digital age and it's fight for customers, you've got to be customer, centric and you have to be up in your game all the time to, be the best that you can be, being. The. Leader in, the industry, doesn't. Mean you stop playing you've got to push even harder right so you're the one to get, safe. Farm was born out of innovation, they wanted to see if, we could digitally, transform, the company and they. Said we have to make this work we are not gonna allow this to fail. When I hired for ye says got to wear a tie when I come up here on the CEO, and both floor I said, look my wife we're, looking for you, to rub off on us, more. So than us rubbing off on you and if you wear a suit I'm gonna find. When. I first started working for. Vlad you talked about the fact that as, you move into this new model of being outcome focused and truly. Data-driven. That you will never be able to go back operating. And the other way you will become addicted to it with. AI we're leveraging data, that we already have, to, actually assist, those people, within State Farm operations, how of a sudden we can get more, people from, frontline, back-office. Actually. Working on the right customer, problems I almost think of it as odd mented intelligence, as opposed to artificial. Intelligence let's. Give those insights, to our employees, and our agents so they can better serve and focus, on our customer, needs we have a place where all of that information comes, together and, we're clear that this is the court we want to play on as a, company, with Salesforce, for dominating, on our experiences, we're ranking the number one in how we're dealing with digital we're, starting to see the wins we're. On a trajectory that, can allow this company, to, continue, on for another hundred years and that's that's really satisfying, for me watching. People, unlock to their own potential is the very best part that's. When it becomes really cool I think, that's the moment when you realize. Everyone. Is a trailblazer, they, want to be. Alright. I've. Got five wad right here, Iowa thank you for coming all the way to dream for us we appreciate you being here tell. Us what are you doing at the customer 360 platform, well that's that's a great question and I love the focus that you're bringing for all of us and everyone attending and watching online and, I'm proud to say that I work for an organization that's. Always focused, on the customer and our CEO Michael, tipps sort always reminds us about our mission which, is we will always be guided by their needs and their dreams and aspirations so, for us to accomplish that mission we, actually need to transform, the way we work with customer, 360, and that, becomes a single reliable. Place that we can go irrespective. Of which part of the company and it's a large company mark, over 97, years of success no. Matter where you work whether you're in the operations. Or in the agency, to be able to look at and then leverage the intelligence, that comes from that platform and I'll share two simple examples for. Context, for everyone as they can think about that for themselves and number, one is we, have agents, who actually really, know customers, on a personal. Level some. Of these agents can become your very dear friends as well but, they may not know everything that's going on in your life so as you think about you've, had a claim and now you've gone into our award-winning, mobile app and, you've actually filed the claim very effortlessly, now. As an Asian I will actually be prompted, by customer, 360 to say this is a great time to actually reach out and talk, to the customer about the fact that this happened or hey. You haven't, taken the next steps to actually proceed with your claim can, I assist you but the really cool part is when you flip that around and you look at employees, you. Might never meet a state farm employee or. If you call our operation you might never get the same person twice but. This actually allows them to tell you what they've seen 360. Repeat, that back to you and so you sort of feel known, and I think that's all we're, trying to accomplish here which is make them feel known and adapt, to them in the moment well Fowler we couldn't be more excited to have your dream for us welcome thank. You and please tell, us what's the one thing you would like everyone, here to know about, dream.

Force That you're most excited about well I think it's the second part of what you just shared which is around the data and people actually think AI is kind of scary but, to us it's about taking those insights and actually supporting, your, people to give a better experience, so I would urge people to, think about your data in the context of how you support, the human to provide that better customer, experience all right thank you so much for being here thank you. All. Right. Well. We could not have expected 21, years ago when we started Salesforce. That. Our namesake sales, cloud would continue, to do as well as it does and, here. We are over, two decades later the, number one trusted sales, solution. Incredible. But. I'll tell you what has surprised me the most is how it continues to change how, it continues to evolve and in. This. Concept, of this intelligence, revolution, well, that has truly surprised, me now, you're gonna see something amazing inside. The sales cloud with, this incredible, capability, of call, coaching please welcome Sarah, Patterson are SVP of product marketing Sarah. Thank. You Mark welcome. Thank you. If. You, are a Sales, Manager, a key. Part of your job is coaching. Your reps but. Why is this so important. Companies. With dynamic, sales coaching, programs, see. 28%. Higher wind, rates. Unbelievable. Results, an Einstein. Call coaching, is your, coach this. Is an AI feature that, can process audio, clips to, serve up those key moments, for this type of coaching so. Let's dive into a demo and take, a look at a vision, for how State Farm wants, to use this incredible feature and as. We do this I want to call out that all, of the demos that you are going to see here today are live, so. Give a warm, Dreamforce, welcome, to our first demo driver Julia, Thank, You Julia. All. Right we can see right here on the screen that Einstein, call coaching, is serving. Up actionable. Insights, for, all the sales managers, at State Farm letting, them know things, like what objections. Their agents, are handling it can. Also let them know what, products. They're positioning, now. Just stop and think about the power of this for your business for a minute you. Launch a new products but, you have no idea, whether your reps are actually, comfortable selling, it well. Now you're getting the insight, you need to know if they are and if they're not you, can lean in to guide them to coach them to help them, more. Than this you, can even customize this, to look for things that matter to your business for. State Farm that's, life, events, that customers, are having, now. Let's. Say that we want to help one of these agents, increase, their cross sell game a lot. Of companies are using third parties, to record, calls with customers, for quality assurance reasons. Only when the customers, opts in I'm Stan. Kyle coaching can take that audio process. It and help, serve up the right moments. For, coaching, so, let's take a listen to a couple of these yeah. Could you send me a quote for the SUV I'm moving to a place in the suburbs in just need to get something bigger.

Okay. All set Congrats. On the move by the way do, you want me to show you some pricing, options if we combined Auto with homeowner's insurance you, know I think my partner has it already but, I'm not exactly sure who the provider is okay, gotcha there, are some discounts, if you combine homeowners, with auto and take advantage of our drive safe and save program I can send you more info if you'd like, just. Like athletes, can sit down with their coaches and look at video clips now, sales, reps can sit down and listen to audio, clips and that. One was amazing, we, heard the rep position. The products handle. An objection, end add, value. For the customer, exactly, what, we want them to be doing so, how do we scale this well. We simply add it to our library, and, that manager, or rep can share this with anyone when, they want to help them up their, game. Absolutely. Incredible feature if you want to learn more about this if you want to get the new skill and up your game, take, a trail or go to the sales cloud keynote, tomorrow, at 11:00 thank, you and back to you mark alright great job please. Thanks Sarah great job Sarah we're so excited to see what you've done at the sales cloud this year and. We're. Also talking, about service, the world's number one most trusted service. Solution, deliver in 71 case interactions, today and now, this incredible, a I powered. Case generation, we're, gonna see something incredible. Please welcome Stephanie, Buscemi our chief marketing officer welcome. All. Right ladies, and gentlemen, when. Delivering, amazing. Customer, service let's. Face it speed. Matters. It matters, a heck of a lot and State. Farm is, transforming. The future of service fast. I'm gonna. Show you with, this visionary, example, let's. Take a look at service. Cloud voice right. Here the State Farm agents, have every, single they thing they need to manage a high volume of cases every, day on the, left hand side they, have all of the customer, information it even. Includes the policy, data which, resides, in a different, system. Now. In a moment you're gonna listen in on a call and it's, gonna be transcribed, right here down the center but, pay attention to the right hand side because, Einstein is, with us every step of the way and learning. And getting smarter as we go let's, listen in hi, this is Lena at State Farm how can I help you today hey, Lena had a pretty rough weekend actually a hurricane. Came through and blew, a tree right through my fence am i, covered okay, let me take a look I have, your policy right here you're, covered for five hundred dollars for tree removal was. That the only damage. What. Just happened there that is, cloud telephony. It's. Powered, by our partner. Amazon, Connect it's tree, scribing the call in real time for the associate, as the. Customer, describes the issue, Einstein. Is also, following along using natural, language processing to. Understand. The context, of the conversation and, surface. The most relevant knowledge, article, for. The associate. That's. Powerful, and customer, service, think. About it that. Associate, did not have to put the customer on hold that, associate did not have to go into another system, and they, did not have to go looking. Through a dense, consumer. Policy, the, answer was surfaced, right, there because. With Einstein, the State Farm associates, closed cases, 31. Percent times faster. Let's. Listen in a little bit more yes. Luckily but, some of my neighbors got flooded ok. I hope, everyone is safe and looking, at your policy, I see that you don't currently have personal. Article protection, which would cover your high value belongings, would you like some more information yeah.

Actually Some more information would be great thank, you. All. Right Einstein, just made that so easy for, the associate, to, suggest, the right protection, as the next, best action, that. Associate. Did not need to be an expert on the scenario, the. Answer was surface trait there, this, is so important, because all, of you. 80%. Of consumers say. That actually speed, is the most critical element, and delivering, an amazing, customer experience, now, we wrap the call here, and Einstein's. Already predicted, the fields, and because, of the power of Amazon, connect, all of the detail is already transcribed, that, associate. Can get back to delivering better, faster. Service, saving, 10 minutes in an administrative, work per case I leave. You all with this how. Are you gonna use AI, to, transform, your business don't, miss the service cloud key note to, learn more thank you mark great. Jobs governing, thank you son. Well. We've talked about sales, we've talked about service. Marketing. Building. That one-on-one, relationship, with your customer, building. Journeys, the, ability to know who your customer, is and where they're going please welcome, evany, back with our chief philanthropy, officer officer Andy VP of Marketing and welcome evany. Thank. You so much smart you, know. I'm. Really excited to be giving this demo because I think it's something we all have, experience. With I, know. Many, of us have received emails from companies, asking. Us to provide some sort of feedback I know I sure have you. Want to be a helpful consumer, but there's a problem in order. To give them this feedback they want you to click on a link and you're forced to fill out a form somewhere. Else and, you know what honestly, most people just quit right there they just don't have time for that but. What if you never had to leave your, email. Fortunately. Interactive, email is changing. The game and here, we have a visionary, example, using, State Farm they're. Sending an email to a customer, who recently purchased auto insurance from them they want to get to know them better and here, we see simple, engaging. Visuals. The, customer, can select an option tap. A button it is very, straightforward, and the. Customer, is in control of whether or not they want to opt in to receive additional information, from their agent and once. They agree and submit that. Information is sent directly into Salesforce, and a lead is created, for the agent this, is brilliant. And you, know what we've. Seen that companies, using interactive, email collect. Three times, more. Data from, their customers, this, is great an interactive. Email can be used for any industry, any business. We're, going to take a look at a service counter service use case let's. Say now for example by. Just adding a simple text field to your email a customer. Can now type in a question or concern and that can, automatically. Trigger a case, or. If. After purchasing, a product. Summer can read that product, for you always in very email no, more being bounced, around to a different site they, can tap, on some stars and, submit. A products rating and just to reiterate they. Never left, their email I think.

This Is fantastic I hope you love it if you want to learn more check out our marketing, keynote thank you back to you mark great job. Well. Here we are sales. Service, marketing, now, let's talk about, commerce. We've. Been talking about State Farm we're gonna change the channel for. Quite a few years we've talked about LVMH. Group and, the kind of work they've been doing with the customer success platform. Today. We're going to talk about one of their customers or one of their company, is Louis. Vuitton Louis. Vuitton how many of you have heard of Louie Vuitton raise your hands all. Right well. Louis Vuitton also, uses the customer. Success platform, they, have built this incredible customer. 360 in, sales service, marketing, commerce, platform. Applications. Analytics, and, using. Extensively. This. Incredible. Integrated, platform, by integrating. Commerce, into the customer, 360, by. Extending. The customer, success cloud, with commerce now, we can see our customers doing 4.2. Million orders. Per day and to, show us the future of commerce please welcome our president of products Bret Taylor welcome, Bret thank you Mark. I'm. So, excited to show you how Louis Vuitton puts the customer at the center of every, digital, commerce experience, and it, all starts, in commerce, cloud page, designer, this. Is an amazingly, simple and, flexible point-and-click. Tool that empowers everybody. At Louis Vuitton from. The most technical, developer, to, even the merchandiser, to shape that Louie Vuitton storefront. With. The drag of a mouse you can drag on things like einstein. Product, recommendations. So, every individual, to leave it on Comm will see the products most suited, to them but. Why do we have to limit personalization. To, just the products being recommended we. All know as shoppers, that the way those products are displayed the design has, almost, as much of an act on converting. A browser to a shopper, to. Do personalized. Design for every individual, previously, would take a developer, a data scientist, and months of work when. Now with, Einstein, designer with, a click of a button we. Can show personalized, designs, to, every Louis Vuitton's louis, vuitton shopper, let. Me show you how, it works with, a visualization. So. First Einsteins gonna take this product listing and break, it into components, that. Product image the title the, price then. It's gonna scour the internet and say how, do other stores, display, products, like this it's. Gonna cluster, them into similar designs what's most prominent, the image the price the product, reviews and then. It's going to filter all those down maybe, some of those designs don't meet Louie Vuitton brand.

Guidelines Maybe. Some of those designs are inaccessible, and then. It will filter those down and stack rank them define, the handful, of the best variations. Of that product design for, Louie Vuitton shoppers. Let's. Go back to page designer, and see, how we can put this on the site, with. A click of a button I've gotten, all these designs, designed, by Einstein, that recommend the best, variations. Of this, product, listing, let's. See how this impacts. Louis, vuitton shoppers. So. Let's, say I'm Eponine, I'm, totally, loyal to the Louis Vuitton brand, so I'm always looking for that next great, collection. This. Design is amplifying. That collection right at the top of the product listing and then. Of course there's, Parker, Parker's. Not too familiar with Louis Vuitton and he's really interested in those product, details so he can really learn about the Louis Vuitton brand, experience, and then. There's, mark mark. Recently, bought some amazing, Louis Vuitton shoes and, he's trying to find a bag that go perfectly with, them so. This is emphasizing, the colors, and the materials, now. Here's the thing obviously. All those shoppers gonna have a better experience and in our pilot they've seen uniformly, higher conversion, rates but, more importantly, they are deploying, these new designs six times, faster than before this. Is the power of Einstein, and the the power of personalization. At scale if. You want to learn more go, to the Commerce cloud keynote, or visit us on trailhead back to you mark alright, great job Brett, thank you. Well. Done thank you. And. We're, also seeing our customers build, more apps than ever before, the idea that they have to build interactive. Apps the ability for customers to. In it to interact with their, customers and, do, it whether it's on watches, or phones or, whatever, their device is it's incredible, how the platform. Itself has, changed, evolve, transform. It's become the world's number one trusted. App. Platform. With 10 billion Einstein, predictions, today and 57, percent, faster. App development please welcome Sarah, Franklin, the head of platform, Sarah welcome. Thank. You Mark we, saw how Louis Vuitton created, a customer, 360 in, the digital world but how, do they transform. That in-store, experience. Let. Me show you. Louis. Vuitton, uses our builders to, create an app for every employee to have in their hands that icon, app you saw in the film, the. User builders with base components, that, we've now open sourced or. Packaged, components, available on our app exchange or, they. Can create custom, components, like here with, open web standards, so. Let's do this let's drag a look builder, a personalized, products, component, right, onto this application, and with. Just a few clicks together, we, have built an app without having, to code that is incredible. Ok. Now, that we built this how, do we make it available. With. The mobile publisher, we can put these apps easily, on the App Store or Google Play, for. Today we've pre-configured, this listing you see the beautiful branding, down. To levels of detail of which country, this app can be available, in, ok. With, one click we submit, it to the app store and Salesforce, is fast at work doing, everything, we need it to get it published and, we'll, fast forward to, that listing being a proved and here, it is live, on the App Store. Okay. This, is Dreamforce so I want to have some fun all. Right in three two. One. Boom. I have. Transported, all of you magically, into the Louie Vuitton store, you're. Looking at their merchandising, we're standing, on the beautiful marble floor together and we're, about to walk into that store where, one of their advisors, is going to greet us with that very same mobile app that we just built are you ready.

Hey. Sara welcome, in and hey Dreamforce. I can't wait to show you what I have for you today okay. So Callie has greeted me in the store but, she and I have never met before but because, she has that app in the customer 360 she, knows all of my information, previous. Cases, even. Conversations. We've been having over whatsapp, turns. Out I have a big event I need a good look for and she's. Gonna have I'm Stein and her and to help her we. Can take a walk through my closet, my wardrobe right here in her hands and, Einsteins. Helps, her recommend, a great look, those. Booths we bought last year they. Were an investment, piece and they pair perfectly with this year's fall fashion, line and what's. Better check. This custom. Apparel just, for me a Louie Vuitton signature, bag with my initials, down to the leather detailing, even, the color of stripes that I just love but, wait Sarah because, it's Dreamforce, I have an exclusive piece just for you today do you want to see it I mean, marks buy-in so yes, I want to see this one so, what this. Is our new fiber optic, monogram bag and I, have an in store, for you today would you like to try it on what. Do you think Dreamforce do we want to see the custom, fiber optic, bag the signature, key bow that, Louie Vuitton has put fiber optic, thread into. It right here on stage there's literally only one of these available in the world so do you want to see it. That. Is incredible. Yes Louis. Vuitton has, brought the future of fashion right. Here into their signature, keep all bag to help me just, rock it right here on the dream for a stage and so, that. Is how Louie Vuitton is creating the future of fashion the future of technology and, reinventing, retail if you, want to learn more visit us at the platform, key no thank, you back, to you mark great job Sarah gorgeous, bag. Well. We've been in chapter 1 of our keynote. Now. We're entering chapter 2 we're. Going to move from customer, 360, and as I said I could never go through all of those apps. Into. Our second. Chapter data. Because. We love at, Salesforce. We love to see and understand, data. Data. Is an important, part of everything. That we are doing and everything that you are doing as, our customers, and as. We move into this data revolution, I think we can squarely say, that. This fourth wave of computing is now on us and the. Fourth wave of computing really, has followed the other three waves we've. Moved from systems, of record where. Many of us started in the industry to, systems of engagement. We. Move from systems, of engagement to. Systems of intelligence and, we, started talking about that now several, years ago, well. Now we're moving from systems of intelligence. Towards. Something in computer science that we've been talking about for years the. Single, source of truth the. Idea that for each one of our companies, were. Focused, on understanding. The knowledge of what, is, the single source. Of truth, what. Is the truth and as. We pursue the truth it requires us as sales force to transform. To, transform and, to evolve and to move forward and that is. Why, we. Have also enhanced. The customer, 360. Now. We're going to show you a new version of the customer. 361. That has this, single source of truth built deeply. Inside, of it I am. The S SOT, as a. Part, of the architecture. Of Salesforce. We. Believe, that this is critical for all of us to, be able to move forward with our customers, so. When they're talking, to our sales people or our service people or our marketing professionals, or operating. With us in commerce we, actually know who they are and we, have one record on them the single source of truth that to, show us this huge revelation, in our architecture. Please, welcome Brett Taylor Brett. Thank. You again mark. So. I have the privilege of talking to a lot of you in the room talking to a lot of customers and every, time I show, one of you the customer 360 I hear two things one. That is awesome, and I, want it yesterday, number. Two is it's, a heck of a lot harder than you make a see him in these fancy dream florist demos. Well. Today with, the customer, 360 truth, profile, we're going to make it easy for, all of you to build your own customer, 360 and to, build your own single.

Source Of truth let. Me show you a world without a single source of truth this. Is an email sent. By our marketing, cloud sent. By Louie Vuitton recommending. A new product to me Einstein. Had a hand in this email this is personalized, with all the data and marketing cloud Einstein. Thinks these sneakers would look great on me what do you all think I, think. Einstein was right and in fact I'm. Wearing these shoes right, now I. Ordered. These on Louie Vuitton last. Week in preparation. For this show but. Because there's not a single source, of truth between marketing, and my, commerce order history I'm getting, this fragmented customer, experience, we. Are going to fix this experience, right now on stage with, the customer 360 truth profile, let's bring it up this. Is a simple point-and-click, interface that. Enables us to connect all of our customer, experiences. We're, going to start with customer service that's. The anchor point of that amazing experience, that Sarah just showed you and of, course we also need to connect our marketing, so, that every email can be personalized, based on the single source of truth and finally. We need to connect calmer because that's how we're and get that order history to, inform, those marketing emails about all those purchases, I previously made now. Louie, Vuitton is, an international, brand with tons of Salesforce instances, all around the world and we, can connect all of these but it would take forever so like a good cooking show we're gonna BAM, right, to the edge this. I

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