Documentary Design Build Beautiful Little House In London

Documentary Design Build Beautiful Little House In London

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Mr. design. Looking. Out at central. London from, here it's. Hard to understand. How you could possibly add. To it where. Can you build, in amongst all of that a but. There are some. Really, gutsy, individuals. Out there in the cracks and the crevices, looking. For. Plots of land to. Build a home on no. Matter how small those plots are. London. Is one, of the world's, greatest cities that. Has evolved, over millennia. It's. An organism, which feeds, moves. And, houses. A growing population of nearly, 9 million, people. The. City's growth Springs, from the energy, the creativity, of those, that live here like, 26, year old design engineer, Joe, Stuart. I've. Always been fascinated by making things and seeing how things work. If. You can make, something better or design it better and then why not I've, had lots of ideas there's. Always been a either, a funding constraint or a priority. Constraint. What's. Great is that this is really the first opportunity where, fundings. In place time, scales in place and it's it's about, just, going ahead and doing it. Josè. Now challenged, himself to design a new home a house, for himself and his Swedish girlfriend, Lena Nilsson it's. A chance to own a property in a housing market that many believe is out of control. You. Don't have to pay rent, to someone else you can build, something that's, not too expensive, and. Actually find a place we'll make a place that's. Beautiful, it's good quality and, it's, yours. Joe. And Lena both work full-time and. Spent close to 20 thousand pounds, a year on renting, a small flat in West London, the. Cost of doing the build although that's the time involved in doing it it's still going to be much cheaper than buying an equivalent property. Speakit, thing we're gonna do together yeah building, a home together where we can live yeah. It's. Gonna be exciting. After. A painstaking search, Joe. And Lena scraped enough money together to buy an old workshop in East, London, just. Three miles from the skyscrapers. Of Canary Wharf this is an area ripe, for regeneration. But. Their plot is tiny. That's. It just, the length of those three huntingpol, yep, oh what. A bit extra at the moment whilst we're doing the works yeah that's. A whole nine and a half metres by four metres nine. And a half by, four. That's. Small. What. Was this place the second there was a building here yeah originally, it was a coffin, workshop. We're. Digging to the whole plot down to about three and a half meters but. I've designed it so it's on some paths floors you design it I design we've. Got what's officially the smallest two-bedroom. House. Possible, in, London based, on the New London sort, of resurrection, design go yes. Small. Does not mean easy and Joan. Lena have never attempted anything like this before. What. You might say about this project they say me crazy sometimes but. I always dreamt about building, my own house and love creating things well, in your culture it's normal, yeah it is but. I don't have the skills for lucky enough I have Joe and. We're. Passionate about it you do so much research which also means it takes a bit longer just, to make sure that it's, gonna work so. How, do you, fit a two bedroom house on such a tiny footprint, to. Start Joe's putting a third of it underground, he, wants a three meter deep basement, the exact, size of the site poured in reinforced, waterproof, concrete, that'll. Require high, levels of engineering, accuracy. Joe's. Designed, his own insulated. Brackets, which will support two floating, concrete, floors. The. Top two-thirds of the building will be made from structural, insulated timber, panels made, off-site, and then precisely, assembled. In East London. The, structure, will then get even more insulation, on the outside before. A covering, of cedar cladding. Inside. This highly engineered and, insulated, building is a very smart, layout. Basement. Storage a workshop. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a study, and a snug, which leads up to the full length kitchen, living room are squeezed. Onto three floors and three half floors. The, top floor will be a single, kitchen living, room crowned. With a full width slanted, window to wash, this space in light and, provide.

Access To a small roof terrace. This. House might turn out to be cramped, and compromised. Or. It, might just be a new, exciting model, for building on tight small spaces, in one of the most expensive, cities in the world. So, how much is it going to cost it to. Build about. 160,000. Oh, including, a basement including. The basement, that's. Pretty good you do a lot of the work yourself as well that brings down the price yes so it could be less than that it could be more okay. And. How much was the site's itself, I was, 73. Which, anywhere is a bargain it. Certainly didn't feel like that one it was. There the, biggest risk a lot of money for not a lot of space. Joe's. Giving himself just one year to finish this house and is investing, fifty thousand, pounds every penny, he has, the. Majority of the funding will come from his parents, who had such faith in their son, they've remortgaged. The family, home in the Midlands, we've. Been quite happy to help Joe out because it's easier for us to to. Support him in lending him the money rather. Than him getting a building loan we. Trust, Joseph. To. Commit something he knows he can complete a, bit. Quite an achievement, yeah. Joe. Has designed this building there, all the calculations. He's, project. Managing he's the main contractor, he's the client he's, everything and he's gonna be laboring and working on the site as well now, that. In. Most. Circumstances is. A bit. Of a recipe for some, form of minor disaster. But. Here I'm, not. Sure I mean, never underestimate, the, energy. The, dynamism, of use. It's. Early, autumn, and at last this shoe box design on a shoestring, budget can, take its first steps, when. I was discussing it with my engineer, he was saying the most. Difficult, part of the, build, of, the whole house with a basement the most difficult part of the basement was, doing the excavation. Basement. Construction, in London will always present risks, the risks have damage, to neighboring properties. The, uncertainty, of what, lies beneath the surface. Joe. Has entrusted his excavation, to Phil Seca a basement. Expert. This. Is well of a new challenge to. To, put a basement, the size of a postage stamp on a piece of land the size of the boat system, we've. Normally got a lot more space with. Excavation. There are standard. Methods that are pretty common practice, just. Half a mile from Joe's site these methods are fully, understood. Crossrail. Is one of Europe's largest holes. So. This is not, how, to dig a big, hole in the ground get. Your mechanical, digger and just, start taking big. Chunks. Of it out cuz if you do the. Deeper, you go the more likely, it is to, collapse. In. On itself, there. You go so what, people do ordinarily. Is, to take a steel. Ring in, this case it's a cake tin but in, the real world it's lots of sheets of Steel. Interconnected. Lead locks together and. Vibrated. Into the ground and it's then. Fairly. Straightforward, matter of then digging, out, the. Ground within. That ring, then. Build. Your concrete wall inside. This and. If, you're really, clever you, can take your shuttering, and, maybe even remove, it.

But. Only if you've formed, your concrete walls first, because. Joe site is so small Joe and Phil are taking the unusual step of not using steel, shuttering. The. Site is so tight, to. Get the minimum accommodation. Required, in London the client could, not lose anything, to temporary supporting, of the, basement hole, Phil's. Worried, every inch of this site will need to be excavated, to reach the full 83. Square metres, of living space required, by planning the normal, form of constructing, a basement, would, have prevented, the whole project from going ahead. The. Hope is that the dry earth walls, will, support, themselves. The. Soil, has been sent away from analysis, and if we're told will be stable, for long enough. But the challenge is going to be that we keep it stable throughout the, duration of the build. It. Can be dangerous it's one of those choppers don't wanna be hanging around can you get it done before the weather comes because that's when it decides to cave in as, they. Dig to the full depth filled. Discovers, that three meters of dry earth is sitting on a layer of wet silt and clay. This. Could well destabilize. The dry earth above, two. Weeks into this risky, excavation. The exposed, walls, begin, to weaken. By. Early November the, excavation, is put under more pressure this, time by the weather. Phil. Needs, to crack on steel. Mesh and wooden form worker hastily, put up so the concrete walls can be poured. By. The next morning the Earth's lips, have stopped but, now phil has a new problem. The. Wooden for work holding the concrete has moved. Unfortunately. Although. I'd propped the stop ends I hadn't propped the. Roof from. Moving. Away so. What's. Left is, out. Of plumb by. 250. Millimeters, over. 2 meters that. Is a lot, this. Is a very wonky war that, needs to be fixed. Six. Weeks since work began Joe. And Lena are paying a visit to site with Joe's parents, just. Watch where you put your face. It's. Clear, there are more problems, with the walls. There's. A gap here because, this has gone out but in the middle here it looks like it's bowed behind. It's. Not quite, uniform. And straighten yeah. So. The contractor you've got for digging this hole how.

Is He performing for you. So. I wasn't expecting that. Somehow. I can't see it being done in two weeks yeah. I'm. Worried, this stuff is not going to plan but I trust, it Joan it will be fine. Joe. Wanted, this project to be a learning, experience. It's. Just taught him his first painful. Lesson. Joe. And Lina have been stuck, into their East London, project for two months, now. Which. Has met two months of headaches with their basement. The. Excavation, didn't go as we were led to expect it to go we were told the sides would stand up and they, didn't and from. Then on it was a fire fight. Joe. And his basement contractor. Phil have now parted company oh I. Was, definitely disappointed that, I didn't finish, Joe's basement. So. My. Word I have seen some, holes in the ground but this is this. Is spectacularly. Shambolic. Isn't, it yep. And. Not, say can we get done yeah yeah, oh this really is hard help territory isn't it. This. Is. A bit soft. And pliable so this Punk we didn't it's a recent pool I guess well this is where they break it back they can't get it back to back it's because. Whoa. Leaning right in yeah and. That bow over there in that wall the Hoover Dam over there the same sort of thing live with that I think, yeah, my. Preference went to start again realize. I'm as a riff all this hell yeah just just the, realism is you can't when all this is covered up you, will have forgotten about it eventually the x-ray vision will disappear you'll forget yeah. It can be a good. With. So many issues to fix and a third of the basement still, to dig finding. A new contractor, will take time and money. What, what one of the fellow Kolkata preserve this I've had to pay we paid in stages which, is the smoking, side of things because, the, stage have been completed to spec, so. I've lost, yeah I've lost 30. Grand on this so. This, great big pregnant wall here look. Good. One there in their house a little. That can be made good it can all be sorted. And in the end it'll be super strong and an. Enormous, Lee Mariam, and well-built. But. Isn't. Have just cost gen Lena a lot of angst and money, and. You. Know I feel for them. Joe. And Lena search, for a new contractor, over a long winter, I. Can. Feel the joy of feeling the pressure has been very stressed but, for me is a bit worrying to, feel.

A Bit helpless, it. Takes three, months of, searching. But, in the early New Year, this, project, has new, energy, the, entire site is different just, the way everything's managed you can hear the background there's about eight people in there working. It's. Going to be plum it's gonna be a correctly. Built basement, now rather than something. That was going to be difficult to work with, it's. A nice thing to be involved with Joe's a nice guy to work for especially. When someone's building their own home this, is his baby and he wants it to be right, Joe. Is spending over 80,000. Pounds on this basement but now with the problems fixed it will be the right shape and size, what. The deal is they'll lift this framework. Up now they've got this to brace against, and finish the pour outs the top for the. A. Plastic. Sheet acts as a drip tray and extra, waterproof, barrier through, this Joe, will fix his two basement, floors using insulated. Bracket that he has designed with his structural, engineer. So. These are the brackets, we're, gonna be fitting those this is coming week so it's interesting times no one's seen, these be. Used before. In five, weeks joe's muddy, hole has been transformed. Complete. With two suspended, floors. Joe's, ingenious, little brackets, will allow him to fit a layer of insulation, between the wall and the concrete floor preserving. As much heat, as possible inside. I've. Been doing this for about 25. Years and I've never seen anything like this normally, this concrete, slab would always be connected into that wall so. What they've got here is about five, tons of concrete all. Sitting on these little plates that just balance on these little brackets. Pretty. Amazing. I don't, know it's gonna be like that when you have the, housewarming, party inside it knows everyone, jumping up and down at the same time. After. Nine months, of struggle, Joe. Has, his engineered, basement. The. Rest of this project should be a much simpler, prospect, and most, of the work has already been, done in. Scotland. Welcome. To the world of structurally. Insulated panels. Otherwise. Known as sips. Everything's. Done the factory I think so caught up before, things, cut to, the right size I mean you come to science just a case of putting all, together, building. By numbers almost. Insulation. Foam is sandwiched, between sheets, of sterling, board and the panel's precisely, cut and profiled, to Joe's drawings, I don't. Know you I'm really looking forward to soon yeah yeah I have, spent 20. Years waiting. To see a ready-made house in a factory. Expectation. Look. At that. Well. Our. This must lift your spirits doesn't it after, all those months, of. Concrete. And mud you, must be relieved, to see this yeah. It's. A lot cleaner and crisper is straighter.

Bigger. Well. We're. Not just here to admire, Joe's house we're, also here to learn how to build it. F1f1. Travel the effort them today Joe. Wants to manage the Assembly, of the sips himself, you're tainted so yeah locate. It onto the soleplate a. Decision. That could save him over 10,000. Pounds. Having. No experience of, using these panels before you. Tilt it back in the hair that we built yeah I'll pull it in here this. Is an important, lesson from the experts, okay. That's us then, you drop it in like that Oh. Bingo. So. This house is growing. In an eruption of foam and chipboard, out of the plains of Persia, thing is of course it still got to come it's windows, cladding. Until installation plasterboard first fix second fix plumbing, what a lot. Yeah oh and, it's in the wrong place it's, some four, hundred and forty-four miles in the wrong place. With, the sips panels set, for delivery Joe, and Lina make some domestic, changes, in East London they've. Moved closer, to site and harv, their rent a good move financially, because Joe has taken another important, step known, as focus on the house I, have. Left, work so, it means that I can be 100% house, as, it were it's. All on me now so. Tata, its sunshine. He's. Employed a cheap makeshift, team of mates to help assemble the sips. Guys, see you ladies. So, I'm sorry we just going around it right five tons, and. 27,000. Pounds worth of sip panels have journeyed south from Scotland, easy peasy. To. Be greeted by a beefy telly handler. What's. He doing that's. Alright. Stop. Okay. Tipper back just. Damaged on the corner that's, the only one and just on the, corner. There that's, all right we can fix it it's fine the team now proceed with a little more caution. Today, I know. That's. What my doing it everyone's safe I'm, learning learning. Just. Don't do a third one. Wash. Yourself on this fear. Unpacking. Done. It's. Like it's, like a scene from carry-on, camping isn't. It's. Summer in the city almost, a year into his East London, project for the first time Joe is properly, running his site hopefully. A week from now everything, that's here will. Be at him relying, on what he learnt at the factory in Scotland, Joe, takes the lead in piecing, together his sips so. Glue on this inside edge here on, all of these inside edges mind. You it seems to me experience, isn't always a requisite. For working, with this system. He, gave himself a week and, eight days later he's fixing, the roof admiring. His new view. Now, we're at the top of the house you can see most.

Of London really that's. Not bad for you that. Way. With. The full structure, up it's possible, to see if such a small, footprint, can really deliver a comfortable, usable, space. In. Through the front door into. The. Lobby of the building. Downstairs, to. The, semi. Basement. Not. A big space but big enough for a, double. Bedroom and, down. Another layer to. Joe's mancave. This. Remarkably. Now looks, absolutely. Plumb and true up, then, to. The. First. Four and touch. Around here Lena's, office. Now. Up to these snug, it. Looks very snug at the moment it's quite dark but there is over there look an enormous, winner up. The metal staircase to, the top floor which is the, sort of mmm. So for eating, cooking. Living, area really one big space, again. It's, a little dark at the moment that's because the plastic, is covering, this, opening which, is gonna be one huge skylight, all, of, this fitting. Onto this tiny tiny footprint, this is sort of this is the miniature, house which keeps on giving. You've. Given up your job you've. Committed, yourself thoroughly to this project you've moved house yeah. You're the boss or, are you the boss it says you're the boss she's still the boss only. Encourage, you to follow your dreams soon. As Joe decided to leave his job he was so much more happier just because, this. Is what he dreams about so you're keeping body and soul together presumably, you're, I mean you're earning money still Yeah right. But. I'm, gonna have to ask me like to support me if, it takes longer than I expect so, we're hoping that Christmas. We'll just after Christmas that we can be moving in and ever, doing the finishing touches it depends how many changes you made just. Make, sure he doesn't change the mode to off to. Simplicity. Will, be key, if Joe and Leena to finish this building before the new year but. By the end of the summer, Joe hasn't, been able to resist, tinkering, with his design. That. Is the thickness of the wall that. You bought from. Scotland, I mean that's a sips wall on top, of that you just stick your roof and then you can skin the outside and skin the answer what you've done is, you've stuck a 4-inch, timber on the outside and another 1/3, inch on the inside in.

Order, To do what as to get to the thermal values we need to, be very. Highly efficient so you end up with a wall of conventional. Thickness before, it's just completely. Insulation. It's. Not just the walls Joe's, also upgraded, his windows, which are super thick and triple, glazed. This. New driver high performance will have big implications for this tiny house and its tiny, budget. Eric. Here has. Ordered his pie with. Mash and liquor. Which. Is correct is traditional, understood. In these parts of the world I on. The other hand of course have gumford chips which is far more controversial, a bit, like James Project because he started out with a scheme which was really straightforward a simple. Home for him and Lena small. And affordable. When. He's got is. A building that's now being driven by another agenda. Anything. To do with this house if you can do it better than why not I think, if you're not pushing the boundaries and trying new things then, you know where are you gonna get the innovation within the building industry and within design, in general. By. Early autumn Joe's, design skills are tested, as he grappled, with the engineering, of the very big, roof, window for the top of the house not. Happy with it being triple glazed Joe, wants it quadruple, glazed, which, will make it remarkably. Heavy maybe, even difficult to open / access up onto the roof. So. If we were to sable will try and reproduce this detail. Like. So yeah, that I don't, think that will be necessary a site. Meeting with a glazing supplier, might, give Joe his window, on paper it, won't be delivered until December. This. New resolve, for high performance has. Put an end to a Christmas deadline. As. Much as I'd love to have been in before Christmas I've, got to be realistic with the circumstances, they changed I have to adapt it's. Not how I would run a project going forwards no but that's because I've learned from this project and because I know more now than I knew yesterday. Joe's. New ambition isn't just costing time it's. Costing money too. With. 30,000. Pounds left of their 160. Grand budget he has to pull in favors wherever, he can. This. Is George Stuart is my neighbor who very kindly is. Letting, me have. Power. To, the site so we can we, can crack on and light. During the winter exactly. So you can finish it a. Long. Wait for a complicated, roof, window means, Joe can focus on over, complicating, other aspects, of this tiny, house like, the cladding. Hours. And hours spent on the computer boils, down to a small, piece of cardboard. With. The help of two friends, Joe's revised, his cladding, design once. Made of uniform, pieces Joe, now wants a pattern made up of varying, widths, and lengths, with. This there's more, of a process, but sort of celebrating, the joint rather than trying to hide it a. Job. That could have taken a week will.

Now Take four. And for, most of that Joe, works, alone I. Don't. Have a very lavish life oh. Yeah. I get, up I come here I work, I got home I sleep. By. Early, November winter. Begins, to bite working. 15 hour days Joe's. Learning, that ambition, has a cost. Lina's. Support has never been more important. I'm. Tired I'm hungry, what. Did you do today. Put small cladding up. Yeah. He's, busy, he's. Very passionate about this project I think, he's getting a bit frustrated when stuff is taking a bit longer than he wanted to every. Little task, takes, usually, double or triple the time. After. A grueling 14. Months, since work began as. Long asked this building gives Joe his first glimpse, of a finish. It. Feels great now the claddings on. 95%. Of the, nails I've hammered home myself, so, it, feels like quite a personal, accomplishment, I think at the end. Two. Weeks before Christmas and the, roof window Joe's been dreaming, of for three months arrives, on site that's. The opening. Section. Coming. Up this. Glass is. About twice as good as, all the other glass they've got in the house and. All the other glass is. About twice as good as the, glass in most people's houses so. This. Is the magic glass. 200. Kilos, of the latest eco glazing, technology is positioned, with millimeter precision. He's. Just coming down. Now. It means that the whole house gonna be like insulated. And airtight, because. All the windows are in. Six. Months behind schedule and now, all work, has ground, to a halt. It's. Nice to. Just design for design but um it's. The real world and yeah money, money. Is unfortunately. A drag on things and you've, got to find it to finish it's, probably depleted, pretty much the entire original, budget to. Get where we are now but, I'll, find a solution and I've, just got to be confident in that. To. Keep things moving Joe turned to Leena for support the. Project starts out as a simple idea you, two building, a home that's relatively affordable in East London it's grown into something that's. Kind of far more adventurous. You put some money in as well yeah so, how much is that know 25,000. Okay so you've got an investment in the project estate everything's, taking much longer than we thought I tried. To push, stuff to go faster, base difficult big because I love him and I can see it's really painful to him to compromise on certain things so. You. You have needs to know yeah. Definitely. But. That. Will have to the, house is done. Despite. Lina's cash injection by, April this house is still a long way from finished.

You. Will never hear a Christmas. Beautiful. But. It still finished what, we've been doing so no bit harder thing than there then I thought just working now we're working, there a bit on your own sometimes so we're yeah longer. Inside. This house is obviously not. Complete the fundamentals. Are all missing electrics. Pasta, stairs. I think. There's no excuse for falling. Short and if you know there's a better solution what. Do you have to do to get there but, um I don't, want to fall at the last hurdle if you know what I mean yeah that isn't the problem the problem is that you keep making new hurdles for yourself yeah there's been some compromises. In time, and and and where we're living and everything but I think the house that I was planning to build for 160, is not the house that I've built here, two. Years ago Joe. Hadn't planned to install the latest high-pressure, misting, sprinklers. Or. A cutting-edge. Low-energy, heating, and hot water system. Throughout. The summer progress. Is slow but still, Joe's, commitment, is steadfast. Part, the frustration as I can see what this can can all become if it's all done exactly as I want it and. I think it's, about staying, true to that. The. Real question is will, Joe's vision, for this house ever, become. Reality. It's. Been just over two, years since, I first met Joe, and Lina and heard, about their plans for a tiny two-bedroom. House with, a big, pioneering. Spirit. Now. I want a different perspective on one of East London's, smallest. Buildings. Will. You look at that, what. A skyline. You. Know this part of London in the East End 200. Years ago it, was just feels it grew. Effectively. As housing. To, support, the docks as, they grew and then. It. Was an area that became heavily bombed during, the Second World War to the extent, that there are big. Holes that, have since been plugged with social. Housing programs, at the 20th century and in, amongst all of that the. Occasional. Little shining. Example. Of something, new of. Regeneration. There's. Joe's house. This, is all very tidy. Neat. I'm. So, does this house. Very, tidy very, polished. Very, nicely detailed. It. May be small, but, this building packs some, punch, the. Contrast, of sleek cedar against, Victorian, brick is genuinely. Exciting. This. Is young trendy, sustainable. Housing what, you might call box. Fresh. Hey. Joe. Yeah. The. Better for seeing you and this place hi Lina. Look. At this I just. Hadn't expected, it to be so precisely. Polished, in the way it is all. This new tarmac, you know you'll, pay for this this was a collection, of you. Know the landlords and new, homeowners, and everyone here and then who pay for the wall then so that was done with the council so all these guys benefit, exactly. Yeah I think it would have been quite rude to just do my place and not, really look at the residents and the surrounding area feel. Safer to come in here and we. All get to know each other now we talk to each other say good community it. Will regeneration, or we started individuals yeah so. Well done nice job thank you from the outside it it's. Actually shrunk because it had a scaffolding on it for so long it's just shrunk back to its correct. Perimeter, yeah it was almost on the same land again borrowed I really. Want to know how big it is on the envelope then come on. What-a-light. Building. Whitewalls. Opens. Staircases, and natural. Light make. This building seem to expand. As soon as you cross the threshold, no. Longer a drawing, or a building site Joe, and Lena have made a real, house funny. Every, time stood, on one of these machines. To, live on and yet actually we are in a really generous sized full, way. And. Your. Staircase, it's. Pretty minimal, I do like it's very white - it's somewhat it's altergott holding it let the way through the. Open flowing, interior, fools you into thinking this building is much bigger than it really is an. Illusion. That continues, upstairs, in Lena's office. Areas. Defined is about five feet by four feet it's kitschy. But it's great plenty of space yeah if, we're suggesting more, space and there is and, ceilings. In you can touch. The. Master bedroom is also tall full, width and just, big enough to be civilized. Thanks entirely, to the way Jose designs, the storage, that's. The key thing is there make, your, fitted, furniture full height was. Stored here also then make it a warp for. All the complications, Joe has brought to this building the, finished, space is elegant, simple.

And Even, generous, as though, it could have been slotted, together, with a rubber mallet and an allen key in just, a few days. Some. Spaces, and choice of views really do, you know what it is it's. Not uncomfortably. Warm it's just really really, Pleasant this building it's not it's. It's. It keeps the heat in it doesn't it yeah maximum. Heat demand I think in the winter is about 650, watts which is almost. Nothing it's, very yeah exactly very very low and and super insulated yeah. Wow. That. Is one complicated, view isn't it as if. You came up the building the views get less, constricted and it sort of takes. You somewhere else you know yeah most, dramatic. View is probably one and then, right here from the sky, yeah. But. Meantime there's. A room which. Is remarkable. Great. Really, generous kitchen. This. Is the point where in the house the only point where you get to sort of really. See, the full wits almost a full-length up there it's. Not subdividing. What's. Your interesting is that you come up the. Spaces get more interesting they, get bigger each room gets bigger that is bigger than the two rooms on ya previous, laughing and, at the same time the windows, get larger, they take in more sky until, you end up with this view which, is like tiny, house view to infinity the. Whole idea was that it was a crescendo to this, space that's. One of the beauties, of this house is that it's all, bespoke. It. Means it's everything, we want really. This, small. House has, two bathrooms. While, off the hall and a, wet room in the basement of the, basement there was such a challenge. Down. Here, hides the subterranean spare, bedroom and in, the depths. This. Is a place with potential. Creative. Especially. Are. You past the. Horror I've. Moved positively, forward from it it was horrible, at a time yeah. You can do well on it or you can build the rest of the house. Both. Inside. And out, Joe's. Fastidious. I for detail and uncompromising. Attitude, to, quality, is in evidence. There's. No hint this is the work of someone learning on the job. The. Impact of this house will not only make itself felt on the local community, but, also undoubtedly. On the future of the young man that, built it. Kind. Of a whole different. Agenda here it was about making, yourself a simple, house you. Could both enjoy and living you thought you'd carry on working and who knows well the future would lead you you gave up your job, you you became entirely, focused on this project you altered. What it was meant to be it's, all been reactive so it's been designing it as we go along rather than having this pre-defined. Design. Is, also. An. Element of, overcompensation. Having, not. Got. The grass where you wanted them to be with the rest of the project seem to me that you really wanted, to kind of super, perform this is a project where I've, compensated. For, the issues and also then been, rather creative, in going well how do I find what I want and I think it, had to be in this sort of detailed. And sort, of long-winded. Approach so, yeah it's been tiring at times but. Every time I look at it and try and think I was it worth it or was it not it's a resounding yes, it was worth it Joe, has always say this is about him learning, how, to build the house and, it's more layers to it and his more things to do and you feel like the list is just becoming longer and longer but. We managed to get here in the end we managed to finish. Everything, Lena. You're you you're. The powder in this but. You're also the investor, you're the backup to an extent as are. Your parents do, you feel that it's you, supported, an indulgence. Joe's. Worked so hard in the house it hasn't felt like it's an indulgence I, sometimes, turn around to say things you don't have to do this if you don't want to we can find another solution but, he wants to do, you feel an eco sense of ownership. I. Think. Because Joe has put nineteen. Ninety five percent into the house I will say the Joe's house but it's our home, how. Much it cost in the end we're. Probably it's. Probably about 250 on this opposed to 160, which is ninety thousand over which is. I. Was expecting, as a bit May but, I wasn't expected to stretch quite so far this. Way of building isn't the most affordable way of doing it but for what. We've got here could we afford to buy it absolutely. Not, it's. Been a longer journey than we both expected, but. Um yeah. I think it now gives us a bit of a framework. To, to. Workable community but, this house we managed to create. A dream together and I. Think he's galvanized, our relationship, it's really sort of added, another layer and yeah. I'd, do. It again with her she, wanted to would you if. I can stay here whilst we're building. You, know we should stop measuring houses, by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, they've got and measure instead, their energy.

By, Which I mean the human, energy that goes into making them because, this place you see is only the, powerful, little space capsule, that it is thanks, to all, the, all, the genius, and the design ideas, and the passion. And the commitment and. The time spent. Building. It by. Journal inner by their. Collaborators, their friends, and now this place is poised. To, give, it all back to change. Joe. And leaners lives to, improve, where. It is to actually, perhaps make a contribution, to the wider regeneration. Of this panel London. What. An extraordinary, potential, it has. Powerful. Big ideas can, come in small packages.

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that house is beautiful, and story behind it makes it priceless

Possibly the most beautiful 'tiny' house - which isn't really that tiny - I have ever seen. I want one!

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