Master's in Business Analytics 2022 Course Preview

Master's in Business Analytics 2022 Course Preview

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Hey. Richardson, TX is really warm this morning. It's been called.

a few days, but I'm sure that all of you. wherever you're joining us from are doing well. We wanted to take. A few minutes to talk to you about something which is very important. to you all in which is course registration and I'm sure that there are a lot of questions. Anxiety probably about it, and this is a new thing and.

a lot of excitement, I would say most of it is a lot of excitement. So when you have questions, I think the. source of those questions somewhere is some kind of excitement and. we are very happy that it's just a few more. days and you will be here with us in the program well.

this session is aimed towards some of the common questions. that we get around course registrations and specially. with new students as to what needs to be done.

So I'm going to take you through some slides here. which has some important information and then we'll straightaway jump into. the Q&A. Now, please use the Q&A feature.

f this live event to ask your questions and. we will go through them. I don't think so hours presentation.

should take more than 15 or 20 minutes, but right after. that, we'll jump into your questions. The number one thing, and if you have not done it already, please. go ahead.

And if you're planning to join us for summer or fall, go. ahead and accept the admit. There is no fee for accepting. the admit. There's nothing called a seat fee here or. you have to pay something to secure your admission.

The admission is given. to you that is secured. All you have to do is. just let us know by accepting the admin that you plan.

to come to Dallas and again all the. Ability that you may not have right now because. if you have not accepted the admission, you will not see a lot of features. like course enrollment and also please do that if you need. steps you Dallas dot dot dot slash. accept is where you need to go to accept the admission.

Catalog so the new fall catalog. is out. And if you go to this link right here. You will see and all you have to do is come to our business.

analytics flex program and click on the catalog and you'll go. to this page. But the new catalog is updated there.

are a lot of new courses that we have added some very exciting. courses that I've done personally very excited about to see you all. take them, but you can find that entire listing.

for the next year. There. Now people who are starting in summer. you will still follow the. The previous years catalog, but again. you can always change and move on to the new one.

in fall if you want to do that. Some common questions that come around the TB test and meningitis. vaccine is that yes, you are required to take a. TV test at a authorized. place or at UTD. Allison mostly students take.

it at UTD Allison in case needed they go to places that are authorized. by UT Dallas on the Student Health Center website you will. find all those details of the centers. Now remember the.

TB test has to be done on US soil you can't do. it internationally. It has to be done at a place that's. Authorized by UT Dallas and hence the list is available so please. do not get a test done anywhere else.

Thinking that will be accepted. The other thing is about the meningitis vaccine and. meningitis vaccine. Now you may see a hold if you are.

below the age of 22 or you might see that requirement. out there. But remember if you are. Not.

Dining 22 before the start of classes so on. the day of the start of classes. And let's say for fall 20. August 23rd, if you don't turn 22 by then. ou are required to take the vaccine. Again, the details of where you can take the vaccine from all is given and.

again it can be done internationally. The details. are there, they just need some proof that you have been vaccinated all. that information is on the Student Health Center website now.

let's say you are right now less than. 22, but in the next few weeks you're turning 20. And then by the time of the classes you will be there, you can. reach out to register at to just. move that hold. This is one of the health related holds.

Where you don't have to reach out to the Student Health Center is the validators. vaccine hold now. If you see a TB test, hold, don't. sk this health center to remove it as them to move. it. There's a difference.

When you say that, please remove my hold without the test that. cannot happen. They have to do the test to remove it, but to.

help you register for classes. They will need you to or. they will just move the hold by a few weeks so that. right now you have the ability to register for classes, but before you sit.

in the class and you must complete the TB test. Any other holes that you may have, things like? You're a enrollment related holds reach. out to JSOM. GR advising at UTD when. the and when I say enrollment related holds holds carrot register.

online. Now I know that our advisors are working. diligently on removing those holes but. if you don't see them removed a couple of days. before your appointment time, please make sure. that you email JSOMGR advising at Dallas asking.

them to remove it. Any health center related so the only. one that we can talk about here is the TB test. And that is helps and at UTD, LS or any.

other holds that you have admission at UTD LSD is. the place to go for. I just mentioned about the appointment and all of you. can check out your enrollment appointment.

So every student is. get given an enrollment appointment on which they start enrolling. Now that's not the window which only. ly in that window you can go and register for classes you can register.

for classes in any window. I know that at any time starting that window so. The reason why we do that is and again it all. depends on. How new URTUT Dallas.

So the newer students will. get the latest slot. Students were close to.

graduation will get the earliest preference and that is done to ensure. that not everybody jumps on enrolling. for the same classes at the same time and creating a blockage there. So that's why you will see them staggered now. You may see that some of you may.

get a slot which is a few hours. or maybe a day after another peer of yours who's got. that allocation is random. But the way we. Take care of it in the program is see that courses.

that you need to take as a student, we make sure that there are enough. sections that you can enroll in so you're protected in. some way. The important word what courses to take in their first semester. and again the three courses that are listed here database. Foundation for Analytics One 6320 BUAN 63.

6 business analytics with R and Moral 60. 9 Advanced DISTICHS for Data Science. All these three courses. are recommended, but if you don't want. to take them in their first semester, not a problem. We just have to remember.

one thing. These courses for some of you advanced courses are pre Dex. So you better take them in their first semester so that he had done with. the fact that you have to complete them later on say. a prereq is a course that has to be done in a semester prior. to the course for which it is a prereq.

And then there are. courses that are corequisites. So for example. One 6356 has a prereq and. also at the same time a correc off advance statistiques. Which means that advance statistiques can be taken in.

a semester before BA with R or it can be taken. along with behave without because it is occurring. Now one of the courses that is not listed here and I'll. just mention that it's called big Data just for an example. Big data as Prereq is 160.

Twenty the database foundations class which means the. 6320 has to be taken in SMS stuff before. you take big data.

You cannot take it together. because big data doesn't have a corequisite. of 6328 has a prerequisite. So that's.

the difference that you need to know. Now you can take any course in their first semester. There is. no hard and fast rule that you must complete your core and. then only you take electives.

You can mix and match it anyway you want. to. The only thing that you have to remember is if. you're taking a course. Have you met the prerequisites? If there is a? prerequisite now there are a lot of courses which don't have prerequisites, for example.

we have BUAN 6385 which is robotic. process automation. RPA has no prerequisite you can take. that in their first semester without any issues. If a course has a correct then you can take that in the same. semester, so maybe not at first semester code was just.

for an example. The deep learning class that we. have has a CO requisite or a prerequisite of machine learning.

which means because it has a CO requisite, it can be taken. in the same semester together. The only thing I want to stress here. is that how pre Recs and core X are different and they cannot be interchanged. The other thing is.

You cannot say that we have certain experience, so can. we take it as a CO requisite? Not really. A prereq has to be taken before a court records to beat can be. taken together in the same semester. For our domestic students, you can take any.

of the courses available. Just make sure that you look. at the prerequisites and the corequisites mass 6. 02, which is professional development. It's a one credit hour course. and it's outside of the 36 credits.

It's a program prerequisite. Can be taken a it has to be taken in their first semester. but you can wave it off and there are the link. that you can see helps you. To look at the different criteria, so one of.

the criteria is that's most important is have you at. least spent two years in the US working for any company if. you have done that, then you have the experience and they will waive it off. And there are some.

other criterias as well, like you enroll in an MBA program. Have you done a similar course at Utd, et cetera, et cetera. But if you have not worked in the US and you have not taken a. course related to this before at UTD, then you cannot favorite. off.

So irrespective of your status, I would still recommend. that look at this link and find out if you. meet any of the criteria is.

OPRE 63 three is. again another course, which is a program prerequisite. It's a 3. ree credit course, is not part of the 36 credit and. it has to be taken in the first semester. Now how? do we know if we have to take professional development or OPRE? 63 or three and OPRE 63 three is a course for.

students who do not have the calculus background. Both these courses, if they are required, would be listed. on your admit. All of you have received an admit letter, and it would be listed there if.

it says that you have to take. Either one of them or both of them, then you. have to date them. Now for our international students, again you. can enroll in any of the courses provided you take care of the pier, I can.

correct, but you need to enroll in at least nine credits. That is by. By USCIS as of international. ional student, you need to be full time and full time student status. for fall 22 or if you start in spring 2020.

has to be 9 credits. Now if you're starting in summer. You don't need 9 credits, you need 6 because six is enough to give.

you full time status. So you need to be a full time student when you start. off. Now you can take one course. per 9 credits which is online so they OW. courses that you see the section numbers on coursebook.

all of them are pre recorded courses. There online courses and you can take them if you want to. but you need to take only one per 9 credits or.

you can take two per 12 credits and this is specifically. for international students. Students, you take all your courses online. Not a problem. You're not bound by anything again the first semester. course of Mass six one or two has to be taken or OPRE.

63 or three if. It applies to you. Now academic calendar, when your classes start. what is the registration deadline? So there as a regular registration.

deadline and then right after that there. are 10 days that start for late registration. Now there is 100. charge for late Riser station but we are opening registration. for you. April, May, June, July, almost four months before.

The deadline hits, so you have enough time. The same document and it's a two page document that the entire. university follows for deadlines. So it the 2nd.

nd page of it has all the payment deadlines. And since you're registering. early, you will follow the early payment deadline which is.

July 27th. If you have received a scholarship or any kind of financial aid for. you, it is September 1st. And the reason why those extra days is given because once you.

now who the recipients are and their names are sent to the state for the. tuition discounts and all. But you're. Dear tuition type changes from in.

case. If it changes from out of state to install. hat so it takes time and that's why they extended time is given until September. 1st. For summer students it's may 19th that. you have to pay your fee or June 2nd now.

you have holds and there are two types of folds there. are positive holds and there are negative holds negative holes. are like cannot register online. That's a negative hold because it stops you. from doing something. But there are some positive holds as well.

That may be put on your account, like for example if there is an. extension on the fee payment for the entire. university. For new students, it will be put on your account as.

a positive hold. It doesn't stop you from doing anything but it. gives you the understanding of what needs to be done. or it's more like a way to communicate. a message to you. That should tell you this is the last slide, but you can contact me.

or message Leventhal for any kind of questions that you may. have. Our emails are there are direct phone numbers are there.

and I do see that we have some good questions, so. Let us see which ones are unanswered that we can. take right now. Right.

So. So one of the cores, the question that I do see that there's a question. about Enterprise system certificate and this is Leventhal. just posted the link there. One of the things about our.

certificates is that you can. Take the certificate as part. of your degree and you must make sure that the courses. that are there on the certificate also apply to your degree and the way we.

have created all these certificates in the area. is created in a way that they are not on. top of your degree, so they don't have codes as.

listed which are outside of the program. They are within the program. So if you take those courses you get dual credit, you get credit towards. your certificate, you get credit towards your degree.

program, you don't pay tuition twice, you just pay tuition. Once. The other thing and which is an important one, is I would. ot recommend doing it now, but once the Census Day for. your semesters are over, whether it is fall or summer and. you want to go for any of the certificates, we will need an application put.

that application in at that point of time, there will be only three things that. will be required your resume short. essay three or four test sentences as to why you want to pursue a particular. certificate, and then one letter of recommendation. You may know faculty around by then you can ask them to write.

ne for you. Don't have to pay any application fee. Why? Because now you get a waiver since you are a current student.

or let's say any time in the future after you graduate. and you want to do a certificate, you will never have to pay the application fee because. that's what is waived for current students under lamps. So I'm looking at the question that I'm planning to attend from. fall semester still have a TB test or send an email to health.

Center department requesting to push it. OK, alright. We I know that. are the team at the health Center is pushing.

those holds forward so that students can register. But if close to your maybe in the next. two days if you don't see that mode, send me an email directly. and I will see what can be done another thing. that I want to mention here is that any kind of holds.

may or Mrs Leventhal, we don't. Move those holes. We are not. We are not the. ones who are have the authority or even.

the ability to go and move those holds. But when we ask. ed you guys to send us an email with just trying to provide you some. xtra service to help you by reaching out to people now. w we also want to be courteous to our colleagues.

here and make sure that we are not bombarding them with. mails, that there is an email sent by you. Then there's an email sent by us. because remember.

Some of these are colleagues that time. that they will use to answer an email they can. use that time to maybe remove your hold altogether. So don't worry if you're getting, you still have time.

Look at. your appointment. If you are very close to the appointment.

and they hold has not been removed, we will help you. out. Having said that, even if let's.

say on the day of your appointment, ahold is still there. It's. not a situation in which you cannot come out it because there are so many. options available for first year students.

that you don't run out of those options. So don't worry, we. will be there to take care of. There might be a situation. where you'll see that all classes are filled and you don't have any place to go.

Don't panic. We have always evaluated how enrollments. are going, how the wait lists are going, do we need to increase the? capacity of the class? Do we need to add new sections, etc. We do all that. But we request from you is some patience.

Let. us know if there is something that you're not able to do. like register for class or whatever it is, but have faith we will. take care of you. And again, when we add new sections, it's not. like that we can just go in and just add a random.

section. Again, there is proper planning that has to be done, but. we expedite everything so that we ensure. that those sections or those new capacities are added as soon. as possible to help you enroll. So let.

us help you but also know that. we will take care of student out there will. be in a situation where they say I have nothing to enroll.

There are options always. In the enrollment and this is from a nice girl in the enrollment appointments tab. under manage my classes option, I can see two dates for.

regular academic session begins 6th April and. 25th Dave. Yes, so 6th is fine and again there are.

There are different kinds of sessions out there and thank. you for that question because that reminded me of something that I'm sure. that you are. Some of you might be confused about, so you may say something called.

a full term and then you may see an 8 week session 1st 8. eight week session, second eight week session and this is what fall for. summer students. You might see a first five week session and 2nd 5 weeks.

session for all of you. A full term applies. You don't do the first eight week or second eight week like that unless. there is a course which is available that base. So let's say. we have the.

The professional development class and that might. be a first eight week session or a second eight week session because those. are not full semester courses, but most anytime. you're taking a three credit class that is going to be full term.

There are very few of them that are. one credit, so your internship can be one or two credit class. And it can be both full term or it could be the first state. week or second eight week. Your PD classes such. So depending on what classes which is but 90.

of your classes that you will take the three credit courses. are always going to be full term. Under a kid and I would like to know about T&RA opportunities. and this is Leventhal. Put that it you're not eligible. in their first semester because we need you.

to have one experience that Dallas so. when you when we hire you as a TA it is because. of your ability is here that you had demonstrated in a classroom. Not for what you come into the program with and.

to make that work, we want you to spend. one semester and we want you to get a UFD. The minimum GPU that. you need is a 3.4 and it. courses for which we are going to hire you should.

have taken those courses at UTD and also. should have secured an A in those classes. That's the minimum requirement. Now another thing that you have to remember is. You can apply for T aships in their first.

semester for a second semester. Tissue like in fall. you can apply for a spring THM. The other thing to keep. in mind is a T shape is not.

an academic award. It's not like that. If you get a four. point here you go because you have a four point is here is.

a TS ship. It's a job and we evaluate. your academic abilities.

We also evaluate the ability. that you have to manage people. Every tear gets.

to work with 150 to 200 students. So are you somebody who can take that low along with being a full? time student? So those qualities also is something that we. look at. And of course your academic performance to make. a decision whether we will hire you as a tear or not application.

is open for everybody. And even though you will not. have a GPA, let's say if you're a first semester student in. summer or fall, you still can apply.

You still can apply because what we do is we. look at your GPA at the end of the semester and then make a decision that, OK. are we going forward with your candidature? or not? Have an MSBA flex admin for accepted now.

forgot my I-20 welcome calculations on that. And the I-20 timelines are 7 to 10 business days. Again, not calendar days, business days and last. checked with ISO they even if. they get very close to that 10 business day Mark. they are still issuing it within that 10 business.

days. And by the way, when I say that I also. mean that all the documents that they need from. you have been received, if they've not been received, they'll. go back to you. They will tell you what is missing out.

So what I would say is. when you're applying for and I20 be conscious. about the fact that in case your documentation is not. Correct. They will come back to you and when they come back to you, that might take.

some extra time. The scholarship admission applications may be pending. because, again, if you don't get a scholarship. in a certain round and we give it out and on a rolling basis.

if you don't get a scholarship in a certain now we don't reject your application. out, right, we put you back in the pool and then when we come back for another. review, we look at your candidature again with the new.

criteria. So you will not hear about any. rejection until the. time when the committee has kind of looked at all the possible. Applications now may 1st is the deadline for us to receive. your scholarship application as well as your.

official GR GMAT scores. So I would say that a few weeks. after May 1st is when the final decisions that will be rolled out.

Because at the after that we after May 1st we don't have any new applications. that we entertain. And as Mrs Leventhal mentioned, it's not.

Something that we take care of at the program. level, this is something that is done at. The school levels we haven't committee for that. I'm looking at the questions to see which ones.

Dance. So somebody asked about the dual degree at how many credits. they should taken. Again as Mrs Leventhal. mentioned, it's your choice. But what I would recommend.

is once you come here, connect with students. Who are doing a dual degree to figure out what they have done. in terms of managing their schedules. So every student is different we. have had students who have loaded 18.

8 credits in a semester and they have completed it. There are students. who did it at a slower pace than that, but it all depends on what your ability is.

I would say do not overload yourself with too many credits in the first semester because the first semester is very important. Why is it important? So you're getting into this habit of taking classes you are getting into the habit of. Setting yourself into a routine of taking classes. doing assignments, etc, et cetera.

There are lot of urine, a discovery. phase, and when you are in a discovery phase, you don't want to. set yourself up for too much of work.

by taking too many classes. Now, I'm not saying that you cannot take those classes, but. My personal recommendation would be. 9 or 12 credits, and that excludes the PD class. So.

that's like 10 and 13 credits that you take in SMS to explore and. then figure out if you want to take more classes later on for. summer students. I would not recommend more than two classes, but she want to.

take a third one. That's totally a decision. I see. If you go to our catalog, you. will see the new.

If on our program page you will see the latest catalog. posted out there. And we just published it like it's a very recent change. How we can looking at all the questions that are not answered. Yes, OK, instructors.

So a lot of instructors that you might. see are not yet assigned. Then the reason is because we. go through a cycle where we look at our full time faculty and then see.

wherever the needs are. For us to wear our urgent. faculty, or if we need to add more sections. who will be teaching that? So we go through a process ourselves, but we. put out for you is at least a section that.

we have found as part 4 and we have a time for so. my recommendation would be to look at the date and. time and go from there. To create your schedule. Now remember you might hear. different types of opinions about faculty.

from friends and from other people that you may have spoken to and. everybody has an opinion. So everybody has an opinion because it's their own personal experience. Just because somebody had a great experience doesn't mean that. you might have the same one.

Yeah, there is a probability. That you might have a similar experience, but let's say somebody. did not have a good experience with this particular instructor, remember. there are always students who have a good and. not so good experience in the same class and it.

all depends on who you end up talking to. So. One of the things you can do is on coursebook we have previous. years evaluations of faculty that. is something that you can look at to base your decision off.

OK. Because just don't let somebody one. persons opinion just derail.

everything that you think about a certain course or certain? faculty or whatever it is. So keep your eyes and ears. open, talk to more people if needed. But. then the. You have to remember one thing every student.

Getting something in every class. There are students who gain. a lot depending on how they work, and then there are students who. have certain struggles and every faculty. is committed towards helping you with whatever you're struggling with. So they are in the school.

Just remember they are vetted. So if I was you, I would look at what timings workout and then. just go for those courses because at the end of the day.

the most important thing for you is the course that you want to take. The presentation will be shared absolutely and in. fact I'm also going to insert another set of. another slide with the set. Of course is that we generally. recommend for the first semester and specially the ones which.

don't have any prereqs so that what are those courses in those. sections. So yes, we will, you will see this. If you have any hold related to vaccines.

You will not be able to register for classes unless that hold. is pushed to the future. So if the start, if you see a hold. don't just. Panic just by looking at the whole look at the date if. that date is in the future, then you can register right now.

Yes, you can register if you're. Transcripts or degree official ones have not been sent yet because. we have the unofficial ones will let you go and. Register for classes you have until the start of the semester. to send those official ones. Now you can send it through.

your undergrad institution by asking them to a test it and. email it directly from the undergrad institutions official email. address to admission, single word, singular. word admission at Utd, Alice. What you do or you can have them a.

desk copies of it, put it in an envelope, seal the envelope. stamp the seals. And send it directly or if you want to take that envelope. and mail it to you T Dallas, you can do that. Or if you want to bring it with you. and submit here in the drop box that also can be done.

There are multiple ways to do it. Now if you need time more beyond. the start of the semester. Reach out your admission at Let them know what is. the reason.

Give if it's a genuine reason. Like you're university. Shut down now. That's a genuine reason they will.

give you time. Or did give is only a few months. They will put a hold on your enrollment for the second semester.

because they would need your official documents by them. How do I opt for ML certification so the certificate program is? open to all once you're here in your first semester, just simply go. and submit an application and make sure that you complete. the four courses so the four courses for Liz. BA with R which is also your code for business.

analytics. Advance BA with R Sorry advanced statistics my. y apologies. That is the 2nd core. course that you have and then for the certificate.

you need to take the applied machine learning course which is an advanced course. which you take at least in your second semester. These three are the required courses. and then the 4th course could be the natural language.

processing the NLP course or the deep learning course either of the. one if you take you will meet the criteria and to get the. certificate and you can get the certificate even before you get your degree. And you can use that certificate to go out and talk about.

obs. And if you're applying to internships and all. you can show them that you have completed something.

But. You can get that before you graduate. So anonymous, we just talked about the. The unofficial documents and can we pick courses across? any of the concentrations that we need to do is take coldly course other great. question.

You can pick anything you mix. and match you. It's like a buffet in. the buffet.

They don't tell you that you need to just take one of. each dish. They put everything in front of you pick.

and choose how you want to do that. Your cork apart from your core. classes, your electives are there and there are about 70 choice 70. choices to pick from electives. You can pick all your letters from the same track.

You can pick. multiple courses from multiple tracks even. if you want to go beyond 36 credits, you can do that. in your graduating semester. You can take more than 36 credits worth. of courses, but all that is possible and it's your choice.

how you want to go about it. The recording will be available, yes. I've got my admitt on March 25th and IC cannot. register. Will it create a prod? It will because we just talked about.

it. You cannot register for classes. And he will have either advising will remove it. or you'll have to send an email to JSOM GR advising.

entity Dallas. When get as start internships alright so. With the fall 22 catalog, we have a new. rule that's coming in. So we as of now we. have the 18 credit requirement that once you finish your 18.

credits, you are required to start an internship. But. that is going away. We're going back to.

you know what for international students it is. Too long semesters that you should have spent here in the US. before you started internship and for domestics.

at least 12 credits that you should have finished in the program and. you can start it internship but typically. falls students they start there first internship in summer.

but you can start applying for internships as soon as you. come here to utdallas because sometimes companies. take a lot of time before they. Before they hire you because they might hire. you in October for a May internship all the way. OK, I'm going to skip the ones that I've already answered, so.

any cannot register online questions I'm skipping. them right now. Irish great question, what tools do we use during our program? And I actually had a one pager for that, which I will share.

in less than a second. Give me a second. There. Alright, I have it on my screen. The set of tools that you learn.

our Hadoop, python. SAS. app, manga batches, Park Awos. s, Oracle, Tableau, or Power BI.

SQL Server, hive click or text, you name it and. our students use it. There are tons of these packages around Python.

And I mean that you will end up using and there are lots. of great tools that are instructors use in their classes. to help you gain hands on experience and this. is just a snapshot of some of them. So thank you for that question there. Put off campus student.

What type of transport is available? Another great question. So we have a bus called 8380. Why? Because on the number, if you look at it 883 is.

UTD, but that bus is available. from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM in the night every 15 minutes. or so, you will see that bus go on your route and it covers. I-225 mile radius of the campus, and.

ost of the off campus community is where our students live are within. one to two miles of the campus so that buses readily available. for you all to take and. also as a UTD student, sorta Dallas. rea Rapid Transit, which is our local public transport you. get a card called the Comet Card which is your ID card at the university.

that doubles up as a dot pass. So all you have to. do is just walk into any of the trains or buses, which is part. of the Dallas Fort Worth. Triplex show that card and you don't have to pay.

It's free. for you. As a student. So some courses that you might want to take before the start of the semester. I would say courses like R and Python. or two things that you will readily use in the program.

So any foundational. cores that can get you started is good. On top of it, add any database whether it is Oracle. it is my SQL, the ability to write queries is what we need to have. and justice foundations.

Again, don't spend too much money. There are a lot of. There's a lot of free content.

available and what we do is in the course of. The program from now until the start of the program we. will invite you for bootcamps.

We will invite you for. In about workshops and we will send stuff that you can. read yourself. For example the being.

a first semester student if you're taking. the stats class, every student in the stats class. will receive a set of videos.

It's about two to five hours. long, but those videos help you get started. with stats, and that's what we'll do there.

OK. How to choose which professor to choose for any specific class? out of the multiple professors or the same? I would say start with. What you are? What do you preferences in terms of time? OK, that is one way of choosing your professors. And then look at. You might look at course evaluations.

from previous semesters. But what I would say is start with the time because. that's the most important piece.

See in every class you will learn something. right. There are every professor has their style. And again, the person who might be giving you some feedback.

about any professor, maybe the style matches. maybe doesn't match. But look at, look at that you can look. at their course evaluations. You can look at what time they're teaching.

and then let that be a point from where you. make the decision. Which class to choose. Or you simply pick up our class if you want to register under a certain.

professor. Whatever classes available. If there is a seat, you just.

enroll in that. Again, if the class is full and there is another section open. And you're not able to get on the waitlist just get. into one of the sections because at the end of the day you don't want to be in. a situation where you waited too long for. a spot to get open under a certain instructor and you didn't.

end up getting that spot. Yes, you can do some courses and as I said, we will share. whatever we can with you before the start of classes to get you. kind of acquainted into the last 10 minutes. So I'll just take questions that I feel we have not answered at all. or we have not touched on at all.

If your status says that your multicolour did, you can start. enrolling. That is just like that you have accepted and now you're.

ready to enroll. How indulgence for college credits work at MSBA Flex program. you can just simply take an internship. You will have to assign. it a 012 or three credits to it.

You can. split those three credits across multiple semesters. That's. the best thing about it. But the max that you can work on and internship. is 364 days, so you can do multiple semesters.

worth of internships, but all of that should total to 360. when you get an internship, you simply report it to the. university. The career center approves it to see if.

the company is legit. Then the program see is that whether this internship is related to the coursework. that you have taken or not and is it at the level.

of a master student and then we send it to advising. they put you in the class or whatever credits that you have picked up and. then finally if you're an international student ISO. will issue you and I20 which is work authorization. for you to work on your internship.

How many tears or others are employed so in our department? we pick up about 30 to 35 T is every long? semester? Overall, the school employs close to. I would say, 8200 T as every semester, so when. you apply you apply to the giant pool from where all the department.

they pick their tears. Is it mandatory that elective and core classes to be taken in the 4th is? there any mandatory OK? The only mandatory classes that you must take? in their first semester is the professional development class or? And OPRE 63, three and both these. classes will be listed on your admin letter, so whichever classes. listed, maybe you don't have OPRE 63 three. listed. You will not have to take that class.

But those are the mandatory ones. The rest, the three that I showed you database be without an. advanced as they're recommended because they are. Pre Recs for a lot of advanced courses.

And we will send you stuff. And by the way, you can. take up to 6 credits, which is 2 courses from. any degree program in the School of Management without. needing any additional approval.

There are a few courses. that we don't allow their 3/4 of them, and they're listed on the new. og, but apart from that, even if you want to take it outside. f the School of management, let's say in another school like computer Science, I know you can.

take those courses. But remember, there are two things. you will need approval from the department and JSOM.

and at the same time and JSOM is the Jindal School of Management. And the other thing is in case that other cores. that has pre Recs, you'll have to take those prereqs as well. Fresh might bump your credits beyond 36.

if needed. Absolutely. You can take the object oriented programming using Python. but remember we have programming for data science which also uses. Python. There is in fact a new course coming up on modeling data.

modeling which is start using Python. So there are multiple courses you. have to decide whether you want to take a foundational course. Or you want to take something which is advanced and uses. The orientation for the international students it is listed. on the you just.

need to look at the. International orientation page of beauty Dallas and if. you just Google International student orientation, UTI Dallas, that's. the first link that comes up. All the slots for summer. and fall are listed there.

And thank you for that. Because we when we send the recording and this. information, we will add that those links as well for you. So if you're taking 15 credits, anything beyond? 12 credits is free. If I split my courses like 12 credits 99.

64 terms inside, not have. So again, you are required to be a full time student. However you can do reduce course load for. a variety of reasons and the most popular reason that people. do reduce course load which is less than 9 credits is internships.

So if you do an internship and you're taking. less than 9 credits, you cannot do back to back semesters. of reduced courseload unless the second semester. when you're doing a reduced course load is your graduating semester in. your graduating semester all you need to do is one credit. Only for domestic student there's no face to face requirement.

You can just do one credit online as well. So for the scholarship, the accepting the admx it gives the. community an indication that you are seriously. pursuing utdallas, and that might help. So if you are under the age of 22 at the start of classes.

you will have to take the meningitis vaccine. The details of where. you can take it from is available on the. Student Health Center page. Just have to submit proof of vaccination and. I believe you can take it from any place possible.

You can get access to handshake once you are enrolled. into classes. The minimum wages depend depending on what you are. working for, so it can be anywhere from. I've seen what? I'm copying this, but eight point $5 to an hour to. 15 even $20.00 an hour.

Depending on what department it is, I think the average is. about $11.00 an hour. This is a graduate program. OK, so I'm sure that you've.

thought about it like how it is going to factor. into your future career that you're getting into this. program. Look at your career planners.

o what you want to do. And from there kind. of reverse engineer as to what skill sets you lack and. let that be the. The reason for what courses you want to take and you will see where.

those courses fit what tracks they fit into, however. if you have just a very simple question as to. how do I build my career around extract like.

let's say you want to say data science, how do I build a career around data? science then that's where you see that the data science track has. the courses which help you towards building your career in data science. But I think a better strategy would be to evaluate what you want. to do, do some research around it, that's why. in your first semester.

Even if you don't take some of the courses, it's not a deal breaker it. gives you time to become more aware and then you. take those reverse engineer what you are doing. And what do you want to do in the future? And then let that be the.

decision maker for you for which courses to take. You can register for classes even if you're in your final year. and if you have.

If you have an admin you can register, but remember. you cannot start your degree program if your results. re not out before the start of classes.

If there is a delay. for whatever reason, it is. Reach out to advising, see how many days it is, but. If there is a significant delay, then you probably. have to defer your admission to spring. OK, I am not taking the ones which have already answered.

Yes, if it is taking time to attest your degree, we don't need. your official documents right now to let you register for classes, simply. email admission at UTD, Allison. They'll ask them to move your. hold rather than remove your old. There's a difference.

What happens if a student fails a TB test? Well, it can happen. It has happened to a lot of students that they failed it and what they do is because. they do. The first test is a T spot blood test. It's. very sensitive.

It might give some false positives as well. So what? o is they refer you to a. Add another center or they ask you to do. a chest X ray to be sure and people.

Most of the people clear it very few. times here and there. We've had students who.

Who had TV or the they failed their TV tests? They. had to differ and if they are an international? student, go back, get the treatment, become better and. then come back.

So it's a communicable disease. So we want to make. sure that you're healthy around your peers. How do I know what is the best elective for me? Or is it? possible ways to evaluate the elective again? take the first few courses that we have asked? you to take, come to the campers, take those classes? that will help you gain some perspective as to where you. want to be.

Because once you are studying with people, once you are attending events. once you're talking to employers, there is so much of new. information for you to make better decisions.

OK, I am. Taking the ones that I feel. Get internships be done during the semester. They have to be done during the semester. only. I mean, you will be in one of the semesters anyways.

You can do a and multiple graduate certificates can. be pursued. That's not a problem.

If you want to take healthcare analytics and you want to take all the courses. in and you just want to do one internship for zero credit, that's. OK.

All we need is minimum from you one. internship for zero credit and in case you don't get an internship. there is an alternate course called the practicum that you can take to. meet that requirement.

It's a three credit course, flat 3 credits. no variables there. We don't know what the class size for fall 2022 will be. but we have always had the averages have. been between 3 to 400.

Yes. So if you have received the flex admission. you can simply just go ahead and in the same portal where. your appointment is listed. From that time you can start.

enrolling. Now if you have an admit from another program. as well and you don't want to pursue that program, I would strongly recommend. that please send an email to asking them to withdraw from the program that you don't. want to pursue.

Depending on company is there are. companies that use are there are companies that use Python and a lot of our. courses. So you have made with our where you have. Python with that is with our we have a new.

data modeling class that is coming up which is in Python. We have programming for data science which is Python in our. kind of mix. We have applied machine learning which is Python based. which as we have LLP which is Python based we have. A deep learning which is Python based.

I mean, so there are a lot of. classes that are Python based. That is there. You can take any mix of code and electors in their first semester. UTD provides temporary laptops. If you don't have them.

but they are leased out to you for a few days, I would strongly. recommend bring your own laptop and let's say if you're traveling. internationally and your laptop is not good, you want to buy a new one, you can buy it. here in the US.

You can always use your student discounts at places and a lot. of companies do give new student discounts that. you can avail. Once the meningitis holders moved or removed, then only you can. Register and you need to email registrar. at for meningitis related hours.

So the computer can figuration which I believe, which will. Every now and then the requirements are going. up. I would a year ago I would say minimum 16. B of RAM, at least 256 GB or. solid state because that's the way to go.

So you don't want to have a hard disk drive, you want. to have a solid state, and any decent graphics card. will work.

But now looking at you how things have. ged and how things move, and this is a laptop that you will be using. for at least couple years, I would say if you can. Go for 16 or 32GB RAM. And maybe 512 GB SSD that will help you. for a long period of time.

But the minimum that you would need is 16. GP RAM, 256 GP and. you also get 1GB of space on one drive. for free, 1TB not GB 1TB. Tell them you're a student here. The maximum credits by internship that you can use is.

3. Now you can take all three in one semester or you can have. three semesters or 111 credit each. Or you can have.

like a first internship of zero credit and then one credit and. then two credit. So there are all the permutations and combinations. you can think of as like that, but you can do only max of three. OK.

We talked about on campus jobs, when does class? registration for fall start? It will start in the? next few days. Check Orion for your appointment there. is an appointment listed for you and that will tell you when exactly starts. You any student can arrive 30 days before. international student can arrive 30 days before the start of classes. 30 calendar days.

Yes. So different people will have different slots if you. are this same new students because. of course there are limited slots, but the university kind of. spreads it around two to three days for. the same level of people.

And again it's very random. how it is given, but trust me on that it. doesn't give you a super advantage or puts you. at a disadvantage as well.

So and as you get closer to your graduation, your. slot will tend to get prioritized. based on how close you are to graduation. So a lot of student organizations will do their kickoffs. right at the start of the semester and they will send out flyers. Simply join those events and know what kind of student.

orgs are there. So again, the way this is what is not. every section that is offered in the program. is available right now.

So we might open more sections we might add. Have certain instructors that you. may want to take. They might take additional classes. so all that opens up in the next few weeks, so don't worry.

even if you are. If you have the last possible. appointment, it will still get classes that you're looking. for and that's why I say look at the courses you want to take. rather than.

I've just want to go with this one instructor because. one person told me that this is a good one. Do your research before you get into a class. Remember every instructor. has students that like the instructor, and there are.

students who will not have a good experience for whatever reason that. they have. So ask those reasons as.

well. When somebody says that OK, don't take a certain. professor will ask them why? What is the reason prod? them so that you are better informed. You can find it in the coursebook the evaluations from.

previous semesters. Just search for the course and you will see those. evaluations there out of five.

And it talks about multiple criterias in which. the scores are given out of five. It's probably knowledge. The four classes now your instructors will tell. you whether you want.

They want you to buy books or. they will provide the content. Every instructor is different, like for. example for my classes that I teach, there's no books that I.

ask them to buy. All they do is. everything that is provided is provided by me and. students don't have any additional expenses. You'll get out for one online course in this semester, provided if.

you're an international student, you need to take at least nine credits, which? you will take in their first semester so you can do that. If you want to take more than one it let's say 2, then you need to. at least enroll in 12 credits. Being an international student. The detailed steps and procedures so.

I did. Show you some of the I probably did not. add those links, but there are some Youtube links. for hours. From our advising office as to how you can go about.

registering and I'm going to share that in the email that. I sent with the recording. How soon? So a domestic students.

complete 12 credits and you already international students starting. in fall 22. You need to at least complete 2 long semesters. Internship credits are counted as part of 36 credits.

The class timings, so classes start anywhere between 8:30. AM all the way until 10:00 PM, so we have. classes starting at 10:00 o'clock in the morning then. there's an 1130 class. There's a one o'clock class.

There is at 2. 30 class, there's a four o'clock class. There's a 5. 0 classes, a seven o'clock class.

Now, depending on your. courses, you might have one setting for each. course every week, one sitting of two hours 45. minutes. Some of the sections, some of the courses might have.

two sections, two meetings of. And I went in 15 minutes each, but most of them. is once a week. Most of our students take. classes either at 1:00, o'clock in the afternoon or 4:00 o'clock or.

at 7:00 o'clock and then go for about 3 hours. What is the criteria for second year scholarship? If it's an academic scholarship? like Dean's excellence, it's all your. Your GPA and. all, but there are several donors scholarships there. are. There's a scholarship called deans impact that.

will take into account what you have done and extracurricular. activities that has impacted the student life at Utd. You will have to graduate at the end of 36. credits, but as I said in your final semester, you can. take beyond 36 credits, which means let's say in.

your final semester, you are left with one credit. You have not met 36. You don't have to just take that one. You can. take up to 18 if you want to go beyond that. But.

let's say you finish off. In. At lab, let's say.

I fall semester. And at the end of that semester, you are at 36 credits you. can't say and spring I'm going to take more classes and.

I'll be. I'll just take more classes then. That means in fall you have to graduate. because you have completed the program. Absolutely. I can move into management consulting, just take courses around it.

And make sure that you spend some good amount of time networking. here with the right people. Seem analytics is a course that everybody.

in the organization benefits from every other role. that you see or any other program like software. development will keep you only in one spot in a certain. kind of roles.

Any other cores that you see will keep. you in those specific areas. That analytics is something it's.

agnostic of the industry. It is applicable everywhere. across every level and that's the reason why freshers. and chief exact is all sorts of people. are coming into these programs to learn about. What really analytics is so you are in the hottest program.

So if there's a question about enrollment. while doing internship, as I said, you can do reduce course load. You don't have to be enrolled in nine credits. You can or you can just do an. internship in that semester. But remember.

That will put some load on the next semester depending. on how many courses you can take end up and you cannot have back to back. semesters of reduced courseload unless the second semester is.

Your. Graduating semester. If you're graduating from your undergrad degree in June, you still would.

have sent us enough number of transcripts. If you have the admin. you can register now, but we will kind. of keep a close eye on whether you're sending us your fan. marksheets or not, or whether you have passed your undergrad degree. or not.

If you have not passed it, you cannot start the. graduate program. Actually, that's what we just discussed. What courses you can.

take in the fall semester, but. We will send you a deck of what courses are possible. and then if you have questions and this is by the way not the last. webinar, when we are talking about course registration, we're trying to do this. few weeks in case you have more questions before. you come down here.

So we are available as a resource for you, so don't. worry. We are here to help you.

So you can reach within 30 days from the start. of the program. There are day classes also available in summer, but they are. lesser of the day classes. Most of the classes are at 6:00 PM. For summer, it's a short semester, there are lesser.

offerings, but we do make sure that you have the basic classes for sure. and in case there are more sections that we can open up. with, try to balance it off in the day as well.

Internships are not done only during semester break internships. are connected to a semesters, so you have to do internships. during a semester.

Now, whether you take courses at that is a different question. Now you can do an internship locally in Dallas and still take. 9 credits and that's possible people do that. o that.

But if you're outside of Dallas, then you're limited to just one. online class. No doubt, age is not a problem. Skill set is. what they look at, so don't worry. And if you are.

an older student and you come with experience and whatever. experience, whether it is related to the program or not, it's still experience. There is some amazing thing about experiences that they cannot. be gained.

By just making you sit in a crash course they have. to begin over a period of time, so you have that and you definitely. have that advantage. Plus you are a great addition to the class because. you can share your experiences about related things.

So don't worry about your age. Age doesn't matter. Being an international, what is the maximum number of hours that we can work in? an internship or a dealership? Well, both eight 818 credits.

But if you're doing a tha Pauline internship, we don't recommend

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