Farq Episode 20 - [Eng Sub] - Faysal Quraishi - Sehar Khan - Adeel Chaudhry - 3rd January 2023

Farq Episode 20 - [Eng Sub] - Faysal Quraishi - Sehar Khan - Adeel Chaudhry - 3rd January 2023

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Come doctor. Thunk you. Anyway, sit. Irsa, worrying like this will not do anything. Be strong. This was the reason why I had asked you not to come to the hospital.

Papa didn’t want that you see him in this condition. I had an idea. That is why I didn’t come yesterday, but I was worried thinking how you would handle all this alone. That too in a government hospital.

Did you know that papa did all this… Not a lot, but I had an idea. Did you never tell him not to? He didn’t give me a chance to complain at work, that I would say no to him or stop him. I wish you had stopped him. I wish I had gotten an idea that he would get so addicted, then I would have really stopped him.

Anyway, what had to happen, happened. I feel that now we should admit him to a rehab. Irsa, in the rehab, he will get proper treatment.

They will keep him away from addictive things. They have psychiatrists to make him understand. What do you think? Crying like this will not fix his condition. I misbehaved with you so much, but you are still helping me.

I am your husband Irsa, I am not helping you, I am standing by you. I will go check. I will check, you have a seat. Greetings, aunt. Greetings. How is your father feeling? Yes, he is better, he is sleeping.

Did you talk to Jamshed? What? No, not right now. Greetings. Greetings, son. Okay, fine, I will leave now. What happened? Is everything fine? She was asking about papa’s health.

She was asking if we need anything. Hmmmm. What are you thinking? How do we go about it? As you see fit.

Okay right now, let him rest for a while. When we wakes up we will see what needs to be done. Relax. Greetings. Greetings doctor. Please have a seat. How are you? Absolutely fine, you tell me. What is your relation with the patient? He is my father in law. Irsa, my wife, he is his father.

Fine, we are admitting him. You people visit him often. See, actually, what happens is that the patient leaves the addiction cause of the treatment, but he goes into depression. Maybe because his own have left him cause of this habit. You don’t worry, I will not do that. I will come meet him.

We will come to meet him. Great. You people relax and go home. God will make it better. Shall we go? Yes.

Thank you. Thank you. Come on. Hey, leave me. Hey, no. Nurse come here.

The doctor told you a hundred times to lie down here. You sit here. Sit here. He will be fine. He will be fine, don’t worry. This happens here.

Come on. Hey, come. Come on. Keep it for tomorrow. Yes.

I will call later. Irsa, what are you thinking? Come inside. Papa.

Yes? How are you? I am good. Greetings mama. Greetings. It feels good seeing you at home. In fact, I missed you a lot. What happened? Don’t you believe me? You can ask papa.

She is absolutely right. She has been asking about you from me, day and night. Now you believe it, right? Okay, papa, you rest, we will meet on dinner. Sure. Come on. Bye See, whether it is a relationship or business, there are ups and downs in it. Daniyal, what do relationships have to do with business, Daniyal? Stop merging the two.

Actually, I am a farsighted person. I can see really far. We make a few relations so that they can support us in the business. You know, I have only seen you to be so business oriented. Obviously, now a boy and girl usually talk of love coming to such a restaurant, not loss or profit like me. Am I right? That’s what you were thinking, right? Yes.

You know I was thinking if you are impressed by my capability or my wealth. Because to boost a business, you need both of them. And you know both these things attract me a lot.

No, Esha, I am only impressed that some people get what they don’t even deserve. Even if they are the richest people in the world, but some things don’t suit them. Still the thing is with them. Meaning? Meaning that if an aged person marries a young girl, then I am really impressed by them, because I think it is a great decision..

On the inside you are jealous of him, because you are alone till now. No. Nothing like that. I really get impressed. I don’t get jealous.

And as far me staying alone is concerned, then you know well that I am never alone. Yeah, right. You and work both are enough for each other.

Mr. Practical, talk about love for a change. I will. I will surely do it one day. After all, I have to do it with you. Where is Ayzel? Ayzel. I am so hungry. Ayzel.

Ayzel, come on already. I don’t know what is the surprise. Tada! Pulao. It is your favourite, right? See, I told you and how do you know this is Irsa’s favourite? Papa, you should be aware of the likes and dislikes of your own.

Impressive. Have some more. That’s it, thank you.

Yes, come on. oops. Excuse me. Come back quickly, now. Hey, give me the pulao too.

My daughter made it, I want to see how it is. You know this is a little risky. Here you go. Thank you. What happened? My phone. I had kept it here.

It must be here. Finish your food, you will find it. No, I just kept it here. You went to the washroom to wash your hands, it might be there. Relax and finish your food, then we will look for it. Okay? Surprisingly good. It is good, right? It is good.

Wow. Jamshed. Papa, where are you? It is not here, either. What happened Irsa? Did you find the phone there? No, I have told you I had kept it on the dining table, so how can we find it here? Okay, don’t worry. It must be somewhere at home. We will find it.

I am just worried about papa, what if we get a call from the hospital. I don’t know if he is fine or not? Okay don’t worry, they also have my number, so they will call me if God forbid something like this happens. I will try, what if… You people left food and came here, and younger mama, your phone was there in the dining. How can this be at the dining? We checked properly ourselves. Irsa is right, we looked around well, we couldn’t see it.

Papa, it had fallen down, and I think someone was calling too. Okay good, we found it. Relax now. Thank you child. Thank you. Okay, goodnight. Bye. Bye. Goodnight. I know you get worried. Have a seat. I will order tea.

Have a seat. Yes, Ayzel, sorry. Ask someone to get tea, I forgot to ask you. Thank you. I know when the phone is misplaced, you lose your mind. But thank God you found it. Was the call from the hospital? No.

Yes, fine. Okay, I was saying be ready in the evening. Do we have to go somewhere? Yes, first we will go to Mr. Arif’s, we will meet him. I have to shop a little, you too shop, then we will have dinner outside. Fine. Okay, goodbye. Goodbye.

Greetings sir. Greetings. How are you? Thank you. Hey, one minute. One minute.

Reverse the car. I think I have forgotten mobile. Sure sir. Wait for two minutes, I will come back. Sure sir. I will be back in two minutes. Kamal.

Did you forget something? Yes, I forgot my mobile. That.. Here you go. I think I have grown old. No, that one. Oh sorry.

Give it. It I am not wrong, then, this is the same Jamshed? Why is he calling you? he had said that he would leave you alone when he goes abroad. Has he not left you alone or have you not left him alone? Kamal, I… What I? What I? Aunt Razia told me that I should talk to him. What do you have to talk to him about? That he calls aunt and talks to her. But I didn’t call him. You didn’t talk to him? Then why do you have his number saved with you? To make yourself happy or… He is calling again.

Talk to him. Talk to him! Talk to him in front of me. On speaker.

Hello. Irsa. Yes, that’s me. I got a call from your number last night.

I didn’t call you. Really? Then you must have dialled it by mistake. Yes, maybe. Don’t call me after today. Don’t call me after today. You had called him.

You dialled the number by mistake. Kamal, believe me… I am ashamed to say that you are my wife. If you had anyone apart from your father, then right now, this very moment… Kamal, listen to me. Kamal, listen to me. Believe me, I didn’t call Jamshed.

Kamal I have not been unfaithful to you, nor have I ever loved him. Believe me, I have not called him. Are you done? Kamal, listen. Listen… Who is here at this hour? Bano.

Bano. Yes? See, who is on the door. Hey, what is wrong? I am coming. What is wrong? I am coming. Who is it?

Irsa, you? Is aunt there? Mama is inside, but why are you crying? Irsa. Irsa. Where is aunt? Oh God have mercy How are you child? Are you at peace? Did you find comfort? What happened? How many times did I tell you I don’t want to talk to Jamshed? But you gave me his number forcefully.

What happened Irsa? What can happen? Before I could call Jamshed, he called me, and Kamal saw it. All my truth turned into lies. Now he will never trust me. He will feel that what people say about me is true. I am a liar.

You know, what he said? I wish I had someone to take care of me, so he would… Maybe he would have dragged me out of the home, or ended the relation. You two come with me right now, and tell Kamal that you gave me Jamshed’s number and told me to talk to him. Fine, child, we will come along. Come on, Bano. Come on. There is no need. He will feel that this is a lie too. I beg you people, stay away from my life now.

And ask your son too. Irsa listen to me. Irsa. Irsa. This is not right mama. What was the need for you to give her brother’s number and ask her to talk to him? I just wanted that Jamshed talks to me. to save your relation, you put her and sir’s relation in danger. I will go close the door.

So what happened to that plan of yours? What you were planning that day? Did it become successful? How could it not be successful. After all, it was Ayzel’s plan. So this means your younger mama left. No, papa had sympathy towards her.

So, will you plan it again? Definitely, I am trying. You know one thing is decided. Whether younger mama leaves this home or not, it will not matter to me. Because she has left papa’s heart, papa will never trust her now.

Madam, if the issues of your home are solved, then focus on the studies. The final dates are near. What? Yes.

He is joking, right? No, he is not joking at all. What is the date? 29th. My birthday is on the 29th. Oh wow, happy birthday in advance.

Yes? Cancel all the meetings today. Okay sir. I don’t want to meet anyone, and don’t give me any phone calls either, I don’t want to meet anyone. Okay sir. You may leave now. Alright sir.

I have to talk about something important. You cannot go inside, he has instructed that. No problem…Sir, please… What is this? Sir, Shirazi… I have told you I don’t want to meet anyone.

Sir, the meeting today is really important. If you don’t attend it, then we will face a really big loss, sir. I will face loss, right? It makes no difference. I don’t want to meet anyone. You people leave.

Leave! What happened younger mama? You look really worried. You must not know at all, what happened in the morning. No, I don’t know. What happened? My phone just didn’t disappear like that.

Did you call Jamshed? Are you doing really bad. So you tell papa. After all, he trusts you so much. He will believe you. You will have to pay for all this one day. Oh really, I will wait.

Greetings. Greetings. Mama wants to meet you.

I am sure you want to take Irsa’s side. You calmly listen to her once. Irsa is innocent.

It is all my fault. First I didn’t listen to my son, he got upset with me. And when he left from here, he was upset. He didn’t even talk to me when he went from here. I made a small request from Irsa, that at least tell him to talk to me.

But she had said no. I insisted a lot, but the poor thing didn’t care for my age. I promise you, no person of my family will not interfere in the lives of you people. Irsa, child, delete Jamshed’s number from your mobile.

I deleted the number in the morning, if you tell me, I won’t even use my phone. No. No. There is no need for that. I believe you.

And, I apologize that because of us, you were bothered. No. Nothing like that. Come on. No. No. No aunt. I have asked for tea. It must be on it’s way, have it and go. Greetings aunt, how are you? I am just fine.

Nothing, what can happen? Can you come to Karachi? What do you mean, why? I had told you about papa’s second wife. I cannot tolerate that woman for two seconds in this home. I did so much to drag her out, but still, papa is going around her all the time. All my plans failed. And you know, my friend was saying that if they have a baby, then she will rule the entire home and I won’t be able to do anything.

Aunt, you understand, right? Please come. What? Two weeks? Aunt, come sooner. You know I won’t be able to do anything alone. Okay. I am waiting. Bye. Irsa.

Are you upset? Why are you lying? If you are not upset, then why are you not talking to me? What are you thinking? That I wasn’t able to make you believe my truth even after trying so hard. Had aunt Razia not come, and talked to you, then you wouldn’t have believed me, right? if papa was not in the hospital, what would you have done? Or I don’t know if your heart is clean towards me or not? You complaint is justified, but what could I do, the situation became such. The situation was not such, it was made that way. What do you mean? Nothing.

You won’t believe me. You are still doubting Ayzel? I don’t doubt her, I am sure. I have told you, don’t drag her in every matter. I don’t like it.

I told you, you won’t believe me. You start the discussion, Irsa. Okay, don’t cry now. I am sorry. Do one thing, change, we will go out. I don’t want to go.

I said I am sorry. We will go out, both of us will be in a good mood. I don’t feel like it. Please, I am sorry. Please, I am requesting you.

Come on. Ready? Shall we go? Are you guys going somewhere? Yes, we made a sudden plan to go for dinner. Okay.

Hey, Ayzel, do you want to talk about something, child? I have to, but we will when you come back. Listen to me, what are you doing at home? Come along.

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