Garment Manufacturing Company లో బట్టలు ఎలా తయారవుతాయి? | Venu Kalyan Life & Business Coach

Garment Manufacturing Company లో బట్టలు ఎలా తయారవుతాయి? | Venu Kalyan Life & Business Coach

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We talk about Businesses. But one should learn real business from the successful business owners. Every lower middle class person might think of wearing good branded items like shoes, watches & dresses.

Tiruppur, In India hardly no one knows about this place. When we go in international market, they recognize Tiruppur as Indian market. Generally, everyone have misconception about interviews where there will be two persons discussing things.

This video is not about information Interview. This video is about completely practical showing how this business implemented things step by step. Either it may be their office, factory & company.

In this video I will show everything & explain them practically. GARMENT MANTRA, He is the founder & MD of this company. This video is not only for business owners, but useful for everyone & every entrepreneur. The famous GARMENT MANTRA stands in top 3 position out of top 10 garment manufacturing companies in India. Initially, we started as a small commission agency and in 2003-2004 we established as a small firm. We have wide range of clothing available for Girls, ladies, boys & men’s.

Frocks, T-shirts, Palatial, Erum & night suits are our unique clothing. Lower middle, middle & upper middle class people have lot of dreams wearing good products at affordable prices. So, our next journey is to make our products available to 80% of Indian public at affordable price. We wish our garment mantra products should present in every one's wardrobe in India.

For kids, we have long, front and back printing & all over print kind of latest & trendy designs. These are season clothing for kids which we have. We give guarantee that the fabric color & print color never bleed. We are far from our own families but here we never have such kind of feelings. She is like my mother. Today, I am very happy to say that our highest sales growth comes from Andhra Pradesh. Trust us & we trust you.

Friends, What we are doing today-Business or Busyness? Most of the small and medium scale businesses are doing Busyness. Now, what is Busyness? Working on holidays & festivals, even on Sunday’s without time table. That is what I call as Busyness. So, having time freedom for business owner is quite important, as well as financial freedom and also it's very important to take the business into auto pilot mode.

So, keeping that in mind. I want to help and support you. How to take your business into Auto Pilot Mode.

So, Keeping this in mind, I have designed a Business Bahubali model. I am going to share many strategies in that program. To add more valve to that program, I have interviewed those business owners who came out of employment trap and became successful businesses owners.

I interview those businesses which are in peak stage in market or those who become Millionaire from 0 and share the knowledge with you. Today your business may be somewhere at lower level and to take your business from lower to level to upper level what kind of strategies they employed, their mind set & what their system to handle the team? So, Knowing this also important. yes or No? Yes, that why friends I am going to interview wonderful person Born & brought up in Rajasthan, India & came to Tiruppur.

This Company is one of the top 10 garment manufacturing companies in India. Now, we are going to a wonderful place, Tiruppur. This city is located near Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. This city is also named as Dollar city, Knit city & Banayan city. Like Japan which is famous for manufacturing related industries. Like wise in India this city named as mini Japan Friends, Lets go there and learn many things.

Are you ready for that? So, friends finally we are in one of the beautiful city Tiruppur. And the most important thing you should know here, over 90% of garment related items in India are exported from this Tiruppur city. So, friends we are in Tiruppur city now. Garments are the clothes that we wear regularly and in this video I am going to talk about this. So friends, why you need to watch this video? Once again I will explain it. Friends, this video is not only for business owners but useful for every entrepreneur & even to a common man.

Friends, even you know the reality behind the apparel’s that you buy. First, why you need to watch this video? Friends, Listen carefully. If you have small amount to start investing in business then watch this video. You will get one good opportunity.

Secondly, for those businesses who are already in garment sector, and buy garments from wholesalers/distributors I will help them to source products directly from manufacturers. Thirdly, in this video you will understand how garments are made and also how the branded companies in this segment are growing in market. Not only this, I will share you the biggest reality. Since, the outbreak of covid you might have witnessed many online scams, right? You might have seen some ads in Facebook, Instagram or Google displaying the attractive images of clothes with price. Seeing those ad’s you will place orders & make payments. Finally, you never receive the product.

So, there is no trust in the market. So, to create that trust & bring the ground reality to you and make you understand everything through this video. So, friends are you ready? I like to invite, you to the famous & wonderful company Garment mantra.

Which stands in top 3 positions out of top 10 garment manufacturing companies in India. Since 35 years, they are doing this garment business. They are manufacturing quality products, ranking top position & aiming to be No.1 company in the market. Friends, I need to tell you about their Vission knowing about it makes you watch this video till end. Their vision is to provide quality products to common man at affordable price.

So, you need to watch this video to know everything in detail. Because friends I am going to show you entire factory, how they are manufacturing & how they are able to deliver products at affordable pricing etc. How many people are working behind this If you wish to start business tomorrow what kind of discounts you may get. So, friends let’s go inside & know everything in detail. One more important thing you should know about this company Garment mantra, This is BSE listed company.

You might have surprised knowing this. Because, there are very few garment manufacturing co's that are listed in BSE. This company is in top 1 position out of those listed in BSE. Friends, One more thing.

This company is listed in 2015 & continuing till date. Just understand. Once a company is listed in BSE, it will get more value than before. So, friends we can say this is the most trustable company. There's lot of things about this company that's why I was here, If not, I might not came here to make this video. So friends, now I am going to introduce this company and give you all information.

So let’s go inside. The T-Shirt you are seeing here, how it is manufactured from fabric and the lower here, how it is manufactured through fabric. Even the shirt I wear is made from fabric. The fabric is a cloth produced by weaving the threads together.

The fabric then cut & designed like clothes as end output that comes to market. Second important thing to know is price because the price of few clothes in this market are higher while some clothes of better quality available at lower price. How is it possible? I will explain you in a simple way. Listen carefully. Currently, garment mantra is importing raw materials from different countries whereas few other companies manufacturing products in India or purchasing from those who already manufacturing in India.

Recently, the local government has increased the yarn price i.e thread price. So when yarn price goes up, fabric price also increase thus increase in cloth pricing So, ultimately the prices of the cloth will increase and effect the buyers. You may need to buy 1000 INR cloth at 1500 INR.

So, where is the link here? So, the companies who manufacture the fabric or companies who buy from fabric manufacturers then stitch to clothes, their prices will be high. Since garment mantra is importing fabric internationally, the price will be lesser. You might understand now, the raw material Yarn price is cheaper. Now, the third one is quality. The fabrics that are imported internationally are bio wash fabrics.

Secondly, the fabric is stretchable. You can see it here getting stretched. Better the fabric stretches, we will get the better comfort. We should feel the smoothness when we wear then only we feel comfortable stress free & can sleep relax. Here you can see such quality products here. Now, you might have some questions about Quality.

Let me explain you about the Quality. Let's go to Quality check department. Here you can see, the fabric moving on a machine where the fabric get inspected for holes, damages & cuttings etc. If they found something damaged. They keep the fabric aside. So, the fabric that got damaged won’t go for stitching and ensures 100% quality. Every fabric here will be checked for QC. Once passed then it go for stitching.

That’s a very beautiful point which I like very much about QC. In this company people work is very organized & structured. Let see in detail how they work organized and structured in step by step. Let's go.

Once the QC of fabric is completed. This is sample center. Usually you will look for wearing trendy dresses, right? In this place, they will create new trendy designs. That’s what we call Research & Development.

Just see this product, this is the latest pattern that’s going to release in market. Once the pattern and samples are cut, The stitching department take this samples, based on this design they will cut and stitch the fabric. If you see here there are almost 1000+ samples. Just imagine how many dresses they stitch from single sample.

Now you can see here they are cutting based on samples. Once cutting is done, they go for stitching The area you see here is stitching section. You can see quality oriented, beautifully stitching here. Once the stitching is completed. You can see here printing area, where quality oriented printing is done according to the latest designs. You can wear this clothes for a minimum of 5-10 years.

So, this is the area where they do quality printing without damage. Once printing is completed, the next will be ironing department. You can see here people are ironing the clothes very fast This is called steam iron.

General iron may affect the printing it may create cracks & damage the print. Steam iron provide quality & durability of clothes. After ironing it will be going to packing center.

You can see the packing center here. Every one packing the end product. Even you can see the fine packing They are inserting tags and bar code with this final packing get completed. You can see a wonderful thing in packing Here you can see the number of pieces as 4, product size, whether this if for girl or boy, company name brand, price tag and all other information. This pack have 4 pieces.

This is the most beautiful packing and this is hanging packing. They have different types of packing's available. If you wish to place order next time there's no need for you to be here Just you need to tell the item code of the product you wish to purchase.

Based on that they will show the designs, make final packing, and courier the products. Which, I found wonderful. Once they organized and structured the packing with bar code and all. The final product will go to dispatch area. Let’s go to dispatch area Friends, after packing you can see the dispatch area here.

Here you can see the huge dispatch area every thing here is well organized based on size, gender etc. They kept everything well organized and structure oriented. Based on the order, they will dispatch the product. Here you can see how beautifully & carefully they are packing. Here you can see packing are done without any damage I will tell you one more important thing here, daily they produce 1 Lakh products i.e they cut, stitch & Iron 1 lakh dresses. Also they dispatch 1 lakh dresses per day.

Now you can understand how big the demand and supply they have. Friends, you might have few things to clarify. If you wish to buy a product how many varieties available? What will be the Quality & how much will be the price? To answer these questions they setup a dedicated collection center. Friends, let go to the collection center. There we will inquire about the varieties & prices, then you can decide. Let’s go to collection center.

Welcome everyone. Finally, we are here in the collection point. Now we will know about dresses varieties and the prices. You will be happy to know that you get quality product at lesser prices.

After seeing this video, I am sure you wish to visit here. You can just call them and get more details Let's start I like to invite my friend, Azish. - So, how are you? - Fine, Sir. Very happy, our viewers want to see the varieties that you have.

So, what kind of varieties are you going to show us? Let’s start. What kind of segments you have, I mean for kids & ladies and how you classify them basically? Sir, We have wide range of clothing available for Girls, ladies, boys & men’s. Frocks, T-shirts, Patiala, Erum & night suits are our unique clothing.

Every one know our products. Beside this we have night pants, leggings & shirts for kids and wide varieties. Let’s go and see them one by one.

This is kid’s frocks. We have almost 15-20 patterns in this. Here, this is one of the model. In this you will get 5-6 sizes & colors. We have lot of items, out of which few are signature items. If you see this, this is the basic item we have and since 15 years we are regularly receiving orders from customers over phone they place around 1000 pieces per size.

In this, you will get different prints every week with same quality, but we chance the prints seasonly. I can see the color looks so beautiful. Like English color & cloth was so smooth. Yes, Sir. I don’t no how the colors appear in video, but in live this English colors are good. Especially this color was very good, mam.

Some designs are evergreen like basic T-shirts, printed T-shirts etc. and sometimes there will be few shirts come like a trend. Today, In kids wear we have long, front & back printing, all over print kind of seasonal & trendy designs. These are season clothing for kids which we have. What about the price madam? Viewers may be interested to know the pricing. We kept our pricing so basic that the our total garment ranges from 50 INR to 350 INR.

Whomever the customer may be, whatever their business model. We make sure that they won’t feel that this is a big store & prices might be high. This shop is open for everyone It may be for small or big business. Till now madam has explained in detail. So, these quality products ranges from 50 to 350 INR.

What about this T-shirts price, madam? This one in my hand This starts from 81 INR and there are different sizes in this Upto teenage, you get all sizes. What about this price, madam? The price starts from 81 INR to 102 INR. Sir, this is basic design Ever green item & 365 days in demand.

365 days running item, Superb. This print also looks nice. You will get good prints & colors in this.

Generally, people will have doubts about printed stuff, Madam. Like colors may fade out, and prints may bleed in one wash etc So, can you explain about that? Before, we have seen in live about printing Quality checks will be done on everything. We can guarantee about the fabric color and the print color never bleed.

These are Bermuda suits for kids, In this bunch, we have different colors and mixed sizes like XL, XXL etc., This is kurtha & pajamas we have good market for this in Andhra. Customers from Andhra will buy this by seeing the Hilex name. In this we have Japanese & pajamas.

We have designs for ladies also. Here we have T-shirts & Bermuda for Kids, in this you will get 22 to 36 sizes. You will get many patterns too. We have pants from 16 to 36 size. Till now we saw boy’s items.

Now, I will explain about ladies night suits Here we have hook star tag product, we sale this all over India & specially have highest sale in Andhra. You will find this ILX night suit in every house, Very famous item. Most of our customers are interested to buy our night suits. In this we have lot of collections like patch in shoulder, contrast neck etc and also available in different sizes. Our next product is ladies T-shirt, in this we have lot of varieties like fold up sleeve, where sleeve comes with folding. We have long poros in ladies - In this we have minimum of 25-30 patterns. - Super.

Like printed, strikes, checks, buttons & open, plane, all over etc What about the prices? - This will range from 125-200 INR. - Wonderful price. Good quality at affordable prices Sir, See this Pajamas, we are supplying this all over India. We have pajamas with rich look brand. They are available with & without pockets we have all sizes available here. Then comes plazo, shorts for ladies in plain and we have lot of varieties in shots. Friends, till now we saw many variety Now, we see how they make final packing & deliver you.

This is modern fashion legging and budget friendly item. Since last 10 years we have produced many pieces. This product don't have expiry date. we go out of stock,

even customer keep asking for this. We have this item in 100 different colors. 365 days this product will be on demand. This will comes in pouch packing. It will have 12 piece per pack and each pack will be in different color out of 100 available colors. This cost around 91-100 INR.

In this we have separate Black & white. This is our bell frock product, and we supply this nationally and Internationally. We supply this to almost every country. Monthly, we change the packing style, now we have bag packing because of girl frok. So, you can see here. You might have seen the boys pants, for this we have this kind of packing.

The important thing about this fabric is, we have developed in our own. The seal of this fabric is designed by her. This is very unique pack that we have. You can feel the fabric with your hand.

What will be the price for this pack? - One piece starting price is 90 INR. - Ok, fine. - Size wise rate will increase. - Great. This is single piece pouch packing, back side will be pajama & front side will be T-Shirt. This hanger packing also good. This is one of our new packing design.

Madam, will look after new packings. We are the first in Tripurr to create the bar code system for the very first time. In this you can see our item name so what ever we make we have bar code showing item code, size & quantity once you buy this product and wish to order again, just tell us the bar code & you get the same product to your house. Today, you can see this bar code system in every shop, but we created this initially.

Then comes to our printed leggings, Kids like to wear this for tight fit. Here you can see packing style & size chart Our next item is ladies top, it is pure organic bio wash item. This will sustain multiple washes & don't get faded and remains original. That's the specialty of this item. In Tiruppur, you may get bio wash items, but we have organic bio wash item. our specialty.

This is a process, while making fabric when touched, you can feel the fabric and you can see its finishing. Our next item, This is cycling shorts & you get box kind of design Ladies tops will get this kind of packing, we have different type of packing available & packing styles keep changing with time. So, finally you have seen many things & might have some clarity about everything. Here I wish to tell you one important thing Friends, you might have few doubts like How to buy the products? What will be the procedure to buy? Simply, you need to call the numbers displayed on screen or in description. Just call then and ask for information.

Friends, I will give you some clarity here, First thing here is we have good quality at affordable price with wide varieties. If you wish to buy individually then call them to inquire but here there is good scope for retailers/wholesalers. For individual there is less scope here. You can get same products in other shops. This is mostly for retailers/wholesalers. So, if you wish to start business with less amount, 100% this is the best option to buy Those who are already in garment business, who are buying from local retailers or distributors Can buy directly from here This will help you grow.

If you wish to know how to visit here the collection point in Tripurr. Factory is located near to collection point you can visit this with prior premisisons to see things in details. Which you have already seen in video.

So you can visit this store to check, select & finalize the product to buy. In case, you are not able to visit here. The best option is to call & place order. But, I suggest you to visit the shop once then further, you can book over phone. I can give you that kind of guarantee.

You have seen lot of things here and if you wish to visit here, this shop is nearer to railways station. How much will be the distance, madam? It's hardly 400 m & just take 4 min by walk From railway station, you can reach easily even you ask for this shop & get direction if you visit here, then you can see things piratically & experience best service here. Before you visit here better to call them.

You can even take my reference for good hospitality & better benefits. So, you have seen lot of things here now its time to take decision. Means, you can think of placing an order. Even after watching this video & if you still thinking to place order with one of the best company that provides quality items at best price. Then I wish to tell you one thing, till now you might unaware of this & now you know about this opportunity. Even

if you are still thinking to place order. Then I will explain what's gonna happen? You are watching now, may be your friend too may be others. if you delayed in investing now, Tomorrow your friend may invest So, you should not regret for not starting before someone starts. So there are chances that your friend may start first and you remain thinking about starting business tomorrow.

So may be others watch this video & start placing order with them and utilize this better opportunity. So, I suggest you to take a decision invest some nominal amount and start your new business That too start with a branded company. You might aware of Hilines brand, which is famous now, you will get that kind of brand. So, All the best Do you want to share any thing, madam. So, whom ever have seen this video and understand the product, if you have interest in this segment. Better not to think from where to start & how to start We have already provided numbers you can contact us.

Or you can visit here talk with us about your problems we are here to solve. Trust us & we trust you. All the best, they are ready to help you. Now, Its time for you to start and how to brand, how to approach customers how to sale this & the best price to sale. Here they explain you everything in detail.

They help you & give you support needed. So, start business & collaborate with them. Once started, Inform us as well we also feel happy for that. Once again thank you for watching this video All the best, Thank you. One more thing I want to tell you we made lot of efforts to make this video and created awareness about this industry. So, I request you to LIKE write your COMMENTS and SHARE the video for the all the hard work we done.

Hope you will do this, to help us. Use Whats app, Instagram to share the link This will help those who are interested in this business segment with nominal amount Secondly, share this video to those who are already in garment business. I mean those who have garment shops. So that it will be useful for them, from the next time they will buy this quality products at cheaper rates So, share this video for new businesses as well as those who are in this business. I wish you share & thank you. See you in next video, Your's VENU KALYAN.

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