CLOSURE EP7 | Unfinished business with my Ex | Male bestie is cuddling with her

CLOSURE EP7 |  Unfinished business with my Ex | Male bestie is cuddling with her

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hello sanboni to milan zanzi  welcome to cmtv and yet another   episode of closure bring me back my stuff  my name of course is lisa me and i will   be your host for today today we have omandi  you know what it is you know what it do it is   about to go bananas now man you obviously want  a closure man to my sister please come join me please grab the mic mandy how are you how am i  killing yourself i'm okay so what are you doing   here today well i want to find closure for  my boyfriend actually not eggs and how long   have you been about it's been a month it's been a  month yeah and how long were you together before   nine months or so okay so do you want  to break it down what actually happened   okay like it seemed like he had a problem with my  male bestie and you complained about it before did   he actually communicate not really then how do you  know he had a problem with the male bestie like   whenever i tell him that i'm with him like he'll  basically change and be moody and stuff yeah   so then how did the relationship end ah  he just blocked me ah so you got ghosted on all social media platforms or  just what type of work everywhere   everywhere yeah okay did you try and get a hold of  him like did you try to go to his place no trees   not really you just let it be yeah and it's been  a month now yeah and you want to know what's up   hey all right all right amazing you've  heard it from mandy she got a ghosted   right after the break i will be calling the  boy the mans who left please do stay tuned welcome back cmtv viewers now i am going  to call the boy mandy what's his name her   that's her chad so now i'm going to be on my  way to fetch hotel we need to know what's up   hello oops sorry okay just stand there for me go forward just yeah and turn  around there's a couch behind you okay let me just hand you the mic   all right hotel how are you i'm finding you i'm  okay so basically you are at a show called closure   right and what happens here an ex will call you  back and basically seek closure basically ask you   some questions do you know of anyone you may have  ghosted i need you to at least give me three names   yeah okay i think the only  one i think could be mindy   you ghosted a mandy before yeah but if you don't  have other exes well there is other exits but   but like i i don't like i actually i don't  see that as a relationship i don't know what   i was doing yes yes okay i wanna unblind you  and then you'll see who's here okay player okay how do you feel that you were right i don't know for now you don't you don't know   mike closer okay am i closer to your  lips yeah all right so how do you feel um you just said you just said her  name mandy you weren't expecting her   like like what i mean is that like the way the  way things ended up before like actually before   it ended like i wasn't expecting her she could  try to talk to me yeah because of like recently it   wasn't like okay do you wanna tell what actually  happened yeah i can tell uh the thing is that um   mindy was nice at first but then when time goes  by so she started she started giving me attitude   i wanted okay yeah so like so like i thought like  maybe she had like maybe things maybe something   was affecting emotionally but yeah so i was  trying to give her space but then there was   this [ __ ] she was calling a bargain  uh basically they called them best place   yeah yeah they called them besties i know  anyways a [ __ ] is a guy i wanna yeah   they can do something and he thinks like  you think so you know what he's thinking   yeah because he's also a man yeah i'm also a man  because i know what to do yeah okay mandy yeah you   just said the problem was a male bestie he just  mentioned this i did not know about the attitude   i don't know how you want me to fight for  you funny you know when girls are on their   periods like moods yeah but only once a  month yeah yeah it just wasn't bad yeah tell him why he's here and what do you want  from him okay from you i want you to tell me   why did you cost me like from nowhere i  want to know what's happening like it's   been a month without communicating and you know  relationships break with that communication   the the reason why i decided to stop  communicating with you is because every   time i try to get closer to you you don't give me  like that time just every time i try to call you   or what's up you you'll be telling me or  no i'm with this i'm with this guy i'm   spending time with him whatever whatever  and then like you like most of the times   when i try maybe to come to your place now you  tell me now you have to go somewhere somewhere   somewhere like it can be always hard we have to go  somewhere or what that's because of having errands   then when do you find time  to to make time for your men   i did try finding thai you also know  how to fit in a male best bestie   the thing is he's been my childhood friend like  with that clothes he's actually he's basically   now my family but you understand that if you have  a male best friend right this is how things work   if you have a male best friend the minute you get  a boyfriend that male best friend has to step back   no really you can't because was he cutting  you no no not really he hated no friends actually he has his own girlfriend  and the girlfriend understands that   i'm the female bestie it's either me first  then her later ah that's how it is so in your   relationship as well it was your bestie first  and then yeah so later because the friend knows   me way better than him he might like you see you  just costed me then my friend was there oh yeah if your best friend knows you that  means you allowed him to know you again   so why didn't you do that the same to me like you  should have allowed me to know you better need   yes i did try but then the thing is um i'm not  that person who just opens up to anyone like   it's hardly a yeah we haven't been together for  like nine months is a lot mandy it is a lot i know   but then it's not really fair to me my present  to open up to your boyfriend yeah it's not fair   um and i'm not hearing you like  you know i think the thing is yeah yeah oh if you open up yeah yeah oh  there might be skeletons in the closet   that you don't want him to find out about opening but do you understand opening up doesn't mean  telling a man your secrets it means opening up   and being vulnerable and letting him know of your  feelings and showing affection that's opening up   you don't have to tell him babe i killed the man  two years ago he understand you need to you know   yeah okay so that what you're saying is  not really opening up you need he needed   to see that affection am i right hotel yeah you're  right you're right so you felt like you're dating   someone called was she called i like what do  you mean like like she was not welcoming she   was not affectionate she was not loving yeah  yeah so like that's why i decided or no maybe   she doesn't love you she doesn't love me  yeah okay let me step back yeah see what i   did also going anywhere yeah cuz i feel  like this was a waste of time or one yeah   yeah a waste of your nine months yeah but also for  for you to just ghost and not say it did you ever   communicate what you're saying right now to her  well i i didn't because of like i was always like   telling her no man you are spending a lot a lot  of time with that [ __ ] with your best friend   yeah so i was telling you that dorian you're  spending a lot of time with his best friend   every time i try to get closer  to you you find excuses and then so you just decided lock a  block a block then you moved on   uh yeah i decided to block but that  doesn't mean i have moved on i want but   just to block it if if if it will be it comes  out of your a notebook yeah yeah because in okay girl i see you blushing how do you feel i'm  actually happy to hear that yeah she still loves   me yeah yeah okay are you in a relationship  currently yeah not yet but um soon i think   you you yeah you rules around just moving around  yeah i'm just chilling i'm just trying to defend   myself foreign you're finding yourself in  the vagina where are you finding yourself yeah like i'm just chilled right now yeah i  don't want to rush into a new relationship over   so so far you're just dipping in soup no it's  fine gal you are you currently the relationship   nah you're single yeah and you've been actually  i don't even want to ask so both of you since   you are you losing she's completely single would  you then be open to to getting back together if   there was ever a chance but you need to fix this  mandy child you need to fix yourself yeah no you   need because we we can't you can't tell me the  reason is coming from both of you guys that the   problem was the male bestie and then you guys fix  things and then you get back together and then   the problem again is the male best it does not  make sense yeah like yes so men do you you need   to be willing to to to to spend less time with  a male best if you're not willing then i don't   think there's there's a chance you understand  yeah i do would you so then would you be willing   yes really yeah how do you feel then her tattoo  would you take her back if she's willing to spend   less time with the the male bestie no i think i  don't think it's possible because of like she said   that guy she's more like familiar to him  and yeah she's like a relative to him so i don't think you think she's lying she's not  going to do it things change people change too   come on yeah so so like is it going to be like no  guy here's the problem one two three one two three   you and i are going to we're not going to spend  a lot of time together he's going to understand   trust me he's going to understand yes you will  and i will not are you going to feel if he   how am i going to feel i'll be happy  because i'll be back with you and yeah um are you having doubts do you feel like  she's not gonna do it yeah i'm doubting here   or what i'm doubting it yeah because of like she  should have understood long oh yeah no this is   the problem this problem cause caused this thing  and then now she's here and she's telling me what   she can yeah but do you understand that maybe  absence makes the heart grow fonder and it took   you leaving for her to realize oh my gosh i need  to do this don't you think that's a possibility now that she lost you now she  she understands her mistakes   she realizes her mistakes rather okay are you  sure about what you're talking about yes i am   oh well i think i can't decide now yeah yeah  okay let's continue but at least unblock her okay   like can you at least you know yeah  the thing is for now we should start as   strange as i want so that you can re-enter ah  not even as friends strangers yeah cause of   like if if like if like we start like reintroduce  ourselves and then like start becoming formal and   so like things can go smoothly or wrong yeah  so you so so so from nine months to strangers like when you see someone you can see  alright this person is like this but then   when cam goes by concealer that that piece  is not the person that i thought he was   yeah yeah okay so you having doubts but you are  willing to unblock her yeah i'm willing okay   me i'm happy with that bendy how do you feel  yeah enough it yes all is all right there you   have it all the questions are answered  but not all of them quite please do stay   tuned i'm about to go to the break right after  this it's us answers to questions stay tuned all right tim zanzi welcome back to  closure bring me back my stuff we've   reached the other segment of the show  answers are two questions now ho chateau   and mandy you guys are gonna  ask each other three questions   okay three questions i think mandy let's start  with you okay hotato did you ever trust me um well i actually i did trust you before  but during times goes bad i lost trust or i   can't trust you why so like i don't think you can   like i don't think like you can you know you can  bring back the love that i give you baby i want   so i don't trust you on that so i don't think i  don't trust you with my heart yeah yes yes okay so you don't trust my meal bestie  of course i don't trust him i don't trust him like he's a guy he's  a guy yeah you have to know that so   don't trust that he just has pure intentions just  pure intentions with me he doesn't i don't i don't   like for now i don't know what that what are  his intentions but some way somewhere you know you have um third question are you  good yeah i'm good now all right   are you happy with his answers satisfied at least what's really like like he doubts his  intentions you know like insane corner   i find like he believes that the way  he thinks yeah his perspective is yeah and that's not it yeah it's actually  the opposite i teach you yeah right your turn   okay now when you're with him you  spend a lot of time there yeah   so it's like it is in public  or sometimes in in your room or   where private private place or where do you  spend most of the time at school we usually go   to the mall mostly we'll be indoors watching tv  watching tv yeah movies hey netflix and chillin whenever he wants to cuddle we obviously invite  his girl hey then it's just the third wheeling   i don't mind being that okay  yeah so if his girl is not around   what are you guys doing like we'll go  out to the mall take pictures videos so don't you see that as moments  with my best yes hashtag best moments   okay just that uh like i wanna present moments  came like at the honor formula that those previous   moments like did you hold on important than before  i want previous moments so that forever when   you're with he go with him like the previous  moments that you had i didn't mean nothing   uh because he is the guy he's giving you like  his time like you you don't get bored oh and   yeah so another question did you ever love me yes  i did a lot actually a lot yes yeah but then the   way the way you were showing it like i i i thought  that was love i don't know if you know what   what love is but maybe my way of showing it was  weird the love languages were different yeah yeah   yeah but if you guys do get back together you  guys need to learn each other's love languages   yeah you need to love him the way he wants  to be loved not the way you think he should   be loved or the way you want to be loved does  it make sense mandy yeah it does yeah maybe   if we get back together maybe yeah yeah  that may be in bold okay that question   actually that christian actually that was enough  yeah that was enough all right two questions are   you guys satisfied yeah okay we don't know if you  guys are getting back together i guess it's still   pending at least please unblock her yeah right  okay definitely yeah at least you're not in a   relationship right yeah i'm putting a relationship  all right zanzi we've reached that other part   which is the last part which is bring me back  my stuff all right let me just inform the couple   or ex-couple rather so what happens is right  um this this segment is very simple is there   anything you've ever left at his place that you'd  like to get back or is there anything you've ever   left or she has have of yours that you'd want  back anything earrings your dignity you know   whatever uh i don't i don't think i left something  too because of i we don't spend a lot of time yeah   i don't think i meant you wrong you wrong yeah  yeah you also nothing because you guys don't   spend time together nah in fact you don't make  time for him yeah for that i am sorry okay yeah   okay are you guys happy are you guys satisfied  with your answers all right tim zanzi that's   it from me that's it from the couple we've reached  the end of the show closure bring me back my stuff see you on the other episode peace you

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